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Sat 250 Words Practice Book

Sat 250 Words Practice Book

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Published by Vân Giang
SAT words
SAT words

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Published by: Vân Giang on Feb 12, 2013
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viscous vilify zenith winsome wistful vitriolic wanton
vituperate wizened zephyr

1. _______________(adj.) not free flowing, syrupy

2. _______________(v.) to lower in importance, defame

3. _______________(v.) to berate, rebuke or criticize harshly or abusively

4. _______________(n.) the highest point, culminating point

5. _______________(adj.) full of yearning; musingly sad

6. _______________(adj.) charming, pleasing

7. _______________(adj.) having a caustic quality

8. _______________(adj.) undisciplined, lewd, lustful

9. _______________(adj.) dry, shrunken, wrinkled

10. ______________(n.) a gentle breeze

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