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Sat 250 Words Practice Book

Sat 250 Words Practice Book

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Published by Vân Giang
SAT words
SAT words

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Published by: Vân Giang on Feb 12, 2013
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hegemony hackneyed impassive garrulous harangues gregarious
grandiloquent hapless iconoclast ignominious

1. _______________language or behavior is very formal, literary, or exaggerated, and is used by
people when they want to seem important.

2. If you describe something such as a saying or an image as _______________, you think it is no
longer likely to interest, amuse or affect people because it has been used, seen, or heard many times

3. If you’re the type of person who enjoys partying, the odds are favorable that you’re

4. If you describe someone as _______________, you mean that they talk a great deal, especially
about unimportant things.

5. A _______________person is unlucky.

6. _______________is a situation in which one country, organization, or group has more power,
control, or importance than others.

7. If you describe someone as an _______________, you mean that she often criticizes beliefs and
things that are generally accepted by society.

8. If someone is _______________or her face is _______________, she is not showing any emotion.

9. If you describe an experience or action as _______________, you mean it is embarrassing
because it shows a great lack of success.

10. If someone_______________you, she tries to persuade you to accept her opinions or ideas in a
forceful way.

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