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Sat 250 Words Practice Book

Sat 250 Words Practice Book

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Published by Vân Giang
SAT words
SAT words

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Published by: Vân Giang on Feb 12, 2013
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1. jubilant [joo-buh-luhnt]
(adj.) extremely joyful, happy (The crowd was jub il ant when the firefighter carried
the woman from the flaming building.)

jubilance (n.)

2. juxtaposition [juhk-stuh-puh-zish-uhnt]
(n.) the act of placing two things next to each other for implicit comparison
(The interior designer admired my j uxta p os i ti o n of the yellow couch and green

juxtapose (v.)

3. laconic [luh-kon-ik]

(adj.) terse in speech or writing (The author’s laco n i c style has won him
many followers who dislike wordiness.)

laconism (n.)

4. languid [lang-gwid]

(adj.) sluggish from fatigue or weakness (In the summer months, the great
heat makes people l a ngu id and lazy.)
languidness (n.)

5. largess [lahr-jes, lahr-jis]
(n.) the generous giving of lavish gifts (My boss demonstrated great l a rgess by
giving me a new car.)

6. latent [leyt-nt]

(adj.) hidden, but capable of being exposed (Sigmund’s dream represented his
latent paranoid obsession with other people’s shoes.)
latency (n.)

7. legerdemain [lej-er-duh-meyn]
(n.) deception, slight-of-hand (Smuggling the French plants through customs
by claiming that they were fake was a remarkable bit of lege rdema in .)

8. licentious [lahy-sen-shuhs]
(adj.) displaying a lack of moral or legal restraints (Marilee has always
been fascinated by the li c ent i ous private lives of politicians.)
licentiousness (n.)

9. limpid [lim-pid]

(adj.) clear, transparent (Mr. Johnson’s li m p i d writing style greatly pleased
readers who disliked complicated novels.)

limpidity (n.); limpidness (n.)

10. maelstrom [meyl-struhm]
(n.) a destructive whirlpool which rapidly sucks in objects (Little did the explorers
know that as they turned the next bend of the calm river a vicious m a e l strom
would catch their boat.)

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