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The Gift

The Gift

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Published by Chris Jackson
Discovering The Gift in every aspect of Life into the Law of Abundance. Transforming your life through the power of Giving to become One with The Gift. :)
Discovering The Gift in every aspect of Life into the Law of Abundance. Transforming your life through the power of Giving to become One with The Gift. :)

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Published by: Chris Jackson on Feb 12, 2013
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“The Perfect Gift”

Written by: Christopher David Jackson 7/18/ 2010

and smell. our bodies and minds act as our vessels. It was an invisible bubble that was to protect him from harm. sight. This is where the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” comes from. this distinction can be far more challenging as it may seem more difficult to exit our bodies and minds. Two people could be standing outside in the rain. While this often serves us in protecting us from certain experiences that are painful or dangerous to us. As we collect more perceptions and beliefs. one thinking that the skies are giving them refreshment while the other may think that nature is pissing on their heads.Introduction There was once a boy who was born in a bubble. The glass we see through can be foggy or clear depending on what we have been driving through and whether or not we have been keeping it clean. This can create debris or things that stick to our bubbles as we are driving along. taste. In our automobiles it is very easy for us to tell if our windshields are dirty or clean as we are able to separate from the screen when we get out of the vehicles and are able to see the difference between what is outside from what was inside. Once we have formed an impression of something. we tend to hold a belief about it that colors our outlook. altering what we are able to perceive. And the way it did this was it would collect the experiences that the boy would have and every time he would have a painful experience it would store them in a place that would remind him that he could get hurt and so he could avoid having that experience again the next time it could happen again. but once he touched the flame and burned his finger the bubble reminded him in the future not to touch the fire. Then as he got older the bubble got even better at protecting the boy because it could store experiences just from other people talking about their experiences. sound. depending on what their beliefs are allowing them to believe. often must first pass through the filters of our perceptions and beliefs. Through them we are able to experience the gifts of sensation: touch. It was a great benefit for him as a child. it also has the effect of cutting us off from possible positive paths that might use these same roads to experience great growth and joy. His mother told him not to run out in the street or he might get hit by a car and so the bubble As we travel through life. In fact many people may come away from an identical experience with a completely different take on what happened. We then associate feelings with these experiences. What we associate though is often dependant on the context in which we experience them. what we are able to see through the windshield may be completely different than what is really in front of us. When it comes to our bodies and minds however. . What we experience then as reality. So you see it great at doing this. Because he was so curious he was attracted to things like fire because of the pretty light that it made.

When we are born we have no worldly sense of identity or experience and thus our future is limitless. knowledge has the ability to be held in what one might call a closed or open sense. What lies before you is a carefully created ontological journey through a series of doors of contemplation that when experienced may leave you. Life can thus be as wonderful or miserable. these experiences shape our beliefs about ourselves. allowing ourselves to return to our source. These experiences then become the limits that many of us live within shaping who and what we are. and the outside world. which enables you to fully embrace the next level. as we are able to perceive it. To emphasize the importance of the open mind let us consider that almost every time we label something we are confining it to that label and thus limiting that thing in its value to us. Many liken the following . and elevated in consciousness on the other side with a fresh new start. etc… This process of social maturation loads us up with information that has been authored by those that came before us. Ultimately when you have finished this journey. the reader forever changed. This can be very difficult for us to break free from when we think of ourselves as these experiences and beliefs. and those around us. identifying ourselves as a part in our surroundings. As all of life and reality is subjective to the individual experiencing it. what we can and cannot do. As we begin to take on the input and experience of our parents and those around us. your new life. A question you might ask is.These perceptions and beliefs become the authority behind our experiences. who is the author behind this authority? Where do these beliefs come from? The answer to these questions all have to do with our perception of self and where we place our identity. The goal of this book is to begin to clear our windshields and open our minds. clearing the filters of the past away and allowing you to authentically experience the now through a series of simple scientific facts. What this means is that we tend to experience our present through the lenses of our past. however. Very often these pasts contain limiting beliefs and perceptions that can act like prisons keeping us in a very limited range of experiences. which holds our limitless potential and thus become the authors of our own identities and the creators of our own realities. our identities. each section acts as a catalyst. As we continue to close doors we begin to limit life and its possibilities. When contemplated in order. This begins to mold our personalities. will just be beginning and life can open up for you in ways you never thought possible. but in fact it may have other value that our label omits.

In fact. we can stop living in the fear and suffering of the past and begin creating from our love and compassion. how good or bad things may seem. joy and happiness. All of these cells and organisms working together so that 11 systems and 78 organs can produce the one human body that allows you to have each and every moment. like pointillism) Pg.shift in perspective or consciousness to a clearing of their respective windshield while driving along the road of life. As we learn to become the (authors) behind the (author)ity in which we live and experience our lives. 3 . you are a living miracle! You are here. And you have everything you need to experience this present moment thanks to your body and the life it holds. now. Pg.2 Even more amazing is that it relies on up to 20 times that number in foreign microbes and bacteria to survive! Your life is more dependent on foreign organisms than on its own genetic material. where we can then find ourselves living in our creation of a new world born out of our highest potential for love. what you think about your life circumstances.) Pg. alive. Section One: (endogenous) THE GIFT OF LIFE ~understanding what a gift our life is (Image: Beautiful internal magical representation of the human body and all its systems with all four elements in action. No matter who you are. all of these organisms and cells are constantly at work to create the gift you experience as your life.1 Have you ever thought of your body as a gift? Do you know how many cells are working together in order for you to experience one moment of life? At least 10 trillion! That’s 50 times the number of stars we have in our own Milky Way Galaxy. An entire universe inside your body! (Other images of Human body coming together in particles.

As you take a deep breath and ponder this you may begin to realize what a gift your body is. .Contemplation When you think of your favorite foods. could you have tasted them without your tongue? How would your favorite places look without your eyes? You may want to thank your body for giving you these opportunities. Allow yourself to breathe appreciation into each and every cell. Maybe you can think of some ways in which you can give back to your body.

Here is a picture of lungs look. 1 (Image: symbiosis between tree branches and human lungs with visual representation of the flow of air between them) Have you ever noticed that nature has a way of designing its systems so that there is no waste? Each system functions in a balance where life constantly gives life to other life. One organisms waste became the others nourishment..Section 2: APPRECIATION & LEARNING TO LIVE IN THE GIFT OF EVERY MOMENT ~the recognition of our abundance (exogenous) Learning to live in bliss Pg. Take plants and trees for example. They thrive on Carbon Dioxide and put off Oxygen. At some point when there was too much Oxygen. your vascular system and your lungs are designed in the same way as branches on a tree? Life is a beautifully designed natural system of give-give symbiosis of which we are a part of. animals and humans were created to breathe in the Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide. which were the first forms of life on our planet. have you ever noticed how they resemble the branches in a tree. Each giving the gift of life to the other in the air that they exchange. .

or earth as a gift? Think of the greatest memories of your life.Pg. people. That means appreciating all of the gifts that life gives. plants. When we begin to appreciate each moment as a gift. rain. . food. etc… Each (Recounting some of the most amazing gifts in life. animals. water.) CONTEMPLATION: Have you ever stopped to think of nature as a gift? Have you ever thought of the sunshine.2 (image: body of vegetation) Have you ever noticed how nature gives us freely all that we need for survival? Fruits. Would they have been possible without these things? We are all connected to a giant worldwide web of life on this earth You might begin to notice the flowers. Vegetables. the gift of life begins to open to you. the colors of a glorious sunset. “today’s appreciation will bring you tomorrow’s joy” Now you are ready to start living in the joy of every moment that you are alive. the birds. Nuts. the wonderful smells all around you. a smiling stranger passing you by. which are free and for us to enjoy and nature gives them freely. and how it gives.

Section 3: INSPIRATION: LEARNING TO GIVE IN EVERY MOMENT ~a contemplation on “what do I give back to life” Now that you may be beginning to realize the question is “what can I give to life?” have you ever noticed how contagious a smile can be? Or a blessing of good intention can set positive energy in motion. smile at three random people. because these are the gifts that you may share with others. From there we become inspired to begin to give in to every moment. then give out of your abundance to those who give to you. So that once you begin to give in every moment. we can become inspired to give back. until they also begin to realize the gift of life and we become one world where everyone is always giving to each other. And out of this abundance you can give to those who do not give to you. When we see all that life gives to us in every moment. so that you become a part and one with nature and so become the gift that keeps on giving. and now you Allow life to flow through you. Go inside and find the things that you are good at and that you really enjoy. CONTEMPLATION: first give to yourself until you feel fully taken care of. “follow your bliss”~Joseph Campbell Find the things which you love doing. You carry all the ingredients to make your life into a fulfilled dream. . Ever notice how much a compliment can brighten up your day? To live in the contemplation of the gift of every moment. Give a sincere compliment. and do them with your love. and they will give you more. Life constantly gives life to life. Then begin to find ways in which you can share them with life. This is where you’ll find bliss. you become one with life and become a gift that keeps on giving.

~Jean Anouilh “The past is history. ~Kahlil Gibran. As you begin to become one with life. in which you become one like the sun. your star self that shines on everyone. Quotes: You give but little when you give of your possessions.. above all. you may begin to realize that you are the perfect gift just by being you. And now the reason I am giving this to you. As your cup turns into a vessel of light. Same thing is done with consciousness on a collective human scale ~appreciation & gratitude . the life force that guides that vessel. seeing through the illusion ~crystal consciousness. and the greatest gift of all…. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.Section 4: REALIZING THAT YOU ARE THE GIFT ~becoming the gift that keeps on giving Becoming one with life~ return to Source: the realization that there is no beginning and no end. and become a gift that keeps on giving. and the reason I am giving this to you is because you are a gift to me. This moment is a gift. Your body is the vessel through which life flows. the future a mystery. that’s why it’s called the Present” THE MESSAGE ~transparancy.. (mirror) Is what you are to me. achieved after thousands of years of pressure on coal to create a beautiful diamond stone. Life generates life and is in eternal flow. This is where you realize that you and the gift of life are one. The Prophet Love is. the gift of oneself. and you are the consciousness.

all of Earth’s creations and nature’s bounties are freely and willingly given to us for our pure enjoyment and habitation Now you have learned to appreciate all that life gives in each and every moment. Life comes from death. we have the responsibility of taking care of the balance. . All of life is a gift. and as the most conscious beings creating the highest realities of this earth. in every moment. (we are the caretakers of the garden of life) mother nature gives of her abundance purely for us to experience the gift of life. At its best Humanity is a co-creator of life.. At its worst Humanity is a critic of life.

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