Back in the 1950s when you were a kid your old man sat beside you in the cinema smoking the smoke rising his eyes glued to the big screen taking in the leading lady of the film her assets the way she moved you sat there scrutinizing the leading man to see how quick he was on the draw how fast he was with the 6 shooters and which side of his body his carried the gun or guns how he wore his hat hoping he’d not waste

too much time kissing the dame when there was shooting to be done and bad guys to get and his horse to ride into the big screen sunset and he sat there smiling at the dame the leading actress smoke lingering you digging into the small tub of ice-cream he’d brought you from the salesgirl with the lit up tray ( who no doubt hoped to be a big screen actress herself some day) and staying there beside him right through the cartoons and the other feature until he turned to you and said .

.let’s go this is where we came in and he got up from his seat and you followed taking a last glimpse of the screen the gunfire the flashes of light you and your old man out of the cinema into the dark night.

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