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Inforex a web-based tool for text corpus management and semantic annotation*

Micha Marciczuk

Jan Koco

Bartosz Broda

*Work co-financed by Innovative Economy Programme project POIG.01.01.02-14-013/09 and NCBiR NrU.: SP/I/1/77065/10

Corpus management Inforex Inforex

does not require does not require installation, installation remote access over remote access over the Internet, Internet user authentication, user authentication
persistent system persistent system updates on the server, updates on the server

corpus- and actioncorpus-and actionlevel authorization level authorization, central data storage. data storage

Customizable annotation panel

Twin panels
allows to display overlapping annotations

Proper names and syntactic chunks annotation

Annotations are divided into layers and groups Relation categories between annotations
Sentence segmentation
highlight helps in sentence-context annotation tasks

Word senses annotation

Word senses editor

The words to be annotated are automatically detected on the basis of morphological analysis. Three step anaphora annotation

1) Source element
user selects a token in left pane or a proper name in right pane,

Anaphora annotation
2 3

2) Target element
user selects a proper name in right pane,

3) Relation type
user chooses an anaphora relation category.