Complete these conversations Look at the answers. What are the questions? 1.

Jim : What’s your first name? Bob : My first name’s Robert. 2. Jim : What’s your last name ? Bob : My last name’s Hewitt. 3. Jim : Who’s she Bob : That’s my wife. 4. Jim : What’s her name Bob : Her name is Rose. 5. Jim : Where’s she from? Bob : She’s from Italy. 6. Jim Bob 7. Jim Bob 8. Jim Bob 9. Jim Bob volleyball 10. Jim Bob 11. Jim Bob 12. Jim Bob : Who’re they? : They’re my wife’s parents. : Are you on vocation here ? : No, I'm not on vacation. I'm a student here. : are you come from spain ? : No, we're not from Spain. We're from Portugal. : are you in the same baseball team ? : No, they're not on the same baseball team. They're on the same team. : are kim and mike in yout class .? : Yes, Kim and Mike are in my class. : is it a nice class ? : Yes, it's a nice class. : is your teacher mr holland ? : No, my teacher isn't Mr. Holland. I'm in Ms. West's class.

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