SelfPatient Patient Patient Total V.I. V.I. V.I. V.I. Controlling A B C mean Q8 0.8 Frequently 0.8 Frequently 0.8 Frequently 0.8 Frequently Q20 0.6 Occasionally 0.8 Frequently 0.6 Occasionally 0.

6 Occasionally Q28 0.8 Frequently 0.6 Occasionally 1 Always 0.8 Frequently Average 0.7 Frequently 0.7 Frequently 0.8 Frequently 0.7 Frequently ANALYSIS: Table # shows the self-controlling category of patients who are undergoing DOTS program. Based on the obtained results, all TB patients have an average of 0.7-0.8 that indicates frequently use of self-controlling as a coping mechanism with regards in undergoing the DOTS program. The most frequently used self-controlling technique by TB patients is I tried to keep my feelings to myself, which all the TB patients scored 0.8. On the other hand, patient A and C occasionally used a coping technique of didn’t let it go to me; refused to think too much about it while patient B used it frequently as based on the questionnaires given. I tried to keep myself from interfering with other things too much


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