February 11, 2013 The Honourable David Tkachuk Room 401 – Victoria Building The Senate of Canada Ottawa ON K1A

0A4 The Honourable George Furey Room265 – East Block The Senate of Canada Ottawa ON K1A 0A4 Dear Senators Tkachuk and Furey, Senators who maintain a secondary residence in the National Capital Region are entitled to receive a housing allowance with respect to that residence. Obviously a claim of secondary residence presupposes that one’s primary residence is elsewhere. In late 2012 concerns were raised in the media as to the legitimacy of such claims by some Senators. When the issue was first raised, your committee quite properly wrote to each Senator requesting copies of the Senator’s health card, driver’s licence, the page of his/her 2011 income tax return indicating in which province the Senator paid income tax and a declaration as to where the Senator voted in federal, provincial and municipal elections. Such information was to be provided by January 31, 2013. We request that you proceed to interview each Senator who has claimed a secondary residence allowance to confirm the legitimacy of such claims. Should any Senator be unable to convince you that the claim is valid that Senator should be required to repay immediately all monies so paid with interest.


-2We believe it is vital for the reputation of the Senate and those Senators who are in full compliance with our rules and regulations that this determination be made as soon as possible and that the result be made public.

Yours truly,

Marjory LeBreton Leader of the Government in the Senate

James S Cowan Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

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