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Self-Hypnosis And Progressive Relaxation

1]The Nyasa 2] The Shavasana 3] The Progressive Relaxation, 4]Self-hypnosis, and 5]The Vipasssana By-Ashvin Our body, mind, brain and spirit always needs our own attention and communication towards it, but we never pay attention to our body because of our hectic schedule in our day to day busy life. So our physical, mental, and spiritual system creates illness. Here are some techniques to communicate with your body, mind and spirit consciously, unconsciously and subconsciously.
All meditations are interconnected through one way or the other. One of the most important element in all kind of meditations is relaxation of body, mind and brain completely. If you are practicing occult science, witchcraft, or any kind of meditation or healing therapy then at the beginning of everything you need calm and relax body ,mind, brain and spirit. We cannot relax our spirit without relaxing our body, mind and brain completely. We can

find the roots of each and every kind of mental and psychic powers(to which we the Indian’s use to call ‘Riddhi-Siddhi’. by Rishi-Muni. . i.) lies in the relaxation of body. brain and spirit. To develop the basic of meditation properly I am trying to discuss some of the most important and simple techniques in this material. At first lets take a look at one of the most important and ancient relaxation technique which was develop by ancient yoga and meditation masters of India.e. mind.

for example if we are concentrating on heart then we will say the mantra Om Tatsatwitu: Hrudayaya Namaha: And while placing the mantra we will fully pay our attention on our heart this will help our heart work properly with its full potential and keeps our heart healthy. In ‘Nyasa’ we consecrated every part of our body with different mantras which are related to that part only. our body dissolve all the negativity very quickly itself. If we don’t know the mantra for every part then we can practice it in the following way also If we are starting from our feet then we have to communicate with our feet by saying to our feet mentally that..... In this technique the practitioner charge each part of his body by paying full attention to that body and by consecrated a mantra to that part with the name of that part of body. Our body needs our own communication with it. mind. .. brain and spirit.The ‘Nyasa’ ‘Nyasa’ is a very powerful technique to charge your body to its full potential. I thank you my feet for being with me every moment and giving support to my legs for firm base. This practice is very powerful to develop our body. as soon as we start communicating with our body. In this way we can communicate with each and every part of body and could have the fascinating results and good physical health too.

. actually all the systems are interconnected with each other. brain and spirit. brain and spirit completely and prepares the practitioner for each and every kind of exercise physical. natural fur etc avoid plastics (if you are doing it inside the house on tiles) a carpet made up of grass on black soil give fabulous results... After or before any kind of physical exercise it is very useful to do Shavasana for some time because it relaxes our body. Do some jogging.. mind.. Here ‘Shava’ means a dead body.. Here is the procedure of Shavasana. this will help oneself to cut off from the outer world for some time. The Shavasana is the most precious gift of Indian meditation masters to the whole world of normal and supernormal people This is not exactly a meditation procedure but it is a ‘Aasana’ which means a body position in Indian Yoga. mind.. it is very useful to consider like a dead body while doing the exercise. Both are interconnected to each other. Before any kind of meditation practice it prepares the practitioner for the thing and after any kind of physical.. We can practice the Shavasana as a instant energizer which provides enough energy to us within very less time.The Shavasana We don’t know what came first on physical plain ‘The Shavasana’ or ‘The Nyasa’. Then lie down on a carpet made up of some natural resources like cotton. jute. It is recommended that you do some physical exercise like jogging before the shavasana so that you could feel the relaxation response of your body. mental or spiritual . mental and spiritual practice it helps the practitioner to relax the tension of the thing completely without any outer aid. .

... Watch your fingers or a single finger at a time pay your complete attention to that part of your body only..) Just after two or three minutes you will start feeling relax but do not doze off try to stay awake and complete the procedure and you are the winner of the whole day.. Drop your physical tensions on the carpet completely try to sink into the carpet wholly.... Here in this problem of becoming relax at first we have to consider the value of relax by thinking that we are relax and we can get the true value of ‘Relax’ and feeling of ‘Relax’. Now start watching your body from the fingers of your feet to your scalp. Give some time to this process.Take some deep breaths the start breathing normally. think that it is becoming ‘REEELLLLAAAAAXSSSSSS’ (Relax).. Feel the touch of incoming and outgoing air through your nostrils find out which one is hot and which one is cold..... Remain in this state for some time ..try to find out from which nostril you are breathing... Your thinking have the power to change the your world.. Feel the relaxation completely ( just like any mathematical sum in which we have to find out the value of something the we have to consider the value of that thing is ‘x ’ then when we solve the problem with proper calculation and procedure by considering the hidden value as ‘x’ we get the real value of ‘x’.. try to watch and sense your outgoing and incoming breath. Proceed further and pay your attention to each and every part of your body from feet to the scalp.

...... Drop yourself on the earth in the form of rain and be a part of ocean feel the vastness of the ocean . Become the smoke and fly high in the sky feel the power of air in you. It is considered that we the humans and each and every element on the earth is made up of five elements which are Earth.... now imagine that you are again taking your own shape and floating on the surface of the ocean and feeling relax completely.........feel the wave less peace of calm ocean in yourself. Become a tree on that earth.. Space and Water feel the power of each element in yourself while doing the above Mental Imaginary........ Air..Mental Imaginary This imaginary will help you to reach to deep relaxation experience Imagine that you are becoming the earth on which you was lying feel the steadiness of earth in you.. Burn yourself like wood and become the part of the fire feel the fire in you. . Fire.. Become a cloud of that smoke and go to the sky feel its infiniteness. Remain in this state for some time.

.(five times......... here is the method......relax. Just like ‘The Nyasa’ or ‘The Shavasana’ we start from our feet to relax our body by giving suggestion to it........ I am feeling very relax..... This is the basic technique for every kind of meditation in the modern meditation methods like Hypnosis....... I am relaxing my body beginning with my feet.... Sit on a chair or lie down on carpet lose your body completely drop your weight on the chair on carpet start breathing very slowly very very solely with every breath try to lose the tension and stress of your body try to get dissolve in calmness. Be The Calm itself. . Be The Word Relax Itself ....... Direct your whole attention towards your feet and start saying to yourself mentally ...relax I am getting relaxed completely.(five times) Relax.....relax....... but you can adjust the recitation) I am trying to relax my body completely...( five times) I am trying to relax my brain completely..( five times) I am trying to relax my mind completely............relax. Silva Mind Control Method and Creative Visualisation etc.The Progressive Relaxation In this technique we try to relax our body step by step by suggesting our body to do so and by feeling the same and achieving the results of relaxation..but very slowly... Relax..relax...... relax.....

shins. buttocks.. knees. back.relax Do the same for every part of your body starting from your feet to ankles. kidneys etc... wrist.. face. lips. arms. heels. nose... shoulders.. eyelids forehead. neck. fingers.... Practice this technique and you are practicing Progressive Relaxation.... calf’s. elbow. legs. lungs.My whole attention is towards my feet...relax.and I am feeling relax completely Relax. thigh.. This technique develops the deep relaxation in your body. mind and brain. palm.. First do it for your outer body and then do the same for your internal organs such as brain. abdomen. I will count from 5 to 1 with each count my feet are getting relaxed completely. lion. My feet are getting relaxed completely. heart. 5 – my feet are getting relaxed 4 – each and every muscle of my feet are getting relaxed 3 – my feet are relaxed completely 2 – each and every muscle of my feet are relaxed completely 1 – my feet are relaxed completely ....... tongue.. and finally your head. .. chest.

.. Procedure is same as the process of progressive relaxation only few suggestion are different..( five times) I am trying to relax my mind completely.....relax..........relax.......... I will count from 5 to 1 with each count my feet’s are getting relaxed completely. following is the method...(five times.( five times) I am trying to relax my brain completely.... I am feeling very relax...(five times) Relax.... 5 – My feet’s are getting relaxed 4 – Each and every muscle of my feet’s are getting relaxed 3 – My feet’s are relaxed completely 2 – Each and every muscle of my feet’s are relaxed completely 1 – My feet’s are relaxed completely ..relax...... relax..relax I am getting relaxed completely. but you can adjust the recitation) I am trying to relax my body completely... I am relaxing my body beginning with my feet’s. My whole attention is towards my feet’s.....Self –Hypnosis Just like the progressive relaxation self-hypnosis is completely depending on the suggestion without suggestion we cannot practice the self-hypnosis... My feet’s are getting relaxed completely.......... Relax....relax...............

..) . mental. face. legs. shins. buttocks. shoulders. and intelligent person.. kidneys etc. I am a very good. chest. Here you can suggest some good and helpful suggestion for the development of your personality or for achieving some in your physical ... tongue.. arms. emotional or spiritual.relax. palm... First do it for your outer body and then do the same for your internal organs such as brain. I have very strong memory.. calf’s. elbow. thigh. fingers. heart. neck. wrist. Emile Coue. While giving suggestion make it sure that the suggestion must be in present tense like. and finally your head. ( This is a very famous and powerful suggestion developed by Mr. back.. nose. who brought the science and art of Autosuggestion into practice with this suggestion he cured thousands of people... knees.. heels. mental. I am getting better and better.. lungs..and I am feeling relax completely Relax. smart. Day by day in every way. lion. emotional and spiritual planes or to correct any bad habit or to develop some good new. abdomen. which is very useful for any kind of development physical.. When you reach into the trance by progressive relaxation or self-hypnosis you are in the ‘Alfa’ level of your brain. eyelids forehead. lips..relax Do the same for every part of your body starting from your feet to ankles.

Do the same for as many time as you want of.Whatever you want to visualise. Relax completely. Now visualise whatever you want visualise that you are having very good relation with each other.... according to me three to five sittings are enough to achieve desirable results... mental.Creative visualisation Creative visualisation is very effective tool which should be use in these techniques while in the trance instead of only using autosuggestion. You can give instant physical. Relax your body. you two are communicating and understanding each other properly. having a good job.. you two are walking in the garden or on the road hand in hand ect..... then in this what you have to do is . Suppose you want a very good relation with somebody but it is getting very difficult... . NOTE: . Do not try to control or harm anybody or anything against their will it will not work and attack you threefold. Sit or lie down in very comfortable position. Breathe very slowly. emotional and spiritual healings to your dear and near ones. mind and brain with progressive relaxation or self-hypnosis.. Creates whatever you please create without any trouble but do not get bored or tired.. visualise it only in present tense as if you are having the thing whatever you want to have. a better health etc. While using creative visualisation you must visualise in only present tense... In this process you have to visualise whatever you want in your life as if you are already having it like a good relation with someone.. If you are feeling so then come out of the trance...

... the procedure for this technique is as follows.. Relax. calm and fresh Relax...... calm and fresh 3 – I am wide awake now 4 – I am feeling very relax and I am wide awake now 5 – I am awake now and feeling very relax... 1 – I am awaking from the trance... I am in very deep trance I am feeling very relax and fresh and very comfortable I am feeling very calm and peaceful Now.. I am going to count from 1 to 5.....relax.Awaking from the progressive relaxation and self-hypnosis... relax. I am very relax and fresh now... relax... 2 – I am feeling very relax.......... If you are doing this at night before going to sleep on your bed then you do not need any technique to come out of the trance...relax. ....relax.. I am awaking from the trance I am feeling very relax I am awaking from the trance Now . with each count I am awaking and feeling very relax and very joyful.. But if you are practicing this some other time then you need a technique to come out of the trance ..relax. you will reach to the state of very deep sleep....

..Then proceed toward your toe with the attention try to sense the feeling of that part if you .try to sense the feeling which you are having around your nostrils .. As you do so you will develop a kind of awareness. To watch with pure attention and how it is coming in and going out. Above described method is called as ‘Anapanasatti’. Actually it is very simple technique but hard to do.. With this technique through we can develop present moment awareness tremendously....try to sense the temperature of your the complete process with fully aware if what you are doing. try to concentrate on your breathing only. bad... Do the above for some time or for three continuous your breath.try to find out through which nostril you are breathing....... Vipassana means to watch with a very attentively special way..Vipassana This is the technique through which Gautama the Buddha achieves enlighten..... Now with the help of that awareness reach to your feet’s or fingers try to stay there for some time try to sense the feelings which you are having there if you feel something then say to yourself it is impermanent ( here you are mentioning to yourself that the feeling which you sensing now is ‘impermanent’ do the same for each and every kind of feeling which you sense whether it is good.... or neutral) . Sit or lie down in comfortable position Start breathing naturally..... Here is how to do it.. One of the special things about this technique is that it develops the awareness of the practitioner very tremendously and it develops ‘The Anitya Bhaava’ (condition of impermanence) of the practitioner so that he /she become spiritual from the moment he/she starts this practice............

. After practicing this meditation you will develop tremendous attention and awareness towards your day to day events whatever happens to you but it will not affect you it will not be able to move you. Do the same for the whole body.sense anything say it that it is impermanent. repeat if you want. Like the present moment which comes in our life does its duty and goes away not to coming back again. It is like a breath which comes in the form of mix air does its duty in the form of oxygen goes out in the form of carbon dioxide and never returns back. whatever comes is the new moment itself which we have to face. because now you have learned with experience that whatever happening in the world is impermanent.