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solution of 7.3a question

solution of 7.3a question

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Frank Woods Business Accounting
Frank Woods Business Accounting

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Published by: Shoaaib on Feb 12, 2013
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Income of the year as ended on 30 June 2009 revenue purchases closing stock (cost of sales) Gross Profit Distribution

,admin other expenses general biz rates motor exp salaries allowances overtime Insurance Net profit for the year

235812 121040 14486 -135526

305 2400 910 39560 1240 -44415 53391

Balance sheet as at Fixed assets Assets car debtors premises Propery plant equipment Current Assets Cash at bank cash at Hand stock Non current Liabilities capital profit creditors less drawings

4300 21080 53000

2715 325 14486 95906 23263 53391 11200 -23400 64454

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