Definition: All you need to do in this game is to balance a stack of dice on a popsicle stick held in your mouth. No problem, right? The Goal You have one minute to build a tower of six dice on the end of a popsicle stick. The trick here is that the popsicle stick must be held in your mouth. Equipment Needed

 

Playing dice of equal size and shape (at least six, but preferably more) One popsicle stick

How to Play Begin the game by placing the popsicle stick in your mouth. Then start the clock. Using your hands, begin building a tower of dice, one by one, on the end of the stick. To win this game, you must have a vertical stack of six dice on the end of the stick, and it must be freestanding, all within one minute. The Rules

 

You cannot use your face to hold the tower of dice upright. If you drop any or all of the dice, use replacements from the table rather than stooping to pick them up.

Tips and Tricks Try to rely on your sense of touch to align the dice rather than sight. Watching the stick that reaches just past the end of your nose will give you vision problems that can result in misalignment.

2. Bite Me Game
Definition: Transfer paper bags from the floor to their podiums in this game. Do a few stretches before attempting Bite Me! Your back and legs are going to get quite a work out in a very short time. The Goal

Place five paper bags, cut to different heights, onto five different podiums using only your teeth. Equipment Needed

 

Five brown paper grocery bags Five tables or other objects that can be used as podiums

How to Play

 Trim the tops of each paper bag so that they reach the following heights standing up: 10", 8", 6", 4", and 2".  Place the bags, open and standing, in a semi-circle, 4' apart from each other.  Set up the podiums near each bag.  Designate a starting point, near the center of the circle. Stand at the starting point with your hands at your sides.  When the timer starts, start with the tallest bag, bending to pick it up with your mouth, then placing it on the nearest podium, again using only your mouth.  Continue with the rest of the bags, working from tallest to shortest.
If you successfully place all of the bags on the podiums within one minute, congratulations! The Rules

    

You may only touch the ground with your feet. You can't use your hands or knees for balance. If you accidentally touch the ground with any other body part, you must release the bag to the floor, stand fully upright, and then resume the game. You cannot use the podiums for balance. If a bag falls off a podium before the end of the game, it must be placed back up. In order to succeed, all five bags must be sitting concurrently on their respective podiums.

Tips and Tricks

 

Take care not to tip the bags over, as you aren't allowed to use your hands to stand it back up, and it will be more difficult to pick up with your teeth while lying on its side. Dont' rush by the podiums too quickly if there are bags on top, as you could accidentally knock them off.

3. Blind Ball Game
Definition: Blind Ball requires contestants to gather large toy balls while blindfolded. It's definitely tricky, but with a little patience and concentration you'll be able to master it in no time. The Goal

and have him sit in the chair. estimate how many steps it will take you to get to one of the balls. Blindfold the player. and hold onto two out of four balls that are precariously balanced on top of four cardboard tubes. you must locate. pick up. If more than one ball falls. and placing one ball on top of each. After the first ball is found. then immediately start the timer. Equipment Needed . The player begins searching for the balls. it is out of play. When one is located. Players cannoth crawl or otherwise scoot around in search of the balls. The Goal Assemble a puzzle made from the front of a cereal box.the show uses polypropylene balls Four sturdy cardboard tubes of varying heights Blindfold Computer chair (or other chair that can spin) How to Play     Set up the game by standing the tubes in a semi-circle. as you don't need any special equipment or talent to pull it off. the game is over. the game is complete. Equipment Needed     Four lightweight toy balls . reach out open palms and be ready to grab the ball quickly with bothe hands as soon as you make contact. and try to memorize the setup.While blindfolded. The Rules     Players may not hold the balls inside clothing to secure them. allow the player to stand. 4. Spin the chair three times. As soon as a ball hits the floor. As you are searching. When the player is holding two of the balls for three consecutive seconds. Definition: Breakfast Scramble Game Breakfast Scramble is a simple puzzle challenge. it must be picked up and held before hitting the floor. which has been cut into 20 equal sqaures. Tips and Tricks   Before being blindfolded. it must be carried while the player is searching for a second ball. This is likely the easiest Minute to Win Itgame to assemble and practice at home.

Catch the ball in the bucket on your head.Bucket Head is tricky. hitting the wall and then rebounding back to you. against the wall. When you come across pieces with letters. Bucket Head Game Definition: There's no way around it . When the timer starts. catching it in a bucket that sits on top of your head. here's aMinute to Win It game that you'll need to practice. 5. This is easier than matching up images. and place the ping pong balls on a table at the line.  Cereal box Scissors How to Play Breakfast Scramble is simple: all you have to do is measure and cut the front panel of the cereal box into 20 equal squares. . Tips and Tricks   Just like you would with any puzzle. take one ball at a time and attempt to bounce it off the floor. start working at a corner in order to keep the puzzle within the designated space. Stack the squares randomly into a single pile. The Goal Standing five feet away from a wall. The final puzzle must sit within the designated space on the table. and you then have 60 seconds to turn over the pieces and reassemble the box cover. Equipment Needed   Ping pong balls A bucket with a strap that can be secured to your head How to Play    Mark a line that's exactly five feet from the wall. you must pick it up before continuing on with the puzzle. Secure the bucket to your head. If you plan to ever be on the show. with picture sides facing down. The Rules   If a piece of the puzzle falls to the floor. bounce five ping pong balls off the floor. and then back to you. try to put them together to make words. Start the timer. Stand at the line.

Practice throwing the ball at different angles to find the best one to achieve the correct height for catching. until all ten have been threaded. it will be discounted. each with different sized eyes Foam or other material to secure the needles in a row How to Play    Place the needles in a row in the foam. The Goal Thread ten needles with consecutively smaller eyes. any ball that is currently in play may be counted. You may clear any balls that are in the way of your shot before bouncing a ball. 6. Only one ball may be in play at a time. You may secure the bucket with your hands. Definition: By a Thread Threading a needle can be difficult even with both hands and all the time in the world. and running from largest to smallest. but not while attempting to catch a ball. If a ball is caught while you are touching the bucket or strap. The Rules         You may not kneel or sit in order to catch the ball. Repeat this process five times within one minute. This game is a true test of patience and a steady hand. Take the thread in one hand. The Rules . Incidental contact with the floor by any body part other than your feet will be waived off. When the 60-second timer runs out. using only one hand. start threading the needles with one hand. If one falls out. All five balls must remain in the basket. Equipment Needed    Standard sewing thread Ten sewing needles. in one minute or less. one at a time. starting with the largest on the left. it is not counted. without any further bounces. The ball must travel directly from the wall to the basket. When the timer begins. Tips and Tricks   Make sure the bucket is secure on your head so you won't have to waste time adjusting it.

7. If the thread begins to fray. and the plates on the right. On the next tier. The entire diameter of the thread must be through all ten needles in order to complete the game. stack two cans and then a plate. try to place them on top of the point where two cans underneath meet. Candelier Game Definition: Build an inverted pyramid out of empty cans and paper plates in under sixty seconds to win Candelier. Continue with tiers of three. Tips and Tricks   If possible. you may use your mouth to wet the thread. four. lean your elbow on the table to keep your hand steady. topped with a plate. The Goal Using 15 empty soda cans and 5 paper plates. .   You may not prepare the thread in any way before the timer begins. moisten and twist the end with your mouth to keep it all together. build a free-standing tower with one can on the bottom tier. The Rules   Remove the tabs from the soda cans before playing The tower must be free-standing (without the contestant holding it up in any way) for at least three consecutive seconds Tips and Tricks Try to keep each tier as centered as possible with cans touching each other. place a single can as the base of the structure. Equipment Needed    15 empty standard-sized soda cans 5 paper dinner plates table How to Play Place the cans to the left of the person playing. all the way up to five cans on the top. Once the game is underway. and five cans until all of the cans have been stacked with plates between each level. When the timer begins. When adding cans.

using an "elevator" made up of two pencils secured with string and hung from your ears. The Rules     You cannot cross the strings . You can use your body to hold or guide the string. Make sure there's enough string to reach from the floor. Be careful with this one! The Goal Raise three M&M candies from the floor to your mouth. you'll have to create a 32" platform on which to stand. Place the strings over your ears. fashion your elevator. within one minute. Climb onto the platform with the candy elevator resting on the floor.the left string must be in the left hand. An average milk crate is about 18" tall. . Candy Elevator Game Definition: In order to try this game. up the platform. but no other objects can be in play. You cannot touch the pencils or candies with your hands at any time. Tips and Tricks    Try to keep the strings even so that the candies don't slide off. over your ears. which will act as the pulleys. so that the pencils carry the candies to your mouth. so stacking two of them securely will give you an approximate height. If one or more candies fall.8. Pull on the strings. When the candies reach your face. the game is over. and to your hands. do so with your elbows against your body. put your mouth to one side of the M&Ms and gently pull the opposide side's string to slide them into your mouth. You can always stack a couple of books on the floor to place the pencil "elevator" on to begin. Get all three candies in your mouth without touching the pencils or the candies. If you need to secure the ends of the strings. to make up the height difference. Tie the two pencils together using one length of kite string on each end. Equipment Needed     32" platform Two pencils Kite string Three M&M candies How to Play First. Start the timer. one in each hand. and the right string in the right hand.

Put on the wristbands. you must transfer the stacks from one hand to the other without using any other body parts or surfaces. the game is over Tips and Tricks   Don't grip the cans too tightly. challenging the contestant to keep a steady hand in balancing them. and begin moving them from one hand to the other. and bringing the cans in the bottom hand to the top of the stack. the enpty cans should be white. Equipment Needed    3 empty soda cans 3 full soda cans 2 wristbands. Keep movements steady and fluid. and vice versa. The Rules     Stand with your hands at your sides until the timer begins You may not let the cans touch your body or the table/podium . you'll move the liquid around in the full cans which will affect your balance. and the full cans should be red. Lift the stacks of cans. or the cans touch your body or the table.only your hands may touch the cans When the cans have been swapped successfully. one in each hand. Begin the one-minute timer. and place the two stacks of cans in front of you so that you'll be picking up the red cans with the hand wearing the white wristband. and three full soda cans stacked in the other. This can be accomplished by placing one stack on top of the other.9. It's trickier than it sounds! The Goal Starting with three empty soda cans stacked in one hand. they must remain standing in your hands for three consecutive seconds If one or more cans fall. moving your top hand up one can. If you're shaky. 10. Cantagious Game Definition: Cantagious uses three full soda cans and three empty soda cans. Chop Stack Game . one red and one white How to Play If you want to stay true to the real game. Repeat this until you have swapped the stacks.

The contestant starts of by standing in front of the table. You may not touch the lip balm at any time with your hands. The tower of tubes must remain standing. Chapstick or Lypsyl) A table or other flat.it sounds easy. Practice using just the right amount of pressure with the chopsticks . he or she may start over up until the time the one-minute timer runs out. and stacks them. The Rules The actual published rules for Chop Stack aren't crystal clear. In one minute or less. creating a vertical tower. Equipment Needed    One pair of standard chopsticks.if you squeeze too hard the lip balm tube will shoot out of your grip. stable surface How to Play There is relatively little set-up to do before playing this game. Complete this task in one minute or less and you win the game. The lip balms should be resting horizontally (on their sides) rather than standing up. standard size (for example. . as well as the four tubes of lip balm. made of wood or plastic Four full tubes of lip balm. one at a time.     You may use only one hand to hold and manoeuvre the chopsticks. Start the timer. The tubes must stand straight up (with the lid facing upwards). but here are the guidelines from the one time this game was played on television. The Goal Warm up your chopstick hand and get ready to concentrate. facing the laid-out supplies. but once you get started you realize just how difficult it can be. use a standard pair of chopsticks to grab and stack four tubes of lip balm. The player can now pick up the chopsticks and arrange them in one hand. and the completed tower of four lip balm tubes must be free-standing. Place the chopsticks on the table. he or she picks up the tubes of lip balm. Get your oneminute timer ready. If the tower falls over at any time.Definition: Chop Stack uses the classic Minute to Win It hook . Use a steady hand and don't try to rush. The lip balm tubes must be stacked one on top of the other and remain standing for three full seconds. Then. without any support. and they should be used as chopsticks are traditionally held and manipulated. Tips and Tricks Most Minute to Win It games require practice to perfect. In Chop Stack you'll be using chopsticks to stack lip balm tubes. for three seconds to qualify. making it perfect for Minute to Win It-themed parties or events. and this is very true of Chop Stack. or the contestant drops a tube of lip balm.

swap the chopsticks for solid (wooden or plastic) rulers. The Goal The object of Coffee Topper is to drop a CD and have it land on the top of a plastic cup. Here are a few suggestions. For a Christmas themed game. there are some small changes you can make. To play. 12. CHRISTMAS BALL Christmas Ball is based on the regular Minute to Win It game called Egg Roll. In fact. right? Just remember that these items are bouncy when they collide with each other. Bonne Bell makes these and they are widely available. This works well for a birthday party or other gathering. and allow them to use both hands. as players can go head-to-head. Variations If you want to use Chop Stack as part of a themed set of Minute to Win It games to be played at home or during an event. at school. pick up holiday-themed lip balm tubes. or at the office with just a few basic supplies. A quick and easy change to the game involves using more tubes and challenging players to see how many tubes they can stack in one minute.The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC. The box must not touch the ornament while the game is in play.com. Sounds easy enought. You can vary the distance that the ornament must be fanned depending on the age of the people playing. or choose cherry and mint flavors of Chapstick for festive colors. Definition: Coffee Topper Game Coffee Topper is one of the easiest Minute to Win It games to set up and play. you must use a gift-wrapped box (about the size of a shirt box) as a fan to move a round Christmas ornament across the floor and into a marked square. and you can use the lip balm as party favors afterwards. you can hold an impromptu match at home. 11. Equipment Needed Here are the supplies you'll need to play Minute To Win It's Coffee Topper:  A stack of old CDs  Three plastic cups . For younger players.

having the contestant run over and put it back in place. The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.the game has been played with one cup and three cups on the show. The CD must land on top of a plastic up without sliding or bouncing off. To win the game.all before the minute-long timer runs out.com. Tips and Tricks As with most others.   A ruler A narrow table Stopwatch How to Play The only tricky part about this game is the set-up.it all depends on how strict you want the game play to be. and the stack of CDs on the table. The contestant will be standing on the opposite side of the table and leaning over it to drop the CDs. Here's what we know for sure:    You may only have one CD in your hand at a time It doesn't matter if the CDs on the cups are centered or what side is facing up . measure a spot up the wall 30 inches from the floor. and the official site doesn't list anything specific.) Place the table near the mark on the wall (if you're using one). just carry on to the next step. and drops the CD from the pre-measured height. or having someone else replace the cup. Place the three cups 12 inches apart on the floor in front of the table. The Rules The rules for Coffee Topper aren't crystal clear . The contestant now grabs one CD at a time. using a pencil or a bit of masking tape to mark the spot. this Minute to Win It game takes practice. all three cups must be topped by a CD and the CDs must remain in place for three consecutive seconds .) Start the one-minute timer. Options include ending the game. Variations .as long as they're resting on the cups they count Create your own rule about what to do if a cup falls over. Try dropping the CDs so that they fall straight/flat rather than at an angle to prevent some of the bounce factor. (Note: Use CDs that you don't plan to use again for their intended purposes. This is the height from which you'll be dropping the CDs. and even that's only if you want to play by the official rules . (If you're not too worried about details like this one. The contestant stands facing the table with the glasses placed on the floor in front of him or her. since there's a chance that they'll get scratched up while playing this game. so make sure the table you use is fairly narrow. If you're following the show exactly and want to be accurate about these things. leans over the table.

and add a few more cups to make it more challenging. but they may not rest on your body or be held. 13. the play area includes all of the stage space within the barriers. keep the balloons from touching the floor. Keep an eye on the boundaries of the play area to ensure you don't step outside them. Try to keep the balloons in the air as close together as possible to avoid making heroic moves to save them from hitting the floor. The balloons must also stay within the designated play area. Begin the timer when all three balloons are released. They can be adapted for different age groups and themes. Have one team member playing from a table on each side of the cups. use Christmas-themed cups and decorate the table with streamers or a holiday tablecloth.The beauty of these games is that you can mix them up a bit and give them a personal touch. push or throw three balloons into the air. You may use any part of your body to keep the balloons in play. leaving the cups in a narrow tunnel between the two tables. All three balloons must remain in play for the full minute to win the game. Definition: Elephant March Game . 14. so they take longer to float back down to you. Definition: Defying Gravity Game Defying Gravity requires contestants to keep three balloons in the air for one minute. pops. doesn't it? The Goal Keep three balloons from touching the floor or straying outside the designated play area. Using any part of your body. Turn this into a two-player game by adding a second table on the other side of the cups. For young children you can use a single cup and don't worry about the distance from where the CD is dropped. or touches the floor.    For a Christmas version. On the show. The Rules   If a balloon strays outside the play area. the game is over. Equipment Needed  3 inflated balloons How to Play    Just before the timer starts. Sounds easy enough. Here are some suggestions for switching up Coffee Topper. Tips and Tricks    Try to keep the balloons as high up in the air as you can.

baseball. The show uses colored water in the bottles. you've succeeded. Tips and Tricks    Start swinging the baseball slowly. exactly four feet from the center line. Before the timer starts. Start the timer. In Elephant March. You'll end up wasting time if you have to backtrack. The Goal Wearing a pantyhose "trunk. The baseball should be resting on a table or other platform. Stand with one foot on either side of the center line. or bottles. If you accomplish this before the one-minute timer is finished." walk a straight line and swing your head to knock over eight water bottles. Equipment Needed     Eight full water bottles One pair of standard pantyhose One baseball Chalk or tape How to Play Using chalk or tape. you'll be donning a pantyhose trunk weighted down by a baseball. Place the baseball into the foot of one leg of the pantyhose. Move along the line steadily. four on each side. so if you want to be authentic you can do that as well. gradually building up speed and distance. Begin swinging the baseball back and forth using your body. with the empty leg tucked into your shirt and the leg containing the baseball swinging in front of you. All motion must be initiated with your body movement. FLIP YOUR LID . 15. mark a "center line" on the floor. Bottles can be knocked down in any order. If your foot crosses the center line. The Rules    You may not use your hands to move the pantyhose. and try not to knock over the bottles out of order. You'll have more control that way. while moving up the line. Place a row of four bottles on each side. The object is to swing the ball far enough to knock all of the water bottles over. the game is over. put the pantyhose over your head. and attempting to knock over water bottles.Wearing pantyhose on your head isn't just for bank robbers any longer.

Get one in there in under a minute and you win. 16. On the show. that's all there is to it. When the one-minute timer begins. besides the name of the game. or a smooth outdoor surface. How to Play Set it up: Mark a foul line with tape or string . Here's what you'll need to play. or stands at the foul line. To play. place bottle 14 inches away from "flipping" edge. or whatever you have on hand to mark a foul line on the floor Timer or stop watch You'll also need a bit of open floor space that isn't carpeted. The Rules . The quarters must be rolled one at a time. player places cup upside down on table. string. is that it uses household items that everyone has on hand. the distance varied depending on where in the money ladder the game cropped up. You can start fairly close and move the fork back after each round if there are lots of players. Definition: Get Forked Game Get Forked is one of those games that someone who's bored could easily make up to pass the time. Only one quarter needs to stick between any two tines on the fork in order to win. cup must remain upside down on bottle for 3 seconds within 60-second time limit. facing down with the tines facing the foul line. The Goal Roll quarters at a fork to get one of them stuck between the tines of the fork. or just choose a distance that looks challenging but not impossible.Prior to game start. No really.     A roll of quarters (or a bunch of them . Place the quarters in a bowl or a pile beside the foul line. To complete game. the player sits.they don't have to be rolled) A standard kitchen fork. he can start rolling coins at the fork. Equipment Needed The real beauty of Get Forked.this is the line from which you'll be rolling the coins. at whatever distance you'd like. metal not plastic Masking tape. You could also use a long table instead. and attempts to flip it onto bottle so it lands upside down. Plus there's not much set up required. making it a great pick-up game or one to add on stand-by for a party. A steady hand must be used to roll a coin into the tines of a fork in this Minute To Win It game. kneels. It's really simple to play. but not easy to master. When clock starts. Place the fork.

using a tape measure as a bridge. have the quarters and a fork on hand in case you have time for an extra game or two. In order for the winning coin to count it must remain stuck between the fork tines for three consecutive seconds.com. Since there isn't much to it. Trying a variety of methods will give you a better idea of which way to roll them so they'll go straight. you can get it all set up and underway in no time flat. Finally. or place the tips of your fingers on the edge and push the coin along the surface. Tips and Tricks Try rolling the quarters in different ways. Definition: Go the Distance Game Minute to Win It game Go the Distance requires you to use a tape measure to roll ping pong balls into shot glasses. making it impossible to win the game.You can only roll one coin at a time . for example. You can pinch them and use a wrist flick to roll them.no grabbing a stack and sending them off all together. however. They're not sturdy enough and will move when hit by a rolling quarter. but preferably lots more) 3 shot glasses How to Play . (Another game that you can keep on standby is Back Flip. in one minute. The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC. hoping for favorable odds. Playing Get Forked at a Party If you're putting together a Minute to Win It party. The Goal Roll three ping pong balls into three shot glasses from varying distances. 17. Then. you may only use one hand to roll the quarters with. Equipment Needed    Standard tape measure Ping pong balls (3 minimum.) Don't try using plastic forks for this game. take your time and keep your eyes on the fork as you send the coins off from the foul line.

To complete the game. 5. from closest to furthest shot glass. In order to win this game. If the ball rolls too quickly. and then remove the string within the 60-second time limit. Practice different angles until you can consistently find the right one quickly. all three shot glasses must contain ping ping balls and the tape measure must be retracted before the timer goes off. at distances of 5'. Choose one hand. Pick up a ping pong ball and try to roll it into the glass. which will be the only hand used to touch the tape measure once a ball is placed. Place full soda bottles 15' apart and remove the caps. You must go in order. place the an egg atop a bottle. Tips and Tricks The real trick to this game is getting the right angle with the tape measure. Tie the ends of a 36" piece of string together. distances or other considerations required for successful completion.    REQUIRED ITEMS at least 1 egg 2 of 2-liter soda bottles string 19. If you knock over a shot glass. 2. When the clock starts. You may not hook the end of the tape measure over the lip of the shot glass. grab the tape measure and extend it towards the nearest shot glass. 18. player must use only the string to transport an egg from atop one bottle to the other. If an egg drops. Games played on the show are subject to rules provided to contestants and game levels may vary depending on quantities. the game is finished. Place the tape measure and ping pong balls about five feet away from the glasses to start. player may start over with a new one. When the one-minute timer begins. High Strung Use a string tied into a loop to pick up and transfer 1 egg from the top of 1 large soda bottle to the top of another large soda bottle. 3. and 7' away from the start point. 4. 6'.Line the shot glasses up on a table. The Rules      Remember that only the chosen hand may touch the tape measure once the ball is placed. making a loop. then attempt to pick it up with the string. 6) Instructions and blueprint videos on this site are provided for practice and entertainment purposes only. move on to the next one. it will fly past the shot glass. Only one ball may be on the tape measure at any time. 1. Once you've found success with the first glass. Definition: Hut Hut Hike Game .

or string to mark a foul line A one-minute timer How to Play After creating the hoop itself. aiming to send them through the hoop. Equipment Needed The only tricky piece of equipment needed for this game is a standing hoop. You pretty much need to fashion one yourself. You could perhaps start with this basic plan. and then measure for the foul line. two people will be tossing the rolls at the same time. then base your format on that number. When the timer starts. Hike. Mark the foul line with tape. Use your imagination to come up with a contraption that will work. only one basket is required. Make it easier to kids or seniors. or string. but it can also easily be played single-player style as well. This game can be adapted by changing the number of toilet paper rolls that must successfully make it through the hoop in order to win. and the base of the hoop needs to be weighted so the whole thing doesn't tip when it's being pelted with toilet paper rolls. To play Hut. Fill the two baskets with rolls of toilet paper and place one on either side of the foul line. and aiming for the same hoop. Try playing the game both alone and with a partner and see what a realistic number of points would be to acheive in one minute. if you're sticking with team play. If a team (or single player) gets the pre-determined number of rolls through the hoop in one minute or less. making the hoop out of a hula hoop and weighing down the base. they win the game. Players bend over and hike rolls of toilet paper through their legs. Place the hoop. it's pretty easy to set up Hut.This Minute to Win It game is played in pairs. Hike for players to use. and more difficult for seasoned Minute to Win It pros.use the cheap stuff if you don't plan to use the TP for its intended purpose afterwards Two large baskets to hold the toilet paper rolls Measuring tape Masking tape. which should be 15 feet away from the hoop. not horizontally like a basketball hoop) Lots of full rolls of toilet paper . Determine the number of toilet paper rolls that must go through the hoop in order to win. or get in touch with one of your crafty handyman-type friends for help. the players bend over and "hike" the rolls of toilet paper from between their legs. If only one person is playing. made easier at the lower levels and more difficult for the higher ones. Players stand behind the foul line with their backs facing the hoop. you will need:       A free-standing hoop (the opening of the hoop should stand vertically. chalk. . one for each player. aiming to send them through a hoop. chalk. it should be more of a challenge to win the higher dollar amounts on the money ladder. After all. Deciding on the Format Many games from the show are used at various levels. Hut. using sturdier materials overall. Keep in mind that. Hut. This is the line behind which players must stand while playing the game.

standard dinner size (don't substitute plastic or styrofoam plates here) A bag of standard sized marshmallows One broom. marshmallows. and bent plates will have an adverse affect on how the marshmallows are launched. Tips and Tricks If you're playing as part of team. a paper plate. the most important thing to remember is not to throw a roll of toilet paper at the same time as your partner. The Goal Create a catapult with the paper plate and the broom handle in order to launch marshmallowsinto the air. How to Play . have extra paper plates on hand.The Rules The rules for this game are quite simple. tape. and the old campfire standard. and you'll likely both miss the hoop entirely. Step over the foul line and the game is over. Better to exercise just a little bit of patience and take turns. You'll end up knocking each other's rolls out of the way. the kind with straw bristles and a standard length handle One cup with a handle (a mug would be perfect) A table Measuring tape or ruler Chalk. 20. In this case you'll be using a broom. Equipment Needed To set up and play Ka-Broom you will need to following supplies:         At least one paper plate. Here's what you need to know:   Only one roll of toilet paper may be thrown at a time. Catch the marshmallows in a cup to succeed. or other medium to mark off a foul line on the floor A one-minute timer or stop watch If more than one person will be playing or you plan on playing this game several times. Ka-Broom uses common household items to make a challenging and fun game. Players must remain behind the foul line at all times. Definition: Ka-Broom Game This isn't a difficult game though there are a lot of steps to set it up. In true Minute to Win Itfashion. They run the risk of getting bent or creased with multiple uses.

Get ready to play: The contestant will hold the broom. we play. The Rules The rules for Ka-Broom are fairly simple:    You must keep at least one foot behind the foul line while catching the marshmallow If the marshmallow hits your hand or any other body part before bouncing into the cup. that marshmallow does not count All three marshmallows must be in the cup concurrently in order to win Tips and Tricks For a successful game of Ka-Broom you need to make sure that your measurements are correct so that the broom handle hits the plate in the right spot. Place the open bag of marshmallows on the table near the plate.) Once the broom handle hits the plate. bristle side resting on the floor. Get three marbles in three bowls to win. the marshmallow will be launched into the air. Catch the marshmallow in the cup without stepping both feet over the foul line. measure again and rework the foul line so that the catapult setup is functional.of course you must accomplish this before the timer runs out. (Note: If your broom doesn't reach. . nor do you want it to land too close to the edge of the table. To set the game up. but the instructions to play will seem tricky at first. He or she stands at the foul line. The bowls are floating in water. Get a Ker-Plink when the marble hits the bowl. Replace the plate and marshmallow and repeat for a total of three catches to win . Place a marshmallow in the center of the half that is on the table. You don't want it to miss entirely.The setup for Ka-Broom is fairly straightforward.it's not all that tough in practice. The Goal The goal of this game is to have three marbles land in three bowls that are floating in a larger bowl of water. and the name of this game refers to the sounds you'll here as you play. Definition: Ker Plink or Plunk Game Master the art of marble bouncing in this Minute to Win It game. Stay with me and follow along . Now. Measure seven feet from the edge of the table where the plate is resting and mark the foul line at that distance. and the cup in the other. Practice a few times to make sure that the catapult works as it should 21. Start the one-minute timer. or a Ker-Plunk as the marble goes into the drink. in one hand. place the paper plate so that it's resting half on the table with the other half hanging over the edge. The contestant releases the handle of the broom so that it falls onto the portion of the plate that's hanging off the table.

You'll need to play this outdoors. and some bouncing room A one-minute timer or stop watch How to Play To set up the game. While playing. Float the three small bowls in the water. Supplies:  One kiddie-sized pool filled with water . The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC.Equipment Needed Ker Plink or Plunk is a fairly simple game to set up. To play. aiming for it to land in one of the small bowls. By the end of the one-minute time limit. on a driveway or other hard surface. The Rules The rules for Ker Plink or Plunk are:   You may only bounce one marble at a time Marbles may bounce only once on the table to count Tips and Tricks Plastic bowls are a good bet for this game. Multi-Player Variation Turn Ker Plink or Plunk into a party game with this multi-player version! It's not one that has been used on the show. The player then grabs a marble and bounces it off the table. Place the bag of marbles within easy reach. While the Ker Plink sound won't be as gratifying. the bag of marbles. Go for accuracy and speed.com. you're less likely to require cleanup of broken glass. fill the punch bowl with water leaving a bit of room at the top for displacement once the bowls go in. start the timer. all three bowls must hold at least one marble to win the game. Here's what you'll need to play:      One large punch bowl Three smaller bowls that will comfortably float in the punch bowl with a bit of room for movement A bag of marbles. standard size A table that leaves enough space for the punch bowl. keep in mind that the bowls will float around a little. but will still be a lot of fun especially for a kids' party. bouncing marbles one right after the other in order to maximize your chances of hitting the bowls. Place the large bowl on the table.

count how many marbles of each color landed in the bowls and total them up. players bounce the marbles off the pavement and try to land them in the bowls in the pool. Equipment Needed You don't need much in the way of supplies in order to play this game. at the end of the minute. The player who landed the highest number of marbles in bowls is the winner. When the timer starts. however. Each player will have his or her own color of marbles for the game. You can get everything you need at your local dollar store. The execution of Loner can be tricky for the players. Loner? The Goal The goal in Loner is to knock over a pencil that's standing upright. with cute monikers that also describe how the game is played. It's an ideal indoor game since there's no mess involved. so don't let the simple set up mislead you. so it's a great addition to a Minute to Win It party along with other. with the bowls floating in the pool. and enough to play through the game with A one-minute timer To Play: Set the game up just as you would the regular version. Rather than have one marble in each of the different bowls. however. You'll have to lay down on the floor on your stomach to roll marbles at the pencil in order to topple it. The player gets down on the floor and shoots marbles at a pencil. Here's your shopping list:      One standard pencil Twenty standard marbles A tape measure Masking tape or string to mark off the foul line A one-minute timer or stop watch Set Up the Game Loner must be played on a hard. 22.   Ten to twenty small plastic bowls Marbles in various colors . This game is simple in concept with very little setup required. Definition: Loner Game Usually the games from Minute to Win It are named fairly accurately. So. more complicated games..you'll need enough so that each player has his or her own color. Place same-colored marbles in bowls or other containers at various stations around the pool. .. flat surface. This one puzzles me.

The blueprint with video instructions for this game can be found at NBC. How to Play Before the timer starts. the game is over. the player should be lying down on his or her stomach behind the foul line. Successfully felling the pencil before the timer runs out or before running out of marbles results in a win. When the timer begins. The downside to this setup is that there's potential for over-eager marble rollers to hit their opponents in the face. and measure two spots exactly 15 feet apart. Place the marbles in an open container at the foul line so that the player will have easy access to them. At the other. Definition: Mad Dog Game On Minute to Win It. Mad Dog is a team game with two players. Team Play Though not a format used on the show. so you might want to keep this format for adults only. facing the pencil. Aim carefully and roll the marbles with a steady hand. clenches his or her teeth on a ruler that has a box of Tic Tacs attached to either end. mark your fould line with masking tape or string. It really does seem difficult. and have them go head-to-head to knock down the pencil. mark a small dot with the pencil. 23. one at a time. Only one marble may be rolled at a time. you can easily adapt Loner as a team game if you'd like to for a party or event. If the player runs out of marbles before time runs out and the pencil remains standing. the player can then begin rolling marbles. At the pencil dot. using only one hand.Choose your playing area.com. including his or her arms and hands. The Rules The rules are pretty simple and straight forward for this game:    The player must remain behind the foul line throughout the game. and the players can face each other while rolling the marbles. but your odds are fairly good if you have decent aim. one at a time. Even though you've only got one minute. Divide your group into two teams. At one spot. with only twenty marbles in play. The Goal . you've got three seconds for each shot. stand the pencil itself up on its eraser end so that it's free-standing. Each person. towards the pencil in an attempt to knock it over. Simply measure 15 feet from the point where the pencil is standing in either direction. Like a mad dog with a bone. shake the boxes to get all the mints out. Tips and Tricks Take your time with this game.

then this game is fairly simple to play and win. Here's your shopping list for the game:       Two old or cheap rulers (you won't be using them again for their intended purpose. cut strips of an old towel or other cloth and have players wrap a length of this fabric around the ruler to bite down on while playing. How to Play Playing the actual game is simple. If all else fails you could also use paper towels. in the center.The goal of this game is to have each person on the team with both boxes of Tic Tacs completely empty before the one-minute time limit is up. If you don't mind looking like a complete goofball.  Glue one box of Tic Tacs to each end of the rulers. Equipment Needed Mad Dog is pretty easy to set up and you don't need a lot of complicated or hard to find equipment to get the game underway. so this gives them a bit of room to get in there and get a firm grip. with his or her teeth.    Remove half of the Tic Tac lids .you must remain upright with both feet on the floor. The Rules The rules for Mad Dog are simple:   Players may not touch the ruler or containers with their hands You cannot empty containers by standing on your head or rolling around on the floor . Player have to pick up the rulers with their teeth. or some paper towels Two small tables or bar stools. To avoid this. Optional: if you're going to having more than two people playing this game. Place the rulers on the tables so that each side is resting on one table with space in between. the first player picks up one of the rulers. so the glue should be placed on the bottom of the boxes. there's a bit of an ick factor involved in different people having the ruler in their mouths. the second player repeats the process. and begins shaking his or her head around to empty all of the mints from the containers. of equal height A one minute timer or stop watch Set Up the Game There's minimal prep work involved here but you need to leave some time for the glue to dry. .the part that pops up to dispense the mints. so don't invest too much into the rulers) Four full boxes of Tic Tac mints. When he or she is finished. so plan this game ahead of time. The boxes should be flush with the ruler ends and facing straight up. When the timer starts. Allow the glue to dry completely and then check to make sure that the adhesive is strong enough to withstand a lot of movement. All four containers must be empty before the timer is up in order to win the game. standard size Super glue or other strong adhesive Optional: Two pieces of an old towel or cloth. You don't want to take the entire lid off because that would make the game too easy.

The Goal While sitting on a standard bath mat. Using tape or chalk. so you're on your own to decide the length of the course. It sounds pretty easy and it can be if you've been doing your situps and crunches. . simply pick up as many containers of Tic Tacs as you'll need and then refill the boxes as you play. 24. rather than creating a whole bunch of rulers with mints on them. so any indoor flooring that isn't carpeted should work. There are three obstacles as well as a bit of space at the start and finish lines. turn them over so the soft side is on the floor. clearly mark your starting line.skip the ones that have rubber grips on the bottom as they'll be nearly impossible to move around. a tissue box. If those are all you have. so play around with your course until it's how you like it. Cross the finish line without touching the floor with your hands in under a minute and you're the master of the Magic Carpet Ride game. Place the bath mat just behind this line. Definition: Magic Carpet Ride Game You'll get a bit of a workout with this game from Minute to Win It. Test it out to make sure the difficulty level is appropriate for those who will be playing. Masking tape. if you're having more than one team playing. since those little mints will be flying all over the place and will be tricky to clean up. or other means to mark a start and finish line Three common bathroom objects to use as obstacles on the course. or a bath pouf. This game is best played outdoors. a makeup mirror. Also. but I do have a couple for setting up and playing. Sit on a bath mat and navigate an obstacle course by inching along with your legs and bottom. Use your imagination and make it fun! A one minute timer or stop watch You'll also need a smooth playing surface for the course. Then. duct tape. Mark your finish line a couple of feet from the last obstacle.Tips and Tricks There really aren't any tips I can offer as far as game play goes. Setting Up the Game It's important to note that there are no measurements given on the show. Players will have to scoot around these obstacles. use your feet and rear end to move around an obstacle course made of bathroom supplies. so make sure there's enough space between them to get past them. place three obstacles throughout your course. chalk. such as a toilet brush in a stand. Equipment Needed Here's what you'll need to play the game at home:     One standard bath mat . a roll or package of toilet paper.

using the clipboards as paddles. the players must volley the paper ball back and forth and land it in the basket. Get past the finish line before the timer runs out to win the game.Balled up pieces of paper . If you hit the obstacles that's fine. When the one minute timer begins.2 standard clipboards .How to Play Begin by sitting on the bath mat with your bottom at the back. Tips and Tricks The only real way to get better at this game is to practice.you can customize them any way you like. place the waste paper basket 15 feet away from a designated foul line. If you touch the floor with any part of your body. 25. That's the fun thing about games from Minute to Win It . that and start working on your abs. Place a second foul line from the basket perpendicular to the other line. but you must continue on the course and complete the move around that obstacle. 5) The players may not double hit or carry the paper ball at any time. Raisin the Bar . The Rules There are only a couple of rules to adhere to in Magic Carpet Ride. the bath mat. REQUIRED ITEMS . slide your butt forward and then stretch out your legs to mimic an inchworm technique to move around the course. or any of the obstacles with your hands. and feet resting at the front. 6) To complete the game. You can make the course easier or more difficult by making it longer or moving the obstacles around. 3) The players may not cross the foul line before the paper ball is hit at least once. and they are:    You may not touch the floor. Follow the course and move around all the obstacles in this manner. Well. legs bent. 4) The players may not cross the second foul line at any time. 2) When the clock starts.Waste paper basket 26. If people are acing your course on the first try you could even consider adding another obstacle or two. 1 paper ball must remain in the basket within the 60-second time limit. Office Tennis 1) Prior to game start. you must stop and readjust yourself on the may before continuing on with the course.

Leave several inches between each setup. the contestant must remove a raisin box so that its corresponding bottle remains inverted on the table 3 times within the 60-second time limit. 3) To complete the game. Player A may only use his/her hands to place one end of a noodle in their mouth. 4) Should the contestants drop or break the noodle. the 3-can pyramid must be constructed on the end table with noodle removed within in the 60-second time limit.Set each glass bottle upside down. balanced on the center of a full raisin box. distances or other considerations required for successful completion. attach the tea bags to the hat so that they are hanging from the sides of the bill. 6) Players must build a pyramid on the end table with 2 cans on the bottom level and 1 can at the top level. 4. Ready Spaghetti 1) Prior to game start. Tea Party 1) Prior to game start.Baseball hat .Uncooked spaghetti noodles 28. players stand with their hands at sides. 3. Each bottle must remain inverted and stationary for 3 consecutive seconds. 3) Player A must thread noodle through the tab of the first can while Player B must put their mouth around the free end of the noodle. Games played on the show are subject to rules provided to contestants and game levels may vary depending on quantities. 5) Players may only transport one can at a time with the noodle. To complete the game. 5) Instructions and blueprint videos on this site are provided for practice and entertainment purposes only. 2) Once the clock starts. Player A may use his/her hands to put a replacement noodle into his or her own mouth.2 tea bags . the player attempts to flip both tea bags onto the bill of the hat. Player may not touch the bottles. REQUIRED ITEMS .   REQUIRED ITEMS 10 glass soda bottles 10 small boxes of raisins (with raisins inside) 27. 2. REQUIRED ITEMS .Empty soda cans . player may use 1 hand to remove the first box of raisins. so that the glass remains balanced upside down on its open end. When the clock starts. 2) When the clock starts. 7) To complete the game. both tea bags must be resting on the bill for 3 seconds within the 60second time limit.

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