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=r-nc 144,000
Authored By:
Dr. Malachi Z. York
For The Holy Tabernacle Ministries
_____Breaking The Spell. _
-=- ::.=re Is An Evil Hypnotic Spell Cast Upon The
People (Ptahites Ethiopian-Kuwshites)
;:I)'\vhere Called "KINGU". KINGU Is "The
ell Of Sleep" (Of The Subconscious Mind) Or
-.Jat Is Commonly Known As "The Spell Of
Which Is Enforced Through Religious
_paganda That Promotes Scriptures, Such As The
-=_ Ie And The Koran, As Undisputable Sacred Books.
: Itself, Is A Spell. How? RELIGION IS A
ELL Because It' Keeps You Thinking That
.=.:meone Is Going To Save You, When The Helping
'::and That You're Looking For Is At The End Of Your
.-_ml. RELIGION IS A SPELL Because It Has You
That You Can't Have Anything Of Worth
:.::uil After You Die, When All You Have To Do Is
-' rk For It (Refer To What Is God Doing For You,
all #54). RELIGION IS A SPELL Because It
ondones People Turning Into Bums, Dropouts And
:: Jilures Of Society, When A Steady In.come Could
:: lve Most Of Your Problems. RELIGION IS A
':::PELL Because It Has You Believing In Spooks And
:host, When Those Whom You Were Made In The
..::::"tage And Likeness Of, Were Physical Beings.
. e Spell Of KINGU Is Also Enforced Through The
edia By Establishing How You Should Look, What
'ou Should Wear, How You Should Feel, Where You
-=.' auld Go, Where You Should Work, How You
_____Breaking The Spell _
Should Spend Your Money And What You Should
The Of KINGU Is Also Enforced Through The
Pubhc School System By Instilling In You Since
Childhood, The Concept Of 1, 2, 3. Everything Is
Taught To You In Threes, Your ABCS; Your 123'S;
OfKINGU Is In The Mode Of "1,2,3" Or "Persons,
Places, Things" And There Is Not Anything You
Can Conceive That Does Not Fit In Either Of Those
Categories. Everything Is In Some Way Based On
The Number "3" For Example:
A. The Three R's = 1. Reading 2. Writing 3
Arithmatic " .
B. The Trinity = 1. The Father, 2. The Son,
3. The Holy Ghost
C. The Bible = Based On: 1. God, 2. Devil 3
Humanity , .
D. Lifestyle Concept = 1. Home, 2. Job, 3.
Money In The Bank. .
With Three Religion, Media And
Schools (Or Sheowl Meaning. "Hell" In The
Aramic [Hebrew] Language) You Have Been
Programmed From A Very Young Age. You Have
_----Breaking The Spell _
:.. earned Not To Question Anything That Is Taught To
:ou, Not Even The Obvious Contradictions Or Things
:"acking Plain Common Sense. You Don't Go Past
'hat You Are Told.. You Are So Caught Up In The
:pell Of KINGU, That You Are Unable To Come Up
,,'ith Anything New, Everything You Do Or Say Has
_weady Been Done Or Said Many Times Before.
ues: Who Cast The Spell Of Kingu?
ADS: This Evil Hypnotic Spell Of Sleep Was Cast By
LU (Also Known As Enzu, Zuen, Shakar Kato,
Devil, Ibliys, Shaytan, Belus, Nulush, Hadad, Ha
Satan & Tarnush), The Father Of HAYLAL, A
..akhashite (Reptilian) From The Planet TITAN
Called Saturn Which Is Not A Planet). ZU Cast
his Spell For ENQI (Also Known As NUDIMMUD
Founder Of The City Of Nod) Who Was Master Of
QI, The Planet Earth. ENLIL, ENQI'S Brother (The
Sons Of Anu, The Heavenly One), Had 7 Tablets In
::lis Possession Called "The Scroll Of All", Which
Of The Coming Of The Elders, Zuen Befriended
Eolil And Became His Gatekeeper For The Sole
?urpose Of Reading The Tablets Of Destiny (THE
nats How He Found His Way To His Secret Chamber
'here The Tablets Were Kept.
-----Breaking The Spell
~ - - - -
Figure 1
Enlil Son Of Auu And Atum
Figure 2
Enqi Son Of Anu And Id
_____Breaking The Spell _
ZUEN Stole The First Writings Of The Tablets And
All Their Destines And Changed What Was To
Happen. At That Point Everything Was At A
Standstil, The Earth Was Void And Dark, The
ELOHEEM Were Confused And ENLIL Was Left
ENLIL Whose Names Means "Divine Of The
Heavens Or The Skies", Ruled The Skies And Was
The Son Of ANU Who Is Allah Or EI Eloh Of The
Heavens And Earth. Once ZUEN Got The Tablets
Of Destiny He Gave Them To ENQI And Together
They Conspired Against ENLIL, And The
Descendants Of The Adamites, Enosites And The
Cainites. ANU Is Our Heavenly Father Abaanaa.
So With ZUEN'S Help, ENQI Was Able To Cast A
Spell On The Descendants Of ENLIL. Not Only Out
Of Jealousy And Power Conflict With His Brother, As
With The Stories Of "Cain & Abel" And "Jacob &
Esau", But As A Spell That Could Be Used To
Control The Pro-Created Beings That Would Work
For The ELOHEEM ANUNNAQI (Those Beings
Who ANU Sent From Heaven To QI [Earth]) In The
Gold Mines Of South Africa (Then Called Raphali)
(Refer To Birth Ceremony, Scroll #50).
_____Breaking The Spell _
Figure 3 Cain Figure4 Abel
Sons Of Zakar And Nekaybaw
Figure 5 Figure 6
Esau Jacob
Sons Of Isaac And Rebecca
_ Breaking The Spell _
They Were Able To Execute This Spell By Making
That Which Was Bad Look Good, And That Which
Was Good To Look Bad. They Also Created The Bible
(Which Is A Fabrication Of The Babylonian Texts
From The Original Seven Tablets Called "ENUMA
Bred The Belief In A Book That YAHWEH
TAMMUZ (Meaning "Sprout Of Life", The Son Of
1STAR And Dummuzi), Along With A Council Of 46
Anunnaqi Plagerized For The Seed Of Seth;
TAMMUZ Did Not Create It, He Made It Easier.
Figure 7
Enuma Elish
_____Breaking The Spell. _
Figure 8
Gilgamesh Epics
Hence Came The Enchantment Called "RELIGION"
Or As The Muhammadans Say In Islam "DIN"
( Which Is The Worship Of l'he Goddess DINA,
Also Known As Ishtar, Sin, Nanna, Etc.
At First ZUEN Was Conspiring With ENQI To Cast
The Spell On ENLIL'S Seed. However, ZUEN Had
An Ulterior Motive. He Wanted To Find Out His
_ Breaking The Spell
Destiny, Because In His Heart He Wanted
ENLILSHIP, Meaning "Control Over The Lil
(Skies)". Then ZUEN Turned Against ENQI And
Cast The Spell On ENQI'S Seed Also.

Knowledge. Therefore, If Information Is The Bes
l Knowledge, Then The Best Knowledge Is Righ
• Knowledge.
Ques: What Is Keeping You Spellbound?
Ans: Part Of The Evil Spell That Has A Hold On
You Are Negative Spirit Forces Within The Oppressed
Sent There By Leviathan, And This Means, Although
Adverse Spell Is Also In The Atmosphere Itself,
Because Leviathan (Which Is Broken Down
"Levi" [Law] & "Athan" [Sin]) Emanates It. It Is
The Ghost Spell (Or "Gos-Pel") Of Spiritual,
Ignorance And Racial Blindness, And The Only Way
This Hypnosis Can Be Destroyed Is By
And Its Atmosphere Of The New Sun Cycle The
Revolutionaly Cycle Because RIGHT
T'HINKING; And Right Thinking Causes Us To
Follow The Right Way To Liberty And Equality
Right Knowledge Is Truth, And Truth Is
---__Breaking The Spell, _
Those Negative Spirit Forces Are Within The
Captives, They Are Enemies Of The Captives And
Thereby Working Against The Captives By
Compelling The Oppressed To Do The Very Things
That Are Against The Oppressed, In The Rise From
Their Bondage. It Is A Very Depressive Position For A
Race Of People To Be In, Having Forces Within The
Self Constantly Working Against The Self And Kind.
This Force Is Called "Ra'a" . (l'1) The Disagreeable
Or The Negative Side Of Will (Genesis 3:22). But
That Is The Position Of The Oppressed, And The Only
Way To Destroy The Negative Forces That Maintain
That Position Is To Destroy The Negativism
(Ignorance) That Those Negative Forces Live And
Strive On. The Acceptance Of Right KnOWledge Is
The Solution, For That Leads To Right Thinking,
And Right Thinking Leads To Right Action.
Nubians Or NeW-Beings, Do Not Just Read This
Scroll And The Others Of "The Right KnOWledge
Series" (Mythology, Scroll #35; Right KnOWledge,
Scroll #28 First Language, .scroll #27,' What Is
Nuwau-Bu? Scroll #42; The Lost Tribe, Scroll #36;
Our True Roots, Scroll #38 And Garden Of Eden,
Scroll #49), But Study Them Also, Because These
Scrolls Are Dedicated And Designed To Offset And
Help Destroy The Negative, Negro, And Slave Mind
Among You.
Ques: Tell Me More About Right KnOWledge?
__--_Breaking The Spell _
Ans: Ri ht Knowledge Organizes And Unifies The
. inds Of Nublans, n IVI ua y And Co eo ve1y. If
Know e ge s ot 0 e on smg ereby
Effective, Then It Must Be In Sequence. Knowledge
Received Must Be In An Organized Sequence)!! Qi<Ier
To Put The Mind Inilider And Unity. One Purpose
OfThese'ScroiTs-[s-To-Heij)orgarnze And Put The
Minds Of Nubians In Unity And Order Enough To
Qualify For Your Own Effective Spiritual Science
Called NUWAU-BU (Noo-Wau-Poo). It Will Clear
The Fog And Your Single Eye Will Re-Open.
Clairvoyance (Clear Vision) Will Return And You
Will See Again. NUWAU-BU And The Forces And
Powers Thereof Are Liberty, Equality, Justice,
Rightness, And Proper Survival For Nubians
Everywhere. NUWAU-BU And The Powers That
Make It Effective And Binding Are The Equalizers For
Nubians In All Fields Of Necessity And Endeavors In
Which Other Races Offer Contest. The Liberation
Forces For Nubians Are Not Their God, Their Jesus,
Their Lord Their Christ Nor The Spirit Power-Names
Of Any Other Race. The Liberation Forces Of Nubians
Are Nine Ether Whose Scientific Name Will Be
Disclosed In Our Science NUWAU-BU. Nine Ether Is
The Original Creative Forces That Made These Scrolls
Ques: What Is Negro Mentality?
- Breaking The Spell, _
Ans: Negr? Mentality Is Negative Mentality, A
Slave Mentahty. A Negro, Negative, Or Slave Mind Is
One (Regardless Of How Free You Think You Are)
That Knows No More Or Little More Than What The
Canaanite (Albino Seed) Has Written For Public
Readi,ng And Spoken For Public Hearing, Or No More
Or LIttle More Than What The Canaanites And/Or
Their Helpers Have Taught. This Is What I Call
Synthetic Education Which Breeds A Synthetic Mind'
You Don't Have.A Mind Of Your Own. 'Your Teacne;
Is Holding Their Translation Or The' Scripture He: Is
Teaching You From, Or Relate You To Their Books
To Cheat Me, Your Reformer Dr. Malachi Z. York.
So, These Teachers Are Really Enforcing The Evil
And The Results Of The Ghost Spell Are
NegatIve And Slave Mentalities, Full With Physical
Slaves And Captives (Refer To Nuwau-Bu; Scroll #).
Ques: Will These Scrolls Really Help?
Ans: Yes, ,If A Person Has A Negro, Negative, Or
Slave Mentahty, These Scrolls Will Help Him Or Her
Get Rid Of It,Provided The Person Not Just Read And
Study The Scrolls And Accept The Facts Therein And
Facts Can Be Rejected, But They Cannot Be
DIsproved. Those Of You Who Shall Survive
Armageddon, The Showdown Between TObe
Agreeable) And Ra'a (l'I Disagreeable), Will Accept
These Facts And Stick To Them. The Canaanites Did
Not And Will Not Teach Others (Besides Themselves)
_____Breaking The Spell, _
Any Real Knowledge About Universal Powers And
Forces Which Would Enable Others To Rule
Themselves. Moreover, Other Races Are Not Going
To Give Woolly-Haired People Real Universal
Knowledge, Because In Real Spiritual And Universal
Knowledge Is Where Real Ruling Power Is Found And
Ques: Are We To Adhere To Any Teachings Of
The Canaanite Being That We Are Not Taught
Right Knowledge?
Ans: Yes, For The Time Being, It May Be
Permissible For The Canaanite To Teach Occupational
Knowledge, Jobs, And Trades, Along With
Mathematics,Works And Subjects That No One Can
Be Deceived With. But Not Subjects Like History,
Religion, Origins Etc., Because The Canaanites Will
Not And Sometimes Cannot Give Others The Facts
About These Subjects. The Canaanites Know And
Teach Certain Occupational Jobs And Trades
According To Present-Day Standards, And
Mathematics Is A Universal Science Which Speaks
For Itself, But What Can They Teach Anyone About
Morals And The Best Way Of Life, When They Are
Those Who Destroyed The Real Knowledge, Morals
And The Best Way Of Life By Suppressing And
Murdering Darker Peoples, Lying To Divide Others
And Creating Ignorance, And Stealing Other People's
Lands, Cultures, And Natural Resources, That Is,
-- _
Other People's Heritage. The Canaanites Never Did
And Never Will Give Others True Spiritual And
Universal Knowledge, Because Much Of It They Do
Not Know Themselves, And What They Do Know Is
Kept Amongst Themselves So That They May
Continue To Rule The Ignorant And The Poor.
Ques: Will Education Free Us?
Ans: No! Occupational, Professional, And
Technical Knowledge You Need And Should HilVe,
But You Need More Than That In Order To Be Free
And Equal Again And Have Ruling Power.
Occupational, Vocational, Professional, And Technical
Knowledges Are Not Sufficient To Eliminate Negro,
Negative, And Slave Mentality. Negro Or Negative
Mentality (Negative Mind) Is One Which Is Void Of
Real Universal Knowledge - Knowledge About Time
And Origin Of Universes, Stars, Planets, Satellites;
Origin Of Oceans, Mountains, Vegetation; Time And
Origin Of Races, Cultures, And What Each Race Is
Supposed To Represent. Negro Mentality Is
Its Own True Spiritual "'SCIence, And fiie Fowers
That Create A Race's Its History,
Direct Its WaY-Of Life. Therefore-;ltARaceDoes Not
Have Its Own True Spiritual Science, It Is Void Of
What Is Necessary To Make It Free And Equal. In
Your Case Is Your True Spiritual And
Universal SCIence.
_____Breaking The Spell _
Ques: Who Is Our True Teacher?
Your True Teacher Is One That Can Give You
The Universal Knowledge That Informs You About
The Governing Codes And Cycles Of All Existences
And Living Beings, Mankinds Of Spirit Forces And
The Ones That Are For Or Against Whom. Real
Universal Knowledge Must Answer The Knowledge
Questions: When? Wh.ere? What? How?
Why? And Nature Of; That Is, Whom A Thmg Is
Or Against. The Sun Of Righteousness, The Wnter
Of The Scrolls Entitled "The Right Knowledge
Series", Is Qualified By The Forces Of Nature T?
Receive And Disclose Universal Knowledge, UnveIl
The Past, Emphasize The Present, And Give A
Blueprint Of The Future.
What I, Dr. Malachi Z. York, Write Is Meant To
Destroy The Barriers Between Woolly-Haired People
And Their Spiritual Science And Heritage In General.
Universal Forces Cannot Benefu::ially And Effectively
Work For You And With You As Long As So Many
Minds Among You Are So Negative, Because
Negative Minds Attract Negative Forces And Those
Negative Forces Destroy You And Cause You To
Destroy Yourselves. You Need A Positive MeI!tality
1JLQffset The Negatlve,-T'hen You Will Have
Brain Power Necessary To Identify Yourselves WI!h

_____Breaking The SpeU, _
The Universal Forces, And They Will Help You T9
Liberty, EqualityAnd JUstice. ----­
When The Canaanite Meets Someone Who Does Not
Believe In Their God, That Is, Ghost, He Calls That
Person An Atheist. There Are Two Kinds Of Spirit
"Ghost" And "Ether"'. Therefore, If A Person Is Not
Of Ghost, That Is, God, He Or She Must Be Of Ether,
Hence, He Or She ISCalled Atheist By The Canaanite.
Atheists And Etherists Have The Same Original Or
EtYmological Meai'iing, Not God Or Not Of God
Because, If One Was Originally Created By Ether
Instead Of Ghost, That Person By Nature Is Not God
And Not Of God. A Person Originally Created By
Ghost Can, And Most Likely Will Become Of God
And By God During Cycle 0t
.Their God (The Moon Cycle). The Beginnmg Letter
mEtber Was "A
InsteadUf"E" In Ancient Times.
Ques: What Are Cycles?
ADS: There Are 4 Cycles, 2 Moon Cycles And 2 Sun
Cycles Which Each Consist Of 6,000 Years.
The Se.£ond Moon Cycle (Which kMted 6,000
Has Ended, And Just Before The End Of Each Ruling
Cycle Of Nature, A Male Person Is Authorized And
Appointed By The Forces Of Nature To Determine
_____Breaking The Spell, -­
And Disclose To The People (Especially Those Of His
Own Kind) The Hidden Past, The Changing Present,
And Ruling Future.
1970 A.D•
Diagram 1
24,000 Year Cycle
The Moon C cle Was The Climax AnQ Final P
ousand Years. Therefore, Smce The End Of The
¥Don C¥C'e Is Also The End Of The Evolutionary
C¥Jj.e (The Cycle Of And It Is N0'Y The
Revolutionary Cycle Which Means An
Reverse. It Was Necessary For The Forces Of Nature
To select From Among The Oppressed, A
_____Breaking The Spell,_' _
Woolly-Haired Ethiopian (A Descendant Of Ptah [9
Ether]) And Qualify, Authorize, And Appoint Him To
Manifest The Knowledge Of And Rule The Beginning
Present Shemesh (Sun), Cycle Of The Outer
World With Absu (Not To Be Confusing And Thereby
Ineffective) Being The Sun Of The Inner World.
Shemesh Is Called "The Sun Of Righteousness" In
Malachi 4:2.
Malachi 4:2

'.' , • '.' T T'
But As For You Who Fear Out Of Reverence My
Name. The Shehmesh (Sun) Of Zodoq (Justice)
Will Come Forth With Healing In His Corners Of
His Garments And You Shall Go Forth And
Spread As The Calves Of The Stall.
_____Breaking The Spell, _
Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:
Dr. Malachi Z. York
Mistranslation From King James 1611 A.D.
"But Unto You That Fear My Name Shall The Sun of.
Righteousness Arise With Healing In His Wings; And
YOU Shall Go Forth, ANd Grow Up As Calves Of The
Now Look At This. "Righteousness" Is
"Tsed-Aw-Qaw" (Zodoq), Found In The Book Of
Malachi. Malachi-ZOdoq The Messenger Of
Revelation 1:1. The "Ang-el-os" Angel Is
"Messenger" And In Malachi 4:5, Elijah Which Is
Short For An "Eloheem Of Yahuwa", Is An Angelic
Being Who Will Prophecy To You Before The End
(Refer To The Scroll Of Malachi, Scroll #111).
Just As There Are Forces That Can Foretell The
Future, There Are Also Forces That Can You
About The Past, And Malachi-Zodoq, Also Called
Murdok In Babylonian Text And Amar-Utu In
Ancient Sumerian Tablets, The Son Of ENQI, Who
Is The Son Of ANU (Your Allah, EL Eloh, Jehovah
Or God) Has Access To All Forces Necessary To
Retrace And Foretell, And This Fact Made
Scrolls Possible (You Can Aquire More InforrnatlO.n
On This Subject By Joining "The MystIC
Order Of Melchisedek"). One Authonzed And
_____Breaking The Spell,_' _
Woolly-Haired Ethiopian (A Descendant Of Ptah [9
Ether]) And Qualify, Authorize, And Appoint Him To
Manifest The Knowledge Of And Rule The Beginning
Present Shemesh (Sun), Cycle Of The Outer
World With Absu (Not To Be Confusing And Thereby
Ineffective) Being The Sun Of The Inner World.
Shemesh Is Called "The Sun Of Righteousness" In
Malachi 4:2.
Malachi 4:2
rii?l¥ riO;ln

',':' '," T' .':­

But As For You Who Fear Out Of Reverence My
Name. The Shehmesh (Sun) Of Zodoq (Justice)
Will Come Forth With Healing In His Corners Of
His Garments And You Shall Go Forth And
Spread As The Calves Of The Stall.
_____Breaking The Spell> _
Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By:
Dr. Malachi Z. York
Mistranslation From King James 1611 A.D.
"But Unto You That Fear My Name Shall The Sun Of
Righteousness Arise With Healing In His Wings; And
YOU Shall Go Forth, ANd Grow Up As Calves Of The
Now Look At This. "Righteousness" Is
"Tsed-Aw-Qaw" (Zodoq), Found In The Book Of
Malachi. Malachi-ZOdoq The Messenger Of
Revelation 1:1. The " Ang-el-os" Angel Is
"Messenger" And In Malachi 4:5, Elijah Which Is
Short For An "Eloheem Of Yahuwa", Is An Angelic
Being Who Will Prophecy To You Before The EJ:ld
(Refer To The Scroll Of Malachi, Scroll #111).
Just As There Are Forces That Can Foretell The
Future, There Are Also Forces That Can You
About The .Past, And Malachi-Zodoq, Also Called
Murdok In Babylonian Text And Amar-Utu In
Ancient Sumerian Tablets, The Son Of ENQI, Who
Is The Son Of ANU (Your Allah, EL Eloh, Jehovah
Or God), Has Access To All Forces Necessary To
Retrace And Foretell, And This Fact Made
Scrolls Possible (You Can Aquire More InfonnatlOn
On This Subject By Joining "The Mystic
Order Of Melchisedek"). One AuthOrIzed And
_____Breaking The Spell.,-- _
Appointed By The Forces Of Nature Is Given
Connection And Access To Powers Of The Sun And
Moon And Powers Of QI, The Planet Earth That He
May Take His Place In Tl).e Sun,· Meaning, In
Universal Affairs. (And All Of His Kind Who Are
Able To Learn, Overstand, And Accept Universal
Knowledge And Facts As Disclosed By Nine Ether
Will Also Be Given The Same· Connections And
Powers For Realization And Maintenance Of Liberty,
Justice, Equality, Rightness, And Survival Beyond
Armageddon, War Of The Showdown Between
Right And Wrong] .
I Am Able To Distinguish Between That Which Is For·
Nubians-Ethiopians And That Which Is Against Him
And Her. Ghost (God), The Spirit Of The Canaanite
(Albino Seed), Represents Death For Nubians And Is
Thereby Against Ethiopians. Nine Ether, The Spirit Of
Ethiopians, Represents Life, And Of Course, Life And
Death Are Opposites, Just As Ethiopians And The
Canaanites Are Opposites.
The Purpose Of Anything And Everything Written In
These Scrolls Is To Help Destroy The Negro,
Negative, And Slave Mentality, So That
Woolly-Haired People Everywhere May Have And
Exercise Free. Mind And Equal Mind And Thereby
Enjoy Freedom And Equality Because, If A Person
Has A Free Mind, He Will Do Free Things And, If A
_____Breaking The Spell _
Person Has Equal Mind, He Will Do Equal Things.
Scrolls Like The "Right Knowledge Series" Are
Designed To Open The Way To A And
Mental Because There Can Be No Change
In Racial Status For Nubians As A Whole Without
First Having Change In And SI1irID!.al
forces'(The Same Old Spirit Forces And Same Old
Minds Will Maintain The Same Old System.
Although The Ways And Means Of Maintaining The
Old System May Change, It Will Be The Same Old
System Still As Long As The Same old Minds And
The Same Old Spirits Prevail, The Same Old
System Is The Nature Of Them. )
Change In Mental Status By Right Knowledge,
Wisdom, And Overstanding, Brings Change In
Spiritual· Status, Because Right Knowledge Destroys
Ignorance In The Mind. Then The Spirit Forces Of
Ignorance That Maintain Ignorance Have Nothing To
Live On And They Die, Scatter, Or Become Sealed
When The Mind Receives Right Knowledge And
Accepts It, The Mind Defends Itself By Fighting
he Forces Of Ignorance (Its Enemy), And
When he Right Side Of The Mind Defeats The
Weaker Side, The Person Becomes Free And Equal As
Sufficient Effort Is Made. The Result Of Cruel
- -
___---'--_ Breaking The Spell---'---- _
Suppression Of The Mind And The Accumulation Of
Gross Ignorance, Is The State Of Miserable Conditions
Where The Slave And Slavemaster Or Captive And
Captor Pray To The Same God. Since The
Slavemaster Is An Enemy Of The Slave, If The Slave
Prays To The Same God As The Master, He Is Praying
To The God That Enabled The Slavemaster To
Enslave The Captive, And That God Is The Enemy Of
The Slave Or Captive Just As The Slavemaster Is. The
One-:God Doctrine That The Slavemaster Indoctrinated
The Slave With Is False, And A Part Of The Spell Of
6000 Years Ago Brought On By ENQI And ZU; All
The Gods Were Condensed Into One Called God With
A Capital "G". This Name G.O.D. Is From (Refer To
Big G, Little G What Is The Difference? Scroll #):
G = Gomer
D = Dabar; Which Is:
Ja = Jehovah (Yahuwa)
Bal = Baal
o = Om (Aum); Which Is: Jabalum Another Word
Based On Three Deities That Is Used For God By The
These Gods Were Placed In Your Bible Which Was
Also Fabricated. Now The Canaanites Use It As A
_ Breaking The Spell, _
Trick To Keep The Slave From Recognizing Any
Other Spiritual Power But That Of The Slavemaster.
There Are Many Gods But Only One Supre
ELYUWN ELYUWN EL (The-M.Q§.t Hjgh), And
That Being Is Infinite-Omnipotent Who Has
Innumerable Powers And Parts. The One Supreme
Being Is In Every Nubiari Person Called ELOHEEM;
In Every Place, Heaven; And In Every Thing Nature ­
Finite And Infinite, Visible (Body) And Invisible
Cells) Which Is All Within THE ALL. .-­
__ i
The Powers And Forces Of NUWAB-BU Are
And Salvation For Woolly-Haired People
Everywhere. l.s: And Physical
Separation Fr osin Eorces, And Salvation Is
eeping pposing Forces Away From
People AJ!er The.y fuye Been Therefore,
siilViitiOll Comes After Liberation And Is The
Maintenance And Perpetuation Of Liberty, Justice, ­
Equality, And Rightness. Like The Other Scrolls, This
Scroll Helps To Open The Prison Gate That Has Your
Minds Locked In, And As The Gate Of Mental
Confinement Opens, Ignorance Will Flee And Right
Knowledge, Wisdom, And Overstanding Will
Become The Keeper Of Your Minds. Right
Knowledge, Wisdom, And Overstanding Are
NUWAU-BU, And NUWAU-BU Is The Spiritual
Science Of All Woolly-Haired People Throughout The
_____Breaking The Spell, _
Universes. The Scrolls Called Right Knowledge Are
Not The Science NUWAU-BU Itself, But Is The
Diligent Reading And Diligent Study And Profound
Overstanding Of These Scrolls That Will Open The
Mind, Tear Down Barriers, And Qualify The Mind For
The Universal Science Called NUWAU-BU.
The Reader Will Overstand These Scrolls Better If He
Or She Remembers That Leviathan Is The Sun God
-:;r ,
Earth God, And Moon-God For Mankind, The
Canaanite, All Stniight-Haired Peoples. Leviathan Can
Manifest Itself As The Sun God, God Their Father At
One Time, The Earth God, God Their Son Jesus, At
Another Time, And The Moon God, Their Mother Of
God Mary, At Still Another Time, Or It Can Manifest
Itself As A Combination Of Two Or All Three At The
Same Time Calling It The Trinity. The Group Called
"Adam" 6,000 Years Ago Was An Incarnation Of
The Earth God, Known As Jehovah, Dagon (Who Is
The Mesopotamian God 07 Vegetation, Half Man
And Half Fish), Jesus, Zeus, Lord, Baal, Etc. This
Adam Is Really Canaan (Genesis 9:25), The Son Of
Ham. Canaan Is The Canaanite's Adam, That's Why
They Always Say That Adam Was Created Only
4,000 Years Ago. They Are Really Talking About The
Birth Of Canaan. In The Jehovah Witness
Publication Entitled "All Scriptures Are Inspired Of
God And Beneficial" On Page 292, They List The
_ Breaking The Spell,' _
Birth Date Of Adam (Canaan) As Being In The Year
4,026 B.C.E.
Figure 9
Canaan Son Of Ham And Haliyma
Moreover, Leviathan Is God At One Time And The
Devil At Another Time Or Both At The Same Time.
Of Course, This Means That Leviathan Is Very
Powerful And Very Deceptive. In Fact, Leviathan Is
The Forces Of Tric@ry, Deception, Aner-Hypocrisy.
Leviathan ~ The Spirit Forces Of T ~ e .
_____Breaking The SpeU _
Leviathan Is Six Ether, That Is, Spirit Fire That
Produces Ghost, Not Light. If The Reader Overstands
This Paragraph, He Or She Can Overstand The Bible
And The Pamphlets Called "Right Knowledge". In
This Scroll There May Be Repetition, But It Is Needed
For Clarity And Emphasis.
Ques: What Is A Real Ethiopian?
Ans: When The Writer Uses The Name Nubians
(Ptahite Ethiopian-Kuwshites), He Does Not Mean
Only A Woolly-Haired Person Born In The Small
Territory In· Africa Called Ethiopia Today; He Means
A Woolly-Haired Person Born Anywhere In The
Universe. The Root Of The Word "Ethiopian" Is
"Ether", And Ether Is The Creative Power That The
Sun And Other True Stars Produce And Emanate.
Nine Ether Is The Celestial Origin Of All Ethiopians,
Who Are Called Nubians, For It Is The Power That
Produced The Pygmy (The Kishites/Kushites Also
Known As Zulu Or Lulu), The Ancestral Tree Of All
Woolly-Haired People. At One Time All Africa And
The Nearby Surrounding Lands Before The Parting Of
Africa From Asia And Other Territories Were Called
"Ethiopia" (Genesis 2:13). Kuwsh (Called Kish In
Pre-Bible Time) Is Now EI Habasha And The
Atlantic Ocean Was Called The Ethiopian Ocean.
There Is Only One Ocean And Many Land Masses.
_____Breaking The Spel'
Figure 10
Atlantic Ocean Once The Ethiopean Ocean
_____Breaking The SpeU _
Leviathan Is Six Ether, That Is, Spirit Fire That
Produces Ghost, Not Light. If The Reader Overstands
This Paragraph, He Or She Can Overstand The Bible
And The Pamphlets Called "Right Knowledge". In
This Scroll There May Be Repetition, But It Is Needed
For Clarity And Emphasis.
Ques: What Is A Real Ethiopian?
Ans: When The Writer Uses The Name Nubians
(Ptahite Ethiopian-Kuwshites), He Does Not Mean
Only A Woolly-Haired Person Born In The Small
Territory In Africa Called Ethiopia Today; He Means
A Woolly-Haired Person Born Anywhere In The
Universe. The Root Of The Word "Ethiopian" Is
"Ether", And Ether Is The Creative Power That The
Sun And Other True Stars Produce And Emanate.
Nine Ether Is The Celestial Origin Of All Ethiopians,
Who Are Called Nubians, For It Is The Power That
Produced The Pygmy (The Kishites/Kushites Also
Known As Zulu Or Lulu), The Ancestral Tree Of All
Woolly-Haired People. At One Time All Africa And
The Nearby Surrounding Lands Before The Parting Of
Africa From Asia And Territories Were Called
"Ethiopia" (Genesis 2:13). Kuwsh (Called Kish In
Pre-Bible Time) Is Now EI Habasha And The
Atlantic Ocean Was Called The Ethiopian Ocean.
There Is Only One Ocean And Many Land Masses.
Figure 10
Atlantic Ocean Once The Ethiopean Ocean
_____Breaking The Spell _
Therefore, There Are Two Kuwshes (Cushes). The
Kuwsh (Cush) Mentioned In Genesis 10:6 Came
Many Years After The Kuwsh In Genesis 2:13.
"Ethiopian" Is A Name That Gives Woolly-Haired
People Their Celestial Origin, Terrestrial Origin, And
Ancestral Origin. Hence, Ethiopian Utopia Was The
Best All Around Name Identification For Mentally
Resurrected Woolly-Haired People, Until Nuwau-Bu,
By The Power Of Nine Ether, Gave You Ethiopians
Your New-Cycle Name, Nubians, New-Beings.
Ques: From The Ending Of The Old Testament
(Malachi), To The Beginning Of The New
Testament (Matthew), Why Is There A Time Span
Of Three Or Four Hundred Years?
Ans: The Egyptians And Jews (Greeks) Had A War
Around 1600 B.C., And The Egyptians, Lead By
Moses, That Is, The Pharaoh Thutmose I Defeated
The Greeks (Jews) And Returned Them B ~ k To Asia
With Great Control Until Around 600 Or 700 B.C.,
Then Its Rille Began To Weaken And The Canaanite
Began To Gain Strength. By 200 Or 300 B.C. The
Canaanite Had Control Of Egyptian Territory
Including Egypt Itself, And They Started Suppressing
The Egyptian CUlture, Which Was Pantheism, And
Persecuting Those Who Maintained It. "Pantheism"
Is The Study Of "EL" As Nature, And Working
_____Breaking The Spell _
Through Nature. It Is Your Ancient Way Of Life.
Pantheism Is Just A Word (And A Poor One At That)
For "Being In Tune With Nature". It Was The
Religion Of Adam And Abraham And The Ancient
The Canaanites (Romans, Jews, And Other Greeks)
Suppressed The Egyptian Culture By Taking Certain
Books Out Of Circulation, Burning Others, Forbidding
The Adherents (Followers) To Practice It, And Killing
Off The Egyptian Kohane (Priests) And Prophets
(Matthew 23:35) Who Protested And Resisted.
Zachariah (An Egyptian Kohane [Priest] Of High
Rank) Was Murdered Before The End Of That
The So-Called Killing Of Jesus Of 2000 Years Ago
Was Suppose To End Pantheism, The Canaanite
Thought By Killing Yashu'a (Savior), Who Was Sent
To Find And Save The Lost Tribe Of Judah, The
Remainders Of The Pure Seed Of Jacob, They Would
Be Killing The Link Between These Ethiopian People
Called Nubians Or Hebrews, And The Forces Of
Nature That Protected Them. When You Kill Off A
Person, You Kill Off His Whole Race. That Is What
He Refers To As Genocide. Remember The Whole
Family Lives On Through Pro-Creation. Therefore
Breaking The Spell _
They Called The Death Of Jesus, The Death Of The
God Pan (Same As Faunus).
Pan Is The Goat God;
And Is Celebrated
December 25th As
The Birthday Of
Jesus Every Year
Because Pan
(Capricorn Of The
Zodiac) Is Re-Born
Every December
Around That Time,
Figure 11
The Goat God - Pan
And Jesus Was Considered To Be Capricorn, The
The Name Of The Man Called Jesus Was Issa
Panthera, Or Yashu'a, Or C1eophas (Refer To The
Real Jesus, Scroll #34). "Panthera" Is A Word
Which Refers To The Great Sphinx At Giza, Egypt,
And Also Refers To The Religion Of Adam Which .
Was pantheism.
Ques: Who Were The Physical Father And
Mother Of Jesus (Issa Where Was He
Killed And What Happened To His Body?
_____Breaking The Spell. _
Ans: Cleophas, Which Means "My Exchanges"
(In Other Words, Exchange One Jesus For Another),
Who Is Also Called Jesus-Justus And Saint Issa,
Was The Son Of Cleopatra And Mark Anthony
(Marcus Antonius). He Was Born December 25, 1
A.D. He Was Not Accepted By The Egyptians And
The Romans Because Of His Mixed Blood, And
Because Of This, Cleophas Became Very Vexed; He
Became An Evangelist And Set Out To Teach The
Phoenicians That He Was Their King, (King Of The
Jews). He Traveled Mostly In India And Studied There
In The Mystery Schools. There Is Reference Made
About Him (St. Issa) In The Upanishads, The Hindu
Tablets Of The Avatara Which Tells About The
Gods Who Came To Earth; That They Were
Hermaphrodites In Appearance; Even Part Animal
Covered In Fur. These Hindu Tablets Were Recorded
Before Matthew, Mark, Luke And John.
These Avatars Such As Visnu Took On
The Form Of A Fish When The Earth
Was Overwhelmed By A Universal
Flood. The Fish Legend First Appear
In Brahmanas (The Impersonal World
Soul) And The Noah's Ark Theme.
_____Breaking The Spell _
The Tortoise (Kurma) Visnu
Became A Great Tortoise, And Dived
To The Bottom Of The Cosmic Ocean
To Reclaim The Many Divine
Treasures That Were Lost In The
Flood Including The Ambrosia
(Amrta, The Food Sometimes The
Drink Of The Gods In Greek
Mythology) With Which Gods
Preserve Their Youth.
A Demon, Hiranyaksa, Cast The
Earth Once More Into The Depth Of
The Cosmic Ocean. Visnu Took The
Form Of A Enormous Boar, Killed
The Demon, And Raised The Earth On
His Tusk
Another Demon, Hirauyakasipu,
.Had Obtained A Boon (Blessing)
From Brahma Ensuring That He
Could Not Be Killed By Any Man Or
Beast. Safeguarded He Persecuted All
Including His Son. Prahlada (His
Son) Called On Visnu For Help.
_ Breaking The Spell _
Visnu Burst From A Pillar Of The
Demons' Palace In The Form Of A
Half Man And Half Lion And Slew
A Demon Named Bali Gained
Control Over The World And
Commenced A Course Of Asceticism
(Self Denying) By Which His
Supernatural Power So Increased
That He Menaced Even The Gods.
Visnu Appeared Before Him As A
Dwarf Asking For A Blessing Of Two
Strides, When Granted The God
Became A Giant And The Two Strides
Covered The Earth, Heavens And
Middle Air.
There Was Also A Group Of Hairy Beings Who Came
Down To The Planet Earth From The 6Th Star
Constellation ORION Known As The Shaggy People
Or The Shaggies. One Of The Shaggy People Was
Called ENKIDU, The Ruler Of The Ancient
Babylonian City Of Uruk. He Was The Friend Of
_____Breaking The $pell _
Figure 13
Enkidu, A Shaggy Being
The Shaggies Were Covered With Hair All Over Their
Bodies And Stood 7 To 9 Feet Tall. They Came To
Earth From Their Planet For The Sport Of Hunting
Dinosaurs. However, When They Came They Were
Captured To Be Used For Slaves By The ELOHEEM.
The Shaggies Were Too Aggressive To Be Workers So
Of The Underworld), His Wife ARISKERGAL, And
NINHURSAG, The Children Of ANU, (He Who Is
_ Breaking The Spell. _
Above, The Heavenly One) The YAHUWA Of The
EITHER Or NEW BEINGS, Who Were Scientists
As Well As Astrologers, Cross-Bred Them With A
Docile Yet Civilized Tribe Of Beings Who Evoluted
From The Algae Of The Water And Were Called
Ptahites (Also Known As The Pygmies, The Little
People, Zulu, Lulu And The KishiteslKushites). The
Product Of This Combination Was The Homo
Erectus. This Being Was Not Able To Pro-Create By
Themselves, So The Scientists Mixed The Blood Of
The ELOHEEM Called SHIRU (One Of The
Scientists In Particular Named Ninqi The Sister Of
ENLIL And ENQI) Along With The Blood Of
Homo Erectus And Bred The Homo Sapien, Your
Adam (Zakar) And Eve (Nekaybaw) Whose
Children Were Utilized As Workers In The Gold
Mines Of South Mrica.
As Previously Stated, The Mother Of Jesus (Cleophas,
Jesus-Justus) Was A Nubian Phoenician Queen Of
Egypt Who Had Children But Was Unmarried, And
This Fact Made It Easier For The Canaanites To State
That Jesus Had No Human Father. Yet, The Physical
Father Of Jesus Was A High-Ranking Roman Soldier
(A General) Who Was One Of The Roman Triumvir
(Three Person Ruling Body).
_____Breaking The Spell _
Figure 15
Figure 14
Figure 16
Figure 17
_____Breaking The Spell, _
Figure 18
Cleophas Jesus-Justus Son Of Cleopatra And
Mark Anthony, Born December 25, 1 A.D.
The Mother Of Jesus Was Cleopatra (Queen Of
Egypt, A Well-Know Notorious Person, Even Today)
And His Father Was Marcus Antonius (Better Known
As Mark Anthony). Mark Anthony Was A
Warmonger. All The Canaanites Are Personifications
Of Ghosts, Because They Were Bleached (Ghostized
As Albinos By The Curse Of Canaan Or Mixing With
His Seed) By Leviathan Using The Ghost Process
When They Were Being Extracted From The Original
Phoenicians Of Noah's Family.
Figure 19
Cleopatra Mother Of Cleophas
Figure 20
Mark Anthony (Marcus Antonius)
_____Breaking The Spell. _
Therefore, Mark Anthony (Being Caucasian) Was A
Ghost In Person, Hence, When He Impregnated
Cleopatra, The Ghost Had Overshadowed Mary
(Cleopatra) (The Tale Of Matthew 1:18,20).
Cleopatra Was Neither Roman Nor Greek Like
Caucasian History Pretends; She Was Phbenician-- An
Mitsrayim-Type (Egyptian) Woman From Noah's
Sons (Genesis 10:6). You Must Overstand That
Caucasian History Is Mixed Up, Falsely And
Ironically Written To Hide Facts, Mislead, And
Deceive. Although The Phoenicians Were Well
Scattered And Powerless By 200 Or 300 B.C., Yet
The Romans And Jews And Other Greeks (Who Were
Controlling Egypt) Allowed The Figurehead-Puppet
Kings And Queens Of Phoenician Ancestry To
Continue To Sit On The Throne Of Egypt Until Jesus
Was Rejectt;ld As King. The Same Way The
Canaanites (Albino Seed) Set Up And Control Parrot
Rulers And Puppet Establishments In These Times.
They Did The Same In Those Times Until
Revolutionary Forces Moved In And Moved Them
Out. After Jesus-Justus, Cleophas Was Denied The
Throne Of Egypt Because He Was Mixed With Roman
Blood And Failed In His Attempt To Rally The
Phoenicians To Unity And Power As They Once
Were, He Left Egypt At Age 13, Traveled To India As
Saint Issa, Lived There Until Age 26, He Came
Through Israel Then Back To Egypt, And Died In
India At The Age Of 71. He Is Buried In The Tomb
Of Kishmir In India.
_____. Breaking The Spell _
Figure 21
The Tomb Of Kishmir In India
Then There's Jesus (Yashu'a) Of 2,000 Years Ago,
The Son Of Mary And Adopted Son Of Joseph - The
Carpenter's Son. THIS IS THE REAL JESUS. He
Was Born June 26, 7 A.D. When He Was A Baby,
His Parents Had To Take Him To Egypt To Keep Him
From Being Killed By Herod, The Ruler Of Judea.
_____ Breaking The Spell _
Figure 22
Herod, Ruler Of Judea
Jesus Of 2000 Years Ago, Then Came Back To Judea
(Jerusalem) After Herod Was Dead When He Was 11
Years Old. He Was The One In The Temple·At 13
Years Old Where He Impressed The Elders With The
Knowledge That He Had Gained In The Mystery
Schools Of Egypt Before Coming Back To Jerusalem
Once Herod Was Dead. He Eventually Left Mary
And Joseph To Start His Mission. He Taught In Israel
That He Was To Gather Only The Lost Seed Of Judah.
The Other Tribes Hated Him So When He Was 33
Years Old, They Set Out To Kill Him On The Cross.
He Escaped And A Scapegoat Name Judas Was
Crucified In His Place.
_____Breaking The Spell, _
_____Breaking The Spell
Figure 23
Mary Mother Of Jesus
Figure 24
Joseph, Adopted Father Of Jesus
Figure 45
Eloheem Gabriel Zodoq Who Overshadowed Mary
With The. Holy Soul
Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago Went To Egypt, And Lived
There From 33 To 120 Years Of Age, Then He Died
On Top Of The Pyramid At Giza. From This Event
Comes The Expression "X Marks The Spot", The
Spot Of Death And Burial For Jesus.
It Is Written That Jesus Was Put To Death At A Place
Called Golgotha And "Golgotha" Means " Skull.
The Great Pyramid At Giza, Egypt, Is A Sepulcher
(Tomb) Which Is A Place And Mount Of The Dead.
Diagram 46
"X" Marks The Spot
It Is Also Written That Jesus Died On The Cross. The
Pyramid Is The Cross That Represents The
Astronomical Symbol (Power Symbol) Of Planet
Earth, Because The Four Triangles Of The Pyramid
Form The Cross That Looks Like This When Viewing
The Pyramid From A Position Above It. So When The
Romans And Jews And Other Greeks Teach That They
Put Jesus To Death Upon A Cross, He Died On Top
Of The Pyran1id. What Happened To The Body Of
This Jesus Is The Same Thing That Happened To The
Bodies Of All Phoenician-Egyptian Pharaohs Before
This Jesus. The Bodies Of All Phoenician Pharaohs
Were Mummified, Including The Body Of The
Pharaoh Called Jesus, That Is, Issa Panthera
(Cleophas). '
_____Breaking The Spell, _
After The Mummification Process, The Body Of Jesus
Of 2,000 Years Ago, The Son Of Maryam Was Laid
To Rest In The Great Pyramid At Giza, Egypt.
Therefore, The Original Tomb- Of Jesus Is The Great
Pyramid Which Was Erected For The Burial Of Kings,
Storing Of Riches, Imparting Of Knowledge, And A
Symbol Of Power Of The Dead Of The Earth.
Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago, Son Was Called Simon
Bar Jesus (Acts 8:9-11; 13:6). The Meaning Of "Bar"
Is "Son" So You Get Bar Jesus-The Son Of Jesus
Or The Son Of God By His Wife Mary Magdalene.
He Was Born September 17, 28 A.D., In Bethany
Figure 26
Simon Bar Jesus
Born September 17, 28 A.D.
Figure 27
Mary Magdalene
(Mother Of Simon Bar Jesus)
Simon Bar Jesus Was Born During The Period Of
Time When Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago Was Visiting
Mary Magdalene And She Got Pregnant.
Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago Had Aspirations Of His
Son, Bar Jesus, Becoming A Great Teacher. But He
(Bar Jesus) Got Caught Up In Spookism And Went
Out To Teach His Own Doctrine. In Acts 8:9, It Was
His Bewitching Of The People That Made Him A Man
Of Miracles. Jesus Of 2000 Years Ago Followers
Referred To Bar Jesus As A Sorcerer. He Had Many
Followers, Paul Was One Of Them. Bar Jesus Was A
Jew, Meaning "Of Judah" Like His Father, Jesus Of
2000 Years Ago. He Was A Sorcerer Who Performed
Miracles And Was Even Called, "Not The Real
_____Breaking The Spell _
Prophet", Who Was His Father, But A Fake Prophet.
He Was Eventually Found Guilty Of Being A Sorcerer
And A False Prophet. His Body Was Taken To St.
Peter's Basilica In Rome Where He Was Buried In 61
A.D., And He Is Entombed To This Day After
Converting Europeans Called, "Gentiles", Something
His Father Said Don't Do. Simon Bar Jesus Taught In
Greece And Syria, And Was Crucified In Rome At
The Age Of 33. His Body Was Taken To Rome For
The Benefit And Perpetuation Of Christianity. He Is
The Jesus Christ Of Christianity, The Metaphysical
Figure 28
Crypt Of St. Peter's Basilica
Simon Bar Jesus's Mother Was Also Called Mary,
But It Was Mary Magdalene. Jesus Of 2,000 Years
_____Breaking The Spell _
Ago And Mary Magdalene's Wedding Reception
Was At Cana (John 2:1-11). If It Wasn't His Wedding
Reception, Why Was His Mother There? If They Were
Just Guests, Why Was She So Concerned About The
Wine Running Out? Why Was Jesus And The
Disciples There? There Is Never Any Mention Of The
Name Of The Bride And Groom. The Nicean Council
Purposely Went Out Of Their Way To Leave Out All
Names But Mary And Jesus. What Was The
Reason That Jesus's Went To This Wedding? Or His
Disciples? Jesus's Character Type Throughout The
Bible Does Not Seem Like The Type Of Guy Who
Goes To Weddings. Unless The Wedding Was His
Own. Do You Overstand?
As A Matter Of Fact, Jesus Son Of Mary Had Two
Wives. His Other Wife's Name Was Martha, Mary's
Sister. You Know Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago Was
Married Because There· Are Many Places Where It
Tells You In The Holy Tablets Where Jesus Spent The
Night At Mary's And Martha's House (Matthew
21:17, Luke 10:38-42, 24:50, John 11:18, 12:1-9).
They Lived In Bethany Which Was First Called
Bethabara Which Means "House Of Preparation"
(John 1:28). It Speaks About His Love Of Martha,
How Much He Loved Mary And Their Brother
Lazarus (John 11:5). It Shows You A Story Where
Martha Gets Jealous Of Mary Because Martha Is
Preparing Dinner For Jesus, And Her Sister Is Sitting
Up Under Jesus, And She Goes To Jesus And Tells
_____Breaking The Spell _
Jesus To Tell Mary To Go Do Some Work. Jesus
Tells Martha To Leave Mary Alone (Luke 10:38-42).
Another Example Was After The Incident At The
Garden Of Gethsemane When Mary Magdalene
Heard That Her Husband Did Not Have A Proper
Judaic Burial. She Was Coming To The Tomb In The
Morning After The Sabbath In Hopes To Wash His
Body, Put The Coins On His Eyes And Wrap His
Body. (John 20:11). According To Judaic Law, A
Woman Is Only Allowed To Do This If She Is Married
Or Related To The Rabbi, Because Then She'd Have
To Be Looking On His Private Parts, And That Would
Be A Violation Of The Books Of Leviticus (Laws Of
Satan, [Chapter 19]). Yes, She Followed The Law;
You Know This Because She Waited Until After The
Sabbath To Come To The Tomb.
So When You Look More Closely At The New
Testament, You Will Find That There Are Actually
Three Jesus's As Previously Mentioned:
1. Yashu'a Bar Maryam -Jesus The Son Of Mary
(The True One; A Messiah) (John 1:45)
2. Simon Bar Jesus - Son Of Jesus And Mary
Magdelene (Christ) (Acts 13:6)
-- Breaking The Spell. _
3. Cleophas, Jesus-Justus, Saint Issa - Son Of
Cleopatra And Mark Anthony (Holy Ghost)·
(Colossians 4:11)
Ques: How Do' The Canaanites (Cursed Albino
Seed) Get Away With Their His-Story?
Ans: . Canaanites Have Taken Full Advantage
0.£ AntiqUIty By Hiding Facts So ThaLIhe I,apse...Qf
Them BecauseL()fCourse, No One
LlVmg Now, Lived At That Time Except In The
Person Of Your Ancestors Who Have Been Dead
Centuries Ago. Even If Someone Would Put The
Body Of Jesus On Public View After Two Thousand
Years And Call It Jesus Or Someone Else
Well-Known At That Time, By What Means After So
Many Years, Would Anyone Prove Or Disprove It?
I: Having The Power -T.o-,-Eoretell And .Retrace Time
Now Relate The True Story, Since The
Sphmx And Great Pyramid Have Been Mentioned
Briefly In Right KnOWledge, A Brief Mention Of
Their Alleged And Reputed Architect Shall Be Made
Here: Cheops, Cecrops And Khufu Were One And
The Same ,Ruler, And Cheops Was The King Of
Northern And Northeast Africa And Western Asia
Who Lifted The Immigration Ban And Allowed The
First Group Of Canaanites (Jews) From Europe
(Greece) To Reach Mrica And Asia After The Ouster
Of Atum And Lillith (The Original Atumites
_____Breaking The Spell. _
[Cuthites] And Descendants Of ENQI Son Of AND
And Brother Of ENLIL). The Caucasian Race, The
Canaanites Descendants, Was Sealed In Europe By
Anti-Immigration Laws For One Thousand Years
(Revelation 20:2); From The Time Canaan Was Sent
From The Aegean Islands To Europe Until Cheops.
Since Cheops Ruled Part Of Europe, As Well As Part
Of Mrica And Asia, Mythology And
Legendary History Call The First
King Of Attica, Actually Meaning, The-First King Of
'Greece For The Canaanites, Because Darker Peoples
Have Been Living In Europe In Time Immemorial
Before The Time Of Zakar (Adam) And Nekaybaw
Able To Procreate, --:-/
Cheops (Ethiops) Was Ethiopian As The Name
Implies, And He Is The King Who Put The Finishing
Touches On The Symbol Of 0ying Power Called The
And The
Called The Ethiopian Kings (Before
Cheops) Had Blueprinted And Already Started The
Construction. Of Those Masterful Monuments And
Masonries, But Cheops Is Given The Credit For Their
Cecrops, SEE I<raphs, In Greek Mythology,
Was The First I<ing Of At'tica And The Builder
Of The Great Fortreee Of Athens. He Called
The Fortress Cecropia In His Honor. He Was
_____Breaking The Spell, _
Half Man And Half Snake. Legend Says He
Introduced The Customs Of Marriage And
Burial Of The Dead. And Did Away With
Sacrifices Of Blood. Cecrops Also Founded
The City Of Athens. Padriac Colum
Definition Of Cecrops
Figure 29
Cheops (Khufu)
Cheops (Khufu) Was The Last Of The Real Powerful
Ethiopian Kings Of Egypt, Because After The
Canaanites Were Allowed Into Northern Africa And
Western Asia, The Morals And Mentality Of The
Populations Weakened. The Canaanites Emphasized
Racial Differences, And The Phoenicians (Who Were
_ Breaking The Spell, _
In A Much Better Power Position Than The
Canaanites Capitalized On Those Racial Differences
And Took Over Rulership Of Egypt From Nubians
(Ptahite Ethiopian Kuwshites) As Was Predestined By
--- ----­
The Phoenician Canaanite Race Has Always Been
Closest To The Ethiopian Race Ever Since Mankind
Evolved And Nubians Became Identified With Man;
Closest Of All The Races Because The Phoenician
People Represented The Sun Deity. For The Nubians
Are The Strongest Terrestrial Sun Force By Nature,
And This Means Phoenician Canaanites Use To
Worship NUbia,ns Long Before Romans, Jews;,,]
And Other Greeks Did. Again,\ Cheops Was A,
Woolly-Haired Ethiopian, But Because The Cycle
Changed In Favor Of The Last Stage Of Mankind'
Evolution, Cheops (Kufu) Became An Incarnation a
The Phoenician Deity Called "Ra" And "Tehuti"

So, Since Cheops Was An Incarnation Of A
Phoenician Deity (Although He Was Ethiopian By
Race) And Was Finisher Of The Great Sphinx And
The Great Pyramid, This Is Why I Can Refer To The
Sphinx And Pyramid When Explaining Information
About Phoenician With Such Names As Jesus,
Jupiter, Zeus,.fan, I;':tc., Because Of The Moon Cycle
And The Forces It Ushered In. The Ethiopian Stopped
Being Himself Ever Since Cheops Time, But It Is
___ The Spell, _
Time For You To Be Yourselves Again. The First
Born Children Of Canaan (Adam) And Salha (Eve)
Were The Beginning Of Christ (Ghost) In Person On
Orb (Earth) 6,000 Years Ago, 4,000 Years Before
Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago. Everything That Is
Invisible On The Planet Earth Has A Visible
Counterpart Somewhere On This Planet. The Name
Noel (As In The Christmas Carol) Means Noah And Is
Alyuwn, Eloah, Or Eloheem: Alyuwn, Eloah, Or
Eloheem Is The Agreeable' Angelic Being, Father Of
Jesus Of 2000 Years Ago Called Gabriel, The Holy
Soul Or Ether Being. And The Disagreeable Eloheem
Is Called Jesus. Jesus Is 6 Ether, The Forces Of
Evolution. Jesus (Who Has Many Names Such As
Zeus, Jupiter, Christ, Khristos, Lord, God, Lucifer,
Beelzebub, Satan, Iblis, Harmachis, Etc.) Was The
God Of The Albino Phoenicians.
Jesus Is The Capricorn Of The 12th Sign, .12th Month
Of The Zodiac, And Astrology Is Leviathan's Religion
(Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards). The Zodiac (The Ancient
Babylonian Word For Animals) Has Many Fonus
Such As The Dog, Monkey, Eagle, Serpent, Crocodile,
Etc. That Are Not Shown In Almanacs Dictionaries
And Encyclopedias. "
Ques: What Are The Definitions Of The Words
Jew And Hebrew?
Ans: The Words "Jew And Hebrew" Are
Confusing To Some People, Because Many People
Think They Are The Same In Meaning. No People
Can Be True Jews (With Their Interlocking
Six-Pointed Star), Or True Christians (With Their
Cross) By Nature, But The Canaanites.
Diagram 3
Six-Pointed Star
The Word "Jew" (Gew) Is Short For Greek Or A
Short Combination. Of The Words Greek And Hebrew.
They Were Star-Worshippers And That Is Their
Symbol Called "The Star Of David" When They
Know It's "Magan" Meaning "Shield" (Genesis 15:1)
Abraham's Shield. You Must Be Very Careful Of The
Star You Use And Make Sure It's Not An Interlocking
One Or Make Sure The Ankh You Use Is Not The
_____Breaking The Spell. _
Diagram 4
Ankh Their Ankh (Tau)
David Used The Shield Of Abraham, Later Called
The Star Of David. The Original Jews Were
Star-Worshippers, And The True Stars Are Suns. The
Earth's .Sun Is A Star, Which Is Fire. They Were And
Are Fire Worshippers. However, The Jews Adopted
The Term Hebrew Because They Are Derivatives Of
Those East Indian Hindus And Mixed Phoenicians
Who Were Hebrews. Therefore, When The Terms
Hebrew And Jew Are Used In The Bible, Most People
Think They Mean The Caucasian Of Jewish Origin; In
Some Cases Yes, And In Some Cases No. Hebrew Is
A Variant Of The Word "Ghebre" (Sometimes
Spelled Gbeber, Gibborim, Jabbaarat (Genesis 6).
A Ghebre Is A Fire-Worshipper. A True Star Is Fire,
Ether Fire. The Sun Of Earth's Solar System Is One Of
The True Stars.
There Were Ethiopian Hebrews Too, Meaning,
Woolly-Haired People Who Were Hebrews. However,
Since The Jews Have Possessed The Term "Jew" For
_____Breaking The Spell _
Themselves, Let Them Have It. Don't Try To Reclaim
It, Because The Woolly-Haired People Among The
Other Hebrews Were Only Being Used Anyway.
Moreover, The' Original Hebrew Writers Of The Books
Of The Bible Were Nubians And Phoenicians Being
Used By The Moon God (Dina) To Reprove The
Canaanites Concerning What They Were Doing To
Darker Peoples. But The Moon God Knew That The
Canaanites Would Persecute And Even Kill The
Reprovers, But That Was Part Of The Game The
Moon Was Playing To Keep The Moon Cycle In
Progress And The Canaanites In Power.
In Light Of The Previous Paragraph, You Can Easily
See That The People In Bondage And Captivity In The
Bible Were Darker Peoples, Especially Phoenicians
And Nubians. It Is Written That The Hebrews Lost
Their Tribal Identities Around 400 Or 500 B.C., But
There Were Never Any Twelve Tribes Of Hebrews In
The First Place. They Were Chaldeans Who Crossed
Over And Because Of That, Were Called "Hebrew".
The Hebrews Who Began Losing Their Identity
AroUnd That Time Were Not The Canaanites Of
Jewism But The Phoenicians, Because Around That
Time Is When The Canaanites Started Their Cruel
Persecution And Suppression Against The
Phoenicians, And The Phoenicians. Started Going
_____Breaking The Spell _
Wherever They Could To Escape Those Atrocities
And Brutalities.
So By 300 Or 400 B.C. (Around The Time The Last
Book Of The Old Testament [Old Testamonies] Is
Supposed To Have Been Written) There Was Hardly
Any Need For A Prophet, Because The Phoenicians
Were So Well Scattered. However, There Were
Various Writings Between 400 B.C. And 1 B.C. By
Priests And Prophets That Should Be Part Of The Old
Testament (Old Testamonies), But Are Not, Because
They Tell Of The Cruel Persecutions And Atrocities
That Preceded The Appearance Of Jesus.
The Old Testament Are Testamonies Of People Who
Came Along And Studied The Two Tablets (The
Torah [:T1'] Meaning "Law" From The Aramic
(Hebrew) Root Word "Yarah" [m']) That Were
Given To Moses At Serabid EI Khadim, The
Temple Of Hagar (Who Was The Goddess Hathor)
Stood. These Tablets Were Created By ENQI And
ZU By Taking Portions Of The? Holy Tablets (The
Tablets Of Destiny) Of The ELOHEEM And
Combined Them With The Gilgamesh Epics Which
Talks About The Great Deluge. If You Look At The
Two Tablets That Moses Held, You Will See They
Begin With The Hebrew Letter And End With
The Hebrew Letter Yod e) Symbolizing The 10
_ Breaking The Spell _
Commandments Of Which All Real Studiers Of The
Torah Know Is Not 10, But 613 Commandments.
Figure 31
Moses Holding The Tablets
The Alef Is Symbolic Of The Name Of
ELOHEEM In The First Chapter Of
Genesis Which Uses Only The Name ELOHEEM
And The Yod (") Is Symbolic Of The Name Yahuwa
J;-n;i') Of The Second Chapter Of Genesis Which
Uses Only The Name Yahuwa ELOHEEM. This,
Along With The Laws Of The Levite Priests Who Are
The Students Of The Serpent (Levi-Athan), The
Levitical Laws, Which Are The Laws Of Satan, Come
From The Laws Of The Code Of Hammurabi
_____Breaking The Spell, _
(Meaning Rabbis [Masters] Of Ham (Being Ham Was
The Father Of Canaan). They Are The Same Laws
That Are Made And Enforced By The Canaanites That
Govern The World. The Chemarims Or Khamarim
Are The Black-Robed {'riests Of Different Idols. They
Were Appointed By The Kings Of Judah To Conduct
Worship In High Places. The Original Significance Of
The Verbal Form Was "To Be Black'" And Explained
The Use Of The Noun By The Assertion That The
Idolatrous Priests Wore Black Garments. Today It
Represents The One That Becomes Emotional Behind
The Pulpit When He Dances Around While Trying To
"Fire Up" The Audience. The Word "Kamar"
. Means "To Grow Warm And Tender, Be Or Grow
Hot, Black, Dark, Gloomy"; It Also Means
"Idolatrous Priests"; It Is The Root Of
"Khamarim". This Is Parallel To The Root Word
(On) Meaning ."Black, Or Heat", Which
Comes Right To "Kham" (Ham) Son Of Noah And
Father Of Canaan, Father Of The Canaanites; The
Enforcers Of The Code Of Laws. It's Clear To See
The Laws You Are Forced To Adhere To Are Made
Up, Written, And Enforced By Pagan Worshippers Of
Baal By Way Of Ham's Son Canaan. When You
Look At The Derivative Khammin You'll Find
That It Means "Sun Pillar", Used In Idolatrous
Worship And Often As Epithet Of Solar Baal. The
Priests Of Baal Were Called Chemarim. One Of
These Chemarim Bears The Name Sanchoniathon.
He Was A Priest Of Baal Who Purportedly Wrote The
_____Breaking The Spell, _
History Of The World On The Sun Pillm:s Of An
Ancient Syrian Temple. Those Were SunP1Uars
Pagan Canaanites Had Dedicated To The Solar DISC.
Sanchoniathon Claimed That He Was Standing In
The Lineage Leading' Directly From Adam, And
Through Cain Down To His Day. He Claimed That
Baal Worship Was Descended From Cain.
Zephaniah 1:4
:l6-:i::>rtiT ;:JU:7i\-''J
. T rt 1B

_____Breaking The Spell _
I Will Also Stretch Out My Hand To The Tribe Of
Judah And To The Inhabitance Of The Two
Jerusalems And I Will Destory The Remainders Of
The Canaanite Deity Baal From This Place And
The Name Of Chemarims Priests Who Dress In
Right Translation In Aramic l H ~ b r e w ) By:
Dr. Malachi Z. York
Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.
From The Definitions Being Used You'll Find That
The Chemarim Were The Priests Of Baal Who Wore
Black Robes, This Is The Garb Most Worn By The
Priests And Ministers Of Today. These Men Wore
These Robes In Contrast To The White Robes
Ordained By Yahuwa Eloheem To Wear In The
Temple. This Is Why The Catholic Church And The
Christian Ministers As Well As The Jewish Rabbis All
Wear Black When In The Scriptures It Clearly Tells
Them That They Should Be Wearing White Robes.
The Levite Priests Were Responsible For Converting
The Children Back To The Worship Of The Bull God
_____Breaking The Spell _
(Tor, Who In Ancient Mitzrayim (Egypt) Would Be
The Goddess Hathor) (Exodus 32:1-6) By Deceiving
Moses And His Brother Aaron, The High Priest, From
The Knowledge Of All This, Along With The
Testamonies Of Other People They Yielded The Rest
Of The Old Testament; Like Ezekiel, Who Tried To
Tell About The ELOHEEM. They Further Distorted
The Bible By The Talmud And The Misnah.
The Darker People Of The Regions Who Were
Controlled By The Canaanites Were Forced To Accept
The Canaanites' New, Version Of Christianity
(Matthew 23:15) Which Came Out Of The
Alexandrian Schools Of Egypt Around 300 B.C. It
Was Mixed With The Hindu Doctrine Because It Is
Partly Based On The Belief In Reincarnation And
'God' Incarnated Into Flesh.
The Septuagint (The Greek Version Of The Old
Testament From Which Came The Latin And English
Versions) Was Compiled (Collected) After Alexander
The Great (The Greek) Marched (Unopposed) Into
Egypt And Northern Africa Around 333 B.C. The
Septuagint Was Published Several Decades Later
(Around 300 B.C.), And This Means That The
So-Called Jews Did Not Have An Organized Bible
Until The Greek Version Was Compiled, For They
Had Been Using Various Scrolls And Parchments For
Their Religious Rituals And Rites. Moreover, The
Jews Were Well Schooled In The Kabala System--A
_____Breaking The Spell _
System Of Mystery Words And Clandestine (Secret)
Know-Hows Passed Down Orally, From Father To
Son And Mother To Daughter, But Never Put In
Writing; Their Book Of Devil Worship.
There Have Been Many Versions And Revisions Of
The Septuagint (The Old Testament) Since Its
Compilation And Publication Around 300 B.C. The
70 And 72 Emissaries From Jerusalem (Those Were
Supposed To Be The Ones Who Compiled The Old
Testament) Are The People Who Were Persuaded To
Change The Writings To Suit The Purposes Of The
Caucasian Rulers. At The Time Of The Advent Of
Jesus, Apparently The Jews Had Not Yet Claimed The
Ethiopian And Phoenician Bondage And Captivities
Of The Old Testament As Their Own, As Evidenced
By This Written Statement (John 8:33).
John 8:33
'A1tEKptE)llcruv TIpom Au-tOV, L1tEpJlU
TIC01tO'tE: TIcom LU
AEYEtm On EAEUE)EPOt fEvllcrEcrE)E;
"They Ap-Ok-Ree-Nom-Ahee (Answered) Him, We
Are Ab-Rah-Am (Abraham's) Aper-Mah (Seed), And
Were Oo-Dice (Never) In Dool-Yoo-O (Bondage) To
__--'--__Breaking The Spell, _
Oo-Dice (Any) Man: Poce (How) Leg-O (Say) You,
You Shall Be Ghin-Om-Ahee (Come) EI-Yoo-Ther-Os
They Answered Yashu'a, We Are Of Abraham's
Sperm' And Was Never In Slavery To Any Man, So
How Do You Make This Speech: You Will Become'
Right Translation In Aramaic {l!ebrew) By:
Dr. Malachi Z. York
Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.
Jews And The Other Canaanites, If Given The
Opportunity In The Future, Will Also Claim The
Enslavement Of The American Negro As Enslavement
Of The Canaanites, As The Jews Claimed The
Enslavement Of The Egyptian As The Enslavement Of
Jews. Moreover, In Reading The Bible, People Make
The Mistake Of Concentrating Too Much On What
God Or Jesus Is Supposed To Have Said And Too
Little Emphasis On The Other Side Of The Argument;
And Through This Error, People Miss Valuable
Information And Eye-Opening Knowledge Which
Disproves Many Biblical And Caucasian Claims, Not
Only By Words, But Also By What Actually Took
_____Breaking The Spell. _
Place Before. Then, By What Took Place Since, And
What Is Taking Place Now. In Other :Words, Note That
Secular (Unreligious) History Does Not Coincide With
Those Claims, And That The Canaanites Are Still
Doing Today' What They Did Then, Which Was
Claiming One Thing And Then Doing Another. This
Makes Them History's Best Known Hypocrites And
So There Is A Time Span Of 300 Or 400 Years
Between The Old And New Testaments Because (1)
The Hebrews (The Phoenicians) Were Too Scattered,
Therefore There Was Little Need For A Prophet (2)
After The Septuagint (The Old Testament) Was
Compiled And Published Around 300 B.C. Any
Biblical Writing In a.c. After The King James
Version Would Have To Be An Unauthorized Edition,
Such As Bel And The Dragon, The Wisdom Of Jesus,
The Maccabees, The Book Of Barnabas, Etc. And (3)
There Were Many Words And Works That Went On
Between 400 B.C. And 1 B.C. Which The Canaanites
Did Not Want Known, Such As The Persecutions And
Atrocities The Canaanites Used To Eliminate Egyptian
Pantheism Before They Finished It Off Around The
Time Of Jesus.
When The New Testament Was Compiled, It Began
With God Coming Down To Save The People Which
Is Based On Genesis Chapter 2. The Greeks (Ionians
Who Mixed In With Iris Wife Of Esau Son Of Jacob)
_- Breaking The Spell _
Had To Create Their Own Gods. They Took Their
Seed And Gave Them A Doctrine Which Became
Christianity (An Offshoot Of Hinduism). The Books
Of Ezekiel And Daniel Of The Old Testament Were
Used To Compile The Book Of Revelation; They
Took Other Books From The Old Testament And
Created A Messiah Image And God Incarnated Into
Flesh Concept. They Took This By The Gentiles Who
Incorporated Their Own Doctrine Which Double
Enforced The Spell OfENQI Cast By ZU .
Ques: Why Are There Four Similar Books About
The Same Story At The Beginning Of The New
Testament Instead Of One?
Ans: Because In Reorganizing Christianity After
The So-Called Death Of The Three Jesues, The
Canaanite Had No Proof Of Their Stories, Particularly
The Parts Pertaining To Immaculate Conception. In
John 7:42
From A Man.
The Word
John 7:42
Oux H rpa<l>ll Et1tEV On EK Tou
L1tEp!la'tom Aauto, Kat A1to B1l8AEE!l
Tllm Kffi)lllm 01tOU Hv Aauto, EpXE'tat 0
_____Breaking The Spell. _
Did Not The Scripture Say That The Messiah Will
Come Out From The Sperm Of David And From
. The Village Of Bethlehem Where David Was?
Right Translation In Greek By:
Dr. Malachi Z. York
Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D.
How Did Mary Get Pregnant? They Also Had No
Proof Of The Resurrection Of Jesus. The Reorganizers
Of Christianity Could Not Bring Out The Parts About
The Immaculate Conception And Resurrection Until
Scores Of Years After The So-Called Death Of Jesus
Because The People Living In His Time, And Fo;
Years After, Knew Better. Therefore, They Could Not
_ Breaking The Spell. _
Publish With Success These Additions To The Story
About Jesus Until The People Who Knew Better Had
Died Out And Certain Parts Of The True Story Had
Been Concealed. It Was Not Until Around 325 A.D.
The Council Of Nicea That Reorganized Christianity
Really Began To Flourish In The Form That You
Know It Today, Because The New Concepts Called
Immaculate Conception And Resurrection Had Been
Added By That Time; And All Three Jesuses Became
One Person In Three, Called The Trinity.
The Earlier Forms Of· Christianity, Such As The
Beginning Of The Book Of John, Did Not Have The
Later Ideas Called The Immaculate Conception And
The Resurrection In The Sense That It· Is Taught In
The West. However, Original Christianity Did Start
With The Osiris And Set Legend Which Is Based On
The True Story About Abel And Cain. Christianity
(Before That Based On The Three Jesuses To Two
Thousand Years Ago) Broke Out Around 500 Or 600
B.C. When The Phoenicians Power Began To
Dwindle, And The Canaanite (Cursed Albino Seed)
Power Began To Increase.
_____Breaking The Spell, _
Figure 32
Figure 33
These Earlier Forms Of Christianity Started With
Greek Philosophies Such As Pythagoras, Hippocrates,
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Etc. Who Received Their
Knowledge From The Egyptian Mystery System That
Was Headed By Egyptian Kohane (Priests), Prophets,
And Other Mystic Men. Of Course, The First And
Earliest Form Of Christianity Started With Cain.
The Beginning Of The Loss Of Egyptian Power,
Freedom, And Independence Was When The
Egyptians Let The Greeks And Others Into Their
Mystery System From Which They Obtained Vast

_ Breaking The Spell _
Knowledge, Secrets, And Activating Names Of Gods
And Goddesses. The Egyptians Had What Was Called
Mysteries And Also Greater Mysteries.
The Phoenicians (Latter-Day Egyptians) Took The
Canaanites Into Their Confidence, And That Was The
Beginning Of The End Of Egyptian Power And Rule.
Today They Are Called Ros-I-Cru-Cians
(Rosicrucians), Masons, Astara, Etc.

Figure 34
Rosicrucians -- The Rose
And Cross
Alexander The Great (The Greek) Was A Member Of
The Egyptian Mystery System, And By The Time He
Came On The Scene Around 333 B.C., The Way Was
Clear For Just About Anything The Canaanites
Wanted To Put Forth. This Is Why Alexander Was
Able To March (Unopposed) Into Egypt, Eastern And
Northern Africa, And Elsewhere. Although
Alexander Had Sworn His Alliance And Allegiance
To The Goals Of The Egyptian Mystery System Of
Which He Was A Member, He Was Also A Member
Of A Vast ClandeStine Spy System Of The Canaanites
(Cursed Albino Seed) Whose Aim Was To Deceive
And Deprive The Phoenicians Of Their Ruling Power
_ ~ __-----'-. Breaking The Spell _
And Independence. Today They Are Called C.I.A.
And K.G.B., Etc.
The First Member Of The Spy Ring To Join The
Mystery System Was The First Caucasian Accepted
Into The Mystery System, Because That Is The Nature
. Of The Caucasian--To Deceive And Spy On Darker
People. The Caucasian Spy Ring Was The Key That
Opened And Cleared The Way For Alexander'S
Once The Canaanites Were Admitted Into The
Mysteries Of Egypt, Of Course, The Power They
Received Would Be Used For Negative Purposes Or
Would Turn Negative Like The Canaanites Were, And
That Negative Power Was Enough To Make The Spy
System Successful By The Help Of The Caucasian
Women, And Some Of The Nubian Phoenicians
Themselves Who Were Spellbound By The EvilOIie'
Making Them Black Devils; Helped Them To Destroyi
Their Own.
Alexander The Greek Was Falsely Built Up As A
Great Conqueror, But He Was A Fake Who The
Caucasian Spy System Chose To Take Bows For The
Work The Spy System Had Done. However, Most
Greek Philosophers And Members Of The Spy System
Who Were Also Members Of The Mystery System
Met With Ill-Fate For Their Deceit And Broken Vows
To The Laws Of The Mysteries.
Figure 35
Alexander The Greek
The Philosophy They Taught Was From Darker
People, And Was Foreign To Their People, And Their
People Were ,Afraid Of It At First, And Teachers Of
The New PhIlosophy Who Were Not Put To Death
Died I ~ Shame And Disgrace, Including Alexande;
Who DIed Of Drunkenness At The Early Age Of 31.
The Alexandrian (Christian) Schools In Egypt (That
Started Around 300 B.C. And Were Named In Honor
Of Alexander The Great) Produced Such Early
Christians And Reformed Jews As The Stoics
Gnostics, Essenes, Zealots And Others Who Lasted
Until The Advent Of Jesus Son Of Mary And For A
Time After, But The Essenes (Who Were Also Called
_____ Breaking The Spell, _
Zealots) And Some Others Became A Part Of Jesus
Son Of Mary Followers.
Subsequently, The Three Gospels (The First Three
Books At The Beginning Of The New Testament) Had
No Factual Backing When The Immaculate
Conception . And Resurrection Concepts Wer.e
Organized And Became Doctrine Prior To The CouncIl
Of Nicea (325 A.D.), Therefore, The Organizers At
The Council Decided To Publish Three Similar Books
And Proclaim That Three Eyewitnesses (Matthew,
Written In The 51 A.D. In Palestine; Mark, Written
In The Year 60-65 A.D. In Rome; And Luke, Written
In The Year 56-58 A.D. In Caesarea, And The Book
Of John Was Written To Clear Up This Mess In The
Year 98 A.D. In Ephesus), Who Had No Contact With
Each Other Wrote Their Books In Four Different
Places At Different Times. This, Plus The Similarities
Among The Four Books Were Supposed To Prove The
Gospels. But That Is No Proof Because (1) There
Would Have To Be Further Proof Of The Four
Eyewitnesses Who Had No Contact With Each Other
And Who Wrote Their Books In Different Places At
Different Times, Therefore, (2) Three Of The Books
Were Produced From The Original One, The Book Of
John Of The Four Or All Four From A Fifth Book,
The Holy Tablets. So It's Very Easy To Make All Of
Your Prophecies About Your Jesus Look True. ~ o u
Just Copied Them From The Holy Tablets, Saymg,
Look There It Is. Then You Have The Book Of
- Breaking The Spell. _
Barnabas Which Most Of The Public Has Never Seen.
It Tells That The Real Jesus Was Not Crucified On
Any Cross. In Other Words, You Could Be Told
Anything After Those Who Knew The True Story
Died Out Or Were Put To Death. The Caucasian Title
Of The Bible Is Holy Bible (Which Is A Copy Of The
Fabricated "Babylonian Text" As Previously Stated),
But The Universal Title Of The Bible Is The Book Of
The Dead, Because It Is From The Dead And Is About
The Dead And Is For The Dead, The Physical And
Mental Dead.. This Is Why We See The Same Symbol
On The Church (House Of The Mental Dead) That
You See In The Cemetery (Place Of- The Physical
Dead); The Symbol To Which I Refer Is The Cross,
The Sign Of The Dead--Physical And Mental.
Diagram 5'
Cross Male
"Cross" Is A Word That Refers To Crescent
(Symbolic Of ENQI Who Ruled The Earth Before His
_____Breaking The Spell, _
Brother ENLIL Was Sent By Their Father, ANU To
Take Over Rulership), And Crescent Refers To The
Moon--A Dead Universal Body Which Supports And
Multiplies The Physical And Mental Dead And Their
Forces On Planet Earth. The Egyptian Book Of The
Pyramids (The Cemetery) And Book Of The Dead
(The Bible) Were Magnified By TEHUTI (Sometimes
Also Known As Anubis--The Jackal Dog Of The
Dead. Read Dog Backwards (In Dyslexia) And You
Get God.
The Only Way Such False Concepts As Immaculate
Conception, Physical Resurrection Of Their Jesus,_
And Ascension Were Able To Take Roots And Grow
In The First Place Is Because It Was The Time And
Season For Such Fabrications. There's No Such Thing
As Immaculate Conception As You Know It - That Is
Spookism. It Was An Experiment Performed By
ELOHEEM Who Were Scientists That Pro-Created
Beings On The Mothership Through Invitro
Inoculation Which In Your Terms Would Be
Considered "Test Tube Babies"; So This Kills The
Spookism Theory (Refer To Mission Earth, Scroll
#82). Christianity, As You Know It Today, Took
Roots At The Council Of Nicaea (325 A.D.) And
Other Councils Since Then, Including The Council Of
Chalcedony (451 A.D.). Chalcedony Is The 4th
Ecumenical Council. Ecumenical Is The Council Of
Church Authorities Accepted By The Church As
_ Breaking The Spell _
Official. The Councils Of Nicea And Chalcedony Are­
Two Ecumenical Councils Recognized By The
Roman Catholics.
However, Protestantism Came Later And That Shall
Be Discussed In The Next Question. The Etymological
Meaning Of The Word "Gospel" Is Ghost Spell Or
Spell Of The Ghost, Meaning, Spell Of God. Ghost
Works By Spell Or Fascination And Is Therefore
Spellbinding, And Nine Ether Works By Reason
Through Knowledge, Wisdom, And Overstanding.
What Is Presented In The Booklet Called Right
Knowledge Discloses Part Of The True History Of
The Bible, Little Known Or Unknown To
Wooly-Haired People. Disclosure Of The True History
Of The Bible Is Knowledge, And That Knowledge
Helps To Destroy Ignorance Of The Oppressed And
Helps To Open The Escape Route To Liberty And
Equality By The Mental Process And Progress.
Ques: Since Protestantism Is An Offspring Of
Catholicism, When Was Protestantism Born?
Ans: "Protestant" Means "One Who Protests",
Meaning, Religiously, One Who Protests The
Established Order Of Belief Or Decorum (Order) Or
Both. The Order Of Belief And Decorum For The
Time (1520 A.D.), Place (Europe) In Which Reference
Is Now Made Is Catholicism. The Etymological
Meanings Of. The Words - "Catholicism And
_____Breaking The Spell _
Pantheism" Are The Same In The Sense That They
Both Refer To The Statue Of A Huge Cat With A
King's Head At Giza, Egypt. The Cat
The Sphinx At Giza, Egypt, Symbolizes The LIOn Of
Judah That Is Jupiter (Also Called Zeus). Remember,
All Greek And Roman Gods Were Originally
Phoenician-Hindu Gods. Literally, The Word
"Catholic" Means "Cat-Holy" Or "Holy Cat".
Course Catholicism And Protestantism And- TheIr
Many 'Branches And Denominations
Christianity Called Christendom, Canaamtes •
Spiritual World. According To HIstOry, Martm
Luther (A German Monk) And John Calvin (A
French Reformer) Were Two Of The Leaders Who
Spearheaded The Break From Catholicism Called
The Reformation.

Figure 82
Martin Luther
_____Breaking The Spell _
Out Of The Refonnation Movements Came
Protestantism Which Represented Looser Religious
Practices And Less Religious Discipline. The Want
For Less Religious Discipline Is One Of The Main
Causes Of The Reformation In Germany, France,
England, And Other European Countries, Because
Less Strictness In Religious Practices Meant That
There Could Be Separation Of Church (The National
Religion Of A Country) And State, (The Government
Of A Country). Thereby, Under Protestantism, The
National Religion Of A Country Could Pretend To
Represent One Thing While The Government Of That
Same Country Represents Another Thing, And This
Opened The Way For Greater Deception And
Hoodwinking (Underhandedness) By Christian Rulers,
That Is, Caucasian Rulers.
For Instance, If There Were No Separation Of Church
And State In The United States, The Oppressed Would
Know That It Is The Oppressor's Religion And The
Spirit Forces Thereof Helping The Oppressor To Keep
The Oppressed Ignorant And Captive Even More So
Than The Oppressor's Politics And Other Systems,
Because The Policy Of The State Would Openly Be
The Policy Of The Church And Vice Versa. But The
Separation Scheme Helps To Keep The Oppressed
Masses Deceived About The Enmity Of The
Slavemaster's God Against The Captives. However, In
Recent Years It Has Been Made Very Clear That The
Slave-Master's Religion Is As Racist As His Politics
_____Breaking The Spell _
And Other Parts Of His Oppressive System.
Be Pointed Out Right Here, However,
Nothing Wrong With Right Racism.
Everything Is Right With It.
It Sho
In Fact,
Ques: What Is Right Racism?
ADS: Right Racism Preserves The Races. There Is
No Other Way To Preserve The Purity Of The Races
But By Right Racism. The Caucasian Practices Wrong
Racism, That Is, One-Sided Racism. Right Racism Is
A Symptom Of Race Pride And Intelligence. Right
Racism Is Racism practiced On Equal Terms; And To
Practice Racism Equally, A Race Must Have Equal
Things, Beginning With Equal Universal Knowledge.
It Is Ironical And Hypocritical That The Very Ones
Who Introduced Racism (As You Know It Today) To
The World, And The Ones Who Practice Wrong
Racism To Extremes Are The Very Ones Who Tell Us
Now That Racism Is Devilish. The Canaanites Mean
That Racism Is Devilish When It Is Practiced By
Others Toward The Canaanites; Because When Others
Practice It, It Means That Caucasian Males Will Not
Be Able To:
(1) Abuse, Misuse, Rape, And Ravish Women Of
Other Races At Will And Nothing Be Done About It.
_ Breaking T'!e Spell _
(2) Would Not Be Able To Mongrelize And
Leopardize (Genocide By Miscegenation) Other Races.
Miscegenation Means Sex Between A Man And A
Woman Of Different Races.
(3) Would Not Be Able To Religiously Spellbind And
Sexually Stigmatize The Bodies And Minds Of
Women Of Other Races And Use Those Women
Against The Men Of The Women's Own Race. In
Other Words, Right Racism Prevents Caucasian Men
From Using The Women Of A Race Against Their
Remember, Right Racism Is The Only Way To
Preserve The Purity Of The Races And Keep Peace
Among The Races. Many Darker People, Especially
Negroes, Do Not Realize That The Spirit Forces That
Empower The Bible Are More Racist Than Most The
Canaanites Show Them To Be. Protestantism Made It
Easier For Them And Other Races To Practice Wrong
Racism On Woolly-Haired People.
The Schism Called Protestantism Caused A Great
Influx Of European Heretics (Misbelievers) And
Jailbirds To Migrate To America, Because Catholicism
Demanded Too Much Discipline, Law, And Order.
Soon After That· Influx Of Separatists And Jailbirds
From Europe, Slavery Started In The Americas And
The Surrounding Islands And Territories Thereof.
_____Breaking The Spell_---­
In 1520 A.D., The Time When Martin Luther Was
Excommunicated From The Catholic Church By Pope
Leo X, Catholicism Controlled The Church And The
State (The Establishment Of The Country Where It
Had Jurisdiction). So Protestantism Sprang From
Catholicism In The 16th Century (Around 1520 A.D.)
By Heresy (Misbelief). Catholicism Is The Mother Of
All Christendom (All Christian Faiths And
Denominations) As It Exists Today. Unfortunately,
Protestantism Provides And Allows Separation Of
Church And State, And This Means That The Masses
Are Allowed To Do Their Own Biblical
Interpretations, Instead Of Leaving Interpretations To
The Head Of The Church. Also People To
Practice Their Own Evil Wills And Ways Upon Self
And Others Without Any Real Penalties Or
Punishment. Nevertheless, Christianity And Jewism In
All Their Forms And Practices Are Religions Of And
For The Caucasian Race Not Favor Of
Woolly-Haired People.
According To History, The Bible Was Not Completely
Translated Into English Until Around 1610-11, A.D.,
And Various English Versions Were Produced Since
The First English Translation. Therefore, The Bible
(Old And New Testaments) Is Nothing The
Original Writings Which The Present BIble Is
Supposed To Represent. In Ancient Times, Laymen
Were Not Allowed To Interpret Spiritual Writings,
Because (1) There Would Be Different Interpretations
___--Breaking The Spell> _
Which Would Confuse The People (2) Different
Interpretations Would Not Only Be Confusing But
Also False--The Layman Not Knowing Spiritual
Lingo, And (3) Individual Interpretation By The
Masses Would Open The Way For Religious
Profiteering, Exploitation, Malice, And Division, And
There Are Other Reasons Why Spiritual Interpretations
By The Masses Are Undesirable And Detrimental.
Protestantism Opened The Way For All The Foregoing
Detriments. The Schism Called Protestantism Is An
Outlaw From Catholicism. In Other Words,
Protestantism Is A Result Of Spiritual Lawlessness
Against Catholicism, Just As The United States Of
America Is A Result Of Political Lawlessness Against
England, And All Your Churches Today Which
Includes Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovah Witnesses,
7th Day Adventists, Born Again Christians, Spiritual
Baptists And All Others.
In Ancient Times, Once Done, Spiritual Writings Were
Never Altered Or Revised. If There Was Something To
Be' Added Or Brought Up To Date, It Would Be At
The End Of The Book And Labeled Properly As Such.
Altering Or Revising A Holy Book Means That It Was
Not Right In The First Place Or Someone Wants To
Deceive Or Mislead Somebody Into His Own Selfish
Way, Such As Exploitation, Oppression, And Slavery
Which Took Place In America After The
Pro-Testament (Protestant) Reformation. In Ancient
• 83
_____Breaking The Spell _
Times, The Masses Were Kept Up To Date With
Current Periodic Writings Already Fully Interpreted.
The Masses Were Not Constantly Taught About Past
Events Except As History. They Were Not Taught To
Live In The PaSt Or By. The Past. The Masses Were
Always Taught That They Should Say And Do For
Their Well-Being As Of The Present, Because What
Was All Right For The Past May Be All Wrong For
The Present, Depending On The Issues In Question Or
At Hand And The Surrounding Circumstances.
Ques: What Is Life And Can It Be Eternal?
Ans: A Living Being Gets Its Life From Its Parents.
The Parents Of A Living Being Is Its Personal Creator,
And Nature Its Impersonal Creator. A Living Being Is
In The Image And Likeness Of Its Mother And Father.
The Parents Of A Living Being Is Its Creator By The
Help And Laws Of Nature. A Child's Life Is Born
From Its Parents And Is Spontaneous. The Father And
Mother Of A Child (Or Any Living Being) Give Up
Part Of Their Lives Through The Sex Act, And This Is
How The Child Gets Its Life. The Father Supplies The
Blood Through The Sex Act,And the Mother
Supplies The Bones And Flesh Through The
Pregnancy Period By The Laws Of Nature And Its
Inborn And Spontaneous Powers. Life Itself Is A
Burning. All Life Is A Burning, Including The Life Of
Vegetation. In People, The Burning Takes Place In
The Lungs And Blood. A Person Inhales Oxygen And
_____Breaking The Spell _
Exhales Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Is The Residue Of
Burning, That Is, Carbon Is The Waste Of A Burnt
Substance Or Gas. When Oxygen Enters The Lungs, It
Reaches The Blood, And The Acids In The Blood
Ignite The Oxygen And Bum It, And That Burning Is
Life. The Burning Generates Light (Natural
Electricity) And The Blood Transmits The Light To'
The Brain; Then The Person Is Able To Think, See,
Feel, Hear, Taste, And Smell. The Burning Is
Spontaneous By Nature And Acids Thereof. This Can
Be Seen In What Is Called Kirlian Photography.
Figure 37
Kirlian Photograph Showing Lighted Fire
Surrounding This Hand
Kirlian Photography Is Named After A Soviet
Developer Called S. Kirlian In 1939 A.D. It Is A
Method Of Capturing On A Photographic Plate, An
_____Breaking The Spell _
Image Of An Aura Of Energy That Emanates From
Animals And Plants And That Undergoes Changes
Depending On Physiological Or Emotional Changes
(Refer To Man From Rizq, Scroll #80).
When Food Substances Seep Through The Lacteals Of
The Small Intestines And Reach The Blood Stream,
The Acids In The Blood Ignite And Burn The
Substances. The Heat And Energy Produced From The
Burning Generate Pressure (Blood Pressure) And The
Blood Distributes The Pressure To The Various
Glands And Nerve Centers, Then The Person Is Able
To Move The Various Parts Of The Physical Being
And The Heart Is Able To Keep The Blood Flowing,
And Distributing The Energy, And Nourishing
Particles Throughout The Living Being To Maintain
Strength And Keep The Flesh Alive. The Burning Is
The Initiative To All Life Activities Of The Body, For
The· Burning Is Life. Therefore, When The Burning
Stops Permanently, That Is The End Of Life, Then The
Person Gets Cold And Stiff
Open Your Mouth And Blow Your Breath On Back Of
Your Hands And You Will Feel Heat From The
Burning. In Order To Determine Whether Life Can
Continue After Death Of The Body, It Had To Be
Known First, What Life Is.· Now That You Know Life
Is A Burning, It Is Also True That The Body Of A
Living Being Provides The Condition (The Necessary
Combined Factors) For Burning, Therefore, Without
_____Breaking The Spell _
This Condition For Burning, There Can Be No Life.
All This Means Is That Physical Life Cannot Go
Beyond The Death Of The Physical Person, Because
There Is No Condition Outside The Physical Body
That Can Continue The Burning For A Person. Hence,
When The Burning Stops Permanently, The Person's
Body Loses All COnSciousness And That Is The End
Of Physical Life. A Person's Spirit Is His Or Her
Divine Body, And It Links To The Divine Soul Called
EL Yahuwa Making You An ELOHEEM, And The
Head Of The Spirit Is His Or Her Mentality, Meaning,
The Mind. The Breath Of Life Is Simply Oxygen, One
Of The Gases Of Nature.
This Is The Way The Ancients Had It. The Soul Is The
Divine Body And Mentality Of A Person. When A
Child Is Born, Spirits May Possess His Or Her Body,
But Those Spirits Existed Ever Since. Creation. The
Spirits That Possess The Person MayBe Tobe
(Agreeable) Or Ra'a (Disagreeable) Or Both, Called
ELOHEEM. This Depends On The Person's
Environment And The Moment Or Time Of The Birth
Under Which The Individual Was Born. Moreover,
The Seed From Which The Child Sprang Is A Major
Factor In Determining His Or Her Pattern Of Life.
Spirits Being ELOHEEM Will Most Likely Take A
Liking To The Person With A Nature Most Relative
To T h e i r ~ , Unless They Wish To Torment Someone's
Mind. Spirits Can Give False Impressions Or True
Ones. This Depends Upon The Nature Of The Spirits
_____Breaking The Spell. _
Possessing The Person. Therefore, In Addition To
Proof, Sound Reason (Instead Of' Spirits Or Spirit
Dreams) Is The Best Barometer For Determining What
Is True Or False,: Right Or Wrong; To Be Able To
Make These Determinations Is Why People, By
Nature, Were Given The Ability To Reason, Called
"Will" Or Self-Determination.
Spirits (Like People) Have Laws Of Their Own And
Those Laws Are Binding By Nature. Since Spirits Are
Conscious Gas Forces, They Can. Enter A Person At
Will And Leave At Will, So Long As The Entering
And Leaving Are According To The Laws And Codes
By Which They Exist. The Fortune Or Misfortune
(The Fate) Of A Person Largely Depends Upon The
Spirit Forces That Accompany Him Or Her And The
Seed From Which The Person Sprang. Spirit Law
Provides For The Evacuation Of All Spirits Just
Before Or At The Time Of The Death Of The Person
They Possess, But The Spirit Or Spirits That Take
Permanent Leave From The Person's Lifeless Body
Are Not The Individual's Soul Or Life, Because They
Existed Long Before The. Birth Of The Person And
They Cannot Keep The Person Alive If The Burning
Stops, That Is If The Person Stops Breathing.
Furthermore, A Person Can Live Without Soul,
Because The Burning Is What's Keeping The Person·
Alive, And Light From The Burning Transt:l1itted To
The Brain Is What Keeps The Person Conscious.
_ Breaking The Spell. _
Spirits Are Not Ones Soul Or Life But Maybe The
Factors That Determine What Course That Person's
Life Will Take And The Length Of His Or Her Life.
On The Contrary, Spirits Are Not People's Lives (The
Burning Proves This), But People May Be The Lives
Of Spirits, And Nature The Life Of All Visible And
Invisible. People Are The Lives Of Spirits Because, At
The Death Of A Person, Spirits Possessing That
Person Must Transmigrate To Something Or Someone
Else In Order To Stay Alive, For They Must Keep
Subsisting (Feeding) On The Substance Of Something
Or Someone's Blood.
. The Ancients Further Maintained That Eternal Life For
A Person Or A Race Is Continuous
(Perpetual Reproduction) Of That Person's Family Or
Kind. For Example, No Nubian (Ethiopian-Kuwshites)
(Woolly-Haired Person) Is Ever Dead (In The Ethnical
Sense As Long As Two Breeding Nubians (Male And
Female) Are Still Alive And Together, Because All
. Nubians Are Of The Same Origin: Or Ancestral Tree.
Hence, As Long As Two Breeding Nubians Live,. All
Nubians (Living And Dead) Live Through Them, For
All Nubians Are The Same Flesh And Blood.
There Is No Eternal Life In The Sense That A Person
Has A Personal Spirit That Continues Beyond The
Death Of His Or Her Physical Body (This Is Evident
By The Burning), And Spirits That Existed Long
Before The Birth Of The Person And Leave The Body
_____Breaking The Spell _
Just Before Or At Death Are Not Interested In
Maintaining The Individuai's Image, Identity,
Personality, And Memories, But Their Own Identities
And Ways Instead. Moreover, Since Spirits
Transmigrate From Place To Place And Person To
Person, There Would Be Too Many Identities,
Personalities, And Memories For Them To Maintain
From The Various Persons Through The Years And
However, Those People Who Can View Spirits May
Be Telepathically Influenced By Beings Of A Higher
Intelligence And They May See The Image Of A
Relative, Friend, Or Acquaintance That Is Still Alive
Or Deceased, Because They Can AI-ter Their Fonn
And Appear In Any Image. They Can Even Appear As
A Jesus Or Mary To Deceive The Weak Into Doing
The Evil Spirits' Work, Telling Them They Are On A
Mission For God And His Son. Also Give Him/Her
Healing Powers, Letting Them Speak In Gibberish, Or
Foam From The Mouth And Fall On The Church Floor
And Kick, Then Say You Got The Holy Ghost. Their
Power Can Be Very Misleading To Those Who Do
Not Know The Deceptibility Of What You Call
Spirits. Yet, They Have The Power To Activate The
Forces Of Nature. The Unholy Spirits Of Christianity
Work Hard Day And Night To Keep The Masses
(Particularly The Black Masses) Deceived About The
Facts Of Life And Death--To Keep The Captive
Pacified And The Caucasian In The Dominant
_____ _
Position. The Unholy Spirits Of Christianity
Constantly Work Hard To Keep The Moon Cycle In
Progress And The Caucasian In Power Over Other
In Light Of The Preceding Answer To Life And Can It
Be Eternal, You Can Readily See That Salvation Is
Not What You In The West Have Been Taught That It
Is. You, In The West, Have Been Taught That
Salvation Is Everlasting Bliss And Happiness Is
Someplace In The Sky After Death If You Are Good
And Obedient (Of Course, Good And Obedient To The
Hard Taskmaster) (Refer To What Is God Doing For
'you, Scr.all #). You Have Been Placed Under The
Spell To Think That If You Work Hard Until You Die
Pray To A God That's In A Place Called Heaven
Give You No Correspondence (Meaning' You
WIll Receive Nothing Until You Die), You Will Then
Go To .Meet This God In Heaven And Live Happily
Ever After. Undoubtedly, This Nonsense Was
Designed To Pacify The Oppressed In Their Captivity
And Continue Working To Their Death, While The
Exploits Them In Every Way. Salvation Is
From All Kinds Of Enemies, Including The
EnemIes Called Hunger, Disease, And Ignorance,
After A People Have Been Liberated From Them.
Salvation Comes After Liberation, Liberation From
The Forces Of Oppression, Evil, Exploitation, And
Servitude While That Person Or People Oppressed Are
____-,.. Breaking Th.e Spell _
Still Alive. Salvation Is That Teaching And Those
Forces That Keep A People Free And Equal.
Liberation For A People Or A Kind Comes
Collectively For All And Not Individually, Because
One Is Not Really Free Until All Of His Kind Are
Free. However, As Stated Elsewhere In This Scroll, I,
Dr. Malachi Z. York Offer A Do-It-Yourself Solution
To The Problems Of Achieving Liberty And Equality
For Yourselves Until All Of You Woolly-Haired
People Can Get Strong Enough Mentally To Do What
You Must Do For Your Liberty And Equality,
Together. The Do-It-Yourself Solution Means, Every
Woolly-Haired Person Who Desires Liberty And
Equality Can Liberate His Or Her Mind From The
Grave Of Gullibility And The Prison Of Ignorance By
Facing And Accepting Facts And Knowledge As
Outlined In The Scrolls Called Right Knowledge:
Once A Person's Mind Is Liberated, He Or She .Will
Do Things Right That Will Lead To Liberation Of The
Physical Body. Once The Captive's Mind Becomes
Equal To That Of The Captor, The Captive Is Not A
Captive Any More, Because He Will Do Things Equal
To That Of The Would-Be Captor.
Liberation For A Person And His Kind Is True
Independence From Domination By Another Kind Of
People. The Forces Of Exploitation, Evil, And
Oppression Destroy A People In Every Sense.
Salvation Therefore, Is ProteCtion From Those Wrong
_____Breaking Th.e Spell
And Cynical Forces After Being Separated From
Them. Independent Free People (People Who Are
Masters Of Their Own Destinies) Need No Liberation,
For They Have It Already. Yet, Salvation They
Constantly Need, But Through Disobedience Of The
Laws Of Nature They Can And Will Lose It, As Is
Now Happening To The Caucasian Race As The End
Of Their 6,000 Year Rule Comes. A People In
Oppression And Captivity Are In Hell, And This
Brings Us To The Next Question Of Life, But
Remember, Eternal Life For A Person Or A Race Is
Perpetual Pro-Creation, Meaning, Continuous
Reproduction On Through The Centuries.
Ques: What And Where Is Heaven And Hell?
Ans: Now That You Know There Is No Individual
Who Has A Personal Soul That Will Go To Some
Heaven In The Sky, Or Hell Fire Under The Ground
After Death, This Changes The Mental And Physical
Location Of Heaven And Hell For Peoples Of Earth.
Heaven And Hell Exist Indeed, But Not In The Sense
And Places The Oppressed Peoples Have Been Taught.
Heaven And Hell Are States Of Condition, And
Whatever Condition One Finds Himself In At Any.
Given Time Is His Heaven Or Hell, No Matter Where
He Or She May Be. If One Is In Captivity And
Oppressed, That Is Hell For That Person. If One Has
Troubles Day And Night, That Person Is In Hell. If An
Individual Is In Bad Health And He Or She Cannot
_____Breaking The Spell, _
Get Or Afford The Proper Attention, That Is Hell. If
He Or She Is Hungry And His Or Her Clothes Are
Ragged And Living In A Society With Closed Doors
To His Or Her Well-Being And Economic Progress,
That Is Hell. When A Person Or A People Is Deprived
Of Freedom, Justice, And Equality, That Is Hell For
Those Deprived.
Heaven Is Where Those Of A Kind Make It For
Themselves, And Hell Is Where Those Of A Kind Let
Others Of A Kind Make It For Them. Heaven Is In No
Particular Place Beyond The Stars; It Is Wherever
Heavenly Conditions Are For Those Realizing The
Bliss. A Place Can Be Heaven At One Time And Hell
At Another Time. A Place Can Be Heaven For One
Kind And Hell For Another Kind At The Same Time.
For Example, The United States Of America Is
Basically Heaven For The Canaanites And Basically
Hell For Nubians. Hell Is In No Particular Place; It Is
Wherever Hellish Conditions Are For Those
Experiencing The Misery.
However, There Is Wrong Heaven And Right Heaven.
Wrong Heaven Is Hell For The Oppressed. Wrong
Heaven Is The Heaven Of The Oppressor Because His
Heaven Is Built Upon, Strives Upon, And Survives
Upon A Foundation Of Fabrication, Slavery, Killing,
Exploitation, And Oppression. Right Heaven Is
Heaven Of Liberty For All In A Society Of JustIce
And Equality For All.
- Breaking The Spell _
Right Heaven Includes The Necessary Provisions And
Protection For All. But The Only Way- -People Can
Have Right Heaven Is That Each Race Be In A Land
Of Its Own, Minding Its Own Business And
Practicing Its Own Way Of Life. Liberty, Justide, And
Equality Are Ingredients That Make Up Heaven.
Liberty, Justice, And Equality Are Forces Of
No One Wants To Rest All The Time,
People Get Tired Of Resting All The Time, Just As
They Get Tired Of Working All The Time. Hence,
Heaven Is Not A Place Of Rest All The Time, Heaven
Is Reasonable Rest And Reasonable Work Plus The
Responsibilities For Well-Being And Happiness.
Heaven And Hell Are Right Here On Planet Earth In
The Person Of Fleshy People. Heaven And Hell Are
States Of Condition; Whatever Condition You Find
Yourself In At Any Place Or Time Is Your Heaven
And Hell.
Basically, The Following Is How Leviathan (Who
Produces Ghost) Keeps Hell Going By Way Of The
Caucasian Race; Leviathan Is The Boss Or Head Of
The Unholy Spirits Of The Caucasian Race And
Mankind In General, And It Commands The Most
Powerful, Knowledgeable, And Orderly Unholy Spirits
Of Itself To The Canaanite For The Purpose Of Ruling
And Oppressing. Leviathan, On The Other Hand,
Commands The Least Powerful, Most Ignorant, And
Disorderly Unholy Spirits Of Itself To Its Captives For
_____Breaking The Spell _
The Purpose Of Submission, Servitude, And Infonning
The Oppressor, Because Knowledge And Order Rule
Ignorance And Disorder. Moreover, The Unholy
Spirits Of Ignorance And Disorder Make The
Oppressed (Instead Of The Oppressor) Look Like The
Villain. Furthennore, Destructive, Ignorant, And
Disorderly Unholy Spirits (Possessing The Oppressed
By Will Of Leviathan) Compel The Oppressed People
To Distrust, Dislike, And Reject Each Other The Same
Way The Oppressor Rejects Them. Most Times The
Oppressed Do Not Deal Fairly With Each Other, And
This Is Cause For Distrust Of Each Other. Most Times
The Oppressed Are Destructive And Disorderly, And
This Is The Reason For Dislike Of Each Other, But All
This Is Being Done By Evil Spirit Forces Dispatched
By Leviathan To The Oppressed To Aid In Keeping
Them Down Trodden Through Ugly Words And Ugly
Works. Spirit Forces Can Cause People To Be
Dumbfounded Or Cause Them To Be Mentally Keen.
Evil Demons 'Live And Strive On The· Blood And
Suffering Of The Innocent. Therefore, When Those
Sadistic Spirits Are Ready To Subsist On The Blood
And Rejoice At The Suffering Of The Innocent, They
Cause The Caucasian To Provoke The Innocent Or
Cause' The Oppressed To Become Discontent And
Rebel Against The Oppressor, Knowing That The
Oppressor Will Willingly Shed The Blood Of The
_____Breaking The Spell _
And Rejoice In Their Suffering Caused By
HIS. VICIOUS Attacks. In Other Words, Leviathan
DelIberately Sets Up Opposition Against Itself And
Defeats It Through Brutality Or Kills It Off, For That
Is Part Of The Pleasure And Livelihood Of That Spirit
Dragon--This Is The Nature Of The Unholy
Spmts Of The Caucasian Race That Keep Hellish
Conditions Flourishing And Prevailing. That Is The
Nature Of The Caucasian's Religion Whose Purpose Is
To Keep The Caucasian In The Dominant Position
Over Other Peoples. The Thing That Causes Most Of
The Ills In The World, As You Know It, Is Dracula
Which Means "Son Of The Draco". The Name
Dracula Comes From A Species Of Reptilians Or
Serpent People Called Gargoyles With Flaps Of Skin
Supported By Long Ribs Of Dracona, The Human
V-Ampire = V-Impire =
Victory For Their Impire
The Caucasian Is Dracula Who Lives By The
Scapegoat Doctnne. The Satanic Scapegoat Called
Azazil (The Devil Or Satan, The Serpent Or Reptilian)
In The Bible..
Breaking The Spell _
Figure 38
The Hebrew Doctrine Maintains That The Ghost (The
God And Spirit Of The Caucasian R ~ c e ) M u ~ t Survive
By Killing The Living To Obtam Thelf Blood,
Because Ghost Has No Blood (Life Fluid) Of Its Own,
And It Loves (Most Of All) The Blood. Of The
Woolly-Haired People, For Theirs Is The Richest By
Nature Of All Blood On The Planet. So The Dead, The
Ghost Of Dracula, Creates Conditions Called Captivity
And Slavery, So That It May Have Victims Whom It
_ Breaking The Spell, _
Can Conveniently Prey Upon Whenever It Needs
Additional Blood For Life.,
The Blood Of The Best Known Victims Of Dracula Is
Sent To The High Places In Caucasian Religions, And
That Blood Is Offered Up To Six Ether (Jesus) And
The Ghost (God), The Spirits Of The Ghost Subsists
On The Blood, Then Ghost Gets Thicker And Stronger
.In The Atmosphere Around The Earth, For It Is
Multiplied From The Blood Of Those Victims Offered
Up In Rituals And Those Whose Blood Is Spilled
Outright. As Ghost Gets Thicker And Stronger In The
Atmosphere, Its Posterity (The Caucasian Race) Gets
Stronger To Perpetuate Oppression And Captivity And
Keep The Captive Prepared For Future Needs Of The
Ghost And Its Posterity. The Satanic Scapegoat Azazil
Doctrine Further Maintains That The Guilty Must
Survive On The Blood And Suffering Of The Innocent
And Ignorant. So Dracula, In The Person Of The
Caucasian Race, Pounces On Its Prey In The Darkness
Of The Night, Because Then Its Victim Is Unaware Of
What Is Really Happening. Dracula Created That
Darkness (Ignorance) In The Minds Of Your
Forefathers And Their Children To Use You As
Adjusting Tools When Something Goes Wrong In Its
Oppressive System And To Have You For
Exploitation. The Darkness Of The Night For The
Oppressed People Of The World Is The Ignorance Of
Their Minds.
_____Breaking The Spell _
But Dracula Cannot Withstand The Sun Successfully
And The Light (Right Knowledge) Thereof, Because
The Sun Destroys The Darkness (Ignorance) Which
Dracula Must Have, To Practice Its Evils Of Death
Upon Its Victim. So, As The Sun Rises, If Dracula
Refuses To Go Back To Its Crypt, It Will Be Forced
By Nature To Destroy Itself By Help Of Nature, For
Dracula Cannot Survive The Rays Of The Sun. The
Crypt Of Dracula Are The Mountains Or Caves Today
Called "High Rises" Or Condos. The Caucasian Race
Is The Visible And Spiritual Manifestation Of The
Death Forces, Because, Like Symbolic Dracula, Their
Creator And Activator Are The Unholy Spirits (Ghost)
Of The Necropolis (Cemetery). Remember? The Slave
Captive Is The Subsistence And Scapegoat For
Dracula And The Death Forces Which Gives Dracula
Nevertheless, All This Misfortune Can Be Overcome
Through The Acceptance Of Right Knowledge,
Wisdom, And Overstanding Which Leads To Right
Action By The Help Of The Forces Of Nature. The
Discontentment And Rebellion Of The Oppressed
Against Their Miserable Conditions Are Justified 100
Per Cent, But The Bloodshed And Suffering For Such
Action Only Serve To Strengthen The Oppressor, If
The Discontentment And Rebellion Are Not
Channelled In The Right Direction By Right
Knowledge And Sound Reason. To Put It Another
Way, All Suffering Done And Every Drop Of Blood
-- Breaking The Spell, _
Shed By A Woolly-Haired Person While He Or She Is
A Christian Or Muslim (A Servant And Victim Of The
Caucasian) Is Shed For The Cause, Betterment, And
Salvation Of The Caucasian Race, Whether Or Not
You Agree With Them, Because The Caucasian Is The
Visible God Of Christianity And Jewism As Leviathan
(Producing Ghost) Is The Invisible God Of The Same.
In Other or s, nstead Of The Nubian Masses
Physically Rebelling Against The Oppressor - A
Rebellion That WilL Leave The Masses Of Nubians
Dead Or Hurt - The Masses Must Rebel Instead
Against The Lies And Ignorance Created By The
Caucasian Which Keep The Minds Of Nubian Peo Ie
Imprisoned And Their Spiritual Strength Weak. To
Make It Plainer, (The Only Rebellion The Nubian
Masses Can Win At This Time Is A Mental And
Spiritual Revolution Which Will Put The Nubian
In Mental And Spiritual Power. TM,n They
WIll Have The Pow 0 Do An hin E se That May
!k- Necessary---Eor Aqd
The Reading, Studying, And Acceptance
Of Knowledge, Wisdom, And Qverstanding
As Found In The ScrollS Written By
Malachi Z. York Are The Weapons That All
Wooly-Haired People Should Arm Themselves With,
Then Universal Power Will Work With You And For
You, Individually And Collectively. A Person Has
Acce ted Ri ht And Universal' nowledge When He
Q.r..She Practices That nowledge. You Must Do That
_____Breaking The Spell _
Which Is And For And
That Which You Can Succeed I]..
Ques: What Is Mercy, Forgiveness, And Justice?
Ans: Mercy Is Delay Of Justice Until A Later Time.
Then Justice Will Fall Upon The Individual Guilty.
One Himself (Or Herself) Or Upon His Or Her Seed
Or Kind, Because Each And Every One Of A Kind Is
One Flesh And Blood, For They Sprang From The
Same Ancestral Tree Or Origin. Forgiveness Is
Temporary Transference (Removal) Of Guilt From
The Guilty One To The Forgiver, However,
Forgiveness Does Not Free The Guilty From His Or
Her Wrong-Doing Because, According To The La,,:s
Of Nature The Guilty One Must Account For HIs
Personally, Or The Guilty One's Seed
Or Kind Must Do So.
Forgiveness Means To Take The Guilt Of Someone
Upon Self, And The Forgiver An
Accomplice Of The Gul1ty, Therefore, HIs Penalty Or
Punishment Is The Same As The Guilty But The
Forgiver's Punishment Comes Before That Of The
Guilty Because The Act Of The Forgiver Is A
Transference Of The Guilt To·
Meaning, The Punishment Of The GUIlty One
Is Delayed Until Later, Since The Forgiver Taken
It Upon Himself. However, The Innocent Paymg The
Price Of The Guilty Does Not Satisfy The Laws Of
_____Breaking The Spell__ __
Justice, Because The Innocent Did Not Commit The
Wrongness. The Guilty One Himself (Or Herself)
Must Finally Take The Punishment Of Guilt In Full,
Then The Laws Of Justice Are Satisfied.
Moreover, A Person Cannot Forgive Another Person
For Some' Wrongness The Culprit Did To A Third
Party, For The Only One Who Can Truly Forgive Is
The Victim Himself, Because He Or She Is The One
Who Suffered The Hurt And Hann, And The Victim
Himself Does Not Have The Power Of Forgiveness
Unless He Or She Is In His Or Her Right Mind, And
One Cannot Be In His Right Mind Unless He Or She
Knows, Accepts, And Understands Right Knowledge.
A Person Has Accepted Right Knowledge When He
Knows Right Knowledge And Practices Right
Knowledge. Right Knowledge Is Universal
If A Person Of One Kind Forgives Another Person Of
His Own Kind, He Has Forgiven Himself, Because Ali
People Of The Same Kind Are One Flesh And Blood
By Nature And Ancestral Tree Or Origin And Justice
Works By The Seed, That Is, Ancestral Lineage.
Justice Is Words For Words And Deeds For Deeds,
"Not Equal To The Amount Sown But Equal To
The Amount Grown" Which Means This: The One
Who Initiates A Wrong Deed Is An Aggressor Whose
Wrongness May Cause A Chain Reaction Of Wrong
Deeds, But The Wrong-Doer Of The Original Wrong
___ Breaking The Spell, _
Act Is Responsible For All The Wrongness Which
Result From The Original Wrong Act.
Therefore The One Who First Sowed The Seed Of
Must Reap The Whole Harvest According
To The Laws Of Because He Is The Aggressor
As Well As Tlie Transgressor. However, All Who
Were A Part Of The Chain Reaction Of Wrongness
Are Accomplices Of The Original Aggressor, And
Will Meet The Same Fate As The Aggressor, If They
Deliberately Follow In The Footsteps
Aggressor, Knowing That He Is Wrong And VlOlatmg
The Laws Of Nature. Since The Time Of Zakar
(Adam) And Nekaybaw (Eve), Real Justice Was
Delayed, And Therefore, Evils And Wrongs Have
Continued To Pile Up, Until Those Injustices Have
Reached Their Peak, And The Peak Is Supposed To
And Has Triggered Armageddon (The Last War Of
The Moon C cle , 'The War
rong. ustice Cannot Be Destroyed, Hence, It Was
Only Deferred By Mercy And Transferred By
Forgiveness, Temporarily.
If One Iota Of Justice Could Be Destroyed In The
Sense, That Iota Exists No More, There Would Be No
Such Thing As Wrong Or Right. Armageddon Started
Before The End Of The Moon Cycle And Is Still
Going On All Over The World. Te.,e Moon 9'cle
Ended The Year 1970
---__Breaking The Spell, _
But The Hangover Will Not Be Terminated Until The
End Armageddon In The Year Ap. Since
The Gmlty Themselves Have Not Accounted For Their
Wrongnesses During The Moon Cycle (The 6,000
Year Cycle Allotted To Them), The End Of The Moon
Cycle Was The Time Predestined For Their Reward In
The Form Of Justice.
The Only Way The Moon Cycle Could Exist In The
First Place Was By Mercy And Forgiveness, Meaning,
On The Blood And Suffering Of The Innocent And
Those With Strong Morals, Because It Was A Cycle
Of Weaknesses For The Existence Of The Wicked. To
Overstand Existence Within The Moon And Sun
Cycles You Must First Know That There Are 4
Figure 39
Figure 40
Nekaybaw (Eve)
___ The Spell, _
Cycles, With 6,000 Years Each, 2 Moon Cycles .­
When Haylal, The Son Of Tarnush And HIS
Children Dominated And 2 Sun Cycles; When People
Of Pure Pigmentation Or Nubians Rule And Come To
Your Glory. In The Previous Moon Cycle EI Jaan
Was Created Out Of Poisonous Wind (Samael), A
Smokeless Fire (Of The Sun Cycle). That's Why He
Rebelled Because He Was Akbar "Older" Than
Zakar (Who Was Created Out Of Clay Of The Moon
Cycle) And Koran 2:34 Says, "Istak Bara",
Is Another Verb Form For "Older", He Was BIg
Chested, Full Of Pride. This Is Also How The Elders
Calculated Your Time And Made A 12 Month
Calendar. When Broken Up It's Actually A Thousand
Years Individually And Combined It Comes Out
Equals To Be 24,000 Years Altogether..
Cycles Actually Run Into Each Other; And When
The Planet Earth Completes Its Equinox, Passing
Through Kishar (Jupiter) And Murdok (Titan) That's
When Everything Starts Over Again. That's What The
Replenishing Is All About. Everything Renews Itself.
The First 1000 Years Of This Sun Cycle Is When
Everyone Who Cannot Live Under The Sun Will Be
Killed Off By The Sun Of Righteousness (Refer To
The Scroll Of Malachi, Scroll #111 Chapter 4) And
The Rest Of The Years Of This Sun Cycle Will Be
Used For The People OfPure Pigmentation To Prepare
For The Replenishing As Did Your Ancestors (The
Ptahites, 9 Ether Woolly-Haired People) Who
---__Breaking The Spell, _
Survived The Meteorite Shower 14 Million Years
Ago. The Ozone Layer Will Be Totally Destroyed
Allowing Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Ultra-Violet Rays To
Enter The Atmosphere To Destroy Everything On The
Planet Earth. However The Children Of The
Those Who Listen And Are Prepared,
WIll Be Protected Because They Will Be Inside The
Center Of The Earth Until The Replenishing - The End
Of The Equinox. The Vast Injustices Done Against
The Innocent (Since Zakar [Adam). And Nekaybaw
IEve]) Shall Cause The Impact Of Armageddon To Be
So Great That, When The War Is Over, There May Be
But Few Structures Erect And Few People Left Alive.
Rest Assured, Those Left Alive Will Be The Innocent
And Roots Of This New Sun Cycle, The Cycle Of
Liberty And Equity. Everyone Who Lived Long
Enough During The Moon Cycle Did Something
Wrong, For That Was The Cycle Of Wrongnesses,
Therefore, The Innocent Are Those Persons And The
Offspring Of Those Persons Who Did Not Knowingly
Cross A Race Line And Intentionally Do Something
Wrong To A Person Or Persons Of Another Race
Because He Or She Was Or Is A Person Of Another
Race. The Foregoing Knowledge And Universal Law
Points Out How Important A Race Line Is - Universal
And Spiritual Innocence Or Guilt Is Determined By
The Race Line. If A Person Of One Race Does Harm
To A Person Of Another Race Because The Justice In
Nature (Universal Law) Requires It, It Was An
Breaking The Spell, _
Innocent Act. Among The Guilty Are Those Persons
Of A Race Who Knowingly And Deliberately Worked
And/Or Work Against Their Own Race For A Price Or
For Nothing To Please And Help A Person Or Person
Of Another Race.' .
When A Person Knows And Overstands That: If The
Punishment For Wrongnesses He Or She Does, Misses
Him Or Her Who Transgressed, The Punishment Will
Eventually Fall Upon The Transgressor's Own
Children Or The Transgressor's Own Kind. That
Person Who Knowingly Transgresses Now Would B,e
Very Careful In The Future To Follow The V(ay Of
Right Knowledge, Wisdom And To
The Best Of His Ability And Information, If That
Person Is Sensible And Intelligent, Because No Sane
Father Or Mother Wants Their Son Or Daughter To
Suffer The Punishment For What The Mother Or
Father Did Wrong.
The Same Holds True For The Races. Apparently, The
Caucasian Felt That It Was All Right To Cross The
Race Line And Do What He Desired To Other Races
And Nothing Would Ever Come Of It So Long As He
Did Not Do That To But An Act Of
Wronaness Is Still A Deed Of Wrongness Whether
One Does It To Himself, His Own Kind, Or Some
Other Kind, And The Process Of Justice Is The .Same.
L However When One Race Crosses The Race Lme To
And Transgression Against Another Race
_ Breaking The Spell,
Because It Is Another Race, The Laws Of Justice Are
More Strict And More Drastic In The Final
Punishment, Because People Of Different Races Are
Not The Same Flesh And Blood. Therefore, When A
Caucasian Does Harm To A Woolly-Haired Person,
He Has Violated The Code Of The Races As Well As
The Code Of Rightness. These Codes Are Defined
And Explained In The Science NUWAU-BU. It
Suffices Here To State That The Code Of The Races Is
A Strict And Drastic System Of Laws By Nature.
==::;::: i
Ques: What Is Death And The Resurrection?
Ans: Of Course, Death Is The Reverse Or Opposite
Of Life. Since Life Is A Burning, Then Physical
Death Is The Permanent Stoppage Of That Burning.
There Are Various Kinds Of Death; Economic Death,
Linguistic Death, Nominal Death, Historical Death,
Unity Death, Spiritual Death, Citizen Death, Cultural
Death, Mental peath, And Physical Death. All Deaths
(Except Physical Death) Are Parts Or Phases Of
Mental Death. A Person May Be Resurrected From All
Deaths But Physical Death. Once A Person Is Really
Physically Dead To The Extent That His Or Her Body
Gets Cold And Rigor Mortis Takes Over (Which
Means That The Law Of Decomposition Has Gone
Into Effect), There Is No Return To Physical Life For
That Person, Because The Law Of Decom.Qosition
Cannot Be Reversed. Decomposition (Decay) CanBe
_____Breaking The Spell _
Made To Stand Almost Still As In The Case Of A
Mummy, But It Cannot Be Reversed.
Ques: What About People Who Can Make Their
Pulses Almost Stop?
Ans: There Is Such A Thing As A Trance In Which
A Person Seems To Have No Pulse Beat And No
Respiration, And Later He Or She Comes Out Of It.
That Kind Of Thing Is Done By Spirit Demons, But
The Person Was Never Physically Dead. When A
Person Dies Indeed, The Brain Cells Are Damaged
Beyond Consciousness, And Even If The Heart Could
Start Beating Again, The Mental Consciousness Could
Not Return.
Ques: What Is A Zombie?
Ans: A Zombie Is A Dead Body Reanimated By
Spirit Demons Whose Purpose Is To Scare And
Terrify, But The Person Is Neither Alive Mentally Nor
Physically In The Same Way As When He Was
Fleshly Alive. In Other Words, A Zombie Is A Trance
Body Or Dead Body Being Used By Demons Or Spirit
Demons, But There Is No Such Thing As A Person
Being Resurrected Back To Physical Life In The
Useful Sense You Know As Physical Life, After He Or
She Is Phycally Dead. Physical Death· Of A Person Is
The Unity And Completion Of All Deaths As An
Individual Personality.
- Breaking The Spell _
An. And Thoughts (If Put In
Wntmg And ActIon) May Survive The Death Of The
Bod;: And. Prevail But This Is Not The Person's
PhysIcal Mmd Or Mentality; It Is The Works Of His
Or Her Mentality, For The Mental Faculties Die With
The Rest Of The Person Only The Divine Soul Of EL
Called ELOHEEM Live On For The Rebinding Into
The EL. Therefore, The Works (Physical Or Mental
Or Both) Of A Person May Survive Physical Death
But Nothing Else Such As A Personal Body,
There Is No Personal Mind Other Than The Mental Of
;All The Race.
The Physical Body And Mind Is Married As One. In
The. Case Of Jesus, The Resurrection Was A
Fabncated Story Designed To Deceive The World
Just As. The Story Of!he Immaculate Conception And
AscenslO.n .Were To SpeUbind The People,
Also RelIgIous HIstories Show Record Of At Least 14
Such Stories Like That Of Jesus--AII Existing Before
The .Time. Of Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago. Those
LIke That Of Jesus, Were Impractical And
They Were Allegory. All Of Those
Vlr.gan-Born-Resurrection-Ascension Tales Were
Hindu Indian Legends In The East And West.
Ongmally However, The Life-Death
Story Came From Us The
Nublans Woolly-Haired People), But When Only
The Nublans Had It, It Was Overstood That The Story
Was A Description Of The Works Of Nature. But
_____Breaking The Spell, _
When The Caucasian Got Hold Of The Story From
The Phoenicians They Mixed With, They Took The
Real Overstanding Out Of It, And Used The Story To
Fascinate Darker People Into Spiritual Ignorance And
Gullibility For The Purpose. Of Oppression And
The Nubians' Story About Nature Covered A 24-Hour
Period And It Went This Way:
"The Sun Is The King And Ruler Of The Solar
System, Who Sits On The Throne At Midday (This Is
The Time The Sun Is Highest In The Sky) The Sun
Is The Bright And Morning Star And The Light Of
The World, Who By His Ray (Light) Gives Life. To
The World, Meaning, The Earth And The Things
ThereofAnd The Rest Of The Solar System, B e ~ a . u s e
The Sun Is The Burning That Is The Orlgmal
Source Of All Lesser Burnings (Natural And
Artificial) In· The Solar System. The Sun Is The
• Creator Of The Solar System, Meaning, The P!anets
And -Their Satellites In This Part Of The Umverse.
From His Throne, The Sun Condes.cends And
Descends To Earth. When The Sun Reaches The
Earth, He Sheds Blood (The Red Hue Of The Sun At
Sunset) By Which He Gives Life To The World As
He Is Put To Death On The Cross, Meaning, On The
Earth Because The Astronomical Symbol Of The
Earth' And Moon Is A Cross In A Circle; Look
Under The Word Planet In A Dictionary With A
Table Of The Planets. He (The Sun) Is Put To Death
-----Breaking The Spell. _
By The Demons Of Darkness (Sundown). The Sun
Enters Hell Or Darkness Called The Grave
(Gravitation) And Rises From The Grave (The Dead)
In The Morning (Sunrise Or Levitation) Victorious
Over Death, Hell, And The Grave And Ascends Back
Into The Heavens Where He Always Reigns. "
The Preceding Is The Core Of The Nubians' Story
Concerning The Sun. More And More Ideas Were
Added To This Story, Until It Was Eventually Applied
To Individual Men Such As Krishna, Rama,
BUddha, Jesus, And Others; Then The True Meaning
Of The Story Was Lost. In The True Original Meaning
Of The Story, The Sun Was Also Used To Symbolize
The Death Of Vegetation In The Winter When The
Sap Of Nature Goes Down And The Life Of
Vegetation In The Summer When The Sap Comes Up.
The Phrase "Son Of God" Used By The Canaanites
In The Bible Was Tenned "Sun Of Nature" In The
Nubians' Story. In Other Words, The Canaanites
Changed The Phrase Sun Of Nature To Son OfGod In
Order To Deceive You.
However, The Phrase Son Of God Is In Keeping With
Caucasian Origin. In Other Words, The Phrase Son Of
God Is Right For The Canaanites (Albino Seed). You
Can See From What Has Been Stated In The Previous
Paragraphs, There Is No Such Thing As A Physical
Resurrection For Physically Dead People, Neither
_____Breaking The Spell _
Individually Nor Collectively Nor Does The Sun Set
Or Rise. Because The Body And The Mind Are The
Soul And They Cannot Be Restored To Usefulness
After Physical Death. The Resurrection Mentioned In
The Bible (Though False) Can Be Applied To The
Resurrection Of The Mentally Dead People, Which
Began At The End Of The Moon Cycle (The Cycle Of
Ignorance), Who Are Being Resurrected (By Right
Knowledge) From The Grave Of Spiritual And
Cultural Ignorance, Gullibility, And Injustices That
They Might Take Their Proper Place And Position In
The Life Of Liberty, Unity, Justice, Equality And
Rightness. This Is All A Part Of The Spell Of
KlNGU, The Spell Of Spiritual Ignorance And Racial
Blindness Of Which You Can Only Be Awaken By
Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom And Right
Overstanding. You Were Given 6,000 Years And Left
In The Hands Of KINGU And Assigned One Of The
Eloheem Named TAMMUZ As Your Guardian Or
God For The 6,000 Years While Under The Spell Of
Sleep, Awaiting And Awakening, Which Is Now In
Its Last Days Of The 6,000 Year Being It 5,995 Years
From Then.
"The Beginning"
-- Breaking The Spell _
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