REVISED MOTION #4 Recommend White Chapel be Razed __________________________________________________________

BACKGROUND: WHEREAS, the building commonly known as the White Chapel has been unused for twenty years and, WHEREAS, a study by the structural engineering firm, Alfred Benesch & Company, determined it was structurally unsound and, WHEREAS, the report on the White Chapel produced by Spillman Farmer Architects determined that the building has no national historical significance architecturally and, WHEREAS, it would cost $2.5 million to $3.0 million to restore the building including making it structurally sound. MOTION: THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that having been reviewed and approved, the Finance Committee recommends to the Board of Trustees, that the building be razed contingent upon the availability of funds to demolish the building. A plan will be expeditiously developed to make the vacated space attractive consistent with Sylvan Pond and an appropriate historical marker will be erected to commemorate the history of White Chapel. Adopted this 2nd day of February 2013, by the Albright College Board of Trustees.

______________________________ John T. Baily ’65 Chairman Board of Trustees

__________________________ Karen A. Rightmire ’69 Secretary Board of Trustees

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