COUNTY Adair Andrew Atchison Audrian Barry Barton Bates

Summary of a "Tax" issue on the ballot Bond Issue - Brashear/Tax Levy (Renewal) Kirksville Tax Levy (Renewal) - County/Tax Levy (Renewal) Ambulance dist Use Tax Tarkio NONE Sales Tax - County Did Not Report 5 Townships proposing a tax/School Bond Mitchel/Sales Tax - Butler Morgan County R-1 School District/City of Cole Camp sales tax /Climax Springs School District Prop A/ Climax Springs School District Prop B Use Tax - County 911 Tax Levy (Increase)/Bond Issue -Hallsville $2,000,000 bond City Use Tax Did Not Report Sales Tax (Renew)/Tax Levy (Renew) - Gomer/Tax Levy - Rockford/Tax Levy - Fairview/Tax Levy Maibile Did Not Report Use Tax - County Use Tax - County Bond Issue - Brunswick/Bond Issue - Carrollton Did Not Report Did Not Report Bond Issue - Eldora Springs Sales Tax - Brunswick/Street Tax -Sumner City of Republic Sales Tax/Christian County R-5 bond issue/ Ozark Fire Protection District Tax Levy Did Not Report Tax Levy (Renew) - Plattsburgh/Bond Issue (Renew) - Plattsburgh/Bond Issue (Increase) - RIII School District/Tax Levy (Increase) - Smithville Tax Levy - Jefferson City School District /Bond Issue -Jefferson City School District Use Tax - County Bond Issue - St. James Everton R-3 tax levy

# of tax increases 2 2 1 0 1


Benton Bollinger Boone Buchanan Butler

4 1 2 1

Caldwell Callaway Camden Cape Giradeau Carroll Carter Cass Cedar Chariton

5 1 1 2

1 2

Christian Clark Clay

3 1

Clinton Cole Cooper Crawford Dade

4 2 1 1 1

Dallas Daviess Dekalb Dent Douglas Dunklin

Bond Issue - RI School District/Tax Levy (Increase) Fair Grove Tax Levy (Increase) - Jamesport School Did Not Report R-80 School District bond issue NONE School Bond Issues (2) Bond Issue (2 questions) - Wshington School District/ Union School District - bond issue Use Tax Tax Levy (increase) - Gentry Library District/Tax Levy (Increase) - Grand River Ambulance/Tax Levy (Renew) - Ethans/Tax Levy (Renew) - Wilsons/ Tax Levy (Renew) - Miller Sales Tax - City of Republic/Tax Levy (increase), General Obligation Bond - RXII School District/General Obligation Bond - Public Water Supply District #1 Use Tax/Use Tax - Trenton City of Cainsville tax levy renewal Clinton School District Property Tax Extension/Blairstown Street Tax Extension/City of Urich Street Tax Extension/City of Calhoun Fire Tax Extension/City of Calhoun Police Dept Tax Extension Hickory County R-1 SD / Climax Springs R-IV SD /Climax Springs R-IV SD/ City of Cross Timbers Sales Tax NONE Use Tax - County/Use Tax - Glascoe/Use Tax Fayette NONE NONE Bond Issue (2 questions) - Lee Summit/Sales Tax (expanded use) - Lone Jack/Bond Issue -C4 School District/Bond Issue - RIV School District City of Carterville bond issue/ Jasper Co R-4 Diamond School District bond issue/Webb City R7 Bond issue

2 1 1 0 2

Franklin Gasconade

3 1



Greene Grundy Harrison

3 2 1



Hickory Holt Howard Howell Iron

4 0 3 0 0






Johnson Kansas City Knox Laclede Lafayette

Lawrence Lewis Linclon

Linn Livington Macon Madison Maries Marion McDonald Mercer Miller Missisippi Moniteau Monroe Montgomery Morgan New Madrid Newton Nodaway Oregon Osage

Rockwood R-6 SD / DeSoto Fire Protection District/ Rock Community Fire District/Crystal City use tax /Festus use tax// City of Pevely Hotel/Motel Tax/ City of Pevely increase in business license fees City of Knob Noster/ Kingsville R-1 School District/Johnson County r-8 school district/Knob Noster r-8 School District/ Sherwood Cass R-8 School District Bond Issue - School District No. 4 Jackson County/Tax Levy (Renew) - Kansas City Real Estate Tax Levy (Rock Tax) Bond Issue - Camdenton RIII Sales Tax (Renew)/Tax Levy - Alma Aurora Rural Fire District/Aurora Special Road District/Pierce City Fire District/Aurora School Bond Issue/Mt. Vernon Use Tax/Green Benefit Road District Common Road District / City of Labelle Tax Levy Renewal Bond Issue - RII School District/Bond Issue Winfield RIV School District Meadville R-IV bond renewal// City of Browning sales tax/ City of Browning bond/ City of Marceline sales tax increase Tax Levy Use Tax/Tax Levy/Tax Levy (Renew) - Hudson Road District NONE St. James Scool District bond proposal Local Use Tax - Monroe School Bond Issue - RI School District/Tax Levy (Increase) - RVI School District Tax Levy (Increase) Local Use Tax - Osage Beach East Prairie School District bond issue/Kelly School District Bond Issue Use Tax - County/Use Tax - California Use Tax - Monroe City Sales Tax (Renew) - 1/2 percent - County Use Tax - County Did Not Report Bond Issue - Diamond School District/ Bond Issue McDonald County School District Jefferson School District Bond Issue Sales Tax - County Use Tax - County


5 2 1 1 2

6 2 2

4 1 3 0 1 1 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 1

2 1 1 1

Ozark Pemiscot Perry Pettis Phelps Pike

Platte Polk Pulaski Putnam Ralls Randolph Ray Reynolds


Sales Tax - County NONE Use Tax - City of Perryville Library Bond Issue/Knob Noster SD /LaMont SD renewal St. James Scool District bond proposal /Phelps County R-3 School District Use Tax - County/Wellsville Middletown School District/Bowling Green Sales Tax Sales Tax (Renew) - County/Bond Issue County/Tax Levy (Continue)-City Of Huston Lake/Tax Levy (Renew) - Kansas City/Use Tax Parkville/Tax Levy (Increase) - Smithville/Tax Levy Farley Tax Levy - Pleasant Hope/Bond Issue - Skyline RI School District Bond Issue - Dixon County Use Tax/ Road and Bridge Levy/City of Unionville recreation tax Did Not Report Use Tax - County Did Not Report Southern Reynolds R-2 School District Bond $3,500,000 Herman Road District Renewal /Naylor Road District Renewal/Ponder/Gatewood Road Distict Renewal/Wolf/Creek Road District St Charles County Ambulance District tax levy/ Washington SD bond /Washington SD bond/Ft. Zumwalt SD/ City of St. Charles bond/ City of Cotlevillesales tax increase/City of New Belle tax levy/ City of West Alton sales tax increase// New Melle Fire Protection District tax levy Hillsdale Special Road District Did Not Report

1 0 1 3 2 3

7 2 1 3 1



St. Charles St. Clair St. Francois

9 1

St. Louis (County) St. Louis (City) St. Genevieve Saline Schuyler Scotland Scott Shannon Shelby Stoddard

Countywide Parks/Arch sales tax/village of BellRidge sewer assessment fee increase/Berkely Bond issue/Grantwood Villiage sewer assessment fee increase/Moline Acres Bond issue/Norwood Ct. sales tax/ Pasadena Hills Property tax increase/Richmond Heights sewer assement fee increase/Brentwood School District tax increase/Normandy School District bond measure/Rockwood R-VI Bond Issue/University City School District Bond Issue/ Vally Park School District Bond/Valley Park Property Assessment Increase/West Overland Fire District Bond issue Citywide Parks/Arch sales tax Property Tax (Increased) - County Did Not Report Did Not Report Sales Tax (Renew) - County Use Tax - County School Bond Issue - Southern Reynolds School District City of Clarence .25% sales tax Use Tax - County Tax Levy (increase) - Northern Fire District/Bond Issue - Clever R-V School District Use Tax - County/Sales Tax, Bond Issues Browning/Tax Levy - Polluck

15 1 1

1 1 1 1 1

Stone Sullivan

2 3

Taney Texas

Vernon Warren Washington Wayne

Proposed Bond - County Library District/Sales Tax for Municipal Fire Department/Forsyth RIII School District - Bond Issue, Performing Arts/Storm Shelter/Kirbyville RVI School District - Bond Issue, Tornado Shelters/Renovations/Improvements NONE Rich Hill School District bond issue/El Dorado Springs School District bond issue/ plus 12 townships road tax levies Use Tax - County Did Not Report Property Tax Increase - Clear Water Fire protection District

4 0

14 1


Webster Worth Wright

Tax Levy (increase) - Fair Grove Fire District/General Obligation Bond - Rodgersville City of Worth tax levy (increase) NONE

2 1 0 229

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