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Competition for passenger service.
Competition for passenger service.

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Published by: Kenric Ward on Feb 12, 2013
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brian Waldrip

(202) 225-4035


Mica to Introduce Monopoly-Killing Legislation for Rail Service
Calls for an end to the Soviet-style operations of Amtrak
Washington, DC – Congressman John L. Mica (Winter Park, FL), immediate past Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, today announced that he would introduce legislation to end Amtrak’s sole monopoly over passenger rail service. In a Washington address before the National High Speed Rail Association, Mica said his reform proposal would not do away with Amtrak but allow open competition to provide intercity passenger and high speed rail service. “Since 1971, Amtrak has run a costly monopoly with Soviet style operations,” added Mica. He went on to cite steps taken globally to allow competition and the European Union’s decision to end state rail monopolies. The senior Rail Subcommittee member said he hopes to include his reform in legislation to reauthorize federal rail policy, expected to be considered this year by Congress. Mica said that in Italy, Ferrari, the classic car designer, is now competing successfully with Italian state rail lines. Mica pledged to work with freight rail operators who own nearly all rail lines in the United States. “Four years ago President Obama promised to provide access to most of the nation to high speed rail in 25 years," said Mica. "Since then, his costly proposals have been rejected by at least three states; his California boondoggle is over budget and focused on a route with few passengers; his Midwestern route is a slow-speed excuse for high speed rail; and his all-government Northeast corridor project has soared to $151 billion and a 30-year timetable.” "The administration has wasted $10 billion on high speed rail over the past four years, missing opportunities to dramatically leverage those funds with private sector participation," Mica concluded. "It's time for America to get on board with open competition for all passenger rail service." ###

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