To Whom it may Concern


I am very pleased to have been asked to present my recommendation

for Jeremy Caverley.

I first met Jeremy when he was a math student in a class I taught at Ohio University-Chillicothe, in Chillicothe, Ohio. Jeremy came across at that time as a highly motivated student and a hard worker.

I grew to learn of Jeremy's intense desire to help others and eventually found out about the online ministry he and his wife, Miranda, pour themselves into on a daily basis. In the time since Jeremy was in my class I have been able to get to know Jeremy on a more personal level. I truly admire the way he has overcome many tribulations that would have caused

others to give up hope. Miranda's struggle with Crohn's disease has meant considerable sacrifice on Jeremy's part, in particular, the time to devote to his studies. In spite of all that he has kept up his coursework and his grades also! Jeremy's strong faith is very evident in the very way he conducts his ministry and his daily life. He drives himself to share pertinent related to current events. I truly admire Jeremy's determination or any age, have such a testimony. It is without any trepidation at all that I would whole-heartedly recommend Jeremy Caverley for and his powerful Christian witness. Few people his age, Christian topics, both those from Scripture and especially those

a position in any school, business, ministry, or any other position God calls him into!

Dennis R Ray, adjunct instructor, Affiliate instructor,

Ohio University-Chillicothe Ohio Christian University

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