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A Lecture of the Narrative and Symbolic Aspects of the Garden

A Lecture of the Narrative and Symbolic Aspects of the Garden

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Published by: Maria Laura Romero on Feb 13, 2013
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03 from Stephen Switzer's An Introduction to a General System of
Hydrostaticks and Hydraulicks,
printed by Astley, Austen and Gilliver in
1729. The added element of water in a garden was not merely decorative - it
sprang up and soaked the unwary, it operated automata within, say, a
grotto. Its general design and management were complex affairs and much
treated in dedicated monographs.

04. frontispiece to A Trip to Vaux-Hall, or a general satyre on the times
by Hercules Mac-Sturdy
, London 1737. The image makes great play of the
painter Francis Hayman's decorated Supper Boxes in this celebrated Pleasure
Of the type, Jellicoe calls Vauxhall "clearly the most important and influential
garden" (The Oxford Companion to Gardens, p.441. The garden was heavily
wooded with a real sense of the pastoral, and with extensive features such
as concert facilities and dining chambers. At times great painted canvasses
depicting rural vistas were erected at appropriate places to prolong the
illusion. The theatrical lighting of the pleasure garden demands a separate
study, but added much to the general culture of romance, even debauchery
on a grand scale.

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