Weather Ready Nation

Storming Your Brain and Planning to Save Lives
Jonathan Belles
Past-President North Florida Chapter AMS/NWA
February 12, 2013


• To empower EM, first responders, government officials, businesses, and the public to make fast, smart decisions

The Goal: To Build a Weather Ready Nation!

• To improve communication
• To save property • To save lives


The NWS Vision
• A society that is prepared for and responds to weather dependent events • A society that is engaged in their atmosphere • Impact based decision support services

• A StormReady Infrastructure…


• Integration of social and physical sciences

• Decision Support Service oriented pilot projects in research and response
• Radar, Satellite, and model upgrades

• Impact based warnings and forecasts


Testbeds and Proving Grounds

GOES-R Proving Ground
• Testing GOES-R products before GOES-R is launched

• Hazardous Weather Testbed

• • •

SPC/OUN partnership to accelerate new technologies into the operational setting Creates new warning or revises warnings to improve impact • Mainly short-fused warnings Development of Convective-Allowing Models (CAMS) Winter Weather Warning Revisions


Where do we come in?
o Weather

Ready People (YOU!) o StormReady (Cities/Locations) o Weather Ready Nation


My Vision (15 Month Plan)
To give away storm kits (people)  To recognize all Ready-able places on campus (places)  To reach out to the NWS, FSU EM, FSUView (collaboration)  To work with local schools (places/people)  To hold G+ seminars on WRN (Nation)
 

To develop THREE strong projects toward the advancement of a WRN

People/Organizations to Contact
Amy Godsey, State of Florida EM  NWS Tallahassee  Dave Bujak, Florida State EM  Richard Smith, Leon County EM  FSU Students  FSU Housing  Leon County High School  Killearn Lakes Elementary School

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