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The Key-Lock Sequence

The Key-Lock Sequence

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Published by Johnathon Frost
Secrets to Successful Texting
Secrets to Successful Texting

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Published by: Johnathon Frost on Feb 13, 2013
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The Key Lock Sequence

The Secret to Text Messaging Success Revealed!

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... Rob Judge in conjunction with pick up Guru Bobby Rio developed this system through trial and error until they had a methodology that worked with virtually every girl they tried it on.......................... When used together these three texts where incredibly effective........... 14 Introduction In the Keylock Sequence Rob Judge revealed his three step process for getting any girl out on a date......Contents Introduction ............................................................................................ form rapport and create attraction.................................................. If you haven’t watched the video where rob judge and Bobby Rio reveal the keylock sequence you can watch it here: Keylock Sequence Video............. 8 Rule #1: Don’t Text on the Same Night . 3 Why You Should Master Texting ..... 8 Rule #2: Keep Your Texts Brief ............................................................... 7 The Rules .................. 5 It Requires Less Confidence .................. .................................. 12 Rule #4: Write in Statements ................................................................ 6 You Can Keep In Contact With Multiple Women ........... 10 Rule #3: Make It Personal ......................... 5 Its Harder to Make a Mistake ........ 13 Rule #5: Don’t Ask For a Formal Date ... The key lock sequence was three specific text messages that needed to be sent in the correct order in order to gain attention................ 6 Women Prefer It................

In this guide you will learn why text messaging is the best way to guarantee that you get a girl out on a date and why mastering text messaging can transform your dating life. By mastering this method you will not only never again have to risk painful rejection you will also be able to “playfully persist” and have as many future opportunities to ask her out again as you want. . You will also learn the rules of text messaging so that you never again have to waste a girl’s phone number. Along with learning what kind of texts are effective you will also learn the no risk way to ask a girl out.

.Why You Should Master Texting Its Harder to Make a Mistake One of the big advantages with text messaging is that it is much harder to make a mistake. When you call her up you are only going to be successful if you are good at making conversation. There is a specific template of texts that you can copy and use that are almost always successful. If you are nervous then this is going to come through in your voice. You have all the time in the world to compose a good text message. Overall it is much easier to use texting to get her out on a date and so is far more accessible to the average guy. Contrast that with trying to make a phone call. You can think carefully about what you want to text and so there is no reason to make a mistake with your texting. Once you understand what you need to text and what kind of texts are effective you just need to “rinse” and “repeat”. Anybody who understands these templates can use them. If she asks a difficult question or wants to change plans then you are going to need to quickly think how to respond.

Calling a girl up and asking her out on a date seems old fashioned and strange. . It is hard to come across as the confident alpha male type if you are stuttering and talking rapidly as you ask her out on a date. Anyone who has had to make a phone call to ask a girl out on a date knows how nervous it can make you feel. No matter how you might feel about asking a girl out there will be no indication of your level of confidence in a text message. Unfortunately one of the primary determinants of whether a woman will feel attracted to you or not is based on your perceived level of confidence. Texting on the other hand seems completely natural.It Requires Confidence Less Texting requires less confidence than making a phone call. In fact if you know the correct format for a good text message then your text will shout confidence (even if you might not actually feel that confident inside) Women Prefer It Texting is how women keep in contact with people these days. One of the reasons why pick up artists advocated calling up girls in the past is because texting might come off as being unnatural. These days however the opposite is the case.

send out a text to one of the girls in your address book asking if they want to meet up. When something interesting or funny happens send out a text to one of the girls in your address book telling her about it. If you have used the techniques in this book and haven’t used the old fashioned “ask her out on a date” approach then you will be able to get a girl out with you whenever you want. After all why make things harder for yourself than they need to be.When you combine this with the other advantages that texting has you can see why it makes sense to text rather than to try and make a successful phone call. . You Can Keep In Contact With Multiple Women This might be advanced level stuff if you are only at the stage where you are looking to get a date but if you are little more successful in your game then texting is going to be really great for you. When you want to hook. Using text messaging it is easy to send out a daily “touch base” text to multiple women. Generally this is best delivered why you are out enjoying yourself. And if one is busy there is always another girl that you can get in contact with.

After all there is a good chance by the time that she gets home that she will have fallen asleep and not gotten your text and so not replied.The Rules Rule #1: Don’t Text on the Same Night Firstly you shouldn’t text the girl back on the same night. One of the big mistakes that guys make is when they met a girl they send out a text asking her if she got home safe. She isn’t your girlfriend yet and so you shouldn’t be treating her like one. It makes you seem like a gentleman. which is a serious sign of desperation. However if you send a text . But worse that this you are stuck with what to do if she doesn’t get back to you. Another problem with the same night text is that you have robbed the interaction of its mystery. Now you are in dangerous territory because you will have to double text. She might also be ignoring you. On the surface this seems to be a great text to send out. right? Maybe but it also can be perceived as a little lame. But you don’t know that for a fact. One of the best ways to build attraction is to keep her wondering if you are going to text her not.

.immediately you have not allowed this anticipation of “Will he or won’t he” to build.

When we have a high level of emotional commitment we are willing to devote more of our attention to communications that we receive. The reason is emotional commitment. So if you ask a lot of questions or write long texts then it is going to be easier for her to ignore you than to respond. The reason for this has to do with the idea of emotional commitment. In the case of a girl that you have just met the emotional commitment level is very low. Before sending it read through it and see if there is any information that you could take . If for example your mother or father sent you a lengthy email chances are that you are going to read it all. However if a telemarketing firm calls you up at night you are probably not going to listen to a word that they have to say. Secondly when you write like this you are increasing the chances that what you write is not going to be very interesting. So keep your texts brief and to the point.Rule #2: Keep Your Texts Brief Don’t make your texts too long. We will read more and answer more questions from someone that we have an emotional bond with.

. If you have asked more than one question you should remove this as well.out.

It also helps to show that you have bond and that you aren’t actually strangers (tenuous as that bond might be) Another reason why nicknames are so effective is because they immediately help to create rapport. Ideally you want to give her a nickname based on something that happened when you met.Rule #3: Make It Personal When writing your texts you want to make it personal. . They are friends. Remember we are always thinking about how we can entertain her and make her day better. family and lovers. You can do this in a number of ways. If you can do that you will have no problem getting her out on a date. It is much easier to turn a date with someone who you have no emotional connection to versus someone who is a perceived “friend”. Ideally she will be smiling just at the site of your texts when she reads them. Even if she doesn’t have your name in her address book and can’t recognize the number it should still be instantly recognizable as being from you. First give her a nickname. They are people that you know well and are emotionally connected with. Think of the people that you use nicknames with. Then when she reads the nickname she will be brought back emotionally to that time and place. You might like to have a catch phrase that you always open the texts with or a certain distinctive way of writing. Nicknames are not the only way you should personalize your texts however.

When someone makes a post on Facebook they generally aren’t asking a question but make a thought provoking statement and yet they still get replies. . Tell her about what you are doing. This is the same sort of effect you are going after with your texts. Also the more questions you ask the less interesting your texts are likely to be. It gives her something to comment on. For example: “Let’s do something this weekend” Vs. Girls like a guy who can make decisions. Statements straight out sound more confident than questions. And the more questions that you ask the less confidence you are going to seem to have.Rule #4: Write in Statements When writing texts to girls you should avoid using questions and always try and use statements whenever possible. “Do you want to do something this weekend?” Read those two statements aloud and ask yourself which of the two sounds more assertive and which is easier to turn down. You can consult but you should be driving the initial stages of your relationship. If you ask her too many questions chances are she is going to end the conversation so don’t fall into this trap. Think of Facebook posts for a second.

you would have to call her up at the start of the week and request her company for some formal event such as dinner or a movie. and she hasn’t rejected your formal proposition. If she says she’s busy. no big deal text a different girl and make the same offer or go on and enjoy whatever you were planning on doing anyway. Asking a girl out on a formal date looks lame and is just asking to be rejected. What this means is that you can continue to ask her out again in the future. You haven’t asked her out on a formal date. Go back far enough and maybe you had to ask her father for permission as well. . And this point is very important. This however is the 21st century and things have changed. You just asked her to do something fun that you were doing anyway.Rule #5: Don’t Ask For a Formal Date This is a big one and can make a serious difference in the success you enjoy with text messaging. In the old days when you wanted a girl to go out with you. Instead text her when you are already planning on doing something and ask her if she wants to join you.

. But if you are playfully persistent eventually you are going to catch her at the right time. The time when she is looking to have a little fun.You see. She had a life before you came into and you can’t expect her to suddenly drop her plans. And you will be right there with fun a plenty for her to have. chances are when you text a girl you are not always going to get her at the right movement. Maybe she has a test to study for or maybe this weekend is her best friends wedding.

Get Your FREE 10 Part “Texting Mastery” Dating Course and Discover The Secrets That Can Turn Even The Most Average Guy Into A Texting Romeo Click Here to Access Your Free Texting Mastery Course .

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