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but there are still numerous opportunities to lock in fat yields in fundamentally sound businesses. master limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts that sport yields of at least 7%. the juicy yields are backed up by healthy levels of growth and cash flow at prices that represent discounted valuations from historical averages. That's triple the yield you'd get on the 10-year Treasury note or the S&P 500 index. In each case. In this special report. these can be tough times for income investors. we highlight seven timely buys in dividend-paying stocks. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 2 .W ith interest rates at rock-bottom levels and the dividend yield on the S&P 500 around 2%. Reaching for additional yield can often bring with it too much risk.

1% Market cap: $139 million 1-year total return: 3. The Gideons.8% Annual div.0 million. providing prepress. this stock looks like a great bargain with a market value below both its annual sales and book value. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 3 . good for a cash payout ratio just shy of 23%. With the reliable dividend.84 P/E: Not meaningful Founded in 1824. production.8% in the 12 months ending December 2012 to $263. Although that looks like a close shave for covering the $0.01975 per quarter in 1990. Courier's two biggest customers are the U. Courier has been able to keep sales steady and even growing a bit over the past three years. of course.-based Courier is the third largest book manufacturer in the United States.A C O U R I E R C O R P. Bibles and sheet music where paper is still the preferred medium. from $0.088. place its eponymous Bibles in hotels and motels. Courier generated $3. By sticking to areas like textbooks. per share: $0. and The Gideons International. warehousing and distribution services.'s Pearson. accounting for about 30% of sales.58 per share in cash from operations over the past 12 months. and Pearson is a big name in textbooks formed from the combination of Simon & Schuster's education division with Addison-Wesley.84 dividend. Courier has a long track record of paying dividends every quarter. Mass. North Chelmsford. ( C R R C ) Yield: 7. which it has paid since November 2008. to the current quarterly rate of $0.K. which accounted for 25% of revenue in the most recent year ended September 30. 2012. Latest 12 months earnings are $. Revenue was up 0.21. and raising them significantly over time.

PDL BIOPHARMA (PDLI) Yield: 8. as well as by $1. Use a trailing stop loss of 10% on this and all recommended buys.45 per share in operating cash flow over the past 12 months. it's worthy of note that the chief financial officer left in December after less than one year on the job. Biogen Idec and Novartis for drugs that use its proprietary antibody humanization technology. Analysts expect earnings this year to be up 20%. The yield is fat and the growth picture looks good. with its latest dividend paid December 14.60 P/E: 4. The $0. which has succeeded in producing several new drugs to treat cancer..5% Annual div. per share: $0. Nev. multiple sclerosis and other conditions.3 Founded in 1986 as Protein Design Labs. this Incline Village. Nonetheless.9% Market cap: $960 million 1-year total return: 14. and PDL has very high short interest.15 per quarter in March 2011. Elan. PDL began paying $0. The high short interest could throw additional fuel on a rally.60 in annual payouts are comfortably covered by earnings. Herceptin and Tysabri. 2012. but be covered if the shorts are right. PDL receives royalty payments from drug makers like Genentech. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 4 . Well-known drugs for which PDL is paid include Avastin. company pioneered the humanization of monoclonal antibodies.

Bernstein by Alliance Capital. per share: $1. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 5 . For 2013. Like all financial firms. Lufkin & Jenrette with the investment-advisory business of Moody's Investor Services. its modest valuation and track record for navigating though economic cycles. the forecast is for 54% growth in net income. Not all of the distribution is taxable income. P.A L L I A N C E B E R N S T E I N H O L D I N G L .44 P/E: 14. Given the long history of paying distributions.5 AllianceBernstein is an investment management business structured as a limited partnership with units that trade on the New York Stock Exchange. even as revenue dips 1. ( A B ) Yield: 7. it took its lumps during the financial crisis but income is on the rebound. The partnership makes quarterly distributions that vary with net income and each unitholder's pro rata share of AllianceBernstein’s taxable income is reported on a Schedule K-1. Its current incarnation dates to the acquisition in 2000 of Sanford C.0% Market cap: $2. The core business of AllianceBernstein is investment management for both institutions and high-net worth individuals.2 billion 1-year total return: 46. which was itself the result of a 1971 tie-up between the investment-management department of Donaldson.21 per unit.7% Annual div.0%. Bernstein is worth a buy for yield and gains. some is a return of capital that reduces cost basis in the units. expected to grow 6% in 2012 to $1.

8 billion portfolio of investments in companies with annual revenues between $25 million and $500 million and with an EBITA of at least $5 million. retail or technology areas. The rate dropped a penny in the last quarter of 2012 but the company also paid an additional dividend of $0. giving THL room to keep hiking the payout down the road. which also reflects the relatively conservative nature of THL's business. It provides mezzanine financing for companies going through buyouts and recapitalizations. Dividends rose every quarter in 2011—from from $0. Its investments tend to be in consumer discretionary.TH L CR E D IT (TCR D) Yield: 8.32 P/E: 10. per share: $1.05 in December. often in the form of loans and private investments in public equity (PIPES). Earnings are forecasted to come in at $1.4 Like venture firms in Silicon Valley.0% Annual div.9% yield.9% Market cap: $391 million 1-year total return: 26.28—and again in the first quarter of 2012 to $0. Since becoming a public company in 2010. The $0.33 rate annualizes to an 8.34. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 6 . the value of shares has fluctuated between $11 and $14 in an economy that has not been booming. you have to evaluate business development companies on track record.23 to $0. which tend to excel in an accelerating economy. and $1.30 per share in 2012. If current improving trends in jobs and manufacturing continue. it bodes well for the vitality of companies in THL's targeted market. Boston–based THL Credit manages a $2.43 in 2013.

13 per share. In total.80. Omega pays out 90% of its net income to shareholders as dividends to avoid taxation at the corporate level. It currently pays out $0. As a REIT. per share: $1.1% Market cap: $2.1 times expected earnings.6% to $347 million. and earnings are forecasted to grow 12. Md.45 per quarter—up one penny from the fourth quarter of 2012—for an annual dividend of $1. making the dividends look less meaty on a higher share price. it has just over 50.O M E G A H E A LT H C A R E I N V E S T O R S ( O H I ) Yield: 7. Omega appears to offer a chance to buy growth at a discount. making it a good looking candidate for income and appreciation. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 7 .7% to $2. Trading for just 12.1% yield and a low valuation for its growth rate. Omega owns 432 skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in 35 states.2% Annual div.4 Yields from real estate investment trusts have come down steadily since 2009.9 billion 1-year total return: 31.000 beds in these properties managed by 51 third-party health care operators. Revenues in 2012 are expected to climb 18. Still offering fatter yields are owners of long-term care facilities like nursing homes and assisted living properties.80 P/E: 22. as prices have recovered substantially. Hunt Valley.-based Omega Healthcare sports a 7. Earnings and funds from operations easily cover that payout.

but ETP is not financially stressed with income covering interest by a 4. storing and conditioning gas. Last October.E N E R G Y T R A N S F E R PA R T N E R S L P ( E T P ) Yield: 7. ETP also owns facilities for treating. ETP got into the crude oil and gasoline business with its $5. Revenue this year is expected to rise 62.0 This Irving.16 per share over the past 12 months..7% Market cap: $14.8% to $11. will rocket from $1.20.5 billion acquisition of Sunoco to tap into a pipeline network that can move crude oil and refined products between the Northeast and refiners on the Gulf Coast.5 billion.1-to-1 ratio.10 per unit to $4. ETP offers one of the highest yields of all MLPs. MLP is already one of the biggest names in midstream natural gas partnerships.000 miles of pipelines for gathering and transporting natural gas from the Permian Basin in Texas to the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. Tex. operating nearly 20.8% Annual div. with ETP producing $4. aided by the Sunoco acquisition.0 billion 1-year total return: 2. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 8 . per share: $3.58 P/E: 24. Net income. Cash generation looks to be just fine.

5% yield at current prices. which closely tracks global economic growth. Southern Copper's earnings for 2013 are expected to increase 16% to $2. Southern Copper paid out a $2.5% Market cap: $33.70 per share. In December 2012. Central banks are expected to remain active in keeping monetary policy loose in the coming year.96 per share.6 Based in Phoenix.SOUTHERN COPPER (SCCO) Yield: 9. smelts and refines copper and other minerals in Peru.66 per share.30 per pound last June and gained better than 10% over the following six months. bringing last year’s total payout to $3.3 billion 1-year total return: 26.36 in cash from operations over the past 12 months easily cover the company’s regular annual dividends of $0. That rate is good for a 9.. bottomed at $3. If the world economy continues to recover. on a 4% rise in revenue to $6.75 dividend. The trend in copper prices.70 P/E: 14. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 9 . Southern Copper mines. plus $2. and make room for another bigger dividend for the December quarter. Mexico and Chile. Ariz. the price of copper gained nearly 40% in six months. When Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced the Fed’s second round of quantitative easing in the fall of 2010. benefitting Southern Copper.9 billion. per share: $3. Those earnings.6% Annual div. produces. So far this time the gain is about 12%. copper prices should remain in an uptrend.

That’s a savings of 60%! As a Founding Member. At Forbes Dividend Investor. you’ll receive: N Two high-yield dividend plays a week with yields as high as 18% and annual total return potential of 25% to 55%. including: 1. N 24/7 access to our private Forbes Dividend Investor Web site that includes an archive of past picks along with numerous special reports designed to make you a better investor. N Our complete fundamental and technical analysis on each recommendation that’s worth its weight in gold. we use a proprietary system to find top-notch income stocks across all sectors. 2. For a limited time. and even quadruple your income over CDs. you can try Forbes Dividend Investor for only $99. while also appreciating in value. N Complete research that shows how we selected each investment. 10. 6. 5. 8. I bring my readers two companies offering payouts that can not only double. delivering fat dividends AND growth. and low-yield stocks… … but also hand you the kind of mammoth total returns that can build your wealth over both the short and long terms. triple. dispensing a steady stream of income month after month. we’ve racked up 67 double-digit winners—with each one paying out a hefty dividend alongside those double-digit gains. and the results so far have been spectacular. Just since July. Price-to-sales superstars Low PEG heroes Momentum-sale gainers Book-value bargains Beaten-up blue-chip recoveries Cash-rich companies Stocks priced under $10 Nasdaq rockets Global giants And more! Each week. Safe. 3. T Six months ago we launched Forbes Dividend Investor with the mission to help investors find stocks like the seven companies listed above. 9. 7. quarter after quarter. we’re re-opening the subscription rolls at our special Founding Membership levels. BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER TODAY! To celebrate the market stomping returns Forbes Dividend Investor has generated in our first six months. high-yielding stocks like these can be the workhorses of your portfolio.his diverse group of stocks—spanning sectors from health care to financials to energy—offers you the best of both worlds. Treasury bills. N PLUS: Lifetime Founding Member status which means you’ll NEVER pay the full rate! That’s because as a Founding Member you’ll not only lock in our 60% discount off the first year but also Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 10 . 4. why we like it and the kind of payout you can expect.

continue to receive thousands of dollars of proprietary stock research for the life of your subscription. Click to save 60% on Forbes Dividend Investor 11 . so don’t delay! Claim your 60% savings here. John Dobosz Editor. no questions asked. This special Founding Members $99 offer is only available for the next five days. Forbes Dividend Investor P. THERE’S NO WAY YOU CAN LOSE Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means you can check out Forbes Dividend Investor completely risk-free! If at any point you decide Dividend Investor is not for you. Try it now! WITH OUR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.S. Join us now and get in on our next 67 double-digit. simply let us know and we’ll return the full balance on your account. high-yielding winners! Sincerely.

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