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SRS of Social Networking Website in ASP

SRS of Social Networking Website in ASP

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Published by HiteshPatelMca
This document is the flow of social networking website or we can say analysis of social network
This document is the flow of social networking website or we can say analysis of social network

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Published by: HiteshPatelMca on Feb 13, 2013
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SRS of Social Networking Website in asp.


SRS of Social Networking Site Introduction: We are developing software for social networking. Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision. It is function like an online community of internet users. This website services expand the pool of people we have the opportunity to meet to near limitless possibilities. Through this you can touch with your friends whom you can’t or meet rarely. Through this website you can share your photos, videos, views about anything, can do chats to your friends and can see your friends profile and your friend’s friends profile also but according to the given permission. To see your friends profile firstly you have to send a friend request to your friends if they accept your request then you can share all those things which are mention above. This website is has many features which keeps it apart from the other websites like our security feature in our website. The friends that you can make are just one of the many benefits to social networking online. you could develop an online friendship with someone .Not only will you make new friends, but you just might learn a thing or two about new cultures or new languages and learning is always a good thing. Information description Now days there are many social networking website available in market. But our website is different in many features like our security feature in our website. If a user wants to send a message to his friend then he/she can set priority of the message LOW , MEDIUM,HIGH,URGENT, by this priority feature user have some benefits that this message is important or not. If message has urgent priority the receiver will continuously receive message that he has some urgent message. In our site we will divide friends in groups. Like

And accept or denied. Old users login with their User name and Password and New Users Have to create new account to Login.After filling the form user will click on the register button this will redirect to your main page then new users can login with their username or email and password. In this user can find our friends. He can set options that will see his message. After login user can see his scraps (messages send by others) his friend list. If he wants any user on our website can see this message that feature will also available. profile photo. and description about the user. If he want that only selected users can see his articles he can select his friends at the time of creating article. Others user will see this information when they visit this users profile. Firstly when user want to registered in our website they have to fill the registration form .Edit profile options will edit user information. Users can add or remove friends’ requests from the request which was sent by other users of site. User can search other users by their names from the search box on our page. These security features helps user to make better communication with others. User can delete our friends list that they don’t want any more in our friend list which is already on his friends list. Users can find friends with their email address by which they registered on our social networking site. All this above three options will manage through manage option. Through Blog feature user can add his articles and other users and friends can comment on it. User can edit his/her profile also through edit option . And friends requests which was sent by other users to contact this user. Unknown persons can’t read your messages. Functional description . Like country. languages.· · · · BUSINESS SCHOOL OTHER FRIENDS FAMILY If a friend of business group is want to send a message to you. Only his business group or all friends.

. User management: This manages the user’s profile. All the messages are sent by a particular group if a business group message receives then this message can be seen by only business group. The messages is also divided into priorities of the message if a message has urgent priority then user receive email that he has a urgent message in his inbox of his profile. How many friends are in his friends list and their names and information’s like email address and user names etc. His last login time and date.Message management: in this module this will manage the message by users it divides a user’s Message into their categories by priority or by a group. It saves the time of chat all the conversation will saved in our chat history. his friends and others options. Group that message will store in that group field of database. If message comes from · · · · BUSINESS SCHOOL OTHER FRIENDS FAMILY Etc. Or we can change it to vi sible to all then all friends can view that message. how many friends requests he receives. Chat management: This module works with chat it saves the current chat history previous chats which are done by current user.

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