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Queen Elizabeth Shakespeare/Globe

Thou clay-brained guts, thou knotty-
pated fool, thou whoreson obscene greasy
All hail our great queen of England. tallow-catch! Come and visit the Shakespheres
The beautiful Queen Elizabeth Global Theater. The Queen favorite theater in
Tudor. Single handedly holds all of all the land. The home of Williams
Shakesphere’s world renown plays such as
the power alone with no king
“Romeo and Juliet,” and ,”Hamlet.”
needed. She has the heart of a man
and the swift hand of a king. Queen
Elizabeth came to power in 1558, at
age 25, after the death of her
sister Mary. She strengthened the
“Royal Navy”, strong enough to
defeat the Spanish Armada and led
England into the “Golden Age.”
England has been made worldlier
under her rule. Come Experience
this great time!


10 February 2009
Make sure to wear your best
cloths. For the women wear your best
Romeo And Juilet is considered one of the
stockings, corset, your roll, farthingale,
greatest plays written by William
stomacher, gown, separate sleeves, ruff, Shakespeare. The sad, love story of two
cloak, shoes, and hat. For the Gentleman a young people from quarrelling families who
shirt, stocking, corset, doublet, separate fall in love and commit the ultimate act of
sleeves, belt, ruff, shoes and if you would love, death. Come to the Shakespeare’s
like a hat. Global Stage to premier October 13, 1594.

Come visit our newly renovated Sistine chapel. The
Sistine chapel painted by our talented artist
Michelangelo. The ceiling painting has, for our time,
been called perfected.

Roscoe Bright
Anthony Andres