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The globe theatre is located in Southwark
James I District of London. The Globe was built during
Shakespeare's early period in 1599 by Cuthbert
Burbage. He is the brother or Richard Burbage
King James I was born in 1566 who is a Shakespearean actor.
and is the son of Mary, Queen
The capacity of the globe is between 2,000 and
of Scots and Henry, Lord 3,000 spectators. All performances are
Darnley. He has a large conducted during the daytime with nice weather
because there is no lighting.
interest in writing poetry and
also Shakespeare. The theatre was the most magnificent London
has ever seen so come see for yourself!
He had written a few books on
his religious and political
beliefs. He was a king that
never wanted to go to war.

His greatest accomplishment is
said to be his translating of
the Bible into English.

The Razzle-

February 9, 2009
DOGALINE: Venetian fashion of a Jousting
loose straight gown with wide sleeves
Jousting was a sport among men when two
whose lower edge was fastened up to the
armored combatants who were mounted on
shoulder, revealing the undergown sleeve horses would battle. The variety of
weapons included lances, axes, daggers, and
swords. Great skill was required and
quilted, padded garment worn during this tournaments were usually the style of play.
period by all men The sport was dangerous but large sums of
money could be won.
downward curve or point in center

FERRONIERE: small jewel on a fine
chain, dangled from a headdress onto the

Important People during

William Shakespeare-Warwickshire

Sir Thomas More-London

Francis Bacon- London

Sir Thomas Wyatt- Allington Castle

Christopher Marlowe- Canterbury By Ryan Styche and Collin