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Cee 0000000000000 REV 01-DEC-06 Diamond Products Core Barrels Overshots Drill Rods Water Swivels Hoisting Plugs Casing Recovery Tools Adapter Subs Conversion Kits Wedges Tools Technical Data Diamond Products impregnated Bits Thermally Stable Diamond Bits (TSD) Reaming Shells Casing Shoes Casing Bits Bit and Shell Gauges Options and Specialty Diamond Products oo0oo00o000 NOTE: Surface Set Bits are available on request. sien (HO Cen Impregnated Bits Alphosit oart Longyoar introduces metal coated diamond impregnated bits - Standard Rearing Shell the latest in india! lamond technology. Geometry Geometry + Significantly oupertoms tho successtll Soret range in beh dating | ABRaOT 4050813, 44050770, speed and bit ite ‘Alphedt Abrasive 4050891 4050097 + Protects tho diamond fram esidaton and surface degradation ‘Alpha? 4050844 4050098 uring manutacturing, ‘phage 4051322 4050103, + Inhibits the promatue “pul-out of to diamond ‘Aipba06 4051413, ° + Increases te numberof cuting edges exposed to the rock, ‘Alphas Abrasive * {Avaliable in multiple standard eoniguatone and eolocted on the ‘pha? a} > basis of relavo fock hardness and ground condtions. TiphatT Aare i - ‘Alpha07 Competent a514T > ‘Npha0s 4052212 051227 ‘Alpnaos Abrasive 4051551 . ‘iphads Competent __a051414__| 4050235 ‘Aipha0 4052210 i ‘iphads Competent 4052256 ‘Aphato 4052211 ‘Alpha. Compotant a *Avalablo on special request NOTE: Flor tothe Tech Data secton for tecnica! speceations and tho ITHT Product Marusl othe Diamond Products Field Standard: Designed to handle a wide variety of fomations. Manual for additonal operating information, ‘Abrasive: Recommended for broken “abrasive” dling eondtions. For harder rook with broken condtions use a higher rumor bt to ‘alain 900d dling speeds Competent: Free cuting design tor fast penetration in very ard “eompetent 1ock oF for use of lower powered gs and geotechnical applications Express Geometry: Els are supplied with addtional intermediate watormays which provide incroasod fishing. The reduced bit faco area allows {or highor ponetaton rales with loss bit weight roquiod Recommended when polishing occurs with standard goomety. NOTE: “Standard Gauge" bits are defined as having a set outside ameter which fs 048mm (0.018") smaller than "Rearing ‘Shell Gauge". For more detailed information on "Standard Gauge ve Roaming Shell Gauge" impregnated bits, refer to the ITHT Product Manual.