1.CHAPTER ± I * Introduction *Scope of project *Objective of project 2. CHAPTER ± II * Company profile *Industry profile *Beverage preparation section *Sidel section *Marketing strategy *Marketing Mix 3.CHAPTER ± III *Research Methodology 4.CHAPTER ± IV *Marketing survey & Data Analysis


A soft drink is a beverage, often carbonated, that does not contain alcohol. (Carbonated soft drinks are more commonly known as soda,pop, tonic,or soda pop in parts of the United States and Canada, or fizzy drinks in the U.K.; sometimes called minerals in Ireland) The name "soft drink" specifies a lack of alcohol by the way of contrast to the term "hard drink". The term "drink", while nominally neutral, often carries connotations of alcoholic content. Beverages like colas, sparkling water, iced tea, lemonade, squash, and fruit punch are among the most common types of soft drinks, while hot chocolate,hot tea, coffe, milk,tap water, alcohol, and milkshakes do not fall into this classification. Many carbonated soft drinks are optionally available in versions sweetened with sugars or with non- caloric sweeteners

1. Detailed study of the non carbonated soft drinks industry in India 2. Analysis of Frooti’s performance against the other prevailing noncarbonated soft drinks brands in the country. 3. Analyzing consumer perception based on various parameters such as purchase frequency, effect of sales promotion schemes, brand attributes and consumer loyalty, packaging

1. To study the taste and preferences of the consumer 2. To study the marketing strategy of frooti in Mumbai 3. To study the marketing mix of Frooti 4. To study the market share of Frooti in the non-Carbonated SoftDrink (NCSD) category


introducing new and innovative products.They are the Parle Agro family. Today. leaving everyone craving for more.maintaining high quality. One of the fastest growing companies in their area of business. of course. to their taste buds through originality and innovation. every member of family contributes towards their mission of ‘Refreshing India’ by seeping through to millions of hearts with a gush of fun .30 billion. reaching every part of India. We will stand apart from the competition by being the first in the market to innovate. constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills.Welcome to the Parle Agro family They are a little juicy and a bubbly bunch. They love playing hosts to billion customers & cater to their preferences and.” Our Vision: “To be the leaders in our business. their family. sometimes even themselves. With the sole purpose of providing India with juicy and zestful thirst quenchers. and their efforts have complemented the ever-changing face of India. They are one of the biggest companies with an annual turnover of Rs. remaining customer-centric. And growing at a pace that surprises many. And with that. Philosophy They develop their own little philosophy which goes something like this: Our Business Statement: “We are in the business of refreshing India with our products. ambitions grew. refreshing the market with new categories and refreshing ourselves through innovation. Over the years.” The Family Tree Parle agro’s legacy began over two decades ago.10 billion that is expected to touch Rs.” Our Mission: “We will be the leaders in our business by .

300ml.Another cool drink to hang out with.Grappo Fizz. Give a high-five to someone who is forever young. pure yet playful. By far. 500ml and 1 ltr. the future is clearly Bailley. you can’t miss his bling. & 2 ltr. Beverages : Grappo Fizz. PET and 5 ltr. & 25 Grappo Fizz is available in 300ml. It is the first water brand to be issued an ISI certification. Grappo Fizz comes in the same sleek champagne-bottle shaped bottle as Appy Fizz and sports a label that has his hip-hop attitude all over it. Experienced yet energetic. Bailley keeps itself active by regularly making pioneering efforts. . PET. Bailley is available in 200ml. jars. the ‘Grapest’ member of the family. Grappo Fizz will surely bring the house down! You can catch Grappo Fizz at www. He can rap.appyfizz. and of course.The Fountain of Youth. The first to launch special four-sided 200ml bottles catering to premium airlines like Jet Airways and British Airways. Here’s Appy Fizz’ cousin . 20 ltr. Oh. 500ml..Water: Bailley. he can dance and can almost always do both together. Considering the fact that the water segment is growing at a staggering rate of 40%.. Whether it’s his awesome attitude or sheer ‘grapeness’. 1 ltr.

through the PET. Meet someone who firmly believes that honesty is the best recipe. he’s got a new look too. the sparkling apple drink was launched in 2005. “Fresh ‘n’ juicy. the world over. Little wonder that even after 25yrs Frooti remains the most preferred mango drink. And 250ml. orange. A popular mango drink. 500ml & 1 ltr.2 ltr.saintjuice. Appy Fizz hangs out at cool places like college canteens. Nothing else 100% Appy Fizz is available in 300ml. grape and mixed fruit. 200ml and1 ltr. Tetra Pak. and 2 ltr. For more about Saint Juice. time and again. He’s young. The stylish. Appy Fizz. Say "Hello" to the oldest member of the family who refuses to grow up.appyfizz. It’s wholesome. Saint Juice is well. Saint Juice offers the goodness of nature and benefits of fruits. Saint Juice.the still apple drink. Saint Juice variants are available in a 200ml and 1 ltr. It is made from the finest fruits mixed with honesty and nothing else. Appy . It is the brand’s unique ability to change that has kept it true to its essence. Hang out with Appy Fizz at www. and he has been the most popular amongst the youth ever since. is the most popular and first of its kind in the country. Available in 100ml. nor is anything taken away. Maybe you’ll bump into it at your next banquet or while dining at your favourite restaurant. fun and famous. Tetra Paks. it’s a simple recipe handpicked fruits happily crushed and squeezed into packs. and high-end restaurants.Mango Frooti Fresh ‘n’ Juicy. that’s been around since 1985. And now. PET. 400ml. Nothing more is added. visit www. Appy is available in 200ml & 1 ltr. Appy-The still apple drink. Appy is made from fresh juicy apples. it also comes in four divinely delicious variants . PET . 1.” From its launch as a tetra pack. pure. triangular shaped pack to the recently launched multiple mangoticon packs reflect just that. Frankly. Nothing else.100% Juice. Meet the most sophisticated member of family. And rated as India’s Most Trusted Fruit Beverage Brand*. rich and.Saint Juice. of course. Born in 1986. Appy Fizz-A cool drink to hang out with Meet up and hang out with the most chilled out member of family. Its new sleek and classy packaging makes it elegantly charming to one and all. and not to mention. Appy Fizz. 600ml. champagne-bottle shaped bottle now has a brand new label that fashionistas will be proud of. the saint of our family.The playful and naïve nature of the brand has helped it gain great acceptance with the young and the old. Tetra Pak and 250ml & 400ml PET Frooti.

twitter. it’s favourite passtime is tickling taste buds. for a refreshing time. ButterCup is sugar. intelligence agencies and world leaders. He is Hippo. Thai Chilli. Hippo has taken matters into his own hands and kitchen. Follow Hippo on Twitter: www. and 1100 pcs. wise and everything nice. this Kidult is just about everybody’s favourite. Foods : Confectionery. To fight hunger. PET. this drink is really one of a kind. Well. catch up with LMN Lemon Aqua.20 packs . It can turn even a boring meeting or a traffic jam into a refreshingly refreshing experience. Hippo is very disappointed with superheroes.5. Indian Chatpatta and Arabian Salted. Chinese Manchurian. So. Well. Snacks-Hippo You’d be delighted to meet this family member especially when you are hungry. Rs. Not to forget. It’s a fine blend of caramel. tired or just thirsty. the fresh lemon drink packed with Vitamin C and tons of lemony goodness. He thinks none care about fighting the world’s biggest enemy.LMN-Just ask for Lemon Meet the most accomplished thirst quencher ! When you’re thirsty. 400 pcs.. Available in 100ml and 200ml Tetra Pak and 250ml. 500ml and 1 ltr. and jars of 200 pcs. hunger. As they say.10 and Rs.ButterCup It’s a friend! It’s a magician! No. Do invite it the next time you’re at home twiddling your And visit Hippo at www.It’s a toffee! Strike a conversation with the sweet talker of our family. butter cream and fun.hippofighthunger. He cares. Yoghurt Mint Chutney. Hot-n-Sweet Hippo is available in Rs. Hippo has made delicious baked munchies in flavours from around the world like Italian Pizza. ButterCup is available in a refill pouch of 100 pcs. He cooks.

Factories in INDIA .

com Export related information: Core product The Group is engaged in the manufacturing Mango Drink. PRODUCTS 1. Ltd. 9 microbiologicaltests and 10 physical tests and meets international standards laid down by WHO. Parsiwada. It is one of the firstbrands to get an ISI certification Bailley conforms to stringent BIS Norms. Sahar-Chakala Road.Contact Us (Parle agro’s) Address: Parle Agro Pvt. Andheri (E). Appy Fizz(Carbonated) & Bailey Packaged Drinking Water as a Franchisee of World Renowned Parle Agro Private Limited.BA ILLEY AQUA: It is a mineral water and was launched in the year 1993.F ROOTI: It is the flagship brand of swastik fruits product Pvt Ltd (franchise of Parleagro).com Media related information: corpcomm@parleagro. Mumbai 400 exports@parleagro. Telephone: 022 . Regd. Career related information: careers@parleagro. Itundergoes 51 quality control tests includes 32 chemical tests. It was introduced in 1985 and it was the first Fruit Drink to be introduced inIndia.6734 8000 Information & queries: General information: info@parleagro. . Corporate Head Office: Off Western Express Consumer information: consumercell@parleagro.

Frooti instantly caught the fancy of Indianconsumer with its tetrapak and some smart campaigns. we have takenup this project to suggest recommendations to swastik to increase the share of Frooti in NCSD category and to study the market response of the new packaging of Frooti. This is because of the unique purifying processing system. Initially the drink waspositioned as a kids drink. Frooti still holds a dominant position in theRs300 crore tetrapak fruit juice (TFJ) market. So within a short span of time . Launched in 1984. Fruit juice is a perishableproduct and tetrapak have extended the shelf life of Frooti because tetrapaks have 2layers of paper and a plastic coating that ensured tamper proof and enhanced shelf life. 3. The clear and crisp Apply Nectar is a premium product available in a 200 ml easy to pour pull-tab opening pack WHY FROOTI Soft drink market can be divided into two categories:-Carbonated soft drink Non-carbonated soft drink (NCSD). Treatment. Bailley Aqua is purified with chemical free natural U. . international pack. Frooti alsocomes in PET bottle packing. Apply spells style and exclusiveness which makes it a party favorite in the upper crust of the society. its available in a sleek.Parle Bailley Aqua is unique because it has the same consistent taste across India.India¶s national and most premium fruit was a virtually untappedsegment until the year 1985. Frooti has introduced PET bottle packing in 200 ml. which saw the launch of Frooti Mango in a trendyconvenient tetra-pack.V. Frooti Mango is swastik franchise of Parle Argo¶s flagshipbrand and India¶s leading fruit drink with an 85% market share. which is increasing at the rateof 20% per annum along with the sluggish growth of the Fruit drink segment. Apply is made from freshly picked ripe apples sourced from the rich natural environs of Himachal Pradesh. Therefore. Frooti is the first tetrapak fruitjuice in India. Now. 500 mland 1000 ml and Tetra-pack packing in 65 ml quantity. . which removes all minerals and salts and puts back only exact premeasured quantities of salts and minerals necessary for the human body. ABOUT FROOTI Mango .Frooti over these years have carvedout a niche for itself in the market. The NCSD market is growing but there is intense competition among thevarious segments in this market. Tocounter this onslaught. Unlike ordinary apple drinks. APPY FIZZ : An apple drink from swastik franchise of Parle . The tetrapak had other benefits also . The product was perceived as a healthy fruit drink bythe mothers .the brand was an alternative to the³unhealthy´ colas. The market share of Frooti in the NCSD categoryis on the decline because of the Fruit Juice Segment. The brand has been positioned as the champagne of apple drinks due to its unique richness of taste.Frooti is like an Indian ambassador and is a hotfavorite not only in India but all across the world. Frooti is the market leader in the NCSD category with around 60% marketshare.

The campaignlasted for 15 days started in February 2001. May be someserious steps should be taken to increase the usage of the product. The launch of PET bottle Frooti is a step in this direction. The campaign was executed by Everestcommunication. Frooti is facing stagnation. Frooti was positioned as a mango drink that is³Fresh-n-juicy´ For over 7 years. Recently Frooti also launched a ³Greenmango´ variant just to create some hype in the market. it also have some preservatives added to increase the shelf life. Players like Godrej with Jumpin. Parle sawthe emergence of the ³ 100% fruit drink market and launched ³Njoy´ brand but itdid not clicked. Frooti was not able to appeal to adultsand was considered as a mango drink while Real is not restricted to any flavour. The old green color of the bottle changed tomore bright mango color with lot of graphics added to it. The came the experiment withpackaging . Worried by the stagnating sales.Lured by the success of Frooti.The campaign is the famous ³ Digen Verma ³ campaign. There were posters and outdoors all across the markets thathad messages like ³ Who is Digen verma´ ³ Digen Verma was here´ etc.competition came from a slightly different category. parle tried to reposition thebrand to appeal to youth aged between16-21. there were a lot of new launches in theTFJ market. Although Frooti enjoys acommanding (75%) market share .Frooti also changed its positioning statement from µ Fresh-N-juicy´ to ³ Juice Upyour life´ which have not clicked with the customers. But in late nine tees the brand was facingstagnated sales. The positioning changed to be morefun based. 100% fruit juices. This campaign was considered as one of the most successful teaser campaigns in India. The company tried to excite the market with an orange andpineapple variant but both the variant bombed.The brandReal from Dabur is the main player in this category. kissan etc tried their luck in thismarket but failed to dislodge Frooti. The YO! Frooti variant came with a slim paper can aimed at thecollege going youth. Parle could have extended Frooti to this market also . Thiscreated lot of excitement in the market and ³Digen Verma ³became the most talkedabout faceless name at that time. The product have tried to create excitement in the market througha series of new variants and packing. Real effectively positioneditself as a premium healthy drink for adults. The campaign was about a facelessperson Digen Verma. But the campaign was not followed up and the hype was not translated to long term brand building. the company promoted the product using thatfamous baseline. Although Frooti did not face much competition in the category it created. Frooti may have to reposition itself againto appeal to cola drinkers . One of the most famousmarketing campaigns India have witnessed took place during the repositioning. Frooti is basically a nectar based drink so itis not 100% fruit juice. The package also changed.

INDUSTRY PROFILE NON. besides a huge unorganized sector. estimated to be growing by 20-25% p.In the fruit drink category. Real is the market leader with55-60% market share. The Fruit drink segment is estimated at Rs. Frooti has to compete with all the segments in this category totake a larger share of this growth . Fruit drink has to haveminimum fruit pulp content of 10%. In the Fruit Drink segment. Nectar is a small category of around Rs 35-50 crores. Godrej Xs and Parle’s Appy fizz .500 crores.So. Several local /regional brands also exist.The fruit drinks category has also been witnessing growth of around 5% p. Godrej’s Jumpin and Coca-Cola’s Maazaand Pepsi’s Slice are the major brands. the key nationalplayers are . Nectar and Juices. Tropicana has an estimated share of 30-35%. while the Juice market (Branded & Packaged) is estimated at Rs 150 crores.Themain reason for this growth in the NCSD Category is the change of the consumer preference from the carbonated to the non-carbonated soft drink sector mainly dueto increasing Health Awareness among consumers and the Pesticide issue relatingto Coke and Pepsi. while Nectar needs to have a minimum fruitpulp content of 25%.Dabur.CARBONATED SFT DRINK INDUSTRY IN INDIA AN OVERVIEW The non-carbonated SOFT DRINK (NCSD) sector can beclassified as Fruit drinks. Frooti is the clear market leader with around 85% market share but in the NCSD category as a whole. The two key national levelplayers in the juice segment are Tropicana and Real. The classification is based on thepercentage of the fruit pulp content in the beverage. Parle’s Frooti. its share hasbeen declining because of the growth in Fruit Juice segment. The Juice category isthe fastest growing segment at present. The total size of the branded non-carbonated beverages in theorganized segment is estimated at Rs.250-300 crores. with the growth of the NCSD category. In the Nectar segment.a.a.

These are the category of the non carbonate soft drink Competitors: These are the main competitor of the frooti :*Maaza *Slice *Real *Mango sip *Tropicana Mango sip. Mazza an Slice is main competitor .

With the customer as the focus of its activities. Prices of the brand in various SKUs range from Rs5 for a 65 ml pack to Rs 60 for 1500ml pack. Marketing is used to identify the customer. marketing mix. What is marketing strategy? Marketing strategy is a method of focusing an organisation's energies and resources on a course of action which can lead to increased sales and dominance of a targeted market niche.positioning. bussiness communication. it can be concluded that marketing management is one of the major components of business management.Pet and 1 pack to cater mainly to in-home consumers and families who prefer staggered consumption. distribution. The adoption of marketing starategies requires bussiness to shift their focus from production to the perceived needs and wavnts of their customers as the means of staying profitable. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves. identifies the firm's marketing goals. As the customer constitutes the source of a company's revenue. A500ml PET bottle priced rs 25 is another new launch. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques. and allocation of resources. ideally within a stated timeframe. Among recent introductions have been a one-litre. Marketing evolved to meet the stasis in developing new markets caused by mature markets and overcapacities in the alst 2-3 centuries.What is marketing? Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in products or services. targeted at on-the-go consumers. prospects. A marketing strategy combines product development. and to satisfy the customer.It is most effective when it is an integral component of overall firm strategy. realationship management and other elements. marketing strategy is closely linked with sales. and corporate goals. pricing. and business development. and explains how they will be achieved. Corpate strategies. to keep the customer. corporate missions. Marketing strategy determines the choice of target market segments. and competitors in the market arena. Marketing strategy of frooti SKU strategy The company is looking at larger pack formats and will focus on a well planned SKU (stock-keeping unit) strategy to addresses 'on-the-go' as well as 'in-home' consumption for Frooti. . promotion. defining how the organisation will successfully engage customers.

Only 100 per cent juice is pure juice .The concept is simple. The launch campaign (frooti) of the product willinvolve print advertising. point of purchase promotions and internet. The brand witnessed declining sales and strated losing its appeal due to increased competition. Its elements are the basic. in Mumbai. It provides a detailed description of the advertising strategy followed by the company to promate the brand that involved a teaser advertising campaign revoving around a faceless character 'Digen Verma'.frooti Juice is 100 per cent juice. Frooti is 100 % juice Parle Agro has entered the 100-per cent pure juice category with mango Juice.Targeted at the fast growing segment of consumers who are moving towards 100percent juice. place.a cake mix.Creative land Asia has designed the design and packaging of thejuice brand. director. Parle Agro decided to relaunch the brand with new positioning and packaging. and sugar.Frooti has deliberately kept the packaging like mango color. 85-per cent juice or 100per cent pure juice." Brands like Frooti and Appy fizz Classic that have established themselves as market leaders in their respective categories. ''Most juicebrands do not communicate clearly whether they are nectar. However. "Consumers are confused with what they are buying. Parle Agro. you can alter the final cake byaltering the amounts of mix elements contained in it. who oversees sales. and promotion. Parle Agro's decision to enter the 100-per cent juice category is in line with the its strategy to have presence across all beverage categories MAR KETING MIX What is the marketing mix The marketing mix is probably the most famous marketing term. flour.Frooti in tetrapak Parle Agro's Frooti is the leading brand in the tetrapak fruit drink market. product. marketing and product development atParle Agro. Think about another common mix . So for a sweet cake add more sugar! . with a view towardsstanding out on retail shelves. All cakes contain eggs. the marketing mix elements are price. tactical components of a marketing plan. The case let dicusses about Parle Agro's design and implementation of the brand prelaunch exercise for Frooti. milk. Also known as the Four P's. Thebrand frooti was unveiled by Nadia Chauhan. To revive the sagging sales and appeal of the brand. .

Marketing decisions generally fall into the following four controllable categories:*Product *Price *Place(distribution) *Promotion .

The ingredients in Borden'S marketing mix includedproduct planning. Frooti is a delicious and refreshing ready to serve fruit beverage. packaging. Jerome McCarthylater grouped these ingredients into the four categories that today areknown as the 4 P’s of marketing. and fact finding and analysis. subject to the internal and external constraints of themarketing environment. physical products as well asservices. growth and healthy skin. PRODUCT DECISIONS: The term ³product´ refers to tangible. promotions. price. India's first real fruit drink in a Tetra pak is available in. Frooti Mango is from premium Indian Mangoes. personalselling. advertising.These four P’s are the parameters that the marketing manager cancontrol. branding. pricing.The term ³marketing mix´ became popularized after Neil H.physical handling. Here are some examples of the product decisions to be made: *Brand name *Functionality *Styling *Quality *Safety PRODUCT: A product is anything that can be offered to market to satisfy a want or need. distribution channels. place and promotion. display.Frooti Mango. servicing. The Concept of the Marketing Mix. .E. Frooti has also been introduced in PET bottle packing. Bordenpublished his 1964 article. Mango Frooti contains vitamin A which is essential for eye sight. The goal is to make decisions that center thefour P’ s on the customers in the target market in order to createperceived value and generate a positive response. Green Mango. Bordenbegan using the term in his teaching in the late 1940¶s after JamesCulliton had described the marketing manager as a ³mixer of ingredients´. Frooti comes in Fruit drink segment of NCSD category (NON CARBONATED SOFT DRINK). Product.

00 45. PRICE: TETRA PACK PACKAGING QUANTITY 65ml PRICE (Rs.00 .) 5.00 25.00 PET BOTTLE PACKAGING QUANTITY 200 mL 500mL 1000mL 1500mL PRICE(Rs) 12.00 60.Frooti is available in following quantities:65ml (only tetra pack packaging) 200ml (only PET Bottle) 500ml (only PET Bottle) 1000ml (only PET Bottle) 1500ml (pet bottle) Hence. we can see that Frooti has got a very large quantity basket.

puzzles and various interactive games. Frooti's new 65ml packaging is priced at Rs 5. Frootiwas introduced in a new tetra pack packaging in 65 ml quantity whichis priced at Rs 5.In order to maintain its position as a market leader. Parle Agro had introduced two characters called Froo and Ti on every 200 ml pack of Frooti as part of its retailing initiative. PROMOTION In a strategic move. Recently. PLACE: Frooti is the highest distributed brand in Fruit drink segment with an 85% market shares in India. swastika product Pvt Ltd(franchisee of parle agro) is revamping its marketing plans in a bid to promote its flagship brand Frooti in the overcrowded category.00 each .These two characters are being displayed on the packs of the drink. This is borne out by Parle Agro winning the Beverage Industry award for the Best Managed Supply Chain 2002 and the Highest Retail Availability in the year 2002. While Froo is an affable girlwho is good at studies.the characters are entertaining the children as well as increasing their knowledge about famous personalities and current affairs.00 only. With this move. the company has taken a different marketing route by launching a host of new retailing and packaging initiatives to pump up volumes. Frooti is offering its product in different quantities and prices depending upon the consumer requirements.And through tongue twisters. five years ago. As we can see from the above table. tergeting the lower income group and it has also been introduced in PET bottle packaging as it is more cost efective as compared to Tetra-pack packaging to become mre competitive in the market. preferences and income levels. Frooti's excellent distribution system has already been proved in our market survey and analysis where 90% of the respondents agreed that Frooti is readily available to them. the company expectsto share various activities of its target audience--kids. Ti is a naughty boy who keeps running after Froo to get his home-work done. Frooti reaches more than 10 lakh retail outlets through more than 1500 distributors and wholesalers directly and indirectly. Parle Agro introduceda mysterious character called Digen Verma's and created a hypearound this person through an aggressive outdoor campaign which wasquiet a success. These twocharacters are very different in nature. In fact.

CHAPTER-III METHODOLOGY : A) DATA COLLECTION 1) Primary Source *Retailers *Consumers 2) Secondary Source *Website *Magazines and Newspapers B)RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS *Questionnaire *Personal interview C)SAMPLING PLAN 1)Sampling Unit: Who is to be surveyed? *Urban Consumers 2)Sample Size: How many people to be surveyed? 100 Units (of all age groups) .

Great opportunity for Frooti to capture this growing market . The market share of NCSD is growing 3.CHAPTER -IV MARKET SURVEY AND ANALYSIS PREFERENCE OF CONSUMERS INFERENCES 1. The consumers are becoming more health conscious 2.

IS FROOTI A HEALTH DRINK? Consumer will perceive any drink as a health drink if he/she think drinking it will benefit his/her health This diagram shows the percentage of repondents who peceive Frooti as a Health drink INFERENCES 1. Health drink consumers should be targeted . Frooti is not perceived by the majority as a health drink 2.

CONSUMER AWARENESS REGARDING VARIOUS FLAVOURS OF FROOTI INFERENCES 1. Less acceptance of green mango flavor among consumers . This diagram shows the pecentage of respodents who are aware about the various flavors of Frooti 2. Less promotion of green mango flavor 3.

This diagram shows the percentage of respondents who think that Frooti should come in other flavors WHICH FLAVORS? .SHOULD FROOTI COME IN OTHER FLAVORS? INFERENCES 1.

INFERENCES 1.. Huge market in flavours other than mango 4. Consumers want Frooti in other flavours 3. Other than Mango. In other flavors. orange and pineapple are the most preferred flavours IS FROOTI A CHILD DRINK? . consumers have gone for strawberry and lemon 2.

Frooti has market in all age-groups . Frooti is more of a family drink rathe than a child drink 2.INFERENCES 1.

Good demand for Frooti in the market CHOICE OF CONSUMER . This diagram shows the percentage of repodents who think Frooti is readily available 2. Good distribution channel of Frooti 3.IS FROOTI READILY AVAILABLE? INFERENCES 1.

Emergence of Real as Frooti's competitor 2. Growing threat to Frooti's leadership in NCSD category 3.INFERENCES 1. Increasing consumer preference towards Fruit juice segment EFFECT OF PROMOTIONAL SCHEMES ON CONSUMER .

INFERENCES 1. Consumers are attracted towards promotional schemes 3. 2.Buying decision of consumer can be changed through consumer schemes VALUE FOR MONEY . This diagram shows the pecentage of repodents whose buying behavior is influenced by promotional schemes.

INFERENCES This diagram shows the satisfaction the consumer derives by consuming the product in terms o money in a 1-5 point scale given o the y-axis f the diagram (1 indicating BEST and 4 the WORST) CONSUMER AWARENESS REGARDING PACKAGING OF FROOTI .


INFERENCE 1. CONSUMER PREFERENCE FOR VARIOUS QUANTITIES OF FROOTI . As Frooti in 500 ml quantity was recently introduced and half of the respodents know about it. this shows good promotion and good initial demand for new pakaging.

INFERENCE 1. Great demand for 65 & 200 ml 3. There is good demand for all the quantities 2. Introduction of 65 ml was a good move CONSUMER RESPONSE FOR THE MOST CONVENIENT FORM OF PACKAGING .

AS FROOTI was the first to introduce PET bottle packing in NCSD category. this shows it was the right move from convenience point of view CHAPTER-V .INFERENCE 1.

first tointroduce Tetra pack. *Frooti has no brand ambassador. OPPURTUNITES FOR FROOTI .Introduced 65 ml packaging to cater different segments. *Quick market responder . *Efficient distribution network-readily available. *Frooti is a health drink . *Margin given to retailers and distributors is less as compared to its competitors. *Frooti has limited variety of flavour . *Frooti means mango´.2.4.Contains Vitamin A. *Innovative .only mango and green mango.3. *No brand expansion-Brand equity of Frooti is not utilized properly.available in variousquantities like 65 ml. PET bottle packaging in NCSD category. syndrome in the mind of consumers. opurtunities and threats is called SWOT analysis STRENGTHS OF FROOTI *Market leader in NCSD category-60% market share. *Frooti has got a very large quantity basket . As per my survey majority of our respondent didn’t consider Frooti has a health drink. *The main target audience of Frooti is kids. 500 ml and 1 Liter. 200 ml. weaknesses. *Frooti has got a strong Brand Equity WEAKNESSES OF FROOTI *Frooti is not perceived as a health drink.5.First packaged Mango drink in Indian market.SWOT ANALYSIS The overall evaluation of a one's strengths.

the presentvariants of Frooti in orange. guava. to compete with MAAZA and other competitors. *Growing market share of NCSD category. Grape. *Huge untapped market in other flavors . pineapple and mix fruit etc. *Competition with global giants . which should be major target market for Frooti.As per our survey 88% of the respondents preferred fruit drink to carbonated drink THREATS FOR FROOTI *Decreasing share in NCSD category . Pineapples. Pineapple and Grape. *Now. *These flavors are not available in Ranchi and Patna region. The Appy fizz case . apple.Fruit juice segment consisting of Real and Tropicana is increasing at the rate of 20-25% per annum as compared to sluggish growth in other segment.*Huge untapped unorganized sector in NCSD category. around80% of the respondents want Frooti in flavors other than mango and green mango like Orange. especially in the less than 20 age-group segment. orange. *Our main competitor MAAZA is available in many flavors likemango.Orange. *Demographically. *Presence of huge unorganized market. *High consumer preference for flavours other than mango and green mango. *So. Increasing health awareness among consumers .like Mumbai and Pune. the most striking fact is that Frooti is available in Orange. *Frooti should also be made available in grape flavor as there is agreat demand for this flavor. pineapple and strawberry flavor should be made available all over India.Coke and Pepsi RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FROOTI ON THE BASIS OF MARKETIG MIX PRODUCT. in the coming years around 55% of the population will consist of below 35 years in age.Frooti in Others Flavors *As per our survey. grape.

Swastik can also promote Frooti by providing various offering likeRefrigerators. PROMOTION 1. swastik can go for moredistributor and retailer margins. But. 3.swastik should first experiment by opening a few outlets. To capture the huge unorganized is nectar drink which comes in apple flavor. Taking the cost consideration into account. The reasons for this can be :*Appy fizz is a nectar drink and is in a different segment from Frooti which is in the fruit drink segment *Parle agro is promoting Appy fizz as a look like for champagne drink and is targeting the upper income class consumers PLACE 1. this outlet can be used to provide fresh fruit juices invarious flavours at a very reasonable price. as by getting more margins the retailers andthe distributors will promote Frooti more efficiently. 4. 2. Also.* Appy fizz is a new product launched by the swastik (franchise of parle agro). It should also providemore consumer schemes. This move will helpfrooti to capture a major chunk of the huge unorganized sector which is more than Rs 500 crore. Now the question is that swastik (franchise of parle agro) has not used the brand equity of Frooti in branding Appy fizz. this is a highly risky move and requires lot of capital so. 4. . Frooti should be promoted as a retailing chai outlet in India on the lines of main road which is in the retailing of coffee 2. This outlet should contain all the variants of Frooti in differentflavours and quantities and it should also be served in glasses. 3. The quality standard of Frooti should be approved by a reputed authority or organization (like ISO series) and this be promoted. The nutrient content of Frooti should be highlighted on the package so thatthe consumer can become more aware and perceive Frooti as a Health drink.

pineapple etc on all India basis (I have sent an e-mail to the company but didn't get any reply) . (Punch line can be something like After gym. Frooti should also go for a famous cartoon. 3. The Brand ambassador should be someone who symbolizes good health and along with him / her a cartoon character (someone very popular among kids) should also be introduced so that Frooti does not loses its current taret audience-kids. Character like Scooby Doo or Pokémon to target the kids and both of them should feature together in the advertisement CONCLUSION 1. Frooti is needed to be promoted as a health drink and should target not only the kids but also the other members of the family. The consumers response to the new packaging (PET bottle and 65 ml Tetra pack )of frooti is positive as shown i the survey Limitations I could not find the reason why frooti was not introduced in other flavours like orange. For this Frooti should project its brand ambassador who willhelp consumers perceive it as a health drink.BRAND AMBASSDOR FOR THE FROOTI 1. have a Frooti´) Along withhim. 2. By taking some initiatives. Frooti can go for Salman Khan as a brand ambassador as he is very popular in India and symbolizes good health. and can maintain its position as a market leader in the NCSD category 2. 2. SUGGESTION 1. frooti can compete with the fruit juice segment comprising of Real and Tropicana. 4. milleniun 5. Marketing Management.swastik . www.BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. www. "Philip Kotler" . www. 2. express.

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