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Largest organ of body: skin!

Most essential organs: brain & kidneys

Shock Sepsis, Septicemia, Septic Shock Mortality

Vasoconstriction >< vasodilatation

Status Asthmaticus Tank is not full >Dehydration: High output (GEA,diarrhea vomiting)

Low input (thirst) >Blood loss: trauma & bleeding >Septic shock (vasodilitation) Rales: sounds of opening of wet alveoli in lungs (pulmonary edema, pneumonia, overhydration) Hepatomegaly: may mean overhydration & right heart failure 23% X 1.4 = 32% (after 1

hour) 32% X 1.4 = 45% (after 2 hours) 1.4 dari 100% + 40% Rx Shock: 1. IV fluids, 2. Sympathomimectics: adrenalin, 3. 3. Steroids (hydrocortisone) IV fluids for shock: normal saline & albumin (5%) (ALSO Ringers Lactate) Aggressive volume

resusitation for shock: IV dose: 20cc/kg BB in 5 mnts X 3 Tachypnea plus Wheezing: expiratory stridor di lungs = Status asthmaticus Rx Status asthmaticus: 1. sympathomimetics (albuterol, adrenalin [epinephrine], terbutaline) 2. steroids (methylprednisone)

3. IV fluids Tachycardia plus Prolonged Cap Refill = shock (or warning of shock)