Classroom Observation Form

Teacher: Jawead Hussain Setting:normal
Seating arrangement, windows, displays, location of desk, obvious equipment

Number of students:24 Grade level 11 SAT Time of day: p1 Day of week: sat

Subject: biology

1. Describe the professional conduct of the teacher, i.e. uses of authority, language, appearance, attitude towards students, attitude towards subject matter, etc. 2. Describe the teacher’s relationship with students in the class, i.e. stance, comments, tone, responses directed to individual students, attitude towards, collaborative work, etc. 3. What are the methods of instruction—lecture, collaborative work, writing workshop, etc.? How well does the teacher use class time, i.e. ratio of instructional methods, pacing, etc.?

Good conduct and good use of teaching skills, positive attitude

He has positive attitude toward collaborative work and will have more in the future

Mainly teacher centered approach ,he will incorporate most student based activities in future e.g group work

4. How does the teacher
accommodate special needs and the variety of student learning styles in the classroom? 5. How does the teacher manage transitions?

Diagrams on ppt (visual ) lecture (Audio) kinesthetic ? need improvement In Differentiated instruction, he will investigate variety of teaching styles Very well, Teacher centered in which the teacher go from one part to another Using propping questions

6. How does the teacher
integrate today’s discussion with prior and subsequent topics? 7. Does the teacher demonstrate familiarity with course material? Does the teacher diversify content?

Very well but need to diversify content in the future

Special Observation #1: Special Observation #2:

Special Observation #3: NAME: 2 .

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