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February 8, 2013

Upcoming Dates February 12th: ABCs for Parents/Johnny Bruscos Pizza Restaurant Night February 14th: Valentines Day February 27th: Book Fair for our class- Lunch @ 10:40 followed by Book Fair January Birthdays Matthew Kalia Anthony Shared Reading During shared reading this week, we talked about the double o sound /oo/. We read: Mooove Over, Bella Lost Her Moo, Dooby, Dooby, Moo, Thump, Quack, Moo, Moo Who, and McElligotts Pool. We created a list of words that contain the /oo/ sound, we found /oo/ words in our big books, and completed several activities on the Smart Board which focused on the /oo/ sound. Next week, we will talk about writing friendly letters. Theme The children have absolutely enjoyed learning about the Great White Shark. A few facts that we have learned are: Baby sharks are called pups. Baby sharks can be 5 feet long. Great white sharks like to eat sea lions. When sharks jump out of the water, it is called breaching. Great white sharks rarely attack humans. February Birthdays Jay Sydnee

These are only a few of the facts that we have learned. Please have your child tell you more things that we have learned. We will construct a Great White Shark beginning next week.

FYI Please remember to help your child decorate an adult sized shoe box for their Valentines Day cards. Also, we will be exchanging cards so please help your child write their classmates names on their cards in advance. I need your help in checking your childs backpack each morning before they come to school. We have had a few issues with toys being brought from home to school as it causes a disruption to our day. Since we have so much to do throughout our day, it is rather difficult for me to check each childs backpack. Thank you so much for your help! Although we have only a few more months of school left, we still need to give friendly reminders to our children about the classroom rules and our problem solving steps. Our problem solving steps are as follows: 1.Talk it out. 2. Tell what you dont like. 3. Try to make each other feel better. 4. Decide on a solution.

Have a great weekend! Volandra Holloway