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30 years of experience in sweaters and knitwear
We serve BCBG, Guess and Zara We’re a professional manufacturer with 30 years of experience and $30 million in assets. We have been supplying clients in Europe and the US with high-end sweaters and knitwear since 1980. That’s why big buyers BCBG, Guess, Zara, Liu Jo, Tchibo, Motivi, Otto, Manoukian, All Saints, C&A and Zarina’s source from us. We’ve been filling their high-volume orders promptly and precisely for years. Up to 350,000 pieces monthly Our extensive production facilities include four factories and cover a total area of more than 200,000m2. One thousand skilled employees help us turn out up to 350,000 pieces monthly. And our 85-member trade staff will help you with shipping, insurance and customs clearance to make the completion and shipment of your order run smoothly. Contact us We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom to see our latest designs, and then send us an e-mail today.

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Women’s knitted wear made of 80% viscose and 20% nylon

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Women’s T-shirt made of 100% viscose

Mengdi Group/Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export Co. Ltd
18/19F, Longway Plaza, 960 Chengnan Rd., Jiaxing, Zhejiang 314001, China Tel: (86-573) 8271 8903 Fax: (86-573) 8272 0868 E-mail: • •

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Sample layouts of your rhinestonemotif design in 24 hours
50 to 2,000 pieces delivered in 7 days

Submit a clear image – we’ll have a hot-fixed rhinestone-motif design and quotation ready for you in 24 hours for no charge. In five days, you can have a finished sample in your hands. And once we've received your final approval, up to 2,000 finished pieces can be on your doorstep in seven days. All you need to start is 50 pieces and we’ve got a deal. Over 5,000 designs to choose from Our fast results aren’t products of haphazard haste. Instead, they come from 12 designers who have researched rhinestone art for at least five years. So handling custom requests is second nature to them. Their creations also feature hints of the latest trends shown at annual exhibitions in France, the US and other fashion hubs. Over 5,000 designs are available for your perusal too. Producing swimwear and wedding dresses too Our three factories each have its own specialized area of production - rhinestone motifs, swimwear and wedding dresses. Our swimwear facilities have been handling OEM orders for nine years. Each month, our network gives us an output of 600,000 rhinestone-motif items, 50,000 bikini sets and 2,000 wedding dresses. Order today.

CSTown Inc.

D Garments & Textiles July 2011 - Choose verified suppliers

000 kilograms of knit fabric and 200. so we definitely have your volume needs covered. Our in-house QC team checks every order for possible defects. windproof and breathable textiles Our featured 3-layer constructed fabric stays comfortable and dry. windproof. Lee Yaw Textile Mainland China office: Shaoxing.hinet. • No. and unveil at least 300 new designs every • www. Zhejiang More new products .globalsources. It features a high-quality PTFE membrane that is laminated to a light knit fabric and an outer stretch flannel or fleece lining. 6626 6668 Fax: (886-2) 8512 2877. Ltd 12F. We also contract an independent QC team to further ensure every order meets your standards. this fabric is great for winter jackets and skiwear. Target. San Chung July 2011 Garments & Textiles 1 . Cutter & Buck and Patagonia. We’ve supplied a wide-range of buyers in the US. 8512 3642 E-mail: cylee@leeyaw. And we partner with over 20 local knitting. Taipei. We produce 600. Find out what a 29-year supplier has to offer you – visit us online today and see our full selection of fabrics. 111-1 Hsing De Rd. breathable and with high vapor permeability. Sears. including dyeing and printing partner factories. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 8512 2887.000 yards of woven fabric every from our waterproof.leeyaw.

com. and our factory has an annual capacity of .globalsources. To become a part of our growing list of clientele.Women's apparel since 1996 If our styles could speak. trendy and casual find our year-round apparel palpably appeasing. they'd do so in a four-season fashion. Every member of our QC team has over 10 years of experience. 2/F. Such is the array of options offered in our women's coat and jacket collection that clients big and small. but we'd rather let our list of satisfied clients speak for us. contact us today. When considering Website: www. We could continue on about how our 15 years' experience in women's clothing has brought us an annual export volume in excess of $10 Contact Person: Ms. Our English. Zhongda Plaza. they are more than familiar with the designated tasks. Tower A. You can find our garments at: • Adolfo Dominguez (Spain) • Incity (Russia) • NafNaf (France) • Scottage (France) • Biscote (France) • Fred Sabatier (France) • Julie Guerlande (France) • Cleo (Canada) Custom drawings and pattern making. we put precise measures into practice.globalsources. Zhejiang 310003. This means that when we assign them their position in the production process. Yu Xinyuan Women’s casual dresses and tank top 2 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .and French-speaking staff is available to ensure that your designs are being communicated the way you intend them to. Hangzhou. China Tel: (86-571) 8577 8733/8726 Fax: (86-571) 8577 8901 E-mail: developing@shinetex. and bulk production and exportation services – we do it all. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 3 .globalsources.Women’s printed overcoat and wool short coat More new products .

Choose verified suppliers .com .Men's micro suede jacket Men's sports coat with knitted hood 4 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.globalsources.

com Website: www. Japanese. the Middle East. Imported sewing and pressing machines Our advanced sewing and pressing equipment from Italy. the US and Japan help our garments meet your stitching and crease • lntimes@globalsources. The Liaoning Times Building is home to our headquarters Our workshop Liaoning Shidai-Wanheng Co. Dalian.Our 80 R&D staff outfit big buyers All our key customers value our R&D Serving major buyers This is where Abercrombie & Fitch. we'll fill your order from our four factories or over 200 partner suppliers.globalsources.globalsources. Korean. Multilingual trade specialists Our trade team has an average of 10 years of experience dealing with customers from the US. Europe and Asia. Tchibo. Ltd Times Building. French or German.. Our annual export volume is $300 million worth of 7 Gangwan St. call us today. China Tel: (86-411) 8279 8006 • Fax: (86-411) 8279 8178 lxm@lnsdgrp. Liaoning July 2011 Garments & Textiles 5 .co Girls' wool jacket Ladies' down jacket More new products . We can provide you with up to 20 million garments and 105 million meters of woven fabric every year. Perry Ellis. That's because they can rely on our OEM experience and ability to help jazz up their new lines. Marks & Spencer and H&M come when they need men's and women's suits and outerwear. And we have ISO 9001:2000 certification. Over 200 partner factories Once you have given us your request. And our specialists can answer your questions in English. Express.www. Our 80 R&D staff members have up to 20 years of experience and can provide you with custom samples in seven days. To learn more about how we can outfit your customers. Our QA staff members strictly supervise our partner suppliers' production process to ensure they comply with your standards. That means you can be sure we'll understand the needs of your market. This kind of service satisfies more than 300 additional retailers in 40 countries.

To get your order started. T-shirts and polo . workwear. as well as hoodies. We offer a collection which includes winter. Each of our garments is made of eco-friendly materials that conform to ANSI. 6 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .Men's soft shell jacket made with 100% poly-twill bonded to microfleece Men's winter jacket • Shell: 65% polyester. we have retained 90 percent of our buyers. as well as EN 71. soft-shell and polar fleece jackets. windbreakers.000-piece orders of these waterproof. safety wear. casual. EN 471 and EN 343 standards. Samples can be sent to you in as fast as one week. Our clients. This output is thanks in part to our two manufacturing facilities and partnerships with 50 factories. mainly from Europe and North America. Up to 2. They can have a price quote for you in just 24 hours. Each month. oil-repellant. 35% cotton • Lining: 100% polyester 210D • Padding: 100% polyester Men's softshell jacket made with 100% poly-twill bonded to microfleece Over the past 15 years.000 jackets. call or e-mail us today. We have a customer service team dedicated to assisting you before and after your order is placed. return because of the quality products and timely delivery services we provide. anti-static and fire-resistant garments can be shipped in as few as 30 days.globalsources. we manufacture more than 100.

Fuzhou. China Tel: (86-591) 8740 3503 • Fax: (86-591) 8754 1607 E-mail: Website: • sales@richforth. transfer July 2011 Garments & Textiles 7 .globalsources. silk printing. rubber or metal logos Richforth Ltd 15/F.globalsources. Fujian 350013. West District of Fucheng • www. 338 Hualin Rd.richforth.Waterproof men's winter jacket Shell: 100% polyester Lining: 100% fleece Men's winter jacket • Shell: 100% polyester • Lining: 100% fleece • Water repellant • Available with More new products .com/richforth..www. .Choose verified suppliers .8 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.

This enables us to maintain a monthly capacity of 1. and are not for sale. Guangdong 518001. contact our sales representatives or take a look at our Global Sources website today. China E-mail: ncyoungsun@globalsources. we've attracted 200 buyers from around the world. Shenzhen International Trade Center Building.youngsun-knitwear. brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only.globalsources. Pre-shrunk 100% combed cotton T-shirt 100% long-sleeve polyester polo shirt 65% cotton/35% polyester polo shirt 100% nylon jacket. Ltd Rms.. Our materials are azo-free ® . Baseball cap More new products .5 million our 100-plus local raw material July 2011 Garments & Textiles 9 . Samples ready in 3 days with changing tastes. cotton. Some of the reasons they choose us as their supplier include: Only 5 days to ship All items shown here with various trademarks. ensures you are provided with competitively priced items.Competitive prices thanks to over 100 raw materials suppliers In the apparel business for 22 years.www. Shenzhen. azo-free to meet stringent requirements of eco-conscious have 20 inspectors monitoring every production step for quality assurance.000 units all processes www. utilizing over 300 machines. dyeing. 3101-06. sewing and packaging equipment. These include Website: www. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. PU transparent coating and 210T polyester lining Nanchang YoungSun Knitwear Co. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. Renmin South Rd.globalsources.

globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .com .Women’s knitted sweater 10 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.

Your 29-year casual wear specialist Women’s knitted sweater. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. brand names and logos (“Marks”) are for reference purposes only. and are not for July 2011 Garments & Textiles 11 .www.globalsources. More new products . availalbe in different designs Men’s knitted casual wear All items shown here with various trademarks. The Marks are the property of the respective owners.

LTD..Labels and badges for clothing and hats since 1979 SGS tested for quality QAP . 12 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .

Sanshui. Guangdong July 2011 Garments & Textiles 13 . More new products . and are not for sale. brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only.We've got your garment accessory needs covered Foshan Sanshui Xinda Hardware Co. Jinben. China All items shown here with various trademarks. Foshan. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party.www.globalsources. Ltd Zhoubian Development Area. The Marks are the property of the respective owners.

casual jacket from Qingdao Jobeller Garments Co. Woven & knitted fabrics Polyester and cotton are the most requested variants on Global Sources online. both of China 93 21 41 Shorts Recently launched styles not only conform better to the body but also boast brighter colors. page 89. including: – Polyester fabric with red. page 41. while treatments raise usability. Garments Casual jackets Companies stabilize margins by adopting synthetic materials.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd. black stripes – Mesh fabric that boasts TPU backing Linen fabrics A variety of hues and patterns makes releases stand out. Chef uniforms Simple design alterations provide vitality without sacrificing the traditional look and performance.globalsources. Ltd. On the cover: Corset and thong set from Lola Sexy Lingerie Co. 53 71 Underwear & Swimwear Cover story: Shapewear Manufacturers underscore ornate selections.COVER STORY Shapewear The latest models highlight vibrant colors and patterns. and more decorative elements. 85 93 Textiles New products Innovations in fabrics and yarns. 109 113 117 121 14 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. modifying purchasing terms and upgrading .


and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. and are not for sale.globalsources. The Marks are the property of the respective . brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only. Waterproof bag Women's softshell jacket • Pongee membrane and fleece lining • Waterproof and breathable 16 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Women's waterproof jacket TPU bike bag All items shown here with various trademarks.Choose verified suppliers .

in truth. a province with a flourishing textile industry. Ladies’ trench coat made of 100% cotton C&D Products (China) 106 Fax: (86-571) 8838 2040 lily-li@cnd-products.. Men’s suit made of wool/polyester Men’s trench coat made of 100% polyamide.Tailoring to the European market’s sense of style for around 10 years $50 million turnover annually A fi nely tailored coat or suit is supposed to imbue a distinguished sense of confidence – just the impression we’ve been giving major retailers across Europe. which enables us to control quality and costs. Our desirable selection has led to a steady turnover of $50 million annually thanks to return customers. You too can make the sensible decision by being the next buyer to get sewn into our satisfied list of clients. Zhejiang 310005.globalsources. We are known amongst our customers for our skilled OEM ability. This list of contented clientele includes: • Zannier • Mexx • Merrell • Skopes • 3 Suisses • Cyrillus • Vertbaudet • Tchibo • Oviesse 30-factory supply network at your service Based in Zhejiang. Samples are completed within one week – so get in touch with one of our 60 trade specialists today to get July 2011 Garments & Textiles 17 .globalsources. Tower B. 100 Moganshan • cndproducts@globalsources. water repellent Offer added flair with 50 fresh styles per season Each season. China Tel: (86-571) 8838 6111 ext. we have ready access to the natural resources essential for creating PVC and organza.www. Hangzhou. Furthermore. our 20 designers create 50 fresh styles for you to test in your www. Ltd 15/F. Yaojiang International Building. we have a 30-factory network of local suppliers that allows us to access additional materials quickly. Contact Person: Ms. we’ve been doing consistent business with a number of top-name retailers since our inception around 10 years ago. Lily Li Ladies’ trench coat made of nylon/polyester More new products . .Choose verified suppliers .18 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 19 .More new products .

com/ • jessica@textile-cn.globalsources. make sure our garments comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements. Qingdao. This represents an increase of 20 percent in export value from 2009. sweaters. shirts..Over a century of garments industry experience $570 million in annual sales in 2010 We’ve been in the garments business since 1902. windbreakers. China Tel: (86-532) 8280 8238 • Fax: (86-532) 8280 6127 E-mail: peterhan@textile-cn. Jack & Jones. rest assured of our reliability. Women’s wool sweater 100% cotton sweater with zipper Whiskered. We have whole or part ownership of 16 knitting and weaving factories. Ltd 3 Guantao Rd. as well as the quality of our www. So source from us – our financial stability will give your business a boost. pants and more. pleated and hand-grained 100% cotton denim jeans Qingdao Textiles Group Qingdao Textiles Group Apparel • www. Shandong 266000.globalsources. H&M and Target. Levi's. 20 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Some of these factories have passed audits by Walmart. our annual sales reached $570 million.Choose verified suppliers .textile-cn. Our designers. So. so we've seen our share of economic hardships and survived them. and exporting since 1948. with 15 to 30 years of experience. Contact one of our 100 trade representatives . technicians and QC staff. In 2010. $280 million of which came from exports.

globalsources.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products July 2011 Garments & Textiles 21 .

Supplying Disney for decades
We have been in the rainwear business for 20 years, manufacturing for Disney, Sears, Tesco and Next. Become our next long-term partner and take advantage of the benefits we provide: ISO 9001:2000 (SGS), SA 8000, C-TPAT and BSCI certifications, ERP management, a 200,000-unit monthly capacity, and convenient logistics from our Hong Kong sales office. Choose from our wide range of raincoats, ponchos, aprons, parkas and windbreakers. Material options include PVC, EVA, PU, nylon PU and nylon PVC. Our products meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements. Contact us with your ODM/OEM requirements today. PU raincoat with 60% cotton and 40% polyester lining, waterproof 3000mm

PU raincoat with 60% cotton and 40% polyester lining, waterproof 3000mm

Abrasion-resistant PU rainwear set with 100% polyester fleece lining, waterproof 10,000mm

Dongguan Rainwear House Rainwear Garment Mfg Co. Ltd
Jintou Industrial Estate, Shatou Guanli, Chang'an, Dongguan, Guangdong 523861, China Tel: (86-769) 8538 1140 • Fax: (86-769) 8554 3502 E-mail: • Website: •

Supplier of durable workwear to Goodyear and Pirelli
Source from us for the perfect fit. Goodyear and Pirelli do. They especially like how our clothes keep wearers comfortable in work environments and outdoors. This durability is the result of our 10-member QC team and their 15-plus years of experience. We’ve also cooperated with our 50 raw materials suppliers for 10 years, so we know we’re getting the best of what they offer. Plus, materials that don’t meet the EU’s quality standards don’t make the cut into our factories. SGS inspections are welcome as well. Call us today.

We focus on supply chain consolidation

Casual woven coat, cotton sweater and cotton canvas pants
Safety workwear

Hebei Ariede Co. Ltd
7/F, Zone A, Junchuang International Business Garden, 50 North Zhonghua St., Xinhua, Shijiazhuang, Hebei 050051, China Tel: (86-311) 8536 6901 • Fax: (86-311) 8536 6113 E-mail: •

Wal International Co. Ltd (Shanghai)

Trousers with multiple pockets

Padded winter vest and cotton T-shirt

22 Garments & Textiles July 2011 - Choose verified suppliers

We create 600 samples and 200,000 garments monthly

Women’s faux suede jacket

Making jackets for trendsetters Our enterprise has been in business for 10 years. So when you come to us for women’s casual jackets, you can rest assured we have the skills and expertise to deliver. We have a proven track record for supplying fashionable PU garments and woven outerwear to the world’s top retailers. The likes of Macy’s, Bebe, Nordstrom, Chico’s, J.C. Penney, Lane Bryant, Neiman Marcus, Victoria’s Secret, Ann Taylor, Marks & Spencer and River Island all stock our garments. Our annual sales have increased from $20 million to $40 million during the past three years. Samples in three days Casual women’s wear, leather overcoats, leather jackets, PU jackets, nylon, cotton, wool and melton outerwear designs can all be designed for you, the buyers for trendsetting stores. We can supply samples in three days and produce 600 per month. And our monthly production capacity is 200,000 pieces. Try us on for size. Order a sample today.

Zhejiang C.Stage Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd Zhejiang Stage Leather Garment Co. Ltd Zhejiang Stage Leather Apparel Co. Ltd Hangzhou Hebe Apparel Co. Ltd Hangzhou Hebai Apparel Co. Ltd 4/F-5/F, Bldg. 1, 8518 East Desheng Rd., Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310021, China Tel: (86-571) 8672 9700, 8672 9619 Fax: (86-571) 8672 9500, 8672 9518 E-mail: • Website: • Women’s leather jackets

More new products -

July 2011 Garments & Textiles 23

High-performance, eco-friendly garments made in Taiwan
Are your customers clamoring for eco-friendly clothes with highperformance qualities? Then we’ve got what you’re looking for. We are the only maker in Asia to offer clothing made of polypropylene (PP), which is 100 percent biodegradable, creates less waste and takes less energy to produce than traditional fabrics. It’s also Oeko-Tex Standard 100-, FDA- and Bluesign®-certified. What’s more, this material is lightweight, non-odor retaining, water-repellant and quick-drying – all of which makes it perfect for use in sportswear and underwear. All of our WeeKee-branded items are made in Taiwan. We have over 30 years of international trading experience, and have partnered with famous retailers such as J.C. Penney, Walmart, Sears, Kohl’s and others. Call us today to start increasing your sales.

Blitz Corp.
Rm. 307, No. 432 Keelung Rd., Sec. 1, Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2758 4358 Fax: (886-2) 2758 4357 E-mail: •

Over 120 new designs each year

Calm complaints with our 15-year QC experts
Complaints about shoddy clothing don't have to be part of your business. You can rely on our QC team to make defects disappear. We employ veterans of the garment industry that have at least 15 years' experience carefully weeding out common quality issues. The three partner factories we source from help achieve a monthly capacity that reaches 150,000 pieces. With this volume and reputation, it’s no wonder J.C. Penney, G-III, Macy’s, Weatherproof, Cia Hering and Dudalina come to us. Contact us today.

3S I/E Shijiazhuang Co. Ltd
1109 Shangde Guoji, No. 8, Kangle St., Shijiazhuang, Hebei 050051, China Tel: (86-311) 8776 6078 • Fax: (86-311) 8777 4910 •

Men’s windbreaker

Changshu Wintex International Trade Co. Ltd
Rms. 305-306, Bldg. B, Changshu International Trading Center, 12 Huanghe Rd., Changshu, Jiangsu 215500, China Tel: (86-512) 5284 8908, 5285 9851 Fax: (86-512) 5284 8902 E-mail: Website:

24 Garments & Textiles July 2011 - Choose verified suppliers

Some uploaded PDF catalogs as well. various media have been provided to help capture the experience of the actual show. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 25 More new products . In to access these materials and send inquiries to suppliers.onlinesourcingfair. The digital avenue went live a month before the physical exhibition to help buyers plan their trip.globalsources. the Online Sourcing Fair: Garments & Textiles debuted this March as Global Sources’ newest trading platform. Buyers can still visit www. The hour-long presentation made by Justin Huang. supplier pages were categorized according to the same pavilions as the China Sourcing Fair. For ease of navigation. functional selections underscored at spring shows Hear what buyers say about the China Sourcing Fair Inaugural Online Sourcing Fair expands buying opportunities Complementing the spring trade shows. More than 120 companies set to participate in the April trade fair filled their virtual booths with business information. and about 40 exhibitors also posted short videos introducing their main product lines and latest designs.China Sourcing Fairs Trendy. contact details. secretary general of the Taiwan Textile Federation. and how Taiwan’s fabric sector is responding are ready for viewing.www. For those unable to travel to Hong Kong. clips of the conference discussing the challenges facing the textile and apparel industry. Photos of each display area are now . can be accessed in eight parts. and images and specifications of popular export models. Website: www.goldely.000 pieces per month and export to Asia. Our range includes many types of Men’s clothing. Zhongtang. reliable company. For more information. 809 • Fax: (86-755) 8339 1730 E-mail: goldely@goldely. Zizou Building.000m2 and. and we have a natural dyeing process. Bldg 4. we also welcome OEM requests. We have an average output of 10. Our factory occupies an area of 12. we have worked with Pierre Cardin. with more than 300 employees.000 pieces of clothing per month. made of 100% cotton Hyeseong Apparel Corp. pique polo shirts. China Children's jeans All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Please contact us today. South Korea Tel: (82-53) 567 9019 Fax: (82-53) 565 9019 E-mail: jongkilbae@hotmail. In the production of these garments. we are able to turn out 935-3 Manchon 2-Dong. such as T-shirts. natural fabrics such as bamboo fibers.000 pieces and the lead time is usually 30 days from placement of order. Nanshan. This fusion of eco-friendliness and trendy designs is reflected in the 200 different styles that make up our collection. www. Start your order today with just 300 pieces. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Quality garments from a trusted manufacturer and trading partner Clients don’t just come to us to choose from our vast collection of clothing – they value our unparalleled services and competitive prices.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .Established in . Our monthly capacity is 250. Daegu. 100% cotton men’s striped polo shirt Source women's garments made using eco-friendly materials We are an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manufacturer of women's • rick@goldely. Men’s jeans. the US and www. 26 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Guangdong 518000.000 units and finished samples can be delivered in seven days. you can be confident of establishing a long-term business relationship with a trusted. tank tops. Guangdong Poptex Manufacturing Co Ltd Jiangnan Development Zone. During this time. Adidas and Disney. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. They are the property of their respective owners. And we source only from trusted suppliers who offer us low prices. As well as having three clothing brands of our own. briefs. China Tel: (86-755) 8252 7026 ext. Dongguan. Tian’an Industrial City.zndoeun. Our minimum order quantity is 1. Shenzhen. pajamas and sportswear. fleece sweaters. We have well-established relationships with shipping companies to ensure that you get your orders punctually – always. Inquire All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. we now have 17 years of experience in the garments industry. we use recycled nylon. 100% cotton fleece hooded sweatshirt 100% cotton men’s round-neck T-shirt Goldely Garments Import & Export Inc. With our experience in this industry. inquire today. so you have more room to work with when pricing our www. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 27 .globalsources.Disposable surgical cap Disposable nonwoven PP isolation gown Disposable nonwoven PP surgical garment and cap More new products .

We can turn out 180. Ltd 3/F www. Helping us handle these services are our Volume orders are easy with our output reaching 1 million pairs of pants monthly. 18 newasiash@globalsources. Lane 28 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers . It takes us only 15 days to design new fabric samples and three days for shirt samples. Andheri East. Shanghai Casual pants 101/102. Metro. Jiangyin. Jeans Zhejiang Newasia Industrial Co. Lingang Ecomonic Development Women’s cap-sleeved printed cotton jersey T-shirt Starting in 1985 as a manufacturer and exporter of woven and knitted garments. finishing and sewing machinery sourced from Italy.000 items per month in our ISO 9001:2000. 20 Fax: (86-21) 5281 6130 ext. Jinshajiang Road.globalsources. We’ve worked with brands such as American Eagle Outfitters. with our in-house washing mill. Contact us today to learn more.. High-density shirt fabrics with high yarn counts Striped men’s dress shirt made of highquality fabric 55 Yabao Rd.globalsources..000 shirts. Our two self-owned plants with over 5. Our customers appreciate the fact that our factories follow BSCI and WRAP guidelines. weaving. Mumbai Maharashtra manufacture your apparel and take care of the exportation process. Jiangsu To gain insight into the latest international trends.firstextile.000 employees can handle various styles of we are now an experienced company producing a wide variety of women’s clothing. They use dyeing.512 employees – 254 of whom are members of our R&D department.and SGS-certified factory. we often attend tradeshows such as Texworld in France and Magic Show in the US. Elecon Chambers. contact us www. Bldg. Inquire today. Meters/bonwe and Yishion. China Tel: (86-21) 5281 6130 ext. Off Andheri-Kurla Rd.000 pieces from a 19-year industry • www. and our well-versed design team members who are constantly turning out new and varied designs based on the latest trends. Full orders are delivered in 30 to 50 days to our clients around the world. China Tel: (86-510) 8668 8680 Fax: (86-510) 8668 8686 E-mail: sale@newasia. A2. Japan and Germany for a monthly capacity of 3 million meters of fabric and • suxin@offertex. India E-mail: . Esprit. We will craft your designs. To order at least 3. We believe Women’s sleeveless our strengths lie in our fabric top with beaded division which is responsible floral applique for sourcing our fine-spun fabrics. Behind Saki Naka Telephone Exchange.Save time and money by sourcing from a supplier that offers a full list of services. embroidery and print workshop.

we know how to satisfy our clients with quality services and goods. Zhejiang Orient Junye I/E Co. Hangzhou. China Tel: (86-571) 8760 0352 Fax: (86-571) 8760 0349 E-mail: orientjunye@globalsources. and has inspected our operations twice each year for the past decade. 12 West Lake Ave. International retailer C&A is one long-term client. We develop more than 300 custom styles annually. Contact us Ladies’ sportswear made of 100% polyester micro polar fleece-bonded mesh with performance membrane More new products .globalsources. We adhere to ISO 9001:2000 and SA 8000 July 2011 Garments & Textiles 29 . and custom orders make up 90 percent of our business. And with a monthly capacity of Website: www.20 years of producing trendy clothing Serving C&A for a decade CVC double-knit jacquard winter coat with air layer After 20 years of experience in the garment industry. Each year we export $21 million worth of garments.globalsources. Ltd Rm. Orders begin at only 500 units.000 garments. we are prepared to handle all of your volume requests. and samples are ready in only three days. and welcome third-party inspections. Zhejiang 310009.

com .Choose verified suppliers .30 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.globalsources.

polyester. custom artwork accepted Polo shirt in gradient colors Greenfield International Trading Ltd Description: Men’s polo July 2011 Garments & Textiles 31 . sublimation-printed motif over sequins. jacquard pattern.China Sourcing Fair: Garments & Textiles PRODUCT GALLERY A selection of men’s and women’s garments from the China Sourcing Fair: Garments & Textiles Graphic tank tops Ranbest Apparel Co. dark green. bandage skirt: stretchable. machine-knitted on computerized unit. 100% cotton. complements floral dresses. 220g Pirate top with scarf Mengdi (Far East) Ltd Description: Women’s pirate top. rosette-trimmed waistband. Ltd Description: Tank tops. 12GG. nylon. ruched bodice. 70:30 wool-silk. pick-up skirt continued on page 34 More new products . Ltd Description: Women’s sweater. white. Ltd Description: Party dress.globalsources. gradient black. purple. skirt China V-Times Ltd Description: Sweater: viscose-acrylic with Lurex. neckline resembles scarf Green cotton sweater Zhejiang Orient Creation I/E Co.www. 12GG. 147g Knitted sweater. cut-and-sewn pattern. cotton. shiny Rosette-trimmed dress Zhejiang Zhongda Textiles Co.

And our MOQ is just 500 units. Dragon Pearl Complex Tower.globalsources. China Tel: (86-571) 8716 8018/8022 Fax: (86-571) 8716 8068/8069 E-mail: sales@springairgarment. Depending on the complexity. Costco. knitwear and T-shirts. Every month. we can create up to 100 tons of both yarn and fabric. That's a cost advantage you won't normally find with other suppliers.springairgarment. we can get you a custom sample in as fast as seven Shanghai office: Rm. We produce up to 900. Women's polyester jacket and cotton jeans Antibacteria International Co. Binjiang. Focusing exclusively on OEM for so long has given us extensive sampling experience. Zhejiang 310051.. Kwun Tong. Lok Kui Industrial Building.000 pieces monthly. the US and women and children. These facilities enable us to offer duty. China Tel: (86-21) 5093 1622. Ltd Goldsmart Garments Ltd 6/F. Contact us today to get started. Shanghai. Calvin Klein. Women’s V-neck striped gradient color acrylic dress Striped short-sleeved knit dress Zhejiang Springair Garment Co. sweaters. Contact us today for a price quote..globalsources. Ltd 188 Binkang Rd. Kowloon. 6/F. Sears.000 garments. Woolworths. Debenhams – all these big companies have chosen to source from us. They like the fact that we have passed their factory evaluations and met the requirements of their supplier codes of conduct.. Join Walmart.and quota-free orders for select categories of garments to the EU.Choose verified suppliers . you want an experienced supplier. Our main products are cashmere.30 years of OEM knitwear experience Get a sample in as fast as 1 week When it comes to OEM knitwear. six in Ghana and two in Cambodia. 288 Pudong Xie Pu Rd. as well as over Website: www. . Walmart. 3882 0061 • Fax: (86-21) 3882 0051 32 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Viscose/spandex dress with stitched flowers Your source for functional cooling fabrics We have five factories in mainland China. including knitted and woven garments for Block A. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2243 4287 E-mail: • www. Choose us – we have more than three decades of experience in this industry. Li & Fung and Umbro in sourcing from us.globalsources. 6-8 Hung To www.

China Tel: (86-571) 8760 0311 Fax: (86-571) 8760 0714 E-mail: emily@hqj-orient. we’ve filled numerous gauge and material requests. We’ll get back to you in just 24 can customize your sweaters using various materials Select from over 500 styles We can provide men’s and women’s sweaters in over 500 styles. acrylic. Hangzhou. More new products . including cotton. This is why New Look and other international clients bring us their business. we accept minimum orders for just 1. We can also supply woven • www. In the 24 years we’ve been making custom sweaters.000 pieces. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. brand names and logos (“Marks”) are for reference purposes only.globalsources. linen.globalsources. We can offer 1.www. Zhejiang 310009. viscose. We cooperate with dozens of suppliers to offer you a wide range of natural and synthetic materials. All items shown here with various trademarks. silk. jackets and other garments. Ltd 12 West Lake Ave. dyeing and knitting factories. we have our own yarn. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third July 2011 Garments & Textiles 33 ..5. and we’ll respond within 24 hours. To help us cut down on costs and shorten our production cycle. and are not for sale. wool and cashmere.000 garments every month and deliver within 40 days. including cardigans. Send us an e-mail 16-gauge knitted fabrics.h-zjorient. Zhejiang Orient Knitex I/E Co. If you want to start out www. We can produce up to 200. ramie. pullovers and blended sweaters. especially summer clothing such as skirts.

top with zipper closure. Ltd Description: Tracksuit.Choose verified suppliers . glitterpainted dragon. Ltd Description: Cycling jersey. Ltd Description: Training jacket. silhouette. padded. two pockets. fur collar. Ltd Description: Men’s jacket. polyester tricot. sizes S to XXL Jacket with brushed interior Haining Tangshi Garments Co. four pockets. polyester . zipper closure. custom accessories Sublimation-printed jersey Danyu Sports Co. zipper closure. zipper closure. star-shaped applique. sublimation-printed motif. lacquer-. matching shorts optional Painted skate shirt Bright Overseas Ltd Description: Skate shirt. short or long sleeves. brushed interior. distressed finish in custom colors Padded jacket with fur collar Yantai Zoom Trade Co. motif may be bleach-printed Tracksuit in polyester tricot Quanzhou Kempgear Clothing Co. quick-dry fabric. sizes XS to XXL 34 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.China Sourcing Fair: Garments & Textiles Star-trimmed jacket Ninghai Zheng Guangli ClothesMaking Co. Ltd Description: Jacket. pants with drawstring waist.globalsources.

www. Liu Jo. We’ve been fi lling their high-volume orders promptly and precisely for www. and then send us an e-mail today. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom to see our latest pieces monthly.. Guess and Zara We’re a professional manufacturer with 30 years of experience and $30 million in assets.globalsources.globalsources.000m 2. We have been supplying clients in Europe and the US with high-end sweaters and knitwear since Guess.globalsources.000 pieces monthly Our extensive production facilities include four factories and cover a total area of more than 200. 960 Chengnan Rd. All 8272 0111 Fax: (86-573) 8272 0868 E-mail: mengdi@globalsources. One thousand skilled employees help us turn out up to More new products . Motivi. China Tel: (86-573) 8271 8909.globalsources.30 years of experience in sweaters and knitwear We serve That’s why big buyers BCBG.globalsources. insurance and customs clearance to make the completion and shipment of your order run smoothly. Women’s knitted sweater dress made of 60% cotton and 40% viscose Women’s cotton T-shirt and dress Mengdi Group/Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export Co. Longway Plaza. And our 85-member trade staff will help you with www. Jiaxing. Ltd 18/19F.globalsources. Zhejiang 314001. www. Contact us We respond to all inquiries within 24 www. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 35 . C&A and Zarina’s source from us. Manoukian. Up to 350.

com www.000 units monthly. winter jackets.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Rm. suits and pants. sweatshirts. including products suitable for hockey.globalsources. Ltd Ski gloves 6/F. All five of our ISO 9001:2008-certified partner factories have over 500 employees. shirts. dresses. We can especially design and produce ski sweaters that incorporate windproof lining for extra warmth. Our • . await your Repeat customers from the US and Europe rely on our specialized knowledge of sportswear. Fujian 362200. Block 2. As a 25-year manufacturer of woven garments. Qiulinyuan. Jinjiang. Five QC inspectors perform checks to ensure quality. outerwear.000 pieces. A. Jiangsu 210004. including ski sweaters. Hungary and Spain. who speak • www. Contact us today for more information. Men’s ski sweater with windproof lining Stig Jiangsu Light & Textile Imp. and our experienced development team can have a sample ready within seven days. Qingyang. Co. we can guarantee www. We have branches in Italy. helping us achieve $12 million in annual sales. Bldg. Thus. Bldg. China Tel: (86-573) 8780 9855 Fax: (86-573) 8780 9355 tangshi@globalsources. as well as lead times of 45 to 60 days. Most of this output goes to OEM customers.000m2 factory can manufacture up to 3 million units every year.. Contact us today. Ltd Hongshan Industry Area. We can also offer special features such as breathable and waterproof fabrics. Nanjing. but our two factories and 500 workers can turn out www. where our Beyond and Fasto brands are well-received. Come to us for OEM or Sainty-brand garments. & Exp. Send us your requests.globalsources. Haining. Inquire today. China Tel: (86-595) 8562 9008 Fax: (86-595) 8567 3788 E-mail: info@fasto-itco. we have been exporting various knitted and woven outerwear and other garments to buyers worldwide. 1305. Zhejiang 314414.globalsources. Haining Tangshi Garments Co. we have a network of trusted long-term material suppliers. different sizes and colors are available Fujian Binhui Light Industry Co. Spanish and Hungarian. baseball and basketball. Over 60 percent of our orders are for discerning markets in All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only.fasto-itco. Italian. 2.Ski sweaters with windproof lining Manufacturing and exporting since 1977 Since 1977. China Tel: (86-25) 5287 6161 Fax: (86-25) 8420 8837 E-mail: stig@globalsources.saintygroup. Lily New Town. And we’ve cooperated with these factories for over 10 years. 21 Software Ave. They are the property of their respective Men's jacket • 100% nylon shell • 100% terylene lining 36 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Women's fashionable winter jacket • 100% nylon shell • 100% terylene lining Up to 3 million sportswear items produced annually White sweat suit. Our minimum order requirement is 1. Our 50 foreign sales experts. knitted and woven T-shirts. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such www.

We have our own woven garment factory

Women’s shirts and dresses made of silk, polyester and spandex

Women’s woven down jacket made of 100% down

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July 2011 Garments & Textiles 37

With a year-round selection

Organic cotton T-shirt

Organic cotton/spandex T-shirt

Tank top and harem pants made of linen

7-year experts in apparel made with various printing and embroidery techniques
We have seven years of experience in silk screen printing, dye sublimation printing, and computerized patterning and graphics. We use high-quality and stable silk-screen printers with all kinds of eco-friendly printing inks. And our complex and intricate embroidery designs are spun by Tajima-brand machines. Our 2,000m2 factory is staffed with more than 100 experienced employees and R&D members, and has a monthly capacity of 50,000 T-shirts and 10,000 jackets. Delivery is completed in about 40 days. Contact us today.

Short-sleeve golf shirts

Men’s softshell jacket

Prowe Apparel Ltd
Rm. 3116, Jinying Building, No. 258-28, Zhongyang Rd., Nanjing, Jiangsu 210009, China Tel: (86-25) 5878 2810 Fax: (86-25) 8337 8405 E-mail:

As one of the major suppliers of functional fabrics and garments in mainland China, it's only natural that we produce the fabrics used in our shirts. Our extensive collection includes golf shirts, casual shirts and windbreakers, as well as moisture-wicking, quick-dry and antibacterial fabrics. We’ve designed items for renowned car and golf brands and can do the same for you. Custom samples can be ready in as fast as five days. Our monthly capacity is 300,000 units. Inquire today.

Shenzhen Hongxinqi Clothing Co. Ltd
4/F, Huaying Building, 225 Botanical Garden Rd., Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518116, China Tel: (86-755) 8429 8667 • Fax: (86-755) 8429 8679 Mobile: (86) 139 2740 7186 • E-mail: Website:
All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.

T-shirts with full-color print

38 Garments & Textiles July 2011 - Choose verified suppliers

12 new shirt designs monthly

Wrinkle-free shirt with details

Stylish cufflinks, various kinds available

Our catalogs Our sewing workshop and factory

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July 2011 Garments & Textiles 39

Choose verified suppliers .40 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 41 .VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .globalsources.

Shancheng.. Zhangcha.We’ve won Taiwan’s Good Export Record award Lily Corporation High-visibility vest Men's T-shirt High-visibility jacket with EN 471 approval Men’s 100% cotton sweater jacket. Hesheng Industrial Park.guangdaclothing. H&M and Coogi.. which cover a total area of www. Foxi Rd.0.Choose verified suppliers . customized designs are welcomed You can rely on us to tailor garments to your market needs. sportswear. we can easily turn out • www. coats. Foshan. we’ve been customizing knitted apparel for major clients such as Intersport.000 workers at our two factories.5 and 4. T-shirts. and we’ll take care of the rest. Foshan Guangda Garment Co. With 1. Guangdong 528000.globalsources. Inquire today. Choose from our collection of jackets.000m2.000 pieces monthly. China Tel: (86-757) 8210 0757 • Fax: (86-757) 8210 0756 E-mail: guangdagarment@globalsources. All of our items are tested to an AQL of . polo shirts. Ltd 25 Cunyuan Rd. vests and blouses. For 20 42 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. We can do the same for you.

Other trading companies won't offer you this valuable Rm. Samples are finished within seven days. China Tel: (86-571) 8782 7932 Fax: (86-571) 8781 2978 E-mail: chris.Our trade staff works your exact business hours Women’s winter jacket with delicate details Your schedule is our schedule It's frustrating when your business hours don't coincide with your supplier's. Today we serve clients from North America. Western Europe and www. we'll have our trade staff working the night shift to field your questions. That's why we align our working schedule exactly with your time zone. Hangzhou. which is fast in the industry.000 kinds of materials.sinotexes. and have an annual sales volume of $40 • www. pants or other garments. ISO 9001:2000-certified partner suppliers Quality is something else you'll appreciate about Contact Person: Chris Wang July 2011 Garments & Textiles 43 . And we have denim fabric suppliers that can provide over 6.richtex@sinotexes. cardigans.www. get in touch with us today. For example.globalsources. Zhejiang 310001. And you'll enjoy a lead time of just 30 days. More new products . from spinning and weaving to sewing and packaging. Your order will include testing reports from ITS and SGS for regulatory compliance. Our 20 partner factories all have ISO 9001:2000 certification and have worked with us for 10 years. 401.. Our service doesn't stop there No more waiting until we get to the office to find out about your denim jeans. To learn about how we can make a difference in your business.globalsources. 165 Middle Zhonghe Rd. our five QC staff inspect everything at the factory. jackets. T-shirts. Plus. Contact us We've proven our ability over the years. if you're from the US.

Minhang. China Tel: (86-21) 6489 7801 Fax: (86-21) 5176 1518 E-mail: andy@sh-roway. Ltd Women’s cashmere pullover Cashmere yarn 44 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Source UV-protective and chlorine-proof swimwear From a 15-year OEM/ODM provider Source our swimwear and sun-protective garments. And every season we release 10 to 20 new products.globalsources. Our highly experienced R&D team is ready to get to work on a custom sample for you. Our QC officers inspect each garment to an AQL of 2. Shanghai • www. Whispering Smith chose us as their garment supplier We have been manufacturing and exporting garments for more than 15 All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. and you’ll be purchasing from a supplier trusted by Hermes-OTTO. We have an overseas office in the US for your convenience.globalsources. Go Sport. Fujian 361012. Contact us today to learn more about our resources. 18 Guanghua www. We've been handling OEM and ODM orders for major companies since 1996. China Tel: (86-592) 511 5117/5663/5667 • Fax: (86-592) 511 5110 Mobile: (86) 138 0607 1752 • Contact Person: Mary Chua E-mail: Website: www. Choose from Lycra® spandex. They are the property of their respective owners. we can produce up to • marychua@21fashion. 1.Choose verified suppliers .000 activewear items nylon and PBT fabrics that ensure an optimal fit and feel for your customers.5 and 4.globalsources. Xiamen. . and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. so we always have something new to offer buyers like you.000 swimwear and 250. chlorine-proof and moisture-wicking fabrics. Respected businesses such as Whispering Smith. 7D-E. Sears and Zellers. Lindex. 2/F. Ltd 21 Fashion Co. With a BSCI-certified factory and fabric that meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Ltd Girl's rashguard with UPF 50+ Women's bikini Rms.21fashion. Tongbao Men’s hooded winter jacket Shanghai Fondland Intl Trading Co. 1-3 Changqing Rd. Give us a call today. Xiamen JV Industrial Co. Lee Cooper and Rivers have all sourced from us.. Cashmere products delivered on-time Men’s padded winter jacket with cotton shell Shanghai Roway International Co. Ltd A8. We use UV-protective.

More new products July 2011 Garments & Textiles 45 .globalsources.

allowing us to control delivery times and product quailty. choose us over the competition. soccer jerseys. Our garments are mainly exported throughout Europe. And when you’re ready to place a full order.000 tracksuits and 200. Jiangsu 215500. Co. We have more than 20 series and over 1.000 styles available. Ltd Changshu Eastar Fashion Co. sweaters and other garments. We can source our own raw materials. Asia and more. 263 Huanghe Rd. polyester and linen fabrics. Changshu. Samples are created by our team of eight veteran pattern makers and craftsmen.. Luoshan. Changshu Eastar Textile Imp.000 units. Find out why buyers in Europe. Evening dress 100% polyester tracksuit We have both the experience and capability to accommodate your volume needs for tracksuits. the Men’s casual shirt made of 100% cotton yarn-dyed poplin Women’s casual pants made of 100% cotton We can turn out 100. China Tel: (86-512) 5288 0198 Fax: (86-512) 5286 2688 E-mail: tao@cseastar. Gang’ All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only.. tennis wear. China Tel: (86-595) 8210 8902/8903 • Fax: (86-595) 8563 6356 E-mail: info@cfon-cn. Musani. Tennis wear 8/F. we can manufacture up to . our factory – with 200 skilled workers – can turn out 100. Fujian 362200. Since 2001 we have been working with over 50 large scale brands across the US. Qianyan www.globalsources.000 styles spread over 20 series We specialize in casual garments for men. & Exp.Choose verified suppliers . We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. T-shirts and boxer shorts available in 100 percent cotton. Jinjiang. such as Cache. women and children.000 items delivered to you within 45 • www. Shantou Hi-Tech Zone. To learn more. 5 Kejidong Rd.000 track suits and 200. Established in 1992. China Tel: (86-754) 8848 7000 • Fax: (86-754) 8848 7099 E-mail: info@stronglytrading.000 pieces per month at our three factories. Asia and Australia. Raxevsky and BDBA. Block C. This includes • www.cseastar. And our relationships with our fabric suppliers go back more than 10 years. Our minimum order requirement is 600 units per style and we can have orders of up to 46 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. as well as all fabric blends. Guangdong 515041. including Joma and Legea. We have our own garment factory with a monthly capacity of 400.More than 1. Contact us www. Or you can provide your specific requirements and we will have your samples ready in two to five days. Ltd 7/ www.globalsources.000 T-shirts monthly Our eight-member design team produces over 80 new dresses every month for our in Europe and the US. Hengze Building. Inquire today. contact our sales team www. Our minimum order requirement is 50 pieces.cfoncn. Europe.000 T-shirts each month. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 47 .VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .

For flexible Women's shorts made Women's sweater www. McDonald’s. hooded sweatshirts.01@vip. We only purchase fabric from our suppliers since we know keeping fabric color consistent is important. Bldg. casual pants and sweaters.globalsources.evergreen168. Zara. sportswear and pants. Denmark. Guangdong 518101. J. She's Cool and Mecca already work with us. Australia and more. Ltd With over 12 years' experience exporting garments. C403.163. Jinhui Mingyuan. Zone 41. Hangzhou. Spain. polo shirts. So do Baxter.Choose verified suppliers . Shenzhen.Crew. and delivery within 35. dresses. especially women’s blouses.When Jägermeister. Women's cotton printed blouse We work with clients to develop new products Men’s woven casual jacket made of cotton Zhangjiagang Kaitai Textiles contact us today. Voice. we have acquired two factories and more than 15 partner suppliers. Men’s polo shirt • 100% polyester • Moisture wicking • Anti-bacterial and UV protection Ladies shirt • 100% polyester • Moisture wicking • Anti-bacterial and UV protection 25/F. Bao’an. we can meet their texture. 2. T-shirts. 2. We export to the US. You can come to us for OEM women's and children's garments. Contact us today. Zhejiang 310004. These buyers know that with our years of experience and in-house fabric production. Join buyers from Europe in benefiting from our services. China Tel: (86-755) 2996 1316/1326 Fax: (86-755) 2783 9970 evergreencn@globalsources. .co www. Evie and of cotton/spandex made of viscose and cotton Men’s padded winter jackets 48 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Our featured golf shirts have passed inspections by Bureau Veritas. they come to us. Choose from our range of golf apparel. Canada. China Tel: (86-571) 8833 3886 Fax: (86-571) 8581 2860 E-mail: roy-jindaier@live. jackets. 347 Shaoxing Rd. Unit A. who source high-end winter jackets for their apparel lines. Samples are completed in three to seven days. Pepsi and Carlsberg need promotional shirts.globalsources. weight and color specifications while cutting production evergreen. and we strictly monitor each step of the production process to ensure all of our garments meet your high standards.

8961 8996 E-mail: roland@pxgnet. To see our full product range. scarf and gloves Wenzhou Success Group Co. Our design department can do just that. We have over 200 personnel ready to discuss your designs and custom logos in English.globalsources. China Tel: (86-577) 8861 5521. hats. Ltd 3/F.. Zhejiang • www. but it takes a touch of talent to apply that design to a piece of clothing. 6 Hongqiao Rd. And when it comes to you can depend on our experienced team to develop a fresh design in just one week. Our four fully owned factories have supplied buyers from over 60 countries and regions.pxgnet. Wenzhou. visit our Global Sources Online showroom and send us an e-mail today.www. so you know we'll be able to handle large-volume July 2011 Garments & Textiles 49 . the US. including Europe.Create top clothes with our 200-member design department 22 years of industry experience Anyone can throw a sketch together. Orders are shipped within 35 days. Men’s 100% cotton T-shirts and cap 3-piece winter set.globalsources. scarves and www. 8861 2353 Fax: (86-577) 8861 7679. Africa and the Middle East. we've been the sensible choice of buyers looking for competitively priced More new products . Success Mansion. For 22 years. We export more than 2 million units every year. includes hat.

In-house production and 20 QC inspectors control quality
Military garments resistant to oil, water and fire

Waterproof and breathable military tracksuit • Waterproof rating: 20,000mm • Breathability rating: 15,000g/m2 per 24 hours

Leison Co. Ltd
Sunsion Outdoor Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Tactical bag, SGSinspected fabric

Bulletproof vest • Tested in NIJ HP White lab • SGS-inspected fabric

6.9 million-unit annual capacity from a shirt specialist
Specializing in shirts, we manufacture and export up to 6.9 million shirts every year. Our New Union and New Union Textra brands are registered in 34 countries and regions around the world. With our new pattern-making room staffed by our own R&D team, we can create around 200 new products every month. We manufacture our shirts with our in-house developed Parstar fabric. It can replace cotton, and its dyeing and after-treatment temperature is far lower than standard polyester. Inquire now.

Whether you're looking for women's, men's or children's clothing, we can match your request with a variety of knitwear and woven garments ready for four seasons. Because we have seven years’ experience working with buyers from Italy, we are familiar with popular trends. We export to well-known companies in Europe such as Brums, Liu Jo, Gaudi, Pinko, El Corte Inglés and more. Our diverse selection is bred from our range of suppliers – we are partners with factories in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Shandong. Call us today, and we'll reply with 24 hours.

Men’s winter coat with nylon fabric shell

Women’s down winter jacket

Shanghai New Union Textra Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd
1341 Yuyuan Rd., Shanghai 200050, China Tel: (86-21) 6251 1391 Fax: (86-21) 6240 8335 E-mail: •
Women’s T-shirt made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex

Rms. 508-509, Sunshine Intl Business Center, 186 South Hushu Rd., Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310005, China Tel: (86-571) 2897 7088 Fax: (86-571) 2897 7090

50 Garments & Textiles July 2011 - Choose verified suppliers

Orders start at 600 units
A lot of resources go into the production of men’s garments and accessories, so manufacturers require large orders. But we don’t. Specializing in jackets, suits and overcoats, we welcome orders for as few as 600 pieces. But high-volume orders are no problem either, because we have an annual production capacity of 400,000 pieces. There are 1,200 skilled and experienced employees in our ISO 14001:2004- and ISO 9001:2000-certified, 20,000m 2 factory. They make sure that the more than 100 steps in our men’s garment production process are performed accurately and efficiently. And for better results, we use advanced equipment imported from Italy, Germany and Japan. Want to see our jackets up close? Our design team can create your custom sample in 15 days. After sample confirmation, we’ll manufacture your products in just 30 days following Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guidelines. All products will be strictly inspected before shipment. Please contact one of our 10 English- and French-speaking trade representatives today.

Men’s padded winter jackets

Wenzhou Highway Trade Co. Ltd
Rm. 405, Bldg. 1, Yuda Mansion, Station Ave., Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325088, China Tel: (86-577) 8869 6698 Fax: (86-577) 8869 6818 E-mail: •

Men’s wool overcoat

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July 2011 Garments & Textiles 51

Choose verified suppliers
China Sourcing Reports


To buy direct from verified China manufacturers, we invite you to step inside China factories with Global Sources China Sourcing Reports. You’ll find page after page of details on verified manufacturers of specific products. Plus, benchmark your suppliers against these factories’ capabilities and prices. Choose from the following list of titles: • • • • • • Automotive Parts Bicycles Camping & Outdoor Gear Crafts, Gifts & Novelties Fashion Accessories Jackets & Sportswear • • • • • • Lighting & Electrical Luggage & Travel Goods Promotional Items Kitchen Appliances Kitchenware Tools

To experience the difference that working with verified suppliers can make to your business, select your China Sourcing Reports today.

To see all titles, go to

52 Garments & Textiles July 2011 - Choose verified suppliers July 2011 Garments & Textiles 53 .VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .

meets ANSI and EN 471 standards An extensive supplier network to serve you Zhejiang Cathaya Transtra www.Choose verified suppliers .com . EN 471.14-year ref lective garments manufacturer Our competitive advantages include: • Supplying for buyers in more than 20 countries • Manufacturing under ANSI/ISEA 107. EN 1150 and AS/NZS standards • 14 years of experience in the safety clothing industry • ISO 9001:2000-certified and BSCIReflective safety compliant factory jacket with • 3 days for samples and 30 days for delivery reflective ribbon We welcome you to contact us at any time. CSA www. 8763 0020 Fax: (86-579) 8763 0435 E-mail: sales@sfvest. Safety T-shirt Wuyi Shunfa Garment Factory Zhejiang Shunfa Reflective Clothing Co. China Tel: (86-579) 8763 Ltd 54 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.globalsources. Zhejiang 321200. Ltd 268 Wenquan Waterproof safety jackets. meets ANSI 107 and EN 471 standards Reflective safety vest. Wuyi.globalsources..sfvest.

Wenzhou. we achieve $50 million in annual sales and have become a leading exporter in eastern China. Ltd 3/F.. Our products include Website: Products for sports fans More new products .globalsources.www.Licensed supplier for international football clubs We boast more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting sportswear and accessories. We also supply quality goods to thousands of soccer fans. such as Bayern. Liuhongqiao Rd. 100% cotton T-shirts for sports fans Wenzhou Success Group Co. polo shirts. via the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions July 2011 Garments & Textiles 55 . Having eight factories working together to manufacture our customized products. Zhejiang 325028. Now we partner with buyers in over 60 countries.globalsources. jerseys. bags and all kinds of souvenirs. Send us an e-mail today to get the experience of cooperating with a professional China-based exporter. We are a licensed supplier for many football clubs. Inter Milan and AC • stephen@terhpo. Normally we can complete orders in 40 days and get your samples ready in one week. caps. Success Mansion. China Tel: (86-577) 8861 1979 Fax: (86-577) 8861 7679 stephen@success. We respond quickly and try to exceed your expectations.

Ltd Gangtou Industrial Area. Join buyers from 56 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. the Americas and other regions by contacting us today. Wuyi.5 safety vest million safety vests and 833. Zhejiang 321208. our products can reflect light with some of the strongest visibility in the industry. Silk dress with tassled skirt Dress made of 95% polyester. ISO 9001:2000-certified High-visibility factory is capable of a massive output of 2.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .com .5 million high-visibility vests monthly Our reflective products have outshined the competition in international markets for eight years.2. As a • Our 30. 5% spandex Reflective material Warning triangle Zhejiang Yinguang Reflecting Material Manufacturing Co. This remains so because our products are made using material with a reflective coefficient of reversed light greater than 400cd/lx/m2.000 meters of reflective material monthly. www. China Tel: (86-579) 8792 8596 Fax: (86-579) 8792 8082 leolu@cnyinguang.

10 Jiangnan Xiang. In addition to our own factory. Ltd Rm. our monthly capacity reaches 100. Most of our products are exported to Europe. buttons. we've learnt that ensuring high-quality goods lies in the details. And our jackets.. We have ITS or SGS certify that our fabric materials meet your standards. Dongxin Rd.globalsources.Detailed inspection for defect-free sportswear Fabric materials verified by ITS or SGS During our 15 years in the industry. Bad Boy. zippers. China Tel: (86-571) 8580 3793. Zhejiang 310014. Samples are ready in only seven to 10 days. track suits and other garments can be customized to your OEM specifications. 301. Men's sportswear with 140g body padding Men’s tracksuit made of 100% polyester Hangzhou Artsun Garment Co. You can also confidently order brightly colored clothes from us – they are guaranteed not to bleed. Hangzhou.. We examine the stitching. sweatshirts. Send us an e-mail today. Zhongliang Business Lindex and Ellos all come to us.000 garments. O'Neill.www. • artsun@globalsources.globalsources. and large retailers such as Umbro. With the aid of their specialized washing Our 40 sample makers can create 100 new designs every More new products . we work with eight partner factories. pockets and linings of our sportswear until we are certain they are free of even the smallest July 2011 Garments & Textiles 57 . 8580 3794 Fax: (86-571) 8580 3764 E-mail: jimmy@artsun. Website: www. have been an OEM garment manufacturer for more than 20 • nbchunlong@163.globalsources. Our 15 pattern-makers are ready to work on your OEM ideas and will have samples ready in as fast as seven days. an ERP management system. we’ve sold uniforms to clients who participate in motorsports such as www. of 100% polyester Women’s coat with buckle. For more information. Danyang. Ltd 19/F. Contact us today.. When they want their logo on merchandise. V8 Supercars. we update our selection with 100 new products monthly. Most of the raw materials we use are made in-house. China Tel: (86-511) 8629 6111/6222/6333 Fax: (86-511) 8629 6000 E-mail: jackyen@jingzhu. We can also handle your printing requests. 588 Canghai Rd. Jiangsu As a specialist in racing apparel. allowing us to accurately manage quality and . Mitsubishi and Yamaha choose to team up with www. all in compliance with CE and EN 471 guidelines. Ningbo. Kawasaki.nbchunlong.jingzhu. We have plenty of support under the hood.globalsources. made of 100% curly lamb fur Women’s fur vests Ningbo Chunlong Light Reflecting Material Co. Our ISO 9001:2000certified factory manufactures up to 500.Choose verified suppliers . including a new 15-production line factory.. shoes and jackets. as well as reflective • www. racing T-shirts/polos/sweaters/fleeces and suit pants/shorts available 188 Xin’er St. Lvyuan Building. and maybe you'll be Safety vests made cheering with us tomorrow. To keep pace with the rest of the world. Cotton/polyester/nylon racing jackets/pit shirts. industry heavyweights such as Honda.000 EN 471-compliant safety garments monthly Our comprehensive list of products includes safety vests.000 units each • sales@nbchunlong. and our own embroidery and screen-printing • www. Zhejiang 315040. WRC and • jingzhugarment@globalsources. Er’ 58 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. China Tel: (86-574) 8778 9278/9252 Fax: (86-574) 8778 9277 30 new creations each month Up to 500. 500 workers. contact our representatives today. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 59 .www.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .

Satin bridal gown If you require urban. Kowloon. Small order quantities are accepted.Choose verified suppliers . To ensure quality. Customized packaging services are available for all customers.gyansinternational. From silk and leather to spandex and cotton. look no further. In fact. lining and other materials from Taiwan. We also develop 10 new products of our own every month.Over 100 materials on offer Meeting volume demands of Walmart We’ve been producing garments for more than two decades. Orders start at only one gown. while our decorative beads are sourced from Japan.globalsources. Contact us today. They like the fact that we have a dedicated pattern-making facility that allows us to complete custom samples in just seven www. we are experts at providing comprehensive sourcing solutions for Jiangsu • www. as well as garments designed for all four seasons. Golden Crown Ct.millybridal. allowing you to make changes during the production process. 68 Nathan Xintiandi Office Building. Poly silky dress Huzhou United Huatian Industry Co. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2724 5988 • Fax: (852) 2369 3891 E-mail: gyans@denverfashions. Walmart has sourced from us for years. China Tel: (86-572) 212 1961 Fax: (86-572) 210 6133 E-mail: All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Jiangzhuang Industrial Zone. Having been in the industry for over 40 China Tel: (86-512) 6587 2680 Fax: (86-512) 6587 2690 E-mail: Silk dress with beading Silk cotton blouse with lace Hassle-free sourcing and packaging services for stock lot garments What you see is what you get We use CAD systems to design your custom dress and you'll receive picture confirmations during each www. We currently have five factories dedicated to the production of women’s clothes and the textiles used to make • www.. And because we use actual pictures. we source satin. fashion accessories and premium gift items. what you see is really what you are getting. Huzhou. Suzhou. Inquire now. knitwear and fashion accessories according to your www. we have over 100 materials for you to choose 60 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. We have over 500 styles available for your selection. Volume orders are not a problem for us.. but we also manufacture denim jeans.globalsources. Not only do we email you the latest stock lot garments offers regularly. Milly Bridal Design Studio 88 Xicun Rd. Guoxiang. Zhejiang 313000. Wuzhong. Contact us . casual and club wear and do not Printed t-shirt and want to deal with multiple embroidered jeans overseas suppliers. Ltd 19/F. Gyans International 13/F. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Block A.

www.270.000 customized garments monthly More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 61 .globalsources. sell any items bearing such trademarks. A2. Accordingly. purposes only. water-resistant.globalsources. Fenghuang Development Area. Every year. to remain up to date with the latest To join • www. in places such as Dubai. Maui and Sons. Ltd 12 Baihuazhou Rd. wind-resistant. Plus. contact our Englishspeaking sales team today. Ltd Bldg.skdenim. Women’s fashion jeans Ski jacket Guangzhou Shake Garment Co.32 years of specializing in sportswear and casual wear Fast-drying sports jerseys Men’s polo shirts and fashionable printed boardshorts We release over 500 new styles each season Trust your orders for stylish women’s jeans to us. Rucanor and others source from us.. Peter Storm. they’re able to develop 500-plus new designs every season. They can incorporate breathable. we utilize six production lines with advanced machinery from Germany. we source our fabrics and accessories from long-term stable suppliers. adding the features you seek. Fujian 350008. Pushang Industrial Zone. China Tel: (86-20) 3297 6190. To make 180. We are not authorized to Website: www.Choose verified suppliers . our 30 R&D technicians will realize your OEM/ODM For more We offer styles tailored to markets in the Americas. ISO 9001:2000 Zengcheng. Xintang. TÜV or ITS for final inspections. we produce up to 1 million units and ship finished products to SGS. China Tel: (86-591) 2805 0888/0880 • Fax: (86-591) 2805 0868 E-mail: fedtex@globalsources. contact us now. snow-repellent properties and more. 62 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Guangzhou.000 quality pieces monthly. 8276 9136 Fax: (86-20) 3297 6191 E-mail: yoyojeans88@hotmail. Trespass. Our designers attend international fashion shows. Russia and All trademarks are shown for reference fedtex@vip. Guangdong 511340. Looking for customized skiwear? Backed by our 17 years of industry Fuzhou Fedtex Garment .globalsources. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 63 . Ltd More new products .Four in-house design departments devoted to ODM orders Numerous sample rooms and pattern artists await your requests Excellent Fashion Garment (Hangzhou) Co.

We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.. Website: www. Taiwan Industrial Park. scarves. and third-party inspectors also check our For samples in five 100% cotton casual days. • huanzh@epicgmt. gloves..000 shirts for major orders are welcome buyers across the US and Europe. Redmond and Jack & Jones come walking through our doors. To set up a time to visit our factory. custom sizes Every month. Shandong 276800. To accommodate volume demands. Website: www.globalsources. When Casa Moda. We monitor every step of production. we make up are Ltd Shishi 6/F.globalsources. Zhejiang 315010.and ISO 14001:2004-certified factories. Women’s windproof padded jacket with hood Men's 100% cotton T-shirt Small and big buyers alike won’t be left out in the cold when sourcing apparel from us. China Tel: (86-574) 8716 . Haishu. We know they’re impressed with our smooth shirts and professional style. we don’t break a sweat. We gladly fill orders for as few as 500 pieces. China Tel: (86-633) 866 5188 • Fax: (86-633) 866 5166 E-mail: conniec@epicgmt.000 jackets. 8716 4688 Fax: (86-574) 8716 4686 E-mail: nbguangfa@globalsources. inquire today. Rizhao Economic Development Zone. and we can provide related accessories that match our uniforms as well. So rest assured knowing your most discerning client will also enjoy the lightweight feel and serious attitude our shirts possess. Contact us today.globalsources. Having been in the apparel industry for eight years. Wenaas. China Tel: (86-595) 8861 0666 Fax: (86-595) 8861 0688 E-mail: www. we make up to 70. 100% cotton men's dress shirt. Ltd Suite Related accessories All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Our wholly owned factories are devoted to handling orders for men’s and women’s dress shirts. Ltd Dalian Rd. including hats. including Russell Europe.We serve clients from Europe We have our own garment factory. Fujian. and over 15 years’ experience cooperating with buyers from Europe. OEM to submit your OEM men's shirt requests today. we can efficiently customize our winter wear. Fleece uniform jacket and pique polo shirt Ningbo Guangfa Import and Export Co. ski wear and garments for men and women according to your requirements. Epic Garment Manufacturing Co. All of our products comply with an AQL of 2. and Fruit of the Loom.Choose verified suppliers .0. We design uniforms tailored to custom projects for a range of clients. ties and belts. All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Kaidi Dress & Weaving Co. Ningbo. 64 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.globalsources. 8716 4762. shirts and other items monthly at our two ISO 9001:2000. 1120-1126 Xiangjiang Rd. 201 Lantian Rd. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 65 .www.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .globalsources.

For outdoor wear you can count on. For more details. contact us now. All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. contact us today. To keep pace with changing trends. T-shirts. beachwear and underwear to choose from – many of which are made of natural bamboo fiber and cotton. 70% bamboo and 30% cotton shirt Men’s screenprinted T-shirt. each year.globalsources. To ensure everything we produce meets an AQL of 2. Ltd Dongfang Industrial District. Men's and women's 100% cotton polo shirts Choose a 15-year manufacturer of outdoor wear If you’re looking for soft shell jackets. 11/F. Fuzhou. 66 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. our 50 inspectors conduct a series of assessments.000m2 factory equipped with sophisticated machinery. Zhidi Square.Unique designs backed by 20 years’ experience Our primary goal is to provide fashion-forward garments that attract internationally recognized brands. dresses and other apparel at our 20. 90% polyester and 10% spandex blend Fujian Tiancheng Holdings Garments I/E . quick-dry T-shirts and more.. available in various colors Rm. • frank@tianchenggarments. our designers – who are skilled in knitted and woven pieces – create a new design every www. Inquire today. 8010/8080 Fax: (86-769) 8570 9008 E-mail: best@globalsources. Our designers make regular trips to Japan and South Korea to keep up with the latest trends and integrate these styles into our clothing.. shrinkage and colorfastness tests on raw materials and finished products. China Tel: (86-591) 8787 4681. Dongguan. We use all-natural materials to make clothing for • sale8. Guangdong 523925. we’re verified by Bureau outdoor work wear. Zhongshan Tower. All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. 89 Wusi Rd. women and children.5. They are the property of their respective owners. Tommy Hilfiger and Women's soft shell jacket. 100% cotton Over 100 styles of eco-friendly garments If you’re looking for stylish garments to please your eco-friendly customers. Children's t-shirts. Fujian Our 10 QC technicians oversee the entire production process to ensure good quality. China Tel: (86-591) 8727 6558 • Fax: (86-591) 8727 4478 manager@vertoday. including chromatic aberration. In fact. golf apparel. take a look at our offerings. rainwear. and we’ve supplied both the McLaren F1 and BP Ford racing Find out why buyers in the EU and the US work with Website: www. We have over 100 styles of casual apparel.Choose verified suppliers . We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.globalsources.globalsources.globalsources. pants. Fujian 350003. We have over 15 years of manufacturing experience. Best Garment Co. we manufacture up to 3 million premium polo shirts. We put our 20 years of experience to work filling volume orders for Esprit. Moreover. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. 154 Hudong Website: www. coats. China Tel: (86-769) 8570 9002 Ltd 22/F. turn to us. Humen. 8787 4629 • Fax: (86-591) 8787 4538 E-mail: frankzhu@globalsources.

And up to 1 million meters of fabric Keeping you up-to-date is our mission. Your volume demands are no problem for us. And if you are looking for garments. printed. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom to view our product offerings today. dyed.www. Need fabrics? We offer faux Website: July 2011 Garments & Textiles 67 .co Knitting machines for jacquard and faux fur fabrics More new products . warp-knitted and fleece fabrics. our team is able to develop new faux furs that are ready for your ODM requests. China Tel: (86-573) 8463 1825 Fax: (86-573) 8463 1555 E-mail: jayer@globalsources. Ltd 46 Xiangjia Rd. Zhejiang 314166. This is why we have a design expert from South Korea helping our own designers develop up to 50 new designs each year. We also produce up to 300. Our 20. jacquard. Jiashan Economic Development Zone.000 garments each Lize Industrial Park. brushed. And with the technology that we also import from South Korea. faded.globalsources.globalsources. women and children. come to us for coats and jackets for men. Women’s faux fur winter coat 100% acrylic faux furs Zhejiang Jieer Fashion Garment Co. Ltd Jiashan Jiehao Artificial Fur Product Co. The annual production capacity of our Oeko-Tex Standard 100certified fabrics is up to 1 million meters.000m 2 factory and 300 skilled employees are ready to handle all of your requests.

children's wear and promotional .000 pieces. With a www. Humen. 206. Rush samples can be completed in only one to two Dongguan Humen Lansen Garment Co. They are the property of their respective owners. Guangdong 523900. Rm. Shanghai 200040.000m2 factory housing 10 semiautomated production lines. The strong pattern-making ability of our 40 designers has won us praise in Europe and the US. Contact us today. China Tel: (86-769) 8623 8922/8911 • Fax: (86-769) 8623 8926 Mobile: (86) 139 2686 3996 E-mail: www. 68 Garments & Textiles July 2011 • judyjiayu@hotmail. They are able to provide samples in three to five days thanks to our large sample center. Dalinshan Industrial Zone..Choose verified suppliers .com/bankagarment. we can produce 100. We follow BSCI guidelines and welcome third-party inspectors. As a garment • www. Contact us today. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. allowing quick access to sea ports in Shenzhen and to our trusted materials suppliers in Guangzhou. Liansheng Rd. We welcome orders starting at 500 units and can deliver your goods in 20 days. China Tel: (86-21) 6232 2751 Fax: (86-21) 6232 1052 E-mail: passionsh@globalsources. Ltd Rm. 5/F. we have learned to implement our own QC system that is tuned into industry standards.. China. Our monthly capacity is 300.globalsources. We are located in Humen. 569 Yuyao Rd.000 units monthly. Meilian Mansion. 6.lansenqk. As a result.Our flexibility allows us to handle large and small orders Men’s 100% polyester cycling jersey with quick-dry treatment Men’s cycling shorts with quickdry treatment Women’s 100% polyester cycling jersey with sublimation printing and quick-dry treatment All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. we can offer you quality garments at lower prices. Women’s blouse Men's hooded sweatshirt with faux fur lining Buyers such as Celsius and Bly03 come to us for men's and women's wear. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 69 .62 years of experience in fashionable women’s garments Fashionable pants with fancy waistband Women’s printed silk blouse Ladies’ chiffon dress with frills More new products .www.

Yabian Industrial Zone.Supplying Disney and Pumpkin Patch Our experience in the production and export of garments goes back 15 years. Zhongshan. We also cooperate with over 10 factories to make all Men’s Britishkinds of suits – from half-canvas to style suits full-canvas. we employ talent. Our chief purchasing executives have 15 years’ experience in procuring quality raw materials at rockbottom China Tel: (86-411) 8252 8208 • Fax: (86-411) 8252 8191 E-mail: jeffsun@fortune-textiles. Or let us create a sample for you – we can design up to five new products every day. Choose from our extensive collection. Jiangning Development Zone. so you can be assured that we’re offering you the latest trends. Our monthly capacity is 150. All of our suits are Women’s .com 70 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. 3. ABP Enterprise Center. The time we’ve spent in the industry has enabled us to bring in top equipment – jacquard production lines from Germany and dyeing/finishing lines from Taiwan – as well as perfect our printing and embroidery techniques. interlock and interweave. we’ve been producing fashionable garments for men and women. We also manufacture fabrics in-house. inquire today. Dalian. Co. made of 55% linen Inquire now. China Tel: (86-755) 2969 7032 • Fax: (86-755) 8821 8722 east_land@globalsources. 10. Shajing. We produce up to • www. & Exp. Our garment inspectors have up to 20 years’ experience.globalsources. terry. with delivery in 25 www.globalsources. 70 Phoenix • rain.. and machine-made suits to handmade. Contact our multilingual sales staff today.wu@chinateam. suitable for 1-to-18-month-old babies We attend fashion shows in Europe throughout the year and bring back the newest design www.000 men’s. made for export.globalsources.szbeans. including • export2@szbeans.fortune-textiles. They also make sure all of our raw materials meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Fashionable women's jacket • 100% lamb skin • Soft fur collar Easten Land Enterprises Ltd No.Choose verified suppliers . Guangdong 518104. suitable for 1-to-18-month-old babies Cotton winter romper with padded www.000 items every month. Liaoning 116001. Shenzhen. women’s and children’s • www. Hang Ten and Pumpkin Patch. Nanjing. to which we add 60 to 80 new items each month. Women’s fashionable wool cardigan Women’s cotton long-sleeve shirt with off-shoulder design Cotton summer romper with padded hips and elbows. mainly to the EU. Jiangsu Talent garnered from up to 20 years’ experience When we hire employees. and some have come to join our workforce from Peerless and Bilma. China Tel: (86-25) 8470 0700 Fax: (86-25) 8470 0198 E-mail: jack.. and 45% cotton We design 60 to 80 new garments every month Since 1996. For more details. so just let us know what it is you need. We regularly supply Disney.wu@chinateam. Ltd 35 Zhuhe St. One-piece pant suit Dalian Fortune Textiles & Clothing ISO 9001:2008 www. It has also enabled our management and operations to reach a certain level: we have been successfully audited by Disney.chinateam.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 71 .globalsources.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .www.

globalsources. We create 10 new products monthly. 306. China Tel: (86-591) 8384 9888/7778 Fax: (86-591) 8384 7778 ext. Ltd 14 Shibian Rd. Our highest priority is ensuring the quality of every garment.globalsources. we utilize heavy-duty stitching machines. and a design that’s permanently dyed into the fabric for color that lasts – your customers will love Jinshan.. Men’s 100% cotton jeans Cycling jersey made of quick dry fabric Nanjing Binki Co. • www. We station five QC technicians at each production line to test that waterproofing. 808 E-mail: jason@fzushare. Guangdong Rm. Each Cycling leg warmers www. so they know how to create styles that appeal to overseas buyers. so we can ship 1. We also conduct raw material. China Tel: (86-25) 8448 0003 Fax: (86-25) 8449 7855 binki@globalsources. windproofing and garment thickness levels meet your requirements. we’ve honed our skills in the garment and textile industry.000 specialized clothing pieces monthly. competitive prices and timely deliveries. China E-mail: jiangjianhua@vip. www. Nanjing.. Jiangsu 210016.. We can also accommodate your OEM/ODM orders. To ensure durable seams. Inquire Bldg. semifinished product. For 17 years.A professional skiwear manufacturer since 1999 We’ve been specializing in the design and manufacture of skiwear and other waterproof garments since 1999.000 pairs of jeans.Choose verified suppliers . we welcome orders starting at 100 units. Inquire now. South Shennan Rd. Fuzhou Sherason Garment Co.globalsources. A new addition to our product range is a specialized cycling garment with specially woven. Up to 1 million items are produced by us each year. finished product and packaging inspections to guarantee defect-free goods. Send us your OEM and ODM specifications and we’ll finish a sample in one week. • binkichina@gmail. but for your convenience. 72 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Jiangxi Century Court Men's winter jacket • Shell: 100% polyester pongee • Waterproof.cyclingsources. windproof and breathable • Waterproof zippers We manufacture our jeans using denim produced in-house We produce up to 20. Ltd Rm. Contact us now and we’ll even help you source particularly hard-to-find products. Fuzhou. Chegongmiao. We produce our own denim in-house to offer you quality . 36 Jiefang Rd. And we accept orders for as few as 20 garments.000-piece orders in as fast as 30 days. we manufacture 1 million meters of denim and 80. quick dry fabric. Our designers have worked for well-known international fashion brands. Fujian 350001. www.163.fzushare.

Supplying winter coats and jackets for over 20 years July 2011 Garments & Textiles 73 . Target and Forever 21 stock up here Women’s wool winter coats Women’s PU jacket More new products .globalsources.www.

Or. El Corte Inglés and Pimkie source from 8002 • Fax: (86-591) 2805 3777 E-mail: james@chinapraise. Business Operation Center. Ltd 10/F. we can design custom apparrel based on your specifications. Website: www. overcoats.and Italian-speaking staff www. we update our collection with more than 100 styles.0 sampling scheme and use raw materials that are judyyu@mudoo. Zhejiang 310004.0 Come to a specialized men’s and women’s fashion garment producer Our OEM men’s and women’s garments can be made using different fabrics and finishes to make them suitable for many activities. we can produce up to • jameschan@vip. China Tel: (86-571) 8510 7802/7803 Fax: (86-571) 8510 9892 E-mail: junlingarments@globalsources. Contact us today. Inquire today. windbreakers. Women’s rayon T-shirt. Ski wear High-visibility bonded safety jacket Buyers in Europe and the US rely on us for quality safety Men’s cotton T-shirt All trademarks are shown for reference purposes Safety apparel tested to an AQL of 2. We can even get you samples in just seven days. Women’s cotton sundress Our extensive catalog and shipping experience make sourcing a breeze Men’s and ladies’ softshell jackets • 100% polyester microfiber bonded with polar fleece • Breathable and waterproof Choose from our extensive selection of • track suits monthly. Each month. Orders start at 300 units per color. our 15 English-speaking R&D members are ready to work with you. Inquire now. Bureau Veritas-inspected factory can supply you with up to 30. Skype: daviddon512 Women’s linen shirtdress Enturbo (Xiamen) Import and Export Co. Fuzhou Praise Garments Co. If you have customization requests. This allows us to cut down on labor costs – and we pass the savings on to means your orders are shipped in a timely and efficient manner. Pacha and other brands already depend on us. Utilizing Brother sewing machines and more than 250 workers.Less labor means lower prices We supply BCBG and Group Beaumanoir We use more automated equipment than our competitors.000 women’s dresses daviddon512@vip. so contact us today. Fujian 361006. These extensive facilities allow us to make 60.000 jackets and 1 million safety vests monthly. Fujian 350002.000 men’s and women’s T-shirts. It’s no wonder 74 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.globalsources. and reply to all inquiries within 24 Website: www. Wuyuan Bay.. Unit China Tel: (86-21) 5522 3315/8675 Fax: (86-21) 5522 3312 E-mail: mudoo@globalsources. as well as our extensive logistics experience.globalsources. Shanghai 200433. China Tel: (86-591) 2805 3666 ext. Our 20 sample-makers can have a sample ready in seven to 10 days. Our ISO 9001:2000-certified. and can create a custom product for you. Hangzhou. We also manufacture rain and winter gear at our two factories. where we have 10 production lines and 500 employees. and our production lead time is 30 to 45 days.enturbo. We carry out an AQL 2. 701-703. Ltd Rms. 1.Choose verified suppliers . These measures have resulted in finished products that meet EN 471 and ANSI Class 2 standards. decorated with beading on the front Shanghai Mudoo Textile Co. Xiamen. Jinshan Industrial District. China Tel: (86-592) 210 0016 Fax: (86-592) 210 0019 enturbo@globalsources. We have English. Plus. Ltd 9 Jinzhou North Rd. We also have 10 years of OEM experience. making sourcing with us a breeze. jogging and track enturbo@enturbo. and 30. Group our location near the port in Xiamen..globalsources. Zhejiang Junlin Garments Co. Ltd 210 Tiyuchang Rd. 920 Xiangyin Rd. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. casual clothing and more.000 jackets and . July 2011 Garments & Textiles 75 .More new products .

River Island.. discerning retailers in Europe such as Intersport have been cooperating with us for over 10 years. we’ve manufactured genuine and faux leather jackets and winter coats for big Factory: 10 Yanjia Rd. Dacheng. Barneys. China Tel: (86-573) 8727 0050 Fax: (86-573) 8727 0069 E-mail: winmark@globalsources. Africa and other regions. we draw upon our 12 years of shirt manufacturing experience in order to develop another 10 shirt . Next and Newlook rely on our experience. We can also process and customize our shirts in accordance with your demands.000 genuine leather and 600. call or e-mail us today. Guangdong 510000. Our catalog boasts 150 designs. Furthermore.They source our REACH-compliant men’s sportswear and casual wear. Easy. Ltd 9/F. These customers include buyers in Europe. we add 30 new designs to our catalog. Ben Sherman..zjwenxing. you won’t have to source from multiple suppliers to find what you’re looking Website: www. Playboy. Grand Fortune Center. Huiqiao New City. China Tel: (86-571) 2899 3573 Fax: (86-571) 2899 3575 Women's sports apparel Men’s sports polo shirt All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. So we are proficient at meeting the diverse needs of customers from around the world. 1. Inquire now.distance-china. Women’s biker jacket and sheep nappa skirt Men’s bomber jacket made of washable drum-dyed pig nappa Winmark Garment Co. we have been cooperating with 15 long-term material suppliers to provide eco-friendly fabrics and accessories. Every season.globalsources. China Tel: (86-579) 8557 3072 Fax: (86-579) 8597 1718 E-mail: sales@zjwenxing. South Accordingly. And every season.globalsources. and we add 50 new pieces to this collection monthly. 303-305. Guangzhou. and precisely follow your OEM requests. Ltd No. China Tel: (86-20) 6283 0913 Fax: (86-20) 6215 2006 info@shunimei. 807A. To speak to one of our trade staff members in English.globalsources. and their expertise helps us to turn out 300.globalsources. we’re an established athletic wear manufacturer with a wide range of styles for your selection. www. Zhejiang 310015. who can create samples in as few as 10 days.Choose verified suppliers . Inquire www.000 PU jackets For more information. Hangzhou Distance Import & Export All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such www. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Serving sportswear and casual wear clients for over 10 years We know how to keep clients coming back.000 units monthly giving us an annual sales volume of $4 million. Baiyun. Russia and the US in sourcing from us. Zhejiang 322000.20 years of genuine and faux leather production For more than 20 years. Urban Spirit. Haiyan. Ltd Zhalin Industry New District. If you require custom services. Bldg. Men’s sports T-shirt and shorts made of polyester Guangzhou Baiyun District Shunimeini Garment Fty Rm. Yiwu. Join buyers in the Middle East. Our 3. Zhejiang 314400. Zhejiang 314400. In fact. Our several advanced production lines manufacture men’s and women’s shirts that are available in over 100 Hangzhou. 76 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. 238 West Qianjiang Rd. contact us www. 150 styles of athletic wear and 50 new additions monthly Founded in 1999. just relay your specifications to our designers. Zhejiang 314312.globalsources. Nan Bei Shang Wu Gang Da Sha. China Baibu Industrial Zone. Spanish or Japanese. 71 Wenzhou Rd.000m2 factory manufactures up to 50.. Three hundred workers have been with us since our www. China Yiwu Wenxing Garments Co.

com www. so contact us today. proficient workers and QC inspectors who strictly follow an AQL of 2. We can find flaws easily thanks to our adept staff. We have built a proficient service model by relying on experienced business merchandisers. Our customers feel at ease because of our stable 20 percent annual growth and reliable services. We look forward to starting a business relationship with you. Hangzhou. developing and producing garments for export.globalsources.5. With us you’ll get timely delivery as well as prompt aftersales service. Working with us will put you in contact with a team that is professional.globalsources.www.10 years of servicefocused business 20% annual growth rate We have ten years’ experience designing. Zhejiang 310009. machines and testing equipment combined with a computer software management projects for customization every year. highly efficient and honest. and we have a monthly export volume of 1 million More new products .. Ocean Plaza. This software allows us to continuously improve our productivity rate. China Tel: (86-571) 8723 5636 Fax: (86-571)8723 5635 E-mail: tim@brightoverseas. Bright Overseas Ltd 7/F. 25-29 Qingchun July 2011 Garments & Textiles 77 . We fulfill over 1.

Ningnan Ave. China for men. To send us your designs and requirements.globalsources. Nanjing. Ltd 4/F. For more details. Accordingly. Wrinkle-free dress shirts 2 Farway (Fujian) Dress Co.. we are a subsidiary of Jiangsu Sainty Group – one of the biggest importing and exporting companies in China – and we enjoy the financial backing and resources that such an association entails. China Tel: (86-755) 2795 8058 ext. China Tel: (86-595) 6881 5053 Fax: (86-595) 8882 5777 E-mail: trade@farwaygroup. Chuangye Rd. Our client roster includes industry giants such as Parker Drilling.5 billion and they export up to $2. Shenzhen. Houjie. China All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Block Website: 78 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. All of our items are either produced in-house at our two facilities with eight production lines. shirts. women and children. TNT and ITC. Men's jacket ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 SA 8000:2001 WRAP SK Apparel Manufacturing Co.000 modern styles every year Since 1987. we have been developing.000 units in order to fill volume orders. 811 Fax: (86-755) 2744 7701 E-mail: Their net worth exceeds $1. We export a wide variety of protective uniforms. nylon and cotton jackets. D-304. Each month.2 billion worth of products every year.globalsources. To keep you in line with the latest trends. • www.Choose verified suppliers . contact us today. 8. Fujian 362700.5. Ltd Farway Plaza. manufacturing and distributing modern casual garments in Shishi. or at one of our 20-plus partner factories. skirts. Xixiang Avenue Bao'an. Ltd Rm. www. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. You can come to us for various kinds of garments such as PU/ Shenzhen Favar Garment Co.fay@gmail. Huijing.000-plus new styles annually. Ltd Rm. Almost 11 years of experience exporting garments Exporting garments since 2001.farwaygroup. Guangdong 523950. Safety coveralls with reflective strips • Flame retardant • 100% cotton Men’s PU jacket Jiangsu Sainty Intl Group Enterprise Co. 2102. China Tel: (86-25) 5219 6958 Fax: (86-25) 5219 6938 E-mail: sainty. Inquire now. flame-retardant coveralls and casual outdoor garments worldwide. Our R&D team adds more than 100 new designs to our catalog annually.globalsources. Guangdong 518000. we manufacture 75. Partner with a specialist of heavy-duty workwear. Have your choice of jackets. . windbreakers and shorts. All of our products are made in accordance with international standards and tested to an AQL of blouses. shorts and other related products for men. fur. PU jackets for men and women Jiangsu 210012. Bldg. our annual production reaches 1 million units. as well as shirts. call us • www. our designers create 1.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 79 .In line with EN 471 and EN 533 standards Reflective safety jackets.www. Ltd Men’s jackets with bonded fabric shell More new products .globalsources. made of 300D polyester Oxford Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Co. Xinxinjing Building. 280 Jingang Ave.. neckties and cufflinks are only a few of our offerings. 100 percent of our business is dedicated to OEM projects. we confidently supply a range of garments to meet the demands of markets near and Penney..We release 20 new designs daily Women’s down jacket With 20 years of experience handling OEM orders.globalsources. jackets and children’s • annahuang1981@gmail. Jiangsu 210016. China Tel: (86-25) 5223 0612 ext. 818 Fax: (86-25) 5223 0875 • fanhq@nanxintex. padded jackets. Ltd 26/ Women’s long-sleeved cardigan. Ltd Rm. Nanjing. Europe and the Middle East trust their volume orders to us. pants. As a result. create 30 new items every www. China Tel: (86-512) 5899 3070 Fax: (86-512) 5899 3085 E-mail: jane@yierli. Ltd Rm. They source our men’s and women’s down jackets. 100% cotton Men’s blazer made of 40% wool and 60% polyamide T-shirt made of pima cotton Yoga shirt The design of our yoga garments is important.nanxintex. Men’s casual shirt with chest pockets.000 units monthly from our two factories. Buyers from the US. trousers. We look forward to receiving your volume orders.globalsources. They value that we can turn out 60.. In fact. knitwear. To place an order of any size. 2299 West Yan’an Men’s striped dress shirt 80 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. made of 100% cotton Zhangjiagang Yierli Garments Co. 396 Jiahe Yibo Trading (Xiamen) 8/ www. Shanghai www. Inquire now. That’s why we invest up to 20 percent of our annual revenue in R&D projects. coats. each with a minimum of 10 years of experience.. Get in touch today. New Century Plaza A. Not only do we do our own design work.globalsources. but we’ll gladly work in collaboration with clients like you to develop a new piece or collection together. Nanjing Nanxin Textile Co.C. Zhangjiagang. We have completed orders for world-renowned buyers such as J. Jiangsu 215600. casual jackets. as our factory can turn out up to 200. our R&D engineers. Chenglong Bldg. Trust a sourcer and manufacturer with more than 10 years’ experience to keep your catalog stocked with only the trendiest of menswear – casual and dress • www. B05. contact us www. 7J06. 8605. as well as home decorations – all at competitive prices. We also customize uniforms for a range of industries. China Tel: (86-592) 328 3616 • Fax: (86-592) 328 3617 yibotrading@globalsources. Huli. We also offer jeans. shirts and more. 288 East Zhongshan Rd.Choose verified suppliers .000 shirts – checked at least three times for quality – monthly. Fujian . China Tel: (86-21) 6236 0859 Fax: (86 21) 6236 0659 Head office Rm.

China Tel: (86-592) 638 6113 Fax: (86-592) 638 6766 E-mail: wingtas@globalsources. shell: 80% cotton. Women’s jeans Every season. we release 300 new styles every season. Guangzhou Aurora Fashion Co. Having these four factories means we don’t need to outsource any steps in our production. including jogging suits.. we welcome orders starting at just 100 units. we’ve been producing a range of • www. giving us strong global brand • www. jackets and more. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. Inquire today. Fubu and Quicksilver confidently come to us without sweating the source of their sportswear. 1901. Fujian 362322. That’s why we’ve opened ISO 9001:2008. Tianhe. we can turn out 300.yesmiss. 2. Our minimum order requirement is 1. Ecko. China Tel: (86-20) 3785 5158 ext. Guangdong Kappa. Huangpu Western St. we also operate separate facilities for printing and embroidery. football jerseys. However. With 500 employees manning 14 production lines. we know that pressure in China’s first-tier cities is hard for our workers to bear.globalsources. we have been designing women’s jeans since 1998. K-Swiss. Penney. Women’s jeans and T-shirts from a designer based in Italy Based in July 2011 Garments & Textiles 81 .000-member workforce.globalsources. T-shirts. Stone To learn more about our products and services. Xuhui. China Tel: (86-757) 8383 1666 • Fax: (86-757) 8383 3212 E-mail: More new products . Xiamen. They are the property of their respective owners.globalsources.C.and ISO 14001:2004-certified factories in Jiangxi and Fujian to accommodate the majority of our 1. 118 Qinjian Building. 902. Our parent company has a branch office in Skype: missdora Waterproof and breathable windbreakers Softshell jackets All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes Website: www. Ltd 3 Stone Ave. and also offer products under our in-house brand YES!MISS. enabling us to keep quality consistent and prices competitive. We provide OBM/ODM services.300 new designs every season These days. 821 Fax: (86-20) 3785 5151 Mobile: (86) 137 1147 4094 Contact person: Nikki Huang huangxiaoqin@eighthsin. And to keep in touch with our industry. Bldg. we develop up to 400 new styles for clients to and T-shits choose from. Lanshi.zzhgroup. Shanghai 200030.www. 388 South Wanping • dora@wingtas. and agents in over 10 other countries.000-piece monthly capacity..500 units per style and 500 units per color.wingtas. Guangzhou. Guangdong 528000. Our open-minded principles have engendered an amiable work atmosphere that has attracted a host of notable Skype: yesmissonline www. Foshan. inquire now. Women’s flocked fashion jacket. Chancheng.000 pieces monthly. give us a call Website: www. Ltd Office: Rm. OEM orders are also welcome. For the past eight years. Rm. To take advantage of our • www. China Lovers’ tracksuits Tel: (86-21) 6468 6506 Fax: (86-21) 3461 6711 Factory: 211 Yingyao Rd. 20% polyester Women’s insulated jacket In addition to two factories dedicated to adult and children’s mid-range to high-end clothing.globalsources. Jimei North Industrial Park.. Cool/dry soccer suit Xiamen Wingtas Garment Co.

Giorgio Armani benefits from our 6-month quality guarantee
By strictly following requirements for quality, we've satisfied quite the collection of top buyers. Giorgio Armani, Liz Claiborne, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, E. Land and Seafolly have all benefited from our aftersales services. Every garment you purchase from us comes with a six-month quality guarantee. If you have inquiries about quality, simply send in evidence such as a picture, and we'll refund or replace your goods. Put our 15 years of experience and dutiful service to work for you. Start an order for 500 pieces per color. Inquire today.
Women’s viscose shift dress

The cashmere products you see here were made with woollen yarnspinning lines from Italy. These lines include automated carding, blending, spinning, winding and two-for-one twisting machines. With our 10 years of industry know-how, we produce up to 10,000 sweaters monthly. Choose from a host of materials, including cashmere, wool, silk, linen, cotton and blends. We mainly export to Europe and the US. Our OEM/ODM services have proven popular in these regions. In fact, 80 percent of our output is for customized projects. Inquire now.

Jiaxing Elly Apparel Co. Ltd
Rm. 505, B Tower, Zhonghuan Center Plaza, South Yuexiu Rd., Jiaxing, Zhejiang 314309, China Tel: (86-573) 8211 9986 Fax: (86-573) 8211 1446 E-mail: Website:
Crimp dress

Xinhuang Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing, Zhejiang 314008, China Tel: (86-573) 8211 0144, 8314 4166 Fax: (86-573) 8211 4480, 8314 5278 E-mail:

Our main products include woven garments such as men’s and women’s coats and overcoats. These items can be made with cashmere, wool or other materials. We have been cooperating with our two partner factories for over 10 years, ensuring a stable supply. We mostly supply clients in Europe, helping our annual sales reach up to $7 million. Our MOQ is 500 units, and samples are ready in seven days. Inquire now.

Promotional T-shirt, 100% cotton

Vertically integrated operations for competitive prices
For competitively priced shirts and promotional garments, partner with us. We’ve vertically integrated our operations to include the production of key materials, as well as offer printing, embroidery and packaging services. We also utilize eight production lines to turn out up to 1.5 million pieces of clothing monthly. And we export to markets worldwide. For more information, inquire today.

Polo shirt

Rm. 2604, 768 Zhaojiabang Rd., Shanghai 200030, China Tel: (86-21) 5109 9778 ext. 804, 5116 3858 Fax: (86-21) 5116 3877 E-mail:

Shenzhen Aohui Mfg Garment Co. Ltd
Rm. 2709, West Tower, Nanshan Software Park, 10128 Shennan Rd., Shenzhen, Guangdong 518052, China Tel: (86-755) 8829 4690 • Fax: (86-755) 8829 4290 E-mail: Website:
All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.

82 Garments & Textiles July 2011 - Choose verified suppliers

Men's sports jacket, waterproof and breathable Since 1978, we’ve specialized in manufacturing sportswear, rainwear, winter jackets and functional workwear. During these 33 years, we’ve provided product development support for many renowned brands. Our 20-member R&D team is ready to handle your OEM and ODM orders too. To ensure your quality standards are met, we have 70 QC technicians monitoring all of our production lines, which turn out 150,000 garments each month. Operations are ISO 9001:2000- and ISO 14001:2004-certified. We also manufacture backpacks and bags. Eighty percent of our goods are exported to Europe and the US. Inquire today. Children's rainwear with removable hood

Children's rainwear with floral print

Fuzhou International Workshop Co. Ltd
Workshop, Rongqiao Jinjiang, Fenghu Rd., Fuzhou, Fujian 350002, China Tel: (86-591) 8536 2338, 8536 2533 Fax: (86-591) 8536 2566, 8381 7707 E-mail: Website:

We own our own dyeing and yarn production facilities as well as a sweater and garment accessories factory. And no matter what kind of knitted products you desire, we can create them. All manufacturing will be carried out in-house. Every month we can create up to 200,000 units, and we can assist with product design. Contact us today to learn more.

A Manufacturer Exclusively Focused on Reflective Materials and Safety Products
We focus exclusively on reflective materials and safety products, making us your ideal choice. We constantly reinvest in R&D, and we manage our facilities by following ISO 9001:2008 guidelines. Our products have earned EN471, ANSI, E-mark and CE approvals. The reflective coefficient of our products now covers 30 to 450cd/lx/m2. Contact us today to learn more.

Women’s 3-piece set of gloves, hat and scarf, made of 100% acrylic

Yarn made of 100% acrylic

Women’s sweater made of 60% cotton and 40% viscose

Reflective sheeting

Reflective safety vest made from fabric produced in-house

Zhejiang Haichuan Safety Protection Articles Co. Ltd
Jiaodao Industrial Zone, Wuyi, Zhejiang 321200, China Tel: (86-579) 8760 6067 Fax: (86-579) 8760 6071 E-mail: Website:

4/F, Tower B, Guotai Times Plaza, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu 215600, China Tel: (86-512) 5891 9509 Fax: (86-512) 5891 6138

Reflective material

More new products -

July 2011 Garments & Textiles 83

Quality starts with materials sourced from Carvico
Over 800 designs to choose from

Women’s bikinis, 87% nylon and 13% spandex blend

84 Garments & Textiles July 2011 - Choose verified suppliers

globalsources.www.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 85 .

All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. We can have your samples ready in five to eight days. as well as leading retail chains Tesco. made of polyamide and elastane Standard 100 Quanzhou Mingjie Garments sales@lrxswimwear. Yinglin. Fujian 362256. Inquire today. and we can ensure delivery of www.globalsources. All of our products are certified to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements.Breathable and quick-drying shapewear Zhejiang Luona Fashion Girls' polka-dot swimwear All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. . We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.globalsources. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.Choose verified suppliers . Quanzhou. our eight production lines are strictly monitored to ensure the consistent quality that leads to repeat orders.000 pieces within one month. Ltd Zara and Hema source our quality garments and underwear Men's undershirt and boxer briefs Men's pajamas We are an established swimwear manufacturer specializing in OEM and ODM projects. China Phone: (86-595) 8548 1213 Fax: (86-595) 8548 3213 E-mail: lrx@globalsources. Primark. Women's eyelet bikini. Our expertise includes supplying Disney. Otto and Auchan. Ltd Gaohu Industrial District. and every season we will have 25 to 35 new styles for you to choose from. 86 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.

helps to lift bottom More new products .Our branch in Australia helps us keep an eye on Western market trends Full bodysuit. 81% July 2011 Garments & Textiles 87 . defines waist and smooths tummy Lace waist and thigh slimmer.globalsources. 19% spandex Lace slip.

globalsources. China Tel: (86-595) 2288 1790 • Fax: (86-595) 2288 1791 E-mail: ldw@ledows. What's more. jacquard elastic waistband We’ve provided men’s. 80% polyamide. Wandao Rd. 5% elastane. or have our R&D team design a custom item for 88 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Website: www. We use TPU and other materials that meet OekoSilicone bra Tex Standard 100 requirements to make a variety of high-elasticity transparent shoulder straps and bras. Ltd Rm. we specialize in the R&D and production of a range of undergarment accessories. China Tel: (86-769) 2317 7358 • Fax: (86-769) 2362 7274 E-mail: Plus. meeting large orders is not a problem for us. China Tel: (86-595) 2227 1716 • Fax: (86-595) 2227 1719 E-mail: • www.000 units monthly at our 10.. Guangdong 523000.. Plus. Women’s boyshort panties. Binjiang Garden. With a factory capable of producing 8 million pieces per month. 20% spandex Women's bikini. we use equipment from Germany. all of our products are www. For more information. .co • www. Plus. Join Kappa. Wanjiang Zone. Inquire • www. board shorts and other garments. Licheng. we design 100 swimsuits for women every season. 80% polyamide. partner with us. our R&D team can complete custom designs in as fast as three days. All of the processes involved in producing our items meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Our 500 highly skilled workers utilize their years of experience to turn out up to 400. Ltd Unit 6A903.dghongya. For precise manufacturing. Xiangya Hardware Apparel Accessories Co. Disney. Bldg. Shengshi Huanan. One-piece lined swimsuit Hongkong Yongdian Fashion Co. lingerie. Dongguan. women’s and children’s pajamas and underwear to big-name retailers – including Tesco. In addition to creating 10 new models monthly. Contact us today and we’ll respond within 24 hours. source from us. UV-resistant and anti-static. we also offer beachwear. LPP and New Look – for over 10 years. Quanzhou. we conduct very strict QC procedures from raw materials testing to final packaging inspections. C. Visit our website or contact us today. We currently have 600 designs to choose from. As a fashion-focused manufacturer. Quanzhou. Fujian Quanzhou Spring Garments Website: www. Woolworths. Ltd 5 Ming'an Rd.globalsources. Chongkou. Besides swimwear.Our bras and bra straps meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements Pajamas and underwear sourced by Tesco and Woolworths Bra accessories Founded in 2002. Bikini Our production processes meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 For bikinis guaranteed to meet your market's textile safety requirements.. contact us today. 95% cotton. Guangdong 523000. Source from our own APL line of garments. our bikinis are antibacterial. Zone F. Tchibo and other major clients in sourcing from us.Choose verified suppliers . including bra wires and transparent bra straps. All of our items are SGS-approved and meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements. China Tel: (86-769) 8599 9217 We design 100 fashionable swimsuits every season Women's reversible bikini. 20% spandex For swimwear that is widely popular in Europe and the US.000m2 factory – all of which are made according to your exact size requirements.globalsources. Fujian Ledows (Int'l) Industry Ltd Pingshan Rd. 503. the fabric we use is tested by SGS and meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements. 807 • Fax: (86-769) 8599 9207 E-mail: sherry@gdxiangya.

five sizes Striped shirt. Ltd Description: Long-sleeved shirt. nylon-spandex. polka-dot July 2011 Garments & Textiles 89 . Ltd Description: Bandeau bikini. lace trimming Boxers in various materials Guangzhou Ruby Fashion Co. stripes. with reinforced underbust Printed boxer briefs Jinjiang Hanxin Garments & Weaving Co. panty Shantou Singwear Garments Co. bottom with patterned waistband. Ltd Description: Boxer briefs. microfiber or cotton-spandex Paisley-patterned bikini Jinjiang Hongxing Weaving Co. solid-color rise continued on page More new products . anti-bacterial. printed motif. satin. Ltd Description: Push-up bra. panties. cotton-spandex.globalsources.www. thong set. rhinestones. odor-inhibiting finish. top with center halter strap. panty set. custom design. Ltd Description: Boxer briefs.China Sourcing Fair: Underwear & Swimwear PRODUCT GALLERY A selection of intimate and beach apparel from the China Sourcing Fair: Underwear & Swimwear Anti-bacterial underwear Nanjing BTS Garment Co. top in Coolmax freshFX-Lycra. plastic accessories. Ltd Description: Sports bras. one size fits most Two-piece lingerie set Gainway International (Hong Kong) Co.

Fujian 362200. striped wings Animal-print tankini Kin Man Garment Fty Ltd Description: Tankini. One-piece swimwear We specialize in OEM swimwear. China Factory: Sunfavor Textiles Industry & Commerce Co. halter top with mesh sides. Clients like Disney count on us to deliver quality swimwear that is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000-certified facility and has undergone thorough QC evaluations. They also value our ability to meet their requirements for quality and eco-protection – we carry out in-house green processes.000 children's undergarments. Our experienced sales representatives speak English and Japanese and are ready to take your inquiries. Shenhu.Choose verified suppliers .co All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Xiamen. Huli Building. Ltd Description: Bikini. and can produce a customized sample for you in five to 10 days.China Sourcing Fair: Underwear & Swimwear Bandeau monokini Jiaxing Bestway Textiles Co. We have a production capacity of 300. heart . sportswear. 100% cotton Nine out of 10 firsttime buyers. place repeat orders with us. animal-skin pattern Bikini with dots. Girl's underwear set. green straps. skirt bottom Variety and quality that bring Disney back Men's boxer shorts. from material production and assembly to labeling and packing. underwear and yoga apparel. boardshorts. Fujian 362246. Huli. multicolor geometric. Ltd Yingdun Kengwei Industrial District. 800.000 units per month. China E-mail: fjjiayuan@fjjiayuan. push-up top with men's briefs. Ltd Description: Monokini. Unit 1401. including Disney. Our monthly capacity is 300. Fujian 361009. Yonghe. bandeau top with ring.000 women's panties and 600. 95% cotton 5% elastane Jinjiang Jiayuan Garments Co. Jinjiang. animal print. Contact us today. Jinjiang. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such China 90 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Wuyuanwan Commercial Operation Center. center halter strap.globalsources. hearts Kone Garment Mfg Co. allover dot. Inquire www. Ltd Donghua Industrial Zone.globalsources. 80:20 nylon-spandex. They appreciate that we keep them abreast of the latest underwear trends by releasing 50 new designs quarterly.

. ensuring you receive goods of uniform quality. Chung Cheng District. For expertise and innovation. our production process is integrated. fragrance and more. A production capacity that’s 10 times the industry standard We are also the largest supplier of bra pads in Taiwan. • www. including silicone.globalsources. In fact. our products are uniquely designed to be customized by users for the look they want.www. mineral oil.globalsources. Using patented twin-bag.brapad. lotion. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2393 7625 Fax: (886-2) 2394 3277 E-mail: syh@brapad. They’re also breathable and 50 percent lighter than competitors’ models. 26. More new products . air. the UK. baby oil. Japan and mainland China. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 91 . Our items are patented in the US. Germany. We welcome OEM/ODM orders and can deliver samples in as fast as a single day. Choose from a variety of fillings Our clients value that we offer them a wide range of bra pad fillings. Plus. our 2 million-pair monthly production output is ten times the industry standard – meaning your orders will be filled quickly. Taipei 100. contact us today.Patented bra-pad technology Well-known buyers from around the world come to us for bra pads because our items are innovative. from raw materials procurement to finished products assembly. Chin Hwa www. BIP-2(R) (built-in pump) and four-layer silicon and air technologies.

For variety that will meet your customers' www.Specializing in flatlock-stitched underwear.000m2 facility is equipped with 1. sportswear and outdoor clothing. Zhangjiagang. 92 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. our 1. That's more than twice as many as our competitors offer. To do so. 6E. Fujian 361009.000 corsets. Fujiann 362700. Longzheng Mansion. As a result. Ltd 5/F.yminc. averaging 10 years of experience. vests and swimwear items monthly. Contact our English-speaking staff today. We assign four QC technicians to each of our 10 production lines to ensure the quality that your market demands. 587 Hexiangxi Rd.globalsources. contact us today. Ltd Xiamen Wei Mei Mfg Co. In this same time. Ltd Rm. China Tel: (86-592) 592 0075.globalsources. Fujian 361000. Dri-release®.com www. 1 million pairs of shorts and 300. Ltd Caitang Industrial Area.globalsources. all of our products are low in cadmium and lead .cn Website: www. For hassle-free distribution.globalsources.300 skilled workers turn out up to 500. Here. our 12. add 100 new styles to our collection. China Tel: (86-512) 5817 3890 Fax: (86-512) 5828 7091 E-mail: info@undiesportz. Fugang Mansion. we operate two factories in Quanzhou and Shishi. Our fully owned factory and five partially financed factories use Yamato flatlock sewing machines to handle the production of over 4 million garments every • www.Choose verified suppliers . 36 Renmin Rd. info@weimei. A. style or packaging you Xiamen Xinyu Textile Trading Co. 16/F. we've had no returns in 16 years of doing business. Xiamen Shinseichu Imp. polypro. Juxiang Plaza.000 lingerie sets.000 pieces every month. Inquire now. 15 designers create 60 new styles every month We employ 15 designers with up to 12 years' experience each to create 60 new swimwear and sportswear garments each month. nylon and spandex blends. Inquire Rm.. Lindex and Takko. Customizations are welcomed – samples can be completed in as few as seven days. we at Xiamen Shinseichu have the resources to accommodate your sourcing needs. and are EN • info@yminc. And to meet your volume We also have closely knit ties with materials suppliers – an aspect buyers like Disney and Barbara www.. And with this much talent.000 Yamato and Juki sewing machines. Jiangsu 215600. 596 8116/8117 • Fax: (86-592) 596 8118 zhuang-lisa@weimei. Men’s thermal underwear Lingerie set Beta Textiles Co.. we can finish samples in just seven • www. Outlast® and various blends. and can also manufacture finished garments with custom yarn.globalsources. It takes an experienced manufacturer to fill the volume orders of Oysho. Xihuan Rd.undiesportz. The fabrics we typically use include merino wool. size.and • info@shinseichu. where five highly experienced designers create up to 30 new garments www. sportswear and outdoor clothing We provide full OEM production and export of flatlock-stitched (ISO 607) thermal underwear. China Tel: (86-592) 229 3606/3608 • Fax: (86-592) 229 3609 E-mail: shinseichu@globalsources. We also accept customized fabric samples and can complete orders using matching fabrics. China Tel: (86-595) 8388 7878/7799 • Fax: (86-595) 8300 9980 E-mail: Men’s boxer shorts Flatlock stitching Up to 30 new designs to choose from monthly YM9016631 Women's boardshorts made of 100% polyster 100% cotton baby pajamas Men’s boxer briefs No matter what material. we manufacture up to 400. Co. & Exp. our designers. polyester. In fact. Luling Rd. Shishi..

VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products July 2011 Garments & Textiles 93 .

We supply swimwear to H&M and Redpoint It takes a great deal of effort to become an OEM swimwear supplier to discerning buyers such as H&M and Zhangjiagang. including Our monthly capacity is approximately 300.000 items.. New Yorker and Aqua as . El Corte Inglés and Etam. And we can make easy-drying. Yet we count these and other companies – including Target. Modal . A1802. our six designers and two engineers release 10 new styles. inquire now. sleepwear. antibacterial and other functional fabrics. Choose from fabrics such as cotton jersey. Bikini.globalsources. discharge. Each month. Tempo Building. To learn more. 115 West Shazhou Rd. All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. We've passed audits by Walmart and European companies including Cortefiel. rayon and other fabrics. Guangdong 529000. bamboo. We offer embroidery. water-transfer. OEM/ODM/OBM services are also readily available. Inquire Website: www.Choose verified suppliers . casual wear and jogging suits.We specialize in knitted garments. We also comply with ICTI and BSCI Website: www. Duruan.globalsources. sportswear. Jiangsu 215600. China E-mail: feidu@globalsources. 91% nylon and 9% spandex Longbang Industrial Area. anti-UV. The quality of our garments is clear the moment you feel them. Samples can be ready in seven days. Women’s sleepwear made of 48% Modal®.globalsources. All of our raw materials meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 94 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Tencel . 47% cotton and 5% spandex Women’s nightdress set with printed design Feidu Swim Suit Mfy Ltd Rm. China Tel: (86-512) 5868 2217 Fax: (86-512) 5679 2716 E-mail: matthewj@guoyang-js. and reactive printing options.

tummy slimming girdles. Taiwan and mainland bamboo/spandex and organic cotton/spandex from South Korea. as well as for men and July 2011 Garments & Textiles 95 .emmuelle.. seamless underwear. the US. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2341 6025 Fax: (852) 2763 5286 E-mail: tang@emmuelle. and complete orders within 60 days. We add up to 100 designs yearly. we have been offering bra and panty sets. bodysuits. cotton.globalsources. Japan. you can benefit from our ever-changing collection of undergarments for women. For custom inquiries. Yip Fat Factory Building. Jiangmen. push-up bras. Canada and South www. 13 Gang Kou 1st Rd. our two mainland China plants can produce • www. Kwun Tong.000 units monthly. Samples can be ready in as fast as five Phase 1. Guangdong 529000. China MA8974CL Cotton/spandex nursing bras with soft molded cups More new products . Material options include nylon/spandex.M9732 + ST6565 • Full-figure underwire bra with molded cups and matching panty S89399 + ST6583 • Full-figure bra with soft cups and matching panty Just like our clients in Europe. With 240 machines imported from Japan and a workforce of 220. surgical bras and pregnancy belts. M8941 + 7919-A • Full-figure bra with soft molded cups and control panty girdle T29351 • Tummy control bodysuit with soft bra cups Emmuelle Ltd Unit D. 11/F. nylon.imsbiz. Yuang Jing Ge. Zhong Yuang Building.. Since 1975. 77 Hoi Yuen Mainland China liaison office: Rm.globalsources. 8G.www. contact us today.

Choose verified suppliers .com .HA_VM110451SAEL1107 96 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.globalsources.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 97 .VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .globalsources.www.

com made of micro fleece 98 Garments & Textiles July 2011 18% spandex Ningbo Jiangbei Frigga Textile Co. Bikini.globalsources. Ltd 19 East Hongtang South Rd. Shanghai 200126. Fila. 405. Yuntai Building. and help us achieve a 500. We can also design products according to your specifications. Pudong. and 60 percent of our goods are exported to Germany. China Tel: (86-574) 8756 4928 Fax: (86-574) 8756 3063 sean@frigga-textile. www. with Website: www.globalsources. contact us classic lace and embroidery Seamless sports underwear 10 new bathroom textile products every quarter Buyers such as Avon. QVC.000-unit monthly capacity. Our main markets are Europe and the Men’s robe with slippers. incorporating trendy patterns such as leopard spots and tiger stripes. China Tel: (86-21) 5056 8065 Fax: (86-21) 5056 8063 Fashionable lingerie set with E-mail: qiujin@globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Rm. 145 Yuntai Rd. Zhejiang With many years of manufacturing and exporting experience. Sewing machines from Brother and Juki ensure delicate workmanship. Lazio. Asroma and L’Oréal source our robes and other bathroom textiles. we are able to effectively work with our international clients to develop new and attractive styles. Seamless underwear made of nylon and spandex Babydoll made of strech satin. Our garments have passed inspections by a testing organization from Japan to ensure they are colorfast and are manufactured according to environmentally friendly . 82% polyamide. Each of our designers has over three years of experience and can develop 10 new products every quarter..globalsources. embroidery with frills and ribbons Shanghai Qiujin Trading Co.Stylish lingerie designed for the markets of Europe and the US We design stylish bras and panties aimed to appeal to padded bra and panties. Inquire now. To learn more about our wide variety of bathroom textiles.frigga-textile. 30-year-old women in Europe and the US. Kappa. including slippers and bath towels.

call us today. Our three SA8000-certified factories have a total monthly capacity of 1.Meeting your OEM/ODM needs with 17 years of experience Our factories are SA8000-certified What do you get when you combine a fashion-forward design team with a volume manufacturer? A supplier who can meet your OEM and ODM needs. 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend Men's tank and boxer brief set Tested to Oeko-Tex standards for consumer safety Jewelled bra straps Silicone bra pads Bra extenders Bra clips Yulin Fashion Decoration Co. And we can put our 17 years of expertise to work for you. All of our items undergo Ltd Linjiang Industrial July 2011 Garments & Textiles 99 .globalsources.5 million pieces. we have everything you’re looking for in the latest styles. women’s or children’s garments. Quanzhou Great Garments Co. including underwear or Men's pajama set Ladies' camisole set. Fujian 362000. China Tel: (86-595) 2898 0987 Fax: (86-595) 2248 0488 hkgreat@globalsources. Ltd More new products .www. www. We’ve worked with major buyers from Europe. too. To learn more about our services. Whether it’s men’ elasticity and colorfastness www.. Nanhuan Rd. the US and Australasia.

Ltd EBI Intl Contact Person: Lucy Zhan Mobile: (86) 130 7256 2676.000m2 factory is ISO 9001:2000and ISO 14001:2004-certified.. Jiangsu 211100. made of 90% polyamide and 10% spandex JOC International Ltd Rm. Our quality is assured with all our women's nightwear being tested by Website: www. 32A.globalsources.globalsources. www. Plus. 8 South Liyuan Rd. Our innovative engineers create 800-plus designs according to seasonal . Shanghai 200333. we have an extensive network of trusted suppliers that provides us with premium materials.000 units to accommodate volume www. 8. We attend trade shows such as the Canton Fair to keep up to speed with trends. And with clients from over 90 countries and regions. We accept mixed orders and delivery takes 30 days. Inquire now. Fujian We have been specializing in garments and textiles for 18 years. available in various designs Operating under the guidance of our US headquarters for a decade.globalsources. Ltd West 3/F. And each month. Ltd Rm. Contact us today to get started. Nanjing. North Nujiang Rd. China Tel: (86-592) 562 3004/3014 • Fax: (86-592) 562 3024 E-mail: ebiserena@globalsources.jocltd. 7.globalsources. China Tel: (86-25) 5278 4898 Fax: (86-25) 5278 4900 E-mail: zhxh630903@163.. Our previous OEM clients have included Playboy. Our materials are all eco-friendly and Oeko-Tex Standard 100-compliant. Source our eco-friendly pajamas.jinmengdie. Xicheng Industrial www.globalsources. we have an experienced QC team that conducts thorough inspections from raw material assessments to pre-shipment evaluations. Zhejiang Eco-friendly pajamas sourced by European chain stores Give your eco-conscious customer base something new to dream about. China Tel: (86-579) 8650 0600 Fax: (86-579) 8681 2869 E-mail: jinmengdie@globalsources. we produce 500. We can create pajamas that match your idea or sketch and have samples ready in seven days. SGS inspections are carried out regularly. 133 9083 0799 6-2 Geshan St. Lane 449. Men’s eco-friendly 3-piece pajamas Premium swimwear thanks to comprehensive evaluations Women's one-piece swimwear Women's bikini. For quality assurance.Choose verified suppliers .com/ We make them from all-natural fibers and only use eco-friendly dyeing techniques. Sports bra and jeans made of cotton Women's sleepwear. children and babies. 103.Trust our 18 years of expertise In the fast-changing world of women's fashion. China Tel: (86-21) 5282 8710 Fax: (86-21) 5282 8062 Email: 100 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Our 3. we have the experience to satisfy buyers like Walmart and Sears. lingerie and sportswear. Call us today to start our relationship.. Bldg. Inquire now. 33 Second West Hexiang Rd. as well as high-end swimwear. we specialize in manufacturing elastic knitted fabrics. No. If you have your own ideas we can accommodate them too. just like chain stores in Europe do. it's good to know our R&D team of eight develops at least two new products each week.. Our products include garments for adults. Shanghai Ours Enterprises Xiamen T-Song Trading Co.

Ltd Model: BY8187 MOQ: $100 Delivery: 1 or 2 days Price: $8. colors Ouqi Longtai Industrial & Trading Co. mesh lining. satin ribbon. 240gsm.65 Description: Corset. black. thigh shaper. thong set. 92:8 nylon-spandex. Ltd Model: B51 MOQ: 1. custom sizes. custom colors Ouqi Longtai Industrial & Trading Co.globalsources. Ltd Model: CSB139 MOQ: 600 sets Delivery: 15 to 30 days Price: $7 Description: Corset. nonslip. bust support. colors Ouqi Longtai Industrial & Trading Co. sizes S to XXL. 75:25 nylonspandex lining. 240gsm. 90:10 nylon-spandex. embroidery.000 pieces per color Delivery: 45 days Description: Slimming camisole. rhinestuds. sizes S to XL Hong Kong Shishimei Garments Co. mesh lining. hook-and-eye crotch closure. Ltd Model: B59 MOQ: 1. ribbon. custom sizes.Cover Story SHAPEWEAR VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE PRODUCT GALLERY A selection of shapewear from China CONTACT SUPPLIERS Hong Kong Shishimei Garments Co. black or skin-tone.www. 81:19 nylon-spandex. nonslip silicone on waist. allover-printed pattern. leg openings. 81:19 nylonspandex. sizes M to XL. sizes S to XL Lola Sexy Lingerie Co. lace. steel button closure. 130gsm. Ltd Model: B180 MOQ: 1.30 Description: Corset. adjustable shoulder straps. wired July 2011 Garments & Textiles 101 . 90:10 nylonspandex. adjustable shoulder straps.000 pieces per color Delivery: 45 days Description: Bodysuit. ruffles. sizes S to XXL continued on page 102 More new products .000 pairs per color Delivery: 45 days Description: Waist. Ltd Model: BY8196-1 MOQ: $100 Delivery: 1 or 2 days Price: $11. 90:10 nylon-spandex. lace. 170gsm. built-in molded cups with underwire. sizes S to XXL. printed motif.

000 woven and 120.rmclothes. Ltd Central Export Organisation Ltd Rm. Fujian 362700.000 knitted items each LSLP 3450 Cotton elastane knit top with yarn dyed cotton woven bottom 6A. 1102 Zifang Rd.CONTACT SUPPLIERS We produce the fabrics for our garments in-house • Pajamas • Robes • Dressing gowns • Lounge wear Why should it matter to you that we produce the fabrics for our garments in-house? Because making the materials ourselves lowers costs. www. Bldg. Samples take just three days and orders can be shipped in 30 Skype: chris. 7. 19-25 Jervois singlets. casual pants and beachwear – up to www. China Tel: (86-595) 8873 8890 • Fax: (86-595) 8873 8894 E-mail: chris@keengle. In fact.globalsources. Jinjiang Rongmei Clothing Manufacture • www. Sheung Wan. LSLP 3421 100% polyester fleece robe • Competitive pricing • China production • In-house design service • An experienced team of merchandisers and quality controllers • For more • www.. 1102. ensures quality and results in faster lead times – benefits that you’re sure to appreciate. boxer briefs. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2544 1212 • Fax: (852) 2544 1573 E-mail: info@hi-style. Royal Garden.Choose verified suppliers . We offer 102 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www..hi-style. e-mail us today. Pierre Cardin and other well-known brands are already taking advantage of our services. Wing Cheong Commercial Website: www. Inquire now. .

95% cotton. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. Girls' briefs. we take extra steps in our All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. Every month. 95% cotton and 5% spandex Unlike our competitors. Fujian 362000. we manufacture the materials for our quality boxer briefs.50 new designs to suit each season Women’s pajamas. George's Apparel. They are the property of their respective owners.4 million babies' and children's clothes. With such a large capacity. Using needle detectors and washing machines. 100% cotton Quanzhou Kaiwei Garments Co. Primark and other buyers in the UK. 5% spandex Women’s thongs. 5% spandex All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such • www. This allows our designers to add 10 new models each month to our line of adult and children's undergarments. BHS. And with a monthly capacity of 1 million boxer briefs. Join Lonsdale. our 70-member QC team ensures that each garment is safe and will retain its color. 95% cotton. Fuqiao. Inquire today. 5% spandex Men’s boxers and socks. Quanzhou. shirts and other garments ourselves to ensure the end result is exactly what you want. More new products we can handle orders of nearly any size.kaiweigarments.000 T-shirts and 1.000m2 ISO 9001:2000-certified factory to make sure each item is up to par. the US and Australia in sourcing from us. Ltd (CN) Kaiwei Building. Website: www. we invest 20 percent of our profits in R&D. And reinvest 20% of our profits in R&D Men's boxer briefs. Xingxian Rd. China Tel: (86-595) 2815 2279 • Fax: (86-595) 2805 2333 E-mail: kaiwei@globalsources. 95% cotton and 5% spandex Children's sleepwear and slipper July 2011 Garments & Textiles 103 . They are the property of their respective owners. 95% cotton.www.

com .globalsources.104 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .

Ltd Rm.500 pieces or victorwong@sport-wears. producing volume order is not a concern of July 2011 Garments & Textiles 105 . Kmart and Forever 21 need to place volume orders. The bras and underwear that we produce are aimed at all market segments. Start by placing an order for 1.000 pieces. which now include nine factories with over 63. We also produce women’s underwear and Website: www. and Exp. OEM and ODM samples can be created within 10 days. More new products .globalsources. Xiamen. Inquire now. Sears and Disney in sourcing from us. Guangdong 528000. sports. That’s because we manufacture over 1 million pieces of swimwear. 2. Golden Bridge Intimates Co. so whether you're targeting low-end. knitwear and tatted clothing. Large retailers that stock products made by us include Charming and Target. Ltd Quanzhou Lingxiu Pioneer Park. our 30 QC technicians ensure our garments meet an AQL of 2. China ISO 9001:2000 Tel: (86-592) 598 4009 • Fax: (86-592) 591 9866 ISO 14001:2004 E-mail: Website: www. Nanhai. Fujian 362700. We're a trusted Bureau Veritas-audited supplier. China Tel: (86-595) 8310 9900 • Fax: (86-595) 8310 7700 E-mail: jiamao@globalsources. seamless and wireless bras. they come to • nancyzgx@yahoo.www. And with a total monthly capacity of 1 million items. Foshan. 23 Wenhuabei Rd. • www. and we’ll deliver it to you within 45 days. Ltd Flat 204.globalsources. Bldg. Custom samples can be delivered in as fast as two days. including OEM/ODM products and items for our Weibo and Dolibo brands. including molded. Inquire today.. For over 11 years. China Tel: (86-757) 8625 0030 • Fax: (86-757) 8185 8628 E-mail: nancyzgx@globalsources. Fujian 361009. Sears and Disney For quality and fashionable designs. Trading Co.000m2 of combined space. Xinghuiyuan. Our minimum order requirement is Bikinis made with nylon and spandex When big buyers such as • www.5. We make our items using quality fabrics that are compliant with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guidelines. we are bound to have the items that suit your mid-range or high-end Golden Bridge Intimates is an expert manufacturer of all kinds of bras. join big buyers such as C&A. Push-up bra Bikini with braided straps. Quanzhou. Guicheng. 304. 80% nylon and 20% spandex Shine Arts (Xiamen) Inc Touch-Match Textile Co.gbi-china. Our design team releases over 83 new models monthly. Plus.globalsources. Contact us now. Jiamao Imp. we have been developing our production facilities.globalsources. No.OEM/ODM swimwear trusted by C&A.

send us your requirements today.M. China Tel: (86-595) 8548 1700 • Fax: (86-595) 8548 2216 The Word's Local Swimwear Factory Xiamen Hongs Aibi Trading www. Yanbu.globalsources. This knowledge is gleaned from our 23 years of experience producing women’s underwear.000 units monthly. Tchibo. dresses. We make up to • www. We employ skilled and dedicated workers. shoes and petticoats. Lianhua.000m2 factory in mainland China with a monthly output of 100. including Christmas and Halloween.globalsources. Ltd Libixing Garment & Weaving Co.000 sets. Foshan. Kmart. Unlike most of our competitors. No. Zhejiang 321100.hkfuji. Contact us today for more information. swimwear and lingerie for major OEM/ODM buyers such as Tesco. Ltd Get a custom sample of your lingerie costume in only seven days. They appreciate that all of our items are made with materials that meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Fujian 361009.Choose verified suppliers . Give us a call now. Men’s rash guard and boys’ swimsuit Unit 406. OEM/ODM orders are accepted Global Best Industrial Co. Quanzhou. Lee Cooper. we now operate a 6. corsets. Ltd Fuji (China) Industrial Co. but our MOQ for lingerie is just 24 pieces per style. With facilities totaling 40. Qingmeng Industrial Area. we have been manufacturing underwear and sleepwear for internationally recognized buyers. China Tel: (86-595) 2249 3488 • Fax: (86-595) 2249 5488 Mobile: (86) 158 5970 6677 • E-mail: www. OEM samples can be finished in seven www. We’re able to fill their OEM orders with the help of our 800-member team. Fujian 362000. Jinjiang. panties. Walmart. Target and Byford. with an average of 12 years of industry Mobile: (86) 137 0689 7625 Women’s underwear set. Guanyinshan International ISO 9001:2008 Business Center. We also make matching thongs. Equipment. nightgowns. China Tel: (86-592) 597 2859 • Mobile: (86)135 9999 3784 Fax: (85-592) 593 9925 E-mail: nic_hong@hongsgroup. Fashionable party costume No. we have 15 designers who keep up with fashion trends by creating 25 new designs each month. Applying 23 years’ experience to your undergarment orders We know the underwear industry inside and Website: www. Target and Bestseller. Xiamen. Next. BHS. Established in Taiwan in 1988.U. Jiaxiong Garments & Weaving Co. 2. Fujian 362256. China Tel: (86-28) 6587 0755 Fax: (86-579) 8887 8977 arsportasia@globalsources. 79. or choose from our catalog of styles suitable for a number of parties and events in all kinds of themes. To put our expertise to use. South Zhuyuan Industrial Zone. to work on your Factory: Gaohu Industrial www. Ltd Rms.globalsources. Ltd All trademarks are shown for reference purposes 8-13. American Eagle.A swimwear pioneer with an integrated supply chain Founded in 1988. our skilled workforce has over 15 years of experience. 166. Partner with an industry front-runner that serves buyers in more than 30 countries by calling us today. Disney.hongsgroup. Plus. Yinglin. we have a monthly output exceeding 2 million underwear and 100. Women’s halter bikini with hand-sewn sequins Men’s boxer shorts and briefs Since our establishment in . just to name a few. Our big-name buyer list includes Big W. Guangdong 528247. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.globalsources. Jinxiu Jiangnan.arsportasia.000 sleepwear Women’s lingerie costume 106 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Bailong. Lanxi. China Tel: (86-757) 8579 9501 • Fax: (86-757) 8575 6426 E-mail: kevin-ahr@ahuragroup. • www. we are a family-owned and operated swimwear manufacturer with an integrated supply chain. Our clients include Diesel.000m2 and 18 production

www. Baiyun. and is made using only materials that meet Oeko-Tex standard 100 requirements. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 107 . Inquire today. China Tel: (86-20) 3649 9028 • Fax: (86-20) 3649 9928 E-mail: sally@rubylg. we produce up to ISO 9001:2000 More new products . and factory is specialized for our industry. Men’s swim briefs Women’s bikini.000 units. and we have 120 dedicated employees. the US. Century Square.Guangzhou. 80% www. Jiaxing. Otto. contact us today. But our requirements for minimum orders start at only 800 pieces per style for swimwear and at 500 pieces for regular garments. China Tel: (86-573) 8207 2180/81/82 Fax: (86-573) 8207 2660 E-mail: office@bestwayjx. China Tel: (86-592) 516 7978/7982 • Fax: (86-592) 516 7979 E-mail: Contact Person: Mr. 2nd Phase of Gutang Industrial Area. made of polyamide and spandex Bikinis. We can tailor products to your market too. 20% spandex Our 27 years in the swimwear industry isn’t something to be taken lightly. 12 Tangxidawei Industrial Area. Thanks to a monthly output of 360. Our 10-member QC staff ensures every garment we produce meets SGS standard. Inquire now to learn Boys' swim trunks with rubber print Kids’ OEM bikini Yiwu Zhiheng Garment Co.sunnybea.globalsources. our wholly owned factory is equipped to manufacture up to 150. Tesco. Japan and South Korea. Next. children's swimwear.globalsources. including women's bikinis. men's swim trunks and briefs.000 units monthly To handle the wave of orders we receive from Walmart.zhihengchina. We produce a variety of swimwear. Ltd 2/F. Tony Ji Mobile: (86) 137 5795 1911 All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Xiamen ITG Group Corp. Our line of swimwear has been a hit with buyers across Europe. You can be assured that our items are up to international standards. as they are made with azo-free fabrics that meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements. New designs take less than one week to produce to a client's specifications. 315 West Zhongshan www. the US. Zhejiang 314000. Ltd 9/F. we’ve designed items for major buyers. We also sell products under our own Ruby brand. BHS and Primark.000 pieces of swimwear monthly You'll be shaking up sales when you start sourcing with Jiaxing Bestway Textiles Co. Established in 2006. Tesco and Next Up to • www.globalsources.Over 500 new designs to choose from each year Our experienced R&D team develops over 500 new designs of men's and women's underwear every year. Guomao Building. In this Germany and other international hubs annually to meet clients and stay updated with the latest trends. We attend trade shows in Hong Kong. Hubin South Rd. they constantly follow the latest Women’s tank top made of 100% silk 27-year swimwear supplier trusted by Kappa.china-pointer. Xiamen. Or you can choose from the 30 new designs that we release each • zhihengchina@globalsources. including Kappa.globalsources. Yiting.000 pieces every month. we can easily fill your volume www.000 pieces of swimwear every month. B2. With 10 years of industry experience. South America. To learn more about our OEM/ODM services. Bldg. China Tel: (86-579) 8559 1078/1077 Fax: (86-579) 8542 7147 sales@zhihengchina. Ltd 16/F. Ltd 161 Wulian www.. Men’s boxer briefs Women’s panties Bikini made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex Guangzhou Ruby Fashion Co. Big buyers like Puma. Heat Max and Diesel appreciate our ODM services. Guangdong 510000. Supplying Walmart and Kmart with up to 150.rubylg. Yiwu. Zhejiang Website: www. • www. Fujian 361004. Contact us We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Our 5. Reebok and other major clients.

000 ‘mobile phones’ from China suppliers Source with more confidence at Global Sources Online ✓ Stay ahead of your competitors with our comprehensive range of new products ✓ Pinpoint qualified suppliers in your industry by finding those products that meet your specialized needs ✓ Save time sourcing with just one search that includes Global Sources verified suppliers and search results from other sourcing websites Swift and confident sourcing is just a mouse click away! www. Hong Kong and Vietnam Over 200 six-star suppliers of ‘CCTV cameras’ Over 53 ‘pliers’ from export-ready suppliers Over Over 1.000 products related to ‘multimedia players’ 66 ‘promotional products’ categories Over 1.globalsources.500 ‘sunglasses’ manufacturers Over 120 verified suppliers of ‘sweaters’ More than 390 ‘dinnerware’ from HA_AAU_242 108 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.000 ‘USB flash drives’ posted monthly More than .Choose verified suppliers . Taiwan.All the quality products and suppliers you need – globalsources.200 ‘winter hats’ online More than 1.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 109 .www.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .globalsources.

we source most of our raw materials from trusted suppliers in the US. verified suppliers . Website: www.globalsources.UL/ULC/CE-approved nylon fabric for lifejackets and backpacks • UL (MQ1795) • ULC (MQ1848) • CE (clauses EN 393 and EN 395) Organic cotton baby wear Organic cotton fabric We are a manufacturer in South Korea that supplies 100-percent organic cotton fabrics and finished products. We guarantee this and can provide buyers with copies of these certifications upon as well as baby and children’s wear and bedding. OEM/ ODM services are also readily available. to clients worldwide. dyes or . • Hong Kong Oct. Our minimum order requirement is just 500 meters or 500 pieces. South Korea Tel: (82-2) 558 4381 • Fax: (82-2) 557 8994 E-mail: prksm@kjune. Kayjune Company Co. Ltd 3/F. B&K Building. weaving. And our 16 production processes – including knitting. Inquire now. 2011 Booth No. Our fabrics are made without using chemicals. bleach. 723-6 Yeoksam-dong. printing and sewing – have received GOTS and Organic Exchange 100 Standard certifications. 5D09 110 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. We provide over 500 unique fabrics. And for added assurance.

100% merino wool AB yarn Bravo Textile Co. we source materials from Germany and Japan in order to create a stunning range of garment and footwear accessories. Our products are made using advanced dyeing technology and ecofriendly. making them suitable for your 2-D and 3-D garment and footwear accessories. Yangshe. Tangshi.. Wu-Ku Industrial Park. Zhangjiagang. both hand and machine knit are available 70% bamboo 30% pima cotton hand-knitted yarn More new products . Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 8990 2368 Fax: (886-2) 8990 2328 E-mail: cheerful@pomp. Lane 116.3 million worth of merino wool yarn annually. we offer over 50 varieties of products and can supply up to 800 tons of hand-knitted yarn annually. we sell $ many China suppliers outsource their work to us to ensure their orders also comply with EU standards. In fact..globalsources.globalsources. Our TPU/PVC fabrics come in 13 colors for you to choose from. To find out more about why big names trust our • www. 7. And our clients appreciate the fact that the products they source meet Adidas A-01 standard www.www. China Tel: (86-512) 5873 0877 Fax: (86-512) 5873 0789 E-mail: bravo@globalsources.A producer for over two which ensures compliance with the strict requirements of the EU. we offer this fabric in widths of up to 92 our integrated printing. contact us today. Wu Kung 2nd New Taipei City.globalsources. nontoxic material from www. Delivery is completed in 20 to 35 days – faster than most of our competitors – and our MOQ is 100 kilograms worth of goods. eco-friendly products that adhere to EU standards One of the top 5 producers of merino wool in China Founded in 1996. Plus. No. Based completely in Taiwan. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 111 .tw Nontoxic. reflective surfaces. Ltd Shaxi Rd. These double-sided fabrics feature glittering. making us one of the top five producers in China. Inquire today.pomp. Jiangsu 215600. gluing. shaping and colocation services have earned us the business of sportswear companies like Nontoxic milk yarn.

Quanzhou. China Tel: (86-21) 5724 5992 Fax: (86-21) 5724 6315 E-mail: huafon@globalsources. Our professional team of designers can help gear your next project to suit your particular www. Jiangnan Tech Zone. Head and • www. Jinshan. Licheng Area. car interiors and many other applications. We conduct our business by strictly following eco-friendly guidelines dictated by the EU such as using lower production energy.. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.globalsources. We supply a large variety of microfibre leather bases that can be used in shoes. because we manufacture up to 100. We offer: • Polyester/spandex jersey fabric • Printed polyester mesh • Cotton/polyester/spandex printed jersey fabric A vast range of fabrics made with imported equipment Women's polo shirt L14.000 polo shirts. . we’re able to keep up.We perform a series of tests on our garments to make sure they are breathable. & Exp.hfmicrofibre.Choose verified suppliers . Fujian.000 jackets each month. recycling and cleansing waste water. Shanghai 201508.Up to 200. bring us their volume orders. And with our three factories and 1.000 garments per month Big brands. Slazenger. sofas. Inquire now.000 meters delivered in as quickly as 7 days Get more versatility out of your sourcing experience by stopping here. Ltd 888 South Tingwei Rd.000 sportswear items and 50. Call today. Wenzhou Jiangdong Imp. Co. Not sure how to incorporate this fabric into your project? No problem. including 112 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. 50.chiens@kempgear. Ltd All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Samples can be made according to your specifications in seven to 10 days. water-resistant and UV-resistant.200 employees. Women's soft shell jacket Quanzhou Kempgear Clothing Co. China E-mail: roger. suitcases. There’s plenty of room for your orders too.

More new products July 2011 Garments & Textiles 113 .

co Website: Contact Person: Jimmy Qi Mobile: (86) 136 6664 7477 114 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www..000 meters. We use machinery from Japan and South Korea to produce up to 800. China Tel: (86-512) 6359 7203 Fax: (86-512) 6359 6501 Polyester fabric suitable E-mail: connie. Samples can be ready in three to five days. our thermal insulation material can retain heat in damp conditions. With a yearly output of 50 million meters of fabric. depending on the complexity of the lace design. army uses our materials Zhongwei Textile Co. and delivery completed in just two weeks. e-mail us today. polyester pongee and taffeta fabrics.tedafilters.Choose verified suppliers . Zhejiang Website: www. our products have won praise from buyers worldwide. China Tel: (86-577) 8665 2089 Fax: (86-577) 8665 2069 E-mail: Xiaoshan.000 meters of Inwell-brand lace monthly. our annual revenue exceeds $50 million. Inquire now. Twenty testing machines and 20 professional inspectors verify . Jiangsu 215228. It’s light. They’re ideal for making casual. Class 75D x 225D Thermal insulation fabric for garments Our factories cover 200. 7th Xinye St. Our fabrics comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. peach skin. 999 Airport Avenue. work and hunting wear. 45.globalsources. We have a proven six-year track record servicing the diverse requirements of clients in more than 20 countries and regions – mainly in the markets of Europe. Wujiang. As a blend of polyester and polyolefin fine denier fibers. And we're a designated supplier of material for uniforms for the People's Liberation China’s national Army of mainland China. Ltd 2/F. including 30 and are staffed by over 800 employees. They make great hand wear. Wenzhou Hengyuan Leather Co. French-. crépe and satin are made with equipment from Taiwan. headwear. nylon/cotton. and Japanese-speaking trade staff today. Widely used in garments and household textiles.000 meters. Lace www. Ltd 165m from the south exit of Shengze Expressway. Hangzhou 311245. Samples can be ready in just five Samples ready in just five days Synthetic leather suitable for shoes. bags and upholstery With access to a vast network of more than 200 leather factories. To place an order starting at 1. thin. Mid-range and high-grade fabrics such as chiffon. Start your order by calling our Website: www. Tianjin 300462. and dries quickly. In the past 23 years.globalsources. South Korea and Japan. No. West Zone of for home textiles www. China Tel: (86-22) 6632 1865 • Fax: (86-22) 6632 1866 E-mail: footwear. China Tel: (86-571) 8352 0728 Fax: (86-571) 8253 0267 E-mail: cninwell@globalsources. the Middle East and the Americas. compressible and damp-proof. Inquire or with any order over• • www. microfiber. our azo-free products include suede. Zhongsha Industry Area.globalsources. washable. we are able to offer thousands of new items each year. sports. Wenzhou. 109.globalsources. Georgette.Oeko-Tex Standard 100-compliant thermal insulation materials Suede fabric made of polyester. sleeping bags and bedding as well. Longwan. available in different styles We provide free samples for qualified buyers.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 115 . When Adidas audited our factory. Testing equipment such as color-detecting and color-matching systems. To learn more. 888 Wanghangdu Rd. And Invista hollow-core fibers give our insulation fabric a higher level of efficiency. comfortable and lightweight. Shanghai 200042. Zhejiang 314400. nylon spandex and soft velboa fabrics Adidas has audited our factory Our fabrics and garments are always being updated to incorporate the newest technologies.. Haining Economic Development Zone. as well as a Datacolor spectrophotometer ensures that orders are never off-color and that international standards are met. Our fabrics are EN 471-approved and carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 mark.globalsources. Factory: 1 Danmei Rd. The latest line of garments we offer uses Thermolite® Website: www. Kaikai Plaza. Fabric suitable for producing sportswear. made with Invista Thermolite® hollow-core fibers 26/F. China Tel: (86-573) 8709 6853 Fax: (86-573) 8709 5786 More new products . China Tel: (86-21) 5161 0129 Fax: (86-21) 5161 0139 E-mail: cntexwell@globalsources. which is warm. visit our Global Sources Online showroom and contact us today. they were particularly impressed by the quality of our in-house dyeing and velvet.globalsources. You can also come to us for microfiber cleaning towels.

Japan and South Korea. We can also develop new fabrics according to your requirements. Zhejiang 314419. Inquire now. and minimum orders start at just 500 meters. Our vehicle upholstery and household products. Haining. DC6011: Voile for curtains MOQ: 1. Fifty clients visit us annually. • www. underwear.000 meters per color Delivery time: 15 days after approval of lab dips • Top quality voile for curtains • 300cm or 280cm widths available • 50gsm weight. allowing us to turn out Mobile: (86) 158 5832 5920 Jingyi Embroidery Co. jacquard and circular-knitting machines help us turn out up to 6 million meters of faux fur and fabric annually. Europe. China Tel: (86-512) 6308 9978.globalsources. We perform nearly all production steps in our factory to offer you competitive pricing. Inquire now. Our short-pile. nylon spandex fabric. Like the world we live in. Yanguan. Our complete product range includes polyester spandex • www. Our large monthly capacity of 600 tons allows us to deliver in 25 days. Jiangsu 215228. 6355 1965 Fax: (86-512) 6357 Model 6308 9978 E-mail: derek@jingyiemb.Choose verified suppliers . loop velvet. speckled velvet. suede. China Tel: (86-573) 8777 7160 Fax: (86-573) 8777 0738 E-mail: expert23@163.globalsources. sofas. mesh and flag fabric. Tricot fabric suitable for swimwear We specialize in producing fabrics for garments. Suzhou.000 meters of fabric • Exempt from anti-dumping taxes 116 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. www. These items are made using over 22 high-speed tricot knitting machines from Karl Mayer of Germany.jingyiemb. Ltd Fengshi Industrial Zone. Zhejiang 314405. short velvet. The sample lead time is one week. China Tel: (86-573) 8798 6388 Fax: (86-573) 8798 9603 E-mail: liema@globalsources. our range is updated by our six engineers with 30 items monthly.000m2 factory is equipped with computerized embroidery machines from www. Warp Knitting Science and Technology Industrial Zone. our diverse selection of embroidered products is made up of a multitude of textures and styles. Contact us www. Ltd 16-5 Hongsheng Rd. we have amassed a selection that contains hundreds of faux fur and fabric styles. one 20-foot container holds 65.. Haining.Embroidered fabrics in various styles Hundreds of styles for your selection Over our 14 years of specialization. Start an order for just 500 meters today.000 meters . brushed tricot fabric. Shengze. We supply to clients in the US. Our computerized embroidered fabrics include: • Cotton • Silk • Polyester • Nylon • Chiffon • Linen Haining Huayi Textile Organized into 10 series.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 117 .VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE CONTACT SUPPLIERS More new products .www.globalsources.

China Tel: (86-510) 8683 6826. Contact us today to learn . Longxing Rd. pompon and eyelash yarn – whatever type of hand-knitting yarn you need. With 150 material suppliers at our disposal. we have it. polyester and more – are commonly used in garments and home textiles..Choose verified suppliers . www. Hand-knitting services are also available.000 invested into R&D annually Nylon/polyester ripstop Select from over 12. 8689 9509 E-mail: info@loyalyarns. Ltd 1187 East Renmin Rd. Sirdar of the UK and BMC of France source from us. so bring us your orders for 118 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Co. Ltd 93 Shunda Industrial soybean fiber.Permeable softshell fabrics that keep out wind and rain Hand-knitting Website: www. Our monthly capacity is 300 tons of China Tel: (86-573) 8726 5200 Fax: (86-573) 8726 6890 E-mail: semmy7991@163. shawls. 8683 6825 Fax: (86-510) 8680 0528. We can arrange ITS and SGS Softshell fabrics for outdoor sportswear We specialize in laminating fabric with PTFE. cardigans. We can also customize and have samples ready within 10 days. Zhejiang 312000. we continue to update our selection with the highest quality material. Economic Development www. available in natural and synthetic fibers Bamboo fiber. rain and most other weather conditions.globalsources. linen.000m2. Zhejiang 314400. 83-85 North Tongjiang Rd. Our fabrics – which include weifengtex@globalsources. and we can produce up to 600.000 fabric designs to choose from. & Hand-knitted pullover www. wind. Polyester microfiber with printing Shaoxing Weifeng Imp. ISO 9001:2000.globalsources. merino. www.000 meters of functional fabrics every month.loyalyarns.weifengtex. Jiangyin.and ISO14001:2004certified factory. All production processes such as weaving and dyeing are completed in our fully owned 60.. Our fabrics can be used to create permeable garments that are resistant to cold..000 fabric designs Got variety in mind? With us. E-mail us today. our trade staff can speak German and French. TPU or PU membranes. They keep the wearer comfortable by allowing perspiration to evaporate. In addition to English. In all we offer hundreds of styles and create 30 new items per month for a greater selection. Shaoxing. Haining. China Tel: (86-575) 8862 3751 Fax: (86-575) 8864 6369 E-mail: admin@mail. Call us $500. chances are.globalsources. you’ll have over 12. Jiangsu 214433. scarves. hats and blankets too. Haining Newroute Laminated Fabrics Co.

190 Songjiang Rd.Der Wei Textile Co.globalsources.. In-Fashion Int’l Co. Ltd 10F. comfortable and eco-friendly fabrics is our goal. Taipei.www.globalsources. Muji and Walmart. Our D-polyester with bamboo. No. With over 20 years’ experience supplying various leading retailers. tencel and cotton combination fabrics wick moisture away from the body. dry quickly and deodorize. Let our industry experience and strong supply chain benefit you. Contact us www. we have built the industry knowledge necessary to offer you the best service for all your casual wear and outdoor wear needs. and allow people to enjoy all kinds of activities while at the same time effortlessly protecting the planet. including Eddie Bauer. Ltd Eco-friendly natural and synthetic combination fabrics Providing July 2011 Garments & Textiles 119 .com/infashion. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2522 1267 Fax: (886-2) 2100 1218 E-mail: More new products .com.

Hutang. we can deliver orders in just 30 to 45 days. tensilestrength. We cooperate with up to 30 upstream factories for more effective quality Website: www. Inquire now. Shanghai 201100. bedding and memory foam. It’s this kind of global standing that has attracted big buyers to our negotiation table.globalsources. We understand the need to have www. we use equipment from Taiwan and raw materials from South Korea to manufacture our wide range of outdoor garment and functional fabrics.. and widely used for garments. Pudong. steady raw material sources. seam and hydrostatic-pressure tests. Our designer will finish a free sample for you within seven days. We have been producing fabrics that are suitable for outdoor and sports clothing.. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2552 1905 Fax: (886-2) 2552 1894 E-mail: daicybao@ms47. China Tel: (86-519) 8653 1536 Fax: (86-519) 8652 8330 E-mail: hellozhu@hotmail. Our polyester suiting fabric is durable and resistant to abrasions and stretching. China Tel: (86-21) 6118 1023. Ltd 186 Wuyi Rd. No. and the products you buy shouldn’t be any different.Choose verified suppliers . as well as better cost-efficiency and reduced lead times. Whether for sofas and toys or garments and health care products..globalsources. for eight years. We incorporate coating.hinet. Jiangsu 213164. 4F. Jacquard terry fabric Waterproof and breathable fabrics with PU coating Making outdoor garment fabrics for 8 years Jacquard velour fabric Changzhou Xinunion Weaving They can be customized with your logo. Taipei. Inquire Our fabric is usually made with 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester. Wujin. Inquire now.Source velour fabrics from a professional manufacturer We have 60 sets of knitting circular machines and 26 sets of jacquard machines dedicated to manufacturing velour fabrics. Find out why our goods are popular in Europe and the Americas by contacting us today. We’ve even passed tests for phthalate content by the European Commission. Changzhou. as well as for tents. 6118 9061 Fax: (86-21) 6118 1024 E-mail: trade@shyunmei. 33 Lushun Rd. bonding and filming technologies in our products. breathable and have a high water-absorption rate are all available. In fact.000m2 . Rd. It’s also less water absorbent than cotton and flame retardant. Fabrics that are waterproof. Jacquard velour and terry fabrics are our famous products. our goods are sure to grab your customers’ attention. 62-5 Shi-Ning N. Minghuang St. Ltd 5/ Inside of our 20.globalsources. Our synthetic leather maintains a high reputation because we subject it to www. the monthly capacity of which can reach 300 120 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Ltd Striped velour fabric PU leather suitable for garments Quality confirmed by the European Commission You had to pass many tests to get where you are Our management team utilizes 20 years of experience to access stable sources of affordable polyester fiber. Shanghai Donglang Industrial & Trade Co. Haining Selon Textile Co. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 121 .globalsources.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .

Orders can be shipped in as fast as seven days. Contact us Printed polyester fabrics that have a 100hr/4 colorfastness grading 20 new synthetic leathers added to our extensive range monthly PP spunbond non-woven fabric You’re looking for synthetic leather.Fabrics made from 100% recycled PET bottles with UV. Guangdong 523000. China Tel: (86-574) 8705 6317. suitcases. so when it comes to volume orders.veijun.globalsources. Add value to your products by using our top-quality www.globalsources. seat covers. 612 Chung Shan Rd. we utilize coating and laminating machines. Champion and others appreciate our diverse range of nylon and polyester fabrics. We add 50 new designs each quarter to our 14 different lines of Our leathers can pass EN 71 and REACH certification.and flame-resistant coatings.. We can provide it. Shalu Chen. including wet PU.2000 millimeters and have a combination weight of 9 to 260 grams per square meter. 8818 3856 Fax: (86-574) 8705 6327. shoes and garments. we have been a quality manufacturer of PP spunbond non-woven fabrics for clients worldwide. Liaobu.. It’s no wonder Walmart sources from • www. Head Quarter .5 million meters of synthetic leather monthly. 111 • Fax: (86-769) 8328 8846 Website: www. to efficiently meet your needs. shoe and garment industries.and flame-resistant coatings World-renowned buyers such as Nike. Walmart.comfortworld. floor mats and panels. Zhejiang 315000. particularly for roofs. semi-PU and calendar PVC leathers. Twenty new synthetic leathers are developed www. as well as our own roller-packing facility. Dongguan.hinet. We can produce up to 2. Inquire Since 1999. Contact us today to learn more. 8818 3500 E-mail: dry PU. Ltd 601-602. We’ve also created leathers for sofas. China Tel: (86-769) 8239 0208 ext. verified suppliers . Our products are widely used in the health and hygiene. medical. and our minimum order requirement is one 122 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. we have you covered. From our 13. Xiaokeng Industrial District.200m2 factory in Taiwan. Our products are used in automotive interiors. Our fabric widths range from 1. A sampling of our fabrics No. Taiwan Tel: (886-4) 2622 2769 Fax: (886-4) 2622 2752 E-mail: chyuan. Taichung. Comfort Int’l Co.globalsources. They also value that we provide them with eco-friendly outdoor wear fabrics made from 100 percent recycled PET bottles that feature UV.globalsources. Songshan Lake Rd. upholstery. Our 80-member team manufactures up to 800 tons of fabric each month at our factory..600 to • www. packaging. 555 Rili Middle Rd. Ningbo.

Our multifunctional fabrics are breathable and waterproof Taiwan Taffeta Fabric July 2011 Garments & Textiles 123 . Ltd More new products .globalsources.

globalsources.124 Garments & Textiles July 2011 .Choose verified suppliers .

lj-tex. Our numerous buyers find our products useful not only for their uniforms. 1205. Since our main focus is bath and beach towels. swimwear and sportswear Need fabric for your clothing line? Source from the same volume supplier H& www.globalsources. Qingdao. 2. Yanping N. sew and perform just about any step it takes to create a towel. No. And with 25 R&D specialists. D. Guangdong Shenzhen Lihongjun Clothing Co. • www. Taipei 103. Inquire today.. To ensure precise Website: www. We offer three types of coating treatments for our numerous fabrics. Rd. China Tel: (86-755) 8982 9278 ext. Wujiang. Tower B. High-elastic pongee and polar fleece composite fabric Inside our ISO 9001:2000. Our dyes are mixed in Germany according to the EU’s strictest eco-friendliness and colorfastness standards. Shenzhen. we’re able to produce approximately 30 million meters of various coated and non-coated fabrics every year.www. We also provide www. Sec. dye. To work with a 26-year manufacturer trusted by major With four factories. Unit 3. NEO Mansion. swimwear and sportswear each month. Maniform and other clients turn to – us. print. printed velour beach towel A variety of Confidence in Textiles-certified fabrics King HwaDee Textile Co.hinet. Shandong 266300. umbrellas and tents. Our facilities are equipped with machines from Italy and Spain. coats and sportswear.Every step it takes to make a towel – we do it in-house We weave. PUR and PVC leather.000m2 facilities.. but also for outdoor items such as Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2555 2826 Fax: (886-2) 2555 2856 E-mail: easy. we produce up to 5 million meters of nylon and polyester fabric for underwear. and 100% combed-cotton we use high-matching cotton yarns for single-yarn bath towel consistent brightness and More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 125 . 16/F. Pingwang. VF.. 100% cotton reactiveMake your pick today.lace@msa. Ltd Rm. Ltd Rm. moisture absorption is primary in our quality inspections. China Tel: (86-512) 6338 8286 Fax: ( 86-512) 6365 7872 E-mail: admin@lintaishiye. all of which are held to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 • www. China Tel: (86-532) 8077 9857 • Fax: (86-532) 8066 5352 E-mail: king-hd@globalsources. Lane 61. 6009 Shennan Ave. 203 • Fax: (86-755) 2395 7692 E-mail: peter@lys-lj.and ISO 14001:2004-certified 100. 130 Shandong Rd. Plain or printed elastic knitted fabric for lingerie. lingerie. Jiahexinxing Building. Prosperity Lace International Co. Etam. inquire today. Jiangsu 215000. Over 30 towel varieties await your Website: PTFE. Datong District. Ltd 1F.globalsources. we release 20 new designs every season. we use warp knitting machines from Karl Mayer and other equipment from Germany and Taiwan.

Qingdao Overseas offices: India. Hangzhou. come to us. and utilize automated production technologies for mold development. rivets. Shanghai.000m2 plants in Dongguan and Wuxi enable us to control the quality of our items at every Website: www.dngbuttons. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. eyelets. Plus. we are ISO 9001:2000-certified as well as BSI-compliant. Pinghu. To view more D&G Garment Accessories (Wuxi) Co. brand names and logos ('Marks') are for reference purposes only.. Charm Other offices: Dongguan. Ltd Tel: (86-510) 8357 5688 • Fax: (86-510) 8357 5988 E-mail: wuxi@dngbuttons. Australia and Taiwan. Turkey.globalsources. 2787 5180 E-mail: Our products meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements. metal patches and buckles for jeans and other garments. die-casting and coloring.Major fashion houses source from us If you need products that consistently match high-fashion standards. Mexico. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. Beijing. Nanjing. As a result. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2410 9928 (10 lines) • Fax: (852) 2410 0439. 700 Castle Peak Rd. Italy All items shown here with various trademarks. and are not for sale.Choose verified suppliers . carving. 126 Garments & Textiles July 2011 D&G Button Products Ltd Tel: (86-769) 2298 1888 • Fax: (86-769) 2298 1881 E-mail: factory@dngbuttons. OEM projects are welcomed. Our vertically integrated 37. Sweden. snap • www. . UK Agents: France. injection molding. 2/F. International fashion brand names choose our They have done so since 1988 because they know our name stands for quality in metal buttons and accessories. Xiamen. we have a monthly capacity of more than 100 billion units. Philippines. visit our Global Sources Online showroom today. We use high-grade metals from Japan. Wuhan.

www.globalsources.VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 127 .

128 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .com .globalsources.

Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2487 8865 • Fax: (852) 2487 8176 E-mail: info@charminghk. From design and film/CTP output to printing and packaging. and are not for sale. the US and Australia know that they can count on us for their most elaborate www. buyers in Europe. accurate printing. South Korea and the US. brand names and logos (“Marks”) are for reference purposes only.Precision printing with imported machinery When it comes to fast. The Marks are the property of the respective July 2011 Garments & Textiles 129 . Our factory is equipped with precision machinery from Germany. So you can rest assured that our hang tags remain intact year after All items shown here with various trademarks. More new products . bags and more • Barcode and price hang tags • For fabric • For • www. including Roland Heidelberg printing and Agfa film output machines. PVC and more • With foil stamp • With embossing/debossing • With spot UV treatment • With plastisol print • With epoxy bubble • With washed and distressed look (recommended for jeans and casual wear) Charming Printing Ltd Flat A.charminghk.globalsources. we use top-grade materials sourced from Japan.globalsources. Contact us today to learn more about our quality printing services. See how our expertise can benefit your business. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. footwear. 11 Cheung Shun Hang tags • For garments. Great Wall Factory Building. Kowloon. all production processes are completed in-house. 6/F. Lai Chi Kok. These allow us to produce 30 million units each month. plush toys. And to take our product quality to another level.. PP. .Choose verified suppliers .35 years of providing one-stop services Some of the world’s largest brands work with us Metal buttons Zipper pullers Nylon invisible zipper ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 130 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.

Metal zipper More new products July 2011 Garments & Textiles 131 . .Choose verified suppliers .132 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.

207-209 Tai Nam St. And during this time. Customization options include top/side laser-engraving. natural shell and More new products . imitation horn and shell.We’ve been producing buttons and buckles for 26 years. www. embroidered patches. as well as add-ons such as metal studs. metal rings. G/F. we’ve worked hard to consistently meet the strict environmental standards of multinational fashion Website: www. hologram and hotfix We can make buttons with very low levels of lead and phthalates when required by your market. screen printing. Choose from an extensive collection of metal alloy. And we’re compliant with REACH and CPSIA regulations. flock. rhinestones and more.. eyelets.www. color protection coating.globalsources.winnerbutton. ink fills. Our new range of products includes iron-on prints or motifs. E-mail us now for a quote. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2393 1919 • Fax: (852) 2397 8599 E-mail: winner@winnerbutton. enamel fills. sublimation. combination prints and offset. polyester and fabriccovered buttons and July 2011 Garments & Textiles 133 . Sham Shui Po.globalsources. color dyeing.

com .globalsources.Zipping orders to over 50 countries 134 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.Choose verified suppliers .

China Tel: (86-20) 2861 0468.shantou. And. who have 10 to 20 years of experience. to oversee each stage.We can provide free samples in just one week 40 styles from a 30-year manufacturer Tag Website: www. (Group) Co. China Tel: (86-754) 8574 2888 • Fax: (86-754) 8574 2198 E-mail: chuyi@globalsources. To ensure quality.and high-end markets. can be customized to your specification Plastic garment hooks Our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory Come to us for packaging supplies and receive free samples in as fast as one week. as we have two factories with a monthly capacity of 100 twenty-foot containers. Ltd 2/F. Having been in the business for 30 years. Guangzhou Sinfoo Plastic More new products . 2860 9282 Fax: (86-20) 2861 0199 E-mail: jass@gzsinfoo. the rest are procured from the same suppliers we’ve worked with for 10 years. During production.. we deploy 19 inspectors. Chenghai. Volume orders can be easily filled. Guangdong 510800. we can customize items to meet your market’s specific requirements. With 35 July 2011 Garments & Textiles 135 .gzsinfoo. Some of our components are purchased from South Korea and Taiwan. we source key materials primarily from big suppliers in mainland China such as Sinopec. Our collection includes tag guns and pins. For more information. we now offer 40 different styles suitable for both low. Website: www. as well as hang Guangzhou. standard tag pins and needles in various lengths. Ltd Yongxin Industrial District.www. and nylon ties Paper hang tags. ties and hooks. Guangdong Guangdong Chuyi Ent. inquire today. 8 Jinghu Rd.globalsources.

buttons and beaded collar Choose from 69.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers 136 Garments & Textiles July 2011 .Rhinestone buckles.000 items Motif decorated with acrylic stones Fashion trimmings Come to us for: • Fashion jewelry • Belts • Garment accessories • Rhinestone trimmings • Buckles ISO 9001:2000 .

Ltd More new products .000 new sewing accessories every season We are ready for your custom projects Ningbo MH Industry July 2011 Garments & Textiles 137 .1.globalsources.www.

globalsources. Qingyanliu.chanchinternational.globalsources. In fact. Contact us today for more information. the US and Germany to ensure accurately produced items. we offer over 10.000 units – all azo. buttons and other fashion trimmings.000m2 factory.000 kinds of clothing accessories.Choose verified suppliers . With a 5. These big buyers appreciate our attention to detail and • www. China Tel: (86-579) 8545 4098 Fax: (86-579) 8545 2550 E-mail: Fashionable trimmings 138 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. C-62.Specializing in clothing accessories for over 10 years Steady supplier to Tesco and Metro Beaded collar and rhinestone buckles in different designs We’ve specialized in clothing accessories for over 10 years – expertise that has won us the repeat business of companies such as Tesco and Metro. we are able to achieve a monthly capacity of 600. And our designers develop up to 1. We use equipment from Japan. we employ 25 QC officers to inspect each product before www.500 new styles . 300 workers and four production lines. Zhejiang 322000. Chanch Accessories International Co. Ltd Unit 1. To make sure that our products will last. Our main markets are Europe and the US. lace.and nickel-free. Our product range includes collars.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 139 .www.globalsources.More new products .

Pudong. personalized logos are accepted Plastic clothes hanger TF Mannequins & Hangers www. China Tel: (86-21) 5859 8297 Fax: (86-21) 5859 8296 E-mail: tianfu@tf1992.globalsources.One of mainland China’s leading mannequin makers Let us supply you and your customers with customized display mannequins and garment hangers – whether it’s formal wear. Contact us today. In addition to our range of display items. Clothing mannequin.. 16. our R&D team will meet your needs. And. which we’ve been manufacturing for leading retailers for over 20 140 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. casual wear.Choose verified suppliers .com tianfu-model@globalsources. they’re also available to consult with you on choosing materials or one of our unique finishes to perfectly match the look and feel of the store or display area. sportswear or children’s www. Ltd 1358 Chuanliu Rd. Shanghai 201202. we also offer a line of custommade .tfdisplay.

With an array of equipment. 680 Castle Peak Rd.000m2. Ever Bright Enterprise (HK) Ltd July 2011 Garments & Textiles 141 . Send us an e-mail today to get started on your order. Ardour Factory: 358 Guangzhang East Rd. we perform offset and screen printing. We are based in Hong Kong. That’s because with 21 years of experience. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third party. China All items shown here with various trademarks. brand names and logos (‘Marks’) are for reference purposes only.. Zhangmutou. and have a factory in Guangdong that covers 10. 7/F.globalsources. we have gained the expertise to handle all types of requests for printing. labeling and packaging. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 3427 9015 Fax: (852) 3427 9251 E-mail: bill@hk-everbright. Kowloon. More new products . Cheung Sha Wan. PVC/silicone micro-injection molding and laser cutting all under one roof. The Marks are the property of the respective owners. Yufeng Industrial Park. E. our garment accessories will meet all of your quality standards.www.You can be sure that when you partner with us. high-frequency embossing.. Dongguan. Guangdong 523000. and are not for sale. embroidery.

globalsources. Dongguan Hanyia Garment Accessories Co. We also have R&D centers in major international fashion capitals. accessories. Bldg.. Taiwan Contact person: Brian Lee Mobile: (886) 91998 3049 Tel: (886-4) 777 3559 Fax: (886-4) 778 3559 E-mail: twist. Inquire today.globalsources. food packaging. mop head fibers. including Paris and New to finish.000 different items available for application on garments. Changhua Hsien 505. shoes.Choose verified suppliers . China Tel: (86-769) 8618 7600. Hengjiang.king@msa. Christmas decorations.Trusted supplier of Uniqlo Mannequins Various kinds of buttons and buckles Both Zara and Adidas source our • www. To learn more about the benefits of sourcing from us.000m2 of production space in our seven factories. Chashan. Shida 142 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. 8610 1002 All trademarks are shown for reference purposes Plastic buttons We've been producing high-quality garment accessories since 1989 Metal buttons Benefit from our 22 years in the garment accessories industry. Nanyang Rd. decorative trimmings and other craft materials. our designers can develop up to five of the latest products monthly. Ltd Rm. metallic and nylon into strings. Accordingly. We have over 1. 2/F. thanks to the 100. Additionally. including high-speed looms and precision dyers. Jiahao Garden. clothing tags. Fujian Qihao Arts and Crafts Co. we’ve been twisting fibers like cotton. We use equipment from Europe and Japan. China Tel: (86-595) 8672 3777 • Fax: (86-595) 8672 5766 E-mail: qihaoyijia@gmail. 201. 8611 9251 Fax: (86-769) 8618 7220. Guangdong 523380. Lukang Town. No. The reason they do so is because they can rely on our 1. Ting Tso Lane. Contact us today to receive your custom sample in seven days. Shishi. industrial packaging and many more. hangers and shelves. ropes. Ting Tso Website: www.500-member team to fill their orders fast. rayon.hinet.. 5. Dongguan. 12-2. Ltd Flat F.globalsources. . custom services are available and samples can be complete in 20 polyester. Since 1973. Fujian 362700. Bldg. cords. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks.7ytt.

cn More new products . 318-328. Assured quality Our ribbons are popular for their fine textures. 30 high-speed warping machines and 200 printing machines. we can produce 20 million yards of ribbons and 1 million ribbon bows daily. China Hotline: (86-400) 076 6333 • Fax: (86-592) 766 3333 E-mail: yaoming@globalsources. It's easy because we have 2. and attracts buyers that include the largest ribbon retailers in the US and Europe. Xiamen. Inquire now.500 high-speed • global@yama. Fujian 361021. we have the right ribbons for you. 196 colors of polyester ribbons in stock for you to choose from Yama Ribbons & Bows Co.800 skilled workers. so your rush orders can be shipped within 24 hours. vivid prints and excellent colorfastness.www.globalsources. Fast delivery Whether your needs are for hair www. We keep up to 1 billion yards in stock.Decorative satin ribbons for use at home and on garments Because we offer better quality.globalsources. Ltd Rms. Japan and Malaysia. Jimei North Industrial District. 18 normal temperature dyeing machines. This capacity and manufacturing power makes us number one in the world in terms of polyester ribbon production scale.yama. in 196 colors and more than 20 widths. higher production capacity and faster lead times Volume production With a 101. And we use a coloring process that is azo-free to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guidelines and REACH regulations.000m2 facility and • www.. We source raw materials from choice suppliers in Germany. gift wrapping or trimming. 78 high-temperature dyeing machines. Yingyao July 2011 Garments & Textiles 143 .com/yamaribbon.

globalsources.144 Garments & Textiles July 2011 .Choose verified suppliers .

VIEW PRODUCTS ONLINE More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 145 .www.globalsources.

2. dual voltage design You won’t have to worry about your high-quantity orders for clothing accessories when you work with us. we can provide you with professional design skills and up to 1.and GS-marked.fsjiada. 146 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Our monthly capacity is 600.000m2 factory employs about 500 staff moldmaking.globalsources. ETL. garments. These buyers know that our products meet their quality standards. CB-. China Tel: (86-755) 6151 7066/7068 Fax: (86-755) 6151 7058 E-mail: cnluckystar@globalsources. District C. Guangdong 528132. Ltd Rm.25L water All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. www. Inquire now. We can produce 50 million metal . After Factory: West Baiyun Rd.. bags. This starts with checking the colors and shapes of incoming rhinestones. Contact us today. You can find our buttons in the markets of Europe. Our items are RoHS-. China Designing and manufacturing garment steamers for over 12 years Metal clothing accessories For more than 12 5 million badges and 5 million buckles. Kappa and Adidas turn to.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. China Tel: (86-579) 8525 8586 Fax: (86-579) 8525 8587 E-mail: postmaster@lijiabutton. Shajing. Guangdong 518104. North America and South Korea. Bao’an Shenzhen. We know that clothing designs and their corresponding accessories are in a constant state of we check every single finished trim and reject any defective units.Up to 300 new plastic buttons monthly Rhinestone trims widely used in footwear. zipper Website: www. And with 13 years of industry experience. we’re the supplier Preciosa. Design. Sanshui. Our ODM appliances are lightweight. and thoroughly inspected by our QC specialists. Asfour. 1. thanks to our five-stage QC • www. all packaged goods are sent to our shipping warehouse and examined one last time.000m2 factory.lijiabutton. Dongguan. we run a routine packaging zhang@luckstar. 916. Zhejiang 322000. And finally. 999 North Chouzhou Rd. Shenzhen Luckystar Electrical • www. Our 8. Metal buttons Garment steamer with humidifier function and LCD screen Compact fabric steamer with 0. Xinlida Garment Accessory Fty www. We also offer genuine leather and PU labels. Inquire now. Botou Industrial Zone. brass and iron eyelets. jean buttons. shoes and hats.000 belts each month at our 20. plastic injection center and other in-house facilities. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. China Tel: (86-757) 8757 1822/1820 • Fax: (86-757) 8751 8895 E-mail: jiada@globalsources.globalsources. Then. Ltd Qiaotou Huaguan Garment Accessories Co. and are created with the help of our team of engineers. Qiaotou. Guangdong 523000. CE-. Europe. the Middle East.000 new items monthly.000m2 of rhinestone Humen. Each month. Yiwu Lijia Button Co. Zhoubian Development Zone.globalsources. China Tel: (86-769) 8525 3805 8525 5169 Fax: (86-769) 8525 5179 E-mail: xinlida@globalsources. Yiwu. metal badges and various other accessories for garments. That’s why we update our inventory with 200 to 300 new buttons monthly – making that perfect match possible. Xueziwei Yabian. our team adds 15 new models to our collection. They utilze our molding Foshan Sanshui Jiada Plastic & Hardware Co. each item is inspected at the end of the first production line. OEM orders are welcomed. Inquire now. Southeast Asia and other regions. ABS and combination buttons on offer. as well as 500. polishing and electroplating are all completed in-house. International Trade Mansion. Wenzhou. bags and other applications Preciosa and Asfour value our 5-stage QC process When it comes to rhinestone trims and mesh. rivets. Ltd 4th Village. Zhejiang 325000. we’ve been designing and producing garment steamers that have gained popularity in the Americas. Ltd Leather labels Website: www. Take a peek at our stock and you’ll find a range of resin.

Zhong Ou EN 71 www. D.globalsources. 9/F. Avon. garment. Samples in 10 days Those in need of a sample can have one completed within 10 days. customer designs are accepted Made of recycled paper and nontoxic glue We've raised the quality of our paper bags as well as the quantity to meet global demand. Wencheng. More new products . including Paper gift bags with twist handle made of white kraft paper. our bags can be made of a range of materials such as recycled paper and nontoxic glue. we make 300. Sturdy and elegantly printed.Put quality and quantity on your list with 300. don't hesitate to call us today. This flexibility has attracted well-known buyers from across the globe such as those from Ikea. They use our services to make bags for a myriad of applications. China Tel: (86-577) 6783 0003 Fax: (86-577) 6783 0002 E-mail: sales@bestbag. If you are on the lookout for July 2011 Garments & Textiles 147 .co www. In fact. Unilever. gift.000 CP65-approved bags daily with automated machinery from Japan and • www.bestbag. Supplying Ikea and Avon A key reason for our success has been the versatility of our OEM services.000 CP65-approved bags daily Shopping bags made of kraft paper. Wenzhou. Zhejiang 325300. Delivery takes about 30 days. suitable for packaging products Best Environmental Packaging Co.bestpackaging.www. cosmetics and grocery bags. P&G and Timberland.globalsources. Ltd Rm.

All of our zippers meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and pass evaluations by ITS and SGS. Inquire now. & Exp. Futian. Ltd Rm. China Tel: (86-575) 8411 7048. we are prepared to handle your volume orders. 18-year zipper manufacturer chosen by renowned fashion companies We can tailor zippers to your specific requirements. China Tel: (86-21) 5485 8261. Shanghai Xiyuan Trading Co. Because we comply with notable management strategies such as Six Sigma. so we save on raw material costs and offer our clients cost-effective .com • www. Guess and Hugo Boss source from us. we have been supplying many garment companies in South Korea with the garment accessories they need. 110 Fuhua 801. Ltd 153-155 Kehua Rd. Our www. Lane Website: www.000 products to choose ITS SGS 148 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Inquire and serving overseas buyers for over a decade.cnsxjf. Co. Some of the buyers that have come to us include Auchan. 41. And with a network of six factories. We now have more than 50 up-to-date machines which give us reliable quality and fast delivery. Bldg. buttons. Marks & Spencer.globalsources. and our MOQ is 5. 5485 8262 Fax: (86-21) 5485 1132 E-mail: xiyuan@globalsources. Zhejiang 311800. 27A. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom and send us an e-mail today to learn more. H-28378. Just send us your requirements and we’ll have a sample ready within 10 days. Our R&D team can create custom samples within just 15 days.000m2 factory utilizes advanced equipment and computer systems in the production process. Utilizing equipment from Taiwan. Inquire www. Esprit. 5S and TQM. Keqiao. Qixin Rd. Levi Strauss.. we have our own lab devoted to QC testing. Computerized embroidery machines for chenille and double-sequin designs CE-approved products tested in our own QC lab In our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. International Trade Website: www. woven labels and more – over 1. and our factory has passed inspections by TÜV. Guangdong Hang tags and woven labels Shaoxing Junfei Imp. Guangye Building. China Tel: (86-755) 8398 2435 • Fax: (86-755) 8398 2436 E-mail: info@lamszipper. Our experience is a major reason why Abercrombie & www. Puma. Deliveries can be as quick as seven days – or faster if requested. Our delivery time is 45 days. Our embroidery machines feature eight functional patents for you to choose from.globalsources. Yiwu.000 pieces.globalsources. we have an annual production of 85 million All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. This expertise comes from manufacturing such items for 18 years. Levi Strauss and Disney. Shaoxing.lamszipper. bags and shoes Woven patches and labels with different styles All of our woven labels are manufactured in-house. Zhejiang 322000. China Tel/Fax: (86-579) 8545 7842 E-mail: xl2104@163. and an aftersales office in India.globalsources. Lams Zipper (Jiangmen) Industry Ltd Mobile: (86) 138 5851 2388 Various OEM hang tags All trademarks are shown for reference purposes supply to garment companies in South Korea For more than five Shanghai 201101. Zippers for garments. Elle. Shenzhen. you can be sure quality is constantly on our mind. The components in our embroidery machines have obtained CE approvals. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Our selection includes hang tags.Choose verified suppliers . We have over 200 clients. 8702 9372 Fax: (86-575) 8411 7148 E-mail: jackey_sx_jf@hotmail.

000 units are welcome. we are now equipped with more than 600 machines. and we are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third www. Flexible ordering Each of our two factories has four production lines dedicated to the manufacture of buttons and buckles. 33 Jianshe 6 Mainland China factory: You Gam Bu Industrial Zone. Unit 5. Dongguan. Ningbo. China US branch: 295 North St. As a result. NJ 07608. Cheung Sha Website: www. which is why we source durable materials from Australia. including those for CNC wide-cut molding. Check our product range out at our Global Sources Online showroom. Hualian Building. So we know how to ensure the quality of each item. surface grinding and oil hydraulic zinc die casting. Wing Hing Buttons and Buckles Ltd Hong Kong office: Unit B. 6/F. Investing to make a difference We recently invested $3 million in advanced equipment for our factories in Hong Kong and mainland China. C66. 6 Cheung Yee St. buckles and other fashionable metal accessories. The Marks are the property of the respective owners.. Shanghaimart..globalsources. Teterboro. Cheung Kong Factory Building.. Yi An Plaza. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 149 . Sweden and South Korea. China Shanghai branch: Rm. 2299 Yanan West Rd.globalsources.www. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2381 2751 (6 lines) • Fax: (852) 2394 0661 E-mail: info@winghingbutton. China Ningbo branch: Rm. G/F & 1/F. Guangdong. USA All items shown here with various trademarks. Guangzhou. 7. brand names and logos (“Marks”) are for reference purposes only. and are not for sale. Haishu.winghingbutton. Orders for just 4. These enable a monthly capacity of 25 million buttons. Japan. and send us an e-mail today. Shanghai. 55 Dongdu Rd. China Guangzhou branch: Rm. More new products .We’ve been producing metal accessories since 1962 Choose from our variety of metal buttons and buckles Experience counts We have more than 48 years of experience in manufacturing buttons. 100 million rivets and 5 million buckles. 2428. 23A/F.

Ltd Yuanhong Investment Zone. a five-year partner. Fujian Xinglianfa Knitting Co. Fujian 350314. we meet the high standards of Hänsel Textil.lianfar. production equipment from Germany and 80% nylon and 20% rayon Switzerland. Fuqing. This machinery lets us make 4 million meters of interlining each . Find out why buyers such as Walmart source our lace products by contacting us today. And they comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. we have design and production equipment from South Korea and www. With 15 years of quality backing. In our ISO 9001:2000-certified workshops. All of our items meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements.000 lace and other trims to choose from Choose from a variety of leather buttons We design and produce over 1. 91% nylon and 9% spandex Over www. China Tel: (86-591) 8555 7888 • Fax: (86-591) 8557 2188 E-mail: sales@lianfar. Ltd Polyester and nylon yarn Nylon zippers 150 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. We produce up to 46 tons of materials every month at our IS0 9001:2000-certified factory. making us one of the top three manufacturers in mainland China. you won’t ever have to worry about substandard interlining ever verified suppliers .000 lace and other garment trimmings in-house.globalsources.Our 150 engineers are ready for your button projects Elastic lace With our attention to detail. Choose from our mainland Chinapatented products. Inquire today. Our interlinings are washable and soft to the touch. thanks to our dedicated R&D department and top-of-the-line Non-elastic lace trim. Hebei Tianma Interlining Co. or let us design a new item for you – we’ll have a sample ready in three days.

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 151 .globalsources.More new products .www.

we can manufacture up to 80 million units monthly. plastic caps. Fujian 350001. 5898 3808 Fax: (86-512) 5898 3807 E-mail: Wuhan New Rainbow Plastic Products Co. Fengxin Rd. with an MOQ of 2. Jiangsu 215600. And with 150 types of advanced production equipment. Custom samples are ready in two weeks. 23/ China Tel: (86-755) 2796 www. MRESJF 53/1/24. ensuring strong • www. printers and others.000 yards for 15cm lace • Collection updated with 15 new styles every month Contact us today. 8149 6313 Fax: (86-755) 2796 3891 E-mail: • www. mesh net.. PL65/1 and HKS • More than 10 years of experience. lace fabric. Plastic hangers for pants and shirts Jacquard lace • Located in Changle – a city famous for lace production • Specialized in stretch and rigid lace trim. Zhangjiagang Economic woven bands Development Zone. we have over 500 categories to choose from. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Inquire now. polyester www. ultrasonic cutting machines. allover lace.lace-fabric. Shenzhen. China Tel: (86-591) 8808 3371 • Fax: (86-591) 8766 8355 Mobile: (86) 139 5028 0075 E-mail: Inquire now. During our 15 years of experience. Belts made of self-produced 26 Zhongxing Rd. Ltd Label Industrial Park.cnhanger.globalsources. competitive prices and excellent service • Common orders delivered within one week. Limited Rms. five production lines and 200 employees can turn out up to 5 million units per month. This capacity is one of the largest in mainland China and the largest in our region.globalsources. In fact. paper carrier bags and Guangming New Area. Royal Park Tower. 1. cotton trim and embroidery lace • Equipped with raschel. elastic webbing. Labelweave (Shenzhen) Co. Yuhualing.Choose verified suppliers .000 kinds of woven bands. One of the largest makers of clothes hangers in mainland China • www. Our range of machinery includes shuttle looms. China Tel: (86-27) 8588 9532. we – Labelweave – are a leading manufacturer specializing in woven labels. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such www. ribbons. Guangdong 518107. Hubei 430024. metal caps and more. shirts and more – if it can be hung. 18 Wuyi Middle Rd.globalsources. we can design up to 30 styles of samples per day.globalsources. Inquire now. 6560 9188 • Fax: (86-27) 6560 9530 E-mail: cnhanger@globalsources. . We sell over 100 million meters of different types of webbing made of eco-friendly raw materials every year. • www. skirts. jacquard webbing. muller broad looms. Our advanced equipment includes MuCAD high-speed computerized jacquard band looms from Switzerland. jacquard and textronic lace machines from Karl Mayer.Customizable woven labels Various types of woven bands With over 18 years’ experience. hang tags. we offer a proper hanger for it. We create 10 new products each month. We offer customized webbing. we have been amassing a colossal selection of more than 1. as well as hundreds of other imported high-quality • cnhanger00@gmail. Ltd No.. Huaxing Fashion Industry Co. Fuzhou. Our Chiatai All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. Jiang'an. At your request.. China Tel: (86-512) 5872 1088.000m2 152 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Qiduan Special Zone. cotton cords. such as MRPJ 43/1. jacquard elastic All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only.

More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 153 .www.globalsources.

co All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only.000m2 and houses our own molding workshop allowing us to handle your custom designs.. Xinchengda Industrial Park. Ltd Park Rd. Dongguan Lufa Button Co. Muji and Tesco When it comes to quality clothing accessories.globalsources. Contact us today to request a free sample. Xiangxi Industrial. Our factory measures 6. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. You can place a mixed order for just 10. buttons and much more. Wuhuan Rd. We are not authorized to sell any items bearing such trademarks. Wuhan. Hubei 430040. That's because we have been in the business for almost a . barcodes. shoes and even furniture. China All trademarks are shown for reference purposes only. And Customizable garment custom samples can be tags.We supply woven and printed labels. 154 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www.8.globalsources. Hookei Display (Shanghai) Co.. bags. Dongxihu. We provide OEM/ODM services and our own in-house brand. China Tel: (86-769) 8375 9951 • Fax: (86-769) 8182 8361 E-mail: lufabutton@yahoo. rivets and other clothing accessories for fasionable clothing clothes. NYN. clients such as Ralph Lauren and Izod rely on us. available in various completed in just seven designs and materials days. That’s because we have over 13 years of experience manufacturing various kind of buttons. and produce up to 5 million sets of hang tags. Guess and Playboy source from us. Guangdong 523560.Choose verified suppliers . Metal buttons Big buyers such as Guess and Lee source from us When it comes to sourcing quality buttons. Ltd Bldg. Shipai. Inquire now. Our design team releases up to 20 new products Website: www. Dongguan. big buyers such as Lee.000 pieces to get started.

we operate two major production facilities in China. Custom embroidered patches since 1989 Brass buckle Hang tags We are able to offer you one-stop professional printing All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only.globalsources. HP digital and multicolor automated silkscreen printers are used to apply intricate designs to our labels. Uniqlo and OshKosh B’ www. 53-57 Fook Yip Building. polyester twill and much more.www. Supreme Century (HK) Ltd. labeling and ultrasonic cutting machines from Switzerland.. printed labels. Our sample lead time is just seven days.We create labels for Disney and OshKosh B’Gosh Our 35 years of OEM experience attracts high-caliber clients such as Disney. hats. Find out more by contacting us today.globalsources. 18/F. leather patches. Clients who have sourced from us include Diesel. as well as various material and product options to meet your individual requirements. They are ready to be applied to garments. Different kinds of hangtags and labels for a wide variety of uses Shanghai LingDian Garment Accessories Co. Our company manufactures hang tags. woven labels.supremecentury. Four factories and more than 500 employees help us produce up to 12 million woven labels and 180 million printed labels every More new products . bags and much more. Kwai Chung. Buyers appreciate how our manufacturing processes are handled exclusively by top-of-the-line www. embroidered badges. China Tel: (86-21) 6891 3066 Fax: (86-21) 6891 3099 E-mail: lingdian@globalsources. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. Kwai Fung Crescent. And cutting machines from www. stickers. one in Dongguan and another in Nanhai. and shuttle looms from Japan are used during production. Established in cotton. Rm. They are the property of their respective toys. Contact us now to learn more. Shanghai 201201.globalsources. Ltd 7147 Dongchuan Rd. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2409 0176 Fax: (852) 2409 0177 E-mail: ronaldlky@supremecentury. Cheap Monday and Lacoste. And our 30 QC inspectors check to make certain everything we produce is compliant with Oeko-Tex Standard gyh@lingdian. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 155 . plastic and metal buttons.

The Marks are the property of the respective owners.000 units Delivery time: 45 days Description: Men’s 85% polyester and 15% cotton sweater with hood and long sleeves. You can come to us for a wide range of high-end knitwear.globalsources. available in ONLINE Go online for full product details and to contact these suppliers www. and suppliers are not authorized to manufacture or sell any items bearing such Marks to any third All items shown here with various trademarks.globalsources. Ltd Location: Mainland China Model number: PPGART822 MOQ: 600 units/color Delivery time: 60 days Description: Women’s short-sleeved pullover made of 100% cashmere. brand names and logos (“Marks”) are for reference purposes only and are not for sale.80/unit FOB Shanghai MOQ: 3.Choose verified suppliers . 156 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. All suppliers on these pages are Richable Textiles Garments Co Ltd Location: Mainland China Model number: STM-1 Price: $ www. Shanghai PiPiGou Wool-Textile Co.

globalsources. Ltd Dongguan Lufa Button www.HTM SUPPLIER VERIFICATION Supplier Ranking 3 or more face-to-face visits by Global Sources team Credit Check business registration details Bureau Veritas Supplier Capability Assessment Product / Advertiser Page E-mail Website Star Ranking ACTIVEWEAR Cycling jerseys Nanjing Binki July 2011 Garments & Textiles 157 .com/chuangwei. Ltd Tracksuits Cfon International Co. Ltd Dongguan Hanyia Garment Accessories welltex@welltex. please visit www. allowing you to narrow down the huge number of suppliers quickly and efficiently. Ltd Guangzhou Baiyun District Shunimeini Garments Fty APPAREL MACHINERY Industrial garment steamers Shenzhen Luckystar Electrical Ltd Plastic buttons Lily Corporation Tsewei Corporation Winner Button www. Ltd 152 CLOTHES BUTTONS Jean buttons Hao Hann Enterprise Ltd Snap buttons Hao Hann Enterprise The higher a supplier’s winner@winnerbutton.globalsources.globalsources. the more business information you’ll have access to from that www.accessory@gmail. Ltd 169 150 126 142 154 142 161 149 130131 42 159 133 146 136 163 169 136 info@cfon-cn. Ltd Sweatsuits Haining Tangshi Garments www.globalsources. Ltd Rhinestone buttons Sally Ornaments chuzhengyan@gmail. Ltd Nanjing Globallink Printing fedtex@globalsources. Ltd Yiwu Lijia Button Ltd Wing Hing Buttons and Buckles Ltd Zhejiang Wei Xing Group www. Ltd CLOTHES HANGERS Plastic clothes hangers Wuhan New-Rainbow Plastic Products Co. Ltd 72 68 44 48 38 57 58 62 72 80 36 46 76 Ltd Ski jackets Fuzhou Fedtex Garment Golf apparel Evergreen Garment (China) CLOTHES LABELS Leather labels Foshan Sanshui Xinda Hardware Co. Ltd Shenzhen Hongxinqi Clothing visit this supplier’s Ltd Jingzhu Garments (Danyang) Marychua@21fashion. third-party supplier verification with comprehensive business www. Ltd Racing apparel Hangzhou Artsun Garment info@winghingbutton.globalsources.globalsources. More new products www. Ltd Jiashan Dashun Xinhe Garment Accessory Fty Well-Tex Network Ltd 13 www. Ltd Sally Ornaments www. Ltd Tuton Textile (Ningbo) Ltd Xiamen JV Industrial Leather buttons Winstar Button Manufacturing Ltd Metal buttons D&G Industrial For more information.Advertiser Index by Product Global Sources’ unique Supplier Ranking system combines best-of-breed. For more www.globalsources. Ltd Sports tops Yibo Trading (Xiamen) Ltd Fuzhou Sherason Garment Co. Ltd 146 www.

tw chyauyih@ms11.hinet. Ltd Tianjin Teda Filters www.globalsources. Ltd Shanghai LingDian Garment Accessories Ltd Katrims Industrial Ltd QAP Ever Bright Enterprise (HK) Ltd Kae Lan Computer Needle Point . Ltd Huaxing Fashion Industry ECO-FRIENDLY FABRIC Organic cotton fabric Kayjune Company 110 122 110 123 GARMENT TRIMMING MATERIALS & SUPPLIES Bra accessories Yulin Apparel Accessories faye@kaelan. visit this supplier’s Ltd FUNCTIONAL FABRIC Coated fabric Haining Selon Textile 158 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Ltd Thermal fabric Chyau Yih Industrial Co. Ltd CLOTHING FASTENERS Belt buckles Well-Tex Network www. Ltd Water-repellent fabric Haining Newroute Laminated Fabrics jiada@globalsources. Ltd For more jeen888@ms14.globalsources. Ltd 120 1 119 1 123 119 122 114 125 118 Website www.globalsources. Ltd Collars Chanch Accessories International Co. Ltd Jeen Wei Enterprise Co. Ltd Taiwan Taffeta Fabric www. Ltd GARMENT & TEXTILE SERVICES Garment & textile testing & inspection services Taiwan Functional Textiles 161 Ltd Ray Kae Trading Co.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Stretch fabric Der Wei Textile Co.globalsources. Ltd TF Mannequins & Hangers Co. Ltd Yiwu Fly Bra pads Sing Young Hong Ltd Clothing accessories Danking Enterprise Ltd Foshan Sanshui Jiada Plastic & Hardware suzhoulintai@globalsources. Ltd Wing Hing Buttons and Buckles Ltd 161 149 Ltd Ecomax Textile Recycled fabric Chyuan Ye Textile Co.Ltd 167 142 140 cstex1@globalsources. Ltd 99 91 159 146 171 136 138 142 169 165 12 169 141 165 155 150 152 133 Ltd Cord trims Cheng Hsing Textile Co.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Quick-drying fabric In-Fashion Intl GARMENT DISPLAY PRODUCTS Mannequins Changshu Textiles Import & Export www. Ltd Garment buckles Winner Button Co. Ltd Fujian Qihao Arts and Crafts Co. Ltd Embroidered emblems Artist Embroidery Co. Ltd Lee Yaw Textile Ltd Sally Ornaments kj@ttfco.Choose verified suppliers .com Moisture-absorbent fabric Lee Yaw Textile Co.Product / Advertiser Plastic labels Charming Printing Ltd Page 128129 152 155 148 E-mail www. Ltd Embroidered patches Artist Embroidery Co. Ltd Feather & lace trims Fujian Xinglianfa Knitting Co. Kae Lan Computer Needle Point Star Ranking Woven labels Labelweave (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd UV protection fabric Suzhou Lintai Industrial info@winghingbutton.

meters. scissors. zippers.Source from our large network of suppliers We believe that client satisfaction is the foundation of a strong relationship. fabrics. No. Taipei 10556.globalsources.dankingco. elastic thread.globalsources. Sec. corn-fiber Ingeo™ padding. Also. acrylic and polyester felt Danking Enterprise Ltd 10F-9. we are proud of the loyalty we have established with our many buyers in the US. sewing boxes and bamboo knitting needles Over 100. crafts and crafting tools that your customers are looking for. That’s why our team of QC experts double-checks each order before it ships to make sure you receive every item to your exact requirements. 374 Bade Crafting materials: bead • www. non-woven interlining. hook-and-loop fasteners. hook-and-eye tape and bra accessories Fabrics: polyfill padding in different weights for heavy coats and blankets.hinet. Taiwan Tel: (886-2) 2777 3116. permanent and washable T-shirt pincushions. china knot cords. acrylic crystals. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 159 . water-soluble fabrics for appliqués.www. organizers. cord locks. Spain and Australia over the last 20 years. we’re sure to have the knitting goods. Join our list of satisfied customers. garment accessories. Garment accessories: ribbon. mini-pliers for • danking@globalsources. With a factory in Taiwan and a large network of suppliers.000 designs from a 44-year supplier Tsewei Corporation More new products . plastic www. 2776 4143 Fax: (886-2) 2773 9274 E-mail: danking@ms62. stackable jars. contact us today. France.

com/3s.globalsources. Ltd Dalian Fortune Textiles & Clothing Imp.globalsources.Product / Advertiser Hot fix rhinestone CSTown www. Ltd Yu Shin Development Co. Ltd Zhejiang Jieer Fashion Garment danking@globalsources.5 24 83 38 44 78 22 48 78 76 24 72 yaoming@globalsources. Ltd Shishi Fawei (Fujian) Garments Ltd Richforth Ltd Umatec International Ltd Wenzhou Highway Trade www. Ltd Zhangjiagang City Gangyi Weaving Band Fty LINGERIE Babydolls Shanghai Qiujin Trading www. Ltd Fuzhou International Workshop Co. Ltd Passion (Shanghai) Fashion & Exp. Ltd MEN'S & WOMEN'S COATS Faux fur coats Shanghai D&R Fashion Co.globalsources.globalsources.chihsus. visit this supplier’s website. Ltd Xinlida Garment Accessory Fty Ribbons Ningbo MH Industry Lingerie costumes A&R International Trading srecl@ms55. Ltd Prowe Apparel Limited Shanghai Roway International hqzy@sumex. Ltd Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E Website Ltd Xiamen Yama Ribbons & Bows Men's suits Beijing Dahua Tiantan Garments Co. Ltd Men's windbreakers Changshu Wintex International Trade Co.5 Star Ranking Interlining Hebei Tianma Interlining Co. Ltd For more www.globalsources. Ltd Webbing C Y Webbing Ltd Lian Industrial Ltd Women's topcoats Zhejiang Zhongda Shinetex I&E Ltd Women's overcoats C&D Products (China) Ltd Liaoning Shidai-Wanheng developing@shinetex. Ltd 98 106 pluit@prowe-apparel.7 56 51 wangxg@lnsdgrp. Ltd MEN'S & WOMEN'S CLOTHES Eco-friendly clothing Beijing Dahua Tiantan Garments runstone@tpts5. Ltd Sewing notions Danking Enterprise Ltd Sewing thread Ningbo MH Industry Co.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Woven tape Tuton Textile (Ningbo) Hung You Industrial Ltd Rhinestone trims Running Stone Industrial Co.globalsources. Ltd 58 67 42 68 17 75 verified suppliers .co www. Ltd (Shanghai) Zhangjiagang Kaitai Textiles Co. Ltd Iron-on transfers Chi Hsus Color Litho Graphy andrewfang1977@hotmail. Ltd 4. 160 Garments & Textiles July 2011 Men's casual jackets 3S I/E Shijiazhuang .com sale3s@globalsources. Ltd Ningbo Veken Elite Group Ltd Men's winter jackets Fuzhou Sherason Garment contact@mail. Ltd Winmark Garment www. Ltd Men's leather jackets Jiangsu Sainty International Group Enterprise Men's topcoats Foshan Guangda Garment Co. 61 24 61 70 jayer@globalsources. Ltd Sun Rising Enterprise Co.globalsources. Ltd MEN'S & WOMEN'S JACKETS Men's blazers Liaoning Shidai-Wanheng www.3 dr@globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Wal International lily-li@cnd-products.globalsources. Ltd Blitz Ltd Page C-2 151 153 150 154 165 146 137 139 143 159 137 163 171 163 140 152 E-mail

Wrangler and Quiksilver appreciate our services. Here you can find all of the buttons. 2/F. we’ll be happy to work with you to develop your own designs.www. They are the property of their respective and we’re sure that you will too. 39-41 Beech St. Tai Kok Tsui. More new products .com Website: www. zipper pulls and other garment accessories Shenzhen. drawcords and trim fabrics that you need for your products.globalsources. Ltd Unit B. Yip Kwong Ind. buckles. e-mail us today. labels. hang tags. China office: Tel: (86-755) 2785 3610 • Fax: (86-755) 2785 2310 Jakarta. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks.globalsources. Indonesia office: Tel:(62-21) 3338 1220 • Fax: (62-21) 2909 6543 All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. To learn more about our July 2011 Garments & Textiles 161 . Well-Tex Network Co. metal buttons. work with us.welltex. plastic buttons. hook and loop We provide a wide range of paper hang tags. choose a TFT-certified supplier Functional fabrics trusted internationally TFT certification system covers: • Antibacterial textiles for general use • Far-infrared textiles • Antibacterial textiles for medical use • Water-repellent textiles • Electromagnetic-shielding textiles • Oil-repellent textiles • Ultraviolet protection textiles • Stain-resistant textiles • Antifungal textiles • Flame-resistant textiles • Wrinkle-free textiles • Deodorized textiles • Antistatic textiles • Instant cool-feeling fabric • Moisture-transferring and quick-drying textiles • Sweat permeable and rain-impermeable textiles • Charcoal filled fiber textiles for warmth retention • Deodorization for charcoal filled textiles Your one-stop clothing accessory and trim source Instead of sourcing from various suppliers for your clothing accessories and trims.. Kowloon. zippers. If our comprehensive selection doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Building. We’ve been doing so for 20 years. Lee. clothing accessories and trade services. Ltd Trim-Tex Network Co.Source with confidence. Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2308 1186 • Fax: (852) 2397 8281 E-mail: welltex@welltex. labels.

globalsources. zhuchuang@hotmail. & jackyyan@jssplendid.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Qingdao Textiles Group Richable Textiles Garments Ltd Women's sweaters Applehouse Clothing Ltd Goldsmart Garments Ltd Hyeseong Apparel Ltd Shanghai New Union Textra workwear@riversuny. Ltd Zhangjiagang Splendid International pearlye1020@hotmail. & Men's sweaters Stig Jiangsu Light & Textile Import & Export Co. Ltd Jiangyin First Textile www. Ltd MEN'S & WOMEN'S SWEATERS & KNITWEAR Men's pullovers Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export Co.Stage www. Ltd MEN'S & WOMEN'S SHORTS & PANTS Men's jeans Gyans International Shenzhen Huacun Textile dave@jinmengdie. Ltd Women's leather jackets Zhejiang tiantandahua@globalsources. Ltd Women's jeans Guangzhou Aurora Fashion Co. Ltd Zhejiang Orient Knitex I/E Co.163. Ltd MEN'S & WOMEN'S TOPS Men's casual shirts Changshu Eastar Textile Imp. 162 Garments & Textiles July 2011 Ltd 46 50 61 64 28 tao@cseastar. Ltd Women's pajamas Baichuan Dress & Weaving www. Ltd Zhejiang Winsun stage@globalsources.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Women's pullovers Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export Ltd Women's windbreakers Fujian Tiancheng Holdings Garments Men's dress shirts Beijing Dahua Tiantan Garments Ltd For more www.globalsources. Ltd Guangzhou Shake Textile & Garment Co.globalsources. Ltd Shanghai B&K Co. Reevan Industrial Ltd Riversuny Waterproof Garments & Bag Mfg Ltd Xiamen Wingtas Garments Co. visit this supplier’s Ltd Fujian Binhui Light Industry Co. Ltd Epic Garment Manufacturing poptex@21cn. Star Ranking Women's down jackets Nanjing Nanxin Textile Co. Ltd Zhejiang Richtex Trading 82 50 73 29 43 E-mail sales@zzhgroup. Ltd Zhejiang Orient Junye I/E Ltd Jiaxing Haohuang Textile Fty Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export www. Ltd 35 36 37 44 33 80 82 35 37 20 156 156 83 anna@baichuan.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Zhangjiagang Guoyang Men's pants Poptex Manufacturing www. Ltd Zhejiang Newasia Industrial & www.globalsources. Jinmengdie Underwear Industry www.globalsources. Ltd Quanzhou Women's sleepwear Hi-Style Manufacturing www. & Exp.globalsources.globalsources.Product / Advertiser Women's casual jackets Foshan Zhong Zheng Hang Garment .com Ltd Shanghai Pi Pi Gou Wool-Textile Co.globalsources. & Ltd Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export www. Ltd MEN'S & WOMEN'S SLEEPWEAR & ROBES Men's pajamas Shanghai Ours Enterprises www. Ltd Zhejiang Orient C&E & huangxiaoqin@eighthsin. Ltd 60 72 28 26 81 62 zhuchuang@hotmail. Ltd Page 81 66 32 26 54 16 81 80 23 66 70 36 37 64 4. & Exp. Ltd Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export Ltd Fujian Tiancheng Holdings Garments www. Ltd Shanghai Fondland Intl Trading fondland@globalsources. Co. Ltd 100 98 103 102 100 94 linmei@applehouse.globalsources. Ltd Women's winter jackets East Land Enterprice Website www. Ltd XLG Fashion & Men's robes Ningbo Jiangbei Frigga Textile www.globalsources.Choose verified suppliers .com jongkilbae@hotmail.globalsources. Ltd Kaidi Dress & Weaving Ltd Shishi Liaoning Shidai-Wanheng Co.11

com www.veken. We develop 40 to 50 new styles every year.vekenhp. Ningbo.. And we use winding and twisting equipment from Germany and Switzerland for tighter spools of thread. 6 million meters of jacquard fabric. China All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only. 12. Ningbo.tuton-textile. sewing. dyeing. 39 Huatai Factory: 68 Fengming Rd.5 million meters of cotton blankets and 8. Zhejiang 315000. exporting $211 million worth of goods annually. Ltd 3/F. 99 Heyi Rd. This includes more than 13.500 tons of thread and yarn annually More than a century of experience Established in 1905. Ltd Veken Building. Ningbo. E-mail us today. www. 1.globalsources. • www. We carry out all steps in-house. Bldg. China Tel: (86-574) 8773 0866. and we’ll satisfy your demand.000 tons of sewing thread. Our business revolves around the production of various widths and colors of elastic tape. producing 5. and we can create samples within three days.veken.5 million garments annually.www. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks.000 tons of cotton yarn. inspecting and finishing. 28. Tuton Textile (Ningbo) • www. Visit our Global Sources Online showroom.globalsources.500 tons of dyed yarn spools. A. Xiepu Industry www. Our 10 designers always keep our selection up-to-date.. Our production meets ISO 9001:2000 guidelines and Oeko-Tex Standard Jacquard bedding set Fleece blankets Sheeting fabrics More new products .co www. Zhongshan Mingdu.36 billion meters of dyed gray cloth. China Tel: (86-574) 8726 0096 Fax: (86-574) 8726 0092 E-mail: contact@mail. Dyed Tencel and ramie yarn Ningbo Veken Elite Group Co. Zhejiang 315040. July 2011 Garments & Textiles 163 .com/tuton. We also make fabrics and garments.globalsources. 8773 0920 Fax: (86 574) 8772 4433 E-mail: tuton@tuton-textile. including R&D. we’ve been producing thread for more than a century. We have overseas agents in Europe. We’ve been consistently providing our clients with quality elastic tape since 1983.dunhuang.000 tons of embroidery thread and 2.Producing elastic tape for 27 years Need reliable tape? Stop your search here. and then send us an e-mail today to learn more. We’re one of mainland China’s largest thread manufacturers. They are the property of their respective owners. Just give us your specifications. the Middle East and South America to make sourcing quicker and easier. Zhejiang

cn kaiwei@globalsources.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Quanzhou Jiaxiong Weaving & Garments Co. Ltd Evergreen Garment (China) Ltd Underwear sets Emmuelle Ltd Global Best Industrial www. Ltd Women's T-shirts Dyontex Limited Goldely Garments Import & Export www. Ltd Wenzhou Aumi www. Ltd Wenzhou Success Group www. Ltd Shenzhen Aoxing Manufacturing Garment www.globalsources.163. Ltd Women's shirts A&C International Ltd Men's T-shirts Fujian Vertoday Trading junec@acprod. Ltd Guangzhou Ruby Fashion Co. Ltd Women's control panties Emmuelle Ltd Women's panties Quanzhou Kaiwei Garments Star Ranking Men's polo shirts Antibacteria International Co. Ltd Hangzhou Distance Import & Export Co. & goldely@goldely. Ltd Ouqi Longtai Industrial & Trading / Advertiser Zhangjiagang Yierli Garments Co. Ltd NONWOVEN FABRIC Polypropylene spunbond fabric Dongguan Veijun Nonwoven Fabric www. Ltd Nanchang Youngsun Knitwear www.globalsources. Ltd Men's briefs Du Pont (HK) Industry Co. Ltd Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export Co.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Men's undershirts Quanzhou Great Garments globalbest@globalsources. Ltd Shanghai Mudoo Textile Minerva@Vertoday. Ltd Haining Luona Fashion Co.wu@chinateam.globalsources. Ltd 122 Ltd Texport International Ltd Women's tank tops Zhejiang Cathaya Transtra Ltd Silicone bras Xiangya Hardware Apparel Accessories Ltd Dyontex Limited Jindaier Garment sales@betatextiles. visit this supplier’s tim@brightoverseas. Ltd Nanchang Youngsun Knitwear Ltd MEN'S & WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR Boxer briefs Baichuan Dress & Weaving Website www. Jiangsu Teamwork www. Ltd Wenzhou Success Group Ltd SK Apparel Manufacture Boxer shorts Jinjiang Rongmei Clothing Manufacture www.globalsources. Ltd Xiamen Shinseichu Imp. Ltd Quanzhou Great Garments .com/ Ltd Jinjiang Jiayuan Garments tang@emmuelle. Ltd Quanzhou Spring Garments www.9 82 66 76 35 49 55 62 77 68 C-4 48 66 8.9 78 38 C-4 76 C-4 26 70 74 28 54 E-mail kaiwei@globalsources. & Ltd Sports bras JOC International Ltd Thermal underwear Beta Textiles www. 164 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. & www.globalsources. Ltd Page 80 32 48 www.globalsources. Ltd Women's blouses Bright Overseas Limited Dongguan Humen Lansen Garment shirley@aplcn. www. For more information. Ltd Dyontex Limited Yiwu Wenxing Garments Ltd Women's polo shirts Best Garment Co. Ltd Wenzhou Success Group Ltd Xiamen Wei Mei Manufacturing hkgreat@globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Quanzhou Kaiwei Garments sally@rubylg. Ltd Hangzhou Ouqi Industrial & Trade www. Ltd Bras Emmuelle Ltd Grand First Ltd Corsets Haining Intex Ltd 103 106 90 103 102 92 95 105 98 39 87 86 107 C-3 99 88 100 92 95 106 86 99 92 95 103 88

www.globalsources.Created to OEM/ODM specifications Thoroughly tested garment straps A wide variety of embellishments More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 165 .

com/ www. Ltd Nanshi Swimwear Co. Ltd 56 46 32 63 69 60 82 www. Ltd Shanghai Donglang Industrial & Trade www.globalsources. Ltd 116 116 www.163.globalsources. Ltd Xiamen T-Song Trading Co.globalsources. xiyuan@globalsources.globalsources. Ltd 147 128129 141 148 155 154 167 135 154 167 WOMEN'S DRESSES & SKIRTS Cocktail dresses Zhejiang Huashen Silk Imp. Ltd Zhejiang Xiaolaiya Garment TEXTILE PACKAGING & PRINTING SUPPLIES Garment boxes Best Environmental Protection Packaging sales@xiaolaiya. Ltd Hangzhou Hsdp Group Huzhou United Huatian Industry Ltd Yiwu Zhiheng Garment Microfiber leather base Huafon Microfibre (Shanghai) www.jx@263.globalsources. Ltd Shine Arts (Xiamen) Evening dresses Shantou Strongly Trading Ltd Supreme Century (HK) Ltd Wuhan Sinicline Industry Co.globalsources. Ltd Wenzhou Hengyuan Leather www.globalsources. Ltd SYNTHETIC & ANIMAL TEXTILE MATERIALS Faux fur Haining Huayi Textile Co.Product / Advertiser Page E-mail Website Star Ranking SPECIALTY FABRIC Embroidered fabric Jingyi Embroidery Co. Ltd Xiamen JV Industrial www. Ltd Korea Labeler Co. 166 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. info@charminghk.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd 116 112 111 122 120 114 112 jieenda@globalsources. Ltd Women's swimsuits Fujian Hengxia Costume Weaving Ltd Hongkong Yongdian Fashion Ltd Shift dresses Excellent Fashion Garment (Hangzhou) sjzeng@itg. Ltd Xiamen Tengfei Boardshorts Xiamen Xinyu Textile Trading Hang tags Charming Printing Ltd Ever Bright Enterprise (HK) Ltd Shanghai Xiyuan Trading Co. Trading krlabel@kola. Ltd Jiaxing Elly Apparel www. Ltd TEXTILE MACHINERY Embroidery machines Shaoxing Junfei frank@comfortworld. & jdcxx@vip. Ltd Jinjiang LRX Costume Weaving .com www. Ltd SWIMWEAR Bikinis Feidu Swim Suit Mfy Ltd Fujian Hengxia Costume Weaving Ltd Jiamao & huafon@globalsources. and visit this supplier’s Xiamen ITG Group info@sinicline.globalsources. Ltd Reflective materials Pomp Accessories Co. & Exp.globalsources.globalsources.globalsources. Ltd Tag guns Guangzhou Sinfoo Plastic Co.globalsources. Ltd WEDDING CLOTHES Bridal gowns Milly Bridal Design Studio 60 sh_yunmei@yahoo. Ltd Tag gun accessories Korea Labeler yd_hzx@163. Ltd Synthetic leather Comfort Intl verified suppliers .co Upholstery fabric Hangzhou Jieenda Textile www. Ltd Hookei Display (Shanghai) Co. www. Ltd 148 jackey_junfei@vip.globalsources. Ltd Xiamen NAJ Commercial Business Co. Ltd Libixing Garments & Weaving Ltd Quanzhou Jiaxing Bestway Textiles www. Ltd 94 84 105 107 106 86 98 105 107 44 90 100 88 107 105 92 84 88 Ltd Sheath dresses Zhejiang Springair Garment www. & sunfavor@hotmail. Ltd Wenzhou Jiangdong www.globalsources. Ltd For more

com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 167 . Produced totally in-house Sitting FRP fiberglass mannequin Stand-up mannequin More new products .One-line price labeler (KL-2212ACE) Tag guns (KL-50ACE) All trademarks shown here are for reference purposes only.www.globalsources. and we are not authorized to sell items bearing such trademarks. They are the property of their respective owners.

Ltd WOVEN & KNIT FABRIC Acrylic fabric Hangzhou Jieenda Textile Cotton fabric Shaoxing Weifeng Import & Export charleenyu@citi-express. Ltd Yaw Liamy Enterprise visit this supplier’s Ltd Nylon zippers Atics Industrial Corporation Lams Zipper (Jiangmen) Industry Ltd Yuh Cheng Zipper Ltd Fuzhou Praise Garments enturbo@globalsources. 168 Garments & Textiles July 2011 leolu@cnyinguang. Ltd Organza fabric Lee Yaw Textile Co. Ltd Hebei Ariede Connie.globalsources. Ltd Work clothes Ecanco International Co. Ltd YARN Fancy yarn Jiangyin Loyal Special Yarn Co. Ltd Plastic zippers Yuh Cheng Zipper .globalsources.chiens@kempgear. Ltd Zhejiang Shunfa Reflective Clothing Co. Ltd Haining Huachang Fabric Ltd Shenzhen Favar Garment Ltd WORKWEAR & UNIFORMS Military clothing Wenzhou Leison www. Ltd Hangzhou Qiutian ben@prosperitylace. Ltd Uniforms Enturbo (Xiamen) Import & Export Reflective safety clothing Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Co.Product / Advertiser Shirtwaist dresses Lily Corporation Page 42 74 45 E-mail Ltd 116 118 114 125 112 125 110 1 115 112 118 120 115 114 125 116 120 115 Ltd Linen fabric Quanzhou Kempgear Clothing Star Ranking Sundresses ZHEJIANG JUNLIN GARMENTS Ltd Reflective safety vests Dongguan Rainwear House Rainwear Garment Mfg Ltd Zhejiang Haichuan Safety Protection Articals Metal zippers Zhejiang Wei Xing Group www. Ltd Zhejiang Yinguang Reflecting Material Manufacturing Co. Ltd Tex-Union Industrial Corporation Zhejiang Texwell Textile Ltd Velvet fabric Changzhou Xinunion Weaving Co. Ltd Nylon fabric Shenzhen Lihongjun Clothing www. Ltd ZIPPERS Invisible zippers Yuh Cheng Zipper Ltd For more Ltd Shangtone Textile zhaoj@ariede. Ltd Suede fabric Zhongwei Textile verified suppliers .co info@rainwearhouse.globalsources. Ltd 134 130131 150 148 134 134 yescheng@ms15. Ltd Prosperity Lace International sales@sfvest. Ltd Frank Healthcare www. Ltd Polyester fabric Haining Huachang Fabric Zhejiang S&F Foreign Trade Ltd Safety vests Ningbo Chunlong Light Reflecting Material Website aticszip@ms10. Ltd 50 79 22 83 58 54 56 74 64 42 27 74 22 78 Wool yarn Bravo Textile qiutian@globalsources. Ltd Tricot fabric Haining Liema Warp Knitting Weaving Ltd Lace fabric Hangzhou Huaye Textile Co. Ltd Terry fabric King Hwadee Textile Ltd Ningbo Guangfa Import and Export Co.globalsources. Ltd 118 111

More new products July 2011 Garments & Textiles 169 .

Ltd Cfon International Co. Ltd Jiashan Dashun Xinhe Garment Accessory Fty Jiaxing Bestway Textiles Co. Ltd Jingzhu Garments (Danyang) Co. & Exp. Ltd Applehouse Clothing Co. Ltd Ever Bright Enterprise (HK) Ltd Evergreen Garment (China) Co. Ltd Guangzhou Sinfoo Plastic Co. Ltd Huzhou United Huatian Industry Co. Ltd Korea Labeler Co. Ltd Jiaxing Haohuang Textile Fty Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export Co. Ltd Hangzhou Distance Import & Export Co. Ltd Jingyi Embroidery Co. & Exp. Ltd Hookei Display (Shanghai) Co. Ltd A&C International Co. Ltd Ecomax Textile Co. Ltd Chyuan Ye Textile Co. Ltd Excellent Fashion Garment (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd Haining Tangshi Garments Co. Ltd Jinjiang Jiayuan Garments Co. Ltd A&R International Trading Co. Ltd Jiaxing Elly Apparel Co. Ltd Changshu Eastar Textile Imp. Ltd Fujian Vertoday Trading Co. Ltd Bright Overseas Limited C Y Webbing Co. Ltd Hebei Tianma Interlining Co. Ltd Goldely Garments Import & Export Inc. Ltd Fujian Xinglianfa Knitting Co. & Exp. Bravo Textile Co. Ltd Hi-Style Manufacturing Co. Ltd Fuzhou Praise Garments Co. Ltd Dalian Fortune Textiles & Clothing Imp. Ltd Haining Selon Textile Co. Ltd Jiangyin Loyal Special Yarn Co. Hongkong Yongdian Fashion Co. Ltd Epic Garment Manufacturing Co. Ltd CSTown Inc. Ltd Fuzhou Sherason Garment Co. Ltd Guangzhou Baiyun District Shunimeini Garments Fty Guangzhou Ruby Fashion Co. Ltd Changzhou Xinunion Weaving Co. Ltd Danking Enterprise Ltd Der Wei Textile Co. Co. Ltd Ecanco International Co.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Best Environmental Protection Packaging Co. Ltd Fujian Hengxia Costume Weaving Ltd Fujian Qihao Arts and Crafts Co. Ltd Hangzhou Ouqi Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd Changshu Wintex International Trade Co. & Exp. Ltd Hangzhou Qiutian Co. Ltd Haining Intex Imp. Ltd Charming Printing Ltd Cheng Hsing Textile Co. Ltd Frank Healthcare Co.globalsources. Ltd Hangzhou Artsun Garment Co. Ltd Dongguan Hanyia Garment Accessories Co. Ltd Hangzhou Jieenda Textile Co. Ltd Jinmengdie Underwear Industry Co. Ltd Lams Zipper (Jiangmen) Industry Ltd Page 106 26 32 105 81 76 107 62 135 60 115 116 98 116 86 118 120 36 57 76 69 114 116 39 112 169 22 150 102 88 154 112 152 151 60 26 119 123 105 78 75 70 28 118 142 107 82 82 37 35 106 48 116 58 90 102 100 100 165 64 171 110 125 167 152 148 170 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Co. Co. Ltd Hao Hann Enterprise Co. Ltd Chanch Accessories International Co. Ltd Guangzhou Shake Textile & Garment Co. Ltd Haining Newroute Laminated Fabrics Co. Ltd Changshu Textiles Import & Export Co. Ltd Gyans International Haining Huachang Fabric Co. Ltd Dongguan Humen Lansen Garment Co. Ltd Page 24 38 106 32 80 169 150 103 61 147 66 92 24 111 77 171 17 46 138 46 167 24 120 128129 142 154 122 122 122 C-2 126 70 159 119 142 68 154 22 122 86 C-4 70 42 110 95 74 64 141 48 63 94 42 146 13 81 27 36 84 142 66 66 150 62 83 74 72 Advertisers Global Best Industrial Co. Ltd Antibacteria International Co. Ltd JOC International Ltd Kae Lan Computer Needle Point Co. Ltd Foshan Sanshui Xinda Hardware Co. Ltd Fujian Binhui Light Industry Co. Ltd Haining Luona Fashion Co. Ltd Chi Hsus Color Litho Graphy Co. Goldsmart Garments Ltd Grand First Ltd Guangzhou Aurora Fashion Co. Ltd Dongguan Veijun Nonwoven Fabric Co. Ltd Quanzhou Beijing Dahua Tiantan Garments Co. Ltd Fuzhou Fedtex Garment Co. Atics Industrial Corporation Baichuan Dress & Weaving Co. Ltd Hung You Industrial Co. Ltd Huaxing Fashion Industry Co. Ltd Du Pont (HK) Industry Co. Ltd Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E Corp. Ltd Jinjiang Rongmei Clothing Manufacture Co. Ltd Hangzhou Hsdp Group Hangzhou Huaye Textile Co. Ltd Best Garment Co. Ltd Foshan Zhong Zheng Hang Garment . Ltd Dongguan Rainwear House Rainwear Garment Mfg Co. Ltd Beta Textiles Co. Ltd Jiaxing Mengdi Import & Export Co. In-Fashion Intl Co. Ltd Haining Huayi Textile Co. Ltd Fujian Tiancheng Holdings Garments Imp. Ltd Hebei Ariede Co. Ltd Labelweave (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd C&D Products (China) Co. Ltd Fuzhou International Workshop Co. Ltd Kaidi Dress & Weaving Co. Ltd Jiamao Imp. Ltd Hyeseong Apparel Corp. Ltd Kayjune Company King Hwadee Textile Co. Ltd Chyau Yih Industrial Co. Ltd Feidu Swim Suit Mfy Ltd Foshan Guangda Garment Co. Ltd Comfort Intl Co. Ltd Jeen Wei Enterprise Co. Ltd Emmuelle Ltd Enturbo (Xiamen) Import & Export Co. Ltd Blitz Corp. Ltd Dyontex Limited East Land Enterprice Co. Ltd Shishi Katrims Industrial Co. Ltd Huafon Microfibre (Shanghai) Co. Ltd Jindaier Garment Co. Ltd Jiangyin First Textile Co. and Exp. Corp. D&G Industrial Co. Ltd Jiangsu Teamwork Co. Trading Co. Ltd Haining Liema Warp Knitting Weaving Co. Ltd Dongguan Lufa Button Co. Ltd Quanzhou Jiangsu Sainty International Group Enterprise Co. Ltd Jiaxiong Weaving & Garments Co. Ltd Foshan Sanshui Jiada Plastic & Hardware Co.Advertiser Index Advertisers 3S I/E Shijiazhuang Co. Ltd Artist Embroidery Co.

Ltd We offer various webbings used for fashion goods and accessories Graduation honor cord Shoe laces with various ends More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 171 .www.We accept small orders and deliver samples in 2 days Webbing rope C Y Webbing Co.globalsources.

Ltd Xinlida Garment Accessory Fty XLG Fashion Co. Ltd Xiamen NAJ Commercial Business Co. Ltd Ningbo Guangfa Import and Export Co. Ltd Zhangjiagang City Gangyi Weaving Band Fty Zhangjiagang Guoyang Imp.Choose verified suppliers . Ltd Quanzhou Spring Garments Co. Ltd Qingdao Textiles Group Quanzhou Great Garments Co. Ltd Shanghai D&R Fashion Co. Ltd Shanghai Qiujin Trading Co. Ltd Yaw Liamy Enterprise Co. Co. & Exp. & Exp. Ltd Pomp Accessories Co.. Ltd Yuh Cheng Zipper Co. Ltd Wenzhou Success Group Co. Ltd Shanghai Xiyuan Trading Co. & Exp. Ltd Ningbo Chunlong Light Reflecting Material Co. Ltd Prowe Apparel Limited QAP Co. Ltd Zhejiang Jieer Fashion Garment Co. Ltd Wenzhou Success Group Co. Ltd Yiwu Lijia Button Co. Ltd Zhejiang Winsun Imp. Ltd Sally Ornaments Co. Ltd Shanghai Mudoo Textile Co. Ltd Xiamen T-Song Trading Co. & Exp. Ltd Shanghai New Union Textra . Ltd Richforth Ltd Riversuny Waterproof Garments & Bag Mfg Ltd Running Stone Industrial Co. Co. Co. & Exp. Ltd Page 140 114 159 163 56 22 161 C-3 114 51 112 50 49 55 62 149 76 133 150 152 154 107 44 90 92 100 88 92 81 92 143 88 146 50 110 80 148 146 76 107 140 134 99 152 94 48 83 80 23 54 83 56 67 74 28 73 29 33 43 45 54 32 115 130131 79 10. Ltd Shanghai Ours Enterprises Co. & Exp.. Ltd Yiwu Wenxing Garments Co. Ltd Libixing Garments & Weaving Co. Ltd Shanghai Donglang Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd Zhejiang Springair Garment Co. & Exp. Ltd Zhongwei Textile Co. Co.5 106 42 86 60 8. Ltd Shenzhen Luckystar Electrical Co. Ltd Stig Jiangsu Light & Textile Import & Export Co. Ltd Taiwan Functional Textiles Taiwan Taffeta Fabric Co. Ltd Zhejiang C. Ltd Shantou Strongly Trading Co. Ltd Zhejiang Xiaolaiya Garment Co. Ltd Tsewei Corporation Tuton Textile (Ningbo) Co. Ltd Zhejiang Wei Xing Group Co. Ltd Xiangya Hardware Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd Shenzhen Lihongjun Clothing Co. Ltd Sing Young Hong Ltd SK Apparel Manufacture Co. Co. Co. Ltd Xiamen ITG Group Corp. Ltd Ouqi Longtai Industrial & Trading Co. Ltd Zhejiang Orient Knitex I/E Co. Co. Ltd Tex-Union Industrial Corporation Texport International Ltd Page 1 153 4. Ltd Ningbo MH Industry Co. Ltd Wenzhou Hengyuan Leather Co. Ltd Xiamen Wingtas Garments Co. Ltd Nanjing Nanxin Textile Co. & Exp. Ltd Xiamen JV Industrial Co. Ltd Shangtone Textile Co. Ltd Shenzhen Aoxing Manufacturing Garment Co.7 16 165 136 82 58 120 44 155 74 50 100 156 98 44 148 118 46 148 118 82 78 38 72 125 146 105 78 91 78 36 139 155 125 161 123 120 28 Advertisers TF Mannequins & Hangers Co. Ltd Zhejiang Zhongda Shinetex I&E Co. Ltd Quanzhou Kempgear Clothing Co. Ltd Wuhan Sinicline Industry Co.9 72 68 80 98 58 64 98 137 163 87 68 111 26 125 38 12 20 99 103 112 88 155 54 156 6. Co. Ltd Nanshi Swimwear Co. Ltd Winner Button Co. Ltd Shanghai LingDian Garment Accessories Co. Ltd Yiwu Fly Co. Ltd Shenzhen Huacun Textile Co. Ltd Xiamen Yama Ribbons & Bows Co. Ltd Zhejiang Cathaya Transtra Co. Ltd Milly Bridal Design Studio Nanchang Youngsun Knitwear Co. Ltd Zhangjiagang Kaitai Textiles Co. Ltd Shanghai Pi Pi Gou Wool-Textile Co.LTD Zhejiang Newasia Industrial Co. Ltd Shine Arts (Xiamen) Inc. Ltd Ningbo Veken Elite Group Co. Ltd Zhejiang Haichuan Safety Protection Articals Co. Ltd Wenzhou Success Group Co. Co. Ltd Ningbo Jiangbei Frigga Textile Co. Ltd Umatec International Ltd Wal International Co. Ltd Shanghai Roway International Co.11 105 56 2. Ltd Zhejiang Texwell Textile Co. Ltd Winstar Button Manufacturing Ltd Wuhan New-Rainbow Plastic Products Co. Ltd Xiamen Xinyu Textile Trading Co. Ltd Yu Shin Development Co. Ltd Xiamen Wei Mei Manufacturing Co.3 114 172 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. Ltd Ray Kae Trading Co. Ltd Yulin Apparel Accessories Co. Ltd Zhejiang Orient C&E Co. Shishi Fawei (Fujian) Garments Co. Ltd Wenzhou Leison Co. Ltd Passion (Shanghai) Fashion Co. Co. Ltd Lian Industrial Co. Ltd Zhejiang Orient Junye I/E Co. Ltd Wenzhou Highway Trade Co. Ltd Jinjiang Lily Corporation LRX Costume Weaving Co.Ltd Tianjin Teda Filters Co. Ltd Poptex Manufacturing Co. Ltd Shanghai Fondland Intl Trading Co.Stage Imp. Ltd Reevan Industrial Ltd Richable Textiles Garments Co. Ltd Zhejiang S&F Foreign Trade Co. Ltd Yiwu Zhiheng Garment Co. Ltd Wenzhou Aumi Imp.globalsources. Ltd Wenzhou Jiangdong Imp. Ltd Nanjing Binki Co. Ltd Sun Rising Enterprise Co. Ltd Zhejiang Yinguang Reflecting Material Manufacturing Co. Co. Ltd Yibo Trading (Xiamen) Co. Ltd (Shanghai) Well-Tex Network Co.Advertisers Lee Yaw Textile Co. Ltd ZHEJIANG JUNLIN GARMENTS Co. Ltd Supreme Century (HK) Ltd Suzhou Lintai Industrial Co. Ltd Wing Hing Buttons and Buckles Ltd Winmark Garment Co. Ltd Xiamen Tengfei Imp. Ltd Quanzhou Kaiwei Garments Co. Ltd Zhangjiagang Yierli Garments Co. & Exp. Ltd Xiamen Shinseichu Imp. & Exp. Ltd Liaoning Shidai-Wanheng Co. Ltd Shenzhen Favar Garment Co. Ltd Shaoxing Weifeng Import & Export Co. Ltd Shaoxing Junfei Imp. Ltd Zhejiang Richtex Trading Co. Ltd Prosperity Lace International Co. Ltd Zhejiang Willing Foreign Trading Co. Ltd Nanjing Globallink Printing Co. Ltd Shanghai B&K Co. & Exp. Ltd Zhejiang Huashen Silk Imp. Ltd Shenzhen Hongxinqi Clothing Co. Ltd Zhejiang Shunfa Reflective Clothing Co. Ltd Zhangjiagang Splendid International Imp.

& Exp. 5% elastane Women’s sarong. Co.Supplying big buyers like Disney and Avon since 1996 Men’s printed boxers. made of 95% cotton.globalsources.www. Ltd Girl’s printed bra set. 100% polyester More new products .com July 2011 Garments & Textiles 173 . made of 95% cotton. 5% elastane Wenzhou Aumi Imp.

Our designers from Europe and mainland China develop 160 new styles monthly. Biba. Gerry Weber. Our long-term relationships with subcontractors allow us to also offer children’s wear. vests and skirts. China Tel: (86-574) 8742 5824/5826 Fax: (86-574) 8742 5805/5838 E-mail: james@dyontex. Camaïeu. Xanaka. Dyontex Limited 1 Gongmao . Our QC personnel perform piece-bypiece final checks.globalsources..dyontex.000 employees. Contact our 100-member merchandising team today.5 as requested.We supply mid-range to high-end garments Supplying big-name retailers Notable clients trust our 12 years’ experience in garment export.Choose verified suppliers .globalsources. Our monthly capacity is 1 million 100% polyester chiffon shift Piece-by-piece final inspections We specialize in supplying mid-range to high-end women’s fashion • www.5 to 2. And our cutting and sewing facility is staffed by 2. Zhejiang 315171. dresses. C&A. 1 million-unit monthly capacity We produce intricate designs in our self-owned printing and embroidery factory. Kiabi and Jeanswest are just some of our numerous clients. Ningbo. outdoor clothing and other • jessie@dyontex. Benetton Group. all-over print 174 Garments & Textiles July 2011 www. each of whom has over 10 years’ related www. Jishigang. and we’ve been supplying buyers in Europe with OEM designs for the past six years. Vero Moda. blouses. and we offer inspections to an AQL of 1.

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