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FDI in retail and its impact on Indian economy and society. MNCs. Are they devils in Disguise ? Protest is the best way to fight corruption. Do you agree ? Are women safe in India ? Solution to rising inflation & commodity prices

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JBIMS Mumbai - GD topic: Is MBA a must to be successful as a manager? IIM Lucknow – Advertising is legalized lying FMS Delhi- Fiscal or monetary policy of India NITIE Mumbai - Rising investment in the bullion market is an indicator of a growing economy XLRI Jamshedpur - Market driven growth should focus on rural development Social Networking sites are a waste of time for the youth IMT Ghaziabad - Case Study on Bhopal Gas Tragedy IIFT Delhi - Universal or Targeted Food Security NMIMS Mumbai - Growth of India is greater than that of China -- GD topic: Terrorism, an evil in religious attire -- GD topic: Corruption root cause for economic slowdown in India -- GD topic: Problems in Aadhaar implementation shadow utilities -- GD topic: No gender bias in portraying women in ads -- Should business lobbying be made legal in India? -- GD topic: Obama's win is good for India -- GD topic: Should business lobbying be made legal in India? -- Prepare for GD: FDI in retail - a boon or a bane -- Activism is necessary for survival of democracy --Coalgate scam -- Kingfisher crisis --2 G scam

Hot WAT topics for the year 2013 Model essay for WAT: Is social media a waste of time? Model essay: Wildlife tourism ban no answer to saving tigers

Military strength -. you should first lay down the criteria on the basis on which they would make a choice between the two countries. points such as the following may be brought out: -. for which you need to go beyond mere opinions. Thus. .Leadership Now. these factors could each be examined in turn. Thus for economic factors.Social infrastructure-education.India or China Model essay: FDI in retail is a boon for India Model essay: Portraying women in ads shows gender bias Model essay: It is society that bears the brunt of terrorism Model essay: Right or wrong may be a subjective thought Model essay: Is democracy in India crumbling? Obama's term II & its impact on Indo-US relations Model essay: Role of women in socio-economic growth 6.The current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the two countries (maybe both in actual and in Purchasing Power Parity terms) and GDP growth: We know that China is well ahead of India here as its GDP is thrice that of India in actual terms and its growth rate is also higher (has been in double digits for a number of years before the global economic slowdown). health etc. including quality of infrastructure -. monetary policies should be complementary Model essay: The better growth model . These could be the following: -.Influence the country has on other countries in the world -. The article follows: It is important to lay down a structure for the discussion in the beginning of a GD. your statements have to be backed by reasons/ justifications and logic.Model essay: ASEAN may become a defunct group Model essay: Fiscal.Will India or China be the next superpower? Mr. Balakrishna gives his advice on how to approach this specific topic. In the first couple of minutes. the group should look at outlining the parameters of the discussion-what all could be discussed in the duration allocated for the GD. data and examples for this. Remember that evaluators judge the quality of your analysis. For this topic. -.Economic factors. You may need facts.

-. While India does have some top-class higher education institutes. Other indicators such as Life expectancy. What all could we consider? Maybe the following: -. we could look at factors such as: Education: We could look at infrastructure and indicators such as number of schools/ thousand people. the scene at the primary and secondary level is not that encouraging with student and teacher absenteeism.Nuclear capabilities of the two countries -.Trade balance: China outscores India here as well.000 kms (they are testing even longer-range missiles now). hospital beds etc. Is the topic adequately analyzed? The person who can justify his opinions and provide some facts and data to support his points will impress the evaluators. The other parameters could be analyzed in a similar manner. but how you justify it. such as nuclear submarines etc. Sex Ratio etc may also be considered when one looks at Social Infrastructure. the per-capita income in China is substantially higher than that of India’s.Size and effectiveness of the defence forces (in terms of number of personnel.-. Let’s move on to the next parameter: Military strength. Remember what is important is not your opinion per se. literacy rate. etc. lack of infrastructure in schools etc Health: We could look at facilities and indicators-number of doctors. quality of healthcare etc. gross enrolment ratios. It has been a nuclear power for much longer than us. aircraft carriers etc On most of these parameters.Military technology such as latest weapon systems. training imparted etc) -. . Now. The best mantra is 'to be your natural self'. social infrastructure.Missile technology -. it has a massive trade surplus. Do not manufacture artificial responses. if we move on to the next parameter. number of teachers.Investment: China receives considerably more FDI and FII than India does. per 1000 people. while India has struggled to develop long-range missiles such as Agni. while India has an increasingly large trade deficit. Per Capita Income: Once again. Its missiles have a far greater range of over 5. China has more advanced military technology in other areas as well. as well as the quality of educational institutes. China is again ahead of India.

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