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OTP Briefing 20 December 2012 - 28 January 2013 Issue #135

OTP Briefing 20 December 2012 - 28 January 2013 Issue #135

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Office of the Prosecutor newsletter
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Published by: impunitywatch on Feb 13, 2013
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OTP BricIing

Issuc #135
20 Dcccmbcr 2012 ÷ 28 January 2013
Prnsccutnr Opcns Invcstigatinn intn A!!cgcd Ma!i War Crimcs and Urgcs Ma!i
Authnritics tn 5tnp A!!cgcd Abuscs
16 }anuary ÷ Iroseculor ßensouda formaIIy o¡ened an invesligalion inlo aIIeged var crimes commilled in MaIi since }anuary
2012, slaling lhal: ´Tnc |cga| rcquircncnis natc |ccn nci. Wc ui|| intcsiigaic.¨ This decision is lhe resuIl of lhe ¡reIiminary
examinalion of lhe Silualion in MaIi lhal lhe Office had been conducling since }uIy 2012. In lhe course of lhe ¡reIiminary
examinalion, lhe Office has idenlified ¡olenliaI cases of sufficienl gravily lo varranl furlher aclion.
Iroseculor ßensouda has delermined lhal lhere is a reasonabIe basis lo beIieve lhe foIIoving crimes vere commilled:
(i) murder, (ii) muliIalion, crueI lrealmenl and lorlure, (iii) inlenlionaIIy direcling allacks againsl ¡rolecled ob|ecls, (iv) lhe
¡assing of senlences and lhe carrying oul of execulions vilhoul ¡revious |udgemenl ¡ronounced by a reguIarIy consliluled
courl, (v) ¡iIIaging, and (vi) ra¡e. ´Mq Ojjicc ui|| cnsurc a incrcugn an! inpariia| intcsiigaiicn an! ui|| |ring jusiicc ic Ma|ian
ticiins |q intcsiigaiing unc arc inc ncsi rcspcnsi||c jcr incsc a||cgc! crincs. . Sincc inc |cginning cj inc arnc! ccnj|ici in januarq
2012, inc pccp|c cj Ncrincrn Ma|i natc |ccn |iting in prcjcun! iurnci|,¨ said Iroseculor ßensouda. ´Ai cacn siagc !uring inc ccnj|ici,
!ijjcrcni arnc! grcups natc causc! natcc an! nunan sujjcring inrcugn a rangc cj a||cgc! acis cj cxircnc tic|cncc. | natc !cicrninc! inai
scnc cj incsc !cc!s cj |ruia|iiq an! !csiruciicn naq ccnsiiiuic uar crincs as !cjinc! |q inc |cnc Siaiuic.¨
ßased on lhe informalion galhered lo dale, lhe invesligalion viII focus on crimes commilled in lhe lhree norlhern regions of
MaIi. ´Tncrc is sii|| iurnci| in Ncrin Ma|i an! pcpu|aiicns incrc ccniinuc ic |c ai risk cj qci ncrc tic|cncc an! sujjcring,¨ said
Iroseculor ßensouda. ´}uslice can ¡Iay ils ¡arl in su¡¡orling lhe |oinl efforls of lhe ICOWAS, lhe AU and lhe enlire
inlernalionaI communily lo slo¡ lhe vioIence and reslore ¡eace lo lhe region. Key regionaI and inlernalionaI organizalions
have acknovIedged lhe need for |uslice as ¡arl of lhe resoIulion of lhe crisis in MaIi. The inlernalionaI crimes commilled in
MaIi have dee¡Iy shocked lhe conscience of humanily.¨
On 28 }anuary, Iroseculor ßensouda ¡ul oul a ¡ubIic caII lo lhe ¡arlies lo lhe MaIian confIicl: ´Mq Ojjicc is auarc cj rcpcris inai
Ma|ian jcrccs naq natc ccnniiic! a|uscs in rcccni !aqs, in ccnira| Ma|i. | urgc inc Ma|ian auincriiics ic pui an innc!iaic sicp ic inc
a||cgc! a|uscs an! cn inc |asis cj inc princip|c cj ccnp|cncniariiq, ic intcsiigaic an! prcsccuic incsc rcspcnsi||c jcr inc a||cgc! crincs.
| rcnin! a|| pariics ic inc cn-gcing ccnj|ici in Ma|i inai nq Ojjicc nas juris!iciicn ctcr a|| scricus crincs ccnniiic! uiinin inc icrriicrq cj
Ma|i, jrcn januarq 2012 cnuar!s. A|| incsc a||cgc! ic |c rcspcnsi||c jcr scricus crincs in Ma|i nusi |c nc|! acccunia||c.¨
Katanga and Ngud|n!n Chui: Ngud|n!n Appca!
19 December ÷ The OTI has a¡¡eaIed lhe TriaI Chamber II's acquillaI of Malhieu Ngud|oIo on lhree counls of crimes againsl
humanily and seven counls of var crimes. The OTI beIieves lhal il ¡resenled sufficienl evidence during lhe lriaI lo eslabIish
beyond aII reasonabIe doubl lhal Mr Ngud|oIo Chui is guiIly of lhe crimes charged. Il is a¡¡eaIing lhe }udges' decision lo
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acquil, in accordance vilh and as foreseen in lhe Iav, and lhe }udges viII decide. Ils fiIing, a¡¡eaIing lhe acquillaI, is due
on 18 March (on subslance). Iurlhermore, lhe OTI beIieves lhal il has a slrong case againsl Mr Kalanga. The a¡¡eaIs |udges
are sliII deIiberaling a IegaI issue reIaled lo lhe exacl mode of IiabiIily lhal may be used in his case.
I. Prc!iminary Examinatinns
IreIiminary examinalions refer lo lhe anaIylicaI ¡rocess by vhich lhe OTI assesses vhelher lhere is a reasonabIe basis lo ¡roceed vilh an
invesligalion in a given silualion.
In accordance vilh ArlicIe 15 of lhe Slalule, lhe OTI ¡roacliveIy galhers and evaIuales informalion from muIli¡Ie sources, incIuding
´communicalions¨ from individuaIs and ¡arlies concerned (¡hase 1 ÷ initia! rcvicw). IoIIoving a sequenliaI ¡rocess, and irres¡eclive of lhe
mechanism by vhich lhe |urisdiclion of lhe Courl is lriggered, lhe Office lhen a¡¡Iies lhe same IegaI crileria Iaid oul in ArlicIe 53 of lhe
Slalule, nameIy |urisdictinn, incIuding tcmpnra!/tcrritnria!/pcrsnna! and sub|cct-mattcr |urisdictinn (¡hase 2), admissibi!ity, incIuding
com¡Iemenlarily and gravily (¡hase 3) and lhe intcrcsts nI |usticc (¡hase 4).
CurrenlIy, lhe OTI is conducling ¡reIiminary examinalions inlo seven silualions: Afghanislan, Honduras and Korea (¡hase 2), CoIombia,
Georgia, Guinea, and Nigeria (¡hase 3).
30 }anuary - 2 Iebruary ÷ The OTI conducled ils sevenlh mission lo Conakry, Guinea, since lhe 28 Se¡lember 2009 evenls. The
¡ur¡ose of lhe mission vas lo foIIov u¡ on lhe nalionaI invesligalion inlo lhe aIIeged crimes commilled lhal day in lhe
Conakry sladium and lo assess lhe ¡ros¡ecls for a domeslic lriaI lo be heId in lhe course of 2013. The OTI deIegalion had
exlensive consuIlalions vilh lhe ¡aneI of invesligalive |udges in charge of lhe case, lhe Guinean |udiciaI and ¡oIilicaI
aulhorilies, viclims' re¡resenlalives, as veII as inlernalionaI aclors and foreign di¡Iomals. The OTI look nole of lhe ¡rogress
made in lhe ¡asl monlhs, incIuding lhe su¡¡orl ¡rovided lo lhe |udges by lhe Guinean Governmenl and lhe Uniled Nalions,
and vas ¡Ieased lo hear a |oinl delerminalion of aII reIevanl slakehoIders lo do |uslice for lhe viclims, and make
com¡Iemenlarily vork in Guinea.
II. Invcstigatinns and Prnsccutinns
1. 5ituatinn in thc Dcmncratic Rcpub!ic nI thc Cnngn (DRC) ÷ RcIcrrcd: Apri! 2004 Invcstigatinn Opcncd: Junc 2004
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Tncnas Iu|anga Oqi|c ÷ charged vilh var crimes of conscri¡ling, enIisling and using chiIdren lo acliveIy ¡arlici¡ale in
hosliIilies commilled in lhe Iluri region 2002 ÷ 2003
5tatus: }udgmenl deIivered on 14 March 2012, Mr. Lubanga vas senlenced on 10 }uIy lo a lolaI of 14 years of im¡risonmenl, ¡rinci¡Ies and
¡rocedures lo be a¡¡Iied lo re¡aralions eslabIished on 7 Augusl. This decision is sub|ecl lo a¡¡eaI.
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Gcrnain Kaianga and Tnc Prcsccuicr t Mainicu Ngu!jc|c Cnui ÷ charged vilh var crimes and crimes againsl humanily
commilled during lhe allack of lhe viIIage of ßogoro in lhe Iluri region on 24 Iebruary 2003
5tatus: CIosing oraI slalemenls look ¡Iace from 15 lo 23 May 2012, charges severed by }udges on 21 November, on 18 December, Ngud|oIo
Chui acquilled of aII charges, on 21 December, Ngud|oIo Chui vas reIeased from cuslody. The Iroseculion has a¡¡eaIed lhe decision.
OTP Activitics
8 siiuaiicns un!cr intcsiigaiicn
18 cascs in rc|aiicn ic 26 pcrscns
Arrcsi uarranis cuisian!ing againsi 13 in!iti!ua|s
7 prc|ininarq cxaninaiicns in 4 !ijjcrcni ccniincnis
5 cascs ai Prc-Tria| Siagc
5 cascs |cjcrc Tria| Cnan|crs
2 Cascs |cjcrc Appca|s Cnan|cr
2 tcr!icis
lNCLUDLD lN THL 14 CASLS?4 cascs |cjcrc Tria| Cnan|crs
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Warrants Pcnding
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Bcscc Niagan!a ÷ charged vilh var crimes of conscri¡ling, enIisling and using chiIdren lo acliveIy ¡arlici¡ale in hosliIilies
commilled in lhe Iluri region 2002-2003, a second varranl vas issued lo incIude var crimes of murder, allacks againsl lhe civiIian
¡o¡uIalion, ra¡e and sexuaI sIavery, and ¡iIIaging, as veII as crimes againsl humanily of murder, ra¡e and sexuaI sIavery, and ¡erseculion
Issucd: 22 Augusl 2006 & 13 }uIy 2012
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Sq|tcsirc Mu!acunura ÷ charged vilh var crimes of allacking civiIians, murder, muliIalion, crueI lrealmenl, ra¡e, lorlure,
deslruclion of ¡ro¡erly, ¡iIIaging and oulrages againsl ¡ersonaI dignily commilled in Norlh and Soulh Kivu Irovinces of lhe DRC belveen
20 }anuary 2009 and end of Se¡lember 2010
Issucd: 13 }uIy 2012
2. 5ituatinn in Uganda ÷ RcIcrrcd: January 2004 Invcstigatinn npcncd: Ju!y 2004
Warrants Pcnding
Tnc Prcsccuicr t jcscpn Kcnq ci a|. ÷ charged vilh var crimes and crimes againsl humanily commilled during LRA's insurgency aclivilies in
Norlhern Uganda 2002 ÷ 2004
Issucd: 8 }uIy 2005. On 11 }uIy 2007, Ire-TriaI Chamber I ordered lo lerminale lhe ¡roceedings againsl Raska Lukviya. On 8 November
2007, lhe OTI submilled informalion lo lhe ITC on lhe re¡orled dealh of Vincenl Olli.
3. 5ituatinn in DarIur, thc 5udan ÷ RcIcrrcd: March 2005 Invcstigatinn npcncd: Junc 2005
Tnc Prcsccuicr t A|!a||an Ban!a A|akacr Ncurain an! Sa|cn Mcnannc! jcr|c janus ÷ charged vilh var crimes commilled during an allack
againsl lhe Haskanila AU ¡eacekee¡ing base in Norlh Darfur on 29 Se¡lember 2007
5tatus: Charges confirmed, a Ieave lo a¡¡eaI a deniaI of lem¡orary slay of ¡roceedings vas granled on 13 December 2012
Prnsccutinn tn prcscnt additinna! cvidcncc
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Banar |!riss A|u Gar!a ÷ charged vilh var crimes commilled during an allack againsl lhe Haskanila AU ¡eacekee¡ing base
in Norlh Darfur on 29 Se¡lember 2007
Warrants Pcnding
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Onar A| Basnir ÷ charged vilh var crimes, crimes againsl humanily and genocide commilled as ¡arl of lhe counler-
insurgency cam¡aign in Darfur 2003 ÷ 2008 (al Ieasl)
Issucd: 4 March 2009 & 12 }uIy 2010
Tnc Prcsccuicr t A|i Kusnaq| and Anna! Harun ÷ charged vilh var crimes and crimes againsl humanily commilled during lhe allacks againsl
lhe civiIian ¡o¡uIalion in Darfur Augusl 2003 ÷ March 2004
Issucd: 27 Iebruary 2007
Tnc Prcsccuicr t A|!c| |anccn Munanna! Husscin - charged vilh var crimes and crimes againsl humanily commilled during allacks againsl
lhe civiIian ¡o¡uIalion in Darfur Augusl 2003 ÷ March 2004
Issucd: 1 March 2012
13 December ÷ ßanda and }erbo's Ieave lo a¡¡eaI has been granled, on lhe grounds lhal lhe TriaI Chamber had erred in finding
lhal lhe Defence have nol ¡ro¡erIy subslanlialed lheir Requesl vilh sufficienl s¡ecificily in Iighl of lhe informalion avaiIabIe lo
il by: a. a¡¡Iying lhe vrong lhreshoId in lerms of s¡ecificily, and b. by delermining lhal evidence concerning lhe aIIeged
exislence of a vioIence cam¡aign ¡er¡elraled by lhe GoS againsl lhe civiIian ¡o¡uIalion in Haskanila and Darfur generaIIy,
and lhe effecl lhe GoS miIilary offensive had on lhe civiIian ¡o¡uIalion in lhe area is nol reIevanl lo lhe conlesled issues and,
lhus, faiIing lo consider lhis evidence in delermining vhelher lhe Requesl vas ¡ro¡erIy subslanlialed.
4. 5ituatinn in thc Ccntra! AIrican Rcpub!ic (CAR) ÷ RcIcrrcd: January 2005 Invcstigatinn npcncd: May 2007
Tnc Prcsccuicr t jcan-Picrrc Bcn|a Gcn|c ÷ charged vilh var crimes and crimes againsl humanily, incIuding a massive ra¡e cam¡aign,
commilled in CAR belveen 26 Oclober 2002 ÷ 15 March 2003
5tatus: Iroseculion com¡Ieled lhe ¡resenlalion of ils case on 21 March 2012, Defense slarled ils ¡resenlalion on 14 Augusl 2012, lhe lriaI
viII resume on 4 March 2013 foIIoving a lem¡orary sus¡ension.
13 December ÷ The ßemba case has been lem¡orariIy sus¡ended al lhe Defence's requesl, lo give il more lime lo ¡re¡are, in
lhe Iighl of lhe ¡revious decision by lhe Chamber lo give nolice lhal il may modify lhe mode of IiabiIily (under arlicIe 28). The
lriaI has been sus¡ended unliI 4 March 2013.
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5. 5ituatinn in Kcnya ÷ OTP rcqucst tn start invcstigatinn: Nnvcmbcr 2009 Invcstigatinn npcncd: March 2010
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Wi||ian Sancci |uic an! jcsnua Arap Sang ÷ charged vilh crimes againsl humanily commilled during lhe ¡osl-eIecloraI
vioIence in Kenya on or aboul 30 December 2007 ÷ end }anuary 2008
5tatus: Case senl lo lriaI on 23 }anuary 2012, dale of lriaI sel for 10 A¡riI 2013 (charges vere nol confirmed againsl Henri Kosgey)
Tnc Prcsccuicr t |rancis Kirini Muinaura an! Unuru Muigai Kcnqaiia ÷ charged vilh crimes againsl humanily commilled during lhe ¡osl-
eIecloraI vioIence in Kenya 24 ÷ 28 }anuary 2008
Status: Case senl lo lriaI on 23 }anuary 2012, dale of lriaI sel for 11 A¡riI 2013 (charges vere nol confirmed againsl Mohammed AIi)
6. 5ituatinn in Libya ÷ RcIcrrcd: Fcbruary 2011 Invcstigatinn npcncd: March 2011
Warrants Pcnding
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Saij A|-|s|an Ga!!aji and A|!u||an A| Scnussi ÷ charged vilh crimes againsl humanily commilled during allacks on lhe
civiIian ¡o¡uIalion by lhe Libyan Securily Iorces 15 Iebruary ÷ al Ieasl 28 Iebruary 2011
Issucd: 27 }une 2011, lhe Chamber decided lhal Libya couId ¡osl¡one lhe execulion of lhe requesl lo surrender Saif AI-IsIam Gaddafi on 1
}une 2012, ¡ending a finaI delerminalion on lhe admissibiIily chaIIenge
7. 5ituatinn in Cðtc d'Ivnirc ÷ OTP rcqucst tn start invcstigatinn: Junc 2011 Invcstigatinn npcncd: Octnbcr 2011
Warrant cxccutcd
The Prcsccuicr t Iaurcni G|ag|c ÷ charged vilh var crimes and crimes againsl humanily commilled afler lhe November 2010 Ivorian
Issucd: 23 November 2011 (under seaI)
5tatus: iniliaI a¡¡earance on 5 December 2011, confirmalion of charges hearing viII be heard slarling 19 Iebruary 2013.
Warrant pcnding
Thc Prosecutor t Slmone Gbugbo ÷ charged vilh var crimes and crimes againsl humanily commilled afler lhe November 2010 Ivorian
Issucd: 29 Iebruary 2012 (under seaI)
12 December ÷ lhe A¡¡eaIs Chamber has unanimousIy dismissed lhe a¡¡eaI by lhe Gbagbo defence leam, and confirmed lhe
decision by ITCI on lhe Defence's chaIIenge lo lhe |urisdiclion of lhe ICC. In ils reasoning, lhe A¡¡eaIs Chamber found lhal
Cole d'Ivoire had acce¡led lhe |urisdiclion of lhe Courl under arlicIe 12 (3). Il aIso found lhal il couId nol find a lem¡oraI
Iimilalion in lhe 2003 DecIaralion, conlrary lo vhal lhe Defence argued. The A¡¡eaIs Chamber aIso ex¡Iained lhal lhe
grounds of a¡¡eaI reIaled lo lhe ITCI's deniaI of lhe requesl lo slay lhe ¡roceedings couId nol be ¡resenled direclIy before lhe
A¡¡eaIs Chamber and vere dismissed for ¡roceduraI reasons.
8. 5ituatinn in Ma!i ÷ RcIcrrcd: Ju!y 2012 Invcstigatinn npcncd: January 2013
III. Arrcsts - Cnnpcratinn
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Tnc Prcsccuicr t Bcscc Niagan!a (ncrc injcrnaiicn ncrc)
Currenl Iocalion: DRC, in and arnund Gnma
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Sincnc G|ag|c (ncrc injcrnaiicn ncrc)
Currenl Iocalion: Cðtc d'Ivnirc
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Sq|tcsirc Mu!acunura (ncrc injcrnaiicn ncrc)
Currenl Iocalion: Eastcrn DRC
Tnc Prcsccuicr t jcscpn Kcnq ci a| (ncrc injcrnaiicn ncrc)
Currenl Iocalion: varinus!y, at diIIcrcnt timcs, in thc bnrdcr arca bctwccn DRC, CAR and 5nuth 5udan
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Annc! Harun an! A|i Kusnaq| (ncrc injcrnaiicn ncrc)
Currenl Iocalion: 5nuth KnrdnIan, 5udan (A. Harun)
5udan (A. Kushayb)
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Onar Hassan Anna! A| Basnir (ncrc injcrnaiicn ncrc)
Currenl Iocalion: Khartnum, 5udan
Tnc Prcsccuicr t A|!c| |anccn Munanna! Husscin (ncrc injcrnaiicn ncrc)
Currenl Iocalion: Khartnum, 5udan
Tnc Prcsccuicr t Saij A|-|s|an Ga!!aji an! A|!u||an A|-Scnussi (ncrc injcrnaiicn ncrc)
Currenl Iocalion: Libya
IV. Othcr Cn-npcratinn
15 }anuary ÷ The Iresidenl of lhe Uniled Slales signed lhereby bringing inlo Iav S.2318, Tnc Ocparincni cj Siaic |cuar!s
Prcgran Up!aic an! Tccnnica| Ccrrcciicn Aci cj 2012, vhich ex¡ands Revards for }uslice and ¡rovides for a cIoser generaI
reIalionshi¡ vilh lhe ICC. The nev Iav decIares "inc scnsc cj Ccngrcss inai inc rcuar!s prcgran cj inc Ocparincni cj Siaic sncu|! |c
cxpan!c! in cr!cr ic ... iargci cincr in!iti!ua|s in!icic! |q inicrnaiicna|, nq|ri! cr nixc! iri|una|s jcr gcncci!c, uar crincs, cr crincs
againsi nunaniiq." Iurlhermore, il aulhorises lhe US Slale De¡arlmenl lo ¡ay revards for "inc iransjcr ic cr ccnticiicn |q an
inicrnaiicna| crinina| iri|una| ... cj anq jcrcign naiicna| accusc! cj uar crincs, crincs againsi nunaniiq, cr gcncci!c, as !cjinc! un!cr inc
siaiuic cj sucn iri|una|."
28-30 }anuary ÷ In lhe conlexl of lhe OTI's conlinued efforls lo slrenglhen ils reIalions vilh Africa, Iroseculor ßensouda mel
vilh some African heads of Slales in lhe margins of lhe AU Summil in Addis-Ababa. WhiIe lhe Iroseculor vas nol
¡arlici¡aling in lhe summil, she look advanlage of lhe ¡resence of aII Heads of Slale lo hoId biIaleraI meelings and discuss
mallers of common inleresl.
1-3 Iebruary ÷ Iroseculor ßensouda ¡arlici¡aled in lhe 49lh Munich
Securily Conference. The Iroseculor vas inviled lo s¡eak aboul lhe
fulure of lhe Res¡onsibiIily lo Irolecl (R2I), and lhe reIalions vilh lhe
ICC. In lhe margins of lhe Conference, lhe Iroseculor heId various
biIaleraI meelings vilh olher high-IeveI ¡arlici¡anls lo discuss issues of
muluaI concern.
Pncic (jrcn |cji ic rigni). US An|assa!cr ai Iargc jcr War Crincs |ssucs, Sicpncn |app,
|uan!a Minisicr cj |crcign Ajjairs an! Cccpcraiicn, Icuisc Musnikiua|c, Cana!a Ocjcncc
Minisicr, Pcicr MacKaq, Prcsccuicr Bcnscu!a, Prcsi!cni |nicrnaiicna| Crisis Grcup, Icuisc
Ar|cur, an! jcrncr UN USG jcr Pcacckccping Opcraiicns, jcan-Maric Gucncnnc.
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V. Upcnming Evcnts
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19
Ccnjirnaiicn cj
cnargcs ncaring in
inc casc againsi
Iaurcni G|ag|c
20 21
Tnc Prcsccuicr ui||
!c|itcr a spcccn cn
´Pcacc cr jusiicc?´
ai Tnc Haguc
Unitcrsiiq cj
App|ic! Scicnccs,
Tnc Haguc
22 23 24
Tnc Prcsccuicr
!c|itcrs a |cciurc ai
inc Scncc| cj
|nicrnaiicna| Siu!ics
cj inc Unitcrsiiq cj
Trcnic, |ia|q
26 27 28
VI. Othcr InInrmatinn
14 }anuary 2013 ÷ SeveraI members of lhe CICC, incIuding lhe InlernalionaI Iederalion for Human Righls, Amnesly
InlernalionaI, Human Righls Walch and No Ieace Wilhoul }uslice, have su¡¡orled lhe Sviss inilialive for lhe UNSC lo refer
lhe silualion in Syria lo lhe ICC, lo ensure accounlabiIily for grave crimes and lo conlribule lo suslainabIe ¡eace. Over 50
slales, incIuding severaI UNSC members, have su¡¡orled lhis inilialive. In lhe Ieller senl lo lhe UNSC, SvilzerIand ¡oinled
oul: ´Wc arc jirn|q cj inc ticu inai inc Sccuriiq Ccunci| nusi cnsurc acccunia|i|iiq jcr inc crincs inai sccn ic natc |ccn an! ccniinuc ic
|c ccnniiic! in inc Sqrian Ara| |cpu||ic an! scn! a c|car signa| ic inc Sqrian auincriiics. Gitcn inc ccnpcicncc cj inc Sccuriiq Ccunci|
un!cr inc |cnc Siaiuic cj inc |CC, an! |arring crc!i||c an! iinc|q ncasurcs ic csia||isn acccunia|i|iiq uiinin inc Sqrian Ara| |cpu||ic
iisc|j, inc ncsi cjjicicni uaq ic cnsurc acccunia|i|iiq in inis scricus siiuaiicn ucu|! |c a rcjcrra| cj inc siiuaiicn ic inc Ccuri.¨
¯ Tnis !ccuncni rcj|ccis inc ticus cj inc Ojjicc cj inc Prcsccuicr cj inc |CC. |cr ncrc injcrnaiicn, ccniaci Mrs. O|itia Suaak-Gc|!nan, |nicrnaiicna| Cccpcraiicn A!tiscr
in inc Ojjicc cj inc Prcsccuicr, ai O|itia.Suaak-Gc|!nan+icc-cpi.ini

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