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The Art of FencingThe Use of the Small Sword by L'Abbat, Monsieur 1734

The Art of FencingThe Use of the Small Sword by L'Abbat, Monsieur 1734

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Published by Chris Gordon
The modern fencing art of Ireland.
The modern fencing art of Ireland.

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Published by: Chris Gordon on Feb 13, 2013
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Of Quart under the Wrist.

This Thrust should not be made but instead of Seconde, that is to say, on an Engagement, Parade, or Lunge of
the Adversary in Quart.

The Wrist must not be so much turned up, nor so high as in Quart within; the Body should be more inward,
and bending more forward. (Refer to the 7th Plate.)

In case the Adversary pushes Quart, in order to take the Time, you must lunge the Foot strong inward, to
throw the Body farther from the Line of the Adversary's Sword.

In recovering from this Thrust, the Wrist must be in Tierce, and the Sword without the Enemy's whilst the
other Parts take their Situation.

The Parade of this Thrust is made by a Half-circle of the Sword within, the Wrist raised in Quart, and the
Point low. See the 7th Plate.

7th. Plate.

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The Parades of Seconde.


Thrust under the Wrist.

It's Parade.

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