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Antea Worldwide Palliative Care Conference

Rome, 12-14 November 2008


Presenting author Bereavement Support for Parents and Families After a Child’s Death
Dora Parys
Authors (max 6, presenting author included): Dora Parys
This presentation will focus on experience of families after a death of a child, which is one of the
Phone greatest heartaches parents and families may ever experience. A child’s death is a life altering
experience, impacting not only loved ones but also their community. Our approach to
understanding the process of grief, mourning and adaptation to the loss of a loved one has
Mobile phone changed. The traditional framework emphasized family members confronting the death and loss
of a child and as they worked through their grief in stages to detach energy from the deceased.
New models of understanding the process of grief emphasize continuing the relationship with the
deceased. They stress uniqueness and exploration of meaning in bereavement and suffering that
Please underline the most is caused by the death. Parents and families continue to foster ways to maintain a relationship
appropriate category for your with the deceased child. This continued relationship and meaning interlock multiple dimensions
abstract of family and a community’s life after a child’s death.
• Pain and other symptoms
• Palliative care for cancer patients

• Palliative care for non cancer
• Paediatric palliative care
• Palliative care for the elderly
• The actors of palliative care
• Latest on drugs

• Pain

• Illness and suffering through
• Marginalisation and social stigma
at the end of life
• Palliative care advocacy projects

• Prognosis and diagnosis
communication in
different cultures
• Communication between doctor-
patient and patient-
• Religions and cultures versus
suffering, death and
• Public institution in the world:
palliative care policies
and law
• Palliative care: from villages to metropolies

• Space, light and gardens for the
Session: Paediatric Palliative Care
terminally ill patient
• End-of-life ethics Chair of the session: Prof. Cornaglia Ferraris
• Complementary therapies
• Education, training and research
• Fund-raising and no-profit
• Bereavement support
• Volunteering in palliative care
• Rehabilitation in palliative care