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Antea Worldwide Palliative Care Conference

Rome, 12-14 November 2008


Presenting author Palliative care and Islamic bioethics
Mario Scialoja
Authors (max 6, presenting author included): Mario Scialoja
Email: The Religion of Islam teaches that the patient has the duty to seek and follow treatment and the
doctor has the duty to treat any illness, even if terminal.
Phone Islamic medical bioethics have been fixed by several international conferences whose resolutions
have been accepted by the large majority of Islamic Countries and medical practitioners.
Pain in Islam, as in Christianity, is a way of atonement for one’s sins but this does not belittle the
Mobile phone fact that every effort should be made to relieve suffering. For this purpose the use of opioids and
other drugs that affect the mind, otherwise strictly forbidden in Islam, is considered permissible.
Palliative care can be withdrawn only when death is certain and imminent (unless necessary to
alleviate pain), or when life processes are not automatically sustained by the central nervous
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appropriate category for your

• Pain and other symptoms
• Palliative care for cancer patients

• Palliative care for non cancer
• Paediatric palliative care
• Palliative care for the elderly
• The actors of palliative care
• Latest on drugs

• Pain

• Illness and suffering through
• Marginalisation and social stigma
at the end of life
• Palliative care advocacy projects

• Prognosis and diagnosis
communication in
different cultures
• Communication between doctor-
patient and patient-
• Religions and cultures versus
suffering, death and
• Public institution in the world:
palliative care policies
and law
• Palliative care: from villages to
• Space, light and gardens for the
terminally ill patient
• End-of-life ethics Session: Dignity over care – Comparing religion and cultures
• Complementary therapies
Chair of the session: Prof. Ivan Cavicchi
• Education, training and research
• Fund-raising and no-profit
• Bereavement support
• Volunteering in palliative care
• Rehabilitation in palliative care
• Palliative care quality indicators