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Artifact Two

Artifact Two

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Published by Shoshanna Shaoul
By: Shoshanna Shaoul
By: Shoshanna Shaoul

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Published by: Shoshanna Shaoul on Feb 14, 2013
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Daily Lesson Plan

Period(s): 4 (74 mins)

Date: 2/13/13 Class: Sophomore DPE

Learning Objectives:
• • •

What will the students know/be able to do as a result of this lesson?

Students will be able to........ Display comprehension of novel by sharing annotations Work on fluency skills Practice signposts (good annotating)

Teacher Goals:

What strategies will you work on as a teacher?

Clearly giving directions

For students: (handouts, previous assignments, tests, etc.) • 4-square sheet from LWFC For teacher: (lecture notes, answer keys, overheads, video, lists of questions, etc.) • • Lesson plan 4 square
How are you going to get the students to recall yesterday’s lesson and how it relates to what you are doing today? How will you capture student attention?


Introduction Time Frame •

Introduction Activity Description WRITE ON BOARD: Agenda: Finish “December” SSR and strategies 20 strategies due by 2/28. One Pink Line discussion today during 1/6/8. Homework: SSR and strategies. “December” bell ringer tomorrow. Buy Of Mice and Men

10 mins

Instruction: Include time estimates for each of your activities and also plan for regular checks for understanding.
Instruction Time Frame • • • 64 mins • Instruction Activity Description Finish reading “December” as a class. Read aloud, allow them time to annotate, go over annotations/signposts. SSR and strategies Take pages. CHANGE: o Instead of me reading aloud to the class, have students sit in teams and read the remainder of “December” with and to each other o Students will take turns reading the chapter aloud and stop every page or so to annotate and look for “juicy” signposts o Have students work in teams (of 3) leaving 20 minutes remaining of the period to come together as a class and discuss the signposts they found, going page by page. o Remind students that when they read, they should think of themselves as the voice-over for the book-on-tape for Like Water for Chocolate. They need to think about how fast or slow they are reading, the tone they want to evoke, and their expression. o Give team point for “juicy” signposts.


How will you tie the lesson together and reemphasize the concepts presented? How will you know if your students “get it” by the end of your lesson?

Closure Time Frame •

Closure Activity Description Go over homework: BR tomorrow, SSR, buy Of Mice and Men

2 mins

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