Ouija Calling ET: Do You Copy?
By Gary Val Tenuta,
Author of The Ezekiel Code (http://www.ezekielcode.com)

The following is a true story about a series of Ouija board sessions which began much like many Ouija stories, recounting tales of communication with the spirits of the dearly – and some not-so-dearly – departed souls. This story, however, took a most unexpected turn when a list of strange words began to appear and suddenly the three participants – of which this author was one – found themselves fully immersed in a series of communications with ETs. Not dead, dearly departed ETs, mind you. No. These ETs were quite alive and well – thank you - living on a planet called Grek-5 in a dimension they described as being “…in your future time.” Sound strange? Improbable? Impossible? Unbelievable? Or was it all something quite different than what it appeared to be? Decide for yourself.

It all began back in 1967. I was 21 years old. The place was the Servicemen’s YMCA in Long Beach, California. I had just recently left my home in Seattle and arrived in Long Beach as a fresh-out-of-boot-camp-sailor, and had spent my first lonely night aboard my new home away from home: the aircraft carrier, USS

Yorktown. Long Beach was the homeport of this great, gray hunk of floating naval history and I was stuck there whether I liked it or not. One afternoon I was granted liberty, which meant that I was free to leave the ship and I didn’t have to be back until 6 o’clock the next morning. I had been told there was a Servicemen’s YMCA in town and it was a good place to meet new friends. I was skeptical but I decided to try it. That’s where I met Tom. As I look back on it now, it seems like one of those movies where the characters are destined to come together. Somehow, every little thing they’ve ever done in their lives has – without their knowledge – culminated in what they think at the time is just a chance meeting. Without going into the details of this chance meeting suffice to say the odd thing about it was the extraordinary number of things we had in common. It seemed a little weird. But just as weird was the dream Tom told me about. He’d had it just a month or so earlier. "In the dream,” he said, “I was hiding behind some big rocks. I wasn’t alone. There were other people with me but I don’t really remember seeing any of them. I just knew there were others around me, somewhere. And we were shooting at dark skinned people who were riding past us on horseback. Suddenly someone yelled, ‘Look out! The (somethings) are coming!’” He paused for a moment. “I can’t remember what the word was. Anyway, I took off running across a field full of sharp jagged rocks that were sticking up out of the ground. They were about six or eight inches tall. And, while I was running, I tripped on one of the jagged rocks and when I fell, one of them pierced my shoulder. I remember looking down and seeing it sticking through my shoulder. Then it was like I fainted. I mean, I blacked out but it was weird, now that I think about it, because I was still dreaming. It’s like I was unconscious within my dream! When I came to, I was in some kind of a room that was sort of like a library. There was a young woman standing there putting something on a shelf. She turned and looked at me and for some reason I thought I was dead and I said, ‘Do a lot of dead people from earth come here?’ She smiled and said, ‘Sometimes’. Then she told me her name was Randessa and the last thing I remember, I was holding her in my arms and we were kissing! I’ve never told anyone about this dream before. I had it about a month or two ago and I can’t forget it because it wasn’t like any dream I’ve ever had before. It was so intense. It was like it really happened.” That’s how Tom related his dream to me. We had no idea at the time how this strange dream would come up again in the near future and how it would play a major role in the experiences that were waiting for us down the road. After that first meeting we got together whenever we could and within a couple of weeks you’d have thought we were brothers. And, in a sense, we were; brothers of the heart, brothers of the spirit; soul brothers, I guess some might say. We shared a deep interest in things philosophical and we were both very much drawn to the teachings of Jesus. However, we also shared a sense that most organized religion had it all wrong. Exactly what it was they had wrong we weren’t sure, but we were on a quest for the Truth (whatever that was) and we

“That’s a good subject. reincarnation. Tom snickered. amusing. The spiritual bond between us grew ever stronger as our conversations delved ever deeper into philosophy.” Tom says. “Yeah. “Shalom. When Edie and I returned to Long Beach we rented an apartment. He walks toward the door. However. and the like. . frightening. Sometimes. ESP. It was the only door into or out of the locker room. religion. sometimes a person might be visited by an angel disguised in the form of a human and not realize that it was an angel at all. Tom had acquired a Ouija board from a friend whose parents came across it while cleaning out their attic. I remember one night at the “Y”. I think the reason we didn’t go look for him is because we didn’t really want to know! Were we visited by an angel. Edie. In other words. bizarre. and generally fascinating events of our lives. a young man in a Navy uniform comes walking past the end of the row of lockers. One day Tom brought the Ouija board over and – while none of us had any experience with a Ouija board .knew we weren’t going to find it in the church.” Then the guy says. that’s just a little sidebar to illustrate the direction things were heading. We had been in there for at least an hour. We both had the feeling that if we opened the door. unawares? We don’t know. unawares. sitting on a bench near the door. turns toward us and says. We were sitting in the locker room and it must have been around three o’clock in the morning. We were into a heavy conversation about the Bible and in all that time we never saw a single person come in or go out and there was never a sound to indicate the presence of any other person.that little apartment on Orange Street became the stage for a series of the most intriguing. One was that I made a brief trip back to Seattle to marry my fiancé. as if out of nowhere. But maybe that’s the point. Mostly the conversation centered around the life and teachings of Jesus and for some reason we had just mentioned that phrase which says something about being visited by angels. At that moment. It was weird. we wouldn’t see hide nor hair of that young sailor. Tom and I just sat there looking at each other. “Yeah. during my brief stay in Seattle. Two things happened next that were crucial to the unfolding of the story. The other was that. stops. when one of these conversations lasted way into the wee hours. so?” To which the guy replies. “You were talking about Jesus”.” and walks out the door.

letter by letter. but later discovered. all ran together with no separation between words. We just knew that some people claimed the little plastic planchette would move around on the board and spell out messages. The letters. But that was only when Tom and I were doing it. What I didn’t know at the time. on her fathers side. it just zipped along. Perhaps it went back for generations. None of us had ever really tried a Ouija board before. They . “Will I be rich?” Will Tom find a girlfriend?” “Do I have any long lost relatives who are really rich?” The planchette would move around slowly and awkwardly and would seem to go to the YES or the NO and sometimes it seemed like it was trying to spell out some words but we couldn’t be certain because sometimes it would stop between letters instead of directly over them. So we tried it. was that Edie’s grandmother. was also given to such things. spelling out stuff so fast that a third person had to be taking notes.THE FIRST SESSIONS It started out as just silliness. But when Edie put her hands on the planchette. of course. It was a whole different ball game when Edie was one of the participants. asking silly questions like. I don’t know.

separating out the words. helpless feeling. We tried asking questions to find out what was going on. and it’s all taking place at the same time but separated by dimensional barriers. we talked to so many different personalities that I can’t remember them all. We were absolutely beside ourselves. that’s a bit of a misnomer. the poet. We sat back and wondered.would seem to come in flurries and then stop. The gist of it was that we all have counterparts. Of course we had no idea what was really going on here. didn’t quite understand it. for example. This was a particularly interesting and somewhat . This was beyond anything any of us had ever imagined. Anna Lee Wright informed us that she had lived in England in the 1400’s and was beheaded for adultery. was that it was some kind of a parallel universe phenomenon. That’s all we know because the communication stopped. It seems odd. herself. I don’t remember what our names were but I remember that Tom was a musician in the King’s court. That was a bit unnerving but then came the real shocker. I had an adrenaline rush that wouldn’t quit. It was a young girl. though. in the past as well as in the future. Then we would take a look at the string of letters that the third person had been jotting down and we would draw a line. Edie was Anna Lee’s current incarnation! Actually. we found out and spoke to her several times. some were humorous. Supposedly. Tom and I were told of our own counterparts of that time. however. For example: GOODEVENINGMYNAMEISANNALEEWRIGHT. One. Anna Lee was not clear on the subject. but for some reason I don’t remember anything I was told about myself. So who was Anna Lee Wright? In the nights to come. Robert Frost. almost as if she. As I recall. briefly. but some other kind of a connection. Then there were the visits from personalities more well-known. It was a frustrating. In the many days and nights that followed. becomes: GOOD / EVENING / MY / NAME / IS / ANNA / LEE /WRIGHT. as such. Somehow we could sense the urgency of this cry for help. for lack of a better term. was very scared: “WHERE IS MY MOTHER? HELP ME PLEASE! MY MOTHER! I CAN’T FIND MY MOTHER! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!” The planchette moved almost frantically as it spelled out those words. She was on an ocean liner and it was going down. My impression. we questioned the reincarnation idea and we were informed that it wasn’t really a case of reincarnation. I recall. Some were boring. But it was only the beginning. Had we tapped into the sinking of the Titanic? We could only guess.

At the moment. It was remarkable. Even more remarkable. He said they were very similar. By this time we were old pros at this other world communication stuff. Again. We asked if this was really Robert Frost with whom we were communicating and why had he come to us this night? Through Edie’s hand the answer was written. Now. as he put it. So when the Ouija board informed us that the late. great poet.as it apparently involved a full-blown bodily “possession”. but because she asked if I minded. As long as I had known her and as many times as she had taken drags off my cigarettes. “I enjoy your company”. we discovered. directing the question to me. it said. We had graduated to a means of communication known as automatic writing. And Edie’s body was the unwitting host. who was able to do this. each poem was signed! The next day. we were supposedly witnessing the creation of never-before-seen poems by the late Robert Frost. Part-2: Automatic Writing & The Invisible Visitors Automatic Writing We were seated around the dining room table. Tom on one side. This time was different.) I was smoking a cigarette during this session and at one point Edie stopped writing and reached over and took the cigarette out of my hand. she had never entered into a trance state. while we had done this several times before. I was taken a bit by surprise. Or at least that’s the theory. although we didn’t realize it until the session was over. it was someone or something else that was doing the writing through her. it was indeed Robert Frost and he was there because. you have to understand when Edie did this automatic writing it was not she who was doing the writing. Tom took a copy of one of the signatures to the library and was able to locate a copy of Robert Frost’s actual autograph for comparison. But.disturbing event – especially for Edie . was with us. Rather. “Do you mind?” she asked. Yes. we decided to grab the ol’ pencil and paper. . Poetry flowed onto the paper in the recognizable style of Robert Frost. not because she took the cigarette. handed it back to me and continued to write. She took a drag off the cigarette. it was Edie. Robert Frost. (We still were not sure how any of this was happening let alone what exactly was taking place during these unbelievable sessions. not once had she ever asked me if I minded because she knew I didn’t. She always seemed to be fully conscious during the session even though she felt exhausted afterwards. Edie and I on the other. The Poetry Man Cometh Edie put the pencil to the paper and began to write.

Apparently she had been in a trance the entire time. Before I realized what was happening. Finally. It was a night I’ll never forget. I AM AT YOUR DOOR. perhaps an hour. apparently unconscious. She opened her eyes and was surprised to find herself on the floor. away from me. Who’s That Knocking At My Door? One night we were working the Ouija board by candle light which was provided by one of those glass encased candles about three inches in diameter and about six or seven inches tall. All was well. about the size of a typical eight ounce drinking glass. Mr. I reached out to grab her but I was too late. but it was working fine. The glass itself was a deep red and the flame within provided an eerie glow about the room. The candle had burned down to a point where the flame was perhaps an inch below the ridge of the glass. The whole thing was straight out of the Twilight Zone. LET ME IN. HELL IS MY PALACE. . It was a perfect setting for a séance. and we were snacking on chips and having a good time when suddenly the board spelled out. Edie laid the pencil on the table and I noticed she was starting to lean to the side. She had no memory of having taken a drag off my cigarette and certainly no memory of asking me if I minded! She was only vaguely aware of having just written some poetry. I shook her gently and spoke her name. Frost said he had to leave now and he thanked us for allowing him to stay for that short time. I don’t remember what we were getting from the Ouija board. I moved the chairs out of the way and knelt down beside her as she lay on the floor. she was falling from her chair. maybe longer.I don’t know how long this session went on. But there was more to come.

poised. into our little party. including our living room.Part-3: THE DEVIL YOU SAY “HELL IS MY PALACE. if this really was the Devil or Satan or Mr. or whatever. but I did it anyway. I was curious to see what would happen next. I think I was hoping to somehow satisfy myself with this line of reasoning but in the back of my mind another explanation . shockingly. It was as if some entity had simply pushed its way. it would be able to go anywhere it wanted to go. Then. Ok. I AM AT YOUR DOOR. We sat tense. I was actually more intrigued than frightened and I told Tom and Edie that I was going to go over to the door and open it. the glass around the candle popped and shattered! It scared the holy hell out of all of us! Always the skeptic. When I returned to the table I put my hands on the planchette and Edie did the same. waiting in anticipation for the planchette to move. I thought.” I remember those words verbatim. uninvited. There was an immediate change to the whole ambiance of the room. and it wouldn’t need someone to open the door. I immediately analyzed the situation. Evil Guy Of The Universe. They didn’t know if that was such a good idea. LET ME IN. The room seemed heavy with a presence we could not see.

we phoned home on the Ouija board. “Wow. anything but what we were doing. Now what? We were cold and tired and we wanted to get into some place warm. On the other hand. you had to be there. The opening of the door was symbolic. Shivering from the cold. weird was the norm at that time and place. all because a Ouija board told us to. “Hey. packed up the Ouija board and left. we would have been a pretty weird spectacle. it was cold. it was late and anyone in their right mind was inside. It was winter. we decided to err on the side of caution. We walked around the streets for awhile wondering what the hell we were doing and keeping an eye out for a church. We were told it was not yet safe to return. Fortunately no one saw us. However. on the one hand. GO NOW. so if anyone had seen us and asked what we were doing they probably would have nodded their heads knowingly and said. “I guess God closes at six. YOU MUST TAKE THE DOG AND LEAVE THIS PLACE FOR A BATTLE BETWEEN THE FORCES OF GOOD AND EVIL IS ABOUT TO BEGIN IN THIS ROOM. It did seem as if we felt a heavy presence in the room and the candle did pop and shatter onto the table. I realize it seems bizarre that we could take this seriously but.was gaining ground. I did open the door. We put on our coats. and we didn’t have a car. Swell. It was cold outside. sitting on some porch steps by the light of a street lamp in the chill of the cold winter night. LET ME IN. Why would there be? It was dark. I shrugged. and go wandering the streets of Long Beach looking for a church.” and continued on their way. We really didn’t want to leave. The Ouija board spelled out a disturbing message: YOU MUST LEAVE. It was the middle of the night. It was a gesture of blatant invitation. We debated the situation amongst ourselves realizing. We finally found one but the doors were locked. It was sort of like making a phone call to see if it was ok to come home yet. keeping warm. I AM AT YOUR DOOR. gathered up the dog. hi! Come on in!” I opened the door out of sheer curiosity and now that one simple act was about to ruin our entire night. Groovy. as the saying goes. Taking all of that into consideration. So. how silly it would seem to actually bundle up and leave in the middle of the night. and doing… well. If it had been any place and time other than southern California in the late 60’s. the Ouija board did spell out HELL IS MY PALACE. Then we had a brilliant . FIND A CHURCH AND WAIT UNTIL IT IS SAFE TO RETURN. packing a baby cocker spaniel. What’ll we do now?” We decided to try the Ouija board. There didn’t seem to be another soul around anywhere.

the head of the organization. “Okay. positive impression on nearly everyone fortunate enough to come into contact with him. As we walked we wondered what we would find when we got there. So we headed off to the Y. I pushed the door wide open and we stood there staring into the living room.idea. though. The three of us. the reality or perceived reality of such concepts. He sat back and waited for me to gather my thoughts. indeed.” He replied. it told us the battle was over and it was safe for us to return home. Go ahead. “Well. Finally.” So we gathered around his desk and proceeded to tell him the story. Are you ready?” I asked as I slipped the key into the latch. When we got there we found Clovis. That would be the ultimate proof that something. We looked at each other and laughed nervously as we slowly climbed the stairs. we decided to give him a demonstration of Ouija board communication. They were working late on some project. As was customary for Clovis.” “Okay. and our faithful canine companion. I was afraid it wouldn’t work and then we’d look really silly. In the end. The Service Men’s YMCA was open twenty-four hours a day. Clovis was one of those rare individuals who leaves a lasting. “What the heck are you guys doing here at this time of night?” he asked. and so on. he didn’t really know quite what to say. . man. quite surprised. He knew he was in for a real humdinger. I remember a short discussion about the forces of good and evil. rolling his eyes. As we walked in he looked up from his desk. I had visions of the whole apartment looking like it had been ravaged by a tornado. “It’s a little difficult to explain. Part-4: RETURNING TO THE SCENE OF THE BATTLE The walk home took about twenty minutes. and Rich. like the perfect ending to a good movie. gazed upward toward the door of our second-floor apartment. “Um. had taken place. He had a gift of inspiring people to reach goals they never dreamed possible. Fortunately it did work and. By the time we reached the apartment it must have been three or four o’clock in the morning.” I started. his assistant. remember we told you about this Ouija board that Kelli gave Tom?” “Oh. The suspense was building with each step we took. he listened attentively.” he said. “Well.

We both were a little astounded simply by the fact that the thing was actually working for us. Then. The numbers 1 through 0 are printed along the bottom edge of the board. All I can say is . It was usually such a tedious struggle for Tom and I to get it to do much of anything. We walked inside and looked around and laughed. almost reluctantly. if I had it to do over again.” He paused. Then it did something different.” . when suddenly it began to move more deliberately. any of this. “What?” I asked again. It spelled out: GREK 5 using a very deliberate motion.. “You’re not going to believe this. Pause. Tom and I were sitting at the dining room table trying to get the Ouija board to do something. There was nothing different than when we vacated in a panic several hours earlier. in a very deliberate and abrupt manner. “In fact. “What?” I asked.. GREK-5: THE ALIEN CONTACT It was early evening. it moved to the center of the board and turned so that the tip of it pointed toward the bottom of the board. for Tom and me.My visions of mass destruction vanished like waking up from a bad dream. but as usual. Tom looked at me. There was a sense of relief and some disappointment at the same time. “I think I know what that is. Pause. would I leave the apartment or stay to see what would happen? I really don’t know. It moved around.. stopping at a letter here and there. He shook his head as if to deny to himself whatever it was he had just realized. That was the word in my dream.” he said. At this point. EARTH. I’m sure of it. some weeks later. Had anything happened at all? Was any of this. we took our hands off the planchette.. sat back and lit up a cigarette. We were about to give up on it. it wasn’t cooperating very well. Then it paused a moment and spelled out another word: MIND. “What? What is it?” I prodded. The planchette poised itself at the center of the board and then moved in a straight line directly down to the 5 where it paused again. It spelled out a word: SPECTOR. the heart shaped planchette moved in a graceful circular motion as it went from letter to letter. knowing how it turned out last time.it seemed like the only sane thing to do at the time. and Edie was napping on the couch. a momentary pause and then a third word: YOU. It spelled the letters G-R-E-K as it normally would. Again.as insane as it may sound now . for real? Or had we simply let our imaginations get the better of us? Today I ask myself. That is.” “What what is? What’re you talking about?” “Grek.

” I said. in the dream I yelled.” “You ask it!” he said. ‘Look out! The somethings are coming!’ but I couldn’t remember what the word was?” “Yeah. or to the NO which is in the opposite corner. I laughed. “Ask if that was the word that was in your dream. I asked again. I told you about that dream I had about hiding behind some big rocks and we were shooting at people riding by on horseback?” “Oh. I knew Tom well enough to know when he was kidding around and when he wasn’t. Still realizing how insane it sounded. “Are you kidding me?” I asked. “I’m serious!” he said. Then. Then it paused and spelled out: MIND.” He convinced me. turned. he insisted that was the word he hadn’t been able to remember. “Is Grek the word that Tom heard in the dream he told me about?” The planchette began to move. This was familiar. We looked at each other. not yet sure that he wasn’t just pulling my leg. it went to the center of the board. what are you getting at?” “Remember. So. “Okay.“What dream?” “Remember. Well let’s try it again. “Is Grek the word that was in Tom’s dream?” The planchette continued to move now in it’s usual circular motion. We were surprised. We put our fingertips lightly on the planchette. He wasn’t kidding. “Okay. I asked the question aloud. Then it spelled: YOU.” I said. it did not use the same . in a very deliberate manner so that it was pointed toward the bottom of the board. It spelled out another word: SPECTOR-1. yeah. When it went to the 1. and then: GREK. and moved straight down to the 5. as before. however. anxious to see what would happen. I anticipated that it would go to the YES which is printed in the upper left corner of the board. We were puzzled. and then: EARTH. I remember. when it spelled out: SPECTOR. but that’s what the voice shouted out in my dream. “I know it sounds crazy.” “It was the Greks! ‘Look out! The Greks are coming!’ “ He was serious but then he laughed as he realized how crazy it sounded.

if anything? (At this point. On the other hand. SPECTOR-1. LASON. We took up the challenge. YOU. the seventh word was GOD. appropriately enough. GREK-5. given to us at some point during this “vocabulary” session. Still. the more we saw. The number seven is considered a holy number.) . Tom seems to have some recollection of them being something like “food” and “shelter”. I want to inform the reader that this is not an entirely accurate recounting of the nineteen words as they were presented to us. if at all. “Are these words supposed to mean something to us?” I asked. We organized them in the form of a list in the order in which they came. he does agree with me that the words FIRSON and LASON were. The thirteenth word. We woke Edie from her nap and told her what had been happening. pausing after each word: TIME. the exact same words in the exact same order. nineteen words. SPECTOR-11. Then another word: GOD. Or were we just reading things into it? For instance. Some were in English and some were not but we didn’t know what they were. The more we examined the puzzle. the fifth word. but cannot recall how they fit into the list. We noticed that some of the words looked almost like Latin. HABITON. DIX. Again the planchette responded: SPECTOR. or some words representing those concepts. MIND. trying to make some sense of this puzzle. KNOWLEDGE. indeed. XESTAO. we’re sure it is in the correct place on the list. TIME. We showed her the list of nineteen words and the three of us tried to see what we could make of it. We wrote the words down and tried again. KNOWLEDGE.kind of rigid. that PAX was Latin for the word “peace”. At the same time. what did it all mean. It seemed like a puzzle of some kind. PAX. for example. GOD-9. 15. XESTAO. was interesting in that the 9th word was LOVE. FIRSON. SPECTOR 11. FIRSON. We also noted that the eighth word on the list was TIME and that the figure 8 is a symbol for eternity. making it reminiscent of the concept that God is Love. I also recall the “food” and “shelter” discussion. None of this made any sense to either of us. BABION. deliberate motion as when it went to the 5. HABITON. GOD-9. always in the same order. LOVE. PAX. EARTH. It simply moved in the normal manner. Regarding the word. GREK-5 was. and 17. LOVE. Tom was pretty sure. The result was the same. but we cannot recall the actual “Grek word” which was used to represent that concept. KNOWLEDGE. GOD-9. BABION. GOD. LASON. Regarding numbers 14 and 15. The words we are uncertain of are numbers 14. DIX. And it continued.

” “You mean you actually took him? Physically?” “YES. Tom asked.” “What did you mean. WE BROUGHT TOM HERE BY WHAT YOU CALL TELEPORTATION. we had passed the test? What test?” “IT WAS IMPORTANT TO TEST YOUR LEVEL OF INTEREST AND INTELLECTUAL ENDURANCE. WE ARE LIVING BEINGS BUT WE ARE IN A DIFFERENT DIMENSION.” I don't know what Tom was feeling at that moment but he certainly wasn't ready for what we learned next. We didn’t even have a chance to ask a question. YOU HAVE PASSED THE TEST. “Who are we communicating with?” we asked. WE EXIST ON A PHYSICAL PLANE. HIS DREAM WAS HIS BRAIN'S WAY OF REACTING TO THE EXPERIENCE.” “What are you? Are you a spirit?” “NO.” “You mean like a fourth dimension?” “WE ARE IN YOUR FUTURE TIME.” “Is Grek the word that Tom heard in his dream?” “YES.” “But where are you? What are you?” “WE ARE ON THE FIFTH PLANET FROM THE SUN IN OUR SYSTEM. “I AM GURO SPECTOR. OUR PLANET IS CALLED GREK. “What about the young woman at the end of my dream? Was she real?” .After about three hours we had exhausted our collective wits. someone suggested we try the board again. Finally. Part-5: I AM GURO SPECTOR We all looked at each other in amazement. This time Edie and I put our hands on the planchette. It began to move the instant we touched it. It simply said: WELCOME SPECTORS.

using something as archaic as a Ouija Board for communication! “How is it that you are communicating with us using this board?” I asked. Reports of abductions by aliens have become almost commonplace in UFO literature today.” “Mind? You’re communicating with us by moving this planchette with your mind?” “IT IS SOMETHING LIKE THAT. As a reply the planchette simply moved down to the number 2 at the bottom of the board. . Tom's abduction was an incredible revelation with an irony that didn’t escape our attention. almost as if someone were trying to get a “feel” for this new body. Current consensus is that the aliens are engaging in some type of genetic experimentation and. to engage in sexual intercourse with a being of the opposite sex. we were told that was the purpose of Tom's encounter.” Tom nearly fell on the floor. There have. indeed. IT IS PREFERRED. Then we noticed that the second word on the list was MIND. SHE IS PREGNANT WITH YOUR CHILD. over the years.” “Can you actually see this board?” “IT IS NOT SEEING AS YOU KNOW IT. We asked again and once more it simply went to the number “2”. IT IS WITH THE MIND.” Then I had an idea. Here they were. “What kind of an answer is that?” we asked each other. however. it was a very unusual concept to deal with. Edie put the pencil to the paper and I asked.“YES. “YES”. if not forced. In most of these cases the other being was of an alien race but had very humanlike features. Slowly she wrote. HER NAME IS RANDESSA. talking about a technology as advanced as teleportation and there we were. “Could you communicate through Edie’s hand if she held a pencil to the paper? “YES. At the time. Was this another test? “Is the 2 a reference to the second word on the list of nineteen words?” “YES. been a number of reports where people claim to have been abducted aboard a UFO and enticed. Some abductees also claim to have seen the offspring of such intimate encounters. We were all stunned at the thought of such a possibility. “Are you still with us?” Her hand began to move very slowly.” We immediately got some paper and a pencil.

“If you exist. “Can you explain to us where your planet is?” Almost immediately Edie’s hand began to move in a circular motion as if to begin drawing. they were our direct descendants. most notably. consisted of raised . The figure 8 between the two circles represented a time barrier of sorts. then it would be possible for us to visit your planet if we had some means of traveling the required distance. That planet is Grek-5. in subsequent communications. perhaps. right?” “YOU WILL COME TO OUR PLANET. The following drawing is an accurate representation of the drawing made by “Guro Spector” through Edie’s hand. Sure enough.” “We will? When?” “YOU CAN COME NOW. The planet was split in two by the impact. or “EARTH 2”.” I was still curious about their physical location. she drew a circle about the size of a half dollar.1 I would have taken it to be literal except that some things we were told by Guro Spector. Were we communicating with future earth? In an attempt to get a some sort of a fix on this location-in-space-and-time thing. made me wonder if. The three of us were having pretty much the same reaction which. Guro Spector explained that once there was a single planet that was struck by a “LUNAR FORCE AND A SOLAR FORCE” simultaneously. “YES. I asked. physically. One piece of the planet was jettisoned forward in time through a dimensional barrier of some sort. THIS IS PREFERRED. on a physical planet. as Guro Spector labeled it in the drawing. I didn’t understand for sure if this explanation was to be taken symbolically or literally.” I was definitely having a heavy duty adrenaline rush.“Is it easier to communicate this way?” I asked.

Edie’s hand began to move in a circular motion as if to begin drawing another circle. As her hand moved in an ever increasing arc.” “YOU CAN MAKE ONE. “Wait a minute. He said they would take with them domestic animals and plantlife of various types for growing food.2 He said there would come a time when there would be great devastation upon the earth but many people would escape in giant spaceships.” Oh. to begin a new civilization. These people would then return to the earth following the devastation. But her hand began to move in an arc that was larger than the letter size paper we had on the table. it began knocking things off the table. in fact drawing on the table! “Hold it! Hold it!” I said. Not that again. To quote Guro Spector: “NOT ALL WHO LEAVE WILL RETURN.” Part-6: The Ship We tried to get across the idea that we didn’t understand how to build a ship with our minds and Guro Spector insisted that was what we needed to do. Noah’s ark twentieth-century style. laughing. In fact. “Now? We can’t go to your planet now.” We laughed. I’ll get something larger to draw on. because these ships would be from all different countries and some would carry with them political baggage they should have left behind.” I went into the bedroom and got a large piece of white construction board. I grabbed her hand.eyebrows.” When we asked what the ships would look like. “Make one? How can we make one? That’s just not possible!” “2. I guess it could happen again. Eventually he said someday we would understand how to do this. We would need a ship of some kind. If it had happened before. no. many people would know how to do this. She was. But there was an interesting sidelight to this little scenario. What’s this “2” business? You mean with our minds? We’re supposed to build a space ship with our minds?” “YES. wow. I thought. Guro Spector said there would be a “WAR IN SPACE”. a . We don’t have such a thing.

The force was such that it made a slight indentation. The drawing shown here gives you a general idea of what the actual final drawing looked like. Gradually a shape began to emerge. Her hand moved around in sweeping circular motions without the pen touching the surface of the board. She then began to connect the dots by drawing a line from one dot to another. Then. surveying motion again and brought the pen down to one of the dots. I laid the board on the floor with that side down and the clean side up. I brought it out into the living room and put it on the floor in the middle of the room. still connecting dots. was drawn within the largest circle. It is. The cartoon featured an unusually large nose on the character for comic effect. A third circle. she drew a smaller circle. It was as if our alien guest was somehow surveying the area where he was about to draw.” Edie had a ballpoint pen now and she placed the point of the pen on the board. Then she made another dot in the same manner. I remember being amazed at how nearly perfect the circle was. almost as if contemplating something. This continued in what appeared to be a random and increasingly rapid manner until. I had started to draw a cartoon face on one side of the board. A few days earlier. We had no idea what was going on. Then another and another. exposing the cartoon face I had drawn on the other side. after perhaps two or three minutes. there must have been hundreds of little dots all over the board. Then her hand made that sweeping. her hand went to the edge of the board. perhaps fifteen inches in diameter. we gathered around the board. Now. Suddenly her hand brought the pen down somewhat forcefully onto the construction board and made a dot. So I helped by flipping the board over.” I said. sitting on the floor. Then. It was about 18" by 20". about one inch in diameter. Edie’s hand went directly to the nose on the cartoon and poked at it a few times. It was an odd little bit of comic relief in the middle of this bizarre evening full of dire predictions of doom for the entire planet. in the center of the larger circle. We laughed and tried to explain the idea of exaggerating facial features on cartoons for the sake of humor. “Okay. by no means accurate in regard to the exact shapes of the various compartments or in regard to the number of . Then her hand moved up to my face and began poking the pen at my nose! We sensed the question being asked. I turned the board back over to reveal the blank side and Edie put the pen in position to write. First there was a large circle. “Let’s try this. But instead of drawing something. again by connecting dots. however. sliding the pen just under the edge trying to flip the board up as if wanting to turn it over.kind of stiff cardboard used by artists for drawing and painting. It must have been about seventeen inches in diameter as it filled most of the space on the board.

It is impossible. we were told. we were not alone in our experience. There was a huge area for growing plants and vegetables. I don't remember the occupant capacity of the ship. but each level was accessed by an elevator which ran up and down. I don’t recall how many levels there were. and on and on. . to recall such details completely. He first labeled the three perimeter sections as DEATH COMPACTS. began to label all of the different sections of the ship. swimming pools. There was a place for all the domestic animals.000 degrees. theaters. We were told there were others around the world who also had such drawings and with whom they had been in contact and shared much of the same information. aerial view of a disk shaped spaceship or what we typically call a flying saucer. directly in the center of the ship. I present this rendering merely to give the you some sense of the kind of thing we were looking at. I believe it was a Fahrenheit temperature of 100. So. What had been laid out before us was a cutaway. There were music rooms. The interior of the ship provided for everything any human being could ever need to survive in absolute comfort for a very long time. Edie’s hand. As is shown here. guided by Guro Spector. When the drawing was completed (I think it must have taken an hour or so) we sat back and marveled at the complexity and comprehensiveness of the thing. There was also an indication of the temperature within these “death compacts”. after these many years.compartments or even their relative placements or configurations. there were three small circles in each “death compact” and these were labeled ATOMIC PILES. it may have been in the hundreds or possibly even a thousand or more.

Sometimes they imparted bits of wisdom. which had to be threaded through a maze of little wheels and spindles. was a quarter of an inch wide and came wrapped around seven-inch plastic reels. had the same stylized lettering: And so ended our first of many evenings with the beings from Grek-5. we could make a fortune at the horse races! .” SONA was a sort of salutation which meant something like. Those were the days of thirty pound tape machines the size of a suitcase andthe recording tape. It occurred to us that if they could actually see our future. back in those days (remember this was in the 1960's) we didn't have the convenience of cassette tapes and small portable tape recorders. much of the writing that came through Edie's hand from the Grek-5 source. himself.By now it was well into the wee hours of the morning and we were exhausted. In fact. So much of what was communicated to us has been forgotten. sometimes exhausting. They ended every communication with that word and the style of the letters was always the same. Part-7: THE CONCLUSION: More Bad Sci-Fi I wish I had set up a tape recorder during those sessions. I know those uncountable. I don't remember how we ended that first long night of other-worldly communication with our new found space brother. hours spent in communication with the beings from Grek-5 produced some fascinating conversation. who brought the session to an end. but it may have been Guro. like making “predictions” and having them come true to the amazement of all our friends! Hey. It was very early in the morning after a long night full of mind boggling channeled information about the future of humankind and such and I guess we were getting a little giddy from lack of sleep and mental overload. with them saying something like. Sometimes it worked that way. SONA. “YOU MUST REST NOW. we were in a position to do some astounding things. “go in peace”. Of course. Guro Spector. I recall one instance when we were curious about the method of communication we were experiencing.

was the “Bill Nye. evidently. had to do with the problems of space travel over distances of light years. The answer. If most of this information came to you in the form of automatic writing and if you wrote down all of the communication . we could go check it out. We would ask them to tell us what the siren was. considering that Einstein was dead. when I discover evidence that these odd names are somehow linked to three things: a mysterious cipher. The answer was something like “the essence of the being you knew as Einstein now lives and works among us in our scientific community”. that one of the things which has always made me suspicious of so many alleged channeled writings is the names of some of the so-called entities which are being channeled.At that moment we heard a siren outside. as a confession of sorts. These sound like names of characters in some low budget science fiction movie from the 1950s. was profound in its simplicity: “SPECTORS. as I recall. Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts. (I should mention at this point. See Alan Greenfield’s book. This point arises again. and the UFO phenomenon. Lanzar. which was really an admonishment. once they told us. I remember inquiring about how that could be. They had not come to us so we could profit from the experience by increasing either our egos or our bank accounts.” The message was clear. So I try not to discount the credibility of other channeled material simply because the name of the entity being channeled sounds like it was borrowed from a low budget sci-fi flick. Lanzar told us that Einstein was living with them on their planet. It was a perfect test. Maybe the reason I don't remember anything about the discussion is because I didn't understand any of it. “Ok. This led us into a discussion of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Aleister Crowley. However. THROW AWAY THIS TOY AND LIVE YOUR EXISTENCE. But.). Somehow I think they realized that. but I do remember one thing that astonished me. It was probably a fire engine. There are snippets of information from those all-night “conversations” that stand out in my memory. the name Lanzar strikes me in exactly the same way. hey. we were twenty-year-old kids with a tremendous need for sleep and we probably hadn't eaten anything more nutritious than a couple bags of corn chips and a six-pack of Pepsi since dinner the previous evening. years later. The question to Lanzar. for example. So we put our hands on the Ouija board and asked. Was it a fire engine? Where was it going? What kind of an emergency was it involved in? Then. THE END IS NEAR At this point you might well ask.“Kryon” or the popular “Ashtar” of the so-called Ashtar Command. I remember one night we asked a question regarding some aspect of science and Guro Spector said we should speak with Lanzar. The Science Guy” of Grek-5.

The box which contained all of the written material and the diagram of the spaceship. NO LOVE LOST FOR YOU SPECTORS. and you had that drawing of the space ship. as well as a couple of my paintings (I used to paint quite a bit in those days) was gone. There was just one problem. or something like that. We had a checklist with each box number and an itemized list of what was in each box. Then we set all the boxes outside the front door and sat back while we waited for the moving van to arrive. they “beamed it up”.that came through the Ouija board. Edie and I decided to move back to Seattle. When we arrived in Seattle. I asked why and was told the material contained information that they didn't want others to know about at that time. Nevertheless. The reply was something like. Her mother and father came down to Long Beach to help us pack up for the move. “Do you mean my paintings are there on your planet?” I asked. In Star Trek terminology. The day we finally had everything ready. I have nothing to show. this is how the drama concluded: When I was discharged from the Navy.) Then it occurred to me that some of my artwork had been in that box. Then the curtain came down on this strange drama with these final words: THIS IS THE LAST COMMUNICATION WE WILL HAVE. the weather was warm and sunny. I had to know what happened to that box. where is it?” This is the part of my story I always hate to tell because I feel like it throws all credibility out the window. We were never told.. When the truck arrived we got out the checklist and checked off each box as it went into the truck. that we couldn't talk about the experience as we remembered it. It was the only box that was missing. Guro Spector said they had taken it by means of what we know of as teleportation. . We had organized everything quite well. We did make contact and I asked if they knew what happened to the box containing all of our written material. I guess I thought they were going to tell me they didn't know or that somebody came along and stole it. I couldn't stand it any longer.. SONA. we are enjoying them”. We got out the Ouija board and attempted to make contact with our friends on Grek-5. The story ends like another bad science fiction film. I certainly hadn't anticipated the answer we got. “Yes. (I've always wondered if there were things we had written down that we were somehow made to forget. There were about two dozen boxes as I recall. however. We packed all we could into boxes and we numbered each box with a wide felt-tip pen.

ezekielcode. Of particular interest. Ash: Return Of The Beast (Video trailer: http://bit. there is an ancient concept known as the Merkaba. was introduced to ancient earth civilizations from extraterrestrial beings. I married again and was divorced again. The information is gleaned from many years of painstaking research into the writings of ancient Sumeria. the idea is this: through the proper use of the mind in a certain meditative state. Of course the question has to be asked. "What was really happening there?" The experience presented itself as communication from an extraterrestrial source. one can create around oneself an energy field which. On the other hand.com) and I’m working on my next one. that we could create a spaceship with our minds? . the case? Or was it a matter of our collective minds unconsciously creating the phenomenon? If the latter is the case. So there you have the story.ly/bjsmAl). The end. albeit much more involved. In 1993 I was introduced to a series of books known as THE EARTH CHRONICLES by Zecharia Sitchen. can be used as a vehicle to move one through time and space. in fact. The concept. She is now remarried and has become a devout fundamentalist Christian. is it just coincidence or is it related to what Guro Spector was suggesting. Tom has been married. is the fact that the ancient Sumerian writings tell a story regarding the formation of the planet earth which is remarkably similar to the story described to us by Guro Spector. The Ezekiel Code. NOTES: 1. divorced and married again. He now lives in the eastern part of the United States and is working in the advertising business. Regarding the idea of building a spaceship with the mind. it's an interesting bit of synchronicity. among other things. Again. My debut novel. while neither story may be entirely correct.That was it. Perhaps this is simply coincidence. These books reveal a story about the beginnings of this planet and human creation which is radically different than anything we are taught in school or in our churches. In essence. In any case. We tried to contact them a couple more times but we were not successful. maybe Guro Spector was imparting to us the story as it has passed down to them just as the Sumerians told the story in the version as it was passed down to the people of their time. In which case. then what is the mechanism by which this could occur? Or is it not a matter of either/or but rather a little of each? AFTERMATH A lot has happened since then. both may stem from the same actual event. I'm now a book cover designer and freelance writer living and working in the Seattle area. 2. Edie and I divorced in 1971. Was that. some believe. here. is doing well (www.

glowed with divine light and announced that he was Master Ophanim Enoch. It’s interesting to note Hurtak's book was published in 1977. ten years after our Grek-5 experience. is woven into the multifaceted storyline of THE EZEKIEL CODE. within the greater universe. as an Overself governor connecting the planetary mind-body complex with the functions of the Universal Mind.A second world of consciousness development. murder most foul. The Book Of Knowledge: The Keys Of Enoch. Hurtak's book. good guys. preceding the world of physical form. Hurtak claims the information related in his 560-page book was given to him by a being who appeared to him while he was in the act of prayer. ancient mysteries. In reference to the idea of "2" as "mind". All of this.com It's all here in one puzzling page-turner of a novel: conspiracy. This being. secret societies. Mind-2 works considerably faster than mind-1 and interconnects with numerous entities. codes. bad guys. . and more. alternative interpretations of Biblical events.3. I found this mention of the Mind-2 concept in Hurtak’s book to be either extremely coincidental or significantly synchronistic. mystifying metaphysics. he says. Enoch then took Hurtak on a physical journey to the various star systems within our galaxy.ezekielcode. © 2011. Gary Val Tenuta •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• THE EZEKIEL CODE A novel with a metaphysical edge By Gary Val Tenuta www. A second world of 'advanced intelligence'. The Glossary entry reads: Mind-2 . a touch of romance and a trace of sci-fi. I discovered something quite similar in the Glossary section of J. the prophetic Mayan calendar end-date of 2012. Take your pick. J.

hosted by best selling author Whitley Strieber and The X-Zone hosted by Rob McConnell) .has crafted an exciting mystery novel with an esoteric edge that may upset certain segments of the population while at the same time enthralling others with it's alternative perspective on reality and its vision for the future. metaphysics. But a single twist of fate turns their simple lives upside down when together they stumble onto a mysterious code and a rumor about a lost scroll penned by the prophet. They soon find themselves thrust deep into a world of secret societies.K. Ezekiel. thousands of years ago. Or is it? Three Video Trailers and More Information: . can he successfully accomplish the mission fate has in store for him? Nothing in seminary school could ever have prepared him for this.. mystery and murder as they jet across continents in a race to understand the code that will lead them to an ancient artifact of profound importance..) and Beyond Magazine (U. Is Zeke Banyon the Chosen One of an obscure ancient prophecy? And if so. Zeke Banyon is a handsome Catholic seminary dropout who now runs a homeless shelter in Seattle's old waterfront district and Angela Ann Martin is an attractive young widow who just wants a simple part-time job at the shelter. Zeke and Angela soon discover it's not just their own lives that are in danger but also the lives of everyone on the planet.former contributing writer for Fate Magazine (U.S.Gary Val Tenuta . 2012 is coming. Dodging rogue Jesuit priests at every turn and unaware that the Illuminati are ever-present in the shadows.) and a guest on numerous radio programs (including Dreamland.

ezekielcode.com Over 52 weeks Kindle BESTSELLER in the “Occult” category. Just $4. .www.95 Also available in paperback.

html Seattle’s preachers are dying. But is it murder? Where’s the evidence? .com/ashteaser.ezekielcode.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• COMING SOON See the exciting video Trailer: www.

A short story by Gary Val Tenuta Just 99¢ On Kindle .••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A BITE OUT OF TIME An award-winning rock-n-roll vampire tale with a time travel twist.

called the Blood Cult held bizarre. I don't think I'm spoiling anything here because it is a vampire story. Everything was just groovy – until he stepped out back to grab a smoke between sets. A full-fledged hippie. You're probably guessing that's not what killed him and you'd be right about that. the hottest venue in town. But you know a dark alley behind an old building in the middle of the night is probably not the best place to hang out. You're probably guessing it was a vampire and you'd be right about that too. the lead singer with the band. no matter. couldn't have cared less. alone. the members of something Just 99¢ On Kindle 5-STAR REVIEW: A lively short with a superb twist! This is a fun. Right? And you know the ironic thing? His friends used to tell him it would be the cigarettes that would kill him. depraved rituals somewhere deep in the bowels of the old building. This is a story of a reluctant vampire's revenge. Vince Blaylock. Isn't it? Well. entertaining short story brimming with danger as the main character enters the night-time predatory world of vampires and experiences the high . You won't see it coming any more than Vince saw it coming. Many years ago.. a poster child for the Love Generation. and a rising young rock star. right? But that's just the beginning of a tale that takes a most unusual turn. This is Twilight meets Twilight Zone. It's just an urban legend. sexy.. Vince was just thrilled to be playing the Ballroom. I mean. something's gotta happen and it's probably not going to be good. or so it's said. of course. This is a vampire tale with a time travel twist.

the years that go on and the loneliness and isolation that ensues. I don't want to say too much and give away the story. what if anything. but what a cool. slick concept it is. It really got me thinking if such a thing existed. would I want to do with it? Does fate exist? Are certain outcomes inescapable? I love stories that have a powerful hook like that.cost of the vampire life . My favorite aspect of the story is the limousine service. For a mere $0.com/video/a-bite-out-of-time-kindle-book . I'd read a longer version of it in a heartbeat. I loved it.99. imagining possibilities for your own life. A Bite Out of Time provides you with more than a bite of great entertainment. Rai Aren. Clever storytelling! At the end of the story is an introduction to the author's novel The Ezekiel Code which is truly an unforgettable read. co-author of Secret of the Sands WATCH THE AWESOME VIDEO TRAILER! http://globalparanormal. that get you looking inwards.

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