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The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed Jeannie Gospell

The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed Jeannie Gospell

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Published by Esther Wells
about a woman who was terrorized by supposed reptilian aliens, and who died under mysterious circumstances.
about a woman who was terrorized by supposed reptilian aliens, and who died under mysterious circumstances.

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Published by: Esther Wells on Feb 14, 2013
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They wreck the environment but would rather not as they want it to be there home.
They are in fact concerned for the environment. They would like to do more for the
environment however taking over the planet is their only concern right now. As a result
species by abducting them and storing them in their space stations:

E - In our ships we have a lot of species


E - so we can repopulate the earth when we come down We take creatures now
and again and keep them in cold storage - hibernating, they’ll come round. We breed a
few of them too. We clone but we’ve got to have a pair not just one When you and I are
extinct (you meaning humans) we’ll put them back in place because we wouldn’t mind
having them around; creatures, animals, insects- we don’t want them extinct do we. Now
it can’t fend for itself, and it never could fly. The stuff going on in the Galapagos islands
upsets us - the Galapagos islands are going to go extinct - the wildlife -its still getting
eaten - it’s not us We’re into the environment aren’t we, we don’t want it wrecked when
we arrive do we.

Q - Do you support environmental groups?

E - no we can’t because they aren’t us - the bottom line is that taking you over is
more important than the environment right now.

Q - Do you deliberately pollute the environment?

prefer it was different

Q - Do you suppress environment support groups?

E - yes we do but only because they are not us - it isn’t that we don’t like what they
are doing We are responsible for the environmental problems , we don’t mean to do it -

Q - are you destroying the Peruvian rainforest?-----yes we are, we haven’t got Peru
have we and if we were in there no rainforest would be touched but right now we’ve got
want anyone left who isn’t ’chipped up’. Natives who are not civilized can’t be part of our
plan so we do what we can to destroy their culture and their habitat so they have to tow
the line, we want them all to be under our thumb, they don’t have any banks and that’s
the problem isn’t it - no banks means no implant.

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