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Farina Bandali 501 Clark Ave W, Room #3 Thornhill, ON L4J 4E5 January 28, 2013 To whom it may concern,

I have known Diana since she completed the Kumon Language Program in at an accelerated rate in grade seven. Kumon then employed Diana at the Garnet A. Williams Community Centre as an instructor. From July 2007 until August 2011 Diana instructed children who took part in the Kumon after school program mathematics and linguistics. I was consistently impressed by Dianas attitude towards her work and performance on the job. Diana remained with us for six years and formed an excellent rapport with all of the students and employees at Kumon. Diana is an intelligent and motivated individual. As an instructor she was more than capable of managing small groups of people as well as working one on one with individuals. She gave high quality instruction and aid while always remaining friendly and professional. She possesses solid writing skills and also has the analytical skills necessary to diagnose problems and devise viable solutions. Her ability to remain unflustered and cool in tense situations proves her ability to work well under pressure. Diana has excellent communication and time-management skills; she is also extremely organized and reliable. She was always quick to volunteer and assist in any capacity and her drive and enthusiasm made her an excellent addition to our work environment. Diana would be a tremendous asset to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa and has my highest regard. I recommend Diana for employment without reservation due to her former job performance. If you would like additional information about Diana I can be contacted at (905)764-9043.

Yours faithfully,

Farina Bandali Kumon Instructor