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4g ppt

4g ppt

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4g briefing
4g briefing

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Published by: Ashok Kumar on Feb 14, 2013
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Peerapol Yuvapoositanon Dept. of Electronic Engineering

Yuvapoositanon Electronic Eng . Initial deployments are anticipated in 20062010.What is fourth generation (4G) mobile systems? Fourth generation mobile communications systems that are characterised by high-speed data rates at 20 to 100 Mbps. virtual . 4G P. suitable for high-resolution movies and television.

Yuvapoositanon Electronic Eng .Generations Timeline 4G P.

3G Phones 4G P. Yuvapoositanon Electronic Eng .

so it will target its initial 3G offering at business -. Even NTT DoCoMo doesn't think there's much pent-up demand among consumers for 3G multimedia services. So-called 3G killer apps such as multimedia won't succeed. the second study said. 3G networks will account for less than a quarter of that revenue by 2010. Yuvapoositanon Electronic Eng .   4G P. while wireless data revenues will soar. Another study by Strategy Analytics agreed. Pent-up demand: Now there's the rub.3G Realities  A recent study by Herschel Shosteck Associates noted that operators that pay large amounts for spectrum will have to charge end users so much that adoption of 3G will be slow. predicting that.and price it accordingly.

4G Provides Mobility & Capacity 4G 4G P. Yuvapoositanon Electronic Eng .

GPS  Life.“Killer” Applications of 4G  Visualized virtual navigation Telegeoprocessing: GIS. Yuvapoositanon Electronic Eng .saving: Telemedicine  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for IPv6 4G P.

Yuvapoositanon Electronic Eng .Related Research Topics  OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Multiple Access)  MC-CDMA (Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access)  Software Defined Radio (SDR): FPGA. DSP  Multiple-Output Multiple Input (MIMO) 4G P.

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