Table of Content  Introduction and History Services  Organizational Hierarchy  IT Department Hierarchy  Hardware  Software Temenos T24 Oracle / Oracle Financials PHOENIX ATM controller HRMS TPS SISCO ASA CAMs  Enterprise Resource Planning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Knowledge Management (KM)  Networking Networking in Silk Bank Intranet Silk Bank Branch Network Silk Bank ATM Network Organization website  Reference .

2008.55% stake in Silkbank for around $213 million or $0. a Consortium comprising of IFC.47 per share (PKR 29. Its inspiration also comes from the Silk route which has been a corridor for trade and commerce between Asia and the rest of the world for centuries. All their initiatives are aimed at attaining “Service Leadership” and we will make their service truly unmatched.3 equivalent per share). Services  Deposit Account Current Account  Online Express  Basic Banking Account  All in One Account  Business Value Account Saving Account  Super Saver . Under the new leadership. The vision of Silkbank is to establish the benchmark of excellence in the banking industry.Introduction and History Silkbank is a private commercial bank aimed at providing services to Small Management Enterprises (SME). 2001. The name takes its inspiration from „Silk‟. a natural element known for its unique properties. Bank Muscat. under the supervision of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). It‟s ascending symbol marks quest to move higher and the tag line “Yes we can” is a promise of unmatched service quality to their customers. the bank will continue to focus on SME & Consumer financing resulting in efforts of increased profitability. and be the bank of choice for the target market. The name “Silkbank” signifies that it endorses our values. On September 15. the institution known as the Prudential Bank was acquired by the management and associates of the Saudi Pak Industrial and Agricultural Investment Company (Pvt) Ltd (SAPICO) On March 31. Nomura International and Sinthos Capital and led by senior bankers Shaukat Tarin and Sadeq Sayeed acquired an 86.

 PLS Saving  Foreign Currency Account Term Deposit Account  Munafa Hi Munafa  Salana Munafa  7 Days Notice Deposits  Other Term Deposits  Loans & Advances M Power  Insurance Products Roshan Mustaqbil Sunehra Kal Mahfooz Har Pal Silk Health Plan  Technology Products VISA Debit Card Mobil Banking E-Statement SMS Alert Silk Bank-Direct  Branch and ATM Locators Branch Locators ATM Locators  Customer Specialized Information Unclaimed Deposit Schedule of Charges Profit Rates Annual Report Notices .

Organizational Hierarchy President& CEO Chief Operating Officer Company Secretary Group Head Marketing & Strategic Planning Group Head Compliance & Internal Control Group Head Retail Banking Group Head Special Asset Management Group Head Human Resource & Service Quality Head of Marketing Head of Compliance Head of Corporate & Investment Banking Head of Audit Head of Customer Satisfaction & Quality Project manager Area Manager Head of Financial Institutions Head of Treasury Audit Team Creative Team Relationship Manager Finance Manager Treasury manager Regional Manager Head of Operations Product Development Team Finance Team Treasury Team Branch Manager Operations Manager Head of IT Cashier Managers Client Service IT Team .

IT Department Hierarchy Head of Department Operations manager System Manager Development Manager Network manager System Support manager Project Manager .

Hardware All hardware‟s installed at Silk bank is powered by IBM. SAMstorage area network which can store data in tape drivers with each driver has a capacity of 4 to 5 GB and it can store. 3MB Cache. 1066 MHz  Intel® DG41RQ Motherboard  (LAN + VGA + Sound) Built-in  1GB DDR II RAM  250GB SATA Hard Disk Drive  COMBO Drive  Multimedia Keyboard  Optical Scroll Mouse . which is connected to all branches of Silk Bank. Silk bank has installed Blade Power 7 server which has minimized their physical space and energy consumption. Silk bank has storage devices which stores all the data required in the bank. Hardware used in Silk bank are:  Consumer based hardware  ATMs  Pin Pads  Card Readers/MSRs  Signature Pads  Cash Drawers/Dispensers  Passbook Printers  Receipt Printers  Employee based Computer hardware  Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E7500  2.93GHz. Its rack mounts servers‟ which works with least cords that minimizes wire expense and unnecessary space. as compare to typical computer it has vast storage space. it has the capacity of terabytes which is connected with 2 servers that combines into 1 big server. These data at the same time can be shared among employees working in the Silk bank network.

Some of the major software‟s which are purchased by the Silk bank are as follows:1. Altogether Silk bank is using more than 70 software‟s which includes internal and external software‟s both according to the requirement of the bank. Temenos T24 2. Deposits and Loan simulation. The IT department consists of 7 experts who evaluates the need of the software and then decides to develop or purchase them from the market. Some of the software‟s are managed by State bank of Pakistan which banks uses. processes. TPS 6. Silk bank like other banks is using software in mix and match system by selecting different software or combining internal software with external software to cut heavy cost spend on purchasing expensive software‟s. Credit. Cash transactions. CRM. which provides the full range of banking services such as: Retail Banking. HRMS 5. Oracle / Oracle Financials 3. Multi-channel. Payments. . as well as specialized line of business functionality. risks and monitor ongoing activities. Silk Bank has implemented few sophisticated software‟s considering its need in the corporate world and to gear up its system in advanced software‟s which work efficiently and give acceptable performance with its distinguishing features. SISCO ASA 7. CAMs Temenos T24 provides a solid foundation for banks to manage customers. Some software‟s are purchased from the market according to the requirement of the business as bank is more concerned with general ledger and financial analysis. PHOENIX ATM controller 4.Software Silk bank has incorporated with the best software providers to facilitate its employees and customers to the fullest.

according to the Silk Bank financial report published on august 2010.  T24 provides a transparent view of each customer‟s total dealings with the bank. including non-financial transactions. Today TEMENOS T24 operates in 500 banks and financial institutions in more than 100 countries. T24‟s integration across the different business areas. NDC has sold its services to the Silk Bank in 2008. This helps banks to reduce errors. With less human involvement. Its development through its application in a great number of facilities has rendered this system capable of covering the most specialized banking needs.  T24 is highly automated. incorporating significant levels of straight through processing (STP). reduce risk and enhance control. costs can be further reduced. providing a well-documented.Switzerland made software. Manage Cost:  High levels of operational efficiency and STP mean routine processes are automated. TEMENOS T24 (formerly known as GLOBUS) has been an international sales leader in Banking Software packages in the last five years.  T24 can support almost every financial product and instrument being traded on any market in the world. 360 degree view of the customer which helps Silk Bank to significantly improve customer service and ensure a more positive customer experience. In Pakistan Temenos is in legal partnership with NDC since September 2000. genuinely 24x7 system which supports non-stop banking operations. it had fully implemented the software into its all branches and networks.T24 are as follows. Delivering growth  T24‟s single. . efficient way to handle risk and regulatory reporting.  T24 is a real-time. Benefits of Temenos.  T24‟s system design imposes no known limit to the volumes that can be handled. exceptions and problems efficiently managed and fewer people are needed to handle larger volumes. gives the bank‟s staff a complete picture of their customers‟ activities. Manage Risk  T24 is a feature and process rich system.

Oracle More than three decades ago Larry Ellison saw an opportunity other companies missed: a description of a working prototype for a relational database. providing high levels of visibility. they need to be visible. Before costs can be managed. Picture below describes the implementation process of T 24. T24 identifies costs incurred in each revenue centre. but Ellison and co-founders Bob Miner and Ed Oates realized the tremendous business potential of the relational database model—but they may not have realized that the company they formed would change the face of business computing forever. Throughout its history Oracle has proved it can build for the future on the foundation of its innovations and. ensuring that resources are allocated effectively. . No company had committed to commercializing the technology. its intimate knowledge of customer challenges and successes analyzed by the best technical and business minds in the world.

GAAP.  Improve productivity with integrated imaging. It has also introduced International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to replace the U. It also helps the finance officers increase efficiency in the management of the financial close and compliance processes.  Manage enterprise risk and reduce compliance costs with end-to-end processes for governance.S.Today Oracle is the gold standard for database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world—the company is the world's leading supplier of information management software and the world's second largest independent software company. Security of its data is one of the main priorities of Silk bank and Oracle financial fulfills it with its fool proof security system which keeps banks documents safe from intruders. taxes. The aim of the financial governance is to support CFOs to achieve risk-adjusted insight with unified financial reporting and compliance analytics.  Accelerate decision making with delivered integration with business intelligence and marketleading planning and consolidation solutions. and compliance. workflow. costs. Following are the benefits of the software for the Silk Bank. Oracle Financials: Its offers the most complete and integrated financial management solutions for finance operations of the business which helps the finance department to manage financial transactions. manages them in one place which can be retrieved by the employees using it at any time and it also saves time as it calculates the total and balances the amount and identifies any error.  Increase shared services efficiency with the centralized architecture for accounting. payments. It also helps the bank to keep the records in a systematic way. and enhance the timeliness and quality of financial reporting. and banks. attestation of financial reports and management of enterprise performance. Oracle Financials At Silk Bank: Silk bank has acquired the services of Oracle Financials since 2008 to increase its efficiency and reduce back. and spreadsheet integration. Silk bank has acquired this software due to its global acceptability and its accreditation with a large number of multinational companies. .

It also helps the Silk Bank department to mobilize their work and help company to work efficiently in different . Phoenix has been helping financial institutions around the globe forge competitive positions in self-service banking. Enforce segregation of duties and security policies at multiple levels. And it continues to set the standard for best practices in the self-service industry. customer preferences and targeted marketing. Phoenix pioneered some of the industry's most dramatic innovations including web-enabled ATMs. to provide customers with the best technology available.  Standardize global accounting policies that are applied consistently across the enterprise with configurable rules engines. PHOENIX: ATM Controller Phoenix Interactive is the world's first and leading provider of Windows.based multi-vendor ATM software. deposit automation. Phoenix At Silk bank: Silk bank has acquired the services of Phoenix software in their ATM machines.  Operate in any country and comply with evolving global accounting standards. For more than two decades.

help customers to make transactions easily. CRM software. Benefits of Phoenix for Silk Bank.  Highly efficient.  Widely used means of making transaction. Customers also get the opportunity to make transactions from different demographics with intelligent personalization. with intelligent personalization.demographics. which supports transaction processing  Secured transaction through ATM without revealing information regarding customer  Enable bank to strengthen relationship with customers by turning transactions into interactions  User friendly ATM machines. .

Askari Bank and Standard Chartered Bank in Pakistan. Help choose right employee for the right job Transaction Processing System (TPS) Silk bank has procured software from TPS Pakistan PVT Limited which is a leading technology provider of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) switch and payment processing related solutions and services. UBL. Allied Bank. Benefits of HRMS: 1. Soneri Bank. Free from time consuming human resource function 2. enhancing service delivery and boosting profitability. It also helps management in recruiting employees and making payrolls effectively through easy to use management system which enable the HR department to maintain data of employee and assess their performance time to time and choose the write pay for them (More features are explained in ERP segment of the report). Following are the benefits of the software for the Silk Bank. TPS assist customers in scheduling regular payments for the entire package or product lifecycle and beyond. Doha Bank.HRMS Silk bank has acquired services of Harmony HRMS to get advice regarding hiring employees that best suits their company. Silk bank human resource has acquired this service to monitor their employee and make packages accordingly. Helps in resolving issues with the various carriers 3. TPS Internet Banking: Silk Bank continuously aims to maintain sincere relationship with its customers. it helps in maximizing process efficiency. TPS delivers solutions to bank‟s customer. Currently TPS is providing its services to HBL. Helps make correct employee payment plan 4. for this it has implemented TPS internet banking system.  Greater reliability  Strong business relationship  Technical consultancy to business and customers .

highly secure remote access  Highly secure communication services  Stop attacks before they penetrate the network perimeter  Control network and application activity by using context-aware security parameters  Protect resources and data. and multimedia traffic  Reduce deployment and operational costs CAMS CAMS (Cash Management Systems) banking solution enables banks to provide premium customer service by offering the capability to configure innovative products and track all customer information and transactions related to financing of customer assets. It helps bank to  Proven firewall services  Comprehensive real-time threat defense  Effective. At every phase it conducts network penetration assessment by checking vulnerability assessment against threats. Efficient system integration services  Enhance efficient service delivery  Boost profitability CISCO ASA CISCO ASA . For that Silk bank procured CAMS to foresee its cash process.    Credit scoring Credit Limit checking Verification support . This product scans the inflow and outflow of information traffic which goes through firewall. Features of the product are as follows. as well as voice. video. always-on. Silk Bank requires extensive software to manage customization and deployment of the Mortgage Loans. Personal Loan and Running Finance. Auto Financing.Adaptive Security Appliance installed in Silk Bank provides solution for hacking and viruses.

           Customer acceptance/rejection Credit Sanctioning Disbursement Maintenance Payment processing Accounting Agreement expiry & asset disposal Collections Balloon payments and settlements Default management Insurance management .

com. In order to make an unbreakable relationship with its customers it has offered a platform for its customers to get in contact with the bank directly and get detailed information regarding their account in just one click through internet banking. Customers can access their accounts 24 x7 and get detailed statements of their account and transfer funds. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Silk bank believes in making strong relationship with its customers. Customer can get in contact with the bank online by e-mailing their issues which is responded by bank representative and resolved immediately online. Customer can access their account from their through any GPRS enabled cell phone by logging on to and can enjoy services .Enterprise Resource Planning Silk Bank realizing its environment and way of working has not established a unique centralized ERP system to connect its different components. Requests for Account Statement & Cheque Book: Customer can also request for account statement and cheque book online which is delivered to them in the given address. Mini Statement: enables the customer to view last 8 transactions made on their account which can be viewed irrespective of the Funds Transfer: Customers can transfer their funds from their account using their financial PIN to any Silk bank account in any branch throughout Pakistan. However it has procured and built several software to maintain effective relationship with various stakeholders. The following are the Salient features of Internet Banking offered by Silk Bank: Balance Inquiry: allows customer to review their statement at any time so the customer should have information about the transactions made and they can have account of the money spent in past. It offers customers to access their account details in real time without coming to the bank.silkbankdirect. Mobile Banking: Silk Bank offers its customer to carry their account details in their pocket through mobile banking.

which is beyond the capability of modern computers to decipher. which are also present at the vast majority of financial institutions Customers have the protection of high-level encryption.  Saves cost as lesser customers will be visiting venue. recently acquired Lehman Brothers .  All payments are made through safe network.  Online banking allows customers to transfer money between accounts much quicker with an automated phone service and can save trip to the bank. Silk bank has taken steps to provide its customers with fool proof security. so communications cannot be read by unwanted third parties Benefits of Internet banking:  Customers can pay their bills online which saves their time of visiting the bank.  Customers can access their account history and transactions from anywhere in no time. fosters sustainable economic growth in developing countries. In order to make it possible it offers SMS Alert service which enables the customer to receive their transaction details soon after the transaction has been made. Product Information. Cheque book& Account statement request. unless given thousands of years to spend guessing and checking. Pay order/Demand draft can be collected on the next working day from their convenience branch. Through security enabled network which blocks any hacking software to breach safety or privacy of the customer. Nomura: A leading investment bank with network in over 30 countries and total assets of USD 221B. Security features: Security has become one of the main concerns of the time due to introduction of new techniques in hacking industry. SMS Alerts: Silk bank aims to keep their customers up to date all the time. Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Silk Bank is consortium partner with IFC: A member of the World Bank Group. Firewalls also block access by those other than the user and the bank.such as Balance enquiry. Mini Statements. Customers are protected by a number of security measures set in place at Silk Bank. Pay Order / Demand Draft: Customers can get request for the Pay order/Demand draft online by just submitting a request.

customers can pay for the product obtained through the Silk Bank Debit Card and get 10 % to 20 % discount. Purple Haze. Harmony. Okra. Bar. Silk Bank has also established relationship with EFU Life Insurance for the improvement in its several product lines such as . It provided an added value by collaborating with indulge. Baby Shop.HR systems implementation. Chester Bernard. Roaster Coffee House. Little China. Silk Bank is in liaison with several reputable businesses to provide proficient services to its customers. Bank Muscat: Largest bank of Oman with assets of over USD 15 billion. Mining  Corporate Audio & Visual Presentations  Consulting . Silk Bank uses to keep track and coordination with their employees. & .Processing. Freddy‟s Café and serveal other businesses all around Pakistan. Almas Collection. EFU Life Insurance has been providing Silk Bank with knowledge on product designing of the above mentioned products. Foot Print. Kamameshi. Salt and Paper Village. Aga Khan University Hospital. Hub leather. This software offers following features to the bank. Ainak Designer Eyewear. Alle Nora. Evolution. IT Strategies . Café Coffee Day. cotton and cotton. Centa Flora. Silk Bank shall transfer funds from its account to the account of the business. Conversions. Knowledge Management (KM) Human Resource Management software. Hakim Sons. Quality Aviation.Q Asia and Europe. Subway. Silk Bank has established alliance with above business to provide customers greater dependability through its Debit card Scheme. Sanuallah. Business Analysis. Walk Eaze. TSB Sport Bar.  Internet services . Bose. having significant presence in the Middle East. B. Style Walk.web based database applications  Data Management . bed & bath. Arizona Grill.

. 0.  RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement Systems (RTGS). provided sufficient balance is available in their account.g. such as restricted information on borrowers.SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (SCM) To maintain relationship and work under State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) rules and procedures Silk Bank has adopted to use several software provided by SBP. Banks are able to settle with finality their large value transactions affecting their accounts at SBP (e. etc which characterize the existing system. this mechanism enables Silk Banks to make large-value payments to one another in real-time using online telecommunication facilities as well as state-of-the-art computer systems Using this system.2 million. the banks holding accounts at SBP are able to operate their accounts in real time from their own premises via computerized network between SBP and the participating Banks. relatively low safeguards. low speed and reliability.e. With RTGS. It has facilitated Silk Bank to overcome the limitations. inter-bank lending/borrowing) immediately. low number of borrowers i. in Pakistan it is known as Real- time Interbank Settlement Mechanism (PRISM). Existing eCIB system has been designed in line with best international credit sharing practices around the world.  eCIB: Electronic Credit Information Bureau helps State Bank of Pakistan monitors the performance of the banks.

Following picture describes some of the features of MS Exchange currently used in Silk Bank. This software also runs on mobile phones which help employees to remain in contact with the bank even when they are not at their desk. Silk Bank requires a comprehensive network to foster communication among its other offices and share vast data through their network. compliance. antivirus.Networking Networking in Silk Bank Silk bank works on its own network purchased by MetalSoft. currently used space is 16 TB per database . it has deployed first ever Exchange 2010 of Pakistan region at Silk Bank for their 1700 users in whole of Pakistan. clustering with data replication  Offers increased database maximum size limit. In order to facilitate branches to communicate and even for online communication Silk bank has Ms Exchange software which helps them in electronic communication. it has facility of video conferencing through its in house software to conduct video conferencing from 6 to 7 centers. Benefits  Lower messaging costs by 50-80%  Increase productivity  Flourishes business by increasing proximity with stakeholders  Optimized for Software-plus-Services  Protection against anti-spam.

Features of this software are as follows. . Attock. Islamabad and Azad Kashmir. Quetta. Gujrat. Exchange network software of Silk bank is to communicate within the organization because employees need to be in contact with other employees sitting in varies centers within city or in various location nationwide. Multan. Mandi Bahauddin.  Departments can communicate easily  Employees can communicate through chat in real time  Official notice can be distributed internally  Secure way to share confidential information  Zero usage cost Silk Bank Branch Network: Karachi. Sargodha. Jehlum. Lahore. Sukkur. Larkana. Sheikhupura. Hyderabad. Gujranwala. Peshwar. Gujar khan. Sialkot. Rawalpindi.Intranet One of the most important function of MS. Faisalabad.

Silk Bank ATM Network: Karachi. Sukkur. Gujranwala. Lahore. Quetta. Multan. Rawalpindi. Hyderabad. Faisalabad. Islamabad and Peshawar Organization’s website .

net/ahmedzafar/ndc-temenos-building-new-beginnings http://www.alliedsystemtech.asp?node=393 http://www.html .html http://www.html http://www.sbp.asp http://www.pdf

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