New Verbs

TO FABRICATE: To deliberately invent something such as a story or a piece of evidence even though it is untrue
In the trial of Jones vs. Stephens the defense attorney fabricated much of the evidence in order to get his client off.

TO INTERROGATE: To question someone thoroughly and for a long time, in order to get information from them.
The police officers interrogated the thief for many hours before learning the whereabouts of the stolen items.

TO NEGOTIATE: To have discussions with people who have difference from you, especially in business, politics in order to come to an agreement, solve problems or make plans.
In 1967 he negotiated a technology and trade agreement with several African countries. Buyers and sellers often discuss the price or cost of an item, in other words, buyers and sellers often negotiate price.

TO DEPRECIATE: To decrease from it’s original value.
I am thinking of selling the Johnson and Johnson stocks that I purchased last year because they are continually depreciating.

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