BOOK FAIR – PRIMARY LIBRARY 30th July – 3rd August 2012

The Primary Library is holding a Book Fair again this year from Monday 30th July to Friday 3rd August 2012. A selection of Scholastic Book titles, as well as some Christian books from the ‘New Millennium’ book shop, will be available for you to purchase for your children. Payment will be by cash, cheque or eftpos at the time of selection, and the books can be taken home, or will be ordered for you if not immediately available. The Primary Library will benefit from the proceeds of your purchases. All parents are welcome to come to the library to view and purchase books at the following times during the week: Place: Primary School Library (Old House) Middleton Grange School Tuesday - Friday 8.30am – 9.15am Monday – Thursday 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Mornings: Afternoons:

If you are unable to come in personally to view the books, an order may still be made. Your child must bring a sealed envelope containing the correct money or a cheque made out to Middleton Grange School. Change cannot be given. On the outside of the envelope please record the title of the book, along with your signature to indicate your permission.

2 x parents per session
If you are in a position to help in any way at the above times, would you please fill out the form below and return to the Primary Library by Wednesday 25th July We look forward to seeing you at the Book Fair! Mrs Dirkze & Miss Kennedy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would be interested in helping at the Primary Book Fair at the following times: Mornings: Tues 31st___ Wed 1st___ Thurs 2nd___ Fri 3rd___ Wed 1st___ Thurs 2nd___

Afternoons : Mon 30th___ Tue 31st___ Name:__________________________ Contact:

Ph________________ Email_________________________

Your child’s name & class_____________________________________

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