5- St. Albert the Great Banila, Aira Mangaporo, Jenny San Jose, Earyll TOPIC: Existence of Third Sex I.

History/ Origin of Third Sex A. Understanding Third Sex 1. Recognizing Gays and Lesbians 2. Background of Gays and Lesbians 3. The birth of Gays and Lesbians group B. Acceptance from the Society 1. Same Sex Marriage 2. Famous Gay/Lesbian Celebr ities II. Country with most number of Gays and Lesbians A. Asian Country B. European Country III. Enemies of Third Sex A. Antii Gays/Lesbian Groups B. The Christians C. Other Sects IV. Third Sex in Media and its Influence

1982. Some view their orientation as a biological given and others as a preference. Just as everything is not black or white. “Basically.al. A real kind. Most of the beliefs that have become accepted as “natural”. Some are very open about their homosexuality and some are more private. it is a mortal sin to engage in homosexual acts. “People can’t be divided into two different populations. Futhermore this is one of the sins which “cry to heaven for vengeance”.p.329) ‘ . 1998) “Belief about women & men are rooted in nature and culture.p4).‘’ Lesbian/Gays/ Bisexual.”(Balayon.”(de Guzman. “(Addams & Atadero. Brad’s Father didn’t know about his son father started beating Brad.p. For example.al. many people fall in categories in between the two terms. among others is called Heterosexism. Not a slap kind of beating.et. et.(Reyes. but others are predominantly heterosexuals feelings or acts. 1993. Some Lesbians cite men’s dominance over women as one of the reasons they choose women as partners.1999. heterosexuals & homosexuals . 2001). A belt kind. Making heterosexuality compulsory is often explained/imposed through religion.”(de Guzman. “inborn” are actually cultural.158) “Gay persons are in every kind of job and are of every political persuasion. or straight. many men are exclusively heterosexuals.”(Chbosky.2001) “Is it a mortal sin to engage in homosexuality acts? Yes.

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