LTE Drive Test Procedure for SSV

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SINR.near the site we should receive -70 and the PCI should be as planned.the test is done by driving all the roads around the sites in idle mode ( just plugging in the data card and make sure it is camped on LTE without doing any kind of browsing or download) • . PCI) >>> windows on Tems : LTE Serving /Neighbor Cell. • Note: you activate the card and when ur in idle mode n u can see the signals>> u start logging and then drive and when u finish driving u stop logging. . • . • .Coverage Test • The objective of this test is to check if there's swapped feeders and if the Radio Units and Antennae are radiating as supposed to be.on Tems you should monitor the map and the radio levels ( RSRP. RSRQ.

Coverage Test radio paramters .

Just check one neighbor per cell to conduct a HO test and vice versa.Handover Test • • • • HO test is done in dedicated mode >> connecting to filezilla and downloading big file and driving The objective is to know if the HO is working between the 3 sectors of the site. • • • • • Another drive is needed to check the HO to neighbor site. Neighbors are chosen based on availability If theres huawei and ericsson sites as neighbors two tests should be done Note: you activate the card and and u start downloading big file from Filezilla when ur in connected mode n u can see the signals and download working>> u start logging and then u drive and when u finish driving u stop logging. >> drive clockwise and counterclockwise around the site and near. and monitor that that the PCI is changing from one sector >>> windows on Tems : LTE Serving /Neighbor Cell and another Windows Events. .

Throughput test • • For each cell we should do 3 DL test and 3 UL Test >> for a site >>18 tests >> 18 log files The throughput test is a static test>> no drive >> just find a location in front of the sector where radio conditions are the best ( SINR>>22/25. >> Windows in Tems : LTE radio paramters • • • • . RSRP>> -70/-75) And do the tests for each sector in the location chosen During test you make sure you are always camping on same PCI ( the one of the sector) >> >>> windows on Tems : LTE Serving /Neighbor Cell And make sure that most of the time that transmission mode is 3 ( MIMO). RI=2. TS01 and TBS02 is 64QAM during DL for PDSCH Modulation and PUSCH modulation is 16 QAM during UL test.

. • While monitoring the throughput through netpersec and take snapshot when we reach the target. they should be done using Filezilla and connecting to the FTP server and downloading 10 big files for DL and 10 big files for UL.DL & UL Throughput test • For DL and UL tests. • For 2600 sites : target : average throughput DL= 60 Mbps and for UL = 30 Mbps • For 1800 sites: target : throughput DL= 30 Mbps and for UL = 15 Mbps • U should do the file transfer and when its stable on the high throughput start logging for 2 min. • In total you shuld have 18 log files per site and 18 snapshots.

DL & UL Throughput test graph .

• We do it once per sector • Kindly note that before pinging start logging and after pinging stop logging .Latency (RTT time) test • Open command prompt from windows and ping the ip address of the FTP server on same location u where doing the throughput test and take snapshot of the blck window.