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The Matrix is omnipresent. It is ubiquitous, it is all-encompassing, it is all-seeing, it is all- knowing. From billboards to magazines to TV shows to high school clubs to advertisements to movies to father-son conversations to novels to fairy tales to news paper articles to proverbs to jokes; it is literally fucking everywhere. It starts with Disney movies. From a young age all men are exposed to a stream-line of normalization that teaches them that all girls are princesses and all women are led to believe that they are entitled to their own fairy tales. By their pre-teen years, boys have been thoroughly conditioned to believe that all women need to be placed on pedestals, that insecurities are a parasitic yet beneficial aspect of relationships, and that one day, it will be honorable for them to willingly sacrifice their minds to a media-fueled pop sensation soul-mate mythology whose sole function is to systemically sterilize them and all of their kin. Other girls give them shitty advice, leading them to think that girls actually like desperate behavior and that the appropriate way to win a woman's heart involves a prostrating desire for exclusivity, a willingness to spend a suicidal amount of money on flowers, and an over-protective standard of commitment. The few men who are able to escape the jaws of a greater feminized imperative adopt a perverted form of masculinity, becoming the famously labeled "jerks" of society, extroverting their insecurities in the form of cocky, arrogant, or obnoxious behavior. Afraid of commitment and themselves, they are the future janitors of our race. Of the saved souls, only a few become real "men" - and even they have trouble articulating their leadership into useful forms. From video games to materialism, the hyper-addictive personality embodied by contemporary society successfully transfigures them into a corrupted version of themselves. Nice guys are praised for their willingness to bend over and take it up the ass. Jerks are demonized for jizzing on other peoples faces. "Real" men waste all their time playing video games, masturbating, and engaging in other useless activities. In short, men are taught to be pussies and no one realizes that they're being lied to until it's too late. The ending isn't from a Disney movie. The symptoms of a decaying post-modern society leak out in the form of divorce rates and psycho-social pathologies. Approach anxiety seizes its victims by the throat and turns good natured men into lifeless herbs who innocuously orbit the dark corners of clubs and bars. Jealousy etches itself into the foundation of every relationship as men opt for lackluster
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Chapter The First: Internal Game THE MATRIX Why do my eyes hurt? Youve never used them before

attempts at controlling their emotions. The defiant subculture of game turns into a tool used to oppress women rather than liberate men - it's original purpose. Husbands and boyfriends world-wide contemplate suicide or murder everyday because they can't stand the idea of "the one" leaving them to get raw-dogged by fresh cock in some dark alleyway. Girls who refuse to acknowledge the true, biologically determined, nature of men are left in the dark and fed acreages of shit in their own abusive or pathetically isolated half-relationships. The swath of supplicatory comments offered as tribute to them on facebook via decadent bitchboys galvanizes even the most repulsive of marsh monsters to join the league of extraordinary cunts an exclusive priori dedicated to burning an embroidery of feminism unto their world. The sexual market is merciless in its judgment. Men begin to seek solace in World of Warcraft and porn magazines. The mass production of lube makes it possible to find comfort in jerking off to lesbian literature while avoiding the horrifying experience of being rejected by a real girl. Social skills, like common sense, become a rare commodity. The purifying acid wash of reality begins to settle in as the painful dissolution of humanity begins its tragic descent to chaos. This is the degenerated acropolis of refined culture you begin your journey for self-improvement in.


Men werent really the enemy they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill. -Betty Friedan National Geographic News reports that after sequencing the genome of the chimpanzee, scientists have found humans to be 96% similar in genetic makeup to the great ape species. The 4% difference has amounted to a significant change in appearance, the ability to use our thumbs, and a few other idiosyncrasies, which by a mad stroke of luck, has allowed an utterly insignificant ape-descended life form to become the only self-labeled sentient beings on earth. Ecclesiastical law, Hollywood ethos, and the strained sciences are all elocutions of that small 4%; but the truth remains, the 4% we pay such an insurmountable attention to pales in comparison to our anatomically pre-determined nature with regards to our overall behavioral schema. But no statistics are required to prove that our atavistically driven instincts are the real motivators behind our complex social interplays only a brief glance at the male sex drive. Year round, weak men are dazzled by ostentatious shows of skin and the numbing power of beauty. From cleavage to legs, the propensity of lesser men to allow themselves to be consumed by aesthetic delight is somewhat awe-inspiring. For a period of time before they hit the wall, women hold within their hands God-like power. But why the obsession with beauty?
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Men, on average, tend to place a higher value on physical appearance in a partner than women do. This may be explained by evolutionary psychology as a possible consequence of ancestral humans who selected partners based on secondary sexual characteristics, as well as general indicators of fitness (for example, symmetrical features) enjoying greater reproductive success as a result of higher fertility in those partners. A feature of beautiful women that has been explored by researches is a waist-to-hip ratio of approximately 0.70. Physiologists have shown that women with hourglass figures are more fertile than other women due to higher levels of certain female hormones, a fact that may subconsciously condition males choosing mates.1 Modern science has stripped beauty of its grandeur and turned it into a calculable phenomenon. There is no arcane magic behind it, no Delphic fascination, no preternatural meaning. Beauty is simply indicative of a womans ability to reproduce. Bloated vaginas and warts make women less attractive because men are predisposed to noticing such things as caveats for infertility. So what determines what women are attracted to? A males ability to provide resources for offspring was likely signaled less by physical features. This is considered to be due to the most prominent indicator of fertility in women being youth, while the traits in a man that enhance reproductive success are proxies for his ability to accrue resources and protect.2 The age old mystery of female sexuality dissected by rudimentary logic and text-book science. This is where the seed of confidence lies. The world has evolved from an age where physical adaptivity determined the most dominant males. Social adaptivity has taken control of the reins of productive utility and in return, the mental filters that women use to select mates have shifted to recognize more abstract qualities, less quantifiable than brute strength.

1 Stephen J. Dubner (July 9, 2007). "The Science of Large Breasts, and Other Evolutionary Verities". The New York Times

Abigail Trafford, Andrew Cherlin (Mar. 6, 2001). "Second Opinion: Men's Health & Marriage". Washington Post.

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Women are attracted to confident men because they have evolved to recognize them as the ones most capable of providing for them and their off springs. A decisive man who could lead his troops to victory, who could keep his family from falling into desolate poverty, and who could pass on his lady-killer genes to his son is the contemporary equivalent of a caveman who could strangle a pterodactyl with his pubes. From a psychological perspective, it makes sense for a girl to assume that confident men have substance behind their game because power and authority have consistently correlated with the natural cultivation of a confident aura. The dizzying rate of aggregating complexities in modern society continues to create ways to circumvent this law. Insecure men well versed in IT vernacular can easily accumulate massive amounts of wealth, and theoretically, very high provider capabilities; but ultimately this remains irrelevant. Confidence does not delineate an absolute amount of Power nor does it work the other way around. The entire premise of game was originally based on manipulating this dynamic by mimicking traits that dominant men naturally possessed to elicit the same responses they would get from women. But assessing the exact percentage of accuracy this theory has historically held does us no good. For our purposes, it is clear enough that confidence and masculinity are generally the most attractive traits a man can possess because in the 250,000+ years of our existence, they were indicative of a male with high reproductive value. Any method focused on developing inner game would have to revolve around these traits. But do these methods even exist? It would seem as though life has played a cruel trick on mankind, that only a handful would be born with confidence and inner game while the rest of us were doomed to suffer from calloused hands or be forced into settling for stretched out labials at a later age. Some men just seem to have life made out easier for them, imbued with a natural ability to charm women into agreeing to threesomes. The genesis of game has given birth to a strict process of segregating men into naturals and unnaturals or men who are innately capable of seduction versus men who have to consciously maroon their targets based on sound principles. The truth is, the entire dichotomy between natural and unnatural is false and stems from a misunderstanding of social development. The term natural itself is a misnomer certain men only seem to be organically saturated with charisma because they were placed in favorable positions when they were young. The shocking thing about a natural is not his intrinsic ability to emanate confidence, but the age at which he picked up through experience what you are now meticulously learning through study. Men who have had Alpha fathers or father figures to model themselves after have a higher chance of becoming Alpha than men who grew up in pampered households surrounded by AFCs. Boys who were captain of their little league teams will develop more leadership qualities than their friends who actively bleach their faces from staring at computer screens. And most importantly, men who have enjoyed success with women at an early age are able to build on their success by capitalizing on a marginal boost in confidence while their soon-to-be-beta counterparts will dwell endlessly in a cesspool of failures. Confidence is not a visceral
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characteristic; it is the result of proper conditioning. While certain road blocks, like getting sorted into Hufflepuff, can severely hamper ones self-esteem, we can intentionally place our selves in favorable positions at a later age to make up for lost times.


I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are -Mewtwo If the attractiveness of a man can be reduced to his proxies for accruing resources, committing to protecting his offspring, and other vigilant qualities, then the operational purpose of qualities like confidence can be reduced to a single term survivability. On a more comprehensive spectrum of evolution, survivability is determined almost exclusively by an animals ability to adapt to its environment. Decorum is the evolved form of this type of physical acclimation, superior etiquette the refined version of superior physical presence, and suave propriety the modern reconstruction of external displays of fertility. Activities that bolster the aptitude of a man to survive in a socio-economically driven world like any activity that harbors a competitive mentality- would likely correlate with a development in inner game. The new study, published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, was led by Andrew C. Fry, PhD, CSCS, of University of Kansas. He and his team collected blood samples from collegiate wrestlers before and after matches to measure levels of testosterone and other hormones. When hormone levels of the winners and losers of the matches were compared, testosterone levels rose in both groups of athletes. However, average testosterone levels increased more among wrestlers who won their matches compared with those who did not. Elevated testosterone levels have been studied in other athletes as well, ranging from high resistance weight trainers to basketball players. However, an increase in testosterone levels is not limited to physically competitive activities. In a study conducted in Japan, saliva samples were collected from 90 healthy male university students who were members of a competitive Japanese chess club (shogi) immediately before and after playing chess, and again 30 minutes later. The researchers found an increase in testosterone and cortisol in the saliva of players, regardless of whether they had won or lost.

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Increases were more pronounced the more competitive the game.3 Studies concur; men who are competitive are more alpha than their vagina bequeathed brethren. If youre young, you have time to pick up a sport. If youre older, your career is the way to go. Become uncannily good at anything you do approach it with an untapped competitive potential and your flaccid personality will follow in suit. It is no coincidence that men who stand out in their respective fields generally display Alpha characteristics. The study indirectly makes note of two additional points. First, the intensity of a mans competitive fervor directly affects his level of confidence. Star Centers will be more alpha than 3rd string point guards; nationally acclaimed chess players will be more alpha than local chess enthusiasts. If you want to be confident, have something to be confident about. If you spend your weekends touring dildo factories and your weekdays logging billions of hours on Xbox Live, you have little hope of drawing women to their boudoirs. Second, the key ingredient is competition, not sports. It would be unfair to quickly draw a super-nerd AFC stereotype based on the presumption that a guy plays video games. The recent influx of hyper-competitive e-sports has given birth to a new milieu of gamers, ones who pursue their hobbies with the same gusto seen in men who have reserved their tenacity for physical sports and the world of business. Predictably, pro-gamers are all alpha, rake in glorious amounts of coquettish pussy, and achieve celebrity status in return for their talents. Their friends who prefer playing uncompetitive games get shafted by Darwinism and eventually tossed aside like sperm receptacle. Compete. Dominate. Repeat. A competitive mentality is not the only ground upon which a progressively confident persona can be developed. If the functional purpose of confidence can be reduced to survivability then increasing the number of social adaptations a man is capable of would have an equal effect. Physically, this would translate to cleansing oneself of bodily weaknesses like allergies. In our case, this refers to getting rid of social phobias. From spiders to public speaking, the fears we casually brush off as insouciant manifestations of youth and inexperience are metaphysical maladies that hold us back from functioning at the acme of our potentials. While shortcuts can be taken to minimize the amount of mental trauma caused by having to confront these problems, I suggest avoiding them. The trauma caused from facing your bte- noir is necessary, you need to associate extreme pain with the overly vagrant personality you have now. Afraid of germs? Throw yourself into a vat of infectious miasma and absorb your enemies. Afraid of talking to a girl? Do 100 approaches every night using lines from Seinfeld.

Mitchell, Deborah (January 26, 2011) Higher Testosterone Found in Winning Wrestlers, Chess Players. EmaxHealth

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Afraid of spiders? Hire a prostitute to dress in a Xeno-arachnid costume and hatefuck her till you develop a bizarre fetish for harvestmen. Afraid of physical confrontation? Compete in naked staring contests at the kremlin while wearing a foaming vibrator on your forehead. What youre doing right now is not enough. By the time most people realize that the fears shackling them to a mediocre existence are creations of their own diseased minds its already too late. You have a choice of either overcoming the belching whirlpool of phobias gorging on your freedom right now or ignoring them and passing through life with a blanched face, smiling like a retard being tickled by his own hands. To challenge oneself in all aspects of life is to force oneself to grow in ways never thought possible. Evolution is the cornerstone to survivability and thus alphaness personal evolution is only a myopic version of that same process. It is not enough to approach our fears in life with a passive aggressiveness; we need to approach them with an aggressive aggressiveness. The issue of adaptivity also explains why rich, famous, or powerful men are able to make vaginas oscillate at extreme frequencies without any out of pocket effort. We live in a socio- economically driven society hence men who excel at accumulating capital in either form are technically the best at adapting to their environments; thus are perceived to have the most value and desirability. This is implicitly understood by women; who subconsciously expect men with money and power to possess the traits that beat rhythmically with female desire. Women dont masturbate to images of large unmarked bills; but the idea of a man with a suitcase full of those bills carries the telltale signs of ambition, leadership, mystery, and other simian qualities. Women are not attracted to power and money as disassociated concepts.


The tendency for an irritated vagina to seek recourse in chauvinistic criminal cock seems to make little sense in terms of evolutionary psychology but a closer examination of the science behind why women are attracted to BAMFs might reveal otherwise. I refuse to use the term bad boy in our discussion because it sounds homosexual (no offense). When people have power, they act the part. Powerful people smile less, interrupt others, and
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There will come a time when you have a chance to do the right thing. I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by

speak in a louder voice. When people do not respect the basic rules of social behavior, they lead others to believe that they have power, according to a study in the current Social Psychological and Personality Science People with power have a very different experience of the world than people without it. The powerful have fewer rules to follow, and they live in environments of money, knowledge and support. People without power live with threats of punishment and firm limits according to the research team lead by Gerben Van Kleef of the University of Amsterdam. Because the powerful are freer to break the rules -- does breaking the rules seem more powerful? People read about a visitor to an office who took a cup of employee coffee without asking or about a bookkeeper that bent accounting rules. The rule breakers were seen as more in control, and powerful compared to people who didn't steal the coffee, or didn't break bookkeeping rules. Acting rudely also leads people to see power. People who saw a video of a man at a sidewalk caf put his feet on another chair, drop cigarette ashes on the ground and order a meal brusquely thought the man was more likely to "get to make decisions" and able to "get people to listen to what he says" than the people who saw a video of the same man behaving politely. What happens when people interact with a rule breaker? Van Kleef and colleagues had people come to the lab, and interact with a rule follower and a rule breaker. The rule follower was polite and acted normally, while the rule breaker arrived late, threw down his bag on a table and put up his feet. After the interaction, people thought the rule breaker had more power and was more likely to "get others to do what he wants." Norm violators are perceived as having the capacity to act as they please" write the researchers. Power may be corrupting, but showing the outward signs of corruption makes people think you're powerful. As luck would have it, it isnt by accident that assholes and ethical renegades have a far lower statistical probability of dying from seminal backlash. Girls arent stupid, theyre just aware that men who have a taste for debauchery are likely to have bigger testicles than ones who prefer living by every letter of the law. Ignoring rules and authority will help your inner game. At this point half of you will go waitwtf? and re-read that last line. Discourse shapes reality, not the other way around. People who break rules are perceived to be more powerful which leads them to act more powerful. The circular nature of behavioral modification is often ignored for a more linear model; people assume that you need to be powerful first to act the part when the truth works in reverse. If competition and social
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adaptivity can successfully breed confidence, then our thoughts and actions must be dynamically interrelated. Our actions are not only a manifestation of our thoughts; our thoughts are also a manifestation of our actions. Break rules, think youre Alpha because you just broke rules, Become Alpha. The only problem with men who enjoy making a mockery of societal norms is that they subvert the rapport clause of all pleasantly feminine women. They have no problem submerging themselves in vaginal discharge but their drive for destruction becomes all-consuming all to often. A disdain for imposed control has an eerie habit of turning into a disdain for self-control. The key to avoidance takes far more self-discipline than most people expect. Power is intoxicating, as are the various perks that come with it, including a caustic savoir-faire. But one cannot expect to break every rule while avoiding every consequence. Questionable acts must be deployed with plausible deniability and only semi-dubious pretexts. To illustrate, we observe an unchangeable law of the universe The ideal man is one who could cheat easily, but would never do so. FemiNazis leave the first part out. Players leave the second part out. We are conditioned to believe that forsaking all other options is a necessary preface for a successful relationship but any veteran in love will tell you that misplaced loyalty is the kiss of death in romantic attraction. Likewise, other men will disregard the entire notion of monogamy and happily fuck a girls best friend to soothe a momentary genital itch. But the perfect man is one who is willing to break the feminized norm of being a cyclopean beta while still refusing to go all the way and cheat because it violates his own principles. He will shamelessly flirt with another girl with no regard for moral conventions but when her vulva hangs loose right in front of his pubic bone he retorts with Oh Im sorry, Im already in love. A man who can break enough rules to stand at the brink of moral chaos but have enough discipline to keep himself from falling over is both a master of himself and his inner demons. A man who follows all the norms he was groomed to follow has no credibility, he never saw what life was like over the edge. A man who follows disaster to no controlled end can only take pride in his own coup de grace, not societys. This is why Alphas who dont cheat are more valuable than Betas who dont cheat. There is a great amount of difference between men who abide to rules out of fear and men who abide to rules out of respect. A man with no options who says I would never cheat is a lampoon of moral integrity. A man who has women pouring all over him like manna from the heavens who says I would never cheat is a symbol of masculine perfection.
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Murder suspect Joran van der Sloot says women are begging to bed him. He bragged to reporters this week about receiving love letters and marriage proposals since confessing to the murder of Stephany Flores, whose battered corpse was found in the young Dutchman's Lima hotel room on June 2. Not everyone thinks murderers make bad company. To some women -- and a smaller share of men -- extinguish a life and you become a fetish object. What drives women to cruise Web sites such as,,, and Meet-an-, where prisoners (granted, only some are killers) post pictures and pleas?4 Theres no doubt about it breaking rules fosters inner game; otherwise women wouldnt have hind brains trained to regard caddishness as a vestige of Power. And before I accidently breed an army of serial killers; [Disclaimer: not all rules should be broken.] You wont be making vaginas marinate from a jail cell, so the legal ramifications of any action should be considered. Breaking petty laws probably wont do much for your game either. Robbing a bank might get you as much money as lying on your corporate income statement but I robbed a bank is invariably a better pick up line than I lied on our annual income statement. Follow conventions irregularly and always harbor a disdain for puerile norms. Set goals for yourself and stay focused on results. Rules that can be circumvented to advance your interests while avoiding a calamity should be callously ignored. You have no interest in letting the Amoebic reach of etiquette hold you back from success. People will always embody the internal image they have of themselves. Personalities are self- fulfilling constitutions contingent upon outside variables. When someone breaks a rule, they perceive their own character as above the law and they act the part. Any action that forces you to rationalize yourself as superior has the same extolling quality. Butch lesbians have unstoppable confidence because they see themselves as above the scabbed filth of society, although one could argue no one is more responsible for our extended emotional gutters than they are.

Rufus, Anneli (June 26, 2010). Why Do Murderers Get Mailbags Full of Love Letters and Marriage Proposals? Alter Net.

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The process of leaving the PussyCluxClan to join the pantheon of Alpha deities requires not only a sanctioning of positive habits but a destruction of negative ones. A quick overview over a concept Ive beaten to death on my blog is required: According to cognitive dissonance theory, there is a tendency for individuals to seek consistency among their cognitions (i.e., beliefs, opinions). When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate the dissonance. In the case of a discrepancy between attitudes and behavior, it is most likely that the attitude will change to accommodate the behavior. For all of you who have ever asked me, how do I slap the beta bitch out of myself? Here is your answer. If you find yourself unable to fully internalize your changes to inner game its because a posse of bad habits is actively deconstructing your newly found attitude and re- modifying you back to a beta apparatus. An Alpha demeanor will eventually decay into beta ineptitude following a consistent courtship of bad habits. Bad habits your bitch ass is doing right now: (a) Buying gifts for random bitchez Your action delineates a certain amount of difference in value. Regardless of how you originally perceived the act to pan out, your mind assumes itself to have lower value than the girl in question to rationalize you prostration. Your inner game reacts by reducing your outward confidence in favor of more desperate beta game. (b) Acting impressed when someone does something Toss a gauntlet when credit is due but never groak over someone elses accomplishments. Any time you flatter someone with gaudy praise, they subconsciously assume they are of higher value than you. If youre an employer, act happy and proud over someones accomplishments, but not impressed. You must always act as if your apotheosis is just around the corner, there is nothing in this world that staggers your imagination nor is there anything you are incapable of. If someone else did it, you can do it. ManIf These Balls Could Talk

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(c) Sacrificing your own concerns for the sake of a girl Im repulsed by the number of young kids I see making a decision over their college or their jobs depending on where their girlfriends are going to live. The sacrifice is too large to maintain equal footing in a relationship. There are thousands of girls that can make you happy in this world, only one dream. When a girl sees this type of trade-off, she does NOT think let me reciprocate the affection, she thinks wow he must be really desperate. What her conscience mind thinks and the words that come out of her lips are infinitely irrelevant compared to the assumptions made by her Id. (d) Entertaining a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) LDRs are by definition bad trade offs for men. Women use sex to get relationships, men use relationships to get sex; this was how our species was meant to coexist. We are complimentary rivals in the sexual market. In an LDR, the girl is using a relationship to get a relationship and the man is using his subscription to Brazzers to get sex. The tradeoff on the mans part is too macabre to maintain a stable relationship unless youre going out with a gipsy who can astrally project her vagina to your penis across thousands of miles. (e) Jacking off Mad Timez Your body assumes you are sexually sated. The drive to deploy draconian tactics to route vagina towards your shaft is replaced by a drive to stay at home and surf YouTube for sappy entertainment. The practice of total abstinence to maintain focus has been famous among several Super Alphas throughout history (Manny Pacquiao, Ghandi, Nikola Tesla, and many others). The premise of fasting lies in the idea of sex diffusing human energy through orgasms. A mans will-to-power is based on his psycho-sexual energy. When that energy becomes repressed, it comes out in other forms. The need to succeed, to dominate others, to be competitive; all become magnified through parched desire. Small habits like these are venomous to the aspiring lothario. As time progresses, you can lose all of your inner game by allowing your bad habits to corrode the frame youve taken so strongly to. We are so utterly conditioned by the matrix to seeing these habits as a regular part of our lives that their subsequent consequences go relatively unnoticed. Every other movie involves a guy giving flowers on the first date; every other song is about a nice guy waiting in brutal isolation for his true love with a bag full of chocolates and hand cream. The smallest of habits have far- reaching consequences. Heckling for money makes your mind assume you are desperate, cleaning dishes makes your mind assume you need more estrogen in your blood, and waiting for the right moment to say hi to a girl makes your mind assume that women need to be pedestalized.
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If you are truly invested in liberating yourself from militant feminism, then a full renaissance of not only your thoughts but also your habits is necessary. Spending weeks regaling women with your new found charm after reading this book will do no good if after being in a relationship for 3 weeks, you get lazy and allow the impending dilapidation of your game to proceed without any resistance. No matter how much you work on changing your attitude from beta to alpha, beta behavior will reverse engineer your old iconic AFC. Too many people are the victims of assuming that once you achieve a certain level of stoic alphaness and get a girlfriend; you come to a point of no return. Nothing is unconditional in this world. Not an Alpha mentality, not life, not good health, and most definitely not love. Dissonance is a germ to our thoughts our bodies react by eliminating certain ideals to restore mental equilibrium. If you happen to be homophobic, start attending gay porn conventions where everyone comes together to enjoy a mass erection and watch your loathing of gay people sublime into an appreciation for their differences. A technique like this can be a powerful tool for relinquishing thoughts that incapacitate inner game. Approach anxiety capitalizes on our need to avoid social mastication. Rejection is a naturally aversive stimulus so it would make sense for people to avoid it at all costs. But you dont need to jump into approaching sets at a club right away to supplant your lapses in confidence. Think about the subconscious repository for approach anxiety a fear of being rejected by strangers. Talking to any stranger warps anthrophobic thoughts into confidence. Homeless people dont mind conversation, start by talking to them. Old people at laundry mats, other guys, any person you dont know. Your body cant harbor approach anxiety while youre aggressively cold approaching people. Body language connected to a specific mode of thought would create the same type of antagonism if our instinctual thoughts are geared in a different direction. Acting calm when were nervous makes us less nervous. The dissonance created by forcing yourself to maintain a calm exterior actively degenerates the nervousness created by your internal fears. Taking up more space in a place we feel uncomfortable in makes us more comfortable. Talking slowly even when we feel urged to rush ourselves makes us feel more confident. All these examples could be used not only in day-to-day conversations but in interviews and other tense situations. Retaining controlled body language when its most difficult to do so sublimates our instinct to withdraw ourselves and forces our minds to generate more assertive thoughts to reflect how were projecting ourselves. Take it a step further; intentionally place yourself in highly tense situations to push yourself to maintain proper body language. Feeling stupid? Do smart looking things that even dumb people like you can learn and your thoughts will imitate your actions. Ive never thought of myself as a genius but Ive been so adeptly trained at bullshitting my ass off and pretending to be smarter than everyone else, I can convince anyone that I am. It would take about two weeks for anyone to learn a song on the piano but our minds are so conditioned to believe that musical talent reflects intelligence that when you hear yourself play a song youll convince yourself that youre not stupid. The self- doubts you have about your intelligence will be replaced by a beautiful self-stroking vanity. It
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doesnt end at playing music, go to the library and read a book with a complicated name like Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche. Despite how stupid you actually are, your brain will convince yourself that youre smart because you go to the library and read books with bouygues names. The next time youre in a room full of people, watch the magic unfold as your almost poetic ability to bullshit baffles the audience. Do intelligent looking things think youre intelligent become intelligent. (Being intelligent and tricking other people into thinking youre intelligent are synonymous). If you want the world around you to change, change yourself first. If you want to change yourself, change your habits first.


Lennox Lewis, Im coming for you man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and Im just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children. -Tyson Testosterone is the lifeblood of game. Any outside references to support this fact would be superfluous (but will be added anyways), the amount of studies conducted that have reiterated the positive effects of testosterone allow for little latitude in interpretation. Every single influential man on earth, bar none, had a Big-T personality; comparative psychology has already observed the highest amount of circulating testosterone in the Alpha Male of any group, and several psychosocial temperaments emblematic of seductive prowess are naturally induced by testosterone. Testosterone is the vitality of life, the cure to middle class vacuity, the savior of western civilization. Below Ive listed the most prominent ways to prevent your figure and mental sharpness from turning svelte. I would suggest pursuing all of them, as they not only indirectly improve internal game, they also have a myriad of health benefits. Look up other ways to boost testosterone besides these, adopt as many of them as you can. Estrogen = MetaDeath. (1) Dont be a Fatass The estrogen catalyzing enzyme aromatase resides in fat cells. Excess fat inhibits the production of testosterone and increases the production of estrogen allowing for things like man-boobs, big man-boobs, feelings of fatigue, depression, and insomnia. The consequences of obesity have a cyclic effect; people who are obese are more likely to be lazy which further feeds into their obesity. (2) Slaughter animals and then eat them without mercy
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Men on vegetarian diets have lower testosterone levels than their carnivorous friends. Men who hunt their own prey generally have higher testosterone levels than those who prefer buying their meats at supermarkets. Hunters > Gatherers (3) Foods with the right nutrients Peanuts, almonds, and other foods high in monounsaturated fat have a positive effect on the testeez. Fish, vegetables and all that good stuff help to. If youre like me and you think vegetables are an abomination to edible cuisine, consider shortcuts (compressed vegetable drinks). (4) Moderate your intakes of alcohol, caffeine, & cigarettes All 3 have an extraordinarily negative effect on testosterone production. Caffeine can be harmless if consumed in reasonable amounts. Dossiers of pseudo-science have contended that bodily toxins like alcohol and nicotine fuck your internal chi up. While I dont have a crippling fear of spiritual damnation, I do think living a healthy lifestyle should be looked into. (5) Try and avoid anorexia Going for long stretches without food or not eating enough shoots down hormone production. Consume a healthy amount of fat a day, your body needs carbs and fats to produce testosterone. (6) Work out Terminator style Heavy weights + Compound Exercises = More T. Rigorous training sessions must be followed by long periods of rest, over-exerting yourself has a negative effect on not only muscle growth but also T production. Maintain a healthy circadian rhythm and avoid fucking up your sleep cycle. (7) Supplements Daily vitamins, zinc, and certain herbs like tribulus terrestris, ginseng, muncuna pruriens, and horny goat weed all increase T-production. I would suggest avoiding steroids or other extreme methods unless you are advised to do otherwise by a professional. I dont have a moral vendetta against steroids or shortcuts, but I do think they can be misused easily. I had a friend who took roids and his dependency on them went from casual to more persistent than woodlice within a matter of weeks. The imperators of science have confirmed our hypothesis that testosterone positively affects game:

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The study engaged pairs of men in a seven-minute videotaped competition for the attention of an attractive female undergraduate. Pre-competition testosterone levels were positively associated with men's dominance behaviors in the mate competition-including how assertive they were and how much they "took control" of the conversation-and with how much the woman indicated that she "clicked" with each of the men. According to Richard Slatcher, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology in WSU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a resident of Birmingham, Mich., the effects of testosterone on dominance behaviors were especially pronounced among men who reported having a high need for social dominance. In his study, "Testosterone and Self-Reported Dominance Interact to Influence Human Mating Behavior," published online Feb. 28 in the journal, Social Psychological and Personality Science, these men showed a strong positive association between their own testosterone and their own dominance behaviors and, most surprisingly, a strong negative association between their own testosterone and their opponents' dominance behaviors. In other words, men both high in testosterone and who reported a high need for social dominance appeared to be able somehow suppress their competitors' ability to attract potential mates. However, when men reported low need for dominance, there was no association between testosterone and dominance behaviors-either their own or their competitors'. "We found that testosterone levels influenced men's dominance behaviors during the competitions, how much they derogated (or 'bashed') their competitors afterward, and how much the woman said she 'clicked' with them," said Slatcher. "Books, film and television often portray men who are bold and self-assured with women as being high in testosterone. Our results suggest that there is a kernel of truth to this stereotype, that naturally circulating testosterone indeed is associated with men's behaviors when they try to woo women."5 Apparently not only does increased testosterone help you overcome things like approach anxiety and erectile dysfunction, it also cleaves your inability to deal with other men. If youre constantly being badgered by jerk-off betas trying to AMOG you in a set, start chugging steroids, put on 150 pounds of muscle, and watch as other men redact into noodle dick mode within your presence. The appearance of higher levels of testosterone in serial killers, rock stars, and other men who enjoy tanning their groins in massive veldts of pussy suggest that women may be able to intuitively screen men based on their level of radiating testosterone. The fact that women with big T personalities often prefer to fist rape marry betas indicates that testosterone levels in partners are inversely related. This goes back to the game principle that a woman in the presence of a man incapable of assuming his natural role of leader will usurp that position

OConnor, Julie (March 10, 2011) Wayne State study links testosterone with mens ability to woo potential mates Wayne State University Division of Research

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herself. Naturally, women with Big-T personalities would prefer squishy cotton twats that can be easily displaced as long-term partners (they will still ride the alpha carousel on short term flings).


There has been a significant amount of speculation on the connection between inner game and ones profession. Stereotypes contend that careers in the sciences or liberal arts attract a grossly beta population while more high-risk or competitive ventures attract alphas. Our previous discussions over experiences that naturally cultivate inner game may give these stereotypes some credence. Men enticed to enter a field like business or a professional sport are exposed to a hyper- competitive mentality from day one. Every basketball game is an exercise of will; every failure in business requires unabated persistence to overcome. Assuming these men have chosen these activities because they are somewhat talented in then, it is likely that they never had to vie for attention since childhood or suffer from a lack of confidence. Entrepreneurs who may not have enjoyed early success will develop inner game later on (granted they are successful) in life because a position of leadership will force their bodies to adapt to a dominant position. Exceptions exist, but they do not make the rule. More domesticated men who have been raised to search for job security are significantly less exposed to hyper competition. While a field like medicine may be competitive on a macro-scale (med school is highly selective), that combative need to be the best at every moment is never consistently reinforced (besides for people who internally create that drive). Furthermore, these careers are only competitive up to the point that you need to prove yourself to be granted a chance to learn the technical skills required to accomplish them. A career in law or business becomes progressively more competitive, while a career in teaching becomes progressively less competitive. This is not to say that you need to choose a supra-cutthroat profession to develop inner game. There is no substitute for pursuing ones true passion in life, and nothing more fulfilling than blurring the line between work and play. If you are pursuing a career not hyper-competitive, you must create that desire to succeed within yourself. One can only snatch their dreams if they have an indomitable desire to chase them.
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Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat -Theodore Roosevelt

Certain careers uproot beta tendencies more efficiently than others. These include - Careers that force people skills on you (salesmen and lawyers) - Careers that force you to be more competitive (sports or e-games) - more aloof and calculative (poker) - more dominant and confident (manager or CEO) - more authoritative (police officer or neo-liberal tyrant) - fuck a lot (rock star, porn artist) - more famous (celebrity) All of these careers externally impose a standard of Alphaness on you. You need to be charismatic to be a good salesman or dominant to be a good dictator. If your job does not serve a greater purpose, you must give it one. An investment banker who spends his day mindlessly memorizing financial patois and adjusting numbers will turn himself into a blind and purposeless vessel while an investment banker who loves being surrounded by catacombs of cocaine and financial reports gives himself reason to stay alive. Your ambition can be internally manufactured or externally implicated although the former has a more permanent effect. If youre a teacher, have passion in spreading knowledge; dont sell out as a tard regurgitating information to collect a weekly paycheck. If you find yourself constantly thinking Im gonna burn this whole fucking operation to the ground, chances are youll find it hard to maintain that teasing charm necessary to beguile women. Hating your job has a soul killing affect paramount to surgically draining yourself of all creativity and will power. Learn to love your job even if you need to force yourself into it. If you cant love your job, think of it as a stepping stone to other things (either career oriented goals or just providing your family with a comfortable living), and learn to love those things instead. Your career should make you sacrifice yourself to an ideal (power for most men, selflessness for doctors, technological innovation for engineers, etc). Leaders with lycanthropic hearts have become like that because their greater purpose in life allows them to let everything else slide with brutal indifference. Live for something more, become greater than just a man. The world is ductile; make it bend to your will.
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Thus far our discussion over developing inner game has included only actions one could undertake to naturally strengthen their loins the same way that naturals do. To recap, these actions have included being a competition junkie (A savant level chess player or star athlete), a raging serial killer (break rules, get laid), cleansing oneself of social maladaptivity (Less Fear = More Pussy), engaging in activities that increase testosterone production (stop eating tofu), abating bad habits (Alpha habits consist of nude photography, amateur porn, etc), or picking a Big-T career (become a fascist dictator). Your life is only a perpetual manifestation of your thoughts AND actions, which means to improve your inner game, you need to change either both your actions and your thoughts, or only one of them but to such a degree that the dissonance created in your mind forces your beta traits in the other sector to naturally regress into Machiavellian dexterity. But before we move onto more intention-driven methods, we must digress for a moment on a moral tangent to justify the idea of changing oneself in the first place. The JBY (Just be Yourself) platitude has haunted the PUA community like a fat chick with mind controlling powers. As soon as any person begins to change their persona, everyone who sees them reacts in one of two ways: A. Hes maturing, or Wow, hes genuinely trying to change, if they like your change or B. Hes trying to be someone hes not, if they dont like the change. But certain problems with the just be yourself papal decree are visibly ostensible. If you tell a guy addicted to Call of Duty just be yourself, hes going to stay home and keep playing Call of Duty. If you tell a guy addicted to Harry Potter just be yourself on a date, hes going to start acting like a house elf in the middle of a restaurant. If you tell a drug abusing Nazi addicted to Angeldust just be yourself, well you get the point. Just be yourself has its shortcomings, especially when its applied like a solipsistic ideal. It is not a universal answer to everything. Some people DO need to change. More importantly, some people need to change not to become someone theyre not, but to become someone they are. A large portion of the guys introduced into game dont use it as a way to construct a
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Just Be Yourself

false persona, they want to be genuine, but simply dont have the confidence to be their real selves around women. For them, game isnt about crafting some frivolous technique to get laid; it allows them to get a chance to show other people who they really are. Developing inner game requires a certain degree of open mindedness. Actually who am I kidding, it requires you to be complicit with getting repeatedly mind fucked until your older personality shrivels up and dies. If after a significant portion of your life, you still feel like you arent living up to your potential, then change should be embraced. If youre getting chronically LJBFed, if every time you approach a girl she throws up, or if all of your ex-girlfriends are frumpy fat women, then being yourself clearly isnt working. Thats what got you here. Any time a girl gives you advice like just be yourself or some other non-sensical bullshit, its because she is assuming attraction. Women are caught in the same paradox as men but to a larger degree. The most attractive man to a woman is likely to be attractive to several other woman thus more likely to cheat and subvert the rapport clause of a relationship. A guy who no other woman on earth would sleep with would never cheat on his girlfriend, but wouldnt be attractive. This is why all woman have a demonic compulsion to emasculate their boyfriends following a relationship. Whenever you ask a girl for advice, unless she is in-tune with her more feminine desires, she will tell you everything to increase rapport in a relationship, never attraction. Shell tell you to be yourself, to communicate, to understand her better, but never make her jealous or act aloof. Rejection is catharsis for the body and after a mans 4th or 5th lets just be friends speech, he usually realizes that women give shitty advice. Just be yourself has the added affect of parrying incoming scrutiny though circular logic. If I tell you ignore your ex for 5 days and in the end of your sabbatical nothing happens, theoretically I am to blame for the failure in results. But if I tell you just be yourself and you turn your break up into an all-out shit storm, I can come back and tell you you werent being yourself. This is how women proactively defend against drop-kicks from men theyve fucked over through bad advice. Rejecting the JBY verbiage should not be confused with not being who you are. This is only an avocation for positive change, not a justification for lying to yourself in superficial ways. JBY has served as an excuse for failure rather than as a pylon for success for too long. Your personality is malleable; you can change it to fit the template of who you want to be.
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War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Time management and energy management are heavily covered in success books but not thought management. If our actions and the reality around us are reflections of our inner self then daydreaming about the ugly trifles in life is intellectual genocide. Think about all the hours you spend daydreaming, what do you think about? A TV show with characters that dont really exist? A girl whos out right now blowing more people than a tropical storm? What to write as your next Facebook status? You should be thinking about your goals, ways to achieve them, places you can bury your enemies, or shit you can invent to help mankind. Cognition is an ambivalent force; it can be destructive or constructive depending on the edicts of your faith. Serially monogamous men are especially vulnerable to thought crime. They jump from Oneitis to Oneitis, spending their days thinking about their ex girlfriends, their current girlfriends, or their future girlfriends. Drug addicts and alcoholics cant escape compulsory thoughts of substance abuse. Men with multiple social phobias spend hours of their day thinking about how to avoid public humiliation when its quite unnecessary because their mere existence is publically humiliating. There is no active method for controlling your thoughts the way you can methodically develop a way to open girls at bars. I know its hard to keep your thoughts from lingering on heartbreak, on failure, and on fear, Ive been there myself, but remaining docile in your own malediction is a waste of youth. The following is a list of more common debilitating thoughts that damage inner game, infamous for bringing legions of men to their knees. Notice that all of these thoughts are predicated on a negation of logic and courage. (1) Oneitis: An unhealthy psychological dependency that expresses itself via an obsessive desire to be with ONE PERSON. The emphasis our current society places on finding our chimerical soul-mate preconditions men to internalize Oneitis. Unlike other negative thought paradigms, it is not unique to the beta condition. Even men with densely stoic internal belief systems have been hollowed out into tortured shells after falling in love with a succubus. Our only defense is to consistently reinforce an abundance mentality along with holding women as only secondary objectives. Both points sound inherently misogynistic but are in fact, the opposite. An abundance mentality means truly coming to terms with the fact that there are other women out there who can make you just as happy, if not happier, than the girl in question.
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Self-effacing thoughts like I dont deserve her or She is the only girl that will ever make me happy do the opposite of what they are intended to do. Rather than reciprocating your misplaced loyalty, a girl will lose respect for you eroding the sexual tension and challenge aspects critical to developing a healthy relationship. Why do all get your ex girlfriend back programs rely on counter-intuitive methods? Like all things in this world, women only chase the things that run away from them. If you are not in a relationship with the girl you are currently pedestalizing, adopt an abundance mentality by pursuing other women just as hot or hotter than her. This solution has become such a clich in the seduction community that the acronym GFTOW (Go Fuck Ten Other Women) was coined in its name. If you are in a relationship with the girl in question, the solution becomes somewhat trickier as your Oneitis will constantly feed off of the highs and lows of your relationship. It would help for us to discern a point of interest about female psychology. When a girlfriend sees her boyfriend travel to unknown lengths to prove his loyalty to her, including sabotaging his relationship with every other female in his life, she does not think wow true love, this really makes me want to act the same way, instead she thinks on the lines of this guy must be really desperate. A girls Id and her ego are constantly in flux, which is why what comes out of her mouth is not always what she means. Long term relationships that end in an LJBF typically fail because a guy catered to a girls verbal demands while ignoring her instinctual needs. Engaging in barefaced flirtations with other women has a retarding effect on the mundaneness of a relationship. A girl will love you deeply if she feels challenged in her effort to keep you from the grasps of other women and resent you if that challenge is absent. Women want men that other women want. Understanding this concept is more powerful than any direct technique to cultivate abundance because most men in relationships are affected by Oneitis only after willingly choosing to be affected. Honing your energy onto one girl is the wrong way to approach the relationship conundrum. Not only are women averse to men who are psychologically attached them, they would prefer men who make it possible to cheat, but willingly choose not to exercise their potential. In the pre-relationship phase, attraction can quickly die out even after intercourse due to a lack of emotional torque. Exercising your options with other girls, or making it known that you are both capable and willing to date another girl and walk away from a relationship creates the anxiety and jealousy needed to push two people together. Ejaculating into a girl hotter than your past Oneitis has a Nirvana inducing effect on your Super Ego. Theres something massively enlightening about instantly realizing beauty isnt hypodermic. The veil comes off of our eyes and you realize how many pleasures are available in this world for your plundering, and the only thought going through your head is, how could I have been so blind?
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The second solution involves recognizing women as only compliments to your life rather than goals. Neophytes of game falsely perceive this as a method to commodify women and their relationships. The goal of this maxim is not to objectivity a relationship only to keep men from relinquishing the rest of their lives for a girl. In any successful relationship, both partners must reserve a certain degree of mutual respect for each others interests and independence. By maintaining other passions within your life, you can keep your Oneitis in check by satisfying your will to power with other goals and related creeds. The selfish interest that jerks are infamous for is important not only for a successful relationship but also for a successful life. If a girl comes up to you and asks you for a drink, your self-interest should be focused towards your selfish desire for her, not the selfless desire to satisfy her wants. You would refuse, only to keep her interested, to fuel your own self-interests. In terms of oneitis, this effacing self-concern is needed to keep a woman in the position she wants to be in. A girl wants to be your partner in life, watching and supporting you in your ambitions and goals. She does not want to be the focus of those ambitions. I stated earlier that both of these mentalities obstruct misogynistic thoughts although they seem to do the opposite. A man devoid of parasitic love can control emotions like jealousy and do a better job of understanding his girlfriend through communicative effort. The positive loving effect of Oneitis is transitory it will soon be replaced by a deep-seated hatred for women after the subject realizes that the girl will never be his. Love is paradoxical; the only men who are truly misogynistic are those who hate women because they love them. Enlightened men embody the opposite; they love women because they hate them. Men with Oneitis live off of their insecurities and are more likely to engage in domestic abuse or over protective behavior. Men who arent desperate have the confidence to let go of a failing relationship without attempting to fix it through repugnant means. Like all goals aimed at perfection, the quest for an idealized relationship ends up being more harmful than helpful. Avoid any proclivity to create space between you and your Oneitis using a Shaman or black magic. I know the idea can sound extremely promising, but it does more bad than good by subconsciously reinforcing her significance through painful mental bondage. Dont block her on facebook or go out of your away to avoid her. Your goal is to not give a shit. Carelessly toss aside her memories like a used condom. A cool-as-fuck, absolutely untouchable attitude. (2) My Peniz iz too small: It probably is, but thats ok. Self-doubt is the bane of confidence. Less intelligent men are more likely to be intuitively good with women because they arent smart enough to intellectualize game and give substance to their fears. The majority of other men over-analyze their shortcomings with

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thoughts like Im too short, Im not attractive enough, I cant change, and a plethora of other debasing sutras. We have three options to remedy this. First, we can directly affect our thoughts by inhibiting negative ones and proactively supporting positive ones. You can adopt a series of superficial tactics (snapping a rubber band at yourself) to condition your mind the way insane people do or learn to control your thoughts through mental duress (meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, etc). Second, we can influence our thoughts indirectly through actions that repress beta thoughts (covered previously). The third method is somewhat more abstract. We can promote positive ideals into higher strata of thought by replicating them in different forms. You unconsciously do it everyday. Depressed painters paint with depressing colors, bold writers have a more flamboyant style of writing, and power brokers always go straight to the lion cage when they visit zoos. If the depressed painter were to use more audacious colors, his mind would abject to the duplicity and force itself to rationalize his decision. If the bold writer were to suddenly write depressing poetry, his mind would follow in suit. If either character were to take further steps in solidifying their thought patterns say the painter surrounded himself with blissful company and the writer made friends with a bunch of visibly depressed Goths they would travel further down their respectable paths. Thinking a thought is only one way of executing that thought. The more ways you can think of to embed a single thought within your consciousness, the stronger you can make it. Negative thoughts are Oracular by nature. They become true because you think them so. If you think youre going to be terrible in bed, the thought will manifest itself as a lack of immersion and dominance during sex, making you terrible. If you think yourself to be too short to bed women, the hit in confidence will flood into your game, making it much more difficult to talk away your stature with charm. If you find it necessary to take extra measures to control your thoughts, consider journalizing your ideas as they flow. If you refuse to write down negative ones and force yourself to write positive ones even when they dont exist, you make it easier for your mind to change the filters that screen your thoughts. A rather illuminating experiment I tell everyone to conduct is to pretend to be confident in themselves even if they arent. For thirty days straight, dont audibly say a single negative thing about yourself. (3) Feminine Social Conventions: Collectively referring to the various operative conventions that teach men to embrace passive pussy behavior. These include: Its bad to like women only for their looks Dating a single mother or a woman in need makes you a savior Women like sensitive men who share their own feminine interests Women need to be pedestalized beauty is to be worshipped at the altar
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Marriage is essentially a monogamous arrangement and there is debate over the point in our evolutionary history at which we developed monogamy as a primary form of male-female bonding. Based upon fossil evidence and comparative biology, it is likely that mating behavior in our earliest hominid ancestors involved the most powerful and dominant males securing open sexual access to multiple female partners, who being significantly smaller than the males were generally compliant and submissive to the dominant males wishes. But as sexual dimorphism decreased in later hominids, relative equality and shared responsibilities between the sexes emerged, along with serial monogamy; we also saw the beginnings of romantic love. There is debate though over the primary factors that originally brought our human ancestors together into relatively monogamous and committed relationships. Shlain argues that it was a fundamental negotiation the female exchanging sex and progeny for meat and protection provided by the male that was the foundation of marriage among early humans. In fact, this pivotal social negotiation brought with it an enhanced level of future
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Every person is destined to be with only one girl All lonely men will die a miserable death Marriage gives you security Masculine behavior is unethical And a host of other ones. I could analyze each of these and minutely reveal their logical incongruences and latent functions with a host of arguments based on evolutionary psychology and experience, but that shit would take way to long. And anyways, that ground has already been covered. Any AFC so deeply invested into the matrix that he requires a superlative explanation on why any of these tautologies are false is doomed to masturbate for eternity regardless of how much help he is given. Game is triage; leave lesser men to the circling sharks. I will say, however, that although these canons are nothing but horse shit they do serve a functional purpose. Culture doesnt develop in an impartial or ethical way it just develops in whatever way it can to function most efficiently, much like evolution. Why on a sinking boat are women and children sent forth to save themselves while men left to die? Because women and children are more biologically valuable. Why are men considered alpha if they can fuck multiple girls but women considered sluts? Because a man can increase his biological pay-off by having sex with multiple partners a women cannot. Why are men so obsessed with status and power? Because both are auxiliaries for attraction. Similarly, our race requires not only sex for successful reproduction but also nourishment. To subdue men and mechanize their utility, humans have established cultural norms like monogamy and the nuclear family. Acolytes of game will often complain, marriage is an insane proposal from an evolutionary perspective. But is it really? Marriage allows woman to permanently and continuously extract resources from men, effectively monopolizing their purpose. This is a landmark achievement for our species as a whole.

consciousness (making a long term commitment); social-cognitive evolution (assessing the deep intentions and character of another human being); and self-consciousness and self-control (the female no longer being automatically compliant to the males overtures). An alternative explanation, provided by Stephanie Coontz, is that the earliest marriages were arranged by the families, perhaps even the tribe, to cement social bonds and contribute to the economic viability of the group; different tribes may have arranged for marriages between its members to create social alliances. The original purpose of marriage was to produce reciprocal obligations and the interlocking of families. Hence, bonding was not a conscious and thoughtful choice, as in Shlains interpretation, but a social arrangement forced upon the participants. It is this social model and practice that would indeed become the traditional marriage in the millennia to follow.6 Like marriage and monogamy, all of these social conventions serve a functional purpose. Our allegiance to them is the means through which we express our fidelity to the social matrix. Nonetheless, they must be belied to taste success. The difference between female and male mating patterns is the force behind our operative norms. Males seek variety while women seek the best. Men prefer polygamy and beauty while women prefer hypergamy (NOT monogamy) and commitment. The functional purpose of our feminine code of conduct is to strip alpha males of their propensity to cheat by increasing their attachment to singular relationships. Alimony, shame, and chivalry are all conventions aimed at moving us toward a hypergamous dystopia. This battle between masculine conventions and feminine conventions is nothing new. While the concept of Game and its efficient application is somewhat avant-garde, its just another development in the timeless struggle between men and women for dominance over the sexual market. Men start patriarchy Women call it oppressive Women start feminism Men call it stupid Men start Game Women call it manipulative Women start operative conventions (sexual revolution) Men call it bullshit The only major difference in our era is that the war has tipped majorly in favor of women, although it seems like it hasnt. The overtly executed practice of patriarchy is constantly being subtly exploited by feminism. Half of our troops have converted to their side with the hope that acting more feminine will grant them access to intimacy. Of course all theyll end up getting is a platonic show of appreciation and maybe a titty fuck from a fat girl with an obsession for pre- pubescent men because this whole thing is actually just a comically terrible tragedy. Men

Lombardo, Tom & Jeanne Lombardo. Seeing the Future Through New Eyes (Ed. Cynthia Wagner). Bethesda, Maryland: World Future Society, 2008

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prefer women who are feminine and women prefer men who are masculine. Why then, are both sides trying to destroy what they love while desperately clinging to the tortured and twisted remnants of their collateral leftovers? Because God Loves Irony.


If I were you, I would not attempt to cross the Granicus river And if I were you, I would also not attempt to cross the Granicus. But luckily, I am Alexander. Some men are in another class of being, bleeding confidence after every blow and commanding poon with rapacious charm. Their deluded senses of self are not their weaknesses; they are the sources of their charisma. The term ego is always subjected to a significant amount of criticism because the line separating men with fragile egos and men with big egos has been turned opaque through the endless paroquets of vengeful idiots. Having a larger-than-life self image isnt necessarily bad; the real problem is that men have been taught that having a big ego is synonymous to having a weak ego. A guy with a big ego finds it cute when someone insults him; a guy with a fragile ego finds it threatening. Youll know the difference when you see that galloping jock suddenly backlash at his girlfriend for the tiniest of infractions or when the CEO of a fortune 500 company cant take criticism from someone ranked below him. The lords of cunt throughout history have displayed their larger than life vanities in proper ambrosiac fashion. Observe not only how fucking obnoxious each of these men are, but also how insanely large their foundation for self-confidence must be. Its one thing to be valiant and another to be irrationally self-affirming to the point of titanic caricature. He would have made, said Jef Raskin, the brain behind the first Mac, an excellent king of FranceGeniuses tend to see their own lives as universally significant, embodying the great currents of their age. They may not know they are doing this, but it is evident in their work. Everything about Jobs tells me this is how he sees his life, as the distillation of the high-tech revolution and of affluent, aspirational consumerism. He is, as Dan Lyons says, the ultimate end-user, both consumer and maker.7 Napoleon saw himself as invincible and infallible, deserving of any and all power he could acquire. He began to see himself as Christ, Buddha, and Mohammed, and said, I saw myself

Appleyard, Bryan (August 16, 2009). "Steve Jobs: The man who polished Apple". The Sunday Times (UK)

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founding a religion. Everything became I or me and glory was aimed at his own deification. During an uprising in Paris he ran through the streets with a small command of troops, shouting, Follow me. If they resist, kill kill, kill! I am the god of the day! Frank Lloyd Wright even referred to himself as a creative genius in one of his many court battles. When a reporter asked him about making such a self serving statement Wright responded without hesitation, I was under oath, wasnt I? Pablo Picassos mother had been his supporter through all of his travails. When he was young, she had told him, If you become a soldier, youll be a general. If you become a monk, youll end up pope. This idolatry was imprinted on the young Picasso and armed him with resilient self- esteem. Dona Maria had created a self-absorbed individual who believed himself to be outside the bounds of ordinary behavior. From childhood on, Picasso deprecated teachers, administrators, and other authoritarian figures who dared grade his performance or criticize his work. Nikola Tesla had such a powerful internal belief system that his biographer Margaret Cheney concluded that he was his greatest invention: a self-made Superman and producer of marvels. A reporter described Teslas accomplishments as being like the dream of an intoxicated god. Teslas college professor wrote to his father asking that young Nikola be removed from school because he was in danger of killing himself from overwork. The professor had seen the signs of the megalomania in this teenager.8 During his final years, and especially after the death of Hephaestion, Alexander began to exhibit signs of megalomania and paranoia. His extraordinary achievements, coupled with his own ineffable sense of destiny and the flattery of his companions, may have combined to produce this effect He seems to have come to believe himself a deity, or at least sought to deify himself. I find it somewhat amusing whenever I see an article about how arrogance impedes success. Self-serenity is symptomatic of divinity. Our conditioned desire to avoid being cocky has been artificially inflated to emasculate us. How many times have you heard about a guy intentionally revealing his insecurities as a way to prove to a girl how hes different and not cocky like all the other guys out there? These men are not conspiring together in an assembly of encumbered

Landrum, N. Gene. Profiles of Power and Success. Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books, 1996.

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idiots to figure out ways to actively repel women. They genuinely believe that acting insecure will grant them love through sympathy because that is what they were taught to believe by a system diametrically opposed to their natural sexuality. Yes all of the examples I gave you are a bit larger-than life, but that was the point. Only people who see themselves as deserving of great confidence can emulate great confidence. None of these people were born with an elated self-esteem. They either cultivated it early because their parents or peers worshiped them, or they built it later on after tasting success. They were victims of a god-syndrome; promethean sprits with inner hydras that swept away any mental cellulite draped with insecurity.


Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men whove ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes; working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we dont need. Were the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great Wars a spiritual warour Great Depression is our lives. Dear Shark, How do you not give a shit about anything? In Buddhism they call it Nirvana, Schopenhauer called it the embrace of asceticism, even in an overly passionate religion like Islam, the greatest crusade is referred to as the one within yourself. The abstinence of worldly desires has long been considered the crux of self- actualization whether through religion, philosophy, or personal doctrine. The search for security in a blind world is a cancer birthed from our fears. Arcadia is a sisyphean dream that always ends up in self-inflicted slavery. As long as your life revolves around your hallucinated purposes, the world will own you. You cannot reason appropriately in any situation as long as you are emotionally attached to the outcome. In any pick up, you must desensitize yourself to the end result. In any relationship, you must ignore the possibility of loss. In any work-related decision, you must cut off the screaming tide of your ego. Your emotions are not negative in the sense that they exist, but their existence must be limited to their chemically induced reflexes. They must never be allowed to rule you, or sway the progress of your decisions. Controlling your emotions and desires is a conduit to freedom. The aspiring Casanova whose life revolves around the girl of his dreams cant make a decision without taking her needs into consideration. The nauseatingly rich businessman whose life revolves around money cant make a decision without thinking about the needs of his shareholders. And the blue collar
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worker constantly striving to buy a new set of furniture to make his life complete can never escape the chilling ether of a neurotic lifestyle obsession. Sometimes I wonder, why is it so hard for people to grasp the idea of letting go? The answer always comes as quick as the question. We live in the epoch of nihilism, desperately clinging to anything that gives us purpose. Too afraid to generate our principles intrinsically, we gather around anything that can save us from anomie. We have soul mates to save us from loneliness, hair gel to save us from esthetic failure, and matching furniture to save us from the sepulchral reality right outside of our houses. All of this is unnecessary, but who cares? The abyss is too deep to contemplate and if you stare into the darkness for long enough, it stares back at you.
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Chapter The Second: External Game


Every adventure to be had in this room is on the dark side. The people on the light side are asleep right now. They are dreaming about the dark side. The more you try and repress the dark side, the stronger it gets, until it finds its own way to the surface. I sleep well. I dream of angels and sponge cake and panda bears. I dont see the dark side until I open my eyes. -Neil Strauss Since its inception in the early 90s by Ross Jeffries, the seduction community has matured into a full fledged revolution. Men who previously had no chance of bedding women with their grotesquely homogenous personalities are using preordained techniques to breed their sexually repugnant genes into future generations. The effort needed to satisfy a womans internal compulsion to mate with Alphas has been reduced to triviality as practiced openings, calculated body language, and hypnotic routines are replacing the age old tradition of accumulating crass power to appease hedonistic desires. For a few dollars, any impassioned seducer can learn how to imitate Voltaires wit or Mysterys magick. Like divorce and privacy, chastity has been reduced to a statistic and the dramatic mythos of sexual congress replaced with the term F- Close. External game pays its dividends faster, but exacts a price for that speed. Relationships couched on fabricated routines have a likelihood of collapsing on their digital foundations. No man can keep his beta core hidden forever regardless of how methodically he can execute game. This isnt meant to scare you into avoiding the external game section, only to make you aware that adopting a few shortcuts to beguiling vagina can never serve as a full substitute for a strong frame. It is a complaint heard too often in the PUA community when an AFC comes running onto a forum asking for advice on how to get his ex-girlfriend back because his repertoire of lines was exhausted in a continuing relationship. The problem with purely focusing on external game is that men often come out of the rabbit hole with a perverted take on Masculinity and Game. Take the average beta for example. After putting down the vagina monologues and reading a couple of books on seduction, he quickly becomes acclimated to the field. But the bazaar of pleasure offered by loveless sex rapidly dissipates as he longs for true companionship. After every time he ejaculates into a boorish dyke, he finds himself staring at his deflating penis and wondering if all this trouble is really worth it. External game and internal game are but two sides of the same coin. The holy grail of both journeys is identical. Internal game focuses on developing an inner belief system to reinforce a
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personality based on freedom, power, and masculinity whereas external game focuses on mimicking the end product of that system with the purpose of eventually becoming that product, effectively annexing the mimicked personality into ones core character. There is no difference between relationship game and club game or internal game and external game, they are all the same. Seduction does not change in definition, only in form. It can be heterosexual, homosexual, political, economic, religious, and so forth. Fake it until you make it is a cheap substitute for what External Game really stands for. Its not about the categorization of different NLP techniques or compressing emotional rapport into the shortest amount of time possible; its about being self-aware over the natural forces that drive social dynamics and controlling those forces rather than letting them control you. Like money, it is only a tool that gives you more options. Dont look into it anymore or any less. Remember that game is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. External game only illustrates the path to glory, it does not define it. You are not suddenly the master of your universe because you dress better and can get a girlfriend by covering your ugly face with naked humor.


You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear Researchers estimate that the impact of any message is only about 7% verbal. 38% of what you say depends on vocal aesthetics (tone of voice, rhythm) and the other 55% is allotted to body language (posture, presence, physical movements)9. In the same tragic fashion governing most of our ironic debacles, men in game focus all their attention on mastering that scanty 7%. What you say to a girl is comparatively insignificant to how you say it. Our discussion over body language will be split into two parts; understanding body language and displaying proper body language, in that order. More emphasis should be placed on understanding body language because humans are self-obsessed creatures; you will have less trouble with the latter segment. A persons body language will perfectly mirror their emotional state. People who use their hands to express themselves will use gestures to signify how important they think a topic is or betray emotional subtleties. Wider hand movements correlate with issues of higher significance. If someone is consistently using hand movements throughout an entire conversation, you can gauge how important each topic is to the person relative to each other. If a girl uses conservative gestures while talking about her interest in sports and then bursts into a masterful display of metacarpus fluidity while talking about the latest celebrity gossip, you know youve got yourself a swindler. You can tell which of her past relationships she was most

Borg, James. Body Language: 7 Easy Lessons to Master the Silent Language, Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, 2010

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invested in, the things that make her tick, what motivates her, and whether she actually cares about politics and the environment or if shes just pretending to do so to seem impressive. Whether a girls hands are in an open or closed position will tell you how interested she is in you or the topic of conversation. If her palms are open and facing you, she insists on kino, or her arms are in in an open position, shes likely interested. If her arms are crossed, folded, slapping you across the face, or in a closed position, youre probably going to be masturbating tonight. I say maybe in both scenarios because body language must be read holistically (if she has closed body language during winter while youre outside, shes probably just cold). If a girl just has one hand crossed in front of her, shes feeling either slightly insecure or uncomfortable. The same applies for a guy but men generally tend to cover their groin area or put their hands in front of themselves (fixing cuff links, adjusting watches). Self-touching has been infamous for being one of the more obvious IOIs. It is the subconscious way a girl projects her need to be groomed / nurtured. The face platter (resting her face on both her hands with her palms facing down, as if her face was on a platter) is a sign of interest. It means youve built enough attraction to start backing off as the dynamic between you two has reversed. Once youve fostered enough attraction with a girl, you need to start playing more aloof non-sequitur game to let it grow. The face platter, or any sign that shes now trying to qualify herself to you rather than the other way around, is about the time when your game should shift from aggressive to passive. When a persons lying, they are likely to cover some part of their face with their hands. The process is unconscious and only noticeable by those who know what to look for. The gesture will seem completely natural. It can be a nose itch, an ear grab, an eye rub, or anything of that sort. If they put something in their mouth during the course of making a decision or while theyre evaluating you, it means they are unsure and require more confidence. Girls will do this with their glasses, biting their lips, or the drink in their hand. Genuine smiles pull the eyes and the mouth back, you can differentiate them with fake smiles after a bit of practice. Fake smiles dont cause wrinkle formations around the cheeks or eyes. A closed slip smile means she isnt interested. Voluptuous licking of the lips means shes very interested Legs crossed away from you means shes not interested, crossed towards you means she is. Steepling (holding your hands in a prayer like position) is a sign of confidence. If a person gets into a steeple position while making a decision, it means they are somewhat sure about their

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decision (whether its positive or negative is irrelevant). Other hand to face gestures, like twitches or itches indicate nervousness. Observing pupil dilation is an easy way to measure interest. Dilated pupils are indicative of a high level of attraction. Contracted pupils correlate with a negative or bored mood. Pupil dilation / contraction is much easier to catch than you think; our subconscious minds are already trained to notice it. Every time youre on a date or around a girl, your brain registers pupil dilation as a signal to increase feelings of attraction / rapport. You just need to begin training your conscious mind to catch it too. It took me about 2 weeks. Facing down while looking up, excessive smiling, or glancing down are all signs of submission. A girl will display signs of submissively coy body language whenever she is around a male she considers a prospective mate. Eye contact is a sign of rapport, if a girl holds eye contact with you and glances down sporadically; its a sign of both rapport and submission. Men do it all the time with guys they consider more Alpha than them. In a group of people, whoevers talking will constantly glance at whoever they consider to be most alpha for approval. Regardless of how hard you try to withhold signs of submission, your gestures will follow through. If you recognize a guy as more alpha than you (your body will do it subconsciously), you will glance down while speaking to him or at him for approval. This is the power of the subconscious, the way you portray yourself even by sitting or standing has an expansive effect on women that even they are unaware of. If a girl wants to get your attention, she will hold eye contact for 2 or 3 seconds and follow up with a hand gesture, smile, eye-brow raise, mouthing the word hi, or laugh. She will generate some sort of signal to indicate coy submissiveness. Never believe people when they say women are stupid and oblivious to their surroundings. When it comes to romance, women plan things out with surgical precision whether consciously or subconsciously. Tight lipped smiles, darting eyes, and extended blinking are all signals of disinterest. Lymphatic movements indicate shes playing hard to get or shes not interested. Youll know the difference because in the former, she will still respond to negs or be slightly jumpy. If shes not interested at all, her impassiveness will continue undisturbed. Social proximity can be broken up into 2 important zones. 6-18 inches is the intimate zone, anything above that is either a social or public zone. When a person enters your intimate zone, your body reacts with a flight or fight response. Kino, or any form of physical touch, is always recommended in pick ups because it greatly increases rapport by making a person feel comfortable to physical advances. Getting within 6-18 inches of a girl will have one of three affects. If shes unsure about you, shell feel insecure or uncomfortable. If shes already
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attracted to you, it will make her more attracted to you. If she doesnt like you, shell like you even less. The same applies for all forms of spatial situations. If a girl already likes you, she will like you more if you get close to her. If she already dislikes you, she will like you less if you come close to her. If a persons feet are in a relaxed position, they will point in the direction they want to go. This is why a girl who crosses her feet away from you is void of interest. The feet play an important role in reading body language because our brains have the least amount of conscious control over our legs. The feet are a window to the subconscious. If a girl crosses both her legs and her arms, communicating an idea to her will become substantially harder (including the idea that she should sleep with you). Ankle locking indicates uncertainty or fear. If a girl is into a conversation with you, she will extend her feet towards you or point them at you if shes in a standing position. If one of her feet is pointing away, she would rather be somewhere else. Quick, jerky movements like fast head nods or excessive blinking means she wants you to finish talking and go away. Slow, deliberate movements indicate that shes into the conversation. Tilting her head to one side is an IOI. All of these signals must be read appropriately in context and holistically. A person may be sitting or standing in a certain way because of their attire or the temperature rather than because they are interested / disinterested in you. If a girl shows disinterest through her body language, you must reciprocate with a greater show of disinterest. If you engage further when a girl pulls away from you, its a sign of lower status and will further reduce the amount of interest she has in you. If youre able to pull away and talk to someone else, you are displaying higher status and utilizing female hypergamy the right way. If she points her body towards you, do the same to condition her mind to wanting to give you IOIs. Even if you catch an IOI from a girl, act oblivious to it. Women are used to men not catching their subtle advances and thus will repeat them several times for him to finally get it. Each time a girl is forced to repeat an IOI, her brain rationalizes by assuming she must like you that much more (cognitive dissonance). I condensed the information in about 3-4 books for you within the last 2 pages. The books use several studies and experiments to prove their points but the useful information can be compressed efficiently.
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Memorizing all of these nuances is unnecessary; just pay more attention to whether the girl is displaying open or closed body language on a general scale. AFCs are so invested in their own failures they never pay attention to the physical subtleties of a girls body language; theyre too busy thinking about her boobs, whether theyre fucking up the routine, or what to say next. Attention to detail is the hallmark of a veteran in love. Remembering the small seemingly irrelevant things about a girl is the key to her heart. Occasionally throw in glib remarks about a random topic to see how her body language reacts. You can test the waters in this way. Randomly mention how you hate cheating whores and would rather see them shot off into space and she if she reacts. Watch her body language as shes talking about things like her father, her ex, children, partying, feminism, things that you can determine her character from. Its not difficult to read body language; you just need to start doing it. Its just like reading books; knowing how to do it doesnt mean you can benefit from it without actually doing it. Stop shutting your brain off during social interactions. In this past year, look at all the movies that came out in the box office. Almost every single one from transformers to Thor couldve been watched and fully comprehended while half-passed out on peyote with only one eye open to take in the visual effects. No one cares about the plot or the acting skills of the lead girl, its all about visuals. Clubs have become the same way. The music will make your ears bleed, the flashes of skin will make your eyes dart, how is a guy supposed to get a girl in an environment like this? Technically its easier now. Remember all of these handicaps apply to your competition too. By being the only guy who actually uses his brain while talking to a girl, you can offer the crimson paradise so many women seek to find in the wrong places. Pay attention to detail, take in everything, immerse yourself in an interaction, and understand how she feels not just what she says. Displaying proper body language has explosive ramifications for a pick up far more than how smooth your opening is. For direct game, body language is the opening. The unadultered power that your physical frame displays must tell her that you are the mortal god she has been searching for. A girls first impression of you will define the context of all of your later interactions. Initial encounters are emotionally concentrated events that can overwhelm useven convince us that the room is spinning. We walk away from them with a first impression that is like a Polaroid picturea head-to-toe image that develops instantly and never entirely fades. Often, that snapshot captures important elements of the truth. Consider one study in which untrained subjects were shown 20- to 32-second video-taped segments of job applicants greeting interviewers. The subjects then rated the applicants on attributes such as self-assurance and likability. Surprisingly, their assessments were very close to
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those of trained interviewers who spent at least 20 minutes with each applicant. What semblance of a personone with a distinct appearance, history and complex personalitycould have been captured in such a fleeting moment? The answer lies in part in how the brain takes first-impression Polaroidscreating a composite of all the signals given off by a new experience. Psychologists agree that snap judgments are a holistic phenomenon in which clues (mellifluous voice, Rolex watch, soggy handshake, hunched shoulders) hit us all at once and form an impression larger than their sum. We do search for one particular sign on a new face: a smile. "We can pick up a smile from 30 meters away," says Paul Ekman, professor of psychology at the University of California Medical School in San Francisco, and a pioneer of research on facial expressions. "A smile lets us know that we're likely to get a positive reception, and it's hard not to reciprocate." By the time we flash that return grin, our Polaroid shutter will have already closed. Just three seconds are sufficient to make a conclusion about fresh acquaintances. Nalini Ambady, professor of psychology at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, studies first impressions carved from brief exposure to another person's behavior, what she calls "thin slices" of experience. She says humans have developed the ability to quickly decide whether a new person will hurt or enrich usjudgments that had lifesaving ramifications in an earlier era.10 Notice that smiling is necessary to build initial rapport in your first impression, but then becomes frivolous. Excessive smiling only makes you a try-hard beta no woman would deign to love. Start with a relaxed core. Dominant animals move slower and at a more relaxed pace because they feel less threatened. Our minds are hardwired to interpret slow movement as a sign of confidence and strength. Because were generally conditioned to live our lives at a specific pace, it will take a while before your deliberately slowed movements come about without any conscious effort. The period of transition where the physical body resists change by inflicting pain on itself is a sacred rite for all long-term transformations. Get rid of the sense of urgency in all of your actions. Dont walk or talk like youre at the barrel end of rejection. You cannot win a girls heart without focusing on her winning you. Move like a craving sea lion gliding through a school of circling salema. Betas move faster to thwart danger, a conditioned response built into a fearful creature.


Flora, Carlin (May 14, 2004). The First Impression Psychology Today

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The dominant position is always the upper position. When you go in for a handshake, thrust your hand with your palm facing forward so as to force the other person to shake your hand from the bottom, the submissive position. When youre saying hi to someone, nod your head upwards rather than downwards. Nodding upwards take advantage of the feminine desire to look up towards men they consider dominant. When youre smoking, blow smoke upwards. If you need to gaze distractedly somewhere, gaze at your level, avoid looking down. Looking up might make you look retarded. Apply this concept to every micro-social interaction. When youre holding hands with a girl, make sure your hand is the one on top. Always prefer wide, deliberate movements that have a purpose. Fast or twitchy movements are for subordinates. Stride confidently, never creep or walk nervously. Maintain good posture while you walk. If this is difficult, do squats, dead lifts, and other workouts that improve posture. Inner game indirectly improves posture; a strong frame of mind manifests itself as a confident exterior. Smile, but not excessively. Smiling serves two purposes, alphas and betas always smile for different reasons. A smile can either be a sign of happiness, or a sign of submission. Betas will smile excessively, say lol, lmao or rofl unnecessarily, or laugh during un-funny moments to display compliance; it is their way of minimizing threat projection to build rapport. Alphas smile less often because their internal desire is to maximize threat projection rather than to minimize it. The opposite occurs at uncomfortable places like new social venues where youll see an alpha sporting a shit eating grin and a beta just eating shit. The beta is withdrawn because he feels threatened; the alpha takes it as an opportunity to extend his dominance. The same behavior patterns are seen in chimps and other mammals close to our species. Always hold eye contact, but not for awkwardly long periods of time. Never, ever look down when talking to a girl. Her mind will register it as an immediate DLV (display of lower value). Sometimes you wont be able to help looking down when talking to another guy, but try and control your eyes as much as possible. The more you let yourself glance downwards, the more your body assumes you are in the submissive position of a relationship. If youre holding eye contact with a girl, make sure she breaks it first unless shes obsessed with cats and has a bizarre need to establish mental dominance through soul gazing. Several experiments in dating have proven that couples that hold eye contact build much stronger rapport. Looking above the eyes or around the eyes doesnt count either, you must stare right into her pupil. When are talking to someone, hold strong eye contact. When someone is talking to you, gaze away absent-mindedly. In the initial stages of attraction, youll want to hold eye contact at both stages. The power position is always the vantage point with maximized vision. In a rectangular table, this means the seat at either head. At a circular table propped against a wall, it is the seat on the table tangent to the wall. In a circular or square table in the middle of a room, you must
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independently measure the situation to determine the power position. At a bar, it is the standing position against the bar. When youre standing, never stand with your hands covering the front of your body. This is an instinctual defense mechanism for humans; other people subconsciously notice your action as a sign of insecurity. Keeping your hands behind your back or in an open position makes you seem more powerful. It makes you more vulnerable, which our mind interprets as a sign of power because only animals that are fearless of their surroundings could afford to be vulnerable. Be conscious of your twitches. If you have a medical condition, I cant help you. Otherwise, start exercising & working on your internal issues. Body or facial twitches, uncontrolled movements, and awkward mobility result from internal imbalances that leak out in corporeal form. Besides being fidgety, watch for twitches like a need to fix your cufflinks, adjust your watch, or anything in the front of your body. This is your way of subconsciously keeping your arms in front of you to thwart psychological blows. Men do it at parties when they hold their drinks too high or fold their arms. Keep your chest, body, and legs open. Talk slow. People who talk fast feel the need to rush themselves because they dont think theyll get to finish what they have to say. Betas in the presence of alphas will always talk faster. Talking slower helps you maintain a hypnotic tone. During the initial attraction phase, your tone must be charismatic but not desperate. If your voice cracks, save yourself the embarrassment and eject immediately. In the later stages of seduction, especially during a relationship, your tone can jump from sarcastic, prosaic, charming, to passionate. Never hold a vexed, annoying, or baby-sounding tone. A sarcastic tone will help disarm shit tests and neutralize possible fem fiascos. A prosaic tone helps you maintain that grudging reluctance needed to win over a girls real heart. A women wants to know that only a champion of her type can win over your heart and that no other girl has a chance with you. If you make it too easy for a girl to get you excited, desperate, loving, or needy, she will resent you for eternity. A passionate tone helps in bed, when you want to tell her that you love her, or when exchanging romantic whisperings to embellish your relationship with amatory phenomena. Never let your passionate tone resonate with neediness. If you find this happening, withdraw it. A charming tone is like a combination between a passionate and sarcastic tone. It helps to extrovert your charm unto different topics of conversation, crazy stories, or your surroundings (situational humor). Never talk with your hands over your mouth or constantly drifting to your face. It gives off the impression that you are hiding something. If you tilt your head to one side and show a bit of your ear while maintaining open body language, she feels that you are being open and listening to her (your ear is visible). This can be manipulated in 1 on 1 persuasive arguments when youre the only one talking but your opponent feels more inclined to listen because youre giving off the subtle impression that youre listening to them, even though youre not. Slouching can be either beta or Alpha depending on the context. If youre already perceived as Alpha, slouching makes you look relaxed and uncaring. If you are already perceived as a beta, slouching makes you look like you dont have enough bodily strength to stand erect. No girl
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wants to date a fat sack with a gut and bitch tits who cant stand up straight. Women want an Alpha who can stand with the posture of a general but who slouches occasionally during war to show he is unperturbed by stress. Never lean forward when talking to a girl, especially if shes leaning back. Her words are not so precious that they stipulate a swath of laser focus. You must listen to her words with the interest of a man with options one who considers their application but is constantly on the prowl for more lubricated genetilia. Your body language should always display dominance and control, but never interest, unless it is shown first by the girl. The only time you show interest is when you use it as a reward to reciprocate her advances. Otherwise, remain tepid. Once youve built attraction with a girl, she will begin to mirror your internal state. If you are standing awkwardly, she will feel and be awkward. If youre standing comfortably like a king surveying his underlings, she will feel and be comfortable. Use hand gestures when youre exciting her with short vignettes to make her reflect your excitement. Be animated as youre talking about something that excites you. Be aware that she will reflect whatever state she perceives you to be in.


Everything in the world of mens fashion revolves around female hypergamy the poignant need for all women to trade up the social ladder. Men commonly misunderstand Hypergamy, immediately interpreting it in terms of popularity or monetary resources when it has a much looser definition. A girl whos attracted to her boyfriend because hes a talented musician, because he can write good poetry, or because of his lurid detachment in life is still exercising her need to trade up the social ladder the same way gold diggers do when they stake out rich guys. Hypergamy vaguely refers to the desire of women to mate with men they view as alpha and their willingness to leave men less alpha if they view the tradeoff as reproductively beneficial (a girl will not leave a mid-alpha husband for a one night fling with a super alpha rock star due to a superseding emotional bond).

In the world I see you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller center. Youll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life. Youll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when you look down, youll see tiny figures pounding corn, laying strips of venison on the empty car pool lane of some abandoned super highway.

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All styles of fashion and what they stand for stem from this demonic compulsion for women to date alpha males. Suits and ties display money and status. White shirts with ripped jeans display a nihilistic I dont give a shit attitude. Tight graphic t- shirts emphasize strong physiques. All of these styles, regardless of how different they are, are geared towards displaying power in different forms (titular, indifference, or sexuality). Its a refined form of neo-prostitution. Women want to see power displays from their boyfriends through clothes, raw indifference, psychological dominance, or dauntless feats of courage. There is no right way to dress, any style can attract women. Some guys look like closeted gays when they wear earrings, other guys can pull them off. Scottish men even wear dresses, although that might be pushing it. Rather than a universal formula for dressing well, there are fundamental concepts based on hypergamy that one should use as guidelines. A style will attract women with similar taste. Ghetto guys will attract ghetto girls; preppy guys will attract preppy girls. Again we see that the predominance of capitalism in our society will automatically mark suits, ties, tuxedos, shiny shoes, and other clothing that represent financial or political influence as the pinnacle of male fashion. Suits dont look any more visually appealing than Ed Hardy shirts, but our social conditioning makes them out to be more a la mode. Within the beginning stages of a relationship, you can guess what kind of style a girl is most attracted to based on where she lives and her friends (especially the ones from her childhood). If you find out she recently moved into an area where everyone dresses in preppy golf attire, but she spent most of her childhood at the slums skateboarding, dunks & robots will out game Lacoste and polo. Catching this type of social imprinting with a girl is important. It extends beyond clothing and we will return to it again in the dating segment. For now, remember that every girl has been imprinted with a specific dress code she will prefer above all others. It is most likely the style of the dominant male figures she encountered in her youth. Imitation is suicide; you must always be the exception. Peacocking was a term coined by Mystery to refer to wearing interesting objects, clothes, or accessories to grab attention. They have the added benefit of giving a girl a way to start a conversation if she so desires. If she can say something like nice hat or ask a question about something youre wearing (is that a thong?) she has an excuse to talk to you while retaining plausible deniability. This is crucial for women as they are even more self-conscious than men about rejection or a bad approach. Items I recently used for peacocking: - Necklace made out of lucky charms, the cereal. When a girl asked me what kind of necklace is that? I told her theyre lucky charms and when she asked, wow, from where I followed up with a cereal box and explained my genius to her.

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- At a wine and cheese party with a bunch of semi-rich people I took a marker and drew a watch on my wrist and wrote Rolex in the middle. Most people found it really funny although I think some guys with actual Rolexes felt a bit uncomfortable. - A bracelet I got from a real Shaman in Malaysia. I dont wear it much anymore because I think it may have real necromantic powers. I kid you not, every time I fell asleep while wearing it, Ive suffered from vivid night terrors. - A fake wedding band. Works like the One Ring of Power. Any time you pretend to be married, expect your chances with a girl to shoot up by 50% or more. If she asks about it in the middle of sex later on that night, say youre divorced but you wear it for sentimental value. Or say what wedding ring? and shell rationalize it away by assuming she was hallucinating. If youre really badass, you can be like Napoleon and tell her Power is my Mistress and wear the actual One Ring of Power, although I expect such an antic would take a surreal level of Jedi Game to properly pull off. Never wear more than one or two things that stand out simultaneously. Attention grabbing objects have a marginal rate of return; the more of them you wear, the less impact each of them have individually. Be weary of visually stellar clothing. Graphic t-shirts and colorful ties stood out at one point in time, now they simply blend in to the crowd. If everyone plays the role of a rebel, no ones a rebel. Wear what no one else wears, do what no one else does. Dont overdo peacocking; always measure how much effort it looks like you put into an outfit. Looking like youre trying too hard to peacock gives off the impression that youre masking a deficit in other areas. An item should barely whisper your disdain for convention. A slight disturbance in your appearance that makes a girl notice you without her noticing why she noticed you. Seeming try-hard immediately brands you as a try-hard. Peacocking is positively related with your level of Alpha or pre-conceived eccentricity. If youre a famous celebrity for example, you can walk into a club with a shiny silver cape and no ones going to accuse you of suffering from psychic distress. Lady Gaga can look like a Martian Sapphic gang banger and no ones going to think shes trying to get attention; shes just expressing her individuality. Never dress the same way consistently. If you always have to wear suits to work, have a more versatile wardrobe back at home. Evolving the way you look from suddenly wearing glasses to colored contacts can help you avoid the trap of over-comfort in relationships. Both men and women (especially men) get sexually bored with their partners after a while because people have evolved to prefer physical variety. Changing your appearance marginalizes this effect in relationships. Remain formless; dont let your style be definable. Half of your gender smells like cooked dick. Take advantage of this by wearing cologne. Some of my personal favorites are Bulgari Black, Armani Code, Coolwater, Chanel Allure, and Egoiste.
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There are plenty more out there, get a girls opinion if you need to. Never, ever wear axe or cheap body spray. Making it blatantly obvious that youre wearing something cheap is a DLV (display of lower value) even in the presence of women who dont care about money. It signals to her that you care about money, but dont have enough to support your swanky taste. If a guy who always wears sweats and slippers wore fake jewelry, it would take away the I dont care about money effect and replace it with I do care about money, but I dont have any. You can take two approaches to cologne. You can have multiple ones to stay unpredictable, or use only one and brand your presence to it. Even in the latter example, you must eventually change colognes to avoid the dregs of familiarity. I recommend rotating between 3 or 5 different smells and applying certain ones more liberally, depending on how many compliments you get and from whom. Avoid desensitizing your girlfriend to a smell she says she really likes. Abstain from the pitfalls of repetition. Apply cologne liberally. I know guides will often tell you to use only a minimal amount, but I promise you from in-field experience, thats bullshit. Its almost a conspiracy, I expect most of these guys who tell you dont put on too much cologne do it themselves and hope their advice will keep you from becoming a competitor. While you dont want to smell so piquant that you give your date an asthma attack, do edge more towards putting on too much rather than too little. If youre poor, take advantage of it by preferring not to wear $5,000 suits. If youre poor but insist on wearing priced down clothing, you are intentionally entering a losing battlefield. Take advantage of your passions and what you do have. A broke single-father who plays amazing pool will outclass the millionaire entrepreneur in a billiards hall if he plays his cards right. Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses. If youre a broke stand-up comedian, make your own funny t-shirts instead of wearing fake Armani suits. Play to your advantage. Do not follow the get a womans advice tip universally. If you read game literature, it should be obvious by now that women have absolutely no fucking idea about what they want in a guy. If your taste in clothing is insulting to humanity, you have three options. Find a girl who overtly admits that she likes assholes or is somewhat consciously aware of female psychology (they are rare, but they exist), has a strong self-esteem, and dresses well herself. She will give you good advice. Find an alpha known to dress well and copy his style. Or, look at manikins, celebrities, and blogs. As a rule of thumb, never spend too much time trying to correct your sense of fashion. Its better to be productive in other ways while wearing a white t-shirt and converses than to spend your time obsessively observing the latest fashion trends. Not all gay people know how to dress well. This is a universal misconception with dangerous repercussions. Sometimes a gay guy will just teach you how to look gay. Your style must be daring, bold, and give off the aura of power while looking like youre not trying to do any of the above. Genius and creativity must always come off as effortless, even if

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extra effort is needed to make them seem so. You must never seek attention through your clothing attention must seek you. Because first impressions have a filtering effect, its important to always stay at your best. Slacking at the gym or dressing lazy immediately diminishes your value. Its fun and quixotic to believe that people arent shallow but alas the moment we reject reality is the moment it works against us. If youre constantly running into your exes, look like youre about to try out for a part in the next James Bond movie every time you go out. A girl will not forgive you if your first impression on her reeks of failure even if your next five say otherwise. First impressions can be reversed, but its much easier to get it right from the start. Burn an image of a Super Alpha God Father into her mind within the first three seconds she notices you. If previously youve been dressing or looking more proletariat than GQ, make your changes in outward appearance come about gradually. A sudden shift in the way you look overtly communicates your desire to change to be someone youre not. Your mind doesnt have enough time to readjust to the status quo and you risk going back to your old ways, but under a different skin. Make your change gradual, an unintentional reflex from a change in your thoughts and perception. If those around you notice a progressive difference rather than an impulsive one, they will assume it to be more genuine. The women around you will assume you are oblivious to the changes and will make their own assumptions about you which is exactly what you want. The more a girl has to draw her own inferences about you, the more she will feel both connected to you and accomplished through her sense of intuition. Fit is everything. Oversized or undersized clothing will either make you look gay or unappealing, regardless of how trendy what youre wearing is. In some cases youll look even more homosexual if your clothing is both trendy and tight. Ive spent a while thinking about why fit is so important in accordance with biomechanics and I could only come up with one reasonable explanation. Beauty, if mathematically reduced to its rawest form, comes down a perfect set of proportions and asymmetry. Whenever you see a guy in an oversized jacket or sagging pants, this rule immediately becomes violated. The only exception to the above rule is when you are intentionally exaggerating the size of your clothing. You might have noticed before that clothing for men is much more expensive than for women. At this point, you should be educated enough to realize why. The somber eye of visual appeal is all thats needed for men. A $5 dress can be just as attractive as a $500 dress. The same doesnt apply for a man. If you wear a shirt with a small drawing of a guy playing polo on your left tit, you suddenly become seamlessly entwined with the aura of a powerful being. Womans fashion is the result of an internal crisis over their lack of control over physical beauty. The importance of the genetic lottery is unproportional for women and time is exceptionally cruel to them. Its the same thing when men adopt frivolous pursuits while theyre searching for their own identities in an increasingly anarchic world. We are all victims to our own vanity.
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Mix in contrary game with your sense of dress. A man who walks in with a fedora and starts talking about 19th century music is too predictable. But if he were to tell you he listens to hip hop and plays Pokmon suddenly he becomes interesting. What doesnt make logical sense is enticing; it makes us want to question, to learn more. Im going to list a couple of fashion blogs on my site, but I should add that Im doing so with a bit of reluctance so I find it necessary to also tell you how to use them. Never spend more than 45 seconds looking through a fashion blog. Go to the site, quickly scroll up and down, and if you find anything that you like, remember the look for later. Do not spend time you could be using to plot against your enemies reading through articles about sartorial trends. Do not spend more than 5 seconds looking at a piece of clothing and deciding if you want it. The only time you should patiently shop is when you need to try things on to make sure they fit right. Otherwise, shopping is purely a womans activity; do not enjoy it even for a second. The only reason you shop is to look better so you can fuck more women. You do not ever, ever shop because you enjoy shopping. You hate shopping. You loathe spending your time at a mall. But you find it a necessary evil to avoid obtuse vajayjays and bang only the best. Men are stylish, not fashionable. Look Good. Smell Good. Fuck Good.


Warning: If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is another second off your life. Dont you have other things to do? Is your life so empty that you honestly cant think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with authority that you give respect and credence to all that claim it? Do you read everything youre supposed to read? Do you think every thing youre supposed to think? Buy what youre told to want? Get out of your apartment. Meet a member of the opposite sex. Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove youre alive. If you dont claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned. A large portion of external game depends on being able to trick women into thinking youre a billionaire and then sleeping with them before they realize youre not. A few cheap parlor tricks can go a long way into massacring vagina or tricking your wife into giving you morning blowjobs. Displaying an attractive lifestyle can be tricky because you still have to keep gold diggers at bay, prevent a girl from thinking youre intentionally trying to impress her, and keep all of your externalities congruent with the rest of your game. If youre all Bondesque while at a bar and then you take a girl back to a shithole house with piss leaking from the bathroom upstairs, shell feel duped and possibly repulsed (if you live in said house, dont act like James Bond, act like Tyler Durden. Being poor can be used as a weapon if spun the right way).
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Your bachelors pad must contain all the functional necessities for a girl to stay over. Tissues, extra tooth brushes, clean fluffy towels, even tampons if you have women over for consecutive days (or if your AFC friends have vaginas). Entertainment should include a television at the bare minimum. Board games, magazines (cosmopolitan), and a stereo system are also recommended. Fish, plants, or stuffed animals are good to liven up the atmosphere and display your provider capabilities. Women subconsciously take note of things like pets to measure your potential as a long-term suitor. If you have a mangy puppy that looks like hes been beat a couple of times, dont expect a second date. Candles, massage oil, and condoms should always be available. Never keep new condoms visible, or even worse, used condoms visible. Peacocking doesnt only apply to your clothing; it applies to anything associated with you. Peacock with items in your house by keeping interesting objects that can serve as topics of conversation. Exotic plants, lava lamps, or vintage items all work well. Your sofa and bed should resemble royalty as close as possible. If you cant afford 1,000 thread count Egyptian Sateen sheets with pillows made out of Ostrich feathers, buy covers and wrappings as a substitute (find a couch on the streets and drape it with a suede couch cover). Keep everything spotless. No shit stains on the ceiling, no crusty dried piss on the toilet seat, and no phlegm in the sink. Dirty Guys are popularized because their carelessness exudes confidence and power, they arent actually unhygienic. And if they are, its because their frame control is powerful enough to subvert a womans normal human standards. Vast wealth will counteract hygienic shortcomings any day. Any man who thinks otherwise should take a look at Howard Hughess track record. Even female luminaries who have an elevated standard will make exceptions for sadistically powerful men. To end the Dirty Alpha misconception once an for all, dirtiness is only attractive because it displays power through indifference. A repugnant odor is never attractive. Bad breath will never turn a girl on. If you can smell good while still looking carelessly dirty, you can achieve both ends. The reason Id recommend straying towards the immaculately groomed side is because attraction comes down to a numbers game. Proportionally, a larger number of women will prefer cleanliness over tribal dirtiness. Yes, some women are turned on by bacteria and gross habits, but the exceptions do not make the rule. Alcohol and a mini bar is a must. Make it look like your apartment could belong to Don Draper. Keep a variety of drinks in your fridge, from Snapple to bottled water and soft drinks. For some reason it makes a big difference in rapport when you have a stocked fridge. I imagine this has something to do with a womans nesting instinct. If you find yourself fucking fat girls a lot, youll need a lot of ice cream bars and popsicles. Candy helps to disarm little kids if you find yourself dating a single mom. I hate little cock blocking fuckers so I keep truckloads of skittles in stock to distract the shit out of them. When fat women start breathing heavy, they are getting hungry. Feed them adequately before you continue boffing them. Have something for women of all tastes to appreciate, keep all of your bases covered.

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Be a good drink mixer. You dont have to be a professional bar tender, just have a basic knowledge over alcohol and learn how to pour juice with an allusively smooth aura. Women are much better at catching clues to a persons character; a girl will be judging you based on all of her minute observations. Use this to your advantage. Keep a romance novel barely hidden, a picture of you and your best looking ex girlfriend lying around somewhere, or anything that hints towards what you want to convey to her. If you want a girl to know something about, you cannot tell her directly. Leave breadcrumbs that will lead her to the same conclusion. Let her feel like she has intuitively discovered a lot about you by looking through your home. Romance novels give off the impression that you have a romantic side hidden deep down inside that requires vigorous work to uncover. A challenge every girl secretly fantasizes about undertaking. Besides romance novels, keep a collection of books somewhere in stock, preferably classics. A mans favorite says a lot about his personality. If a girl comes from a religious household, keep a bible (or your respective religious book) out in the open. Dont act religious, just keep it there. The gesture will make her connect with you better (struggling to hold onto roots in an increasingly chaotic world). As we delve further into the information age, cars are becoming less and less important in terms of pick up. A few years ago it was almost essential to have a car if you were over 21, otherwise youd look like a loser. Nowadays, especially if you live in the city, it barely makes a difference. If you do have a car, or are considering to buy one, keep it in good visible condition. Again, a girl will measure your ability as a long term provider based on how well you take care of the things around you. For the size range of your car, stay away from the extremes. Yappy cars that are too small look weird and cars that are way too big make you look like youre insecure about your penis size. Stick to basic colors unless youre driving a Lamborghini. Until youre in the extreme ranges of wealth, your car model wont matter. As long as theres no dried up cum stains in the backseat or dead body in the drunk, a girl wont care what type of car you have (granted its a decent looking car). If you have to drive a car that looks like it came out of an episode of the Flintstones, donate it to the museum and get a bike instead. Better to pretend to be eco- friendly and ditch cars than drive a broken one and say you cant afford a better one. Theres no shame in not having a car, but if you act embarrassed over it, it will reflect in her. And lets face it; electric cars are for pussies. If you have the money, buy useless gadgets like night vision goggles and nerf guns. Most people remember their childhood as a perpetual state of bliss. If you can tap into this inner sanctum of happiness through established anchors, you will make your presence a breath of nostalgic fresh air. Nintendo made the lives of a million players around the world significantly easier by releasing the Wii. Never before has a video game system been built for the sole purpose of tearing down last minute resistance like a crack team of philanderers.
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The belly rules the mind. If you eat like shit, expect to function like shit. Treat your body with care; I cant over-emphasize this point. Go to the gym and eat healthy religiously. Living on a clean diet keeps your head clear and your cock from going dysfunctional. Ever heard horror stories of guys whose penises failed them last minute? That comes from a lifestyle of binge drinking and taking distilled morphine through a glass funnel. You will end up echoing your diet more than you think. Consider this as a warning more than a piece of advice. Use caffeine and supplements. Performance enhancing drugs often get a bad rep because stupid people abuse them and give the entire industry a bad name. Caffeine is addictive, but youll be fine if you drink a cup a day or less. Dont let it snowball from 1 cup to 2 cups to a pot a day. Dont wait to take supplements until youre 80 and cant live without them. Take them now; preventative health care is always the best type. Getting a torn physique is the easiest way to gain social proof. It boosts your confidence and makes you more attractive. Not just a medially ok looking body, make it look like you eat metal for breakfast. Of course this has its limits, dont overdo the weight gaining aspect. Women prefer men who are built extremely well and bigger than average, but not juice heads who look like the hulk on steroids. Theres a growing breed of women now looking for skinny guys with a more feminine build; like Rudolph Valentino. If youre a natural ectomorph, use this to your advantage instead of constantly trying to put on weight. Now since were all realists here, lets be honest, abs are the most important muscle for attracting women (unless they look disproportionate, like skinny packs). My social circle game went from banging 2 girls to 35+ including 4 lesbian mermaids the first time I got abs. This being said, abs do NOT make up for a weak overall physique. Focus on everything from calves to triceps. A good overall anatomy will get you pussy at wholesale prices. It grazes the ancestral need for women to search for protectors much more than glossy eyes or a cool hair cut. There are too many resources online for me to try and offer workout tips without turning this into a rote discussion. But I will say this, always be changing your work out routine. Both your mind and your physical body need to be constantly challenged in different ways. Avoid receding into repetitive routines. Always look to be innovative in your work outs. Get out of your comfort zone. Google things every man should know how to do. There are certain questions that should be made unlawful for men to ask. For example, you should never have to ask, how do you tie a tie? or how do you jumpstart a car? Learn these things yourself if your father hasnt taught you. Luckily you live in the age of YouTube and Wikipedia so everything you want to learn will be within your reach. In Roger Dodger, Campbell Scott states the uncomfortable truth often left unsaid; men are only useful as per their utility to society and certain men are more useful than others. We can read maps, we can lift heavy objects, we can direct troops in battle. If we cant do any of these things, we are not being productive members of a society that recently gained the ability to moot our existence through artificial insemination.
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In our generation, status whoring is the religion of the day. Resource displays, no matter how shameful, work. Cufflinks, expensive watches, an AMEX black card, all of these things create a subtext of wealth and power that serves as a catalyst for seduction. Same thing with fame. If your lifestyle consists of dodging TMZ and Googling your own name, vaginas will march in unison towards your all-mighty blessed-be cock. Take part in activities that let you peg multiple goals at once. Yoga will let you meet flexible girls and help you disseminate stress simultaneously. Hanging out at cafes gives you a place to meet people and get work done at the same time. Book stores let you read and meet girls with similar interests. Incorporate highly productive habits in your day to day routine. Surround yourself with eccentricity. What is bold and different is seductive. Drink black coffee, read philosophy, learn how to pick a door lock, take salsa lessons, learn how to hunt, write poetry, watch the discovery channel, be a fan of ballet over sports, be different, be unique. Keep a musical instrument in your bedroom, a copy of the Kama-Sutra, and a millennia old relic you dug up yourself. Be quick on your feet, learn to play poker, and improve your wit. Imagine your life as a movie at all points and yourself as the omniscient Alpha commanding the world. AVOID COMPLICATIONS. Wear a condom when youre having sex with a prostitute (coated with penicillin if need be), dont deal drugs, dont aid or abet a fugitive, dont sit in a car without a seatbelt on, dont get a girl pregnant by accident, dont be stupid. One of the biggest misconceptions about being Alpha is that it turns you into a risk taker. I never take risks, ever. I manage them. I dont take risks with uncontrollable variables. I dont drink and drive, I dont play the lotto, I dont delegate jobs to other people without knowing that they can do it. I take risks on myself, because I am supremely confident in my own ability; but my tenacity and ambition is a variable I control. The avoiding stupidity lesson will save you a lot of time and wasted effort if you learn it early. Embrace common sense, humanitys weakness. Dont do things without thinking. Be capable, be a problem solver. Associate your identity with symbols of power. For long-term relationships and political seduction, this is the most important form of peacocking. Buy a gun and let your wife massage the barrel, buy a timepiece and blind your girlfriend with the embezzled diamonds, get a tattoo of something with symbolic importance that makes other people cringe with fear. Poeticize your appearance; make it greater than just a man. Create spectacles around your life. No one cares about what the guy with the 9-5 job is doing. Everyone is too busy watching the bold. Their own lives are boring as fuck; they live vicariously through the adventurous people around them. They are driven by an evolutionarily mediated response aimed at searching for leaders who arent afraid to push the boundaries in life. The audacious capture the hearts of their fans because their impudence gives birth to the seductive
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surreality everyone desperately craves. People will follow men with visions to no controlled end. Women want to find someone they can obsess over with cult fixation. No fear, no distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter, truly slide. Get things done at a maniacal pace. Good things do not happen to those who wait. They happen to those who cant wait, those who chase good things with fucking fangs and pitchforks. Time management is for the desperate loser who doesnt know how to be productive. You dont need time management skills, you are already a machine. Find your goals, pursue them. Behind the faade of an unperturbed man, you must be calculative and fiercely determined. Triage ruthlessly. Get rid of habits that are unproductive, stop talking to girls on facebook unless youre fucking them. Keep your goals and dreams in mind, nothing else matters. Dont waste your time making schedules and to-do lists. Those are for people who cant manage time but like to write shit down to make themselves feel like theyre getting things done. Dont deal with life the way dead people do. SOCIAL PROOF To compensate for the difficulties in their lives, people spend a lot of their time daydreaming, imagining a future full of adventure, success, and romance. If you can create the illusion that through you they can live out their dreams, you will have them at your mercyThe perfect illusion is one that does not depart too much from reality, but has a touch of the unreal to it. -Robert Greene The emotional response of attraction in the presence of a man displaying the right value cues is the ensuing rationalization a girl uses for being attracted to a Man she perceives to have high reproductive value. Social proof is evidence of a mans worth, or couthed in modern terminology, proof that other women like him, and other men follow him. Dressing good and mastering kinesics are good ways to establish preliminary social proof, but they quickly metabolize in the world of menstrual judgment. A man dressed like Mystery but standing by himself at the corner of a club texting his guy friends isnt a Venusian virtuoso, hes just a loser saddled into a funny looking costume begging for attention. Social proof is the last and most important piece of the external game puzzle. You can stand next to a girl with your hand in your pocket, designer shades on your face, and wreaking of pheromones, but if a girl walks by and says arent you that loser who tried to pick me up last week? and you have no response, all of your targets lacteal veins will focus their energies on her rejection ganglia (in the above scenario, respond with no, youre not my type). Say you approach a mixed set of 2 guys and 4 girls. The opening works out well but their other friends from outside enter the fray. You dont know the set well enough to get an immediate
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introduction and they begin laughing at inside jokes. Immediately you are frozen out into a non- reactive state; every moment you spend in the set diminishes your social proof. A male with high reproductive value wouldnt spend his time qualifying himself for entrance to a circle of people; he would leave and look to socialize with other sets. Women are preprogrammed to subconsciously notice desperate behavior like this and to use it to assess a mans potential as a suitor, or lack thereof. Nothing says low value like a hardcore rejection. As soon as a girl blows you off with jagged indifference, your value in the eyes of other women within her proximity shrivels up. Approaching without appearing too eager and ejecting in time is crucial to maintaining a sense of dignity in the eyes of other women. Rejection is nothing, its a simulated emotional response trained to keep men in line, but if not properly alloyed, it can quickly poison an entire night. Persistence is only a good trait in the dating market if it comes out of confidence. Otherwise, you risk giving off a rapist vibe. Rejection for women is an ego-feeding art. Dont approach a girl twice in the same night after shes rejected you once. Women are Templars of the dark arts, they relish in crushing egos for the sake of careening lesser men out of the gene pool. Do not stay in a set after you get blown out. I cant grasp the reasoning behind this, but I imagine guys do it because they get paralyzed when an approach dive bombs too quickly. Dont worry about your pride while youre talking to a girl, if you need to eject, eject. The presence of another Alpha sets off a compete mentality in men brazen enough to collide with other juggernauts. If you ever lose a verbal wordplay to another aspiring seducer and let him neutralize you, the shift in dominance will cause your game to rapidly death spiral. Men have a propensity to get defensive around other guys who subvert their dominance, which lowers their social proof even further. If you dont have enough preceding value to implicitly out game a natural alpha who just took over your set, politely excuse yourself from the oncoming slaughter. Counter AMOGing > Avoidance > Losing and standing there as the new beta. Disarm a douchebag that walks into your circle by putting him in a qualifying mentality. Either charm him, or subtly neg him. If you have an initial amount of superseding social status, you can compliment him and make him want to earn more of your affections, just like a girl. If he comes into your set with gunz blazing, tell him he looks metro. If youre on the offense, use the nicer method, dont be a dickwad unless its called for. Any uncomfortable physical position maintained for the purpose of talking to someone else reduces social proof. Standing while talking to someone seated reduces social proof. Sitting down uncomfortably to talk to a girl reduces social proof. Squeezing yourself into a table reduces your social proof. An alpha with options would forgo any type of discomfort no matter how minute because the tradeoff for vagina is never worth it for him. Watch betas while theyre in the company of their girlfriends; they will suffer the worse indignities womankind has to offer for a pussy-handout. Even if youre not a high value male and you havent had had a
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date for 15 years, pretend like you have options. Standing outside a social circle while talking makes your dialogue look like its being propelled by an unspoken need to qualify yourself. Standing against a wall while outlaying the rest of your minions helps maintain a cyborgian alpha tenure. Use the above rule to increase your relative value to someone when you can. Place yourself in the power position and your target in social sloth. Use your hands or your physical positioning to preclude someone from a conversation. Create that split second of subconscious rejection needed to contrast with the whirl of pleasure soon to come. Artificially create an awkward faux pas to achieve a desired outcome. Game is establishing a New World Order, be at the apex of the pyramid. Anytime you turn your back to something or someone, you are indicating higher value. Casually reject people in this way if you sense failure. A monotonic conversation will always be blamed on the guy, even if its the girl whos been talking. Swing the pendulum back at women by being the one to proactively reject them. Any position that gives off a semblance of eagerness reduces social proof. Looking like youre following a girl, approaching a set with too much zeal, or burning through routines so quickly that it becomes madly obvious youve practiced this a thousand times in front of a mirror reduces social proof. When youre walking towards a girl youre about to approach, remember that she already notices you and is sizing you up before you say your first word. If you walk over too fast, your eagerness will betray a sense of nervousness. The far extreme holds true too; looking hesitant reduces social proof. A girl within your target reach who has clearly telegraphed her interest in you will assume you dont have balls to approach if you keep glancing at her from the side but refuse to go up to her. Audacity is an art. If executed poorly, it comes off as desperation. If not executed at all, it comes off as a missed opportunity. Rejection is always better than regret. Detecting failed positioning is simpler than it seems; humans have evolved the emotion of awkwardness for a reason. Pay attention to your gut instincts, the flood of endorphins that follows a successfully executed power play is a time-honored tradition our bodies hold sacred. The prevailing theme in curing social maladies is simple: avoid them. If you think you can overcome the obstacle by charming your way out of poor positioning, go for it (not recommended for ex-betas who are new to the game). Otherwise, its best to strategically maneuver around awkward situations than jumping into them with half-ass game. If youre ever in field or in a group and you see another guy disarm a massively awkward situation with sociopathic genius, take your hat off to him. It is the sign of a master. Super Alphas are exempted from normal dynamics. Some men are able accumulate so much social capital; awkward moments reverse their gender scripts. If Tom Cruise approaches a girl, an awkward moment will make her nervous because his cock has already tasted rainbow flavored vagina. Her gaping tendrils need to qualify themselves to him before he wants to seduce her. If a girl really likes a guy (more prevalent in social circles), she will experience a similar reversed
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role-play. Use this to your advantage. In the midst of a girl being taxed with the dread of your disapproval, break out in a beta-like show of love and approval. Counter the low of an awkward moment you intentionally created with the zenith of sudden euphoria later on. Displaying social proof is a simple matter in venues. At weddings, always seduce grandmas first. Take them to the dance floor, tell them gossip, remind them of the glories of youth. Getting the blessings of a matriarch will instantly make younger women perceive you as an Alpha. At a bar, buy the bartender a shot. At places where you regularly visit like restaurants and cafs, befriend the people working there. Any display of social savy comes off as manly propriety in the eyes of a woman. The prevailing theme for increasing social proof at venues is to game men and women you are not competing with. Everyone desires approval from their elders and little kids. Be someone that older people can be proud of and younger people can aspire to be like. When youre at a party with younger people, use those magic tricks you learned for 99 cents or pay off the kids to flock around you so women falsely perceive you to have fatherly attributes. When youre hanging out with a bunch of your friends, be the one to initiate a conversation with another group. Social acumen is the sign of a man who can lead. Be someone who can unite groups using the most gossamer of excuses. Betas fold in the face of liberal contact, always preferring to mingle within their comfort zone of 2 friends. Always be expanding your social circle. Meeting new people is the best way to prevent cocooning away in the same behavior patterns. Take advantage of power vacuums. These come in two forms, a lack of leadership or a lack of strength. In the former, a group becomes indecisive when no know wants to take the responsibility of making a choice. These are your opportunities to shine. Steal the thunder, make decisions quick, avoid hesitating. Make your decisions with confidence and speed, as if you were delegating to your generals. In the latter, everyone will be striving for a high rank in some sort of mindless competitive activity. School, a facebook game, a masturbating contest, something stupid aimed at leeching the productivity of our generation. Cheat if you have to, no point in working hard when the same result can be achieved in another way. Be sure to always make your efforts seem effortless. The less mindless the activity (School over dodgeball, football over facebook tetris), the more social proof that can be generated. Talking negatively about others always reduces social proof. This is not the same as making fun of people to get a laugh out of it or cynically analyzing the society around you. I am referring specifically to crossing the line and becoming a beat and battered soul who puts down others to blaze the embers of misery. Gossip is a natural part of humanity, it stems from our evolved desire to establish concrete social hierarchies. Men partake in it just like women do. But there comes a time when that need to gossip becomes embarrassingly deluded with bitter purposes. Avoid tarnishing your own reputation with bitterness, be a person of good character. When you hear of other people talking about you, be amused; not offended. Dont concern yourself with

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things like who broke up with who and how many facebook likes did they get? Leave the public sphere of popularity debating to women. In regards to the above statement, some of you will see an obvious contradiction with the idea of chasing fame. Isnt being famous and wealthy just the adult version of becoming popular? Isnt studying social dynamics just learning how to be popular in more tasteful fashion? No, there is a world of difference. Why does the nice guy cater to his girlfriends every desire? Why does the Jerk work night and day to have sex with as many women as possible? Why does the lawyer surround himself with McMansions and Rolexes when hed rather be a poet? They are not living out their own dreams; they are living someone elses. The nice guy seeks feminine praise, the jerk wants as many bed notches as he can get in one lifetime to feed his infinitely growing ego, and the lawyer has commoditized his own self image to serve his synthetically woven materialism. None of these people are doing things for themselves. I have three friends who are lawyers who hate their jobs because they did it for the sole purpose of wearing suits and signing their names in Parker Pens. I have another friend who loves being a lawyer because it is what he wanted to do all his life. He has a true passion for it. Are all four winners just because they have good occupations? No, only one of them has succeeded in life. Chase fame and glory for your own purposes, not someone elses. The end result between the two scenarios may look identical, but there is a profound difference in them. Learn social dynamics so you can attract someone you are willing to love, not to attract anyone willing to love you.


Very few men are wise by their own counsel, or learned by their own teaching. For he that was only taught by himself had a fool for his master. -Ben Johnson External game is best learned by entering the tutelage of a seasoned maestro who knows what hes doing. While books and articles can help you identify the unknowing variables that have previously dictated your failures, they cannot demonstrate the proper way to execute game in a way for you to fully comprehend the principles they are based on. Nor can they forcefully illustrate how effective Game is. You need a real life Alpha to do a takeaway on his girlfriend to understand how tactlessly youve misinterpreted female psychology. You need to witness a broke-as shit foul mouthed Alpha hook up with a perfect 10 to understand how concave womens standards are. You need to see a guy with zero game but who has a bank account deep in eight figures terrorize a bar to understand how the traditionalist mentality of women in a post-feminist world crumbles in the face of unbridled hypergamy. Observing someone using an NLP routine to pick up a girl within minutes has a much more enduring effect than reading about some guy doing it in a field report.
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You cannot choose your role models per say your subconscious does it for you. What you can do is shun the losers around you and surround yourself with people who have a positive influence on you. Youre not going to learn how to make women moist by hanging out with tofu enthusiasts. The age of forced loyalty is over, run away from your social circle if they are telling you to just be yourself and complaining about your changes. The world is teetering with AFCs. They are like crabs in a barrel; they hate to watch their friends climb out of inevitable doom. If your friends are not truly happy over your accomplishments, if they resent you for your success, leave them with abandon. Learning from an alpha you personally know prevents you from your natural tendency to gather information through third party sources. A guy might tell you just tell her shes beautiful and you want to get to know her and a girl might tell you just say hi, you dont need to have anything else ready, but if you were to statistically observe the results of different openings in field, your conclusions may come out differently. By watching an alpha, youll know what works. By listening to an alpha, you might get all the wrong inferences. He might tell you just be nice because hes oblivious to the way his negs naturally diffuse protective shields. When you watch him, youll see how his inflexible stream of teasing is what makes his initial act of being nice super effective. Having role models allows you to better conceptualize the intangible traits that define the Alpha. For the longest time I couldnt understand why some Alphas could be nerds, some could be jocks, and yet others could be musicians. It wasnt until I started paying more attention to them that I realized the underlying virtue of leadership was the real common denominator. If you ask a natural, how do you get girls? he will tell you, just be yourself because it has worked for him. But if you havent been conditioned to court female attention the same way he has, being suicidally up front wont work for you. You need to put his game on a vivisection table and analyze it with focused peruse to understand what really makes his game effective. Most men dont watch their role models they only listen to them. This isnt enough. Like the above example, you will misunderstand all the mechanics behind someones actions. An alpha who is genuinely nice will tell you you have to treat women kindly to win their hearts without being aware that his preconceived status and demeanor is what makes his kindness so valuable. If a beta were to apply that same advice, he would instantly be targeted for an LJBF. Direct observation applies not only for technical analysis, but also for behavioral studies. There are no fundamental alpha tendencies. The trait dominant can be expressed in behaviors contradictory to each other. One guy might be dominant because everyones afraid of his short fuse, another might have no respect at the work place for the same reason. If you observe both of them, you can deconstruct their differences to find out the exact cause of someones halo effect. A third party source that contends alphas always keep their cool will be debunked as soon as you see an Alpha who keeps others down with his anger. Be aware that orbiting an Alpha will decay your own leadership abilities if you always play the role of the subordinate. If your position relative to him is beta, his presence will reinforce your
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doormat conditioning by making you want to act submissive. Alphas are not always loners, but there is a higher likelihood of them being unconnected with the people around them because they have a difficult time dealing with authority or having their autonomy compromised. They will generally not get along with other alphas due to a recurring compete mentality. A beta loner probably just cant find any friends. As a result of the above assumption, alphas often have positive role models outside of their immediate social circle. Ideally, this should be their father, a teacher, a mentor, or someone older who wont run the risk of imposing a beta mentality on them. An older brother who beats out his younger brother by only a couple of years has a high chance of subliminally reinforcing a subordinate attitude in his younger sibling. This is the same reason why Alphas have a tendency of being the only child, first born, or with the mentality of either scenario (if you are second born but your older sibling is far older than you, you will still grow up with the mentality of being first born). Fantasy role models are considerably famous among Super Alphas. It is likely that they associated themselves with an alpha character from fiction or the highest echelons of society and perceived themselves as a reflection of such power. Identifying oneself with a being of super natural capabilities or someone greater than a simple man creates the type of god-like self image needed to tear apart hearts and boardrooms. Sever your ties with losers unless they are your minions. A timid band of betas that actively hang on to every word you say can stimulate your confidence, but a group of betas who think theyre on equivalent standing with you will bring out your worst personality traits. You will begin to pick up on their habits and weaknesses and placate to their stigma. If youre the AMOG, this wont occur because they wont be able to force their own projections on you. You can only be strongly influenced by those you consider above yourself. Note: when I use the term loser, I am referring to people who bring you down, not necessarily your close friends who may be socially inept.
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Chapter The Third: The Pick Up

THE OPENING What is the object of playing a gambit opening?...To acquire the reputation of being a dashing player at the cost of losing a game. The purpose of an opening is single-minded; to create desire within the target. You are a gift sent by god to alleviate women of their ennui by serving as an outlet for repressed desires. Every word that comes out of your mouth is a small piece in an engine of extortion. The goal is not to communicate to her that you want her but to make her think that she wants you. Seduction always revolves around the target, never the predator. While hi, hello, or whats up, can serve as an opener, saying something funny and casual always has the added benefit of expressing rapport, charm, and creativity. Situational humor gives off the impression that your line is spontaneous, even if its your 15th time using it that night. What is extemporaneous, improvised, sudden, is bold and enticing. I have used all of the following openings before over the course of my life. About 25-50% of these ended up in a close of some sort. They serve as a testament to the fact that you can say the stupidest shit ever and still get away with it. Situational Openings: - Youre at a Halloween party and theres a girl not dressed up. What are you supposed to be? Cool? - Youre at Footlocker, sit next to the target. Ask for a size 12. You: Big Feet You know what that means Her: [Slight Chuckle] You: Makes your penis look small - Wear headphones at a club. Whenever a girl looks at you say, yah, this music sucks (credit goes to Mystery) - If youre at a bookstore and a girl is browsing through a shelf next to you, ask, wtf where are all the pictures? - You just ordered food, ask the waiter youre not going to join us? - Youre at church, start saying the wrong prayer, like an Islamic mantra or an African voodoo Spell. Wait for her to turn then say hi; follow up later.
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Youre in history class and the teacher asks what the most important invention of Victorian England was, reply with Spaceships. After she ignores you and everyone laughs, ask the girl next to you so it wasnt spaceships? Youre at a restaurant. Ask if they have a dollar menu. Youre at a cell phone store, I think I need a new phone. The one Im using right now is really old, I still need to pull out the antenna and stuff Youre at a hookah lounge. Take out an asthma inhaler and then ask the girl next to you if she wants some Youre at Wal-Mart. Go check the womens deodorant section for a target. If you find one, I dont understand why men dont wear womens deodorant, wouldnt it attract more women? Youre at CVS pharmacy. Take a bottle of axe and walk next to a girl, about 6 feet away. Start spraying axe madly on yourself. After she just looks at you weirdly, look at the bottle and say wow fuckin false advertising. Youre at an anime convention and one of the screens is playing a real movie. Just comment to the girl next to you, Jesus Christ, the art is really good in this anime The bouncer at a club wrote the word ok on your wrist to show that youre over 21. Ask a girl so does this just mean youre a good person? Youre at Home depot. Find a good-looking employee. Hi can you take me to the air freshener section. Start looking vigorously at the pet odor-controlling items, ask her for a recommendation. Then say, I was actually just looking for something as a stronger deodorant. At a parking lot. Look around for a bit and then give out a sigh of frustration. Tell her I cant find my car, this sucks. Shell reply with something along the lines of What kind of car is it? Say Honda, but the thing is, I think I might have walked her, I cant remember. Youre at a camping trip and notice another group with an attractive girl. Join up with them and start walking alongside the target. Scream out holy shit. Shell say what?! start observing a tree and say oh never mind, I thought this was a bear. Youre at the beach walking around looking for a girl tanning and not going into the water. You: Youre afraid of going into the water too?
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Her: Haha, no I was gonna go later. Why? Are you afraid of the water? You: Yah sea monsters Youre at bed bath and beyond. Start smelling the same lotion as the girl. Wowis this edible? Youre at a religious convention and a guy with a beard comes out. Holy shitits Dumbledore. At hooters, ask if guys are allowed to apply. At a car shop, walk by target and say, Dam, these are pretty expensive. I might just buy a bicycle instead. At a flower shop, the florist is kinda cute. I really wanna show this girl Im crushing on that Im unique, do you guys have like a Venus Flytrap or something? Youre at biology class, teacher asks what the largest animal in the world is. Without raising your hand, in a non-chalant completely believable tone, say Godzilla. Follow up the same as the space-ship line. Youre at a museum, theres a girl looking at the skeleton of a dinosaur. Walk up next to her and pretend to be observing it too. Wow is this built to actual size? Youre watching transformers; you conveniently pick a seat next to a girl you dont know while your friends are sitting next to you. After about 15 minutes into the movie, Waitis this not Harry Potter? Youre at the Apple store, scout out the most attractive employee and ask for a tour of the headphones. Im looking to buy a really good set of noise cancelling headphones for when I get married. Youre at the gym. You: Dam I havent been in here in 3 years Her: Yah Ive been pretty lazy too You: No no, its just that the bench press fell on me 3 years ago and Ive been too embarrassed to come back since then. Youre at Mcdonalds. Stake out the most attractive cashier. Order 5 big macs then a diet coke and say, Im watching my weight. Youre at a July 4th barbeque at a park. The group in front of you has a couple of attractive girls. While everyones staring at fireworks, place yourself behind a chosen

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target. Start singing God save the Queen quietly. Laugh with her when she turns around and follow up with light convo. Youre at a thanksgiving parade. Point to a homeless guy and say, hey look, its a Native American. Youre at the airport. You: Planes are so overrated Her: why? You: Boats are way more comfortable and teleporting is so much faster Youre on your morning run and a girl runs by faster. Whoa slow down, you deserve a chance to check me out. In an elevator with everyone cramped up together. Position yourself next to the target. Just look up and say So awkwardso so awkward Hopefully shell smile and you can follow up with, you dont think so? * When I did this, I also had to pretend I needed to get off at the same floor as the girl, otherwise I wouldnt have closed. However, you normally dont want to engage in try- hard conduct. At a casino, you and her are both playing Black Jack. After busting; Wowthis is Americas way of keeping [insert ethnic group youre apart of] down. Might as well call it White Jack. Youre at a kids party with a clown. Sit next to a target, probably a chaperone for one the kids, hopefully not a married mother. You: I hate clowns Her: Yah, they can be kind of scary You: Nah, I just hate things that are so happy all the time.

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Personal Openings (focused on her or her actions, can be used more generically): - Make it visibly clear that youre checking her out for a second then scream out GOD DAMnice shoes - After she just rejected a guy: You: Hah. Do you enjoy breaking hearts? Her: I didnt break his heart! You: I dunoId be pretty traumatized after that - After she finished talking to one of her nice guy beta bitch male friends who secretly jerks off to her facebook profile picture while crying ever night:
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You: You guys make a nice couple Her: Hes not my boyfriend! You: Oh ok, I figured looks like he could do better Stake out a target and a random short guy in the crowd You: Haha that short guy keeps looking at you Her: What? Who? You: That guy over there, the one in the Midget Mafia uniform If she just spilled a drink on herself or did something stupid You: UghhMuggles You: Hi, Do you go to [insert name of nearby university]? Her: Yah, do you? You: No, I got kicked out 2 years ago for smuggling immigrants into my dorm Seeing a two-set Are you guys twins? (credit to Strauss) You: I have the best pick up line ever Her: What? You: [pick up napkin] Excuse me, can you tell me if this smells like chloroform? You: Hey is that just apple juice? Her: haha no its Youre a Herd, a hot nerd

- - - -

Be innovative, if you turn opening into an enjoyable process the endless grinding of a dry spell becomes fun. You must take pleasure in the work, not just the product. If you hate opening, youll find yourself giving up too easily in a slump. Humor isnt a necessary component for a successful opening; but it helps by immediately establishing rapport and social proof. The content of an opening is barely significant. As long as you dont throw up over a girl or start telling her about how you sucked off a tranny at a bus stop last night, youll be ok. The opening is only an introduction, a split second of rapport and attraction that you can use to build on. Cold approaching with a straight Hi isnt as impressive as it seems anymore. 9s and 10s get guys to catcall at them all day. Unless you somehow set yourself apart or calibrate to a more interesting conversation quickly, youll be dumped with the rest of the deadbeats. Cold approaching a 6 or 7 will get you better results; they are much less desensitized to seductive forays. Cold approaching a cougar can lead to sex within minutes, possibly seconds if done properly.
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If you have a massive amount of social proof, usually in the form of fame and power, or you can give off the aura that you possess such qualities; approaching with humor will be counter- productive. 10s and 9s will swoon at your advances, no matter how banal. A simple Hi, Id like to take you out to dinner repeated with Godlike confidence will distort their faculties enough to proceed to higher stages of game. In such a scenario, comedy might make her blush or laugh, but erodes the aura of a fiendishly powerful man. On the other hand, if you find yourself outclassing a girl to the point where she feels too intimidated to let you close, self-effacing humor can do wonders. The opening must be delivered with disinterested body language. Not facing her, almost careless, your only goal is to make her laugh or socialize lightly. The hook will allow you to segue into deeper conversational threads. Never wait for the opportunity to open; there is no magical moment to open a set. He who waits, masturbates. Never approach like a rapist. That means dont stalk a girl before approaching her or approach her from behind. The front can work but a casual side approach with perhaps a head turn if necessary works best for me. Rather than having an open or closed body language towards the set youre opening, have an open body language pointing in another direction. It will accomplish both goals (social body language + disqualifying the set). There is no correct way to approach, experiment. Occasionally you might come across a 9 or a 10 at a party where the ratio of cocks to vaginas is spasmodically lopsided. In such a scenario, cut straight to negs. A neg is an insult thats not insulting, the female equivalent of giving blue balls. It establishes your higher value relative to a girl by showing her the impotent power beauty holds over you. Women are mesmerized by cavalier attitudes that live for more than external approval from the opposite sex because it hints to them that you are a preselected male. In her mind, only a guy with a high amount of social proof and a de facto harem could be bold enough to yank her chain like that. Ive used all of these negs multiple times: - Theres something stuck between your teeth. - Wow are those real? (Point to anything, nails, hair, boobs) - Hey... can you introduce me to your friend? - Are you wearing a wig? - Have some gumplease. - If you were a little bit taller I wouldve had a crush on you
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Haha do you have an accent? You look a lot like one of my friends His name is David Walk by casually and then sporadically say Sorry Im taken (credit to Neil Strauss). You make it seem as if you thought she made a pass on you. Theres something attractive about you Im not really sure what it is though. Are you the girl everyones making fun of? Excuse me, please dont touch me You remind me of my crazy ex girlfriend You dress just like my mom does Was that you? [look of slightly anguished disinterest] Can you talk a little less loudly?

Any girl 8 or above can be negged with a positive result. If shes below an 8, youll have to analyze the specifics of the situation. If shes a 4 or below, a neg will blow her out. Unless youre also butt ass ugly, then you should neg no matter what. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Dont be afraid to activate a nuke if you have to. Ive used some of these more extreme negs before; they usually didnt end very well. I did it more for the pleasure of refusing to be an ego assuaging male servant than to actually run proper game: - You know youre the ugliest girl in here right? - Jinkies! Is that an Adams apple? - The wheels are clearly spinning.. the hamster seems dead though - WTFFFF. BYTCH YOU JUST FART IN HERE? SMELLZ LIKE A FUCKIN REFUGEE CAMP. ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG Negs will be touched on again later as they are a critical aspect of precoital conversation. They are usually not meant to be insulting (unless theyre hard negs). If you insult a girl, there will be
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no increase in attraction. Her ego will lash out in a fury of verbal blows, or shell ignore you because youre just another socially maladroit chump taking out his sexual frustration on her. Negs should be delivered in a playful jive rather than the dull mechanistic tone most players trained in technical game adopt. The exception to the above rule is when a girl needs a dose of assholeness to lighten up her cunt. In very rare scenarios women will display the opposite of preening behavior, in which case a simple hi will do. You may even follow up with a genuine compliment (never about something superficial, always tailor compliments to the target). The rarity of the above situation cannot be blamed on just one gender. There are so many fetid fucking losers out there trying to get girls to like them by making animal noises, women have been forced to adopt bitch shields capable of withstanding a soviet air strike. And in turn, women keep encouraging this form of sycophantic behavior by insisting that men should stick to their beta instincts while defecating on concepts like Game. Dont just break the ice with your opening, crush it. THE REVERSE OPENING For with the music of their song the Sirens cast their spell upon him, as they sit there in a meadow piled high with the moldering skeletons of men, whose withered skin still hangs upon their bones Occasionally youll find yourself at the mercy of a girl who chooses to forgo the accepted tradition of guy-approaches-girl. There are 4 possibilities for the motivation behind this transgendered maneuver. Either this is her only way to successfully reproduce because men dont approach her out of free will, she got too tired of waiting for your balls to descend, she enjoys the thrill of psychologically dominating a conversation, or shes very attracted to you and doesnt want to pass up the opportunity of getting penetrated by your ginormous Shlong. Three out of the four reasons put you in an unfavorable position. If a girl approaches you first, the conversation will distinguish itself in two important ways. First, her act of approaching makes her more invested into the conversation. Even women have to overcome approach anxiety to execute an opening; their brains rationalize the effort by assuming they are attracted to you (more so than if they just admired you from afar). This does not apply if shes picking on you or approaching you to exercise her ability to tool herby looking men. Second, she retains the power position until you take it back with languid doses of emotional scarcity and raw ball-busting dominance.
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Because women still get to enjoy the luxury of being the more valuable gender, a failure on her side even after she approaches, can still be blamed on you. She will approach you with plausible deniability a manufactured reason that gives her an excuse to eject or justify talking to you without attraction as a requisite. If she gets blown out the way guys do, shell claim youre gay or asexual. If she approaches you aggressively, prepare for an immediate transition into back and forth teasing. Do not, ever, supplant your aloof game for beta eagerness because a girl chose to talk to you first. Women use their approaches to ruthlessly weed out lesser men. Dont take the bait. The first two seconds of your reaction will tell her if youre a desperate chump who slavishly worships vagina or an Alpha that bleeds confidence. At bars and clubs, women will open with this line 99% of the time: Hi, want to buy me a drink? The average nancy boy who nurtures a fierce desperation to taste vagina would pull out his wallet with the speed of a professional gunslinger. The wanna-be player would respond too abrasively with a simple no. Both of these answers are wrong. The first subverts a womans need for attraction; the second subverts her need for rapport. A better response would be, Why? Are you broke? or No, but you can buy me one (more generally accepted response and easier to execute). A no can work too, if you can pull it off with a playful jive. Otherwise, the girl will feel too dejected. Remember to give off a diabolically sly grin when a girl approaches you, to foreshadow the phallic torture shes about to go through. A smirk tells her shes about to witness a forceful exhibition of the darkside from a disciplined master. A freakishly enthusiastic grin tells her shes the first girl who approached you within the last 5 years. In a more social setting where a girl knows you through a mutual friend, she will approach you with a simple exchange of introductions. If she follows straight into an aggressive routine, skip to the same aloof game as seen above. You want to let her know that youre interested in her, but not desperate for her. The most common reason why guys fuck up when girls approach them is because they assume eagerness will lead to a quicker close. If a girl approaches you with more bashful reservation, you can skip to a real human-to-human conversation. Be more conservative with your negs and instead enthrall her with your tactile charm. If shes really hunting you for long term potential, fill your interactions with a lot of dreaming and where do you want to be in 5 years? Keep your answers vague, but not as allusive as you would with a loose harlot. Womens advances are notoriously misleading because men have a parochial view of sexuality. If you approach a girl, theres a 99% chance youre willing to have sex with her right there on the spot. If you assume women work in this same manner, prepare for many lonely nights and greasy palms. A women being interested is not enough to entail intercourse, thats why a girl

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can play off approaching a guy with, I just wanted to socialize with him. How do you react when you hear a guy make that same excuse? If you have the agonizing pleasure of being opened by a girl less than a 2 or a gay guy, I have no advice for you. Fat women before have persecuted me and their persistence is somewhat divine. Normally I would advise you to give them a hard rejection (cooing away only enhances their longing for da dick) but even this has backfired on me before (she tried raping me to regain state control). If youre being approached by behemoths and gay men on the regular, take it as a compliment and make a mental note to carry pepper spray with you at all times.


It is a stroke of good fortune to find one who is worth seducing Most people rush ahead, become engaged or do other stupid things, and in a turn of the hand everything is over, and they know neither what they have won nor what they have lost. -Soren Kierkegaard I cant possibly cover every scenario, but these few should give you a general idea of how to adapt game principles to different environments. (a) Opening a Group: Address your comments to everyone in the group. Be meticulously calculative in the amount of attention you give to the target. If youre approaching a group with a female ring leader (usually the fattest one, able to dominate the others through sheer physical power), befriend her first to neutralize the possibility of an early cockblock. (b) Opening a girl within your extended social circle: Seduce everyone around you first. Intrigue everyone with a story of how a UFO abducted you during its search for the strongest sperm on earth. Charm everyone with stories of how your friend saved a drowning woman and you just stood back and cheered him on. When you finally get your chance to talk to her, build rapport and then make your vulnerabilities visible. Make her feel like shes the only woman who can satiate your beastly appetite for sex and domesticate your commanding personality. (c) Opening a girl with a boyfriend: Doesnt make a difference. Ask them a question about their relationship and decipher the emotional flash back that follows. If hes the one balking on and on about how great their relationship is while her eyes are darting all around the room, be sure to slip her your number. Read a girls body language to see if its more open or closed when shes talking about her boyfriend. Is she taking her engagement ring on and off? Does she sneer when she sees a text from her boyfriend?
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(d) Opening a girl with her family: Open the parents first. They will be friendlier and help you gain social proof quickly. Retreating to the judgment of our elders is a built in reflex in all people. (e) Opening a girl who just got out of a break up: Less Negs are required. Your consolatory remarks must only serve as a logistical tool for moving into asshole game. If shes upset over an asshole, chances are, shes attracted to them. If you continue acting like a fluffy washed up emotional tampon willing to drink bile for a pencil sketch of a vagina, you will become one. The more a girl tells you how she hates assholes, the more she loves them. If shes talking about how much she hates her ex boyfriend, whos an asshole, and how she chased him for four years, should you assume she actually likes or dislikes assholes? This is a good example of learning to judge a girl by her actions rather than her words. (f) Opening a Girl around multiple other guys: Introduce yourself to the guys first. Introduce the guys to other girls if you can, showing dominance over guys instantly triggers social proof. Sometimes youll run into a martyr who wants to prevent his girl- friends from getting defiled by other men. Socialize with them then start teasing them about how stiff they are. Ask him to come pick up a girl with you in front of your target. After he deliberately displays his utter lack of social skill, youll find it much easier to sway your target from his radioactive influence. (g) Opening a girl while shes walking: Dont open until you walk past her. If you guys are walking towards each other, you need to open with more direct game or a slapstick opener (nice shoes one has worked for me before). Allow yourself to diverge if she starts walking slower or faster; its hard to build rapport when she thinks you could be a sexual predator.

THE CONVERSATION I am a woman. Every artist is a woman and should have a taste for other women. Artists who are homosexual cannot be true artists because they like men, and since they themselves are women they are reverting to normality -Picasso Every conversation, whether awkward, bubbly, charming, or passionate, can be admired by its own standards. Whenever I see a guy let a girl slip between his fingers or a neophyte crash and burn in a set, I imagine how tedious it mustve been for god to create such a flawless system.
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To be the perfect conversationalist, you must be a woman while being a man. Think the way a girl does, but act the way a guy should. Beauty is the overriding barometer a man uses to measure attraction. For a conversation to entice him, he only needs the girl to spew a couple of lines about an interest they have in common. If the penis fits in the vagina, youve found your soul mate. But the same doesnt apply for a girl. You cant expect to build rapport just by touching on a subject that shes interested in. You need to touch on the emotions that turn her on. Jealousy, joy, fear, dread, anger; own her mind. Dont think like a man and play the courtier. Think like a woman and play the courted. Be transparently invested in a conversation. Dont hang on to every word that comes out of her mouth. Mirror the female caprice you are a victim to so often, have the same fickle attention span a girl does before a worthy suitor engages her. Invert your inner eye; dont look for mistakes in your own game. Look for mistakes in her, what is she doing wrong? Dont play the role of the typical guy and question whether shes attracted to you. Be the perfect 10 woman who knows everyone around her is easy prey. Treat women the way women treat betas. Assume attraction at every moment of your conversation. Everything a girl says or does must be taken as an indicator of interest. Self-doubt will lead to awkward moments and obscure pauses. Women, who have an implicit understanding of their own role as sexual gatekeepers, will always blame men for vapid chemistry. If you assume a girl is attracted to you at all times during a conversation, it allows you to focus on the conversation itself rather than the state of your progress. The chase is ecstatically thrilling from the vantage point of the pursued. Dont flirt; only women flirt. Men act. Ask her for her number. Tell her to go some place quieter with you. Touch her. Always be escalating. Push her. Control her. Let it ebb from your loins with utmost ease. Always flirt; you must be a homosexual woman. Tease her. Charm her. Refuse to touch her out of no where. Push her away quaintly. Make her eyes light up. As long as you maintain positive body language and dominant state control, your content is relatively insignificant. Topics like politics and religion are not avoided because of their subject matter; they are avoided because they lead to logically drenched discussions. Attraction is an emotional response, not a rational choice made by women. The man who dreams is more attractive than the man who intellectualizes. If a girl asks you Are you a liberal? or tries to force a political conjecture on you, evade the question. No, Im a romantic is a good answer. Sometimes masochist depending on the context and the deviancy of the girl. Focus on the emotive phonetics behind a conversation, not the germane details. The heart is never ruled by logic; logic is ruled by the heart. After a girl has decided she likes talking to you, she will logically justify it with hes interesting or hes nice. The rationalization is just a lexical pulpit; the key emotion is attraction.
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While your engaging peasants with your stories of heroism and gallantry, remember to never look like youre deliberately showing off your heroism and gallantry. Bragging or trying to qualify yourself through a story comes off as a need to hide deeper insecurities. If you really need the boost, have a wing come in to discuss your manly achievements or hire a personal escort to drool over you wherever you go. Never. Brag. Never. Try. Hard. Never. Show. Off. To be a good talker, you must be a good listener. A girl will give you multiple threads during a conversation to go off on. If you just asked her where shes from and she says Utah, tell her about how you and your grandfather once spent 3 weeks hunting for Yeti near the forests of Great Salt Lake. If she starts talking about her ex boyfriend, leave right away if you have other options or tell her how you went through a similarly tough break up with your ex girlfriend (covertly communicating pre-selection). Avoid droning on with interview questions. Women dont want to be interrogated; they want to be swept off their feet with masculine pizzazz. Do a quick cold reading of her body language every time a new topic comes into play. Did she suddenly blush? Did she sneer for a split second? Did her pupils dilate? Did her palms just shift positioning? The best seducers in history paid an inhumane amount of attention to detail while flaunting their carelessness. They were observant, yet made it seem like they were anything but. If a conversational thread is dying out, cut it loose. Jump straight into another topic or throw in a qualifier during the ensuing pause. Dont attempt to extract every last bit of utility from a topic, a subject has fulfilled its duty right after its come out of your mouth. A girl wants to flush out your social acumen as well as your insecurities through the chaotic ramble of an expansive conversation. She wants to skim through a thousand different topics so she has a variety of options when deciding which hurdles to throw at you. She wants to know all of your insecurities, not so that she can connect with you, but so that she can be sure to warn all of her friends that youre a pussy and to save their eggs for a stronger man. Focus on the emotional tangents of a conversation rather than its material roots. If a girl tells you how she feels free at her grandparents chateau because it reminds her of her childhood, dont follow up with a joke on French architecture; take it as a hint to expand on the topics of childhood and freedom. A renaissance man is multi-talented. He can be cocky, sensitive, funny, rude, and caring all at the same time. He can seduce a woman, write about it when he gets home, then paint a portrait of the entire situation a week later. Be a totem of emotions, not a single face. Have multiple facets to your personality. Your initial conversation should not only be geared towards manufacturing emotions, but also to serve as filters to find girls youll have natural rapport with. Some people are simply more compatible with you than others use your first few conversations to gauge your level of innate chemistry with a girl. If I opened a girl with a funny line and she responds by vehemently

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staring at me, I assume we arent compatible. I need girls with a sense of humor, not ones who could get hired for a job on CNNs crossfire. If youre not cliquing with a girl, leave. There are too many other opportunities out there and too little time to waste your efforts on weaving complicated spells of persuasion. The enemy is not the blow out, the enemy is the LJBF. Its ok to fail in a set and get rejected by a woman who hates your guts for no apparent reason. Its not ok to spend 3 weeks talking to a girl and then have her tell you lets just be friends at the end of it. Cut your losses early; learn this lesson now. If you are interrupted during your initial conversation, immediately adjust your game. If youre talking to a girl and her friend just entered the set, introduce yourself to her and shift your attention to the obstacle. If you become overeager to close and neglect a girls fat best friend, its likely that her plump friend will retaliate by pulling her away. Fat women will cock block anything from an endangered species to inanimate objects to satisfy their cruel thirst for pucelage. Tease Mercilessly. Let negs flow from your tongue like cottage cheese from the tits of a Bulimic cow. Pay close attention to how much asshole game a girl needs. Sometimes a lady will need a guy to shoot her in the face with a laser-guided jizz bomb hailed from outer space to get her back to a proportional reality. Other times, a simple poke on facebook will do. The formula to measure this is: E = MC^2 Where E is Emancipated Asshole Dick Craving M is Measure of how hot she is C is Constant level of exposure to ego inflation Notice that C gets squared because preening has an exponential effect on asshole craving. The higher a girl gets elevated by beta magnetism, the more asshole game she requires to knock her ass off of the golden pyramid whose summit shes occupying. Nuclear game works better than you can possibly imagine. I always had a knack for teasing girls but after I learned about its technical necessity in pick up, I applied it systematically to pillage and plunder virgin hearts without sympathy. When you neg a girl, deliver it without any hesitancy. If you pause for even a moment to look at her with discomfort, her spider senses will detect beta blood. Never look at a girl for approval after delivering a neg. If she thrusts forward with too much disapproval after your humbling remark, assume youre dealing with a crazy bitch. Otherwise, plow on. 80% of the time when a girl acts offended from a neg; it means youre doing it right. If youre conversing with a group, wait till you neg the target a couple of times and ignore her for a bit before you begin your conversation with her. Create a fissure in the amount of
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attention she expects to get from you and shell try to fix it by qualifying herself for more attention. Pain is the necessary prelude for satisfaction. Pleasure cannot exist without suffering. Right after you give her that fleeting moment of rapt concentration, withdraw it and focus your attention elsewhere. Show her only glimpses of the reality that enthralls her. The premise of push and pull is to remain inconsistent with the amount of emotional attention you give a girl. What is unattainable but by only a slight margin is most compelling to us. Keep yourself as the prize dangling oh so closely yet so far. The best negs both compliment a girl and disqualify her at the same time. For example, If you knew how to cook, Id marry you works wonders in a relationship. A neg should combine both aspects of push and pull, intriguing a girl with your apparent insensitivity to her dazzling beauty yet showing her a part of you that might secretly feel differently. Melt her heart with your acid wit then just when shes sure that you arent interested in her show her a sign that youre accidently falling for her alkaline demure. If you disqualify her and then make her think she won you over, youve executed a perfect pick up. The greatest seductions are the ones where the seduced get tricked into thinking they are the seducer. Compliment, and then follow with mild criticism. You have beautiful eyes, oh youre wearing contacts? Wow youre rooms really well decoratedexcept for this funky looking vase You look so beautifulwhen the lights are dimmed Ive been told before that the prettiest girls are always the craziest I love youwhile youre sleeping. The point of a conversation is to converse. Attraction and rapport are ancillaries to this prevailing theme. I hate watching guys vaporize in sets because they started doing some weird shit to build attraction. Just last week I saw a guy walk up to a girl and ask her to hold her palms out (without even saying he was going to read them). I could tell the girl felt his kino was unnatural and invasive. He torpedoed his own chances at getting a close. My date and me cackled in unison. Secretly I felt a chord of sympathy. I planned to slip him the address to my blog later on. Another soul to save. Give off a sexual vibe while youre talking. The easiest way to dodge the friend zone is through preventative sexual tension between you and the target. If you want to know if youre heading for the friend zone with a girl, try and have sex with her. If she says no, youre going to the friend zone. Why do jerks and obnoxiously cocky men get laid? Because giving off an unhygienic sexual vibe is still better than giving off a clean celibacy vibe. Be seen checking out other women while youre talking to her. Use innuendos, suggestive takes, and open up your legs to constantly advertise your exalted package. The only opposing corollary to this rule is to avoid
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talking about sex directly. While it seems like a good idea, men who regularly get sex tend to be discreet about it. Virgins are more likely to banter on about their sexual conquests to gain approval. Focus on sex to give off a sexual vibe. The eye always needs a horizon; your end goal must always be within your visual scope. Kiss her before your lips touch, undress her before your bodies touch; penetrate before you mouth your first word. The rake is never thinking did I say the right thing? or did I just mess up? his mind is to busy absolving itself in the theatres of future possibility. He is thinking of love, of lust, of pleasure. The nuances of failure dont concern him. Other men and women are insects under his feet; he is concerned only with indulging himself in a velvet prison of luxury. He cares not what his opening is or if he has a good follow up. He is a born predator; this is what 6 million years of evolution has perfected his species to do. Never fall for the trap of jumping onto the venereal bandwagon. Sex is a girls trump card. She will use it to dominate a conversation. A guy who knows nothing about it fails because he cant maintain grace under pressure. A guy who talks too much when the topic comes up fails because he overtly communicates his intentions. If a girl brings up sex, you respond in the same way youve been responding to everything else: Evade. We dont talk like that here Youll have to wine and dine me first Its over rated unless youre in love The length and complexity of a story directly correlates with how much interest the group or target already has in you. If you just entered a set, it would be unwise to shoot off on some convoluted story without a climax. Woman are aware that not all men can be as smooth as James Bond, but they are also aware that men who are more socially cognizant are less likely to produce retarded kids. The less you talk, the better. The goal of a conversation is not for you to talk, or for her to talk. Its for you to make her want to talk and for her to want you to talk, even though you wont. If she tells you I wish I knew more about you, youre on the right track. Never liquidate your life story to a girl. She wants to know as little about you as possible while wanting to know a lot about you. The driving force is the desire to know more, not the satisfaction of knowing more. They cannot mutually co-exist. Always add false time constraints to your conversations. I have to go in a minute or My friends are waiting for me outside. They give you a reason to eject in case a set isnt going well, add social proof because your time is limited, and pushes a girl to reciprocate your advances more quickly. Dont be thinking I need to close before time runs out, flip the time constraint

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on her. If you ask a girl for her number, but you dont have a pen, dont frantically search for one. If shes actually interested, shell find one herself. After the initial opening where youre the one generating attraction force her to play the position of the pursuer. Make her qualify herself for your attention. The judging eyes of a high value male make women feel feminine. Girls WANT to scry for the approval of a guy with standards, its just hard for them to find men who wouldnt fuck anything with a heartbeat (and even those standards are too high for some guys). A qualifier flips the script on women and turns them into the ones being pigeonholed for sub- par responses. Qualifiers: - Are these your friends or did you pay them to hang out with you? - Tell me something interesting - So do you always drink on weekdays? - Can you only cook scrambled eggs like all other American girls? - Who bought their little sister here? - Do you have a good sense of humor? - Is there just a typical nerd behind those glasses? - Tell me a joke Questions like tell me something interesting capsizes a womans routine. Shes not used to being the one having to keep a conversation going. Lower value straight guys are always desperately clinging to conversational straws; they never throw hurdles at woman. Make yourself willing to walk away if a girl bores you. Ricochet from topic to topic with salient ease. A woman does not want you to discuss a single topic with her until every one of its conversational crevices has been infiltrated by your logical mind. She wants to skirt the periphery of different topics while you taunt and tease her with ambiguous interest. She wants you to lead the conversation while she adds her feminine glamour to it. Dont revisit topics or try and revive an older conversation. Be unpredictable; make it impossible for a girl to label you as a certain type of guy. Present contradictory views on a topic with disinterested interest. If you are talking to a girl youve just met, the deeper you go into the conversation, the more important rapport becomes in relation to attraction. Attraction is usually built within minutes of talking to her, slowly transition into letting her feel comfortable with you. If you continue with the cocky indifference routine for too long, your conversation will lack depth. For a girl to want to meet you in the future, she needs to feel like theres something special between you two. Take note, the word special stands on extremely flimsy ground for most women. Always allude towards your pre-selection during a conversation. Create the illusion of popularity; make your victim think you are a commodity to be pried away from the hands of
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other crazed women. Build a reputation that precedes you. Tip bartenders well at bars you regularly hit up so they speak well of your charm. Always be creating love triangles around you (not with other guys). Never overtly communicate being wanted by other women with statements like yah Ive had a lot of girlfriends, they make you come off as pretentious and trying too hard. This is the type of candid masculine behavior women are ready to exploit. All women are averse to communicating in overt ways. Mildly hint towards what you want them to know. Dont elaborate on anything. Let them think they have discovered your secrets through their own intuition. If youre running asshole game on your date, make it a point to be nice to everyone else. Throughout all of your interactions, your date will be viciously judging your conversations with other people. Neg her adequately then let her see the emotional philanthropist within you as youre talking to your mother on the phone. Tell her about your tendency to be emotionally withdrawn and then accidently leave a love poem you wrote back in high school lying around. Make her want to earn a spot in your harem for that brief moment of attention you sparingly invest in the few women who earn your approval. Be talkative but not too talkative. Find a point of balance where you can pacify all awkward moments with a burst of random rhapsody, but still leave a few pauses for her to end herself. Pausing early is a sign youre running out of things to say; later on its a sign of comfort. If theres no chemistry between you two and the constant pausing is making you nauseous, eject, you fucked up. If a girl already likes you, pauses may be more common because of a discrepancy between rapport and attraction (she always had a crush on you but never talked to you). End this with why are you so quite? and light comfort touching. Its always the mans job to build rapport except for the few rare scenarios where youll see a gorilla in a dress over- exerting herself on other guys. Women run beta game too, but it comes off differently because theyre given more leeway. If youve ever been in a conversation and a girl asks you a question it would be inappropriate for you to ask her with a nervous poise, take it as an IOI (indicator of interest). She may ask you where you live, or how whether you prefer doggy to missionary. In the presence of pressure, women crumble like betas. Dont stare at her chest while speaking. Women wear low cut shirts to antagonize desperate men. Pre-selected men are immune to beauty and its brainwashing effects. For women, a conquest of the mind is more important than a conquest of the body. As soon as she has you ogling over he body, she has your balls in an abattoir. Maintaining eye contact consistently can make all the difference in a pick up. In his study on the Measurement of Romanic Love, Zick Rubin found that people who were deeply in love gaze at each other much more when talking and are slower to look away when
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somebody intrudes in their world. He confirmed this through a trick experiment. He asked dating couples a long series of questions so he could first rate the pairs on how much they loved each other. The couples, unaware of their rating, were then put in a waiting room and told, The experimenter will be with you shortly to start the experiment. Unbeknownst to them, that was the experiment. Hidden cameras recorded how much time the couple staring into each others eyes. The higher the couple had scored on the first test, the more time they spent looking at each other. The less love they felt for each other, the less time they made eye contact. To give your Quarry the subliminal sense that the two of you are already in love (a self- fulfilling prophecy), dramatically increase your eye contact while the two of you are chatting. Push it up to 75 percent of the time or more.11 Youve heard that women are attracted to males that display traits like their fathers and vice versa. Thats because all humans are sexually imprinted with certain blueprints for what they would want in an ideal lover. These traits can range from personality attributes to more cursory idiosyncrasies like a specific smell (women are attracted to men who wear the same cologne as their fathers or brothers), an article of clothing, or even a movie. If I find out a girl likes Fightclub for instance, I immediately consider proposing to her on the spot. While youre jumping from topic to topic in a conversation, pay exceptional attention to your partners pupil dilation or any sudden movement that indicates interest. Find out what makes her tick, what topics grab her attention faster. Likewise, play out different personas and find out what shes least attracted to. If I say a cocky line and a girl closes off her body language even slightly, Ill adjust my game for less arrogance and more subtle DHVs. Cherry-pick words during a conversation. Neither you nor your target will be metabolizing the bulk of your conversation, however, both of you will be giving off subtle clues as to what youd rather talk about. Being the man, no one gives a shit about what you want to talk about. Instead, focus on her. Every other line she uses will have an unsual word or topic suggestion, use these as threads. For example: You: Jeez its so hot outside Her: Yah, I cant wait to go back home and under an air conditioner You: My air conditioner is broken, Ive been paying this little kid to fan me all day (dont say blow melol) Her: haha thats cruel. I once worked for a company that used child laborers, I quit because of it Improper response: Theyre not that bad, you can get them for cheap. (Funny, but too generic, doesnt move the conversation forward). Proper Response: Oh wow what company and then follow the conversation and neg later.

Lowndes, Leil. How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. McGraw-Hill 1996

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The above is an example of a mistake newer PUAs make often. Theyll continue being funny but will never opt for more depth in a conversation. The only time comfort is more important than attraction is right before the closing phase when youve already built enough attraction to close; and in a relationship lacking rapport. Use her name when addressing her or include it in full sentences. The use of a persons name instantly creates a feeling of more intimacy. This should be used not only in verbal countenances but also in texts, e-mails, phone conversations, and facebook. While sarcasm and humor should be properly deployed, never overdo it in a way that might make her believe youre actually overcompensating or hiding something. For example, if she asks you what your job is and you respond Im a vigilante and she persists, answer her question but in a vague way (if youre a financial analyst, just say Im in finance dont give an elaborate report on your career). If you continue dodging a question with sarcastic responses, she will assume the truth is something she doesnt want to hear. When I was 8 years old I remember spending weeks wondering what I could talk about with a girl (I had a crush on my baby sitter). I paid close attention to her conversations with her boyfriend and I realized most of the time, she was saying nothing. Just random babble. I learned early that a conversation is just an excuse a girl uses to talk to someone she likes. If a girl wants to talk to you, she will find things to talk about. When I saw my baby sitter again in high school, she had gotten fat and ugly after marriage. It was here that I began to cultivate a morbid fear of my wife ballooning after exchanging vows. Ive developed a system of solutions I think may help. #4 and beyond should only be used if the condition is severe. (1) Competitive anxiety (2) Exercise together (3) Buy only healthy food (4) Threaten to have sex with someone else (5) Have sex with someone else (6) Sow her asshole shut
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Were a generation of men raised by women. Im wondering if another is really the answer we need.

A shit-test is a subconsciously guided hurdle a girl throws at a guy to test his capacity as a provider. In more feral societies women could count on polar bears and famines to accomplish their need to screen out feeble men, but in our more virtual apparatus, they have adapted by developing indefinite ways to pigeonhole their partners. The first shit test a girl throws at you will likely determine how she categorizes you in her mind (tool vs. potential mate). More common shit tests women throw at men upon initial encounters: (a) She will ask you to do her a favor: Will you buy me a drink? Can you wait here for me? Can you polish my nipples? A solid refusal doesnt work because it tells her that her shit test fazed you. If you break in front of a girl, whether by succumbing to her diminutive feminine power or getting pissed off, youve failed. If youre too drunk to think of a creative way to say no, smile widely and say, no, that sounds too hard. Refuse but with a blithe tone, let her know that you find her shit amusing. (b) A Jealousy Test: In the middle of your perfect pick up, another guy will approach and shell warmly accept his incursion. Dont sit around and get defensive, walk away to another set. The effect of spontaneously leaving a sure-thing immediately causes plate shifting and massive vagina tingles. Never let a girl think youre afraid to lose her, especially in the beginning stages of a pick up. **Theres also the possibility that shes not shit-testing you and you just missed a dozen other not interested signals. (c) She insults herself and wants you to placate her ego: A more subtle technique of soul sucking. Women will use this if they already sense a spark of attraction or their value has been somewhat truncated. Refuse her comment but in a sarcastic tone. If she says Im fat reply with nah, youre not THAT fat and then pat her back while distractedly looking away as if you were surveying the scene for skinnier victims. Other responses can include, I wouldnt say FAT, youre just pleasantly plump or Yah, lay off the beer if shes really begging for the dominating cock. Never feed her conceit with reconcilement. (d) I dont like playing games: Theres a risk of this occurring if you make a sarcastic remark without pre-established social proof or if she has a secret vendetta against sarcastic men (might have gotten pumped and dumped by thousands of players before you). Reply with why? Are you bad at them? Never backpedal and say sorry[insert straight answer]. Worst case scenario, defuse and eject. Never apologize or sacrifice your dignity to appease a girl.
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(e) Pretends to be Offended and demands an apology: Again, dont backpedal. Plow on and youll see her eyes light up. If you just made a fat joke and she says ummma lot of my friends are over weight reply with oh wow, mine too. Lets hook them up. To avoid offending people too often, reserve yourself to jokes about ugly people or more gauzy conditions. No ones gonna come out and say, excuse me, I have an ugly friend, I take offense. (f) Accusations of being a player: Infamous, especially if youre running tight game or shes seen you around before with another girl. Take this as a compliment, it means shes aware of your game and wants you to continue brain banging her. Avoid answering this directly, and never get defensive. Play it off as Im not a player, Im searching for true love. If she asks how many girls youve been with, reply with I dont count them. If she says she saw you with another girl before, reply with Yah, I was trying to get you jealous so youd talk to me. (g) A compliance test: So do you think Im pretty? A trap for unknowing men who think theyve already closed. If you answer with yes, you might get a close but the hit in your game will set you behind in future pursuits. Or more likely, shell toy with you for a bit longer then suddenly vanish after youve bought her enough drinks. Reply with Yah, but youre a democrat so its never gonna work between us or Maybe, but youll have to impress me with your personality first. Dont say no directly but make sure you disqualify her. (h) Testing your social proof: Where are your friends? or Are you here by yourself? Dont be shook if youre flying solo, thats exactly what shes looking for. She doesnt care if youre here by yourself, but she does care if youre insecure about being by yourself. Reply with I dont have any, just a couple of pets. Dont say, Theyre coming if they really arent because a girl WILL judge you if you lie about suggested social proof. (i) Im not that type of girl: Even the most accomplished sluts will occasionally insist that somewhere deep down inside, they chastise lewd behavior. Dont get defensive and try and justify your actions, ignore her reproaches. Smile and say phew, thank god and then continue. 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards pretty much sums up courtship. If you can pull it off and have enough women waiting elsewhere, laugh and reply with that sucks, Im that type of guy (still back off, never make a girl feel uncomfortable from an advance, she will rationalize it later as a lack of attraction and a mistake). (j) Talking about sex: The trump card all women hold over men. Youll witness the topic of sex being used to berate men and over and over again. Women use it to flush out either men who are desperate (given off by an over-eagerness to talk about sex), or virgins who dont know anything about women (they will get shy and retract their bad boy guise). Dont fall into this man-trap, reply with Youre gonna need to impress me a bit
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more before we start talking about sex. Reframe conversations to place yourself in the dominant position. (k) Disapproval: Ewwww youre that type of guy? Shes looking to see if you get defensive over your identity. Give off a snort and then flash her your dick.

When in Doubt, Whip it Out.

INVESTMENT What distinguishes a suggestion from other kinds of psychological influence, such as a command or the giving of a piece of information or instruction, is that in the case of a suggestion an idea is aroused in another persons brain which is not examined in regard to its origin but is accepted just as though it had arisen spontaneously in the brain. -Freud Following your opening, a hopefully interesting conversation, and a fluent exchange of negs and teasing, youll have to begin building comfort with your partner to move past the narrow scope of attraction. To close or to guarantee any form of future communication, you need to connect with her on an emotional level and hopefully one that sets you apart from the plethora of other guys that have tossed their chum at her. For a girl to want to continue a relationship with a guy she must feel invested in him. Investment can take many forms from material, mental, to time. It is the reason why people have so much trouble getting over their exes or why men assign so much value to their Oneitses. People we have invested time and energy into are perceived by our brains to be worth much more than others. Compliance tests are the male versions of shit tests and can be consciously executed to increase or confirm a girls investment in you. Its asking her for a subtle favor the same way she may ask you to do something when shes shit testing you. Ask her to hold your drink, to hold your jacket, to wait for you while you go to the bathroom, anything. Anytime you do a favor for someone, your mind rationalizes it by assuming you must like the person (cognitive dissonance). In general, you can begin a compliance test right after you sense a spark between you and the girl, to segue into comfort building. Create a sense of serendipity by acting surprised when the two of you like the same thing. If youre surfing from topic to topic like you should be, youll find one or two things you and her have in common. Extrapolate on these and act as if youre surprised to meet someone with the same interest. Anything tinged with a sense of destiny is attractive; women have a childish

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yearning to believe in soul mates. Dont let this be a weakness, turn it into an advantage for yourself. Go through taboo topics with her. Make fun of people with her or ask her about her opinion on some guy with herby sunglasses on. The shared sense of guilt will help you guys connect (at the expense of someone elses social value). Be warned that this game can be somewhat disturbing, as women show no mercy once theyve loosened up. Pain and anxiety are the precursors to comfort and pleasure. If you sense that not enough comfort can be built, eviscerate insecurities that she has to capitalize on them. You must guise yourself as the savior to her tensions. If you sense that shes a workaholic, ask her a quick question about her job and make it obvious to herself that she hates being confined to duties all day. Then make yourself the opposite a free spirit that strays to its will. If you sense that shes having financial problems, start making fun of how rich people spend all their money on golden yachts and then make yourself seem like a financially well minded person (You dont need to be rich, just dominant and knowing how to survive. You dont want to stir up gold digger inclinations). Insinuate desire by constantly using the term we or us. As your conversation flows, assume rapport. Make it seem as though you guys are already well connected and only catching up. Constantly use inclusive terms that suggest you guys already share a basic empathy. As you transition into the comfort zone, make sure you make THE TARGET feels like SHE EARNED the right to be there. In other words, that even though you initially disqualified her, she eventually won you over. Reverse the script even though you were the pursuer all along. As youre building comfort, constantly make it seem like youre reluctant to divulge any further but her insistence is what makes you give in. Move her. Changing venue (bouncing) increases the amount of time a girl feels like shes spent with you. Tell her to come to a restaurant across the street, downstairs, or outside for a smoke. Avoid staying in one spot if youve already won her attraction over. This is also the easiest way to see if a girl with a boyfriend is willing to leave him for you or if a girl you just met is interested or just enjoying the attention from you. A girl who lacks interest will not agree to change location with you, especially to a quieter place. Dont be argumentative. Women dont like men who argue, they like men who have the balls to argue. A guy who parrots her beliefs has no backbone to stand up for himself, but a guy who attacks every straw is just as insecure. Men who argue every point possible have an overriding need to prove themselves right to avoid the insecurity of being unheard or losing. If you disagree with a girl, make the disagreement short and playful. Cut the thread right after if you see it going nowhere. Share both commonalities and differences, at both extremes. Tell her you read the same exact weird nerd blog she reads; but that you have a completely different take on whether aliens
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exist. The difference incites intrigue while the commonality creates comfort. Blow up similarities to make it seem like you guys are perfect for each other. Blow up differences to disqualify her and make it known that you have different interests. Occasionally freeze her out while building comfort to make her seek more of it. A continuous stream of rapport bores people, the eros of drama must be injected every once in a while regardless of how well youre doing. Use jealousy even in the beginning stages, if a girl sees your interest suddenly waning because another girl took a liking to you, she will double up her efforts to keep you attracted. End a freeze out when she complies with more IOIs to make her associate increased attention with increased pleasure. Sharing vulnerabilities serves as an opiate for deep comfort building. Tell her about how youve recently been thinking about taking some risk in life like moving to a new place or quitting your job and trying something new. Or tell her an embarrassing story with a funny touch to it. Make her feel as though youre opening up to her though reluctantly and that she can do the same. If you open up too eagerly, she assumes theres no depth to your personality because you wear your heart on your sleeve. Be a man of several layers. When you run vulnerability game make it short and sweet. Sometimes a guy will get high off of the initial burst of attention from a girl when he divulges an insecurity so he goes on and on about his weaknesses to extract every last penance of sympathy. Each consecutive vulnerability revealed will generate significantly less rapport than the last one. Dont fall for the trap of over indulgence. Hubris is punishable by death. Give her something of yours like a scarf or a hat. Spray it with your cologne so she subconsciously anchors the smell with the positive feeling of being with you. If she has an item of yours, you can separate and then come back to her later to distort the amount of time the both of you have known each other for. This also works well in between concurrent dates. Always make it seem like theres more to you than meets the eye. What is confusing is seductive. Even during the comfort phase, occasionally throw in mixed signals like acting more withdrawn if she touched on a sensitive topic. To build comfort, the cocky funny persona must somewhat shy away and slightly hint towards a more sensitive and deeper well of emotions. Feed her imagination with slight but noticeable inconsistencies and changes in your demeanor. Keep your language vague and suggestive. When you compliment her, tell her youre very interesting, avoid male hausfrau compliments like youre so beautiful. Dont give her a reason as to why shes interesting; let her wonder what interests you about her. In turn, shell try and interest you even further. People try and act in accordance to how others perceive them, let her feel like you perceive her in a unique and ambiguous light to make her want to seek more rapport with you. Disarm suspicion with sincerity. If she starts to feel worried that you wouldve hit on any person in the club, confide to her that you had a slight crush on her the moment you walked in
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(combine with inconsistency like flirting with another girl). Admit to a sin on your part, something she thinks a regular guy wouldve kept to himself. This will only work after attraction has already been built. If you skip attraction and go straight to comfort, she will see you only as a friend. Isolate your target. Psychologically isolate them by being the observed person in a club. Be the guy engaging a set next to her with a hilarious story that her own set wants to try and listen to. Make her mind both notice and relentlessly think about you. Shut off the rest of the crowd in her mind. If shes raved by your approach, she will maintain eye contact even if a gorilla breaks in through the backdoor of the club. Physically isolate her by taking her to a corner or a less lit area. The idea of being isolated and hidden allows her to seek more comfort without being bogged down by her protective shields. Use the same dialect she uses to build a sense of familiarity. People will use a different vernacular depending on where they work, the cliques they hang out with, and where theyre from. Try and catch her clichs and use them yourself. If shes a feminist with a Ph.D, use words like fem reform and cissexuality. If youre talking to a lawyer, use phrases like firm and Screw people in the ass.


Dont think, just do Escalation should start in your head the moment you think about approaching. You should be exchanging endless orgasms with your target in your head before the word hey escapes your mouth. Outside of your head, it should be a pervasive theme during the entire seduction. Every moment is technically a moment of escalation. Every date a gateway for the moment of consummation when her clothes descend to more idle forms. Your quarry must feel comfortable to the idea of a physical touch from you. Ideally, this should start the moment you say hi to her. Touch her forearm or her shoulder. Retract coolly but let it linger when youre into deeper parts of the conversation. If you have to console her after a neg, pat her shoulder. All people long for physical comfort from others, were just repulsed when it comes from inferior beings. Touch and touch often. It doesnt matter if you have to settle for ankle locking underneath a table or stroking her toes, touch as much as possible. Until you feel a thread of resistance, encroach on her personal space (assuming she previously gave you a significant amount of IOIs, not on a girl that doesnt like you). If shes stayed with you past 15 or 20 minutes, theres almost no chance shell resist some sort of contact, she wouldve left by now if she werent interested at all.
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Handholding is the easiest measure of how ready a girl is to be isolated or kissed. If shes ok with holding your hand, shes ready for a cock kiss. Always try and escalate as far as possible, whenever possible. The deeper of an investment you can get from a girl, the more willing she will be reciprocate future advances. Remember to match escalation with comfort and never make her feel like shes a smash and dash. Although youre escalating as fast as possible keep comfort as high as possible. Comfort should never be sacrificed for speed. If shes resisting because she questions whether shell regret it later move back to building more comfort. Escalation is based on moving 2 steps forward and one step backwards, constantly. If you kiss her for a while, suddenly break out and stare away distractedly. Insecurity breeds anxiety, anxiety breeds love. Its important to ALWAYS be escalating because rejection is not your enemy falling into sexual depression is your enemy. Spending 6 months chasing a girl only to realize your math professor is fucking her is the enemy. Being blown out in a set lets you learn from your mistake and move on quick. But not escalating with a girl and spending twenty minutes of your time grasping for straws accomplishes nothing. Always be escalating to keep yourself out of the friend zone. If youve successfully escalated, or built any amount of comfort, make sure to ask for her number at the end of the night. Ask for her number even in the mild stages of attraction, theres nothing to lose. Ask her for her number even if you just met her. Dont over analyze it, dont think about the possibility of rejection, just ask. In fact, if she says no, youll find yourself happy that you did it because now youll be aware of how innocuous rejection feels. Its only a mental barrier we construct for ourselves. Use the 2 steps forward 1 backwards principle to keep your entire engagement in suspense. Even if your ultimate purpose is single-minded, keep the entire process as ambiguous and free flowing as possible. Make it seem naturally flowing rather than synthetically forced out.

The more the both of you feel like the exchange challenged your normal values or thresholds, the more you will both be invested to the relationship. Its always important to push a girls boundaries whether in sex, teasing, or seduction to make yourself an object of unique desire rather than another male decoy. Immerse yourself into the entire escalation process as much as possible. All external thoughts while you and a girl are alone are manifestations of inner insecurities. Keep them at bay by focusing on nothing but the experience. If youve gotten this far, you dont need this book or any material on escalating. What you need is to follow your pre-programming as a man and shut off the feminine chatter from the other parts of your brain. The point of escalating; whether its going in for a kiss or getting intimate for the first time is to drown out the sordid reality inextricably linked to a girls fear of letting herself go in your presence. Follow your gut instinct; overwhelm her with the need to take a chance. Throw aside any thoughts of uncertainty; master the bold move.

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Chapter the Fourth: The Not-Pick Up THE FRIEND ZONE Friends are just girls you havent been able to fuck yet If the seduction youre seeking is not a cold approach, then we assume that the girl in question is either a friend or an enemy, preferably the latter. An enemy still has an emotional perception of you, one that can be twisted into a hate fuck to generate sexual tension and life long regret. A friend will feel her vagina dry up into a sand dune whenever you begin talking to her. Ergo the real problem in your situation is a lack of attraction, or in rare circumstances, a lack of rapport. The question of the friend zone, the LJBF break up and the asexual relationship has its roots in a more functional problem. The idea of a guy, liking a girl, but not being able to generate the right emotional response from her because he focuses on rapport more than attraction. The girl can be anyone; an ex girlfriend, a classmate, a colleague, or a teacher if youre aiming high. In her opinion, she just doesnt feel the spark. In your opinion, youre doing everything right, just as youve seen it done in a Harlequin romance, but nothing seems to work. Unlike the previous chapter, this discussion will assume you and your target are already familiar with each other. What this chapter doesnt assume is whether your target is the subject of a Oneitis infection, or merely an infatuation you wish to cater. I feel compelled to say over and over again that while learning how to get a girl you like is helpful, basking in obsession is an unhealthy practice. At no point in your life should any single girl be the focus of all of your game. Even after you get married, keep orbiters around you. Never cheat, but always retain the potential to do so. Keeping your options or at least eyes open helps to mitigate the dependency that eventually normalizes the attraction in a relationship. Any time you find yourself going an extra mile for a girl, you wont get her. If youre posting on forums about your sexually arid dynamic with a girl, you wont get her. If youre having council meetings with all of your friends to deconstruct every single one of her micro-facial expressions, you wont get her. And even if you prove me wrong and somehow get her, you wont keep her. And if by some unnatural miracle you keep her (zombie revolution and you two are the last humans left alive), she wont be happy with you. The cock must subdue the vagina, and no cock can subdue a pedestalized vagina. Use the advice in this chapter loosely, if you cant get the girl in question, move on to a different one.
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There are three possible reasons explaining why you would like a girl. If she was your friend previously and you gradually developed a predilection for her after spending more and more time with her, its because your mind is placing higher value on what you have invested time, energy, and effort into. If you impulsively began to like her, its because the way she looks or something she has done matches with your idealization of a perfect partner, created by the sexual imprinting you went through at a younger age. Or lastly, you dont have a desperate preference for her, shes just available and your mind randomly chose her due to a lack of other options. All of these reasons presuppose that the girl passes a certain threshold for physical attraction. You will rarely like a girl who falls below your I would rather fuck a dude standard. If you do, she has phenomenal sirening skills. More than likely these reasons will overlap. For example, out of three hot girls, one of them will have had a physical brush with you, just a slight touch. Your mind races with thoughts of love, kids, and lifelong monogamy. Your body rationalizes your feelings by assuming you have an exceptional liking for her. Without even knowing it, you subconsciously place yourself in a position to be around her more or to talk to her. You become friends, and the extra devotion you have for her causes your infatuation to spiral out of control. The extra time you spend with her exposes you to more of her attributes, several of them matching what your brain is searching for in an optimal mate. The infatuation complex starts because a girl can create the feeling of love in you or in chemical terms, the release of Phenethylamine (PEA). PEA facilitates all the flight-or-fight responses associated with love and begins the emotional high that will prevail throughout your fixation for this person. The more your options are limited, the larger the effect a single girl will have on your emotional well being. The more partners you are capable of attracting, the more control you will have over each relationship (doubly reinforced by other principles like hypergamy and preselection). This assumes of course, that you are not intentionally sabotaging that capability. How many times have you heard of a high status male suddenly forsake everything he owns for a girl who left him? These men intentionally ignore other options and the opportunities within their own lives because they want to believe in a magical soul-mate. PEA can be created for a whole host of reasons, the major ones already being established in the first paragraph. Once you begin spending more time with a girl, or thinking about her more, you expand the potential number of PEA stimulants she can insinuate. If you date a girl for 6 weeks, there will be a higher chance that she said or did something that caused a spike in your PEA than if you date a girl for only a single week (basic probability). The ego investment rule breaks in long-term relationships because of further complexities. If you become truly unhappy in a marriage, the amount of resources youve invested in a girl might pale in comparison to the amount of happiness youd be able to get by re-entering the dating scene. Because men are predisposed to seek sex rather than emotional commitment, this will likely result in extramarital affairs rather than a divorce. A man in an unhappy marriage has no problem dumping his frustration into another woman in one all-consuming ecstatic load. A woman will always opt for divorce unless she is a victim of the wall.
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While the basic reason you like her will be elementary, a more complex tapestry will construct itself around your relationship with her. You will find her funnier or more interesting than other girls. Her trivial hobbies and interests, perhaps a movie or a book, will seem unique. When I tell you this from a third person point of view, the absurdity becomes apparent. Liking a girl is based almost entirely on Post hoc rationalization. If a fat girl suddenly came by and liked all these things, you wouldnt like her. Likewise, if you never had the initial burst of PEA for the girl you like, all of these unique tendencies would hold no importance within your mind. The tendency to pedestalize women weve taken favors to is further implicated by the matrix and its monogamous conditioning. There is only one perfect girl were told, and so we believe. The logical fallacy of this idea is of course that if a girl is perfect for you, then she wouldnt leave, or would like you in return. If a girl doesnt like you, or leaves you, she cannot, by definition, be your soul-mate. It helps to understand this basic tenant of your rationalization because you cannot successfully pursue a girl you pedestalize. You do not like her because of a magical sense of compatibility or a preordained destiny to be with her, you like her because of basic psychological principles. There are no matches made in heaven except for the ones between angels, all human bonds are developed on earth and for earthly reasons.


The more timidity a lover shows with us the more it concerns our pride to goad him on; the more respect he has for our resistance, the more respect we demand of him. We would willingly say to you men: Ah, in pitys name do not suppose us to be so very virtuous; you are forcing us to have too much of it. For women, a conquest of the body is not enough. They are obliged by their basic feminine prerogative to monopolize male attention in every instance and form possible. In our compassing social mesh, this effect results in every girl having an intrinsic desire to preserve as much platonic attention as she can receive. This is why girls keep guys who like them on leashes, this is why they go out to clubs, this is why they wear make up, this is why they are constantly competing with each other for the spotlight. This is why the friend zone even exists. A girl who can lead a guy on without giving him sex is bartering nothing in exchange for his resources. It would be parallel to a having a fuck buddy for a guy. A guy-friend that a girl uses to soothe her ego every time she needs to be conciliated is like an emotional fleshlight. The more you allow a girl to indulge in this dynamic, or give her your attention for nothing in return, the more she will be unwilling to reciprocate being anything more than friends. In her mind, it makes no sense for her to work harder for something she received with less effort in the past.
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A guy in the friend zone immediately gets desexualized in accordance with hypgergamy and civil dynamics. If she can extract all of your attention from you without giving you sex, there is an implicit understanding that she can do better than you in the sexual market. She can take all the attention she can get from you while saving her intimacy for someone more alpha than you, getting the best of both worlds. There is no direct correlation between a good friendship and a good relationship, although youve been conditioned to believe otherwise. Common interests and having fun around each other is a prerequisite to a good relationship, but a friendship isnt the only way to attain that ground. Friendship is thoroughly emphasized as the only gateway to a good relationship because it preserves the agency of the girl while rendering you relatively impotent to her sexual pilot. As long as men can be kept chasing friendship, women can be kept in the power position. If anything, friendship has an inverse correlation to a sexual relationship because of the snowball effect it entails. The myth of access to a girls intimacy through some indefinite amount of attention as a preface to that intimacy leads to a continuous stream of effort being directed the wrong way, and then justified through circular logic. A guy toils away day and night chasing after the girl he likes, witling down his chances with each extraneous act of generosity. Not only do his chances diminish the more he bends his back over for her, but he is subconsciously driven to invest more and more of his energy because every failure is attributed to a lack of effort even though that effort is the correlate to his failure. For every 1 relationship that works because a girl and a guy were very good friends at first there are 100 or more relationships that never happened because a guy got dropped off to the friend zone and left to jerk off to facebook photos while using his cascading tears to lubricate his phalanges. Luckily you only hear about that 1 relationship that worked and the 100 that never did get laundered by unrealistic expectations (Becky and Sam? No, they just werent meant to be). In a way, the friend zone was the most ingenious operative social convention invented to date. Women are the beneficiaries in multiple ways. In a break up, she can theoretically preserve the attention of her ex-boyfriend by offering to remain friends rather than acquaintances. We are conditioned to believe that if he in turn refuses, its because he has no sense of decency. During an approach, girls can proactively LJBF a guy to prevent him from trying to steer their relationship towards sex. If its done immediately, it saves both of them their efforts, but if its done later, it loses the investment he already made. Unfortunately if hes not smart enough to cut his losses early, he will continue perpetuating his lost cause ideal until he finds another girl to bandwagon. Thus, its important to quickly flush out relations that will end up in nothing but friendship. Unless your goal is pursue a relationship with the girl because you actually like her as a friend, it will allow you to redirect your attention and focus elsewhere. Attention is the ultimate reinforcer for men. It is the male equivalent of sex, the thing that we have that women want from us. Your default response to a lack of intimacy should always be to
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excuse yourself from the situation entirely. It is the only way you can preserve your station as the dominant partner and in control of your relationship with her. If you stay complacent with being played over and over by a girl who has no intention of progressing your relationship, you inhibit your own chances to develop by augmenting a beta position and trading off resources that can be used on other women. Only a guy who is unwilling to participate in his position as a surrogate boyfriend can repossess his own agency and create the impression of confidence in the women around him. I say this of course, without any remorse for the idea of a friendship between a girl and a guy. There is nothing wrong with that; I am referring specifically to those situations (which seem to happen all too often) where a guy feels he is being manipulated out of his original intentions. If youre talking to a girl for sex, keep the goal at sex. Dont take friendship as an alternative route. If youre talking to a girl because you think shes cool and you want to be friends with her, dont let sex get in the way of a positive bond. The statistical rarity of this situation is massively disconcerted. Around 90% of guy-girl friendships exist because either one wants attention or sex from the other. Theres nothing wrong with this, just dont fool yourself into thinking youre chasing a girl because you just want to be friends. The self concern of Jerks is what keeps them out of the friend zone. Staying in the friend zone is a losing tradeoff for them as they are intuitively aware that their energies can be focused in more productive ways. Supplicating to a womans need for access to her sexuality is exactly the type of selfless act nice guys are conditioned to believe in. Despite failing over and over again, the martyr mentality keeps them continuously sacrificing their balls for a girl they know wont be interested in them. It is the essence of the feminine revolution, turning men into engineered commodities that can be sacrificed wholesale to mechanize their romantic labor. Self-depreciation and the nice guy syndrome is the dementors kiss in platonic relationships. When a guy assumes the position of a friend in hopes of sexual congress, he inevitably adopts an attitude that he is different from the other guys that the girl he has been with. AFCs dont chase girls thinking Im going to act desperate to make her sick of me, they think If I act desperate, Ill show her that Im different from other guys. The act of self-deprecation is perceived as advantageous rather than detrimental, which allows for the inevitable rationalization of his original position. The hope that shell one day realize she was meant to be with him looms in the near future, only to torture him out of his prime years and restful sleep. Luckily by the time shes 30 years old and has to settle, she will happily realize that they were meant to be all along. Fuck that shit sideways. The lacking of intimacy, if one hangs on to it, eventually comes to a point where it compromises ones initial goals. If you cant get a girl after trying for months, your body begins to realize it needs to change to facilitate your relationship with her. At this point, withdrawing or using concepts from game like push-pull never come to mind because they are counter-intuitive. Rather, you begin to see necessary changes according to her identity. Whether consciously or
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not, you attempt to change your own being to accommodate her interests, what she likes, what she wants. While common ground is a necessary aspect of a positive relationship, this type of forced personality change will breed spite in the future and compromise your own ambitions. Again we see that the Jerk has a natural cure for this never letting his own interests become convoluted by a girls. Harness the positive aspects of being a jerk. Sadly, this form of compromise through unthinking optimism will ruin the chances of a sexual relationship between you and her. The more you placate to her ego by shifting your own reality, the more you show her that you are willing to change your own resolve to furnish hers, the more she begins to think you are unworthy of her intimacy. While this might increase rapport, it signals to her an inherent weakness within your character, which inevitably gets translated by her as an inability to reinforce masculine power and independence. In her eyes, if you succumb to her ego, you can be broken by anyone. But really, who are you even kidding with this friendship bullshit anyways? Youre either in a romantic relationship with a girl or youre not. Friendship is not a zone of transference, there is no limbo between a friendship and a relationship. If a girl does not see you as her boyfriend, she sees you as one of her girlfriends. If at any point your relationship with her becomes a liability in terms of her relations with another man one considerably more alpha than you, she will happily shit out your friendship, even if it pains her to do so. CHANGING HER IMPRESSION OF YOU People do it everyday, they talk to themselves they see themselves as theyd like to be, they dont have the courage you have, to just run with it Its much harder for a guy to get a girl hes known for a long time to like him than it is for a girl to get a guy shes known to like him. Unlike men, women are sexually attracted to a guy due to an emotional response he elicits from her. If her first impression of him never elicited this response, it is unlikely it will in the future. His image becomes psychologically anchored to a desexualized response, which continues throughout the duration of their relationship. To change this, you need to change the way a girl perceives you and the original context she uses to filter your actions. To the above statement, youll be wondering; why are girls always complaining then? Because women are hypergamous. 90% of the time when a girl likes a guy, especially a girl with options, that guy is going to have other options himself. A girl complaining about guys never wanting to commit is like a guy complaining how girls never want to have sex. Think of the 100 girls that George Clooney has dated that have the impression guys never commit. There are a hundred other betas that would drop dead for a shot at marriage with any of those girls. If you
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proposed to Anne Hathaway tomorrow and she said no, would you go around saying women hate the institution of marriage? All game concepts should be applied evenly, as you would with any girl. But if you already know her, certain points are more important than others to change her impression of you. A change in external game is just as important as an improvement. Hypothetically if your external game was already superior to those of the guys around you (you already displayed alpha and dominant body language and dressed well), continuing to do so might reinforce your dominant persona, but will not change her spayed interpretation of your actions. Its important to force a different stimulus, or shift the way you do things. Talk a bit differently, dress a bit differently, illustrate quirks within your personality that were previously unknown to her. The preconceived notions she has of you must slowly be distorted by your actions. To make sure no one gets confused between the difference of the above and changing your identity as it was established in the friend zone section, changing your identity to increase attraction is different from changing your identity to increase rapport. The latter will involve more supplication and resource compromise, like talking on the phone with her, parroting her opinions, or making a decision based on her interests and then establishing a new mental schema to justify the decision on your own terms. The former will be more about being less available, peacocking with new items, or picking up a new hobby. As youre changing the image of yourself in her head, pick up a new activity or hobby that can justify the decision. If she randomly sees you beginning to change, she will assume you are consciously doing it to prove something to her. If instead, you began working out or you picked up a side job and started acting differently gradually after picking up your new hobby, she would associate your positive traits as an unintentional development caused by your pursuit of new ambitions. As a corollary to the above statements, make your goals revolve around yourself rather than her. While your goal might indirectly be to attract a specific girl, keeping the focus on your self will help you sustain the change for more long term results. Any change you implement for another person will lose its urgency as soon as that person loses their significance in your life. People get flabby and lazy in relationships because the sense of urgency to attract is gone after theyve capitulated with their partners. If the main reason for a change is an inner ambition, and the attraction it garners from another person remains as a secondary objective, the change will be more fulfilling. The amount of attention you give her must change to fit an exchange dynamic rather than an appeasement dynamic. Your first impression of her registered as a friend or a person she can get attention from without exchanging intimacy for. If you limit the reinforcer, attention, you change her perception of the dynamic between you two. As long as she remains unaware of why your attention has suddenly become more restricted, it will both intrigue her and shift her into qualifying mode, granted you can create enough attraction.
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The way you talk to her should change gradually and shift back and forth between friend and a romantic relationship. There are certain words people only use with their intimate partners, like babe or like (friends will say I love you, not I like you). Use words like these to sub communicate your intention to escalate past a platonic relationship and to make her feel as if the intention to do so was always there. She needs to feel like your friendship does not preclude the possibility for a romance, but was only a mask for it. The ideal goal of any seduction is to turn the seduced into the seducer. You MUST use jealousy to make a girl who has no emotional bond with you, change her feelings. After the slightest bit of attraction has been created, use jealousy to proliferate her emotions. Women compete for attention with each other regardless of whether the object being vied for is sexually desired or not. They will compete for the attention of alphas, of gay men, and of other women they look up to. If you can get a girl to compete for your attention, she will assume its because she likes you. The added effect of her invested effort will push her more and more towards a romantic relationship. While a gradual change has the benefit of authenticity a more traumatic adjustment can have faster and larger results, if executed properly. If all of a sudden you act aloof and disenchanted by her, she will assume its because you arent interested. But if say she thought there was a reason for your change, something her imagination can only suggest towards, she would drive herself crazy to restore the previous standing between you two. The emotional torque created just from her effort to maintain the friendship can be redirected in a more sexual way. Certain exchanges or types of physical kino are reserved for relationships, try and institute these between you and the girl. Any type of grooming for example, (wiping something off of someones face, cleaning a stain off of their jacket) incites feelings of romantic rapport. Women have been conditioned to associate any form of grooming as an intimate form of kino. Because you cant take a friend to a corner and immediately try and escalate with her without creeping her out, establishing a higher level of kino will take a longer time (and should be done more subtly than directly). Kino escalation should be done to indirectly hint towards your infatuation with her, it cannot overtly declare your attraction. It must seem as if both of you are unknowingly falling for each other, even if youve been in love with her for months. You must act just as oblivious and hesitant as her until the right moment where you overwhelm her with a bold move. Carry your conversations to allude to unique connections that you have with her. A girl isolates a boyfriend in one category, and the collective AFCs that chase her into another category. You two must have something between each other that other guys dont have with her. In a relationship, this is established by doing things with her that other guys havent done yet (harder with sluts). Change the emotional landscape constantly. From fighting to making up to exercising together, the more disperse her range of emotions relating to you, the stronger her perception of you

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becomes. If youve known her for a while, this becomes exceptionally important to undo the previously motionless image of you. You MUST establish a position of higher value by being less available than she is, at all times. In the previous chapter we discussed how the initial pick up should neg a target to create deficiency in attraction, and then fill that void. In an already existing relationship, this process gets drawn out for a longer period of time. Always take longer to respond back to texts, phone calls, e-mails, any form of contact. The seduced must always be put in a position of more reactivity than the seducer. Never feel guilt for trying to change anything about yourself or your relationship with a girl, unless it compromises a positive aspect of yourself or truly harms someone else. Making a girl feel bad because you arent willing to be her friend without sex is an operative social convention, and a firm staple of the matrix, used to inhibit feelings of guilt to curb the latent impulse of men to fuck women. If your goal with a girl is sex, dont be ashamed of it. It is only by pragmatically holding on to your identity as a man do you have any chance of attracting the girl in the first place. Telling a guy the reason why a girl doesnt like him is because they werent meant to be is like applying a band-aid to a structural hemorrhage. Men are bleeding out their masculinities for the girls that they like without knowing it. Sure you guys might not be a good match, but you couldve done certain things to increase your chances with her. Embrace your sexuality, dont be mundane about it. Dont hide your boner whenever she walks by, dont blush whenever you touch her, dont cringe whenever she speaks to you. Women are not decorations, they are meant to be consumed. SHOULD YOU TELL A GIRL THAT YOU LIKE HER? And the great question is If after implementing these changes while still avoiding the grasp of Oneitis you think you have a chance with the girl in mind the inevitable question of how to make your next move will come up. Should you ever tell a girl directly that you like her? No. The way you tell a girl you like her is not just an issue of semantics. How you go about this drastically changes the way she will perceive you. If you tell a girl I like you, you immediately pedestalize her. As long as she remains the object of desire, she will never be inclined to chase you. If challenge is absent in a relationship, attraction will never follow. To a girl, I like you comes off as a predisposition of desperation, a sign that a guy chose her because he is desperate for her. It contradicts her prerogative to search for preselected men because her

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subconscious compels her to assume you are of less value than her, since you are the one who exclusively wants her. How many times have you witnessed a relationship fizzle out even after a guy and a girl declared their liking towards each other? If a guy doesnt escalate and his desperation for a girl is out there, her attraction for him will slowly plummet. Everyday that he spends focusing his attention and resources on her without escalating is another day she subconsciously assumes it might be a better option to wait longer to find someone more alpha. A guy who doesnt proclaim he likes her would be more of a challenge, intrinsically communicating to a girl his confidence and capability as a man. Girls are least attracted to guys desperate for them and most attracted to guys they are unsure about. Guys that they know dont like them fall somewhere in the middle. If you signal to her that you like her in more covertly communicated methods, then rather than seeing you as a desperate chump, she sees you as a commodity to be won from the sexual market. The implications are vast. You are still available to other girls; only by chasing you to gain exclusivity can she gain access to the larger portion of your attention (again, attention must be taken away to maintain male agency). You are not desperate for her; you have simply communicated your interest in her. The job of escalating has now shifted from you to her. Normally were conditioned to think that men should always be the pursuers, but this dynamic only allows women to indefinitely extract any amount of attention they want from a guy before even considering him as a mate. In the scenario I offer to you, a guy is still in control of his own agency and can choose to forgo a relationship if its in his best interests. By not overtly telling a girl that you like her, your mind assumes that your sexual interest in her is not unique, allowing you to adopt an abundance mentality much more easily. You are proactively advertising your confidence in your ability to attract other women besides the girl in question not only to other girls, but to yourself. As soon as you begin to rationalize a wanting for a single girl, rather than being open-minded until you find someone, you compromise what you want in your ideal partner. The moment you say I like you, the tumultuous path of mental monogamy changes all your sexual imprinting. Ideally, you should date multiple women to allow yourself to naturally realize what you want in your ideal partner. By jumping from girl to girl and telling each one you like them individually, your template for what youre looking for shifts to accommodate each girl rather than remaining impartial in its development. More importantly, I like you is a precursor for beta behavior. While there are no definite Alpha behaviors, there are definite Alpha traits, dominance being one of them. I like you is a state of powerlessness, admitting that the girl is in the dominant position of a relationship. As long as she can withhold her intimacy from you, and her intimacy is the only one you desire, she is given full control over your thoughts.

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You are only allowed to say I love you, I like you, or any statement of exclusivity if a girl has already said it first. By allowing her to say it first, you increase her investment in you because she has taken the added effort of a potential rejection. Women are given so much power by our default conditioning, it is important to reinforce value and dominance in meta-channels like this. A girl wants to say I like you first. She wants to enthrall herself with the feeling of a potential rejection from a higher value male, and possibly his acceptance. It is an inherent part of her genetic encoding and her own unnatural conditioning makes it all the more harder to access such pleasures. PATIENCE When you force the other person to act, you are the one in control. It is always better to make your opponent come to you, abandoning his own plans in the process. Lure him with fabulous gains then attack. You hold the cards -Robert Greene In the process of a pick up, while patience is integral, the consequences are not as heartfelt. If youve been seducing a girl over a long period of time, a single over-eager move will break the spell and create more resentment than attraction. A single call saying I like you will come off as more disenchanting than bold. While escalating a relationship is necessary it must be done in an aggressively patient style. If she takes a day to respond back to a text, you take two days. This form of practical patience is essential to reinforcing high value. If you find yourself not able to wait to respond every time she beckons at you, she will eventually assume youre like every other guy shes cycled through for validation. A girl will only chase you if she finds you to be of high value, and what is scarce, is always valuable. You must aggressively ignore texts if you need to, cancel dates, and withhold your time. Being overeager at any point during a relationship (before or even after) causes premature resentment to build up. It is always better to defer to a more lax and patient state than an over eager one if you are debating between the two. If you are unattached and patient, a flop can be quickly undone by reigniting attraction using absence. If you are overeager, the mistakes are much harder to fix because youve changed the underlying presumptions she has about you. If youre too unattached, she might assume you dont like her, which can easily be fixed by a sudden show of rapport. But if youre too eager, and you spill out your intentions too early (before sufficient attraction has been made), she will know that a sudden absence is calculated to create an intentional response.

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Patience and aggressiveness can be intertwined by using insecurity as the buffer. Be aggressive in your dealings with a girl, but not in a way to accommodate your insecurities. In other words, imagine a week has passed and you want to ask her out on a date with a direct approach. Your insecurity or fear of letting her pass is the main driving force. If you cooled your head and thought logically, you would defer to building more attraction first and then approaching her later (or cutting her loose). The moment you make a bold move, or try and escalate, should be after youve locked her in. You can lock a girl in anywhere, at a party, a hang out, the movies, any place where she can be isolated. Once you isolate her, you immediately shift to your game face, and everything from that point on is the same as chapter 3. You look for IOIs, expect shit tests, and eventually move into a comfort zone. Have her begging for it like a hooker with bad credit. Dont tip your hand early. Patience allows all of your actions to be interpreted under a subtext of confidence and preselection. If a perfect 10 begins to see that you take longer than 5 seconds to respond to a text from her (her average ETA), she instantly assumes you must have more options than all the other guys bending over their backs for her. Patience is the sign of a Don Juan, a master of the game. His acts might be so bold that one assumes there was no thought behind them just spontaneous passion but in truth all of them are planned with utmost precision. Patience forces her to play the more reactive role in the relationship, which is always the less powerful role. For a girl to like you, she cannot be the person with more power in your relationship. She needs to not only respect you, but defer to your lordship at the first sign of danger or insecurity. ALWAYS FOCUS ON INTEREST LEVEL Getting a girl to agree to go on a date with you or even accept a relationship with you cannot be the barometer for success. While the focus of a seduction revolves around the target, the latent goal of the seduction revolves around you. You woe a girl because SHE makes you happy. Only date girls who are INTERESTED in you, they are the only ones who will be able to make you happy. Always be focusing on interest level, nothing else. A girl can claim she is interested in you by going on a date with you, but the truth is, she might just been bored or looking for another guy to feed her a free meal. What you need to pay attention to are her actions and what they delineate. I like you means nothing youre cute means nothing we should go out some times means nothing
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youre different from all the other guys Ive met means nothing I love you means nothing Penis in vagina is the only accurate meter of initial success. Over the course of you meeting a girl and turning her into a potential girlfriend, you will either notice a lack of cues or an abundance of them regarding interest level. Does she look for you when she comes online? Does she respond to your texts? Is she willing to spend quality time with you? Does she make an effort to explore your interests? If she doesnt, dont make justifications for her lack of interest, just see it as it is. When most guys see a girl not interested in them, they dont assign it to interest level. They look at other factors. The nice guy who gets dumped for a jerk assumes that women are broken and stupid and arent capable of gauging what they really want in a partner. But the problem isnt in women its in THEM. The girls interest level wasnt high enough because they werent able to increase it to a point that could cultivate a successful relationship. Interest level is linear, not a complex diagram. After a certain percentage, say 70% a girl will want to date you. If she says, Im too busy with school work, her interest is below 70%. The trap that men fall into all too often is assuming that a girls interest level might be higher, but rationalizing her actions with an external factor. If a girls interest level is above 90%, she will want to be exclusive with you. If she tells you I want to be exclusive, but Im afraid of getting hurt again, her interest level is below 90%. To save their egos from getting nuked, men will rationalize over and over to themselves her interest level is at 95%, but her fear is holding her back. No, interest level functions in only one way. Start seeing reality for what it is, not how you want it to be. Use interest level to weed her out if she doesnt like you. If after a week (or ideally a moment) of trying to get this girl, she doesnt respond to any of your advances, DUMP HER. If a girl refuses all of your ideas, if shes crying to you about another guy, if shes considering getting back with her ex, why pursue her? Low interest level leads to sleepless nights filled with regret. Eliminate women without a high interest level in you. The extra effort needed to seduce a girl not innately interested in you is never worth it. AMOGING If you want to take a girl away from the sexual market, be ready to fight for her. AMOGing is most important in this form of seduction because dealing with other Alphas during a pick up is trivial and dealing with other Alphas in a relationship is unnecessary. In a pick up if you get AMOGed, move on to the next set and remember what you did wrong. Hone your skills. In a relationship if a guy tries to AMOG you in front of your girlfriend, you dont have to care. Ignore him. She is invested in you enough to reject the advances of herbs. If she gives out her number

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to a guy because he out muscled you, thank him for saving you from the clutches of a Hoar. But in a seduction somewhat drawn out, you must be ready to dominate in every instance possible. AMOGing in its simplest definition just means lowering the perception of another guy in the eyes of other girls. There are direct ways to do this, like physical confrontation and titular power, and indirect ways, like through the subtlety of language. You can neg a guy just like you neg a girl, or disqualify him from a circle based on one of his characteristics. But these are more blatant forms of AMOGing; we are more interested in ways other gurus have never talked about. Use a mans social conditioning against himself. For example, all men have been conditioned from day 1 of their lives to befriend girls in a way to supplicate to them. Even if youre dealing with an alpha with knowledge over game, some part of him will still remember this dynamic and defer to it if you can force it upon him. For example, imagine the girl you like has three or four other guys liking her. If you can entice all of THEIR propensities to befriend her, you can desexualize them in her eyes. When shes talking about another guy, make the assumption that theyre only friends. Make her think to herself no I dont see him like that, and you will strengthen her need to LJBF everyone but you. In any social setting, you can instantly AMOG all the guys around you by making any type of overt statement on them. Imagine youre at a club talking to two girls and a guy walks over and starts talking to them while ignoring you completely. Retort with hey man, we were waiting for you to come over here and hit on them. We were actually talking about how well you can run game. Instantly his actions are perceived in an overt rather than covert light. The girls will be ready to exploit overtly masculine behavior, just as they always are. If he tries to turn the tables on you, it will be irrelevant because youve already established the first impression. You are the dominant character thus any future interactions between you and that guy will be filtered under this context. If a guy is trying to tool you, befriend him, and neutralize him. If he continues to nag on and on or tries to neg you, he will seem like the douche trying too hard to impress the people around him by forcibly establishing his dominance. Always do the opposite of what hes trying to do. If hes playing the neutralizing card, then you should tool him. The key of course, is to do either in a fashionably artful way so as to out-perform your opponent. AMOGing is a skill, just like talking to women. Constantly be leading the guys around you. Dominating other men is the prequel to dominating women. Acts of masculinity, whether AMOGing or chopping down a tree are necessary for a girl to see you in a different light. By AMOGing I also dont mean you should always act like a douche. You can be nice to someone but in a way that presupposes your authority over them. Command your environment.

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The advice above should not be misinterpreted as a contradiction to aloof game. You should still not care when another guy comes along to try and steal your thunder. I am only insisting that you display to a girl your ability to lead and dominate other men. THE BOLD MOVE In a pick up, escalation can occur within minutes of the initial meeting. Liberated from the auspices of social stigma, a girl will feel no remorse in spreading her legs for a puissant alpha if she can hide it from her memory and peers. In a prolonged seduction like the one weve been currently discussing, much more is at stake for a girl. She will be judged by all of her friends who will relentlessly appraise her choices in a cacophony of criticism. Regardless of how short or trivial an intimate moment with you might be, she will view it as an investment rather than a fling. She will never do anything without plausible deniability. She needs an excuse to do something regardless of how pathetic it sounds. Come over to my house to watch my rabbit play the piano will work better than come over to have sex. It allows her to deflect the responsibility of intimacy on you or a bunch of unforeseen circumstances. The moment of escalation will take much more patience. It must be executed at a point when the girl is aroused far too much to resist, and where she feels the need to do so in order to qualify herself to you. The first part is accomplished easily; see the earlier chapter on building comfort and escalating. The second part takes a steady commitment to debauchery and a fluid code of ethics. She needs to think that if she doesnt eventually relinquish her heart to you, she will lose you to another girl. This ultimatum must be sub communicated to her by acting like a preselected male. If you audibly give her an ultimatum (either date me or dont talk to me) you place her in the power position and yourself at the mercy of her decision. It is not empowering to give a person a confrontational demand. Best case scenario, she will give in but not without feeling that she has been emotionally black mailed. The resentment will cause excessive shit testing during the first trimester of your relationship. More importantly, she will retain the dominant position in the relationship because you have already tipped your hand and showed her how much you care. Worst case scenario, you come off as a sulking beta and she instantly loses all attraction for you. Game over. You can escalate almost anywhere at any moment, as long as your timing is right. You can closet fuck a girl from work in the janitors cupboard if you feel the stars have aligned at that moment, or you can choose to wait till the both of you are hanging out at the movies. Alcohol helps in the sense that it removes a girls self-conscious inhibitions, but not to a point where it removes her sensory inhibitions.
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Start by going a notch above friendly kino and see if she reciprocates. If she responds with more closed off body language, take a step back. If she responds openly, take another step forward. If she responds again, take a step back. This calculated state of whimsical push and pull is necessary to allow suspense and traction to grow to its maximum potential. If you move forward with too much momentum, the entire process comes off as happening too fast and loses its arcane touch. If your aim is to establish a relationship with this girl, she must feel as though the entire thing was set up by a power beyond her comprehension, not micromanaged by you and your game book. If youve successfully escalated, wait 2 or 3 days before asking her on a date. Which moves us to
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Chapter The Fifth: Precoital Adventures I am Jacks supreme sense of irony COUNTER INTUITIVE Dating is a sham, a pre-relationship mechanism highly rigged in favor of women. The entire process is, for the most part, counter-intuitive from the mans point of view. Maintaining things like challenge and a prize mentality are difficult when society insists on pedestalizing women far beyond their rational value. Customary traditions like paying for your date already corral the notion that she is of higher value than you. Factors like her friends and circulating gossip work in tandem to constantly delay sex and subjugate you to laboratory testing. In a field of mines like this, only men of iron resolve can come out victorious. Betas will either learn to cherish celibacy or let their self-images become commoditized by a system bent on castrating them. When youre dating a girl, she is not the prize, you are. In a world where men are forced to maintain monogamous relationships, you cannot take the risk of settling for a washed up hausfrau or a part time H0r3. By placing yourself on a pedestal, all of your actions will be contextualized in terms of screening her as a potential mate rather than the other way around. It will generate challenge in her eyes because she must qualify herself to you before gaining admittance to a stable relationship. A high standard of selective reception is the type of provocation necessary to drive a girl crazy. You will never win a girls heart by putting her on a pedestal and giving her what she asks for. She must be constantly challenged with the crushing anxiety of a competitive sexual market ready to pry you away from her hands. Challenge is the overriding imperative in the dating phase. Dominance, humor, charm, preselection, all cater to her need to feel challenged in her effort to get you. As long as you are the prize, she will feel compelled to show up to dates on time looking her very best. If this sense of demur faces regression, expect a slow transition to a more lax dating scene absent of sexual marathons and dramatic climaxes. Women want to be the approval seekers; you must make it a priority to grant them this fantasy. If you feel at any moment that the dating is getting boring, withdraw into another girl. When in doubt, always pose indifferent and distracted. As long as you have other women around you, a girl will give you much more leeway if you fuck up. Women have a 6th sense for men who have options, especially if those options consist of women hotter than them.
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ASKING HER ON A DATE There are two requisites to asking a girl out on a date. She has either clearly expressed interest in you, or you have successfully escalated with her. Ideally, it should be the second scenario. If she needs to be the one to express interest in you to make you ask her out, it means you shouldve attempted to escalate earlier. Either ways, this is your cue to proceed ahead. Never ask her out on a date right away after shes said I like you or youve escalated. You wait 2 or 4 days. Never three. Game is spread so extensively now; every guy waits the magical 3 days. The Don Juan is always the exception. If every guy is waiting three days, you wait for any amount of time besides three days. When you ask her out, you do not tip your cards over. You are still a preselected male with other options. And if youre not, pretend like you are. You do not tell her I really enjoy licking your ass, can we please go on a date? You casually ask her to hang out; you are not interested in dating. The term dating itself refers to a female-framed dynamic. What you are doing is hanging out with her to see if she is worth your time. Never ask her out on a bland dinner date unless youre in high school or college. To the younger generation of woman, a dinner date is something straight out of a romantic novel and because not that many guys have asked her out on one, it still has the profound effect of novelty on her. More experienced women will find a dinner date banal. She has seen it all and heard it all and paying for her food is a supplicatory remark that screams, Im just like every other guy out there. The first date should be emotionally compelling. Earlier we discussed the chemical rush of love, fornicated by the alkaloid PEA. PEA also gets released into the blood following emotions like fear and excitement (you probably already heard this somewhere). Find out what scares her, and push those buttons. If shes afraid of heights, take her to a bookstore but walk there and take a path that forces the both of you to walk along a high bridge overseeing a river. If shes afraid of spiders, take her through a forest path to get to the caf you want to go to. If her favorite color is pink, chew a lot of bubble gum. Incite some sort of emotional response from her and she will associate the added octane with your presence. Even though the date should be aimed at generating an emotional response from her, the overall preference should be catered to your taste. If you like scuba diving, ask her to go scuba diving. If she says no, request one other thing. If she says no to that too, shes gone. You are not here to embellish other women with what they like to do. Your main goal in life revolves around your ambitions, you are taking time out of that goal to test her for possible value, do not bend further than this. If she cancels on the date, paraphrase your discomfort into one word with no logical support. She says I cant make it today, work. Reply with k. When she texts you back, dont respond. The responsibility of reinitiating contact must be placed on her. Dont leave a rambling voice message about how youd like to reschedule because shes a nice girl. If she cancels on two
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dates, shes gone for good unless she volunteers to skip the date entirely and go straight into foreplay. You are screening chicks for low interest level. If she acts bored during the date or refuses to comply with normal standards of human curtsey, excuse yourself politely and leave. Dont waste your time with girls who arent interested, trying to fix the deficit will cause more harm than good. Attraction is not a choice; dont settle for dates where the chemistry must be forced upon itself. If shes an eight or above and is sure she has you by the balls, cancel the date last minute and then reschedule later. Cancel 50% of first dates especially if they resulted from a long-term friend. The anxiety of unknowing must constantly be perpetuated within the relationship. Studies indicate that people are more attracted to people who like them back. This must be combined with the notion that familiarity breeds contempt. She must constantly be floating between thoughts of he definitely likes me and does he really like me? and maybe he hates me? She must never be in a position where she is sure of anything besides where she is sure of nothing. Cancelling your first date has the added advantage of being the first one to initiate a dick move in a relationship. The first person to execute a dick move will maintain the upper hand for years to come because it becomes the first impression of your romantic relationship. An asshole reaction can be used as a weapon of retaliation any time you perceive her investment in you to decrease, or in this case, a weapon of preventative defense. I would save the dick move for later if I considered a girl to be conventionally good and withholds from too much shit testing. If youre feeling bad about being an asshole, its probably because youre the one whos used to taking it up the ass. If youre not the one doing the fucking over, youre the one being fucked over. There are no altruistic relationships. If a girl plays games, she has to be cut off. This isnt because theres anything wrong with playing push/pull; its just that a relationship cannot work if both people are strategically maneuvering around each others desires. A nice guy with high social status might have a girl fuck with his head to make him fall head over heels, or a jerk with a lot of game might make a chick who could do a lot better fall in love; but in both scenarios there is only one actor. In any relationship, the person who cares less has more power. This balance must be kept near 50/50 but slightly tipping towards you. CONVERSATION AND SHIT TESTING Although these topics have already been covered in the pick up section, I deem it necessary to recap and expand on them because in the course of dating a girl, they are explored in much more depth. Conversations tend to linger more on one topic than casually flitting from subject
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to subject and shit tests turn out to be much more subtle and indiscriminate. The key to acing both aspects is not a prepared full-proof response or method the way you do in a pick up, but to adopt a mentality that will allow you to consistently pass them. The added advantage of dating a girl is the extra margin received from her decision to date you. The first time you talk to a girl, failing just one shit test can cause her beta alarm to go off. When youre dating a girl, you can fail 2 or 3 but as long as you revert back to a strong frame and catch yourself before you fall too deeply into beta backsliding, you can come back from a rupture in your game. A guy who talks about himself during a date is a verbal narcissist. No girl wants to here a guy ramble off about his ego or his accomplishments, they want him to forget to mention that hes a millionaire and then accidently find out about his elated status after facebook stalking him. A guy who asks a girl to talk about herself is a push over. He has no conversational skills and shoots question after question interrogator style never forming a sense of rapport in his exchanges. But a guy who can make a girl want to talk about herself and give only clues about himself is a conversational genius. Enthusiasm and indifference must both be constantly juggled with each other. Occasionally start preaching to her about something youre passionate about or bring high-energy game in the form of a story youre telling her. Then at other times, act emotionally sated and laid back. Be an extroverted introvert. A man whos friendly and loves talking but secretly enjoys spending time by himself accomplishing his own artistic goals. Be Hot and cold with Kino and conversation. When you neg her, touch her. When youre being nice, be laid back and indifferent. Dont be aggressive and nice at the same time or passive and mean at the same time. To learn the right way to talk to a girl, you must learn how to correctly listen to her. A girl does not want you to hang on to her every word. If youre talking to her with your pad out, jotting down important notes, you are trying to impress her, which strips your relationship of serendipity. If instead you act aloof while shes talking but then out of nowhere recall some obscure remark she made weeks ago, she gets the impression that youre both a challenge, and a good catch. Patronizing mastery combined with a hidden penchant for romance is the stuff that gets bytchez wet. Remember, combine romance with indifference, heartfelt concern with rash indifference, super human memory with careless neglect. She wants to be surprised by your ability to listen to her. She wants to be impressed without you trying to impress her. Every conversation post the initial attraction phase should consist of a lot of head nods and agreement cues. Occasionally disagree but never insist on arguing. When she attempts to start a heated debate with you, give her a candid smile that says you dont take her seriously. Let her talk about herself, your job is to create a comfortable environment that makes her want to talk about herself. Shit tests will be deployed much more discreetly. She will be testing you without even knowing it herself. The key to passing shit tests while dating a girl is just to recognize them. If you know when a girl is testing you, the process becomes disillusioned and youre much more prone to
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thinking clearly. For example, imagine she asks you are you dating anyone else right now? Your first thoughts will immediately race to wtf do I do? Say yes and make her think Im an asshole or say no and lose my aura of preselection? But if you take a step back and realize shes trying to shake you, the answer becomes clearer. Evade, evade, evade. As long as you dont give her the delayed gratification of causing your frame to break down, you remain in control. Tell her Its complicated or Just One? No drawn out explanation or detailed status analysis is necessary, just keep her guessing. ANCHORING Anchoring refers to the human tendency to associate an emotional response with a specific external stimuli. For example, you might feel a sense of allegiance when you see your countrys flag, a sense of nostalgia looking through your old yearbook, or a feeling of romance when you hear a song dedicated to an old relationship. In relationships and dating, anchoring happens subconsciously although they can be controlled to a great degree (NLP and speed seduction has its foundation in manipulating anchors). If a girl comes into a bar for the first time and immediately feels connected to some guy gaming her, she associates positive feelings with the bar. If that initial pick-up leads into a relationship, the ambience of the bar will be anchored through out their relationship assuming they dont over expose themselves to it. This is why couples sometimes go to the first place they met or their honey moon years later. The areas are anchored to positive emotions. Anchoring is important in all respects of the game but I decided to include it in this chapter because I believe it has the most significance here. In the pick up phase, you can close a girl without consciously anchoring her to anything. In a relationship, anchors will be created regardless of whether you intend to create them or not. In the dating phase however, you have much more control not only over when to anchor, but what to anchor a response to. Always establish an anchor when you close a girl. If you kiss her, give her your scarf or if youre into overkilled clichs, a rose. Assuming you eventually enter a relationship with a girl, anchoring the first kiss will make your job of resparking passion much easier (if necessary). Your first slow dance with a girl, if its special, will be anchored to the song in question. Be aware of not only the things shes anchored to, but also the stimuli youre anchored to. During dates, establish anchors with humor or dominance. If you use a certain facial expression whenever you say a funny joke (assuming your jokes are funny), your date will be anchored to laugh at the facial expression itself. Establish positive as well as negative anchors. David DeAngelo was once popularly scrutinized for recommending a book on how to train dogs as a dating guide. While the advice seemed somewhat bigoted, it was golden. Originally anchoring was discovered by an experiment involving dogs, where the consistent ringing of a bell followed by feeding time anchored the
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dogs to expect food whenever someone rang a bell in their presence. Women (and men) work the same way. If a girl withholds sex from her boyfriend and he caves in, he anchors sexual pleasure to obedience. What follows is a sad regression to a sexually sullen relationship where the girl constantly uses sex as a meal card. Negative emotions should be anchored to stimuli you have under your control. Over the course of a relationship, a couple might go on breaks to patch things up. Every time you guys are on a break, cut off all contact and wear only blue colored clothing. Never wear blue at any other time during the year. From now on, your absence will be anchored to the color blue and any time she gets mad, you can give her a post card of the ocean. When youre leaving and you know you wont be seeing your girlfriend for a few days whether to let off some steam or reignite passion, slam the door behind you. Youve anchored your disappearance to the noise it creates. You can anchor certain emotions by synthetically creating them in her. Ask her what her ideal lover consists of. While shes talking, rub your chin or engage in some sort of esoteric movement. Youll have anchored the movement to her idea of love. The next time she sees you doing the same thing, shell feel a familiar fluttering in her stomach. Anchoring positive and negative emotions to your attention / lack of attention is the foundation behind conditioning a girl with a reward / punishment system. Attention serves as the reinforcer for males in a relationship, if a girl does something you dont like, withdraw it. If your lack of attention gets anchored to the action she partook in, she associates her action with a negative feeling. Condition a girl into being happy whenever she makes you happy. Practical requisites must be met for an anchor to consistently work in your favor. They must be tailored to a specific response. If you slam the door on a girl when you get back together as well as when you break up, the lack of congeniality makes it impossible for a specific anchor to develop. Anchors must in intermittent. Over exposure to any type of anchor reduces its effect on the subject. Wearing a girls fathers cologne helps with your game because the smell is anchored to feelings of subordination and pleasure. But if every guy started wearing this cologne, she wouldnt associate positive feelings with any one guy. Feelings of loss, betrayal, euphoria, and anger can be metaphorically embedded within a conversation to elicit a desirable response. After a fight for example if you text her the next day and say hey Im leaving on a flight to Canada to see my grandmother, shes sick the embedded message of distance, loss, and pathology are all expressed through a superficial action (dont lie about a sick grandma, Im just giving you an example. This disclaimer is necessary for retards). Anchoring should never be visibly done, especially when used as a reward or punishment. If you withdraw attention from a girl because she did something wrong, she cannot know you are intentionally withdrawing attention. Find something to divert your focus on, like work or the gym. Guys often falsely presume that a girl must know that they are being ignored as a
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punishment; nothing can be further from the truth. If you overtly communicate your intention to ignore them, you still offer them the dominant position, as they are the ones who choose when to fix the problem. If you ignore them because you have other work to do, the problem never becomes magnified and your absence still gets anchored to the initial mistake. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT (a) Compress emotions to as little time as possible by taking her to different experiences during a single date. If you consider her serious LTR material, take her to more high- octane dates. "We discovered that people are not like Neo in 'The Matrix,' dodging bullets in slow-mo," Eagleman said. Memory trick Instead, such time warping seems to be a trick played by one's memory. When a person is scared, a brain area called the amygdala becomes more active, laying down an extra set of memories that go along with those normally taken care of by other parts of the brain. "In this way, frightening events are associated with richer and denser memories," Eagleman explained. "And the more memory you have of an event, the longer you believe it took."12

(b) Never see a girl more than twice a week in the beginning: Necessary protocol to keep her hamster grinding for attention. Combine this with the clause above and you have the perfect blend of attention / suspense. By only seeing her two times a week you avoid the toxicity of over exposure but by bouncing around with her and having new experiences whenever you do see her, you compress the emotional rapport gained from a weeks worth of cuddling into one or two days. (c) Never fall into routines: Dont text her once every morning when you wake up or see her at the same place more than once. The only time this rule can be violated is if youre anchoring her to a stimulus. Otherwise, keep your dating experiences out of her comfort zone When a man says one joke, the joke is funny. But when he says ten jokes, the man himself becomes funny. By never falling into routines and constantly taking her to new

Choi, Charles. (December 11, 2007). Why Time Seems to Slow Down in Emergencies. Live Science.

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locations, you associate your own identity with unpredictability and excitement rather than the act of going somewhere unpredictable as the cause of unpredictability.

(d) Never offer emotional sacrifice first: Dont say I like you or lets be exclusive first, under any circumstances. Someone once asked me an interesting question, what if a girl refuses to submit just like you? Then she gets dropped. The possibility of having a good relationship with her is forgone because there are thousands of other women you could also have a good relationship with. It is more important for you to avoid huge mistakes than to maximize every potential for pussy. Vagina is abundant, you will find another girl. Your time is not abundant; you will live a very short life. Dont waste it all chasing ONE girl. The point of game is not to maximize every possible victory, but to minimize every possible loss.

(e) Transition to a decreasing contact ratio: in the initial phases of dating youll likely maintain a 1:1 ratio for texts, phone calls, dates planned and such. As time passes and the girl gets more attached to you, youll notice a higher investment of attention from her, which you should reciprocate with a lower level of investment. For every 3 dates that she plans, youll want to plan only 2 and so forth. Never let this ratio fall two low or youll find her falling for a more charming man. You need to balance it just right so she feels loved; but not unconditionally or to the point of gross discomfort.

(f) Maintain a healthy Attraction to Rapport level: For every one romantic line you throw into the mix, add two or three cocky/ funny lines that remind her youre not a clappy beta posturing as an alpha for a relationship, youre an alpha posturing as a clappy beta for sex. Any relationship where rapport is matched with attraction at a 1:1 or greater ratio will fail under the heaving pressure of growing resentment. Keep the unquenched lust in a relationship alive by constantly playing up your game.

(g) Always Keep an Eye open: Never focus in on one girl; this is the cardinal mistake of men who begin dating. If a girl is aware that her pussy is the only one you have access to and you have no chance of changing that any time soon, she will use her intimacy as a bargaining tool to oppress your freedom. It bores her to death to watch you squirm for pussy and she is checking off the days until she can find a caddish alpha to explode his globule of excess fertility on her face.

(h) Judge by actions not by words: What she says is irrelevant, focus only on what she does. If she tells you shes really into you but she shows up late to every date, cut her loose. If she says shes very interested in the possibility of an LTR but cries herself to sleep every night thinking about her ex boyfriend, cut her loose. This point works in tandem with focusing only on interest level. Her actions are a reflection of how much she is interested in you; use this as a tool to measure how much of an asshole you need to be.

(i) No gifts or flowers: Never gift a girl you are dating unless you guys have already declared exclusivity and six months have passed. It is impossible to give a girl a gift while

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the two of you are in the non-exclusive phase and come off as not being needy.

(j) Own her Body: Leave her corpse withering in septic shock after youre done fucking her. She is to be treated like a possession during sex; a blessed commodity burdened with the sole purpose of pleasuring you till her last ounce of utility has been extracted.

(k) Never be afraid to be Machiavellian: You live in a world governed by bio-mechanics, either learn to adapt or adapt to learn. You are not given a choice; reality will not change if you reject it. Use jealousy, calculated absences, and premeditated drama if you must. All is fair in love and war.

(l) Play the opposing attract/rapport position based on her level of comfort: If you guys are out with her friends and shes comfortable, ditch her and talk to her friends. Show off your ability to charm and dazzle. Extra points for flirting with her best looking friend. I guarantee the best blowjob youve ever gotten afterwards. If youre with your friends and shes feeling uncomfortable, pacify her worries by sticking a bit closer. I guarantee the best oil massage ever afterwards. Play the perfect courtier.

(m) Delay showing her to your friends for as long as possible: Keep as much as you can about your life under wraps. You dont want to keep her in an uncomfortable position of being in the dark; you just dont want to vomit out your life story in the first few weeks that you meet her.

(n) Dont lie. Bend the truth if you have to, but dont lie. Pretending to be someone you are tangibly not is a show of bad character. If you get caught, you lose all of your credibility. Its not just an issue of trust; it lowers her perception of you. Its also not necessary. Raw game can make up for any deficiency in material accomplishment.

(o) Always maintain the position of less reflexivity. Get less mad than she does over the other person coming late to a date. Care less than she does about not getting a response back from a text. Get less happy than she does when you guys meet after a while (except for occasionally when you should show unexpected enthusiasm just to throw her off).

(p) Never have phone conversations for longer than 20 minutes: If shes demanding that you guys talk more, youre doing shit right. Never forget that a girl telling you we dont talk enough is better than we talk too much. There is no such thing as perfection, she will always be complaining about the former or the latter. Prefer the former to the latter.

(q) Always be dating more than one girl simultaneously if you can until you become exclusive. If you cant date another girl, double up your efforts to talk to other girls while youre dating someone. Keep yourself sharp and on top of things. Optimize your appearance and external image.

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(r) Infiltrate her family: It doesnt matter if you do it positively or negatively. If her family loves you, they will vamp up your position by elevating your social status. If her family hates you, they will constantly tell her how youre a bad influence, which will intrigue her to hang out with you more. Bytchez love bad boyz. The only thing you need to avoid is having her family call you a loser.

(s) Dont fall into the trap of a savior schema. You cannot change, alter, modify, disassemble, dissect, fully understand, adjust, amend, morph, transform, reconstruct, reform, or reshape her personality. She is who she is. If you dont like her, dont assume you can change her with a relationship. If shes a whore right now, chances are, shell be a whore after you slip a ring unto her index finger.

TEXTING Texting, like facebook, has revolutionized game. At first the idea seemed repulsive to me. I thought the growing rate of texting as a substitute for face to face game was another gizmo aimed at sapping our generation of its already allayed masculinity. Being shutdown in a cold approach or having an LTR tell you to your face that shes no longer interested is the type of paralyzing mental trauma needed to carve men out of stone. But as time progressed, the advantages became clear. Texting is more of a benefit to men who can cold approach than ones who cant. Because it is inherently a flaccid way of communicating with women, more and more betas exposed to game will rely on texting rather than face to face game as their primary method of seduction. The market for dry grinding will shrink decreasing the ratio of men stern enough to still learn how to say hi with their mouths. Following the laws of supply and demand, that means more pussy for men like you and me. Men who do know how to cold approach, can do both. There is no drawback to knowing how to game face to face, only the added advantage of being able to game multiple girls simultaneously with a lowered level of overall commitment. You cant talk to more than one girl on the phone at the same time, but you can certainly type out a line and mass text it to every girl youre seeing. Texting has brought game to a level of efficiency never seen before. Its necessary to maintain a level of glib laconism throughout all of your texts, except for the very, very occasional over-enthusiastic text aimed at keeping her thinking you might be taking cocaine on the side. Stay concise with your text messages; no one wants to hear a rambling beta go off on his lack of interesting things to say. The more you say in a text, the less things you allow a girl to wonder about, and the more things she has to think about. And if you havent realized by now, women arent very good at thinking. About anything. You want them to know as little about you as possible, and for whatever thinking that happens to be based on her subjective feminine intuitions which will characterize you as being much cooler than you

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really are to stay in accord with her previous choice to date you or give you her number in the first place. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your texts are always more concise, and shorter than hers. Generally they should be half to 3/4 the size of hers but dont overanalyze this aspect. Just remember that if you find yourself bantering too much about some unimportant topic, her pussys drying up like severed contact lenses. A girl does not want you to explain shit over a text message; she wants you to smoothly disregard her feminine talk with the same Adonis-charm youve been utilizing thus far. One word messages can go along way if your situation requires extra breviloquence. Saying okay for example and nothing else leaves expansive room for interpretation, the kind of puzzle that makes her go crazy trying to demystify your meaning. The cryptic nature of one word texts and their inherent brevity make them alpha by nature. They generate intrigue much the same way as a one-minute approach would. It takes advantage of a girls imagination the most important tool in your repertoire. Use texts as a way to measure interest level after a first date or during the pre-season warm up. If she ignores a text or replies extremely late, her interest is too low to pursue with dedication, game her loosely to see if she follows through later but have other options available. If she responds within 15 minutes or less and not with a one word reply, her vagina gets lukewarm just thinking about you. Cut out cutesy gay shit unless youre gaming a guy. Smileys are to be used with careful control in regard to their intentions. Betas will use smileys or emotive laughing to minimize their threat projection; Darwinism has made it most favorable for betas to tuck their balls inside their legs. Historically speaking, barring teeth would lead a beta to getting his balls smashed by a man more Alpha than him. In this respect, betas still smile too often and laugh too hard as a way to raise the comfort level of those around them and mitigate their own dominance. Alphas will smile in uncomfortable situations or when theyre happy, but its not a lingering smile. Likewise, theyll say lol in a text when something is funny, not as a precursor to a random statement to prevent it from being taken too seriously. You dont give a shit if a girl takes your text too seriously. The only time its okay to use a smiley is if its within the context of a sarcastic remark or to clarify a sexual innuendo in case the girl youre speaking to is too stupid to understand your elaborate use of erotic prose. Never use terms like LOL in caps unless it is absolutely called for. You need to be hard to impress, not a giddy beta who laughs at everything because hes happy another human being is texting him. The interlude between texts must be carefully kept track of. Never send an instantaneous reply to a response received 5 hours late. If her timing is excessively bad, like a day late, yours must be jammed in between air particles and received a week late. Never think that a girl will
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respond the same way if you act more dedicated to texting her. The harder you make it for her, the easier she will make it for you. If you blew it with a girl, send a random funny line a week later to see if theres any chance of round two, unless you have other dating prospects. This method is mainly reserved for those times when your running on a slump and you need to milk out every opportunity possible. This technique also works on exes. Text an ex with an inconclusive line that sounds like it was meant for someone else and act oblivious to your error. Never have a phone conversation with a girl you arent in a relationship with. Dont reject a proposal to talk over the phone, evade it. Talking over the phone is a pure commitment similar to a one-way blowjob. But unlike a blowjob, it lands you in the friend zone because of its platonic subtext. Phone calls should only serve purposes; texting is always to be favored in terms of the man because it is less commitment oriented. Whether youre talking to a girl online, over the phone, or via texting, never hold prolonged conversations in any form besides face to face talking. Texting is to be supplementary, not a continuous stream of communication. You must make yourself busy with other things like making money or studying. Mirror her texting style. Copy phrases she uses and imitate the quirky language she adopts. Use the same abbreviations as her.
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Chapter The Sixth: Meta Game BE FUNNY I found this subchapter to be of special significance because Ive never read a PUA guide that didnt take humor for granted. Be funny by being funny was the madly illuminating advice offered to a mafia of degenerated acolytes who had never made a girl laugh in their post- pubescent lives. Being funny isnt as easy as it sounds for people not acclimated to the world of humor but its not a difficult trait to grasp either. Its the same as talking to girls; some men had favorable upbringings making them more proficient at it while others were turned into lackeys incapable of making a joke even if their virginities depended on it. Being funny starts with having a good sense of humor. You need to be able to laugh at things yourself before you can make other people laugh at them. From personal observations, Ive concluded this is almost entirely based on the amount of exposure a person has to the satirical arts in the first place. Comedy is not an external manifestation of something spontaneously generated inside. It is a deflection of incoming energy. A person who watches 6 episodes of family guy a week will be funnier than a person who watches only 1 episode a week, ceteris paribus. The more you surround yourself with absurd oddities and slapstick images, the more your impression of the world becomes a hysterical caricature of itself. Comedians (not just professional ones) have a different way of seeing the world. When I see a midget, I look at him and laugh; I dont turn away in blot displeasure. Ethnic slurs are hilarious, handicapped people prove gods love of insanity, and betas offer an endless supply of laughter. Life is funny as fuck (although the jokes on mankind). Learn to laugh along. Watch cartoons and comedians the same way you watch lesbian porn and PUA bootcamps. Youre not going to copy their jokes, but the style of their delivery and their content will give the backwaters of your mind more material to work on. Rappers listen to rap songs, poets read poetry. The more substance you give yourself to work from, the easier it will be to draw from your own mind. Enrich yourself with content. Deploy your new found cynicism in your social interactions. It doesnt help to be funny and introverted at the same time. Humor is a socially contagious phenomenon. Like misery, it loves company. Preferably do this around people who are funny themselves. Being around comics helps to develop your wit and sharpness. Being around lethargic losers who complain about the humdrum of life all day helps to develop premature ejaculation. There is no greater influence on your own ability to entertain than the ability of those around you. Funny people have funny friends. Because men are latently competitive, they will constantly strive to make the funniest joke in their social circle even while laughing at others. A funny group of guys will continuously encourage each other to step up their level of comedy
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the same way that alphas who sarge together repeatedly polish each others game. Any social circle that shares a similar interest will drive all of its incumbents towards perfection. The above policy of surrounding yourself with funny things should be done under sensible limits for two reasons. First, the marginal rate of return on all things in this world will reduce the benefit of your 1,000th episode of the Simpsons to lower than the utility of the 100th episode. Secondly, focusing just on comedy trades off with other aspects with your life. Being funny without being dominant or aloof makes you come off as a class clown. Expect to make girls laugh, but not wet. Clowns get laid much less frequently than the Motorhead Alpha who occasionally makes a snazzy remark. This balance between getting attention and trying to get attention should be achieved by letting any joke or comically driven act to come fluidly rather than forced out. If ever you find yourself trying to force out a joke as a way to attain approval from those around you, tell yourself to stop. Scream it out loud if you have to. Approval-seeking behavior immediately breaks down your frame. If you say a single funny joke, the joke itself is funny. But if you recite ten funny jokes, you become funny (credit to Mystery for making this inference). Theres no magic behind an eccentric aura, its just the consistent application of eccentricities that give you the aura of being unique. Do a sock puppet show for a girl, use quirky openers, and fill your life with the general weirdness you always longed to express. Do it with style. Have props to anchor a funny persona to. A hat, a hammer, a cigar, a shiny glove, a massive LED pendant necklace, anything that makes your image uncommon. An eccentric image makes it easier to make anything you do funny. If people anchor your image to the unexpected and the funny, your job becomes much easier. Comedy is a reflection of confidence because a joke always carries a certain amount of risk with it. Betas are funnier around men than women because they dont have the balls necessary to nimbly tread around the inflated egos of women. The combination of irrationally believing in yourself, a decent sense of humor, and a lack of approach anxiety allows you to freely express yourself without the worry of social ostracization. Smile confidently, but never laugh at your own jokes. The only exception being when you need to play off a terrible joke. Comedy works well to neutralize a girls protective shield, elevate your social proof, and give yourself a boost in confidence. Ever notice how girls are always quick to say I want a guy who can make me laugh but never I want a guy who can fuck me good? Humor is not negatively labeled by the matrix like masculinity so its more plausible for a girl to admit she likes a funny guy than an authoritatively dominant one.

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Delivery is everything. Sometimes you need to be high-energy for a joke to work and sometimes you need to be laid back or oblivious. Having good delivery emanates from having the confidence to deliver well. If you know what youre about to say is funny, youll be able to deliver perfectly. If you have an unshakable inner game, you wont hold yourself back from being over animate when telling a joke or story. While comedy is mostly universal, men and women have a different way of reacting to jokes. Men are more focused on content (the contextually of the punch line) while women are more focused on expression (the delivery of the punch line). This is simply a matter of fact, there is no need to specialize in either one unless you hang out exclusively with women. If youre in a circle of 10 women, focus on making your delivery perfect. If youre in a circle of 5 women and 5 men, it wont matter because as long as you make half the group laugh, the other half will follow in suit. BE MYSTERIOUS A womans imagination lubes her unquenched lust for more attention. For a girl to fall in love with you, she needs to wonder, whats he doing right now? when shes not with you and whats he thinking about? when she is with you. Honesty has become the largest ideological racket for The Matrix. AFCs divulge their hearts on the first or second date hoping that their honesty will serve as a prelude to engorged vulvas and long walks on the beach. The popularized myth that women love men who outwardly project all of their vulnerabilities has ushered in a loveless dystopia filled with men quick to regurgitate dry facts about themselves with a deluded conception of game. Nothing could be further from the truth. Women respond with prude torpor to men who reveal everything about themselves. They crave mystery, they dream of climbing severe mental inclines to win the affections of their target, they fantasize about spending weeks regaling over a great mans success only to figure out what makes him tick. Bragging or telling a girl everything about yourself is the sign of a rotten beta core. When a girl asks you a question, especially when its a shit test or a qualifying inquiry, treat it like youre a king being interrogated by his circle of concubines. Patronize the question, evade it with semantical genius, circumvent her impassive politeness with amused mastery. The art of being mysterious, or balancing between telling a girl too little or too much can be circumscribed within three words: Keep. Her. Guessing. Her: How many years old are you? You: Guess Her: 28 You: wow why?
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Her: Am I right? You: Maybe (Bad Answer, pushing it too far) Notice how if you push it too far, shes no longer guessing. Now shes concluded that youre either too old or too young and you intentionally dont want to reveal your age. Notice the same thing again: Her: What do you do? You: Im an opera singer Her: aww come on seriously You: Ok fine, I rob jewels for a living Her: haha.ok If you maintain an adrift attitude for long enough, you lose the effect you originally wanted to coax out of her. Her: What kind of watch do you have? You: Its European Her: Whats the name? You: Rolex Her: **Gold Digger Eyes Light up** This same effect could not be accomplished if came off as trying to impress her. Her: What kind of watch do you have? You: ROLEX MOTHA FUCKA, WATCHU GOT ON DAT BYTCHHH?!?!?! (Fail) Directly impassive game like the example above doesnt foster enough ambiguity to generate mystery. Always answer vaguely, but not too vaguely. Dont abuse sarcasm to a point where its not attractive anymore. Mystery can only be created from a combination of a lack of information AND a desire for more information. If either ingredient is missing, your enigmatic aura is broken. Without a lack of information, the accumulated facts about yourself extinguishes her desire to learn more. Without a desire to learn more, a lack of information becomes irrelevant. This is why no-contact serves as a nuke for a flagging relationship. As soon as you withdraw yourself entirely from your girlfriend, you recreate that sense of unknowing in her that pulls her
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towards you. If instead you push further, you reveal more about your emotions and she feels compelled to withdraw even further. The desire for more information can only be maintained if your withdrawal is accompanied by a cryptic pretext. If you go no-contact for 2 weeks and then you call her and tell her Ive been ignoring you because Im mad, the Mystery evaporates and you become a sulking beta. Her spellbinding confusion morphs into controlled resentment and your attempt at getting back at her becomes a filibuster for future passions. On the other hand if you go no-contact and you start pursuing your career, you have an ambiguous reason behind withdrawing from her. The mystery is not so great that she assumes you are being spiteful, nor is it so small that she never has a reason to detract. She begins to think why is he working so hard? and possibly even imagines there might be another woman in your life youre trying to impress. She will pine for your affections as her new found lack of control over you longs to be squandered. BE DOMINANT To be obeyed, you must know how to command Behold! The worst that our species has to offer. His head rested on her shoulder, arched at a sickly angle such as to perfectly accentuate the prematurely senile state of his body. His torso drooped; his stature was that of a saggy vagina brought to life by the isolated fatuity of a voodoo puppet master. He sat at a table with his girlfriend, sagging on her shoulders like a baby being nursed. The rest of his friends cringed somewhere deep down. The maggoty corpse in front of them was a part of an unnatural spectacle that secretly made everyone want to puke their fucking guts out. A malign madness better left ignored until its user sought out some method of self-cure. His girlfriend scanned the room with vacant eyes. Some guy across the floor winked at her. She made a mental note to pass him her phone number near the end of the night. He had a friend with him. Maybe shed let both of them give it a go. At the same time. She slowly glanced at her shoulder. Ughh! What a gruesome sight! She stroked his hair, propelled by the bureau of financial security this bad dream would have to offer in years to come. He was her back-up plan in case Social Security collapsed. Her: Hey Im hungry, can we get some food? Him: Ok, where do you want to go? Her: I dont know, wherever Him: Its up to you, I dont, care either
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Her: Ok but can you just choose Him: Why? You choose. And on and on they went as her vagina lost more and more blood flow. They get home hours later. He plops onto the bed. Him: Can we do stuff? He asked for permission to her intimacy, just like hed been taught as a kid. She refused, claiming she was too tired. In reality she just wasnt turned on. The idea of a feeble man who exhumed such a pungent stench of weakness touching her naked body made her shudder with shame. They wake up the next morning and she says shes feeling sick and wants breakfast in bed. He obliges with the hope that by being extra nice, he might get lucky tonight. And so they continued, both plunging headfirst into a non-existent romance that would rot away into sulfuric hatred within the coming year. Dont be the guy in the above example. Dont be the guy who says, no you choose when your girlfriend says your choice. Dont be the guy who asks to have sex. Dont be the guy who compromises his integrity for a chance at ass. Dont be the guy who sprawls the remains of his manhood in extended phone conversations with his girlfriends friends asking for advice on his ebbing romance. Girlfriend show disrespect? Slap with cock. Girlfriend hungry? Go to forest and kill deer. Bring back and make soup. Girlfriend say, I am tired? Tie to bedpost with titanium handcuffs. Sex till you are tired too. Girlfriend say, No more toilet paper Go outside and chop down tree. Make paper with bare hands. Dominance is not a candid declaration of ones power, it is not the establishment of authoritative behavior cycles, nor is it the exercise of influence over a womans esteem. It is, in its purest form, the exploitation of a womans SELF-desire to be seduced, led, and loved by a man she is attracted to; it is the employment of a subtle fascism to release a womans subconscious ambition to yield to a world-bestriding Alpha. Women WANT to be seduced, led, and loved. It is not by nefarious temptation that men dominate women but by a willing deference to men who have the ability to lead whether by resourcefulness, charisma, or raw audacity.
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Power is best exercised with subtlety. Overtly attempting to control women will breed emotional resentment and mistrust. A girl must internalize her deference to you, you cannot insist on it. Monogamous trust is the most important form of trust for a man; but not for a woman. Women will always say otherwise, ignore them. For a girl, the most important form of trust is provisional trust. Your girlfriend must trust in your abilities, your domineering attitude, your confidence, and your capabilities. She must truly, without an ounce of doubt, believe in you. Next time your girlfriend says I dont trust you you can think of this article and remind yourself that her trust in your fidelity and the integrity of your words is almost insignificant compared to her trust in your capacity for alphaness. Why do woman insist on pursuing relationships where trust is an issue? Because unbeknown to them, a greater form of trust urges them towards mutual destruction. They have unshakable faith in HIM, an unconscious yet super-imposing trust in his ability to provide, to succeed, to seduce, to love, to protect, to solve, to imagine, to create, to improvise, to hunt, to NOT be a giant vagina. Think back to basic biology. Men cannot replicate their genes if their girlfriends are promiscuous hence physical loyalty is the most important thing for a man. A womans reproductive needs are fulfilled whether her partner fucks other women or not. Her provisional needs however, are dependent on the amount of attention/nourishment she gets from her partner, and the amount of protection he is capable of providing. BE ALOOF A precursor for aloofness lies in ignoring beauty. Men tend to take women seriously because of their own desperate circumstances. Let me illustrate. Women love Alpha males, and they love Gay males. They only truly despise betas and Omegas. What do Alphas and Gays have in common? They both display a lack of interest in women. They never take their shit seriously. A gay man will slap a bitch without hesitating. An Alpha has no problem walking away from a 9 who shows a lack of interest. The beta on the other hand, stands there whimpering with absolutely no intention of walking away because he thinks that theres still a 0.078% chance he might get laid. When an Alpha sees a girl with big tits, he thinks to himself Ive seen bigger. When a Gay guy sees the same girl, he thinks to himself, That shit is bootleg. When a beta sees the same girl, he has a seizure. The beta cant possibly fathom the idea of ignoring the girl with tits. He is easily mesmerized with beauty, the thought of erotic pleasure paralyzes his game. He cant neg a girl thats too risky for him. An Alpha can neg a girl because he doesnt give a shit, he has a de facto harem he can turn to if things dont go well. The gay guy can neg a girl because, well hes gay.
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When a girl uses jealousy to coerce an Alpha into giving her more attention he doesnt notice. In fact, hes at the other side of the room flirting with her best friend. The gay guy is even further ahead in the race, hes flirting with the same guy as the girl and getting more IOIs (indicators of interest). The beta, oh the beta. When his girlfriend uses jealousy, his heart burns with utter anguish. He promises to discuss it with her when they are back at home. He must forbid her to talk to other guys at parties lest she realize that shes going out with a loser and that she can do much better. When a girlfriend complains to her Alpha boyfriend about how she doesnt want to have sex, he doesnt mind. He knows he can get other girls and if this charade continues, shell get dumped. The gay guy never needed her anyways, he was gonna use a massive shiny dildo. The beta begs her a thousand times. In his pleading, she loses even more interest from him. The next time they are out on a date, she fantasizes about blowing the waiter in the bathroom. He starts prostrating to her in the hopes that a submissive attitude will make her reward him with sex. As the relationship progresses, so does this dynamic of reward/ punishment, eventually reducing his existence to slavery. When a girl asks an Alpha to buy a drink for her, he replies with some witty remark. Why? Are you broke? When she asks a gay guy, he just starts laughing. When she asks a beta, he whips out his wallet in 0.3 seconds and doesnt even bother paying for just one drink. Instead, he gives her a wad of cash so she can buy her AND all of her friends drinks. Afterwards, he requests a dance, saying that if she agrees to go out with him, hell write her straight checks in the future. If you are single Realize that you have game and that women are only compliments to your life. If you are in a relationship You MUST accept the fact that there are THOUSANDS of girls out there who can make you just as happy, if not happier, than your current girlfriend. Only by truly accepting a mentality of abundance will your mind naturally shift to an attitude of amused mastery. DEEP ABUNDANCE is key. Look at the colossal figures of the pua community do you think they stop gaming after they close? If they close a 7 and theyre on a streak, theyll leave her to try and go close a 9. Would a beta do that? Never. Imagine if James Bonds wife said Im going to leave you. Would he take it seriously? Hell no. He knows hes gonna die within the next few months, this is a blessing in disguise for him. The nexus of aloofness lies ultimately in NOT BEING DESPERATE. You can afford to be aloof because you have an unlimited number of options. Even if you DONT have any options you must PRETEND like you do.

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Aloofness is not feigned disinterest it is a MASTERFUL way of displaying an uninterested attitude based on the premise that you have seen it all, know it all, and know how to handle it all. The universe is your playground.
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Chapter The Seventh: Exemplars THE VOICE IN THE WALLS I knew this feeling too well. I was about to faint. The draught of air amplified the vanishing corners. My date had drugged me, that much was obvious. I just didnt know why. This icky little shit put a benzo in my drink; but the truth was, I knew she was going to. Its why I was with her. I had this sadomasochistic fetish not only in sexual conquests but in business as well. I cant count the number of times my friends had to excavate me from a bad investment, tear me out of a gambling addiction, or take me to the manic side of my manic-depressiveness. And here I was, about to pass out in the middle of a mosh pit in bumblefuck Vermont. I was hoping I was going to become a part of some Goth sexual experiment involving multiple girls and me. I think I had about a minute before everything was about to black out. She whispered to me, dont worry, Ill take care of you. For a second I realized how terribly wrong this could go. She could have five gay friends who just wanted to butt fuck a straight guy to release pent up hatred against society. If I was going to become a part of some sort of devastating homosexual orgy it was too late to do anything about it now. My butt cheeks contracted. 45 seconds She pushed her hands down my extremely weird looking patent leather pants. I cant believe I was dressed like this. Man the shit that I do for ass. And weird ass too. Even being sedated, I got a boner. Theres something about a girl whos a 9+ that makes every erotic experience with her an explosion of sexual tension. A handjob from a 10 is better than Viagra stimulated sex with fifteen 7s. Everyone at this club was dressed like a vampire. Normally people called this being Goth or emo but here it was something so much more gruesome. Everyone was a devout believer in the occult. Do you trust me? I said yes. Actually I dont remember what I said, but I think I said yes. 30 seconds. Normally I only date human looking people but the appeal of a Frankenstein girl had some sort of a bizarre effect on me. I craved their weirdness; Id never be in a relationship with one but a sexual encounter with the strange was too good to give up.
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20 seconds. She grabbed me with cannibal intent. Her gelatinous friend came by and grabbed my other arm. Lets get him to the car. She told me before that her and her friends would sometimes take guys into four or fivesomes. I was intrigued at the time. But how was this going to end up as a five some? I wouldnt be conscious. What if I woke up naked with a bleeding ass and a bottle of lube next to me 10 seconds. How the fuck did I end up here? It was my cousins 24th birthday. She was a model for suicide girls or some type of Neo- pornographic website I didnt care enough to remember. The party was being held at some abandoned building. Id have to dress and pretend to be Goth, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Goths are brutally efficient at picking out wanna-be Goths. The challenge itself was somewhat enticing though. How do you peacock in a room full of Goth Guys? By not peacocking. I brought along 3 of my friends. A wing and 2 pivots. I looked around. Saw a target. I turned to pivot A. She already knew the drill. Me: Her Pivot: Arent you going to wish your cousin happy birthday first? Me: I already texted her, theyre doing speed balls in the basement [mixture of cocaine and heroine]. Pivot: ok this is fucking weird. Why did I let you talk me into this Me: Relax, new experiences. Can you wing me now? Pivot: fine, lets go grab a drink first? You owe me. Me: Sure, but Im just gonna get apple juice. Pivot: Pussy Me: Respect Bro. Pivot: The guys here are weird, I dont like weird guys Me: Yah they probably all have Herpes
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Pivot: The girls probably do too Me: I plan on wearing condoms made out of Kevlar Never drink too much at parties or clubs; it fucks with your game. Taking a Couple of shots to loosen up your anxiety is ok, but thats all. You need proper wit to go back and forth with a girl. More importantly, you might be hitting on someones girlfriend so youll need to have a clear head to defuse a situation or be able to exchange blows. We grabbed drinks and approached the group with the girl that caught my attention. When I came closer I realized she was a lot hotter than I expected. A solid 9 with onyx black pendants all over. Jet black nail polish. A putrid sexuality that for some reason paralyzed my game. I was speechless for the first 10 seconds we entered the set, letting my pivot do the opening. I just looked like a sober tard with no social skills. But we knew some of the people here from before so it wasnt too difficult to nuzzle in. Normally when you engage a group, YOU should always speak first. If a wing knows a girl you dont, still opt to introduce yourself to the girl rather than have the wing introduce you to her. The Alpha way is always to take initiative. I caught eye contact with the target and held it. The moment when you and a girl lock eyes on each other is an implicit shit test. Hold it until it feels uncomfortable. Thats the moment you pass. We chatted up the group but remained mostly invisible. They were talking about music, not one of my fortes. Its too risky to bullshit in an environment where fakes are easily discerned. I waited politely. The conversation shifted to philosophy and some guy started talking about Philosophy. Finally, something I could out-class these people in. If you talked about Foucault at a regular party, youd get kicked out. Here, it was a way to build social proof. Its not just a myth; Goth girls are significantly more intelligent and artistic than normal girls. Lawyers and political cunts rank high up too, but they lack the artistic sublime of their underworld counter parts. And theyre also generally hotter, put out faster, and are muchmuch better in bed. The group disbursed, I approached. Me: Your nail polish really stands out [It didnt, everyone in the party was wearing black nail polish] Her: It doesnt, everyone here is wearing black nail polish [Rude voice like she had a vacuum stuck up her ass] Me: Ahh, I see you hate sarcasm Her: No, just bad sarcasm.
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Sometimes its possible to build attraction in situations like these, but sometimes its just not worth it. There were too many other targets around to continue here undaunted and risk my dignity. I ejected and met up with my wing. Wing: Lets just stand here and look cool. You: yah, Im sure theyll sense our game and come to us. Wing: Precisely You: Genius Wing: Elementary Really You: Im gonna go do some more approaches Wing: Yah me too, lets keep coming into each others sets? You: Yah and skip introductions if you want to run solo Wing: ok 345 approaches. All fails. A couple more and Id get blown out of enough sets to affect future attempts. I was standing against the wall watching my wing do pretty well in a two-set of coked out bliss with both pivots when someone approached me. A ten. Again I almost lost my wits. I just wasnt used to the stuff some of these people were wearing. She wasnt approaching me because she was interested, she was approaching because she loved the feeling of guys gawking at her in intimidation. I wouldnt be surprised if I was the 5th or 6th guy she was approaching. Ten: Are you gay? Me: Thats not a very good pick up line Use this line if a girl trying to bust your balls approaches you. It flips the qualifier script on them. Ten: [laughs] Whats your name? Me: Darkness Ten: [laughs again] youre almost funny [notice, shit test] Me: youre almost charming Ten: How do you know __________? Me: Im her cousin Ten: Oh wow I could see the resemblance Me: How about you? Ten: We used to worship Satan together. At this point I acted unfazed although secretly I was thinking these people were fucking crazy. Fucking crazy and hot. Ten: Do you do acid? Me: Only when life gets boring
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Ten: How about now? Me: Its pretty boring now but I can entertain myself talking to misfits [neg] Ten: [laughs] ok As we continue on talking, I maintain the aloof cat-and-mouse chase but its getting slightly harder. Every beta around us kept stealing glances at her. She was a genuine ten. I had to make sure to ignore her beauty. We kept talking, she asks if Im going to be at the After party. I was planning to head home with my wing and pivots but I decide to stay sensing her interest getting higher. She went around doing the same thing to a couple of other guys. I made sure she noticed me doing other approaches. Fast forward 4 hours. Were sitting on a couch. She comes in to kiss me. I wish she hadnt, if a girl comes in to kiss you, you arent gaming her properly. A girl who takes physical initiative immediately takes the power position and you become a virgin beta sex experiment. Some girls have deeper psychological insecurities that cluster themselves around sexual power plays like the one Im witnessing right now. Maintain frame control and you will be rewarded. Be the one to escalate, you are the man. We talk, have sex in the bathroom, she seems a bit too experienced in all this. More than me at least. Her body was a veritable warren of abnormalities. Piercings and quasi-pagan tattoos pervaded all of her skin. She wasnt kidding about being in a satanic cult. We exchange phone numbers, Im pretty sure she hooked up with another guy the same night. I talk to her for 2 weeks. With a girl like this you can expect consistent sex if youre good, but exclusivity is a long shot. The word exclusive probably isnt in her vocabulary. I find it progressively harder to get her out of my mind. My cousin tells me shes weird. My cousin is really weird herself so when she says someone else is weird, it means theyre fucking insane. Were laying down after sex; she tells me if Id be interested in a threesome. Normally Id overanalyze the question but this girl was purely in it for the experience. Me: With another girl? Ten: Or guy Me: Nah I dont want him to accidently slip it into my ass Ten: Youre homophobic? Me: No, just straight Ten: Sucks, straight people are boring [shit test] Me: yah, who would ever want to have sex with one? Ten: [laughs]

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We talk about everything from aliens to religion and Socrates. Im not cuddling her; I have to make sure not a germ of neediness comes out. Post-sex is the perfect time to balloon your indifference towards a girl if need be. Get up first after climax, turn the other way around after sex, or get up quick and tell her youre hungry. Do this with an ex who uses break up sex to get validation from you and watch her ego melt into pettiness. She tells me about this group shes a part of. They practice ritualistic sex with outside members. A part of me agonized with the possibility of an opulent fantasy. I didnt want to know about the other preternatural superstition they were involved in but she told me anyways. Strange stuff. She calls me two days later. Normally I dont pick up her calls but I finally decided to give her a little leeway. Me: whats up? Ten: Is there a reason you always ignore my calls? [a crack in her armor] Me: Im intimidated by you Ten: Im going to Vermont, come with me? Me: Ive known you for a bit more than two weeks, you want me to come to Vermont with you? Ten: Yawhats the problem? I forget how different values can run across cliques. Me: What are we going to do there? Her: The first rule of Project Mayhem is, you do not ask any questions. Me: So now youre going to try and impress me by quoting Fightclub? Her: Just come or Ill rape you Me: If you rape me Ill probably come anyways Her: So youre coming? Me: Are you going to rape me? Her: Do you want me to? Me: Yes Her: You know I will right? Me: Its been a long held fantasy. Make it painful Her: Will do Stop _________ to impress me is a powerful DHV that can be used at any time. The statement assumes that the girl is trying to impress you so every time she answers it she acknowledges it herself. My roommates wouldve killed me if I told them I was going to Vermont with a deranged nypmophaniac in a subterraneous satanic circle who Id only known for two weeks. Theyd warn

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me about all the weird shit these people did and how they practiced human sacrifice and body atonement. But I was too intrigued. Fast forward 3 days. I walk into a contagious nightmare. The entire place looked like an altar for Cthulu. Every ounce of me wanted to retract to beta mode, I wasnt comfortable here. When youre at a place where your dates comfortable and youre not, double the effort to make space from her and flirt with other girls. Acting uncomfortable shoots your social proof down to the sewers. She hands me a drink. She did it too fast; I could tell something was still dissolving into it. CRASH We lived like entourage, but without the absurd amount of free time. We all had to work 12-15 hours a day except for Frogs because his dad could pull out bricks of gold from a camels ass. Hermit was an investment banker, Frogs went to med school, Toad did something shady he didnt want to talk about (we all assumed he was in the gay porn business), Tadpole owned 4 subways and I was an independent trader. We were all young and pretty much fresh out of college but together we raked in a 7 figure household income. Too bad we could barely enjoy it. I wish I could tell you we went out every night like every other guru, but the truth is, we were all way to work oriented. But Thursdays and Fridays (best days to sarge) we made an effort. 9 pm on Thursday. I take 20 minutes to get ready, never more than that. Its important to look good before you go out for the confidence it gives you, not just the extra appeal. If you find yourself piqued about the way you look or wondering if you have bad breath, it WILL show in your game. Your hands will drift to your mouth as an unconscious way to cover your breath or youll intentionally hold an awkward position to hide your body as much as possible. I take the basics. A pack of gum, sample size of cologne, cell phone, wallet, etc. Never forget gum if youre going to drink, Torrid breath leaves a bad first impression. Taking a cologne sampler is optional, but I like to smell exceptionally well compared to other guys and we were planning to stay out for a long time. We head out and break up into three groups (someone always runs solo). Phone numbers were worth one point; k closes were worth 3 points. F-closes granted you diplomatic immunity. Whoever had the least number of points by the end of the night had to buy dinner. If someone was doing exceptionally terrible or was on a slump, we would take the effort to order a shitload of expensive things we couldnt pronounce to give them added motivation. Slumps and bad days can always be overcome with persistence. Persistence is the key to not just game, but life. Dethatch yourself from your failures and use them only as learning experiences.
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This is how we kept our game at the acme of our skills. Me and Frogs head out to a more high class area; equipped with tailored suits and shiny ties. We enter and casually walk over to the lounge while talking. When you walk into any venue, smile because you know youre about to take over the place. Dont hang idly near the front scanning the area like a predator. Make it look like youve been here before and your only goal is to enjoy yourself, not to impress anyone or get laid. Never show up anywhere with an approval-seeking mentality, always have an approval-granting mentality. Frogs: Theres a three set right behind you Me: Any of them good looking? Frogs Hell yah man, you gotta see this I turn around and see 3 old guys talking about liberal democracy or something. Me: Oh, are they your type? Frogs: [laughs] I was kidding. Theres actually a pretty good five set on the other side of the room though. Two gay guys and three girls. Hes right. In a scenario like this, approach the gay guys first. Easy way to gain social proof and the sharp contrast makes your masculinity stand out. Frogs: Ill approach. Dibs on the blonde. Me: If you let me approach, you can have the blonde. Frogs: Fine, dont make me your gay best friend again [referring to past scenario where I winged him but made him look gay and pretended like I was trying to hook up him up with the gay guy in the set]. Me: haha, ok fine We casually walk over to grab a table by them. As were walking by I do my approach Me: Nice suit. [Gay guys love fashion compliments from straight guys] Gay 1: thanks man Me: Its hard to find people with good taste And I walked away to our table. This is what I call a movie opener. I open slow with only a touch of kino then walk away with dramatic pause. Never continue after this point otherwise you lose the effect. Walk away and let them think for a while about the debonair stranger they just met. The longer you talk, the higher the chances of you messing shit up. This type of opener doesnt work at clubs because the music will be too loud to pull it off. Nor does it work in most day game instances unless youre sure youll be within proximity of the girl to do the second approach a bit later. Talk slow and rooted, like you have social proof leaking out of your testicles. If you get nervous easily, go for a high-energy opener rather than something controlled like this.
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Frogs: You would be the perfect homosexual Me: Dont get your hopes up Frogs: When are we doing the second approach? Me: seven minutes Frogs: Im going to use direct game. Lets pretend to be hedge fund managers Me: Were too young to be hedge fund managers dumbass. Ill pretend to be a lawyer you can pretend to be my butler Frogs: Lawyers it is Anyone not actually in the law field assumes all lawyers are smooth talking slick bastards. The reality of the job has yet to be exposed in popular media. Frogs loves lying. I dont know whats with him. He lies even when he doesnt need to. I find it extraneous; theres no point if your game is tight. I only do it when necessary and I usually wont lie, Ill just bend the truth a little. They looked at us a couple times; luckily I had left off a strong impression. During the second approach Id have to tool the gays otherwise I might come off as gay myself. When you are approaching an obstacle to get to a target, never spend more than 7 to 10 minutes on the obstacle or else your target will assume you like the obstacle instead. Timing and strategy is everything. Love is war. Suddenly Frogs just gets up and walks over to the other table and starts talking to the brunette 7. Frogs: Hi. Im sorry but my friend there is too shy to tell you hed like to talk to you What. A. Dick. Normally wings are supposed to help each other. Id do so much better going solo even though this was more fun. He AMOGed me and used it as a reason to open the set. I have to admit, it was a pretty good move. I smiled and nodded disapprovingly like he was a stupid kid. It was the only way I could think of not coming off as a herb. I played it off like he was just being stupid. He joined the set; I pretended to have a phone call with an important client. I didnt want to jump in right away. When youre put into an awkward situation, do not shift into awkward body language. Maintain Alpha state control. Frogs was doing well, be brought high energy game and pretended to be super wealthy. He definitely abuses the idea of stretching the truth. Every other girl he fucks thinks hes some kind of and up and coming billionaire. In fact I think theres a facebook group of girls hes fucked who are trying to raise awareness in new york city about his antics. I joined the set later and naturally, I hit on the blonde right away. Frogs had been ignoring her since she was the target, but I came in and filled the deficit instead.
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Me: You have beautiful earrings, Topaz? Blonde: Howd you know? Me: Lucky Guess Blonde: You have good eyes I didnt actually have good eyes. I just overheard Gay2 telling frogs its going to be her birthday soon! and it was the end of October right now. Assuming her birthday is in November then, I guessed her earrings were probably Topaz. Always use information to your advantage. If your friends try and set you up with a girl, rather than stalking through her facebook photos, look at her profile and find out what she listed under favorite books and favorite movies. The more clairvoyant you can make yourself seem, the more spellbinding your game comes off as. Women want to be swept off their feet. They dont care if you do it consciously; they just want you to hide the fact that you did. Notice I used direct game in the scenario because I already had already built attraction in the beginning and through association with Frogs. Plus the girls were kind of tipsy. We bounce to get food at a nearby Diner. Frogs initiated the bounce. Thus far he clearly came off as more Alpha than me. Even his target, who I was originally gaming to fuck with him, was clawing for his attention. This is the power of having knowledge over social dynamics. When youre not doing as well as you want to be doing; you will know why. Hermit texted us. The club he was at was apparently like paradise. I tell Frogs Im about to go and he decides to come with. He number closes the blonde. I wasnt paying enough attention to the brunette to close her. She might have given me her number but I knew she would flake or her interest level wouldnt be high enough to try anything worthwhile. I didnt care enough about paying for dinner to try and grab a number out of desperation and I knew Id be able to come back later. Frogs picks up the tab before we leave (No matter how much girls will deny this, spending cash is a turn on). This is different from paying for a date to suck up. Frogs is spoiled as fuck anyways so never minds wasting money; and he was confident enough that he was going to close the blonde later to moisten her up now with some outgoing cash flows. Me: Well played sir. Frogs: Thank you, I got two numbers. Guess youre gonna be paying for dinner tonight Me: Howd you get two? Frogs: The gay guy Me: That doesnt count Frogs: Technically we never established that. The rules only state Whoever gets the least amount of numbers.

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We walked into the club Hermit was in, he wasnt kidding. He was already hooking up with some chick by the bar. I was about to give him mental props but then I realized the girl hes with was a 5 and fat. Maybe even less. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush but a really ugly bird in hand isnt worth much at all. Frogs: A lot of really drunk people here. This is going to be easy Me: Yah Ill meet you at the bar in 30 Never approach girls that are too drunk, any rapistesque behavior should be avoided. Approach ones who drank just enough to loosen up their protective shields. Alcohol is like truth serum for girls, it melts them of their normal inhibitions. I walk around and approached a couple of girls solo. Got a few friendly returns, and got blown out once. Number closed one girl after using the Did you see the fight outside? opener. We talked for a bit and danced, she eventually had to leave with her friends. I asked her how could we continue this conversation? just as Neil Strauss would. She gave her number but insisted on taking mine too. High interest. She was a 7, but better than nothing. I find myself using lines from Mystery more than anyone else. Ross Jeffries may be conventionally considered the father of the seduction community, but Mystery has laid the groundwork for the upcoming revolution. If a girl asks you to dance, you have two options. I dont dance and smile with your diabolical grin or slowly follow her to the dance floor. If you have to refuse, do so in a non-shy looking way. You dont want to come off as being too self conscious to dance. The scenario you really want to avoid is the one where she has to drag you to the dance floor like a little kid. Met up with Frogs and Hermit after K closing another girl who had seen me with the first girl I closed. Be seen with 1 girl; get 2 more to like you. Be seen with 2 girls; get 3 more to like you. There are no marginal returns with women. The more you close, the more you can close. Hermits girlfriend came into the club. They were in the pre-exclusive phase. There are a few moments in life when a girls actions will really baffle you. Hermit was telling me just 2 days ago how this girl claimed she hated players and preferred guys who lived a Mormon lifestyle. She specifically said she wouldnt give the time of day to any guy who flirted with another girl in front of her. She walked in and covered Hermits eyes with her hands. How would a beta react to this? Probably with a sudden jerking motion, turn around and say, Heyyyyy!! What are you doing here? with a newly flustered circuit. Hermit was unfazed.

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Hermit: Hmmm.very manly hands. Jessica? Sara: No you asshole its me!! Ofcourse he knew who it was. He didnt turn around entirely; he just looked over his shoulder. He acknowledged her with a tone of voice that perfectly combined joy with disappointment. She was about an 8. I dont understand why he was hooking up with that fat chick earlier if he clearly had access to eugenically superior pussy. I guess some guys really need variety. She hung on to him for the rest of the night. Her friends were there too, but she no longer cared. He gave her attention in spurts of enthusiasm. Right afterwards hed look around the room with hungry eyes. He commented on how much fun me and Frogs must have been having. Her facial expression twitched with worry when he was distracted, then pulsed with joy when he gave her his attention. This was the game perfectly executed. This was a girl in love. He accidently number closed a girl in front of her. Youd think shed try and get back at him by giving her number out to another guy right? Nope, she went out of her way to reject as many guys as possible to show him her loyalty. Betas will gawk in disbelief when they see things like this, appropriating it to some odd exception. No, this is how all people work. Usually its the GUY whose running around with his balls tucked neatly between his legs trying to please the girl hes dating with magnanimous displays of loyalty. Hermit was denaturing the normal dynamic and placing the girl in the position of the love-struck beta. For the rest of the night I thought Id have some fun pretending to be working for a film studio and asking people for their numbers to be extras. We eventually left to meet up with Toad and Tadpole for dinner. Hermits girlfriend asked if he was going home since it was getting late. She wanted to imagine him as the good guy whod recoil at the thought of staying out later than his girlfriend. Obviously, he said Hell no, its early. She asked if she could come over later. My friends make me proud. Frogs: Im at 5 Toad: like 15 I think Tadpole: yah same here Hermit: Technically Im closing the girl Im dating, so Im clear Me: 27 Frogs: Wtf? How did all of you get that many? Tadpole: Shark gave us a couple of numbers, I duno how HE got that many. Me: I pretended to be a film maker and asked people for their numbers to be extras Frogs: These are all guysand you shared numbers? Thats not allowed Me: Technically we never established that. The rules only state whoever gets the least amount of numbers. Fuckin con artist. I hope he learned his lesson.
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LOVE The most merciful thing in the world I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage this far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of disassociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age. Love is a hideous thing. I sat there with my face buried into my palms. An abjected man wallowing in a psychotic drama undulating around him with unsheathed cruelty. I was 28 years old, considered successful by normal standards, yet felt so defeated. Me: Why? Her: I dont know, it was a mistake Me: Why? Her: I told you, I dont know. Im sorry Me: I dont understand. Her: Im sorry Me: HowwhatHow did this happen. How could you I was supposed to be getting married to this girl; I planned on proposing within the coming year. She was sobbing heavily. Tears streamed like my ducts had been cut open and burgeoned with steroids. We were already in a wayward position but nothing that couldnt be fixed. I did everything right. I kept competitive anxiety high, I treated her with respect, I cut off contact when I needed to, I maintained challenge, I had other options, I negged her with succinct charm, I owned her body; yet I failed. I didnt do everything right though. I didnt do anything right. I thought she was different, just like every guy in every failing relationship thinks. I started buying more gifts, I started being more needy, I started texting more often; slowly I watched my relationship decompose into a hopeless nadir of petty bickering. Cut off all contact? Date other girls? Remind yourself that youre a man? Snog a girl whos hotter? Find a hobby to keep yourself busy? Be indifferent? Work on your career? How the Fuck are you supposed to do any of that after a 3 year relationship and a $270,000 engagement ring in the closet?
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Imagine youre me. Its a 3 weeks into the relationship. You have sex for the first time. You like this girl so much, its already harder than normal to escape the impulse to act beta. Youre quietly enamored by performance anxiety at first but you quickly get lost in her beauty. Its the best sex either of you have ever had. Its 6 months into the relationship; you buy flowers for the first time. Youve never bought flowers for a girl just to make her happy. You detest, with every ounce of your heart, the whorish overconsumption that plagues women in your generation. But this girl was different; she was unburdened by the oeuvre of status mongering that mesmerized other women into gulfs of vanity. Its a year into your relationship. You practiced stopping-short while jerking off for all of last week in preparation for today. You can finally last all night instead of 15 seconds. Still, youre strongly considering taking a mild dose of Viagra. You make love till dawn. Afterwards, you let her breach all the insecurities you normally guard so anxiously. A year and a half passes. Shes sitting on the couch with your frumpy pajamas on. Youre watching Fightclub together for the 3rd time. What other girl in the world would want to watch a movie like this more than 0.5 times? You mention the theme of existentialism and shes intrigued. But not intrigued in the way cheap hookers are; shes not just doing it to look cool. Then she wouldve said something like yah, I know what existentialism is. No, she picks up the laptop and looks it up herself. You talk about it with her for an hour and you find out shes legitimately interested. A week later youre at her apartment and you find a book by Jean-Paul Sartre. She went to the library and picked it out because you had casually mentioned his name during your conversation with her on the couch. She wants to read about analyzing objective knowledge because youre interested in it. Its 23 months into your relationship. The two of you decided to go on a break after a bad fight; but break is a weasel word. You cant stop having sex; you cant take a break from your emotions. There is no difference in your relationship besides the fact that youre now emancipated from an illusory label that serves no purpose other than to infatuate a futile desire for asylum. Sure you cant call her girlfriend but the taxonomy of your relationship with someone else does not measure the depth of your feelings for them. Its your second anniversary. Youve been fighting with her for the past few days; youre still not officially back together yet. Neither of you are on talking terms. Its 11:52 pm day-before. You plan on going out with a couple of friends at 12:30. Youre going to surreptitiously flirt with some of the girls there. You need to keep your game sharp; you know the rules. 11:53; agonizing minutes pass by. You thought you had complete frame control but doubts begin to creep in. You try and shake them off. Shouldnt she at least call? Suddenly you decide youre going to close today. If your girlfriend doesnt want to get back together with you, it means she
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doesnt want to get back together with you. You are not stupid; you know all of the extraneous details are just clouding your judgment through ego predicated bullshit. Clear your head. 11:54. Maybe you should just call? At least to officially end it. But isnt indifference better? Yes but maybe you should still call anyways. Or maybe not. 11:55. If shes over you, then that means shes fucked another guy by now. You say it to yourself casually because youre an Alpha, but deep down inside, some part of you is seething from the overdose of endorphins your body just injected you with. Your insides curl into a venomous cobra. 11:56. Fuck this shit. You take a shot of Patron and a pill of Vicodin. Waitshit Vicodin makes you impotent. Whatever, the good die young anyways. 11:57. You curse her out in your head. Fucking swamp cunt cum guzzling bitch ass feminist whore. Damyou really love her. 11:58.You pick up your phone and dial her number. You cant take it anymore. You admit to yourself that youre an ass-lickin vagina. Youre going to break the rules of game; you dont give a flying fuck anymore. Game is stupid anyways. This is real life. Busy Signal. WHAT. THE. FUCK. This fucking unfettered nymphomaniac is probably talking to some other guy who pokes her anus with a dildo during foreplay. 11:59. Your Phone rings. Its her. To pick up or not to pick up? Youre not going to pick up. No, youre going to go out and fuck the shit out of some skanky whore in a club or finger bang some washed up cougar in the backstreets of Chicago. The first ring finishes. You cant control your hands. You pick up the phone. Youre voice is about to crack but then you double back and revert to aloof game. Yo. She tells you she just called you 10 seconds ago but she got a busy signal. You realize what just happened. You both called each other at the same exact time and your calls cancelled each other out. You think about soul mates again. Are you sure they dont exist? I mean how could shit like this happen without a Super Omniscient being panning it out? Whatever. You hear her sob. She tells you how shes missed you. She asks why you never bothered to try and get back together. You tell her because the words why havent you called sound so much sweeter to my ears than why are you calling again? She laughs. You remind her why she loves you. She starts crying harder. She asks if theres someone else in your life now. You Say no. She asks if you were going to go out tonight. You say no (*wink wink*). She asks if you could please come over. You refuse and tell her to come over instead. You know how it works; you are more dominant in your own house. She comes over. You get back together. Everything is right again. Game works. Had you acted like a sniveling beta and begged her to end the break, this moment of triumph would not have come. You wouldve driven the chasm of indifference between you and her wider and wider. Secretly, her heart thanks you for not being a pussy (*wink wink*). She is unaware of how her own emotions work. 2 years have passed by. The both of you have occasionally flirted with the idea of marriage. Like the Super Alpha you are, you intend to delay commitment for as long as possible. You have no intention of becoming a statistic just yet. Its her birthday. The last 6 months have been going pretty well, and shes been acting extra giddy recently. Its because you just hired a hot new assistant with a much tighter body. Women thrive on challenges like these. Youve been acting extra aloof which has further triggered her Hamster into Weapon-X mode. Shes been going to the gym more often, responding to your texts a bit faster, and running sexual marathons like an Olympic porn artist. You decide to give her an extra savory gift and take her to a country in the South East during Monsoon season. Like every other sweetly feminine girl engrossed by romantic phantasms, shes obsessed with watching rain fall and treading water.
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Its a dream come true for her. You spend a week feeding strawberries to each other and doing all the clich things the both of you normally make fun of other couples for. Her body is amazingbut yours is better. You practice tantric sex and bemuse her with stories from work. She tells you about the gossip in her friend circle. You accidently leave a flirtatious text from your assistant out. You have a small fight over it. The sex afterwards was better than all the other times combined. We were having a bad month mixed in with some pretty bad fights. She calls me and tells me she needs to talk. I say ok, Im staying calm. I could hear her crying already. Im a man, I can handle anything. Ive already had to overcome a thousand hurdles to get to where I am in life. After 10 seconds of her talking, 3 years of my life dissolved into nothingness. I meet up with her 2 weeks later, only for closure. Shes crying uncontrollably. I got teary but swallowed it. The Last Time is always just as unforgettable as the First Time with a girl you love. The undimensional pleasure of simultaneously climaxing while vacillating between the possibility of eternal love and the gnawing clutch of separation is the orgiastic zenith of life. She convulsed over and over again into a bevy of explosive life-affirming orgasms that sequeled the rhythmical throbbing of our love in tangible form. Each time I watched in awe as rivulets of sweat pounded down her sexually defecating body cooling down the remnants of erotic felicity. She would masturbate to this day for decades to come. No doppelganger will ever own her the way I did. I called her a week later Her: Hi! Me: Hey, whats up? Her: Nothin, what are you doing? Me: Nothing I was just.. Her: [cutting me off] Hey listen I was wondering if we could Me: [cutting her off] I have to tell you something Her: Yah? Me: Im moving back to New York. Her: Oh Ok Can I ask why? Me: I want to keep pursuing my dreams and New York is the best place to do it, plus Id rather finally be home now. I havent seen my parents in a long time. I could hear her break. I almost enjoyed it.
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I couldve prevented this. I know how women work, I know how they think, I know I couldve done something. But its too late now. Its the end of a chapter, but life isnt over. I have a world to conquer. I had a hard time clearing my head during the drive back to New York. A pack of cigarettes helped. Even if I couldnt do it, maybe I can help someone else save the girl of their dreams, or learn to pursue life the way I do. Ill start a blog I figured, people need to know about this shit.


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