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According to Shastras, the soul of a person does not rest in peace after his death, if he is not blessed with a son - Maitreya, BPHS (1-3)


by Sarajit Poddar Jyotish Guru, Sri Jagannath Center
January 28, 2003, 23:09, Singapore

In human life, the birth of children occupies a very prominent place. The parents find their own image in their children and see the progression of their lineage though the future of their children. The mother has to pass through nine months of grooming of the infant, with all it takes, which a mother can better understand and the results are still uncertain. Many of them are born still, many of them are born with incapability and many get eradicated from their very start of journey. Every thing has a very profound impact on the parents and their future. Prognosticating the sex of the unborn child has been a matter of concern in the recent years, where the foetus are killed when they are substantially grown and had their identity as a human child inside the womb. If the sex of the child is not what the parents want, they were brutally extricated. Thanks to the medical science that it can’t say anything about the sex of the child before it grows up substantially and help the parents to decide in advance whether or not to have a baby. This is where Jyotish comes to rescue. Because it can see the path much ahead of the time, it can forewarn the parents about the future possibilities and help them in making a conscious decision. The more important thing of all is that Jyotish can give remedies, when it judges the possibilities are more negative than positive. Such remedies not only eradicate the root of the problem, but also prepare the parents to boldly face the impending dangers. In the forthcoming portions, we shall study, how to prognosticating the birth and life of the children and the remedies to address the impending difficulties and danger to the parents and child.


childbirth is delayed and not denied. 1. aspect of parivartana of the 5th house / lord. However.signified by Sun) in the form of Sperm (i. (COVA. 2 3 .26) The ninth in odd sign indicates many children and Vice versa. Rahu or Jupiter will give illustrious son. Sun and Jupiter becomes the key controller progeny in the saptamsa and thus the procreation. Pt.S.30) Lack of Fertility  The method of Deha given by Maharishi Jaimini in Upadesha Sutra is infallible in predicting the fertility or procreative ability of the native..4. J. there is problem is procreation as these three planets tend to obstruct the naisargika putra karaka Jupiter. If they are badly placed..e.4. If the Sun is in the 2 nd.4. which is also mentioned by Parasara who indicates that the Sun.29 . If either of these two padas is not damaged. then astrological remedial measures are necessary. Moon and in Male horoscope. This can be overcome by increasing the dominance of Jala Tattva on the 5th. 6th. (Sanjay Rath. In Female Horoscope. or placed in the Maraka Sthana in the Saptamsa. 1. This can happen due to conjunction. The arudha padas of the third and ninth from the Lagna (A3 and A9) constitute the physical ability to procreate. The arudha padas of the 3 rd and 9th from the Sun (AS3 and AS9) constitute the ability to sustain the Atma (soul.” 1 puÇe. Determine the arudha padas of the third and ninth house from the Lagna and the Sun. yuGme ALp puÇ>. Venus or Saturn. 8th or 12th houses from any of these padas. If the padas from Lagna are afflicted as above.S. they produce infertility. this can show problem or denial of progeny Strong influences of the fiery element (Mars. 1.2 (J.25)1      The Moon in the 9th house gives one Son. the same can be damaged resulting to infertility.u rivra÷guêi-bR÷puÇ>. Rath explains this in the following words“This method is based on the Rasi chart. medical attention is required and the astrologer should not attempt remedial measures unnecessarily. Sun) on the fifth house. Aaeje b÷puÇ>. Similarly. Page 199) Jaimini Says Sun. if the affliction is from the padas from Sun. (J.Fertility of the Parents  If the lord of the 5th in the Rasi chart is placed with Mercury. the sperms should have life in them).S. Rahu and Jupiter in the 9 th shall indicate many Sons. if Venus and Mercury conjoin these padas. being afflicted.

the ninth lord should be in the 8th house to confirm that curse.4. These have been elaborately listed in BPHS along with the remedial measures and include Brahma Shapa (curse of priest / astrologer). on the other hand causes association with too many thereby depleting the chances for progeny.e. J. 4 4 . Matri Shapa (Curse or mother or someone from mother’s family). Simultaneously. a child will be born after some delay.24).  For female charts. Rath says. the Sattvik planets Sun. Pt. Sun. Venus. 1. the ninth should be considered and for male charts the fifth for determining procreative successes. Moon or Jupiter will represent Saints. Shatru Shapa (Curse of enemies) etc. These planets aspecting Jupiter can block it to the extent of denying (Mars) or delaying (Saturn) the fruits of Jupiter. Rahu.4. (Sanjay Rath. Mercury.. Moon or Jupiter and the fifth lord. Venus and Mercury are in trines “alone”. astrologer or all persons signified by Jupiter. Rahu in the signs of Jupiter: Rahu represent the curses of past birth and is hence a karmic control planet. Rath says in COVA (page 175) that. In the signs of Jupiter it shows the curse due to priest. Jupiter conjoined or aspected by Mars and Saturn: Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn owned by Saturn and become marana karaka in the 3rd house signified by Mars. Page 172) The denial of children could be due to curses incurred in the past birth.S. c. It also indicates marriage with a divorcee/widow who already has children from a pervious wedlock. Jupiter and Moon) and those denying children (Mercury. if Saturn.S. then the native is barren irrespective of all yogas in the birth chart. remedial measures shall work easily. This is an overriding rule. pitri Shapa (curse of father or elderly paternal relative).  Denial of Children due to Curses (COVA.Mercury and Saturn are eunuch planets and in saptamsa Lagna deny fertility. the karaka of the fifth is called Brahmanaspati (the fruits of Brahma) and hence. (J.S. Children. b. Brahmins and 3 imïe ivl<bat! puÇ>. However If both planets giving children (Sun.27)3 Stressing the point Pt. Saturn and / or Venus in the trines to the saptamsa Lagna tend to deny children (J. Saturn and Venus) are present. Let us examine the Brahma Shapa to understand the underlying principles. placed in the eighth house with Malefics: Jupiter. The conditions for this curse are as follows: a. k…jzin_ya< dÄpuÇ>. judge. i.) Mars’s and Saturn’s influence on the trine to the Saptamsa Lagna show that the native will have Adopted Child or Dutta-Putra4. 1. If this condition is not fulfilled. Mars and Saturn are karaka for the younger and elder brother respectively and could indicate begetting a child through a kinsman as the native many lack procreative abilities or otherwise.

Illustration: +-----------------------------------------------+ |As Ju | | |Ra Md | | | | |Gk | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |-----------+-----------------------+-----------| |Mo | |Su Ve | | | |A9 | | | |AS3 | | | | | | | | | |-----------| Rasi |-----------| |SaR | |Me | |A9 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |-----------+-----------------------+-----------| |Ke AL |HL GL | |Ma | |AS9 | | |A3 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-----------------------------------------------+ +-----------------------------------------------+ |Ju AL |Ve |Su GL |Mo Ma | | | | |Ke | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |-----------+-----------------------+-----------| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Saptamsa | | |-----------| |-----------| |SaR | D-7 |HL | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |-----------+-----------------------+-----------| |As Ra |Me Md | |Gk | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-----------------------------------------------+ 5 . So the placement of the marakesh.learned men respectively whose placement in the 8th house (curses) with malefic will deny progeny. Jupiter in the fifth house conjoined or aspected by the 6th lord: The 6th house being the 2nd from the house of children. will constitute a curse from a Brahmin due to anger or enmity (shown by 6th lord’s involvement). with Jupiter (already showing loss). they afflict the name and life of the native. they afflict the father and fortune of the native and if in the Lagna. If in the ninth house. is maraka for children. These curses occur in any trine. sixth lord in the house of children. d. 5th.

6 . due to Graha Dristi of Jupiter on Mercury and Rasi Drsti on the Lagna. Its worthwhile to note that the 6th lord. no. Due to the exchange of planets. For e. the 5th lord should be placed with the Jupiter (Karaka for Navamsa). 1st child: The Saptamsa Lagna is in an Odd sign and hence the counting shall be in a zodiacal manner..g. Jupiter should be strongly placed in the horoscope and influence the factors of progeny. However. the 5th lord Moon is in Aquarius Rasi and Pisces Navamsa. of child = Rasi sign – Navamsa Sign Pt. which shows that there are possibilities of 11 children. However.Gemini (3) = 3]. Max.. Here we might conclude that for this method to work. Page 184) Birth of Twins: The signs Aquarius and Scorpio have two lords each and hence if they happen to be the house of child/ pregnancy. Rath says that. placed in Gemini with Moon and Ketu. Thus the maximum no. This is however a crude method can can be used with extreme care.Page 190). the maraka is aspecting Mercury. (COVA. This can also be seen from the planets aspecting the 5th by Graha or Rasi Drsti. we see that this is not a necessary condition. because Gemini is occupied by a node. Illustration: In the chart of the standard nativity. Lets go to Saptamsa for more details. Here Mars is not associated or aspected by Jupiter. through Rasi and Graha Drsti both. Counting from Gemini (Navamsa) to Virgo Rasi [Virgo (6) . unless Jupiter is strongly placed in the D-1. but the Lagna is aspected by Jupiter from the 7th. Virgo. for this method to work.Number of children 1.Ketu axis. we have four signs. Scorpio generally shows female child being an even sign. The number of children can be found out by counting the Navamsa gained by the 5th lord. 2. showing that the child shall face terrible condition and can face death.e. i. The 1st child is shown by the 5th lord Mars. Riders The number of children is limited by the Rahu . of children is limited to 2 only shown by the signs Aries and Taurus. they can indicate twins. it indicate male child. the child is saved. Most standard texts prescribe the involvement of the Signs Gemini. the 5th lord has to gain three Navamsas to reach Virgo or upto three children should be anticipated (COVA. to eliminate all the putra Dosas. Mercury is placed in Scopio and has exhange. the 5th lord is placed in Virgo Rasi and Gemini Navamsa. however while we count from Pisces we have to stop in Taurus. from an illustration given in Page 200 of COVA. Scorpio or Aquarius for the birth of the twins. 2nd child: The 2nd child is shown by the 7th lord Mercury.

11th. 7th. which can’t be allowed. 5th house. Page 188) The Saptamsa The timing of birth of Individual children. respectively (the frog jump is to the third sign). The subsequent pregnancies are seen from every third house6 (Manduka Gat7i). the sequence of jumps would repeat again.. the next sign arrived at is by Crawling the sign. 9th. ‘Kramat’ in the present context means Manduka gati or the frog jump. 11th etc. For illustration. Thus if the first pregnancy is from the 9th house. their nature. being already considered. If an even sign ascends in the saptamsa. the next sign after 3rd would be 5th again. abilities and fortune is seen in the Saptamsa chart. 6 g&h ³mat! k…i] tdIz p<cma<z ¢he_yíEvm!. the individual pregnancies are seen in the 9th. which signify the Frog. etc. the individual pregnancies are seen in the 5th. (COVA 8. if the first Pregnancy is from the 5th house. To counter this problem. 3rd 1st etc. For even sign the sequence becomes 9-7-5-3-1-11-10-8-6-42-12. but the 4th there in. 5th. Page 169) Normally for determination of sex of the child.1) Counting The first child is seen from the 5th house counted zodiacally or anti-zodiacally depending on whether the Lagna is ODD or EVEN5. Instead. if Rahu is in the 7 th or joins the seventh lord. after the jump sequence reaches from 5th to 3rd. Sanjay Rath in Jaimini Sutras (purport of sutra 1.Sex of children Rasi Chart For matters concerning children. If there are planets in strengths from the Jupiter. For exapmple.6. This jump is signified by Rahu. the naisargika putra karaka. Sanjay Rath (COVA. “Thus the order of pregnancy becomes 5-7-9-11-1-3-4-6-8-10-12-2. the subsequent children will be from the lord of the 7 th. than jumping as there is no space for jumping. This has been explained in detail by Maharishi Jaimini Upadesha Sutras. where the frog is supposed to be crawling. Thus if an odd sign ascends in the Saptamsa. 5th. (COVA. the placement of the fifth lord and the planets should be seen from the Jupiter. Manduka is the Sanskrit term for Frog. the subsequent children with be judged from the lord of the 7th. the native may have two children.4. 3rd and so on. (Jaimini Sutras) 5 Pt. (COVA) After the Manduka Gati reached the point of start. the chart of the father is a better indicator. 9th.” The nodes generally indicate the last child. 7th. The placement of the fifth lord from Jupiter will indicate the extent of gains from Children etc. Nilakantha interprets ‘tadesha’ to mean upapada and its lord however it means that the third from the sign arrived at by counting (as per ‘kramat’) Again panchmamsa (= 657/12 = 9 Rem) indicates that for an even sign ascending the 9 th house lord indicates the first pregnancy while for a male sign ascending the fifth house lord indicates the first pregnancy.31) Umpteen interpretations have been given for this but of no avail. 7 7 . they can indicate the number and nature of the children. thus here the jump doesn’t progress to the 5th.Pt.

g. However the counting still starts from the Saptamsa Lagna. Page 193) On sex of child If a lord of the child associate with a planet. Sun is placed in house of Venus. one of the children signified by the 5th and the 7th lords will survive. Sanjay has presented one more viewpoint while showing the use of Drekkana for co-borns. determined by the lord of the child is simply reversed. then the sex of the child. Page 120) If two lords of the child are placed together. If the lord of the sign is neither exalted/ debilitated. However. the issue is male. the issue is female. Rahu. Since the number is actually higher. Taurus. whereby when the counting reaches a sign which houses another lord of the child. All Odd signs excepting the Aquarius and Gemini are male birth signs while all the even signs. (COVA. in COVA. To illustrate the point he says “However. then one of the children indicated by them shall survive. However. Riders If the lord of a child is placed in the house of another child. the next sign Aquarius will indicate the co-born. then the sex of the child indicated by Venus in conjunction with Moon. but they have found to indicate female and male children respectively. not conjoins any other planets. For illustration the 5th lord is placed in the 7th house. The influence of the other planet. the count crawls over to another sign. if the lords of 5th and 9th are placed in the same sign. it is difficult to determine who among them shall 8 . if there is a parivartana of the lord of child with another planet. Jup.Sex of the Child: The sex of the child is seen from the lord of the sign ruling the house of pregnancy. the counting will be based on whether the other sign is ODD or EVEN and not the oddity of the Saptamsa Lagna.g. (COVA. let’s say Sun.. shall be changed to Male. then one of the children shall survive.e. If the lord is exalted or conjoin male planets (Sun. i. For e. Capricorn houses two sisters as indicated by Mercury and Jupiter and should normally have limited the number of elder co-borns. Page 193). if the lord of the child is Venus is placed in Leo. Ketu.” (COVA. However. Saturn and Mercury are eunuch planets. in determining the sex of the child. Pt. Sanjay Rath). then one among the children shown by them shall survive. Effect of Parivartana On Counting If there is a exchange of house (Parivartana Yoga) between the Saptamsa Lagna lord and the lord of any other house. Venus). Mars). For e. If the lord is debilitated or conjoins female planets (Moon. Female. lets say Venus and there is a parivartana of this planet with another Planet. (Pt. namely Sun will be more dominant over the lord of the child. the sex of the child is seen from the nature of the sign occupied by it. expecting Cancer and Pisces are Female birth signs... with Moon and the lord of Leo.

The same principle can be extended to other planets. then either the parent or the child survive. Unless supported by the following planets… Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu 2nd 6th 7th 7th 11th 8th 1st 5th Thus the principle states that if the Saptamsa Lagna lord is placed in a Marana karaka Sthana from the Lord of the child. and the next house of the child happens to be Aries. the placement of the lord of the child in the following places cannot survive…. unless. Mars will not show the child. then Aries would have shown male birth. then the first child will be shown by the lord of the child however. if there is a miscarriage of the first child. the 2nd one will be shown by the house of the child and the planets placed therein. there is a blessings of……… 9 . the issues indicated by the planets in the 8th from Venus cannot survive unless conjoins Ketu (Ganapati). Rath says in COVA. when one of the children have been indicated by Mars (House of child – Scorpio). To illustrate his point Pt. If Venus becomes the lord of Saptamsa Lagna. however Aries. In the present 120. as these issues will have Venus in the Marana Sthana (Reference). Had there been no planet. the 3rd child shown by the 9th lord shall survive and viceversa. placed with Moon will show a sister who is emotional (Moon) and Rash (Aries).survive and can only be determined from practical events. Thus in case of Different Saptamsa Lagna. If one planet happens to indicate more than one child.

12 th is the house which shows rejection of the matters ruled by the planet placed in the 12th from the Lagna. For illustration. being a benefic is placed in the 3rd or 6th from the Saptamsa Lagna or its lord. The same principle can be applied in the saptamsa where. the child shall be responsible for the defeat of parents or their loss of wealth. Thus is the lord of the child is placed in the 12th. the child will be staying at a very long distance.Fortune of Children Details regarding the fortunes of individual children can be predicted by treating each of the signs occupied by the lord of the pregnancy as the Lagna. the placement of the lord of the child from the Saptamsa Lagna will show. However. if the lord of the child. We know that benefics placed in the 3rd and 6th from the AL in the rasi chart. showing defeats and losses. the child will oppose the parent. Similarly. is a bane for materialistic pursuits. then this will show that the child will be having some kind of indifferent relationship from the parent and being a house which shows long journey. there will be amicable relationship between the parent and the child. the sign occupied by the seventh lord should be treated as the Lagna of the child from the second pregnancy. the child will reside in a foreign land away from the parents. then the parent and the child will become Paraspara Yogakaraka (Mutual Co-workers). 10 . taking Pisces as the 12th from the Lagna of child in Aries. Thus If the lord of any child is placed in the 7 th from the Saptamsa Lagna. whereas a boon for spiritual pursuits. if the lord of the child is placed in a Kendra from the Saptamsa Lagna. If the lord of the child is placed in the 12 th from the lord of Saptamsa Lagna. whether the child will be helping his/ her parent in their work. If the lord of the child has good relationship (Sambandha) with the lord of the Saptamsa Lagna. For example. if the lord of the child is placed in Aries with Jupiter. Similarly the Marriages of the children can be seen from the Upapadas from the Lord of the children. the upapada will be placed in Taurus.

then even if it is placed in the Maraka Sthana. Page 201). In the female chart. (COVA. the child might survive although prematurely delivered (COVA.e. However. (Jaimini Sutras. Venus becomes the lord of the child.. In-fact in the horoscopes of such child. Mrtyunjaya. Thus the maraca house in the male chart will be the sixth house and in the female chart it will be the 10th house. the upapada plays a crucial role in determining the longevity of the children and continuing the lineage. 1. The lord of the child conjoins or aspected by the Marakas 3. If there is a aspect of the Maraka on the lord of the child. does not let the child die. representing the native and its placement in the second from Gemini. If Venus conjoins. The conjunction of Jupiter and Moon does not alter the situation as both of them are friendly to Mars and inimical to Venus. the house of the child. The Saptamsa Lagna lord is Mars. The house of the child is house which determines the pregnancies. Page 193). the 5th house represents the children and the longevity is shown by the 8 th from the 5th.e. For illustration. the 12th house. Page . The arudha of the 12th house.203) 11 .Controlling house of Child and Marakas The controlling house for children in male charts is the fifth house and in the female charts is the ninth house. Venus will be strongly placed and the Dasa of Venus will be very fruitful for these children. Venus being the controller of the life giving mantra. if the Moon is in strength. In the Rasi chart. Page .31) Illustration Treat Gemini as the temporary ascendant of the second pregnancy. The lord of the child is in the Maraka Sthana 2. 7th house is the house of 2nd child. i. There is a possibility of Severe Setback to the health of the child or presence of Balarista in the horoscope. The Marakas are placed in the house of the child. i. a premature delivery is indicated and the child will generally survive. children will be safely delivered.4.. in debility threatens the life of the twins as the Native himself would be against their birth. (COVA. Death of children or termination of pregnancies can be seen during the months when Sun is in trines to Upapada as it would active the Mrityupada (Arudha of 8th house) for the children. the child may be weak. Thus fasting on the days ruled by the lord of Upapada is the best remedy against all evils. by the blessings of Santana Gopala Krsna. If the lord of the child is in these places. (COVA. There can be loss of pregnancy under following circumstances 1.200). Read the last para on page 201 for termination of pregnancies.

12 . the one who is placed in the Kendra to the Lord of the child shows the highest possibility (COVA 196). Page185). Pratyantar: The pratyantar dasa planet is normally of a planet in trines to the saptamsa Lagna who invariably contributes the Lagna of the child. Dasa: The Dasa planet should have benefic argala on the “Saptamsa Lagna lord” or obstruct malefic argala on the same. Among the planets who are placed in the sign determining the Lagna. the Lagna temporarily shifts to another house and the pratyantar should be judged from the temporary Lagna (COVA. Page 177: Thus the dasa lord takes the lord of the Saptamsa Lagna to the Antardasa lord who brings the Particular child. This is also possible. 7th or 12th from it. 196). Page 184) 2. COVA.Timing the Birth of child 1. The planet having argala on the lord of the child can also show the antardasa of birth of the child. If the Dasa planet has rasi drsti on the Saptamsa Lagna lord. the strongest among them shall determine the Lagna. This can be confirmed from the Narayana Dasa. 195. This yoga results in the childbirth Rider In case there is a parivartana of the Saptamsa Lagna lord with the lord of another house. Among all the trines which can show the Lagna of the child. then also there will be birth of a child (COVA. (COVA. 3. However the Lagna of the child is to be judged form the trines to the Actual Saptamsa Lagna. if there is a strong argala of the antardasa planet on the dasa lord of the child. Rasi of the Child The moon sign of the child is generally the quadrant or trine to the Saptamsa Moon. Antardasa: The antardasa planet should associate with the lord of the child or placed in trine.

when Mars is placed in Pisces.Well-being of the Children and Progenic Happiness  The chara-putra Karaka is the key controller of the progenic happiness in the Navamsa. 13 . gets angry only when provoked etc. then the child is short tempered. as the Lagna of the child. treating the sign. The chara putra karaka is used to time the well-being of the children (COVA 200). aggressive. logical. we can say that the child is intelligent. The lord of the child shall have the most predominant influence on the child. rational.  Nature of the child The nature of the child can be judged. where the lord of the child is placed. along with the sign where the Lagna of the child has fallen and the trines to the Lagna of the child. if the lord of the child is Mars. For example. practical etc. However. If it is afflicted then it could deny progeny or progenic happiness.

Life sketch of children with Narayana Dasa and Vimshottari Dasa 14 .

If instead. The remedial measures in this case are seen from the Santana Tithi. there will be five sons of which. Similarly natural malefic planets in the 5th house are not conducive for the happiness from children If the fifth house is owned by either Venus or the Moon and is aspected or occupied by Venus or Moon. in the fifth house. three survive. it is a pre-requisite to have strong fluid elements influencing the fifth house. 2. The Principle involved is the strength of the fluid elements (Jala Tattva) in the body. this can happen due to denial of children. If Jupiter in the fifth is in Pisces very few children are seen while a stronger Jupiter in Sagittarius in Moolatrikona. eighths. Posyaputra Yoga. who has children from her first marriage. children obtained with Difficulty. 15 . the native has five children. If Jupiter is even stronger in Cancer or Aquarius.e. fiery elements are present remedial measures will be necessary If the fifth house is Capricorn occupied by Saturn and Mars. children will be denied. Longevity Shoola Dasa Narayana Dasa in predicting misfortune COVA (Page 171) Natural benefics in the fifth house are not detrimental for children even if they own malefic houses like the sixth. If instead the Upapada or the 7th house/ lord is associated with Rahu. If Jupiter is in the fifth house. a natural significator placed in the house damages its Significations. many children will be born. If the 5th house is aspected or conjoined by Saturn and Mandi. Thus. while in other signs the children will be denied. the native has three daughters. unless Saturn is placed in its own sign. This happens because. i. then this can happen due to marriage with a widow.Predicting Misfortune and Death of children 1. 3. This follows the same principle as above. the presence of Sat and Mars can be very damaging for the children. even then the progeny can be denied which can show up in the saptamsa chart. This is based on the principle Karaka Bhava Nasaya. twelfth etc. If instead the combination is in Aquarius in the fifth.. REMEDIES: If 5th lord is exalted and Jupiter is strongly placed in the Kendra. which states that the malefics can be damaging to the Progeny. This happens when the fifth house or the lord is associated with the signs of Mercury or Saturn.

By the performance of the above remedial rites the evil effects are wiped out and the child and his parents etc. may be taken to get deliverance from these evil effects. After selecting a priest and some Brahmins to perform the remedial religious rites. The father and the mother of the child should see their reflections in the Ghī.. according to one’s means. after taking bath etc. on them and perform their worship in the prescribed manner. A Brahmin (an assistant of the priest). made of gold. Therefore remedial measures. should install four Kalashas on a heap of paddy. Ghī and sesame seeds 1008. Mahesha and Indra. 95. The priest should perform Havan with Samidha. place the idols of Brahma. Trideva or Tridevi yoga: Parasara: Birth of a daughter after the birth of three sons or the birth of a son after the birth of three daughters is ominous for both the maternal and paternal families of such children. or to deliver a child in her 15 th. or on any other auspicious day in the following order. Mahesha and Indra. Vishnu. described below. The rites should be performed on the morning next to the last day of Sutak. It is considered inauspicious for a girl to become pregnant. Illustration with Chart 53) Remedies 1. The Brahmins should be fed. 16 . should recite four Rudra Suktas and the whole of Shanti Sukta.The Shaapas and Denial of Children (BPHS) Refer to COVA thereafter NOTE: THE REMARRIAGE HAS NOT SHIFTED THE HOUSE OF THE CHILD TO THE 2ND HOUSE (Page 188 COVA. kept in a bronze vessel. Svistkrata and Purnahuti and Abhisheka of the child with his family should be done and presents in cash should be given to the priest and his assistants. 6-9. Vishnu. 108. or 16th year from birth. after paying obeisance to the nine Grahas. the priest. The remedial measures to be adopted are the same. as given in verses 3-9 in Ch. enjoy happiness. or 28 times with the recitation of the prescribed Mantras of Brahma. Lastly grains and clothes should be distributed to the poor and the needy.

the significator for children (Guru) is associated with Rahu. which causes destruction of children. Lord of Lagn. be in the 5th and the significator for children. Śani. giving in charity a cow. Lagn is occupied by Rahu and the Lord of the 5th is in 6th. the Lord of the 5th is devoid of strength and the Lord of Lagn is with Mangal. is associated with Mangal and Lagn is occupied by Rahu and Gulika. namely Guru and Lord of the 5 th etc. devoid of strength. the Lord of Lagn. if Sūrya. be bereft of strength. the Lord of the 5th is with Sūrya and Lagn and the 5th are occupied by malefics. Budh and Guru and the Lords of the 5 th and Lagn are devoid of strength. the 5th is Mesh. the 5th is occupied by Sūrya.  A person will be without a son. Mangal. if Guru. Guru occupies the Rāśi of Sūrya. Rahu.  Curse of Serpents:         Rahu is in the 5th. Sūrya. Mangal. the Lord of 5th is associated with Rahu and Candra is in the 5th and is aspected by Śani. Yogas for loss of children and the requisite remedial measures. after worshipping it in accordance with prescribed procedure. sesame seeds and gold etc. By adopting these measures the Lord of Serpents will be gratified and by his beneficence the person concerned will be blessed with a son and the lineage of his family will be prolonged. the Lord of Lagn and the Lord of the 5th are all devoid of strength. The same will happen. 17 . or Guru is associated with Rahu and the Lord of the 5th is in conjunction with Mangal. is hemmed in between malefics and is also aspected by a malefic. or Vrischik and the Lord of the 5th is associated with Rahu. endowed with strength. aspected by Mangal. Budh. is in the 5 th and the Lord of the 5th is combust and Lagn and the 5th are occupied by malefics.Effects of Curses in the Previous Birth This section describes the various sins. the significator for children is associated with Mangal. or 12th. Remedial measures These are getting an idol of Naga (serpent) Raja. Rahu and Śani. or Budh. some land. made in gold and. the yogas therein and the remedial measures to protect the children. being in the Navams of Mangal. Curse of the Father     Sūrya in his debilitation Rāśi and in the Navams of Śani is hemmed in between malefics in the 5th Bhava. as Lord of the 5th. posited in a Trikon with a malefic. as Lord of the 5th. 8th.

as the Lord of the 10th. Kanyadana (to perform the marriage of a girl). there is exchange of Bhavas between Lords of 5th and 8th and the Lord of 4th and Candr are in 6th. or 9th. they should be interpreted to mean want of male issue. 8th. because it is the male issue. Śani in the 5th. respectively. or 12th. Lord of 5th and Candr. Lords of Lagn and 5th are in 6th. Lord of 12th is in Lagn. is associated with the Lord of the 5 th and Lagn. Rahu and Mangal. Lord of 8th in 5th and Lord of 10th in 8th. Sūrya is in the 8th. Lagn is occupied by the Lords of 6th and 8th. Sūrya. Lord of 10th in 6th and Guru is associated with Rahu Remedial measures:    Performance of Shraddha at Gaya. or 100 Brahmins. or 12th. Lord of the 10th is in the 6th. Mangal and Śani are in Lagn and the 5 th and Rahu and Guru are in the 8th and the 12th. Lord of Lagn in his debilitation Rāśi and Candr is associated with malefics. Note. as Lord of the 5th is in her debilitation Rāśi. respectively. Lord of 4th in 8th and Lagn is occupied by Lord of 8th and 10th. 8th. In this chapter. are in the 5th. Lord of 4th is in 12th and Candr and Guru. 4th is occupied by malefics and Candr is posited in the 5th in her debilitation Rāśi.       there is exchange of Bhavas between Lords of the 5th and the 10th and Lagn and the 5th are occupied by malefics. the 5th and the 10th are occupied by malefics. waning Candr is in 7th and 4th and 5th are occupied by Rahu and Śani. as one can afford. or 12th. to feed ten thousand. one thousand. as Lord of 4th is associated with Śani and Rahu and 5th and Lagn are occupied by Sūrya and Candr. or 12th. the Lord of the 5th is associated with Rahu and Lagn is occupied by a malefic. Mangal. associated with Śani. who by performing the last rites of his father and mother ensures eternal peace to their souls. where the words ‘childlessness’ and ‘issue-lessness’ are used. Lord of 5th is in 6th. Candr in a malefic Navams and there are malefics in Lagn and in 5th. or is hemmed in between malefics and 4th and 5th are occupied by malefics. Giving a cow in charity. associated with malefics. Guru is in a malefic Rāśi and the Lord of Lagn and the 5th are associated with malefics. Śani is in 11th. Lagn is hemmed in between malefics. Mangal. 6th. 8th. Lord of 6th is in 5th. Curse of the mother:          Candr. Lord of 5th is in 8th. 18 . are in 5th.

or on the Ganga. or 12th. Lord of 8th is in 5th along with the Lord of 3rd and Mangal and Śani are in 8th. Mangal. Śani in 5th and Candr and Mangal are in 8th. 8th and 12th. He should give in charity land with mango trees. the Lord of 3rd occupies the 5th and Lagn. without doubt. Lord of 3rd is in 8th and Guru is associated with Śani in 5th. respectively. 5th. Lord of Lagn is in 12th. the significator for brothers. the 5th in a Rāśi of Budh is occupied by Śani and Rahu and Budh and Mangal are in 12th. Curse of the brother          Lord of 3rd with Rahu and Mangal is in 5th and Lords of Lagn and 5th are in 8th. 3rd and 5th are with malefics. give in charity things. is in 8th. He should give 10 cows in charity through his wife. recite one Lakh Gayatri Mantras. the lineage of family will also be prolonged. He should plant a sapling of Pipal in front of Saligram on the banks of the Caveri river. respectively. in 8th. and the Lords of Lagn and 4th are in 6th. Lagn and 5th are occupied by Mangal and Śani. or Mahanadi and offer prayers to it.  Remedies For release from this curse and to beget a male issue the person concerned should take bath in the sea with bridge of rocks between India and Sri Lanka. the Lord of 3rd is in 9th and Mangal. Rahu. or 12th. By performing these remedial measures. Rahu and Guru are in 8th and Śani and Candr are in 5th. will be blessed with a son and the prolongation of his family lineage will be ensured. planted on it. Lagn and the 5th are hemmed in between malefics and the Lord of Lagn and 5 th are in 6th. Kark Lagn is occupied by Mangal and Rahu and Candr and Śani are in 5th. He should     Observing Candrayana fast after listening to Haribansa Puran. the 3rd is occupied by the Lord of Lagn. Mangal and Budh. Remedies: The person concerned will. Guru in his debilitation Rāśi is in 3rd. connected with evil Grahas. Mangal and Rahu and Śani is in Lagn. the 5th is occupied by the Lords of Lagn and of 5th along with Śani. 19 . associated with a malefic. Sūrya and Śani are in Lagn. 8th. Mangal. Ccurse of the maternal uncle   5th is occupied by Budh. get release from the curse. Mangal in 5th and Lord of 5th. the 3rd is occupied by the Lord of 10th along with a malefic and a benefic is with Mangal in 5th. he will not only beget a son. if the following remedial measures are adopted. feed Brahmins and go round a Pipal tree 1008 times. 8th. Guru.

associated with Sūrya and Candr. Śani in 5 th. Guru is in 12th and Śukr and Rahu are in 5th. Installation of an idol of Lord Vishnu. Lord of 12th in 5th and Guru is associated with a malefic. Guru is associated with Śani in Lagn and Rahu is in 9th. 8th. Remedies To get release from the curse and for being blessed with a son and for ensuring the prolongation of the lineage of the family the following remedial measures are to be adopted. Rahu is in Lagn. Construction of a deep. Śani is in 7th and Lord of Lagn is associated with Budh. Budh and Mangal are in 5th. Guru is in his debilitation Rāśi. is associated with Śani and Mangal and the Lord of 5th is in 12th. respectively. Guru. Śukr is Lord of 9th. or Rahu is with Guru in 12th. Śani and Śukr are in 7th. Lagn and 2nd are occupied by malefics. Lord of 8th is in 5th and Lagn is occupied by Sūrya and Rahu.    20 . Rahu in Lagn. is in 5th. Śani in the Navams of Lord of 7th and Lord of 5th in 8th. or all of them. is in 8th. or 12th. after feeding Brahmins. or the Lord of 5th. Mangal occupies 2nd. Then the person will be released from the curse and will be endowed with happiness. Lord of 7th in 8th and Lagn and 5th are occupied by malefics. Lords of 2nd and 7th are in 8th. being in the Navams of Śani. associated with malefics. are in 8th. or 12th. and Guru is associated with a malefic. Curse of the wife:      if at birth Lord of Lagn is in 5th. Lord of 9th is in 5th and Lord of 5th in 8th along with Guru. or 5th and Lord of 5th in 6th. Śukr is in 9th. Mangal and Śani occupy 5th and Lagn. Lords of Lagn and 4th are in Lagn and Candr. Remedies: To obtain relief from the evil effects of the above Yogas the remedial measures are to observe Candrayana fast and to do penance three times and to give in charity a cow and five gems with gold. 8th. Lord of 5th is in an inimical Rāśi and Lord of Lagn and 7 th and Guru are in 6th. Lord of 7th is in 8th. or reservoir. Mangal in 9th and Lords of 5th and 7th are in 8th. the 2nd and 5th are occupied by a malefic and Lord of 7th is in 8th. or ordinary well. dam. Curse of a Brahmin        Rahu is in Jupiter’s Sign and Jupiter in 5th.  Lagn is occupied by a combust Lord of 6th. Śukr is in 5th. Lord of 5th and Guru. associated with Rahu. Mangal and Rahu Lord of 9th is in his debilitation Rāśi and Lord of 12th. occupied by Sūrya and Candr and 12th. or Tul. the 5th is Vrishabh. according to one’s means and giving them presents in cash. Lord of 7th in 8th and 5th is occupied by a malefic.

a gold idol of the Lakshminarayana.     21 . Mangal. Lord of 5th and Guru are in their debilitation Rāśis. ‘Kanyadana’ does not mean giving a girl in charity. Notes. he will be blessed with a son. if he performs the marriage of an unmarried girl. Candr is in 5th. Śukr. worshipping of Lord Vishnu. or 12th. Lord of 7th is in 6th. as a result of the malevolence of Budh and Śukr. Rahu is in Lagn. Remedies: The person concerned gets release from the curse and is blessed with a son. if he undertakes the following remedial measures. Other remedies for Graha If a person is deprived of a male issue. Śani. as a result of malevolence of Grahas at birth.          Śani and Sūrya in 5th. the departed soul is formed into an evil spirit and he is deprived of a male issue in the next birth. Śani and Gulika are in Lagn. if the harm is. as Lord of 5th in 8th. Guru and Rahu are in Lagn. if it is due to malevolence of Sūrya. reciting of Santan Gopal Mantra. a vessel. does not perform Shraddha of his father. made of silver and a Neelamani.Remedies: The person concerned gets release from the curse and is blessed with a son. Sūrya in 8th and Mangal in 12th. Lord of 8th along with Śani and Śukr is in 5th and Guru is in his debilitation Rāśi. Śani and Budh are in 5th and the Lord of 5th is in 8th. Śani in 5th and Guru in 8th. a bed. According to our view. Malefics are in Lagn. 8th. Rahu in 5th.   Worshipping Lord Shiva. This is revealed by the following Yogas at birth. if such a girl is not available. Kanya Dana. Sūrya in 12th. giving in charity a gold idol of Brahma. aspected by debilitated Grahas. whose duty is to do so. fertile cow. associated with Candr and Śani and the Lord of Lagn are in 8th. if it is due to the malevolence of Mangal and Śani. Śani is in Lagn. Performance of a Pinda Dana. wearing and worshipping appropriate Yantra and taking suitable medicines. Rudra Abhisheka. waning Candr in 7th and Rahu and Guru in 12th. Listening with devotion to Haribansh Puran removes all kinds of blemishes and blesses the person concerned with a son. but helping in the performance of the marriage of an unmarried girl. or mother in his previous birth. a cow. Mangal in Lagn and Guru in 8th. ornaments and garments to a Brahmin couple. or. feeding Brahmins and giving them presents in cash. Curses of the departed Souls If the person. if the childlessness is a result of the malevolence of Guru and Candr. not his own daughter. if he undertakes the following remedial measures. if the childlessness is due to malevolence of Rahu. Rudriya Japa.

22 .

 23 . mounted on a lion. both with four arms. a Shoola and a Vara. rainfall. gold Śukr.  There are many Ketus. Gada (mace) and Vara and mounted on a lamb. with a lotus flower in one hand. red-coloured. like that of Indraneela. Therefore persons desirous of peace. Kamandal and Vara. carrying a mace and a Vara. dressed in red-coloured robes. arrow and Vara. Such a measurement is taken from the middle finger. red sandal wood Budh. wealth and prosperity. with a hideous face and mounted on a donkey. as yellow complexion and Śukr of fair complexion.   Contemplate of Rahu with a hideous face. silver Śani. with four arms. charity etc. dressed in yellow robes. copper Candr. like lotus and aboard a chariot of seven horses. All of them are of smoky colour. that they are 108 fingers tall by one’s own fingers. on a piece of cloth by sandal etc. iron Rahu glass Ketu bell metal Alternatively the sketches of all the above Grahas should be drawn in the colours. Shoola. a shield. Contemplate of Mangal with a red necklace. mounted on a donkey. blue-coloured and mounted on a lion. carrying Shakti. a mace and Vara. adorned with white-coloured ornaments and aboard a chariot of ten horses. Contemplate of Guru. Contemplate of Śani with the lustre. recitation of Mantras. with four arms. with two arms. with four arms. 3-5. and they should be placed in their own directions. carrying a sword. good health and longevity should worship the Grahas (by prayers. a shield. carrying a sword. Joys and sorrows of all the creatures in the world are dependent on these Grahas. I have already described the names and characteristic features and qualities of the Grahas.). bow.Remedial Measures from the Malevolence of Grahas 1. All the idols should be so made. O Venerable Sage! Please describe for the good of mankind the remedial measures for appeasement of the malevolent Grahas. carrying a mace in one hand and a Vara in the other. seated on a lotus.    Contemplate of Candr white-coloured. dressed in white robes. carrying a Danda. Contemplate of Budh with a yellow-coloured garland. with two arms. carrying Shoola. Akshasutra. For the purpose of worshipping them the idols of planets should be made up of following materials Sūrya. Contemplation on Various Grahas:  Contemplate of Sūrya well adorned with two arms. Notes. belonging to them. 2. gold Guru. Sphatika Mangal. with four arms. Maitreya said. The Sage replied.

The Grah. Śukr 16000. robes. Palash. or 28. respectively. Doob and Kush. belonging to him. Shami wood pieces. Havan should be performed with Aak. rice cooked with meat. Śani 23000. 23-24. Candr. The number of offerings to the sacred fire is 108. curd and rice. conch. black cow. 21-22. Goolar. rice cooked in milk. 25. Budh 9000. To appease Sūrya and other Grahas the things to be given in charity are cow with calf. To appease Sūrya and the other eight Grahas Brahmins should be fed with (cream) of rice cooked with jaggery. or milk. Pipal. Chirchiri. Ghī. 17-20. And the development and progress and downfall of the people and the creation and destruction of the universe are all under the administration and authority of the Grahas. Therefore they are most venerable. rice with Ghī.15-16.. Deep. Mangal 11000. weapons made of iron and goat. 26-27. gold. respectively. as indicated in verses 15-16. rice cooked with powder of sesame seeds. Ketu 17000. Śani. horse. mixed with honey. Dedicate with devotion to the Grah concerned the flowers and garments of the colour. Budh. who is the cause of adverse effects to a person at any time. should be handled by worship and appeasing (of the benevolent ones). Guggul etc. because Brahma has blessed the Grahas with the boon “Do to the persons. 24 . sandal. respectively. Guru. paddy cooked in milk. dear to him and distribute all these things to Brahmins to appease the Grah. rice cooked with cereals. Candr 11000. The Mantras of all the Grahas and the prescribed number of their recitation are given below. his metal and the grains. Śukr. Guru 19000. Khair. who worship you”. for Sūrya. Havishya. Grah Mantra prescribed number: Sūrya 7000. Rahu 18000. curd. bullock. The recitation of Mantras should be done after worshipping the Grahas. Rahu and Ketu. Mangal.

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