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1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 5 marks We carry the plan of our lives within ourselves. Our way of thinking determines the path we will follow. If we believe deeply that something will definitely happen. What you think, so you are is rightly said. Science has proved that disease or even ageing can be solved down or even reversed through changes in our thinking. Every seven years the body replaces its cells. Thinking has appositive effect on our body. If an overweight person wishes to become slim he has to think slim through all his senses and the body weight will follow suit. The body will begin to eat healthy good food. Every cell in the body will follow these fresh instructions and he will begin to feel young, healthy and energetic. Questions (a) What effect does our way of thinking bring on disease and ageing? (b) What happens to the cells in the body every seven years/ (c) What has an overweight person to do if he wants to become slim? (d) What effect will the thinking slim image create on our body? (e) Which word in the passage means turn the other way out? 2. Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow: 5 marks Government bodies run more than 90 per cent of the nations primary schools and most of them are non-performing institutions. The non-performance of these schools is the main reason why majority of their students complete four or five years of education and do not acquire the literacy and numeracy skills expected after the first two years of schooling. What is the impact of our non-performing primary schools on our students, the educational system and the country as a whole? It is estimated the 20 million children i.e. , 25 percent of children in the primary school going age group, 6-10 years are not in school. On the literacy front, we will be adding millions of literates or virtual literates from these primary school every year. Since 40 percent of our population is illiterate, literacy will remain with us well into the next decades. About 80 percent of our middle schools standards V-VIII or VI-VIII are run by government bodies. These schools are likely to be as unaccountable and non- performing as their primary counterparts. Remedial work is rarely done to strengthen the week learning level of more than 25000 students studying in standard VII (13years old) in 55 Kannada medium schools in Bangalore, mainly government institutions, is instructive. Questions: A. Mostly non-functional institutions are: (a) Primary schools (b) secondary schools (c) middle schools (d) pre-primary schools

B. The primary school students fail to: (a) Get minimum passing marks (b) Acquire literary and numeracy skills (c) Maintain minimum attendance even (d) Get distinction marks C. Even in high schools, often neglected skills are of: (a) Reading and writing (b) Writing and learning (c) Listening and learning (d) Fundamental learning D. To strengthen the weak learning levels of students : (a) They must be punished for bad performance (b) They must be evaluated continuously (c) Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is needed (d) Remedial is required E. VIRTUAL means: (a) Genuine (b) unreal (c) artificial (d) important 3. You are Sunita / Mohan living at 791, Sector 21, Dhurba, Ranchi. Write letter to your friend telling him about your brothers engagement in not more than 120 words. 8 marks 4. Write a paragraph in about 80 words on any one of the following: 6 marks (a) An Indian Farmer (b) Life Without a Television 5. Fill in the blanks with at/on/in 3 marks (a) .12 September. (b) .half past four. (c) 2006. (d) 25 August. (e) ..12.35 (f) .the end of the day. 6. Look at words and phrases given below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences. 1x3= 3marks (a) turned/July 18 /ninety/2008/Nelson Mandela/on (b) activities/he/from /suspended/the university/ for / political/ was (c) was/ the 1950s /times /imprisoned /he / many / during 7. Read the following passage and answer the question that follow: 4 marks The poetry of the earth is ceasing never On a loan winter evening when the frost Has wrought a silence, from the stones there shrills The crickets song, in warmth ceasing ever, And seems to one in drowsiness half lost; The grasshoppers among some grassy hills. Questions

(a) Explain the above lines of the first stanza. (b) What turn doe the climate take in winter? (c) Who breaks the silence in the winter evening? (d) What is the strange characteristic of the cricket? 8. Answer any two of the following: 4x2= 8 marks (a) What is the significance of great stone face? (b) Give the character-sketch of Earnest. (c) What did the poet himself about his thoughts and his poems? 9. Answer any two of the following: 4x2= 8 marks (a) Write a short note on the character of the school boy in Jalebis (b) How does the new comet create a commotion in world? How was the disaster averted at last?

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