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EQ Resistant Guidelines for Masonry buildings

EQ Resistant Guidelines
Building Should not be Slender

Re-entrant Corners should be avoided (H,T, etc. Shapes)

Brick must be stronger than the mortar

Total compressive strength should not less than 35N/mm2

EQ Resistant Guidelines
For single storied construction, wall thickness should not be less than one brick Good interlocking of masonry courses at the junctions should be ensured

EQ Resistant Guidelines
Horizontal reinforcement should be provided in walls to strengthen them against horizontal in-plane bending Provisions of horizontal bands should me made at various levels

EQ Resistant Guidelines
Tension occurs at the Corners and joints, so vertical reinforcing bars should be provided The flow of force from one wall to other is hampered, if the openings are too close to the junction of walls Shear reinforcement should be provided in walls to ensure their ductile behavior

Stiff, strong, continuous footings should be used for the footings

EQ Resistant Guidelines
Staircase should be completely separated from the structure