Don’t touch my toe as a token of respect pretending to be my most loyal friend, but planning a plot to cause my death while staying in my house as a trusted guest having access to my belongings and my bed, expecting me to be deluded by your charm, believing every flattering word you said in your effort to make me feel relaxed not feeling the need to warn or alarm any protector or guard before you’d attack to take my position, possessions and life: And certainly, I would have really died, If the one with whom you chose to conspire, did not value your friendship less than mine and revealed me the plan that made me cry, being forced to know of plots behind my back, being unaware of treacherous thoughts and acts But don’t fear , thinking my thoughts are as yours as I don’t wish nor intend to retaliate; just leave my surroundings and go away and don’t pretend to be a friend anymore! (DPI 2011)

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